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Digitally signed by Joseph Zernik DN: cn=Joseph Zernik, o, ou, email=jz12345@ea, c=US Date: 2012.05.10 07:12:32 +03'00'

12-05-10 Schlepper on the Roof: Erik Fleshler in Tziflonushka (The Little Chick)
At the end, alleged Shabak (undercover internal security services) agent Haim was wearing fake glasses and covering his head and face with a blanket, while his Italian male partner Pietro was hiding his face, while the Schlepper was singing Tziflonushka (The Little Chick)

Erik Fleshler, Tziflonushka (The Little Chick)

Additional information: I have been living in the Jerusalem Hostel in the Jerusalem center for over 2 years, with some long excursions to Europe (summer 2010) and Japan (summer 2011). Alleged Shabak (undercover internal security services) agent Haim and his Italian male partner Pietro have joint me in the hostel 3 and 2 months ago, respectively. The latter claims that they have often spent vacations together over the past decade in various locations, including the cocaine-plenty beaches of the Dominican Republic. Many of the boutique bars and hangouts on their favorite beach, including the Mosquito Bar, have been burned down in recent days, apparently by Colombian cartels, who intend to seize the beach and build on it a respectable resort. This unfortunate event also apparently ruined Haim and Pietros summer vacation plans for this year. During this period Haim has engaged in conduct, described in criminal complaint, recently filed by me with the Israel Police, as harassment, serious threats, and provocations. I have been videotaping life in the Jerusalem Hostel and surrounding area on a routine basis over the past 2 years. However, over the past three months, new de facto Rules of the House have been established. Haim demanded that he never be videotaped, absent his prior consent. The first time that the matter came up, I was videotaping Keith cooking in the kitchen. Haim, who was sitting with his back to the camera, was concerned that he was accidentally captured in the frame, and violently snatched my camera. More recently, Haim confirmed that there was a telescopic surveillance camera installed, overlooking the roof of the Jerusalem Hostel. That videotaping did not bother Haim and Pietro at all.

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May 10, 2012

Regardless, anytime I wanted to videotape, as has been the case in performances of Erik Fleshler, I had to give ample advance notice. Upon such notice yesterday, Haim and Pietro chose to leave the roof, in order not to be videotaped. Regardless, both Pietro and I admire the art of Erik Fleshler, and after I brought Erik for the first time to perform on the roof, Pietro asked me to bring him in again. At 2:30am on May 10, 2012, Pietro woke me up, telling me that Erik was up and singing on the roof. I came upstairs. Seated there were Erik, Haim, Pietro, and two French tourists, one of them a Paris attorney by trade. I have discussed with the attorney my past work, so he knew the general situation. I explained the attorney what was going to happen: I was going to give advance notice of videotaping Erik singing Tziflonushka (The Little Chick); there was ongoing surveillance by video camera above; regardless, Haim is likely to immediately leave the roof upon my notice of videotaping. That indeed happened to the French attorneys surprise Once that happened, the French attorney and his friend immediately left the roof as well, and refused to return, even as witnesses to the performance. To my surprise, Haim, who heard the conversation with the French attorney, decided to come back to the roof, wearing thick black framed fake glasses, and covering his head and face with a blanket. With that, he agreed to be videotaped. Pietro hid his face. Erik sang Tziflonushka (The Little Chick). Some ethnographers claim that the song is a pre-revolutionary underground song, directed against the Tzars secret police, who catch the life-loving Tziflonushka, slaughter it, and make meatball out of it
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