This case is about the charismatic and controversial former captain of the Indian national cricket team, Sourav Ganguly (Ganguly). The case outlines the emergence of Ganguly as a leader, his spectacular rise and subsequent fall from grace. Ganguly became the captain of the team in 2000, when it was in a deep crisis. Over the next few years, with the help of the coach John Wright, he soon turned the team into a combative unit. His team building skills, impartiality and, guts displayed in supporting his team members through thick and thin, endeared him to the team. Experts credited him with instilling a sense of aggression in the team. Ganguly soon became the most successful captain in the history of Indian cricket. The case also discusses the fall of Ganguly in 2005 and his public spat with coach Greg Chappell (Chappell) which led to his exit from the team. With a section of the media running a vilification campaign against him and the team management being clear that it did not want him back in the team, the international career of Ganguly seemed to be over. Since age was not on his side, few felt that Ganguly could make a comeback into the team. But Ganguly refused to announce his retirement and continued to fight to win back his place in the team despite all the odds. The case will help understand various issues in human resource management and organizational behavior such as leadership, motivation, team building, etc.

» Understand the issues and challenges in leadership and team building / team management. » Understand the theories in leadership (trait theory, etc.) » Understand and make generalizations on the various concepts of group dynamics, change management, conflict management, etc. » Appreciate the importance of people skills for a leader / manager.

A Charismatic and Controversial Leader Background Note Page No. 1 3

former cricketer. in 2006. I know. after the Indian cricket team's tour of Pakistan.3 in 2004.Harsha Bhogle. Tata Steel. how to succeed at home and to replicate that success overseas. He also managed his team well and backed a number of young players… He failed because of a certain situation he could not handle. Saurav has demonstrated the importance of getting the best resources and talent. glorious leader and fierce competitor. Every leader succeeds and fails depending on the situation s/he is working under. infuriation.Emergence as Leader Some Hallmarks of Ganguly's Leadership Getting the Better of the 'Iceman' Beginning of the Decline The Infamous Public Spat Chappell Gets His Way More Criticisms of Ganguly The Fighter Refuses to Quit Exhibits 4 7 11 12 14 16 16 17 19 In a single day he can provoke exasperation. newspaper columnist and radio commentator. Ganguly. "Saurav is an example of an outstanding leader who was willing to take strong. and to emerge as a serious player in a competitive environment. Saurav has demonstrated very effectively all the qualities of a corporate leader. Saurav has demonstrated how to build and manage a team. Earlier."1 . Indian cricketer Sourav Ganguly (Ganguly) was axed from the Indian test squad.. and congratulations…[Sourav] is a mixture of dashing cricketer. motivating them. hard stands. protesting youth. charming socialiser."2 . disdainful aristocrat. found himself out of the team . have also influenced many of us in the corporate world.B Muthuraman. managing director.Peter Roebuck. Television commentator and cricket columnist. he had also been dropped from the one day international5 (ODI) team. who was considered an inspirational leader and the most successful captain of the Indian cricket team. "[Ganguly's] deft management skills."4 . A Charismatic and Controversial Leader In February 2006.

former New Zealand cricketer. Ganguly wanted a professional foreign coach and accordingly in November 2000. A Charismatic and Controversial Leader Contd. after the series he was dropped from the national squad.. who hailed from the city of Kolkata in West Bengal. Bitter from his previous experience.he had built and captained since the last five years. In addition to this.6 was first selected to play for the Indian national cricket team during the 1991-92 tour of Australia. John Wright (Wright) joined the Indian team as coach.. He was considered to be very competitive and often got under the skin of the opponent. While he got the nicknames "The Prince of Calcutta' and the 'Royal Bengal Tiger'. he also earned the nickname 'Lord Snooty' from the competitors and the foreign media. when Indian cricket was going through a turbulent phase. Sachin Tendulkar (Tendulkar) declined the captaincy. various cultural changes were brought about in the Indian team. The matchfixing8 scandal had left an indelible imprint on Indian cricket with some prominent players being banned from the game. the team had lost a rare test9 series at home and the morale of the team was at its lowest. Under Ganguly's leadership. Ganguly made a comeback to the national team and quickly rose to prominence in the international cricketing arena. Ganguly who was considered a very aggressive player soon instilled aggression in the team and the team started performing well. the captaincy came to Ganguly.10 By default. Ganguly. "I saw in Sourav a committed individual who wanted to inject some toughness and combativeness into a side that had . India's cricketing icon.. and was affectionately called Dada7 by his team mates. The legendary former Australian captain Steve Waugh (Waugh) said.. Ganguly got the job of captaining the Indian cricket team in 2000. In 1996. However.

The fact that the BCCI bigwig Jagmohan Dalmiya12 (Dalmiya) was a staunch supporter of Ganguly also helped him remain captain. and his courage to stand up to the powers-that-be in the interests of team members.. However. were very loyal to the captain. Calcutta). something at which it had never been very good. appointed as the coach. especially the young crop of players that Ganguly had helped groom. However... his personal batting performance suffered during the mid-2000s. India. With the team too not doing too well from late 2004. Background Note Ganguly was born on July 8. endeared him to the team. The fact that Ganguly was considered the first Indian captain who was free from the ills of parochialism. Wright had announced his decision not to renew his contract and Ganguly lobbied to get Greg Chappell (Chappell). his supporters in the team did not see any reason for a change in leadership..often tended in the past to roll over and expose a soft underbelly. However. the famous former Australian cricketer. the team started winning away from home. However. Later his interest shifted to cricket. by early 2005. Emergence as Leader . calls for dropping Ganguly from the team started gaining ground in certain quarters. despite his personal batting form."11 The team members. India was being viewed as the team that could challenge Australia as the leading team in world cricket. Under Ganguly. 1972. In his childhood. The crowning glory of Ganguly's career came in the 2003 World Cup when India played in the finals after 20 years. in an affluent family of Kolkata (previously. Ganguly was considered as the best Indian captain ever due to the good run the Indian team had under his leadership. soccer was his first interest and he played for the school team for four years. Chappell's entry into Indian cricket spelled doom for Ganguly's international cricketing career.

The morale of the team was at an all-time low... . Experts credited Ganguly with bringing in an optimistic vision to Indian cricket. his own personal form had started to decline. Ganguly was not the first choice for the captaincy. In fact.. who could set goals and inspire his teammates.. considered 'tigers at home'. had just lost its first home series in many years to South Africa. Ganguly felt that India could achieve better success in international cricket than it had been doing till then.. Indian cricket was at its nadir. The match fixing scandal had taken its toll with some senior players including former captain Mohammed Azharuddin and cricketer Ajay Jadeja being banned from the game.. Some Hallmarks of Ganguly's Leadership Vision Ganguly was considered as a leader with a vision. Getting the Better of the 'Iceman' The rivalry between Ganguly and Waugh was a part of cricketing folklore.72 Ganguly even managed to get under the skin of the usually unflappable Waugh.. The team.In 2000. He got the job as Tendulkar was reluctant to take on the additional responsibility of captaincy. Beginning of the Decline While Ganguly was going about building the team and nurturing the youngsters in the team. when Ganguly took over as captain. Experts felt that Ganguly had turned "antagonising opponents into an art form"..

Experts felt that while his audacity and habit of speaking his mind had earned him respect in cricketing circles... . Ganguly was sacked as captain of the Indian test squad. It was widely believed that Ganguly's era was over. In October 2005.. Ganguly was dropped from the ODI squad. when Ganguly was dropped from the squad. they had also served to make him a lot of enemies who were waiting for a weak moment to pounce. More Criticisms of Ganguly With the doors to the team being shut. the fans asked about Ganguly and expressed their displeasure at how he had been treated by his countrymen120.The Infamous Public Spat Chappell had some reservations about Ganguly's ability to the lead the side.. The selection committee led by More appointed Dravid as captain. many Indian fans. On the same day of winning the elections. There was also a sympathy wave for Ganguly. especially fans in his home state West Bengal were upset. Even in Pakistan.. In November 2005. He favored Dravid as captain as he felt that he was better placed to lead the team. Pawar axed the selectors who had been sympathetic to Ganguly. Ganguly was forced to spend time playing domestic cricket.. Whenever Indian journalists went to Pakistan. Chappell Gets His Way Ganguly's problems were compounded in the end of September 2005.. when Dalmiya was defeated by Pawar in the BCCI elections. The Fighter Refuses to Quit Despite all the criticism. he had a huge fan following though he performed exceedingly well against the archrivals. Ganguly's fan following knew no national borders..

India Captains' Playing Record in Test Matches Won Tied Lost Drawn Total SC Ganguly 2000/01-2005/06 21 13 15 49 SM Gavaskar 1975/76-1984/85 9 8 30 47 M Azharuddin 1989/90-1998/99 14 14 19 47 MAK Pataudi 1961/62-1974/75 9 19 12 40 Kapil Dev 1982/83-1986/87 4 1 7 22 34 MS Dhoni 2007/08-2011 15 3 9 27 SR Tendulkar 1996/97-1999/00 4 9 12 25 RS Dravid 2003/04-2007 8 6 11 25 BS Bedi 1975/76-1978/79 6 11 5 22 AL Wadekar 1970/71-1974 4 4 8 16 L Amarnath 1947/48-1952/53 2 6 7 15 VS Hazare 1951/52-1952/53 1 5 8 14 A Kumble 2007/08-2008/09 3 5 6 14 NJ Contractor 1960/61-1961/62 2 2 8 12 DB Vengsarkar 1987/88-1988/89 2 5 3 10 PR Umrigar 1955/56-1958/59 2 2 4 8 MH Mankad 1954/55-1958/59 1 5 6 GS Ramchand 1959/60 1 2 2 5 S Venkataraghavan 1974/75-1979 2 3 5 CK Nayudu 1932-1933/34 3 1 4 DK Gaekwad 1959 4 4 K Srikkanth 1989/90 4 4 Maharajkumar of Vizianagram 1936 2 1 3 Nawab of Pataudi 1946 1 2 3 Ghulam Ahmed 1955/56-1958/59 2 1 3 V Sehwag 2005/06-2009/10 2 1 3 GR Viswanath 1979/80 1 1 2 HR Adhikari 1958/59 1 1 P Roy 1959 1 1 CG Borde 1967/68 1 1 RJ Shastri 1987/88 1 1 .

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