HARI/TANGGAL PUKUL : SABTU, 14 APRIL 2012 : 10.30 – 12.30 WIB

PETUNJUK UMUM 1. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Saudara menjawab pertanyaan. 2. Tulis jawaban Saudara dengan huruf Kapital pada Lembar Jawab yang telah disediakan. 3. Periksa jawaban Saudara sebelum menyerahkan kepada Panitia.

SELAMAT MENGERJAKAN DAN SUKSES TES TERTULIS BAHASA INGGRIS A. CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER! 1. The instability of Indonesian economic and political condition … foreign investors reluctant to invest in Indonesian. a. Makes c. Have made e. They make b. Greatly make d. Are made 2. Different interpretations on the same event by various newspapers … readers confused and angry. a. To make c. Make e. Makes b. They make d. In make 3. “what makes you so sad with the current reform reform movement in Indonesia?” “ … bad effect on Indonesian’s economic.” a. It c. Its e. Theirs b. Peoples d. They 4. “what has made the tourist resorts so unattractive?” “The poor maintenance of … facilities.” a. It c. Its b. Their d. They

e. Theirs

5. Anita and I missed the morning flight, and this made … late for our friend’s wedding. a. His c. Them e. Us b. Me d. Her 6. To face the globalization era in 2020, improvement in all sectors of the economi … a. Highly necessitated c. the necessity is very high e. are highly necessitated b. Is highly necessary d. are necessarily high 7. It is belived that … city of Ambon will take a long time to rebuild. a. The damage is tremendously d. it is the tremendously damaged b. It is the tremendously damaging e. the tremendously damaging c. The tremendously damaged 8. She is trying to lose her weight by drinking … beverages. a. Artificially sweetened d. sweetened by artificial sugar b. Artificial sweets e. sweetened artificially c. Artificially sweets

is a member 11. present in a tea may be the reason for positive effect and that drinking this beverage may protect agains osteoporosis. Usually Ati on my birthday writes me a long letter c. Wold be addicted to be beverage d. Families will ever make e. Complains by individuals have been made to pollution agencies c. The effect of osteoporosis on british women e. the complaints about air pollution b. A long letter usually Ati writes me on my birthday e. Wanted to make their bones denser c. People complain about all the pollutants in the air . wastes emitted by air pollution c. The effect of air pollution e. Land and house are often largest single investment that most … a. Osteoporosis in women tea drinkers in British 13. Some of the women had one cup of tea a day and of hers more than six. and the damage to plant. A study on drinking tea in Britain b. The main information about the paragraph is… a. Amin is the only one who is not a member c. Ati usually writes me a long letter on my birthday d. Amin. families make ever will b. The slow climate change d. British women who drank one or more cups of tea a day had denser bones then women who drank no tea at all. Might lacks flavorids in their body b. But smoke is visible the stink of sulfide most complaints by individualism agencies refer to something that can be bad or smalled. Usually a long letter Ati writes me on my birthday According to a recent report. The effect of air pollution on people’s lives can be direct and indirect e. 14. The effect of drinking tea on British women d. The writes of the report concluded that plant compouns called flavorids. but drinking more than one did not give any extra protection. What is the main idea of the paragraph … a. the deterioration of health is insidious. as well as the boys. People are not directly affected by the damage of plant and animals d. Climatic change does not immediately have an effect on people’s lives b. All these boys are member d. Will make ever families 10. Ati usually writes me on my birthday writes me along letter b. Only Amin is special member e.9. a. This mean … of the carate club. Which of the following sentences is correct…? a. Will make families ever d. ever families will make c. The reason for British women to drink tea c. climatic changes are slow. The danger of air pollution 15. 12. animals or materials seems remote to the involved. Were better protected against osteoporosis Among the various air pollution. Considered drinking more tea healthier e. The boys are members of the karate club except Amin. and the is insidious. Beside Amin. From the text we may conclude that women who drank tea … a. The above paragraph inform us about … a. the boys are members b.

homework is not a test of student’s ability. Referring to his diploma e. Banned c. Why do some people disagree to abolish examinations … a. The teachers’ roles in supervising the students c.Many people say that examinations should be abolished because they are not the best measure of students capabilities. For the sake of efficiency 20. students need to produce some evidence of their capabilities. Since no body trusts the students nowadays c. this is the only way a student’s qualifications can be judged. Because homework can be done without teacher’s supervision e. Forbidden d. Homework is not a test of a student’s ability d. Checking his attitude d. in the hunt for jobs. Moreover. The teachers’ roles to motivate the students. As a regulation in the country d. Because this is not done under supervision. How do we judge student’s qualifications … a. homework is more a method of merely keeping him occupied. The examination’s measurement is abolished d. producing his capabilities c.” What does the underlined word mean? a. they cannot be sure that it is really the work of the students themselves. This attitude greatly encourages the use of examinations. applied . there are persuasive reasons to show the examination should not be abolished. Because exam result is the only proof of student’s capabilities b. discarded b. Student’s disagreement against examinations c. The insufficient teachers in school 18. if not making them a necessity. It is insufficient that teachers assign homework and correct it. People’s attitudes toward examinations b. 17. The persuasive ways to maintain the examinations e. Yet. Concerning his behavior 19. What information do we get from the text… a. “people say that examination should be abolished. Nowadays. 16. These people believe that student can study on their own and do better without the nagging worry and pressure exerted by examinations. trekking his activities b. Prospective employers like to see copies of examination result. Homework is a method of keeping students busy e. What is the main idea of paragraph 2 … a. regarded e. The reasons to maintain the examinations b.

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