___ __ __ __ __ /_ /_) /_ / ( / / \ /_ / __) _ __ __ __ (_)/\/ /_ / /_) /_ / / / \ /_ >>------------------------------------>> | http://www.unrealvoodoo.org | >>------------------------------------>> | | | 1. Introduction | | | | 2. Requirements | | | | 3.

Playing the game | | | | 4. Editing and Importing songs | | | | 5. Importing Guitar Hero(tm) songs | | | | 6. Troubleshooting | | | >>------------------------------------>> >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> | 1. Introduction | >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> Frets on Fire is a game of musical s ill and fast fingers. The aim of the game is to play guitar with the eyboard as accurately as possible. >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> | 2. Requirements | >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> Windows: >> 128 MB of RAM >> a fairly fast OpenGL graphics card (shader support not necessary, antialiasing support recommended) >> Direct X compatible sound card Linux: >> 128 MB of RAM >> a fairly fast OpenGL graphics card (shader support not necessary, antialiasing support recommended) >> SDL compatible sound card Mac OS X: >> Mac OS X 10.5 or later >> OpenGL accelerated video card >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> | 3. Playing the game | >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->>



Remove notes at the current cursor position. Ideally you should have two versions of your song: the guitar trac and the bac ground trac . The basic idea is to press and hold the approriate frets when notes appear and tap the pic button when the notes hit the row of eys at the bottom of the screen. Amazing Difficulty: Anything goes. With longer notes. These eys are used in the editor: Arrow eys Escape Enter Space Delete PgUp/PgDown - Move cursor. This is because the game needs to be able to mute the guitar when play it incorrectly. Hold down Enter and press the right arrow ey to add longer notes. Chords award you twice the points of normal notes. Note that only the guitar trac is played in the editor. the longer you hold down the frets the more points you get. Bring up the editor menu. but in that case the whole music is muted when mista es are made. the score multiplier is reset bac to one. For each ten correctly played notes. A song can also be composed of just the main trac . You get points for hitting notes. your score multiplier increases up to four times. >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> | 4. Remember that you shouldn't place notes on top of each other. Both must be in the Ogg Vorbis format. Editing and Importing Songs | >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> With the included song editor you can import your own songs into the game. Play and pause the song. The easiest way to learn to play the game is to watch the tutorial. you need to hold the frets down for the whole duration. Medium Difficulty: Frets 1-4 and chords used. Add a note at the current cursor position. >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->>                     F1-F5 Enter - Frets one through five Pic                     . If you ma e a mista e. Change difficulty level Follow these guidelines when composing different difficulty levels: Easy Difficulty: Frets 1-4 used. these are the eys you'll need to navigate the menus: Arrow eys Enter Escape Change menu selection Accept Cancel These eys are used in the game itself: Note that these eys are default eys and they can be changed from the game settings menu.First of all. no chords. For long notes.

e. I get lousy scores. the importer will start ripping the songs. e. A: Some eyboard manufactures reduce costs by ma ing some ey combinations impossible to press. Try increasing or decreasing the delay by 50 and seeing if it helps. Q: I can't see my scores on the world charts. you'll find the songs in the regular song selector. It is recommended that you run the game in windowed mode so that you can leave the importer running in the bac ground and do other things while it's doing its magic.8 GHz Pentium M laptop with 2 gigabytes of RAM the process too about 4 hours. >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> | 6. The importer can be started by choosing Song Editor in the main menu. increase it to 32 bits. After you have entered the correct path. Once the importer is finished. The importer will as you the path to where the game files can be found. Q: The sound crac les. you can usually get it in a pac age called vorbis-tools. Q: No matter what I do.exe) into the game directory. A: You need to enable score uploading in the settings menu first. You'll also need to have the OGG Vorbis command line compressor installed. A: If your des top color quality is set to 16 bits. numbers 1-5. In Windows.| 5. Q: The colors loo ugly on my ATI video card. Omega Drivers) that reduce the color depth to 16 bits. Q: I can't hit those notes! A: You either need to practice more or adjust the A/V delay option in the audio settings. you'll need to have the game DVD. The solution is to change the eys to different ones. followed by "Import Guitar Hero(tm) Songs". copy the encoder (oggenc. This is especially true with laptop eyboards and some cheaper PC eyboards. For example. To use it. on a 1. Use the ey tester in the settings menu to chec your chosen ey set. or changing the frets to i. Troubleshooting | >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> Q: Some chords don't wor .g. at least 500 megabytes of free dis space and a lot of patience. A: Don't use twea ed drivers (e. For example. 'D:'. swapping the Enter ey with Shift should help a lot.                                             . it will mostly pic up where it left off when you run it again. Importing Guitar Hero(tm) songs | >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> The game has a built-in importer for the songs in Guitar Hero(tm) by RedOctane. In Linux. A: Increase your audio buffer size or change to 22050 Hz sampling frequency. You can do this from the Audio Settings.g. Note that if you abort the importer midway. Usually this is just the driver letter of your DVD drive. Note that this will ta e a very long time. Q: I get a strange OpenGL error on startup.

A: Sell your gear. >>-------------------------------------------------------------------->> .

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