Wallace has more space to display his pieces now. The book’s 109 pages are mixed with civil rights stories written by Paul Dickson, and include a timeline of civil rights in Chapel Hill from the 2009 exhibit “I Raised My Hand to Volunteer.” The book’s photos show police stuffing movement leaders into a police car, activists gatherings in churches, arrests, angry Klan members and thousands singing at the 1963 March on Washington. The pages are filled with photos of Franklin Street marches, sit-ins, police dragging protesters and picketers holding signs displaying “2-4-6-8 who in the Hell wants to integrate” and “the customer is always white at Colonial’s Lunch Counter’s booths.” “The major newspapers didn’t do extensive coverage of these civil rights issues at the time,” said Wallace, who graduated from UNC in 1964 with a journalism major. “But the Tar Heel thought it was impor tant because students couldn’t eat where they wanted to. So, most of the coverage was done by student journalists at the Tar Heel.”

Wallace said DTH staffers were stringers for other media outlets like Newsweek. “We covered the movement more deeply because we felt it was the right thing to do,” he added. “Major papers would only run a two-inch column on arrests in Chapel Hill.” Wallace spent most of his undergraduate career on assignment for the DTH rather than in class. The movement in Chapel Hill aimed to encourage the passage of a public accommodation ordinance in Chapel Hill, which allowed equal access to public facilities for all people. Wallace said Harr y’s restaurant, which stood where Four Corners exists today, is where many of his photo stor y ideas formed. He writes in his book, “Unlike most other businesses in town, owners Harry and Sybil Macklin set examples by welcoming all races.” Inside of Harr y’s and local black churches, movement leaders would inform DTH staff of protest activities, marches or sit-ins. Wallace, who was The Daily Tar Heel’s only staff photographer at the time, said at first, movement

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Democrat along with Pelissier and Yuhasz, also said she plans to run for the board, and will challenge Yuhasz for his District 2 seat. Pelissier is running for an at-large seat. Pelissier, 61, grew up in New Jersey except for a short residency in Syria and has lived in Orange County for more than 35 years. She believes that during the past three and a half years while she was on the board, the commissioners have been successful in setting up the infrastructure for eco-

nomic development and has helped changed the perception in the county for the need for more economic development. The county was able to engage various partners, including the two school boards, to work toward improving plans for economic development in the county, Pelissier said. Pelissier added that to her, economic development doesn’t mean just tr ying to bring in light industr y and retail, but also means suppor ting agriculture in Orange County, she said. “Agriculture and farming is ver y impor tant,” Pelissier said.

Farming also preserves the r ural character of Orange County, she said. “I will continue to encourage a sense of common-cause community where all sectors of the county, rural and urban, cooperate towards achieving common community goals,” Pelissier said in a printed statement. Yuhasz, 60, also noted his work on economic development in the county. “The county is headed in a new direction with regards to economic development,” Yuhasz said. “That the biggest thing I’ve done. We’ve set the county in a new direction.” The county has also

maintained services with fewer people and without raising proper ty taxes, Yuhasz said. Pelissier came to Chapel Hill to study at UNC and received her doctorate in sociology in 1980. She specialized in evaluation of mental health programs in the community and in prison settings. Pelissier was chief of research at the Federal Correctional Institution in Butner and retired in 2006. During that time she was the project director for multi-center national projects evaluating drug treatment and sex offender programs. Pelissier has ser ved

on numerous boards and commissions, including the Orange County Planning Board, Commission for the Environment, Special Transit Advisory Committee, Shaping Orange C o u n t y F u t u r e Ta s k Force, the Carolina North Leadership Advisor y Council, and the Community Leadership Collaboration.


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The Carrboro Board of Aldermen have canceled the meeting scheduled for February 14th, 2012.

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