Unfinished Ruins Tread gently amongst my ruins Trample not my fallen leaves Dead, yet they come alive

with the wind They rise and dance With the breeze Oh! Visitor, be patient with them Hear them rustling and whispering tales And if they fancy you Then maybe they will even caress your cheeks Touch not; that headless torso does it not ooze royalty Hmm, it was once a king The king of forlorn hearts, may be Its history is lost Just as its head The king of hearts had little use For it anyways Nothing is what it seems That dried up well Under that banyan tree is not just a dumping hole But if you have the thirst Then crouch real low, With ear to ground And you will hear Water flowing ceaseless underneath You don't have to dig it out of me Trust me, its sound itself Can quench the soul Scream not in my eroded inner chambers My crumbling sanctorum and Its falling façade is held up by these cannibal supporting walls and props built belatedly to hold me up

Don’t you know they Snatch up everything Every word that is flung at me But if you were to just sit still closely For hours, for days, for months, For years, for decades, for a lifetime, may be For the moment When a bulbul would Swoop in And sing Or for a child Sneaking in to play And if it were to laugh Or shed a silent tear Then after a pregnant pause You will hear me echo back Such inaudible sounds Always seep through these cannibal walls Built around me Tread gently amongst my ruins Explore me cautiously Do not drink off the earthen pots They leak, they do not contain But drain whatever is poured into them It is a defence mechanism If you must know They were lined with poison Yet they refuse to kill anyone So they drain whatever is poured in them Bearing mute testimony To historical crimes, unwilling accomplices They are laden with conscience Such a sorry state They try hard to break down But something holds them up

There are no secret vaults or chests here I was always an open book No, you can’t take a leaf out of me There are none left! This poem is unfinished As unfinished as me in ruins Eroded, falling apart Yet something that keeps it up While it falls away gradually! Shyam 9th-11th May 2012

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