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IZZAT M AL SMADI Phd student, Software engineering 1353 N University Dr, #1, Fargo, ND 58102.

Phone:701-293-1841, Email:, Objective: Interactive Creative position with computer or software engineering background and a passion for new Technology, skilled at building strong team environments and fostering open communications. Education 1. 2. 3. 4. BS in Telecommunication engineering, Mutah University- Jordan, 1990- 1994. MS in CIS University of Phoenix 2002-2003. MS in software engineering, NDSU2004- 2006. Currently PhD student in software engineering at NDSU ( expected graduation, March 2007).


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Cisco Certified network associate CCNA . Microsoft award for PhD research “GUI test automation framework”, at NDSU, 2007.

Languages Skills: VB,, Java, and C-sharp programming.

Other applications NET, Eclipse, NetBeans, Visio and many others. Published Papers 1. “Open source evolution analysis”. Izzat Alsmadi and Kenneth Magel. 22nd IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM'06).

2. “Generating test cases from the GUI model”. Izzat Alsmadi and Kenneth Magel. World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society. 2006. 3. “GUI Path Oriented Test Generation Algorithms”. Izzat Alsmadi and Kenneth Magel. In Proceeding of (569) Human-Computer Interaction - 2007 IASTED HCI 2007, Chamonix, France. 4. “Open Source Evolution Analysis”. Izzat Alsmadi and Kenneth Magel. JICCSE’2006. Jordan. 5. Model Checking Aspect-Oriented Design Specification. Dianxiang Xu, Izzat Alsmadi, and Weifeng Xu, , Proc. of the 31st IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC'07), Beijing, July 2007. 6. GUI Structural Metrics and Testability Testing K. Magel and I. Alsmadi (USA), IASTED SEA 2007. Boston USA 7. GUI Path Oriented Test Generation Algorithms I. Alsmadi and K. Magel (USA). HCI IASTED 2007 France 8. An object oriented framework for user Interface test automation. Izzat Alsmadi and Kenneth Magel. MICS 2007. Grand Forks USA. 9. GUI Test Automation Framework. Izzat Alsmadi and Kennth Magel. SERP 2007. Vegas 2007. 10. GUI Path Oriented Test Case Generation. Izzat Alsmadi, Kenneth Magel. International Conference on Software Engineering Theory and Practice (SETP-07) Orlando, Florida, USA, July 9-12, 2007. 11. Building a user interface test automation framework . Izzat Alsmadi and Kenneth Magel. International Journal of Software Engineering (JSE), Vol. 1. No. 2. University of Lahore, Pakistan • • Member of Formal Methods Europe (FME ) Sub-group On Education (SOE) evaluation team. Member of “Formal Methods in the teaching lab”. A workshop at the Formal Methods 2006 symposium.

Summary of Qualifications Over 13 years of experience in different computer and IT fields. Work experience: 1. Telecommunication and Computer center-Jordan. June 1994- Dec. 1998. IT engineer : (Full time) • Working in Telephone exchanges environments (Ericsson exchanges). Attending Fiber optics training courses in splicing and implementations (single and multi). Working in electronic equipment calibration and test up to a second level board of maintenance . Teaching Digital, analogue, Data and Electromagnetic field communication courses. Responsible with a team for more than a year for troubleshooting and maintaining Personal computers sections in software and hardware issues (hardware include basic

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troubleshooting of motherboards VGA, sound Network and modem cards either in built in or add on motherboards). Building LAN and WAN Infra structures in local and remote sites using Cisco routers with Frame relay and ATM technologies. Responsible for MS Back office systems NT, MS proxy and Exchange servers also in installation and administration. Teaching Visual basic 5, Java and Access for beginners. Working in Electromagnetic signal intelligence and analysis. ComNet-Jordan. Network engineer. 1998-1999

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Building infra structures LAN networks (with all LAN equip. UTP cables, hubs, routers and switches). Working for installation and troubleshooting of Internet cafes and small offices in Dial up, ISDN and DSL lines. Working in testing and troubleshooting LAN components: Hubs, Switches, Routers and Servers. Internet Time - Computer center - 1999-2000. Instructor: (Part Time) Teaching Computer V basic, Java, Java script, HTML, Autocad2000, access and network essentials. Managing computer center in financial and management issues. Working in PC software and hardware maintenance. First Computer – San Francisco – 2000-2001. Technical Support


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Providing PC and Network Customer support. PC and network software and hardware indoor and outdoor installations, troubleshooting and maintenance. Office equipment ( Printers, faxes, Modems and copiers ) fixing and troubleshooting PC-all computer services – Hayward – California 2002

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Owner and manager for small computer shop ( for sales and support ). Lecturer – Computer and IT Faculty – Yarmouk University – Jordan – 2003 Teaching in the computer and IT faculty for one year . Teaching assistant. NDSU. 2004-2007. Teaching CS 114 and CS160 for 6 semesters ( 2004-2007). Research Assistant . NDSU 2006. Working with Dr Xiandiang Xu team in summer 2006 is using LTSA for model checking and Aspect oriented programming.

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Software Developer. Ecliptic Technologies, Fargo, ND Summer 2006. Working in summer 2006 in an intern for Ecliptic as a C# programmer in an insurance project. Work in debugging and testing C# code. Software Quality Analyst , Feed Management System, Fargo, ND 2006-2007. Currently working for Feed Management Systems. Responsible for testing several products like; Brill Formulations, Feed tag, Feed rational balancer, Feed Mill manager, .etc. Work in debugging and testing C# and VB code. Working in building mathematical model for Feed optimization solutions. Working in support for the Microsoft products, SQL server 2005, Windows Vista, GP Dynamics.

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Recent Research Projects and interests : ( interests) 1. Design Crystal reports for WorkforceROI. 2. Design and build a Test debugger application ( see my website for details ) 3. Design and build a software metric application and proxy model for Honeywell ( measuring LOC, SLCO, math ops, MC/DC, max nesting ) ( see my website for details ) 4. Working as a phd research project in GUI test automation framework . 5. Formal methods ontology . 6. Linear programming. References: 1. Dr Ken Magel. My supervisor at NDSU. 2. Dr Xiandiang Xu. NDSU. 3. Dr Jun Kong, NDSU.