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Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition [DH] Download Game Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition [DH] http://download-full-dvd.blogspot.

com/2012/05/gothic-3-forsaken-gods-enhanced-ed ition.html Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition [DH] Download Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods is a stand-alone addon for Gothic 3 and continues the st ory of the main game based on the ending where both Xardas and the nameless hero go through the portal. With the gods Innos and Beliar finally destroyed, Xardas predicted a thousand years of peace. They envisioned an era of rebuilding and u nderstanding between the races of men and orcs. But instead out of the ashes of the Orcwar a new empire began to rise. In the north Gorn, ruler of Gotha in the north, assembled an army and started to rage war against Thorus. Thorus, the new ruler of the Orcs, of course couldn't just sit on his throne in Trelis and let Gorn slaughter the Orcs. So he himself began to attack the caravans and outposts around Geldern. Meanwhile Lee, the rul er of the kingdom in the east, decided to stay out of the skirmish and wait it o ut. Inog and Anog, the rulers of the lands surrounding Silden in the west, on th e other hand are not in any position to stand up against Thorus or Gorn. Watching all this from a different plane of existence, the nameless hero decided to go back to Myrtana. Xardas tries to stop him and a battle ensues from which neither comes out as the victor. In the end Xardas vanishes and the nameless her o wakes up in a bed in Silden, under the distrustful eyes of Anog - and without his former strength. So the player once again takes over the control of the name less hero in order to enforce the peace and he needs to decide which side he wil l be on.

Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition [DH] Download

The gameplay remains the same as in the original game although the world is much smaller now and some changes are noticeable in it. Looking over the hero's shou lders, the player still takes on quests, kills monsters and ultimately gains exp erience to advance to the next level. This in return grants access to talent poi nts to invest into different abilities like forging or learning how to fight wit h two weapons against the countless, but already known, enemies. To fight agains t them, the player again has access to countless melee and ranged weapons, armor and useful potions which he either finds or makes himself during the course of the adventure. The only real change can led parry system and now e is available, the hero s. He can also perform a be found in the combat system which features an overhau heavily depends on the available stamina because if non can't swing his sword anymore and is totally defenseles new, shooter-like strife move which allows him to get q

uickly out of harms way.

Gothic 3 - Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition [DH] Download