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Venue: RLE Room Date: November 14, 2011 4:00 pm Presiding Officer: Mrs. Melchora B. Serafin, RN, MN, MAN Attendance: Yancy Glenn A. Abaday, Hazel P. Agbayani, Red Robin P. Babanto, Carina Joane V. Barroso, Ma. Algerica T. Cuenco, Beulah Joy K. Damasco, April Ahne C. Guibone, Edita C. Hechanova, Vioeta B. Juan, Zenas B.Paloma, Lemuel T. Que, Melchora B. Serafin, Fatima C. Tanzo, Anna Liza Joy B. Ventenilla and Heinz Guderian L. Villanueva Agenda: 1. Reading of previous minutes of the meeting with the VPs - by Mrs. Muegue Xeroxed copies of the said minutes were distributed to the faculty Mrs. Muegue has cited prior to reading of the minutes that there are some good news and bad news. The bad news she said that there would be some CIs would no longer be in our college for some reasons...and the good news... She has also reviewed on the designated positions previously given by the Dean and that Maam Dean told her that there will be no changes on the assigned tasks. She also said that 1st semester of this school year has been a learning experience for all of us and that emotional or unwanted baggages should be left behind. Issues/concerns were read already from the previous meeting with the VPs and one by one were tackled and suggestions and comments were raised by the faculty members. Mrs. Muegue acknowledged that Mr. Babanto suggested to include the different prerequisites on the syllabus. Regarding the issue of faculty meetings- Ms. Guibone suggested to have it every 2nd Friday of the month, at 1-3 pm as students are also having their student activity hours at this point in time. Sir Heinz also suggested having P20.oo contribution for the snacks in every meeting. This was agreed and approved by everybody. The issue on accepting students with 3 failing grades, Mrs. Barroso mentioned that we should follow the University policy that students with 2 consecutive probationary status would mean advice to shift or transfer to another school. Students should also maintain the required GPA as mandated in the University

Handbook. The evaluators are already computing the GPAs of the students especially the on probationary status. If ever the Dean will be absent, she must delegate an OIC in written form. With regards to budgeting, if given a budget by the Administration it will be appropriated accordingly and should be transparent on it. For the Laboratory custodian- as reviewed during the previous meeting with the VPs to hire a job order, but the HRMO said that there was no budget for that...Mrs. Agbayani suggested to utilize our Student Assistant, but since we only have one SA, Mrs. Barroso added that we should request another one to cater if the other SA would not be available. o Mrs. Barroso further suggested that aside from the SA, there should be one CI or faculty member who will do the inventory on the supplies and eqipment at least on a monthly basis. o Mrs. Agbayani also refreshed everybody that we should again implement the borrowers slip, leaving the ID of the students to the in charge and note the CI concerned on the return demonstrations. o Mrs. Agbayani raised as the RLE Coordinator that she will call for another meeting on this matter. Review of the syllabi on hand with Mrs. Muegue, yet still to submit are the following instructors on: Anatomy, CHN, NCM 101, 102, 103, CA 1, 106, 105, Elective 101 and 102, etc. Clarification was raised by Mr. Paloma regarding the difference of CORE/NAC, CA and Elective and why is it that CORE and CA were both offered in the new and old curriculum. o It has been clarified by Mrs. Muegue, Maam Dean and Mrs. Barroso that CORE/NAC is in the old curriculum and CA is in the new curriculum. o Mrs. Barroso suggested to have CORE/NAC in the 3rd year level since the 101 has been tackled in the 2nd year- this has been carried out by Maam Dean and to take effect next school year. To avoid problems of having delayed submission of grades, Mr. Babanto suggested to have an Excel ready in the computer in order for the CIs to encode the students grades right after each rotation. o Mrs. Tanzo added that as instructors it is our obligation to compute the grades as soon as possible. o Mr. Paloma reminded everyone on the 10-day duration of submission of grades as per University policy. o Bottomline is to pass grades on time! o Mrs. Agbayani mentioned that point CIs should have the initiative to check and compute the grades of their respective students and furnish her a copy of the Final Grades. Procurement of supplies should be the schools responsibility, not the students. o There were arguments and speculations on the said topic as to how are we going to solve the insufficient supplies in the college and the following up of the supplies. o Mrs. Barroso suggested that Maam Dean should write a letter for the adjustment of budget for RLE and felt the need to set another time for the budget planning. Call the person concerned immediately to avoid any conflicts.

Mrs. Muegue asked about DLPs for this semester- Mr. Paloma mentioned to have 1 DLP in the Anatomy room, and there is 1 available with Mrs. Agbayani. o Mrs. Muegue reminded the instructors to use other instructional materials due to shortage of DLPs like OHP, giving of factsheets, using blackboards, utilizing other visual aids, etc. Regarding the issue on books, Mrs. Muegue raised if how are we going to deal on the procurement of books of the students. o Mrs. Tanzo said that we should stop and let the students take the responsibility of buying in the bookstore. Grievance committee- headed by Mr. Paloma with the Dean, Academic coordinator, RLE Coordinator, and the Level Coordinators. Revision of the syllabus- to ask the help of the CAS if needed.

Agendum 2. Loading of subjects Mrs. Hechanova announced that 2 CIs will still not be given loads namely Mrs. Ventenilla and M. Abaday. She then distributed the partial and unofficial loading of subjects to the rest of the instructors. Mrs. Ventenilla raised an issue on not giving loads to her and Mr. Abaday. Because, she said that according to Dr. Barroso, they can have lecture subjects as their loads for this semester and that they are actually complying on the said mandate by enrolling for their MAN degree. Mrs. Hechanova clarified that based on the requirements needed for our college to be recognized/ accredited as per ADPCN public hearing she attended, that a certain college should have the 100% Masters degree holder instructors as one of its requirements for the accreditation, otherwise if we fail on it then the college will be closed. Mrs. Barroso suggested to plea and have a written form from CHED if the said instructors can have a loading of subjects for this semester because they are already complying on the requirements of having Masters degree. Agendum 3. Other Matters Duty schedule in BPMC Every Mondays and Tuesdays- duty schedule Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays-class schedules Upcoming Capping and pinning ceremony Mrs. Agbayani and Ms. Guibone will take charge on this and would set another meeting for the assignments/responsibilities. CHED accreditation Different committees were reviewed by Mrs. Cuenco PONR revisions Mr. Babanto will present this matter to the faculty on Friday November 18, 2011 1:00-3:00 pm RLE room. Closing prayer by Mrs. Hechanova Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.


Attested by: MRS. MELCHORA B. SERAFIN, RN, MN, Dean, College of Nursing