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(FHH-03/01/2012) - The promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic receives from the private museum Taa Dah in Delhi an order for media researches. By the end of 2013 research work will be accomplished in Hanseatic City Hamburg (Germany) in terms of Indian musical culture in German media archives (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic received from the private museum TAA DHA in February 2012 the contract for nationwide media research (in German language area). In the past six (6) years had been produced nearby 110 hours of broadcasting (with 130 hours playtime onair) for Indian musical culture. The radio formats are broadcasted in Germany (Hamburg, Berlin), Switzerland and Austria and worldwide as Internet radio. The museum Taa Dah was opened in November 2009 in Delhi, in India's capital. It is dedicated to the tabla maestro Pandit ChaturLal. Chaturlal was born in 1925 and lived until 1965. He was on a concert tour in Germany 1964 and present in various medias (TV, radio). ChaturLal played with musicians such as the sitar legend Ravi Shankar and sarod maestro Ali Akbar Khan. Indian classical music which was presented in the 50th/60th last century by masters such as Chaturlal was characterized by traditional values of a 2000 years old music system. The Indian classical music was in its character not entertainment music (in our sense). Much more the presentation by a renowned music maestro was targeting at evoking and increasing awareness (consciousness) of the audience/listener, within an universal dimension. In the modern age of the 21st century also in India these values are lost more and more by the younger generations of upcoming musicians. The promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic will support the museum with the handling of the research order until end of 2013 for preserving these traditional values keeping alive, not in terms of purely preservation and documentation of the history of music till the middle of last century, many more in the passing on to younger generations of our time. Lothar JR Maier, the founder of the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic: "I know the Chaturlal family and the museum director Shruti Chaturlal for years. We followed the commitment of the family with supporters and friends, and phase of the development of the museum until the opening of the 29th November 2009. In terms of our broadcasting contract (policy) it is our wish to support the museum and its facilities with audio and audiovisual exhibits.” In the long term the expansion of the museum’s inventory contribute to a knowledge transfer not only within India. Lothar JR Maier: "We are confident that the expansion of the museum can also find international attention, and give visitors from the West and music students worldwide an insight into the life of an outstanding music master like Pandit Chaturlal was on the Tablas." For the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic the contract opens the possibility to strengthen its relationships in India fare out the political capital Delhi. On 27th March 2012 will be celebrated in Hamburg the 6th anniversary of promoting an intercultural dialogue between South Asia / India and Europe. In the 7th year of broadcasting will be advanced a stronger networking with partners in India. With the order of the museum Taa Dha a beginning has already been made. ______________________ +++

IMC - India meets Classic (short profile): Enjoy listening to good music! On 28th November 2005 went the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic for a radio special first time “on air”. There was no idea about that 6 years later then a total of 130 broadcastings via radio and nearby 110 hours of production time (6,496 minutes airtime), the trail was blazed and can be taken from Germany's second largest city, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (approx. 1.8 million / 755.25 km ² in 2010) to Berlin (approx. 3.46 million / 891.02 km ² in 2010) as the German capital in December 2011. However, the development of IMCRadio.Net by a media producer, connected to a transmission from a training and community radio at a young media campus near the Outer Alster (HMS - Hamburg Media School / Tide 96.0 (radio + TV)) to an independent producer no coincidence. Slots in Austria, Switzerland and the two largest cities in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg) are the result of constant professional and a progressive concept of a social nature, the traditional values in times of fast pace and superficiality does not throw overboard. Lothar JR Maier as the founder/owner of the promotion initiative IMC - India meets Classic is 25% of Polish origin, and sees himself as world citizen. He was born in Bavaria, grew up in Swabia, and was seven years in a mixed marriage to a Peruvian. In the 90 years he worked in shipping, international sports sponsorship (sailboat racing) and consulting for strategic marketing. The maternal grandfather was born in Berlin and worked as a body makeup artist at the State Opera House of East Berlin and as a violinist in the opera orchestra, whose own parents were from southwest Poland. Since 1993 Lothar JR Maier lives in the Hanseatic City Hamburg. ABOUT the Delhi museum TAA DHA… The museum Taa Dha has been created in memory of Tabla stalwart Late Pandit Chatur lal in New Delhi. The museum had been named Taa Dha as Pt. Chatur Lal was call Taa by his family and dha is the first syllable of Tabla The museum targets at keeping Chatur Lal’s name alive and his true and musical relationship with many countries. This effort has been taken by his son Charanjit Lal and grand daughter Shruti Chaturlal. The museum opened its doors on 29th November, 2009 The museum Taa Dha complies exhibits of personal belonging’s, his instruments, films, correspondences, photographs, broschures, posters and postcards, newspaper cuttings and recordings which are continuously (re-)collected from abroad wherever the maestro had performed. Photographs are portraying special moment with his wife New Delhi and with few dignitaries to name few Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru (First Prime Minister of India), Famous Tap Dancer Mr. Gene Kelly. Chatur Lal’s master pieces are kept in the center of the museum with his instruments (with its original skin of 1955’s). The recordings and films include to name few – Beat & Bow, Drums of India, Three Raagas, India – Its Music And Its People, Drums on Fire, India’s Master Musician, Drums of North & South, The Sound India and many more rarest house recordings and films like Good Times Wonderful Times, 1957 Rarest film showcasing first ever fusion concert to happen all over the World featuring Pt. Chatur Lal & Sir Philly Joe Jones, A Canadian animated film “A Chairy Tale “ made by Film Board of Canada which also received Bafta Award that same year and was nominated for Oscar Awards, a French documentary film "Rythmes d'aillenres" made on Pandit Chatur Lal.

… … A separate section is made which displays all his electronic belongings like Radio player, LP record player, camera, kettle and a small iron which he used to take with him on his international tours, a transistor and a spool player. On the top of his closet shows the utensils in which he used to eat and the dinner sets be bought during his German tour in 1964 and a tea set was presented to him after his performance with his name engraved on them. Another attractive piece is the old golden days refrigerator being gifte to him which is still in working condition and other presents given by King of Iran in 1966 and by King of Afghanistan. The museum “TAA DHA” is not merely a museum but also pours the love and effort of the people who had heard Chatuar Lal’s music in the field of Indian percussion. “This was another major reason which encouraged all our family members to give in our finest efforts to create this museum and keeping him alive for all music lovers and generations to come”, says museum director Shruti Chaturlal.

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