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essential instructionswereincluded.too. About my subs. I haveto tell you, the dwarfsaregood for small tasks.And, the three pigsweregluttonsfor work. (As long asyou let them getin a goodmud "waller" now and then.)

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nceupon a time I had an itch to build my own log home. /-\ I told my Giant friend aboutmy dream and hejust I I laughed, said,"Youdon'tknow jackabout \-/ . * building a log home."I said,"You big dummy, I am lackl" Well, I do admit, I really didn't know beans aboutbuilding a log home.But, thanks to this magazine you'rereading,I did know aboutthe friendly folks at Satterwhite Log Homes.

35+ Material-Saving, Customizable Plans
Theonly delayin shippingmy materialpackage wascaused me,taking time to decide by which of Satterwhite's morethan 35 iob-tested floor plans I wanted choose. to Eachplin callsforsimpiified constructiontechniques that save rnaterialand labor. Satterwhite's designstaffcrankedup their CAD computerand customized floor plan. (They'lldo it for my you,too.)I addeda walk-in coatclosetfor whenmy Giant friend visits! i "

Do ltYourself and Save
Since1974, Satterwhites the havebuilt or suppliedmaterialsfor over 10,000 homes.So log evenif youie way offin StorybookValley,like me, you can still take advantage their log home smarts of and buy the materialsdirect from them. Then,do it yourselfand save. After all, 50%ofthe costsoflog home constructionis the costoflabor.


Dry House Logs
Finally,all Satterwhite logsaremilled from dead-standing timber. Uncomplicates constructionof walls.Ensures the

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Prompt Delivery Assured
I had ten sub-contractors working on my house:seven dwarfsand three pigs.Timing wascritical. I got my materialpackage lessthan a month, thanks in part to in Satterwhite's largewarehouse inventory. My shipment containedeverythingnecessary getmy house'driedto in," aswell asinterior framing. Video and manual with

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too.com . Learn how this Virginia couple overseesthe construction of a striking lakeside home.loghomeliving. L O G HOME L IV IN G . friends and a iifetime of memories. Story by Holly Smith 82 62 Love at First Sight Ohio's rolling hills hold a house perfect for hosting family.who createda masterpieceto match his personality.IOGHOME . A PRIL 2OOA M. Story by Kenya McCullum 2 . and how thev beat the clock. Story by lohn Morell 58 One in a Million Who needsto follow all the rules?Not this Wisconsinhomeowner.YLIVING Against the Odds Building a custom home is challenging enough-but these folks had a tough deadline.


Periodicals postage paid at El Segundo. Design 26 Design Ghallenge Oru design expert. Here's her lowdown on bump-outs and built-ins. 66 Galendar Seminars and open houses-find the latest happenings in the log home community. 4. 152 The Life One of the reasonswe build log homes in the first place. 79 Wood Garc Guide Choosing stain for your logs is one of the biggest decisions you'll make. 72 Resources Seesomething in one of our home tours you'd like to buy? Find all the information here. VA 2O1. visit the new loghomeliving..Plan t 7 Taking the Reins Want to be your own general contractor? Before you take the reins.90 Really Live. Box 420235. Suite 1OO. FL 32f42-O235. The editorial office is l@ated at 4125 Lafayette Center Drive.pg. offers space-savingtips that will add lots of character to your home.5L. Rachel Machacek. 72 5O Wap b Protect Your Hqrse for lrTe Our annual maintenance-madeeasygaide canbe pulled out and usedyear after year-perfect for any homeowner. one of our favorite artists and a road trip to the heartland. The knoM office of publiEtion is located at 300 N. No. >> TheBestllesignsof the Year. a product guide for choosing the right sofa. 72 Cover image: Mountain master! piece by Prccisioncraft Log & Timber Homeo. Suite 650. too. 30 You Dream. far 703-222-3209. 4 . these glorious picks remind us why Mother Nature's beauty surpassesall others. Palm coast.1. Continental Blvd. 38 The Best of the Best The results are in! Check out our favorite home designs of the year. PO. To sGe mone floorplanc. Here's where to start. 25. From hardware to furnifure. 38 >> Bonus Pullont 5ll Easy Ways l(eep to YourHome Looking Great. Vol. pg. Decor 12 Decor We Love tee-inspired options will add a touch of nature to your home. In Every Issue I Editor's Note Spring's Master PIan 10 Mailbox L2 Front Porch The best of April. CA 90245. as we offer an overview of severaloutstanding companies. POSTMASTER! Send addre$ changes to Log Home Living. These ouick and easv steps will take no longer than 48 hours.com . and additional offces. They'll impress and inspire you. APRIL 2OO8 M. Chantilly. read our must-have tips.703-222-941. CA. 800-826-3893. including sure-fue ways to add curb appeal to your front yard.loghomeliving. 48 73 U S lZ2 lffi 146 Featurcd Advertising Advertising Guide Wood Gare Guide Handcrafters'Gallery Focus on Floorplans Regkttd Resorrce Guide Builder/Dealer Marketplace Suppliers'Marketplace (usPs #oo5-515) (lssN #1041-830x) is published 12 times a year by Home Buyer Pubtications LLc and Actire Interest Media LOG HOME LIVING@ Inc. >> 65+ Floorplans the WayYou for pg. We Design We design a home for young parents whose dream is to build a classic getaway home alongside a lake. Photo by Roger Wade. El Segundo. LOG HOME LIVING .com. 22 Sawy Builder Spring means long hikes and days on the lakeand a little home maintenance after winter's toll.


I-e.{t"1.r si tl c i kt home? lrir-rcl ihe genius behincl t'.rt tvc tl-rinkat-ca cr-rt abovc.{.sgrre.rgcsof the lronrcsfcatrrretlin thc nragazinethis r.tnning.com/f loorplanwinner f.I:. l l or\l t L IV T N C .t irrspit'.&qy: ql 'S'.givcs yttlr tlte lttrvrlor'r'rr thc peren fect n.!:'tlay. 6. br-rilc-lir-rg .com/youdream ffi*m$xng Y$aiaa.cl.:] tit -.if *h' '€:*F -Yla::. t.r.J't: So. toghomettvtng.r[.ar-s set \'()rtrrrrstictablc. C la re N'lartin.*&.cj g$ I -l'ht'm as. 9"$**a.rclr-rsivc r. A P RTL 200a \^]W.i Wi:* r. . r.-rbtrlor.1.*gru €..c om . to loghomeliving.r-ll'a' rs (Jtrr f. how big are your log-home dreams?Well. l()(.rz in e's rcsi tl ent rlccor cli va.rrrr. Be surc to seer'\-cnnrore im.rch out roonr-.***xp*aes: g x.com/clareswares 'il. go to loghomeliving.: .t::.a k ci ar "*. We'll share the results with everyone in a future issue.tr ':::..rn a m. To tell us.ijlIr"*$ji.1tj1111 thc beginl loghomeliving.chornr' t levations. literally.'ouplortv ttr consitlcl u'hen pl.':-' : ffi f1 t:.com/hometours YclaxXlx"*sbx&x. Slsisifi'ft X&ie: e{}{.r..tntl sr.$t$.'r:!'li:l{i :t:1' 'tl::.. We want to know what size home you're building-or have already built.rrrtl ciecornting votr r hotrsc..u can chcck out cven rnorc hon'rcstlr.rz i n g 1."* In .*. loghomeliving.rs log-hontetours tlon't r.{}&4 l\l-rat iactors clLtlotir archik'ct cotrsicler n' Ire rr hc cle. $'}.3*r**q' €}*.fu:elia $.com/surv-eysize.r'eb borrtrs.rntl give.nclin print.t'r. loghomeliving.r-tonth. \\''e'll cover even at-rgle.

800.J24 www.Precision .com . com www.fr Pnecrsroruilrulp":-: €x?'t&{}fr0lr*Atry *y agstGH.. &Rg*}l 8y cr!(}re€ LOO & TIMBER HOMSS MtnArch itects.729.

In You Dream.someof you might be ikhing to begin your home proiect and act as youf own general contractor.It's a drilly dirtsquare. Our annual design contest("Best of the Best " page 38) showcasesamazing ideas and proves that log-home architectscontinue to be ldaders in innovation. but like a gardenduringApril's first days. fhc fop*e slpty mdrG. dreck out Associate Editor Clare Martin's story'Thking the Reing" (page17). I think you'll also enjoy Design Challenge (page 26). Homebuilding is no mirade.despite knowing what we've planted. framedbyawinter-beaten wire fence. Of course. mmccarthy@loghomeliving. But carrying out both endeavors. We Desigrr.also requires more than a little passion.As the days grow wanner. eraseentire rooms.tb . Still. l*rl stde. tending to a home's design and a garden's maturity require lots of weekends. faith in planning comesin handy. a minor miracle as old as the cosmos. Labors of love? Sure. where Managing Editor RachelMadracek revealsthe tricks of space.Gourd and zinniaroots laytangled from where they gaveup the ghostlast fall. we tweak our ideas for the squar-moving planb here and there---andwakh everything evolve. It's what sustainsaswe wait for summer's fkst sweet tomato and all those nights next to the fi. you'll be ableto pick up a range of floorplan tips to map out every room of your home. and OEsr$e | bcrur. saving bump-outs and built-ins. In the pages that follow. Memorial Day delivers the semblanceof a gardery and eachyea1.8feetby8 feet. which outlines three critical factors to consider before you make the first move. we make a plan for this soil canvas.rein a new home. as we pore over plans.By illchael ilc€arthy Spripg's Master Plan OURGARDEN isn'tpretty in earlyApril. And if you already own a log home--or simply want to know what to expect-]im Cooper. Shapeless spring ifs hard to envision in this patchof earthbecomingthe fecundnuh of towering sunflowersand chubby cucumbersof August. (page 30). E c e llm nnor Rldrrd btrron io6sd ldr own peft of do. all that grows from the earth seemsto be a surprise. at|! r plccc of d. With warm weatheron the way.com /.En ild decor wltr ou pld( for homc of fte mon$. our Sawy Builder (page22) discusses ever-important issueof spring maintenance (hint his the ideas won't take up more than a single weekend). That's great---and it's a fairly commonpractice among intepid log-home enthusiasts. we created a home for young parents who'd like to build a family legacy alongside an upstate New York lake that holds severalgenerationsof family memories.t ft sryr Rldnd. Butbefore you dive in. till sfubbom clay and water with a vengeance. Soa fto homo lorr on pags 32.

000 leading of And our spirals still made are customers worldwide.S.we utilize computer-aidedtechnolog' throughout our production processto guaranteethat eachstair meets mixing state-of-the-art exacting512ndx1d5-5uccessfully manufacturing with Old World qualiry. Stamford.' e & i%***_ 8.SI":*" & g&r e&eg. ''ri: 't - ' F . Box547.highest qualiry and lowest prices in spiral stairs-we make sure that you get the righr spiral to meet your needs. . €& a .*p. Offering the largestselection.$bp.ff calarGatalag Priffi Lis-t: E .$ * o ' qnality.tuij lp wr&irrHaH*nn*- ffiryswry . LHL.A with pride & tall tar #ie ff. .The Iron Shop hasenjoyeda reputationfor outstanding design and fabrication of custom built spiral stairs.523-7427aubrExt.This has made The Iron Shop the manufacturer spiral stairkits. .ttt'&W. CA / O 't @ O O 'TheFurniture rs lnd€mark Guys" a regstered belonq to EdFedman JoeLErario ng and T h e L e o d i n gMonufoctur er Spir olStoirKits@ of 02007Tlrerof ShoD O .E t. 19008 PA Road. . Chicago.with over100.400Reed FL TX lL CT ShowoottlsWarchou#:0ntari0. Venice. and fres{ Since 1931.*. .P0. Site ar visitsarWeb at wwwll$!p!. Houston. .*u.lection.s!!t&tll Broomall.* u t* * -# T' . satisfied in the U. MainPlant Showrcon: & Deot. Today. prices! The sr.

tra*uLATrsR" pftcttutttoit & oF{f.I. Manning gf{Ullf idl'l{ ElrE*?SI Randall P. 9UfiC*lFTlOi{3: For subscriptionquestions or address changes.nu*rrou. 25. rcstage paid at El S€gundo. in anyform withoutwritten rermissionfrom the rublisher mtNTtR6: RR Donnef IeX Stasburg. ptus peryear Canada and handling $3 shipping add $10 Fr year.f. Do you have a comment or question for us?Would you like to share photos or a story about your log home? Pleasesend your letters to: Editor. eaenthesawdust to or and and shaoings a find second asa heatsource Kathadin life buildingsandkilns in lieu of fossil for fuels. call 80G234-8496(U. \Aihat started out as a modest and secluded two-bedroom.atas$s Patricia B. FL 32142-0235. She retums every night for her dog food and cookies and is now on her sixth litter of kits. has Kuhnsbuysleftooer zuood zuhich stored a siloandsoldto is in from lumbermills to groundinto mulchandsawdust. Iog-iro*e companies i:mplemmted haoe proactrce measures so thatairtwlly noexcasu"nodiswasted.S. LOG HOME LIVING magazine 4125 Latayette Center Drive Suite 1OO Ghantilly 20151 VA or e.efilff Michael Mccarthy t$AHA&lltlS EOIYO* Rachel lvlachacek iino*ffi€ E$?tt Clare Martin O*{$XEfHlOfi AndrewHanelly fotffFrAt Asgtstait? Katherineschuster COt{TSlSUYfin f. Fox R€tfA*Ctl ol*EeTSP Kristy Kaus (SSN LogHome Living@ #1O41830X) published timesa year is 12 by Home Euler Pubiications LLCand Aatiw InterestMedia lnc. Suite 1OO. Nathan N4. as The companies. lowa Editor's Note:Dwr William.95.gB . Pope l.loghomeliving. Subscription rate $19. TerryGross. No. sandv Dietz. Arkansas 1 0 .loghomeliving. CtlpY" FlCtlI! 2008 by HomeBuyerPubiicdionsLLC.com. and additionalmailingofflces. 2008.(\ AC T IVE IN T ER EST M ED IA CltAlFlvltft & f*S Efrem Zimbalist lll 6*SJP Pt}. P0.We chnttedwithl(ntahdin I-og Cedar Homes andKuhns Bros. SylvetteCabanas tDvg{n*lf*& SiLEC COOn$lilAlOB Amber Forester IJftD I II'-. to according Kuhns'Public to Relations/Proiect Specinlist Matt McGoaern. it's still a work in progress. LogHomes adheres similarpractices. company's The mulchandsawdust diaision grownrapidly. 4. 7Of222-947I.Wyatt Myers bg$lcR slng*rl* Sylvia Gashi-Silver aitDl*tCfdR Edie Mann ASBO{IAYHAit CIfiECT$g Karen Smith AtSlStA*T AfT [lftl$Totg ]essica Salas-Acha. eithef in wholeor part. nlongwith manyothers. pU$Iti{ASl€R: Send addr6s changes to Log Hm Li|ig. SALES Joe Varda 8OO€263893.A DIVISIOI{ OF ACTIVE INTERESTMEDIA 9utllsllf.U$|gf & C$O AndrewW Clurman $flllofi $$f m[$lmNT * CrO Brian Sellstrom tEtat** vr6g pRgttbErr.4125 bfayene CenterDriw.window homeowners usein theirfireplace woodstooe.Chantilly 20157.mail us at editor@loghomeliving.com ABVI*Tl$ll{& ACCSiTilT fxACUTlVf$ Mari Campbell.loghomeliving.com AN ACTIVE IilTEREST MEDIA PUBLICATFN g0IYo$'lii. Rod Rodriguez. 8.Winter *g$lSTArt DE$lgitE* JennyYoung mODUCTIOiISl*gtto* Marcia Doble fAOO*CTlOlt iAAHAGgn Michelle Gonzalez-Lavin Pn$fiJoTloal t*TltT Mark Sorenson PROpUCTISf{AS*OglSfg Kristen Johnson aDv€r:l$iil* tooRglfiAron* Jill Banta. This publication may not be reproduced. Kate Montgomery. For a full copy of Nr pdvacy statement. Suite 1OO ChantillyVA 20151 M. precisioncraft. Melanie Oest Vle€ FitSllgl{T.lllo* f. go {o w.CU:lVf. the design team for PrecisionCraftLog & Timber Homes. Virginia. We never thought our home would evolve as much as it has! Don and Madha McKinney DeQueen. Margie Madsen $f.E3lfflg*JllEr. LucindaMichell. HOMF BUYER PUBUCATIONS HOME BUYEN PUBLICATIOIIS. We have frequent sightings of eagles during winter months. Virginia. & OfnE[ i|AilAe€n Tammy Clark lCeOUrTS eEcglvAgll Ctlo*Dlfi*n0{l Traci Phillios SHOWS AI{D gEMINARS gv€illg ffAXAtEn Amanda Hersey EY*f{fS SAt€3 ItlAilA&Ei Grace Cular Yee neCQUN? IX. VA 8004263893.com ww. Lower-gradelumber to issold fences.VEilT$ fOOftDlftATO* Lora Medlyn lvtxfi eOOiplHATOn Dana Schneider jt Glarification A River Runs Through lt Although we built our home in 1985. AllALYgt WendyLong S${$ntulEDt$lAH€R/DaVgL}F€n Brian Rudd rf.lofSn Joyce Hoover frlABx.Chantilly. I . and we even raised a female raccoon (above bottom).DftORg Jim Cooper. Vol.Various and home accessories crafted are pieces of furnishings from smaller excess wood.com . gT{TSl{Cf*tr Home Buyer Publications is committed to mlVtCY protecting your pivacy.14L-squarefoot wilderness retreat (above top). fd: 70!222-3209. LogHomes abouttheirpractices.com.Peiodicals California. salesdept@loghomeliving. responsible ffirts of these haoe ensured all woodis recycled put togooduse. that and 4125 LafayetteCenter Drive. L O G HOMI L IV ING . Palm Coast.* GnOUP LaurieVedelerSloan olngCTOROf OlgFATlttfiS PatriciaS.Y.Kuhns Bros. outdoor and play sets. Want Hot \A4ratdo log-homecompaniesdo with the wood they don't use for houses? William Lewis Des Moines. farmers liaestockbedding.IOGHOME -LIVING tl/aste Not.Printedin the USA. publishedApril 1. Box 420235. USA. Sarah McEntee..gllt{c SRt?rlrC Df$lc*gi Billy Desarno Fo*XSTOnf. APRIL 2OOA Since many of you have asked:Our Home of the Month for February 2008was designedby Tim Brock with Mountain Architects.on{y). twobathroom log home alongside a river has grown into a 155-footlong. IQtahdinPresident Darsid Gordon thatremnant said woodis oftm used craft to andplantuboxes.

gnotur e t. t 'ii' .A. by ..5 {11 + #4 rfRedeemoble Required) -800-292-0008 Deposit lnlestment Quolity .. f. F .' Ar M-' ' All'itemsorii "lilffiUmo'der LLC Art Scottsdole Foctoiy. inrliltr.!: t I "*'*- r-l There Was A Tirne When fktasterCraftsrnen Kncrwing[.' .1. . Scottsdale Factoryr Art CaniesOn ThisTractltlon! * .s.l .i't'l i.l .:.ach $igned TheirWclrkWith Prisie Furnishing A WouldBecome Cherishecl Heirloom And Antiqxe.

. ette that will look grcat in the con. after all. L O G HOME L IV IN G .loghomeliving. Shelf Help Offeringa slightlyabstracttake on the twig concept is West Elm's BranchShelf. text of another rugged blast fiom the past: your log home.While its miniatureoutcroppings aren't big enoughto hold. your entire DVDcollection.or visitwestelm.re's Wares at log homeliving.com.233. 6011. or t1425 for eight place settings.but the dishes left over from your house in the city are ruining the natural feel of your dining room.com . $99.com.whichrelieson slantsof chocolatecolored wood to form an angularbough. or visit vivaterra.piece place setting. Call 866937-8356. say.. $58 for a S. t 2 . Sticking Point While humans have certainly evolved since the days of primitive utensils (sticks used to rcast marshmallows around the campfire notwithstanding). at Deals! You've got the roughhewn farm table and the antler chandelier. The rcalistic utensils' stainless-steel working ends are molded to handles cast from rcal twigs.handled flatwarc pruves that sometimes it's a good idea to turn back time.com.By Glare Martin Branehiirg Out Twig furniture and log homes have always gone together-the leafy guys are the little brothers of your logs. A P RIL 2OO8 w. creating an outdoorsy silhou. Call 8OO. Gheck out my selections for setting the perfect rustic table in this month's Cla.the strikinglittle shelf is the perfect place to show off a few prizedknick-knacks that would otherwiseget lost in the shuffle. Vwa Terra's twig. But nowntwigs are inspiring more decorative items (from shelves to silverware) that will take a woodsy theme even further.

: . Michael Aram's twig-inspired hardware is distinctive.'_" . bottom).--*: :--*ff #4f**-. Plus.n il www. outsideby mistake. .1. than your log walls.j \$ .r .(Tip:Be of rather sure to attachtrellisesto garagesor other outbuildings. $720 each.i .-' r".wherethey'llinterferewith maintenance.t. LOC H O M E LIVIN C .' . Gettin'Ttnriggy | i: Therets really no excuse for anyone to have boring hardware on their cabinets and drawers+specially when you consider that installing whimsical knobs and pulls is a relatively inexpensive way to make a style statement. A choiceof three finishes-brass (above). The bumpsand knots on the arm of Vaughan's twig wall sconceare so convincingly lifelike that theyjust might cause guests to wonder if they've stumbled back white lampshade.$90. or visit vaughandesigns. up givethe impression havingbeen there for years.t.: Lti :::l'.n.com.com. Call 866792-2726.g. bronzeand nickel-will let you opt for a totallynaturallookor one that's a littlemore unorthodox.. .-!l. three different finishes (oxidized. call 800-940-1170..) or Smalltrellis.com APR IL 2OO 8 . r.: ' .' -"':1'#:::' rrr-io-1 .loghomeliving." . Call212379-707 O. visit smithandhawken. 1 3 . with rt Vine of the fimes What better place to incorporate decorativetwigs than in the spot wherethey'renaturally found?Smith & Hawken'sTwining wooden-latLeaftrellis is a uniquedeparturefrom the traditional vinesto grow..'.--. $6. top) and $11 (pull. but understated enough not to look silly. nickel and bronze) will make it easy to find the perfect match for your woodwork.+.1+.50 knob.The tailored however..helps temper the fresh-from-the-forest feel without distracting from the sconces' sculpturalbeauty.F*"e++d^{isd. or visit michaelaram. Whileyou'rewaitingfor your flowering you'll still get the benefitof the trellis'organicshape-and as they'll soon as the vines begincrawling the curvedbranches. l*:*v+v.ii1i. largetrellis.r ff.*8!''"1 'F.com. tice variety..$65..

Nebraska.com 402.825-4321 z w. The area's affinity for all things tree-related doesn't stop with theArbor Lodge.loghomeliving. the Arbor Lodge State Historical Park and Arboretum is a72-acremonument to Morton's work.came of to the NebraskaTerritory in 1854.a the years. you'll find the 235-acre Arbor Day Farm.SterlingMorton. including an apple orchard.coml q I neA'vhispering 5 The Lyceum Guest Honse ! tsrownville q About :. wilt appeal to those who love .g fiowers as much as trees.the brainchild of praprietor JaneSmith." agreesLarry Falk. a working hee farm and apple orchard.com were driving through the area on vacation and fell in love withit. Anything else you might want to know about apples can be found at the Apple House. he and his wife missed trees. The lodge sticksto its conselationist ioots.yforests Michigan. antiqued filled inn.there would likely be far fewer logs to go around. Ratesstart at $105 per night based0n doubleoccupancy. L OG HOME L IV ING . APRIL 2OOA . nebraskacity.com 1 4 . It's one of three orchards in Nebraska City and includes 160 varieties of apples. Need further proof of just how beloved applesand trees are in this southeastern corner of Nebraska?Head to the Applejack Festival on the third weekend of Septemberor the Arbor Day Festivalon the last weekendinApril. it would probablybe J. "With all of the rolling hills and the pretty treeshere." adds his friend Ivan Boemer.and made great efforts to plant treesthat would survive on the prairie. "The people here are just top notch. It's a far cry from the vast prairies that typically come to mind when one conjures imagesof this state. where you can watch workers f 6 E I go = . The o 6-acre propertyis a masslve gorden. hr addition to 270varietiesof treesand shrubs. 402-873-8?33: liedlodge.the park also boastsa beautiful formal rosegarden. plus a preservation orchard dedicated to bringing back varieties that are no longer available on the commercial market.5 miles south of E Nebraska City is the tiny viilage p of Brownville. After all. is a E g t)0okstore. Nebraska -iounsm Commerce City & 800-514-9113.to appreciate natuthe ral beautythat thearborsbring to this part of the countrv tfttpedng Phes Bed t and Brealrfmt e Nebraska City Thisfive-bedroom. without the annual planting of trees thatArbor Day promotes. whichhas been E designated ofncialBook an TownUSAbecauseof the corn" t munity'simpressive number I of literaryevents. though. people just don't think of this as Nebraska.who moved to Nebraska City about 15 years ago from Minnesota. Places to Stay Uod Lodge Nebraska City Locatedon Afior Day Farm.By DianaLambdinMeyer A lhee Grows in Nebraska Thanksto the effods of one conseryationist. this Adirondack^style lodgewas built with nine types of wood. z 402-873-5850. Across the road. and plaquesscatteredaround the property explain various the usesof each kind. Today. who made his home in the small town of Nebraska City.illebraska City is an oasis of hes IF THEREWEREA PATRON saint of log homes.The Lyceum b GuestHouse. Despitethe beautyof the prairie. Morton. Youneedn't be there during festival time. a native of the hear.ltftich in the spring v E explode$wiih thou$andsof I hllips plantedby Shirleyover . restauraniidon't e miss the cherrypieli and guest 9 houseall rolledinto one.as well aspresscider and applesauce. Ratesstart at $129 per night based0n doubleoccupancy. bbonline. usingwastewood for heating and promotlng recychng. though. He and his wife in a state typified by prairieland. Ratesstart at $65 per night For more informatironl basedon doubleoccupancy.Morton eventually encouraged statelegislature the to establishArbor Day asan official stateholiday.E clean and sort apples. who has lived in Nebraska all of his life andnow plays in a communityband and sings in a barbershop quartet. operatedby Shirley 6 Srnulling and her husband. left his mark on but the world as the founder of Arbor Day.

F*AJs*Asi#SFil*ftTS: i Aaaleas . "The front yard should be intriguing so that it draws visitors in. RalseStructures 3. Use up-lights on mature treesand small guiding lights for walkways. or replacing a tired old cement walk with a texfured brick. During the winter months. Considersolar lights that areeasyon the budget and the environment. a master gardener in Leesburg. though Debbie offers a couple words of caution: "Rememberbalanceand spacingwhen planting trees and shrubs. "It setsthe tonefor what's to come. Strategize Seasons Designate garden space for seasonalplanb. Riverbirch . summer anrruals. 1." she continues.Jf!** C*S€R: r Liriope . That way. are Some orderlyandclippedto military But precisiorywhile othersarewild and reckless. you canbe dramaticand daring. t{*ee arc tfie fontgord gotoe.y r Trumpethoneysuckle . Otto luykenlaurel . 6 I = Frsnt Yard Faves Ttwrks to yffr"rsund rerst*d a ndx cl €ololsytexturrs ild sbee. don'twantto overdo you be 10to 20years it. exciting and elegantgarden full of curb appeal. Weeping cherry Plan$ngl Placein lip: the centeror side af the front tard w."Also. A$erican holly ! Albertaspfuce .not overpowered by it. fall mums and winter cabbage. PEOPLE from their YOUCANTELLA LOTABOUT frontyards.Tiy to envision how large the plants will later.th plentyof room to spreadaut. . variegatedpittospo runr/tobira 2. &#**t** Ft&&xi: . and a variety of evergreens will keep the front of the house from looking bare. 4.r$ heig*rts er*d fur*atll**g r*qlrlt aftx. Create characterby adding a vine<overed trellis over a boring garage dooa building a stacked-stone wall for plant beds. Largeflcweredhybrid clematis s***L!ffiS klt?** $4T*ft.E ?k*lt abcut s*ri*tfl Tfuis $v*ctty**"*d foed is a 5**t$:***rri *f *ek:r **d t*xtn**e" S*ag**r*."saysDebbiePerry. Variegated wintercreeper . Ilest close t0 frle fiouse. $panish lavender I creepingrjhlox **{3}41}MASfi e'." This doesn't mean boring. "but in the front. 5. Hang floweringplanb or fems from a covered porch. you want to frame your home with some color and texture. YRfiH$: r Japanese maple I Flowering dogwood I Magnoiio . "In thebackyard. Plant Evergreens This is especially true for beds close to the house.rrtd3:1am*v *r**te & $sr:$* nf *rdsr a*rd synt*r*try. stamped concrete or slate path. Corrmonkrt]xwood Plantin€l Ihe$e work tip.By Lucinda Michell Up Front Fut your best yard forward with subtle landscaping that ooz6s curb appeal. Bost{tni!. and place interesting container plants on either side of the front door for a warm welcome.9 . *$3'lS* t*&Vf.Vrginia.Japanese aucuba . fis*{s43i}L&s?s&!d* GftSi. one thjng's for sure:The front yard gives the fust impression about the folks-and the home-beyond. Install Lighting This is a great way to make your house shine day and night.like spring bulbs. It's alsoimportant to make your home look like it's nestled into the landscape. Crapemtrtle Pranfingtip Trythese irl the cornerof a plant l]e(:l. . it's best to be a little more conservative. Soften Hardscapes If your walkway or driveway is straight and severe. A jungle in the front yard with loads of garden gnomesrunning through the lawn will only distract from the main focal point-your home.$r r Golddust. add curved plantbeds with low-growing foliage on either side. you'Il always have a bright focal point. Here areDebbie'stop 5 tips for creatingan invif ing.$€$: .?.

Divine Andison fntergention Sculptor James creates pieces
never know it by looking at his intricatedesigns,it's completely accidental that JamesAndison began sculpting wood. He always had an interest in the art so one day he picked up some scrapsof wood and tools (think wire cutters and pruning shears) with the intention of building a log-cabin birdhouse. "It looked awful," |ames "I professes. guessmy wife took pity on me, because surprised me with she my fust setof chiselsfor my birthday."
Soon after, a chance meeting with a real estate agent ended in a job carving a totem pole for a local builder's show home.

infused with

rcligious and cultural influences, while conveying his love of nature-and especially, wood.
lThoughyoud strict deadlines.Because that, james switched from chisels of
to air tools and grinders. "It virtually cuts my time in half," he says.

EElEElllSElIEf, EI Ju*",
is very thorough when choosing his medium. "I don't just go and pick a log. I have to tell suppliers exactly what I'm looking foa then I go and visually inspect it," he says.He is also specific on the moisture contentof the logs. "When put in an arid house.the wood will crack somewith the humidity. So,I only chooselogs with 15 percentmoisture content to minimize cracking," he says.

Now, aside from creating vertical art, he produces piecessuch as tables,mantels and masks. r4/hen customers approachlames about commissioning a piece,it's sort of a mutual interviewing process.Since Jamesrelies on religious or cultural themes, he inquires about their heritage to generatea story and ideas.He then composes drawing a of his vision so a client can give feedback."I love those who are passionateand involved in the design process," says James.Since he i often works with log and timber home coml?fillqlffi{f{".il,{l

n!lf$Fflfi!!}.?il|!I'l Without hesitation, names James MotherNatureashis favorite artist."I loveconjuring
ideas of how to duplicate her creations," he says.It also helps that he's surrounded by his main influence, as he lives in a timber home on 32 acres forest. Of of course/his client's heritage is also an inspiration. GlEllI Curr"rally, totem poles start at 91,000 foot, per tablesare $10,000 up and a four-footmaskbegins and at $3,500. more information, call 250-551-5068 For or visit sweetwood.ca. -Katherine Schuster

l-::::::i:l*:::::1"::lt::::::: 1*:::i:

cfp thts ttpt
16 . L O G H O M E L IV ING . A P RIL 2OOA

By Glarc Martin

Thinking ahout acting as the contractor for ycur log-home prciect? Herc anea few things to consider before you dive in.
WHETHER YOUWANTTO HAVEMORECONTROL over are the building process, chasinga profound senseof accomplishmentor just want to savea few bucks, the temptation to serveas the generalcontractorfor your own log home can be pretty powerful. But it's not a decision you should make without investing plenty of thought first. We askedDan Ramsey, Cali{ornia-basedcontraca tor and author of severalbooks about homebuilding, ldiot'sGuide BuildingYour to Own including TheComplete Home,forlis advicefor first-timewould-be contractors. Beforeyou pick up a tool belt, checkout his tips: Realize ttrereb no one-size-fits'all approach. "A generalcontractoris really just a manager,"Dan says, "so you can participate in the project in a number of different ways." For those with little to no previous construction experience,he recommendssticking to paperwork and scheduling of subcontractors.Those who feel a little more comfortablewith the nuts and bolts of construction,however, might want to take a more hands-on approach. "People who have experiencewith plumbing or electricalwork might become a subcontractorto a generalcontractorand savesome money that way," Dan suggests. you're worried about If the time commitrnent,only take on asmuchwork asyou can completeeasilyin the eveningsand on weekends. "The idea is to spend lesstime than it will take to make you lose your job," he sayswith a laugh. llo e Md nm. You wouldn't buy a car without taking it for a test drive first, right? Nor should you make a major decisionlike this before getting your feet a bit wet. While you can't exactly build a test-run house, there are several ways to determine your interest in and aptitude for contracting work, accordingto Dan. Perhapsthe best way is to tackle a remodeling project on your current home, but you also can get a feel for the by process readingbooks or taking a construction-oriented classat a local community college.If, after you've done your homework, you've still got the contracting bugbut arefeelingskepticalabout your ability to manage the project on your own, don't hesitateto call in a

Taking the Reins general



aftemoon a week with you, helping to prepareyou for the next week's work," Dan says."It still savesmoney you're doing over a full-time generalcontractorbecause most of the work yourself." Bewxe of potentid pltHls. Contractorswhohave been around the block a few times are well versed in common headaches constructionprojectsand can on circumvent them. You can minimize the leaming curve by schoolingyourself on possibletrouble spotsahead of time. Schedulingand payments are often points of contention,saysDan, so make sureyou have delivery datesfor materialstimed properly, and that all of your know when to be there. (Aphone call subcontractors a few days beforehand should do the trick.) Making somefriends at your local building department alsois a smart move: "They hold the keys to your house,so it's a good idea to meet them and find out what their requirements are early on," says Dan. Finally, resist the urge to make tweaks to your design after work is underway. "If you've never done this before,it's easy to start making changeshere and there," says Dan, "without realizing that eachtime there'sa changeorder,

Eelng ycur arrri gcneral conbactor doe$nt n*Bssiau ily mtwt 1lou lraw to do ewnd[drg yt*rt*lf.lit tuy tc tailor *tc iob to yors €xpcai€$ca hr€|.

ZiheOwner-Bulll LollHome: Llvlnt ln HarmonYWlth Your Envtronment (Firefly,$2a.95)bY B. Allan Mackie. Homebuilding mastersdon't come around as often as we'd like thesedays, so it's
heartening when a true craftsman delivers a writing legacy, too. Allan Mackie, who has been building log homes with his own hands for decades, offers a literary gift to those who entertain the idea oi building one the old-fashioned way. You'll leam about the history and p.tipot" of building with logs, as well as a step-by-step approach for producing the quintessential cabin in the woods. The prose is as clear as Yosemite's sky at dawn, and illustrations and photos provide PlentY of guidance *hett yo.t'." uP to your elbows in timber. Mackie doesn't mince words, and he doesn't glorify the process-but he does impart the satisfaction of building something extraordinarY.


b &e besr &nc of yst ta ItiE trcc hrrrctres?

nost part' F.unirg /l - lt all deperds ofi ttt€ type of tre€s tltat yGJ ha\ae-For fu accordlr€ to Barba-a Rhhardson of ltre Nationd G*denI r"n't an annua[ cfore. A better ta FftiniEg at certalri ir€ Associatkx|. Flcrrever, tFlefe are s&rTletfees that react tirr€softtrx}yearthanothefs'AccofdingtoEdbara.deciduejslandseapetreesnae6 late winter' befse bt'tds sprout' where they gc dofnlant r* winter shcuH be Eimn}ed in lnwafrnerc|imates,rtrf|efeEeesn}aynot€lGintodormffEy"tfpy:llreorerbestlf}otJ ha$d' e{€rgreens prune before tlle main flush of grs#th ;n tfte sprir-€" On the ottpr srputdbeprunedtotheirdesiredshapeind€sglrgbefofetheirrretvgrcwu'rYxatllres. Ua*hes at any 'Of murse, you'll wafit to refrlsre any crcssing. diseased or danaged tinreoftlx3}ear,.saysBarbafa.D0thisbycutting.}tjsto{Jtsiderr'eraisedrir€Swf€fe the|imbjrrinslt}etsunkor|argeflimb'Raisir{'atre€.screrx*(removingto$,€rbrar'ct}es} fora6&eticpurposes'binnitlgtl|ecroil'ntcoperli€tsntorel;ghtdldcutttr€aw'ry errartbfarFhesthatmigmdan4epfopertymarxeventativeFrreasuree|e0tftersitrj& tionsinwhhrryorrshouldbreakol'tyoijrS}€ars.Forfio$€rir€and'ruitir€sr$.ub.each specieshasitsownsetofrreedsandscfiedub'soeonsuhaprunir€rnanualornL'rsery professional-furmoreinformation:NationalGa&nir€Associathn'8O2€635251:

By Andrew HanellY

lhe Patto Portfollo: An lnsplr:afion Desltn Guide (fthiffer, $19.95) by David R. Smith. is Outdoor sPace as near and dear to log-home owners as hearths.So it's not surPrising
that we tend to spend countless hours planning the areas where we'll watch iunsets and grill the day's catch' With more than 200 images, Smith's book showcases pattems, textures, colors and the array of materials to use when creating the perfect patio. Water features andlighting also get starring roles and, in many instances, You won't have to break the budget.

of your drea'ns or Whotber you'r€ rndrfng the move to tbe log bone cpring eleanlng' you ll probobly Jutt f"t""frrg ttrough lour annuel -"ol to more closely rrp wfth; pib of former tpasures that now aoorn urtthout the beavy curb re8e;ble trash. so bow do you ktck it to the and recy' By uslng tlaese sitos dedtcated to romovlng' reusilg fffting? sllng your JunB. 8(X)gotiunk.com As th e U R L s uggests,thi sonei sprettysi mpl e:Y ouhavej unk' andtheyhavet r u and nearby bookan appointit remove tor you.Typein yourzipcodi, find a franchise but |ift a finger, youwi||haveto breakout yourcheckYou mentonline. won,thaveto book.

Cteaning llorrse

salvatonsmy$a.ol8 Forthefami|y-phi|anthropist,Thesa|vationArmyoffersmultiplewaystotransla center locator use their Donation donation. into belongings a taxdeductible unwanted a pointor call to schedule pick up (8OGSA-TRUCK)' Oropoff nearOy ; fi;, " guidestar.org iS then Guidestar'org the bridge treasure, man'S |f one man,strashtrulyiS another to organizations flnd a than 1.7 millionnonprofit the between two. sift thr;ughmore will you yourjunk,but Guidestar.org find for clamoring yourciutter. mayloathe charity who'llloveit. someone

-Michnel McCarthY

Freecycle'org of by recycling creatinga network is Freecycle.org puttinga newspin on traditional |oca|groupswhoworktokeepusab|eproductsoutof|andfi|ls'Postyourunwant u s a b | e g o o dsonthesi te,orporeover.theexi sti ng| i sti ngsi fyou' re| ook ingt oc house'Thebest part? lt's all free' on otn"i peoplecleaning

#ffi L-#&Kr"df-t#\.x{ *i.s eq #%.rbri"a.d. T"affi4{ST*#Try#h4{"*{f""f f.*{*r*r l*g xr'^.C ffi s*ffi & f f iffi4 $ #*ffi*d Att*.ma*}*y h*ru**sg.&Try'4"5S :I .rsd *ur.v -tB.$*flffi$}{""4-Lffi #e4 { f.}K #"4"{_-L # $*-trq {sT-K&T*gd} h"ftrffi s *S*.* % .ffiffitu*H f Y € d\dfusqru*ffi e*#tu49% Y ? t u" & As# s.mruwffi&&d e-&nlMffi $**-"€%*fudd &g * q $ $U-.

cushioning and fabric.butwe'renot always so great at picking them. which makes up the other 90 percent of the cost. The four components that will determine a sofa's quality and comfort: frame. A P RIL 2OO8 w. L O G H OME L IV IN G . and the style is only as good as ihe construction of the piece. Many of us focus primarily on style and fabric when selecting a couch. She also notes that you should buy the best quality you can afford when it comes to upholstered pieces you'll use daily. The key to choosing well is to know what kind of quality you're investing in.loghomeliving. A study by the American Fumiture Manufacfurer's Association (AFMA) reveals that most of us have at least one piece of fumiture in ourhome thatwe'd replace simply becausewe didn't choose right the first time-and couches top the list. vice president of AFMA. pm*r*sy€Fax *$xw *ffiHBF& *fum& sw* dw*wrsax&s?ffi Wffiffi#&gy€$xw €**# w# p$w*er**$xw wwrp €&x$axg *fum€ wfumxx$d $ar$$axwx'e*e Wffie$tr dww$w$ep*x sssws*. *$xw 2 0 .com . "If you're purchasing fumihue that will be used often.By Rachel Machacek I a Sofa City Wfuese fuaxp€mg #ffie$ffi$?u ffi Agk WE AMERICANS LOVE OUR COUCHES. springs. Howeve4 fabric is about 10percent of the price." says Jackie Hirschhaut. it's important to ieam about the interior workmanship.

. The Inside Story: Upholstered Furrriture 3 t I ffi Make sure the frame stts equalely on the ioor and doesn't wobble.Witha blendof the two. Testdrtue the sofa by sittlng alrd Mng on lt as you |.strandboard softwoodplywood. t\ Fabric Natural fibersl Cotton. synthetic counterparts nylon.Also.thoughfoam and polyester urethane wrapare the most common.. downwith batting.Be sure the cushions requirefluffingon a regular to havedown-proof tickingunderthe upholstery keepstraytufts from squeezing out. 9upport Thesecan be singlecoil. to quallfy uontrol trl tl|:_I A couch should last at least 10 years.making that sit low. Additional foam for shaping polyurethane foam core (or possiblya High resiliency coil spring core) Addedlayerof foam (or down or some blendof materials)for softnessand support or may be insertedin a polyester cotton Cushioning casingto separatecoverfabricfrom core materials. This preventswear and tear on fabric. doubleconecoil or sinous. but alsoaredurable. maskdirt.h* *ttlr"y. - L __---. it also but Usually kilndriedhardvoodor hardwood Materia} or couldbe steel.Density determines fiber battingor cottonis the most commoncushion holvfirm and durablethe cushionwill be.Microfiber anothersoft and hardychoice. As a rule of thumb. This is a hammocklikeplatformof naturalor Web suspension: webbingreplaces syntheticmaterialtackedto the sofa frame. but so ls trEEE comfort. plastic.but aren'talways soft to fin are moredurable.rayonand ole fibers like polyester. Theyalsotake for thema goodoption sleeksofa models up lessspacethancoils. and EEEFE! FumitureAction abo check for a tagfrom the Upholstered t|. t s 6 q. Shoot for a densityrating between 1. spnngs) High-resiliency elasticwebbingsupportsthe back cusnlons.j| would at hfire. E i E E I E 24 * Construction features varydepending furniture on designand price wood frame Hardwood engineered or (or a Steelsinuous springsuspension possibly "drop hand-tied coil in" coil steel springunit or eight-way.!. loghomelivinS.which Polydonm: Combines consists of a core of springswrapped in fabric and surroundedby feathers.il Council(UFAC) see how the fabricsscore In flammabilitytests.youcan get the bestof as natural both worlds. Check out our tips for picking the right size sofa. DurailIlty is lmportail whon tt corrc to cushions. Criticaljointsand stress pointsshouldbe reinforced Construetion: with cornerblocksthat are gluedor screwedinto place(no nails).linen. fibersandcan pill. leatherand wool are the softest fabrics.t. Make sure fabric pattems and stdpes match at the seams. Cover Cuehione pol5rurethane foarrr: Foamwrappedin down. LOG H OM E L I V I N C .t.There'salso springdown. Cotton. well-made pieces tend to be heavier.com* APR IL 2OO 8 . they basis to keeptheir shape. This is the promiumchoicebecause pillowsare softest. 2 1 .8 and2.Sinous from the front of the frameto the back springsare Sshapedwires running and spaceda few inchesapart. is that not only velvet andboucl6 plushchoices are Pile fabrics! Chenille. can be damaged moreeasily thantheir but andmostcomfortable and call for more maintenance. lllghdenstty filler.5.The qualitycomeswith a higfrerpricetag and will neecl some maintenance.the frameshouldgo up into the armrestso it a sign of an inferior \ holdsits shape.pollA Paddingl fiberfill foam and downare all options. try b lift the couch.Frame plyruood.lur r*sl ar*i{.Higherquality for tacks with a tensioner a more securefoundation. Too much wiggle in the seat cushion means that the spingp weren't attached propedy. the Dovrn.Staplesare frame.whichmakesfor a softerseat. Felt pad insulatesthe springsfrom the foam core. and good construction is essential to this lifeline.silk. fibers: Manmade Synthetic as colorfast andeasier clean. To test quality. polyester. t.Eight-way fttrings: is of hand-tied coifspringconstruction the crernede la crCme sofa support:A personliterally ties the coils togetherand then to the sofa with twine.

which all take a toll on wood and seals. >> Discoufagemigrating birdsfrom takingup residence your in home by covering their favoriteareas with hardwarecloth or mesh blefore they arrive. which typically translates to a worn or compromised preservative (I address this issue in the next question). >> Establish lushturf a or heaw grounclcoveraroundyour home to avoidsoilerosionproblems. so don't neglect your gutters and downspouts. snow and leaves for several weeks. make sure that they've done their job. It's important thatwaterbe able to move quickly off your roof and away from your foundation. >> Hirea pro t0 inspect your HVAC deterto mine if the coolant aharda i q .By lim Cooper BTIIIDING NOTEBOOI( >> Searchfor darkened areasof woodon your home'sexterior. give the exterior of your home a careful inspection.If your home has gutter guards. I Spring's Clean Sweep Your home has weathered winter's chill and bafrering storms. Many systems include duct dampers that wW. L OG H OME L T V ING . you'll have just a few wood touch ups. Here's how you prepare it for spring's milder touch. I'd use a garden hose to wash away winter debris. As soon as the weatherbegins to warm. >> Combat carpentef bees by injecting Drionedust in their holes. Change filters and shift registers from their heating to cooling settings. Look for darkened areas of wood. your HVAC system and gutters and downspouts. APRIL 2OO8 chinking joints between logs and around windows and doors for areas that may have torn loose or stretched during the chilly months. it's important to inspect your HVAC system and prepare it for cooling your home this summer. V\rhen spring arrives. you can't forget your home's workhorse: the HVAC. Finally. your log walls might have endured months of freezing and thawing or prolonged periods of rain and cold. >> Inspectthe caulk joint and chinking betweeniogs and aroundall windows.nrr6cf Change filtersand shift regi$tersfrom their heating coolto ing settings. as the seasonchanges.Gutters and downspouts. might have been clogged with ice. i I i Wtrat are the top three maintenance i r i duties I should tackle after a tough winter? Three areas that require attention when winter fades are logs. Old brooms also work well. Treat logs and soffits with Cypermethrin to preventnew infestations. If you practice regular spring and fall maintenance. Of course. Check caulk and 22. key to maintaining a dry basement. E . Hire a professional to determine if the unit's coolant charge is correct. >> Placesidewalks and waikingstones severaifeet away from your home to keep rainwater from spiashing your home's wood exleflof.com .loghomeliving. >> Createenough space betweenyour landscaping log and wallsto ailowair to circulate. If you need a ladder to get onto a steeply pitched roof. Don't let watersplashonto the logs. This usuallymeans it's time to reapply preservative. be careful! Anchor the ladder and use safety ropes if necessary.seal the openings with a cork.

#€ .q5$ g€agtr gH5 t. If they darken further.enting chemical. Inspect them close1y. In some cases. and address the condition that caused the rot in the first place..*=' a .alls to allow air to circulate. har.\ tt: ftfiy l*lgx tacl${a fwe{irrg thi* wislt*!" {rear* **elw s?}ci ie* *t*rrn"rs" & wxxt tEl *ie*tl tlr*m ar:d p*rhnpn elvqltl r*-stain.:t\ q E / f. you may need to remor-e the decaved wood and rebuild the area using an epoxv compound. Logs just abor. deal r.v or rainr. Water on well-treated logs should bead or run down the surface. trv to press it into suspicious wood."j' . Wl'lxt *nitl*t *t*p* *k*ir*d * t. lf the nail penetrateseasilv the wood has started to rot and needs immediate attention. s5 .This mav mean installing flashing abo'u'e the lowest 1og or adding a gutter to prevent runoff.gt4"' q.g" .# 0. Dark streaks indicate that the wood is absorbing water.r'ith the source of the problem.r' . If areas are seriouslv discokrred or exposed to frequent n'etting. your preservative coating needs a touch up. Make sure there's enough space between landscaping and log n. If this isn't something you can do. sprav them with a garden hose.eritv you might simplv treat the wood r'r'ith a rot-prer. something vou u'ant to stop immediatel. Next. .e winter and summer positions. apply multiple coats of preservatirre. rot might have begun.*ke:? Logs exposed to winter's wrath can take a real beating. 8&asx€&sx &v&YBV . W* k*ri fi $i"$*l|*rrt with *xrS*&t*r' *}eeu ixst s$t!1n1fr" E E O F*qlcry * $xr*v*grt t*t**v* fru:rxrr**g:{** p**r*ng t$r$*y*ar'? bees aboutthesame are size Carpenter but asbumblebees lack thefuzzy vellor.$&g$xas $x.v. Holding a nail with your finger on its head. If the rot is more severe.Don't let rt'ater splash onto the 1ogs.48€€ff.r'ater are most susceptible to rot.you mav wish to reverse the rotation of ceiling fans.'e ground ler-el or 1ow enough to be kept damp from melting sno\.{:{}r'&} . If vou see areas that seem darker than thel' should be.i4. Depending on ser. Treating wood rot requires a twopronged approach-stop the rot from spreading. Look for discoloration ir-r the logs.

Circle on Reader 089 Service for freeinformationv Card abdomens.if you had a problem last year.When the eggshatch. Leaves shouldn't touch wood. E' they excavate chambers the wood and in lay their eggs. and seal the opening with a cork. Drione has a residual effect that will kill both the nesting female and the young bees. What se -the bestmefrpds for preparingmy windows and doors for the yyarmer montfis? Modern windows and doors don't need much special treatment to get ready for summer. the = larvae live on food stored in the chambers by their mother.Tieat logs and soffits with Cypermethrin to prevent new infestations.All exposed wood is susceptible to carpenterbees-no matter what type of home vou own. You'Il probably have to repeat this treatment several times during the spring. If openings are well sealed. They then emerge asadults. cleaning screens and making sure windows operate smoothly usually takes care of any maintenance. After drilling a perfectly round entrance hole about a 1/2-inch in diameter. available from pest-control suppliers. . you might have a larger problem this spring.e doors before the winter. . inject Drione dust. I sealedmy windows and i 4. Since carpenter bees like to return to familiarnesting areas. If you notice the telltale 1/2inch perfectly round holes in your logs or soffit. .Be sure shrubs and tree branches are far enough from your log walls to keep moisture away.

Get a jump on erosion by establishinga lush turf or heavy groundcover around your home.In somecases you might need to drape netting from the edge of your eavesback to the walls. It might be a narrow ledge or a slight recess. r Long-time contributor is limCooper theauthor o/Log Homes Made Easy.so harming them or destroying their nestsis prohibited. can quickly damage the preservative coatings and start rot. [6] il"ll'ff1ff. Set walking stones and sidewalks several feet away from your home to keep rainwater from soaking the wood. You also might consider installing French drains-these gravel-or rock-filled pits collect water and either redirect it away from your home or let it seepslowly into the soil. prevention is the best medicine. That's all it will take to put your home in shape for the balmy days ahead-that is. The solution? Convince the swallows that there are better placesthan your eavesto nest. when attached to logs. If the birds are using a food or water sourcenearby.Swallowsarea classicexample. 2 5 . Steer clear of climbing plants such as ir. If you maintain your log home regularly. What arc some ways to combat thb? Erosion problems usually crop up on newly finished homes where natural drainage patterns have been disturbed. until you feel that familiar bite in the air announcing the arrival of fall. then try to seewhat might attract them to that spot. LOG H OM E LI V I N G . which allows air to circulate and keeps leaves from brushing against the wood. Study the areawherebirds havebuilt nestsbefore.y and honeysuckle. the to birds should move on. What peventative measures can I take to keep them away? When it comes to birds. Vcircle083on Reader Card Service for freeinformation aeBd some hornes. These plants grow rapidly and. In more severecases. Somepeoplehave reported success with ultrasonic devices that plug into an outlet. But keep in mind that some remedies are actually illegal because rangeofbirds arefederallyproa tected.loghomelivingcom APR IL 2OO 8 .ffi: lVhat should I keep in mind f El L f I when it comes to landscaping and its relationship to my log home? There are a few special considerations.f El LarJ tYe get terrible thunderstorms on our mountain.consider removing it. Without access their favorite nesting spot. Use splashblocks under all downspouts to avoid adding to the problem. spring maintenancemight mean a little sweat equity on a Saturday or a single weekend. w.you might need to hire an excavatorto reshape grades so water can't collect and gather enough speedto move soil. and they Gause soil erosion around my house. Be sure shrubs are placed far enough from your log walls.ffi. Cover the area with hardware cloth or mesh early in the yearbeforethey arrive.

British Columbi.lt rvav h' tlipr c i i r . Luckill'.t: l rr i g . tcp* fu An*: bgq**:4qas"xf r.1 1.urne'clinto the architectr'rral :cluivalent of the Proverbial :lonrle bombshe'll-Prettv to look at. col()r lection of faYoriteVases eYen a n.dr.rve tlid .rbump-outu'ith top anrlback lighting so he coulcl displar' some antique glasslr'inclo$'s.rilorecl just for your vou're b.oesa krnS.r'indon' u-ith a cushv ber-rch scat or a rt'all niche for vour pri z e d Picasso.l tcri ."For one client.r.. All thel .s nr r . creat(' a tttritlue. With a rvallnichc.r'ant leave room for cords if vou're space b electric. ll I il W.8aatg #a$'e #axu"ax6x$regittg:*k* .e rlecor. ilat-scrcenTV.lcL' cupic'd bv clost'ts" This nr'-rkcs them perfcct for smaller beclroours 'tntl Elttestrtrottts' atrrl thet"re .antand need are lran'n ir-tex.l l t.tlso a Sre.xqts.111'1i ft'*P ()1." like Make a tist of things votr'r1 to clisplav ancl harvc icleas of rt'hcre Vou'd likc to see them to Keep irr mincl tl-iatVou r.:srr* . He share'ssome ot his favorite icleasr.rj ' . rurc-l couldn't ask for more. "C)ne oi rnl fa'orite things to do is remore Kevin. tl rt' nr. ot rr. but not much going on oeneath the surface. tltr tllt' cltltlrs tt . almtlst tlecora ti ve pi ecc.*gffig i*g*.Brrt it . Kcvir-r lkt's to ttsc t-ltritlt't \\'(rt)(l m.our flootplan for davs (n't'cks.r rr'." Design Simoes of Streamline Ltc1. Outsi c-l ethc betl rootn. .tc j *. vou t's superficiallr'periect. floorplan u'ith bumpotrts and built-ins is as easv as it sourrds. tailoring the ngok to fit a iavotite paintilg. carving out depth in 1.i r$**rp*m* *rq*. r'r'at'.e$i *{*c*'t* There's nothing like-wearing clothes i.{'.OU'VE PONDERING BEEN . vears) now.:aeTv\$W:al stx'*e} f*4"**Ee.the min imal effort requircd to create these' spaces E. ( Fl anki ng the' fi rep l . interesttc'r can add architectwal Kevin sa1's the exterior facacle.l{"eq"f -.6.t..rri cs.rl l ni eht'. vot c. irea mho tneha : .t'ithus.pclccs you r.n Llse\\'ard lotre-size built-in atrtl branches.r.Whether it's a ba1' r.hole armoitt'.till fc'elslike there'ssomething Y niss i rrg.r fV i n .$*rxxgxt" *sxamrt ."One' thing I kr'"'eabout them is that ntr t o n l ) do thcv crt'a ieatt in but thev friguing interior space.By Rachel Machacek Dimensional Design 'y{}*ss' qt. That's no gottd.rvsKevirl' "Thcr''re artr ercellent tr''tt' ttr that's norrlallv ocsilve sP.rl taiLrrirrg tl-re flg:t*rt*c33gj: l" ""'i figffifqlfl*ic**aif "onc thing I'r'e gottetr tnto ts btLilt-h $'artltobes.rctlv as pltrnned.ls cntertilil-llllellt cerltels atltl li br."s. *ttt l t .!q". nonths.)[r'l l {rtl \i n I i .. in Abbotsforcl.

which allows air to circulate and keeps leaves from brushing against the wood. What arc some ways to combat ftis? Erosion problems usually crop up on newly finished homes where natural drainage patterns have been disturbed. That's all it will take to put your home in shape for the balmy days ahead-that is. until you feel that familiar bite in the air announcing the arrival of fall. Use splash blocks under all downspouts to avoid adding to the problem.so harming them or destroying their nestsis prohibited.ffi. a Long-time contributor is limCooper theauthor o/Log Homes Made Easy. Steer clear of climbing plants such as ily and honeysuckle. Set walking stones and sidewalks several feet away from your home to keep rainwater from soaking the wood.ffi f H-l What should I keep in mind L t J when it comes to landscap ing and its relationship to my log home? There are a few special considerations. when attached to logs. Without access their favorite nesting spot. Somepeoplehave reported success with ultrasonic devices that plug into an outlet.In somecases you might need to drape netting from the edge of your eavesback to the walls. In more severecases. t6l*"irff:ff. The solution? Convince the swallows that therearebetterplacesthan your eavesto nest. 2 5 . Study the areawhere birds have built nestsbefore. But keep in mind that some remedies are actually illegal because rangeof birds arefederallyproa tected.Swallows area classicexample. w. If you maintain your log home regularly.lvhat prcvenbtive maasunes can I take to keep them arr'ay? When it comes to birds. then try to seewhat might attract them to that spot. These plants grow rapidly and. Get a jump on erosion by establishinga lush turf or heavy groundcover around your home.com APR IL 2O O B . prevention is the best medicine. It might be a narrow ledge or a slight recess. and they Gause soil erosion around my house.loghomeliving. LO G H OM E LIVIN G . Vcircle083on Reader Service tor freeinformation Card aeFd some homes.you might need to hire an excavatorto reshape grades so water can't collect and gather enough speedto move soil. spring maintenancemight mean a little sweat equity on a Saturday or a single weekend. can quickly damage the preservative coatings and start rot. the to birds should move on. If the birds are using a food or water sourcenearby.consider removing it. Be sure shrubs are placed far enough from your log walls. Cover the area with hardware cloth or mesh early in the yearbeforethey arrive. You also might consider installing French drains-these gravel-or rock-filled pits collect water and either redirect it away from your home or let it seepslowly into the soil.f El Lari We get terrible thunden storms on our mountain.

1r '' rr.(...| t rl ' lr'ri . 11 ' \ \ / \ \ r \ \ / . \ i l ( ) \ {F .A C Y r \1 Sl C . {.l) \ \ ' 1 1 I l l l : PROL ' l) l( ) ( . r r l-800-962-1734 v tstt C. l: ir. tiO N4ES .'Rlr (llllt l: S I t l. ( ) ) i l : l D ./. ( ) R( ) X l.1-. N .HF .' l1 w t. fr 'x 'f r\ rU J)J r +.\t I()\1 hS.()NlT O DAY. lnx.:* "s *3 t rf.' \l I on Ii()\1H.l B. { l C . r 7 3 .r1 . ilq .B A R \.I. ( ()\i B Ai{NA .. lt.i i I s&' :.\ rlr. A l l .' \\L Itl.' i i|l' rllr'ii lllr . P. LI NG \' ( ) l i ) 1.**# i'i ll ir' lr.\ l' RI:.l \ \ \ \ ' \\' .{t)t.L__ Lrz flr ltl ti I()(..N . \ C E r .N T rc t(. l . -r\ i-..l YE )t l { IAMI I -\ ' A S l : N S I : ( ) l t)\\'l. rl :i 1s . 1 '. i.S .r D tr rI v r : l{ : i \ r ir .'T&.

to get the headroom required. Bunk beds are a natural choice becausekids love them.Beds This is a fun one. too-though you might need an additional roofline.or make it strictly a wayto enhance the ambiance with a display of knick-knacks.ss-J . Or. "We'r'e built some different partition walls so the bed was placed in a little niche between a closet and an exterior wall. instead of carving out space.Youcan store CDs.create the nook with u. and great for low-headroom areas where you're carving out a space that would otherwise be unusable. like a shed dorqer. but this can work for king-size mattresses. On Display lncorporating cubbies into yourbuilt-in or bumpout units offers evenmoreflexibility and designsatisfaction within yourspace.alls.gamesand books." Kevin says. 6 3 ! llt llr rlI tlr Itt llr trl rlr il .

1l.:r::i.! h***ti" -**.'t'j: !:ll i:i:r:.:'. Kevin also recommends libraries and bookshelves-even a small home office-built into low-headroom areas...*:::1.+sil:g{ft.. Of course. :!'ri ..." Like beer more than books? A mini-bar is another great use of low-headroom areas. too.l::t." i.especially under a set of basement stairs.Hsck*a*el$helve* Beds aren't the only way to use dead space.i.!. i a'rir j i : ::itiii-ri.-Ji:.. make sure each one is sturdy enough to support the weight of whatever you're putting on it.-:1". "Thke into consideration the weight of any electronics.Find out what it is by calling 406/363..ri:r.i'ii '.! a.there'sa big difference.i. you can build in shelves on regular walls.i:t' ':rl .:*: i:r:.5 i:iil:: 1!'!." Kevin says. When working with shelves..tlrt il t' il*:li.rmlh -com/plan6l .-!. "l recommend clients make a list of these components so they can maximize the design space and account for additional support required. books and artifacts on display..tl:tit::i rrr lr.i!l'.!::1.::i{:.ll. Itii.5680or visiting www.1 i..:i:iii'if. .:i:r. and invest in adjustable versions that have additional pegs for raising and lowering shelves.r-'' ".ql :rr!j:!l' ii:i.t :i*: ..-tl t.i i::nir:+].ii!.itut: i: ii::: ir.ilu'! I p ijitri. .. :rf 51ri| i .t+. n i:i::it::?i Fi!r. :i:a jr:..r.i:i1!i!r 1.. I 1.i:j{:a!Lli vcircle069onReader Service forfreeinformation Card ilftf HIfr '*s**g* Wth Rocky.

." saysKevin.liii.j'.l. *i.i i.uild a getallrevhome. the paf€nts Ke\rin's mightlivein the hause dufingttresil$mer aftertheyfetire.:!iiii tr :r.r iilir: il'.*r r!l:l*'.i"r1 lj|tl.Jl iog honie. .: :-ti+ar i:!i iil Ii ii. l-. we askeclDavid jain*r... lead desigrrcrat Sarna l.ppe il. a chiirj. Iounging and ga:ing ai srvathsilf stars on impossibly dark nights. st) j.r. ilit..r:l i'lt.:l1.tfirrr: ' i1..i:r.:i:... li-rrilr..fi:)ti rir.llitl::t:.ai li]it: j-:i: iiti: irjra!i r.1 t::':l I ': r-..' 4.ti.ll'l t liti:r ir:ri::lfl i !-rl {li' 1-!-ii ::. lrlli..rnAycien.\a.r ii .I ieefned flsh and 'lralefski on the to The lal.rrr.'1.:: i-:-lii t'i.SLcln Pts .lijr i:.atch perfection take shape...:.1.ri. Ayden.]nc dec..Ifret iirrit i iai ii.'.. During Ker...r!...t ti ' All Over Agaixr ffi*x&$e$**xg msrymtevy $*ffim*y a$wmgs$de *fu*r*sfuwd$mk*frsr &s$$rw*xdm*km e *$xw -il::lir:i:] iir:iri:. evin and (len Puppe &'ant tn prit a nerv s. :"1"' r.itr !i: fji)*ii. i.ne lleenparl of our famill.i i.:.nce Kevfcr in's parents one dav: Tiris manth.r. t O G H OME L IV T N G . "'l. illi)ili. nrenro. CITBD.1 ijl.r li:::.ll'.' iffi:.*:: i.(inio the rlesrgn.li.triliitr. AlBtrl.i:i:.i. l.\odrre']ce diea i th. " i').'.:'i.. :.111.:in cn their srEr"nories.1:-:. ' i:. i ti:l .'ith Tlvo manyvrsitors throughout year.:iti_'t'..loghomeliving.rrntains m*.r nl i Ij tir i I::ri: a::r: I I :.ll:.i.l : t :i.:: .ug Homes (lrarnaholnes"ccm).:.irr' irii. q :+ u. il{: ir KeVin afiC Ggn PL.:.'ies priceless anrl ar* nowrve'dliLet* createnewoneswrth lle our s. tsrberrctitfrom the beautv cf this vc-rctant land.: adults.-l i ii ir:j.:: tflinbrj:'8. ri l-..ri ii. Thr: Iluppes lvant ti: L.r.pil .l:." saysKevin. i0 i :i lli i i.l : ::li ..-)fr1.com 3 0 ..rlorgriiie SficsnilGga Lail€ rA) iAil:r*n'iact.one child. "1 lij.:.:.:-..inbrrllding cLrsiom beaurli a ')alu.ii piel-:li'.r'iru \..ii]1.rnt summr:rscln Sacandaga Lake spent fishing.rl. .:i'.fl I'i Jr i :'ti-i: i 'l. :!:1a."1{. ::: . 1:...lrl:ii..i:tlliir::r : .# * i l t.:i.i)i"ri-: lr r'lI ili..le has ir.:."tIi.irri.f .'ltr'.f il..iii:'i:t: ir aii.'since 'As 1940s.ie.ii:j: iove thg out- doors.1' i.it.:.::i r1i.1.ri:r I I li.ji .)r1.in's childhcod.lerr. if.. Ycrk..vay e.i.:. help drsign tireir lrome to $it back nnrl lt.i.li .:ir.t.ii i..end we'ellovelo lncorp*rat€ an iireni8cc i li'ge swecr)ing nt'fcnor . ltJow'ihei\"cllike their )roung son..:i j---ir::. APRIL 2OO8 . ilail'i think of a lo ihe be[tcr'.ii.r i:i!l...:: !.r! :'" f -!'rli: *ii. 'Wg {. j* lt: iiilllr lt'.i.' ::rriS Ci.:i.. :: ! :lt il.Jiiii :i:1j {r.y t.' w. the Adirondacks fu{t.:: ii. one that might becomea sumnlcr residq.q-'11. "The lai.i.By Michael McGarthy -..r.] iiiiir:.llr: lt: ti :j. d .

com .9.\*.6$JAnE FOOTA6h 3.-::::::: Main Level M..12 giei* " Deck r*'t+.loghomeliving.' T Great Room *..J Area .$06 &lcbdec gF* s*la afr$ss *rae*l FE!!*(XH$: 3 {S*s t o@nd sdlGs *rscgtrtr*l Ellfilli:3 *. Porch f q \ f i.

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"It's sort of a hodgepodge.800 squarefeet. "The designer for Strongwood was amazed that everything worked as well as itdid. "They typically have a deck running across the back of NATUITAL INSTINCTS: From handsome wood accents to random-width maple flooring. I was in the service for five years.loghomeliving." he admits. "The random-width boards keep the lloor from looking like a gym floor.who visit often. so he has a private deck off the master bedroom and another off the dining area."saysRichard. as well as his two grown daughters." says Richard. hls. it's a space that Richard can truly call his own-even if his eclectic decor did raise a few eyebrows at first. and it still stands. the lifelong log admirer spendshis summers-along with his falls.well." And from the front door to the back. and I collected antiques from Korea. Strongwood's director of sales and marketing. "Since there's no deck running between the two sides of the house. but Rick didn't want to break up the windows. Decorating like this is something a guy can do and get away with. just as important. Hong Kong and Taiwan. and they seem to fit very well. At 3. "One of the very fust log homeson this lake was built by my great-grandfather." says Strongwood's Bob lVlarcom. it's one big wall of windows. the great room sparkles with earthy elegance.:!f." points out Bob Marcom. building the place to his specifications meant something to the Waupaca. Wisconsin-based Strongwood Log Home Company. "One thing he did is something most people don't think about. And. L O G H O M E L IV IN G ." Likewise.' chuckles Richard. A P R IL 2OO8 . the place is roomy enough for the countlessone-of-akind fumishings and tchotchkes that make Richard'shome. You could say ed a lot of things that are historic in nature. which used 8-by12-inch square logs with a smooth finish inside and a rustic finish outside to give the home the down-to-earth Americana feel Richard wanted. the house. it makes t h e r e a r v i e w e v e n m o r e i m p r e s s i ve . three-anda-half-bathhome is plenty big enough for Richard and his dog.r ichard johnson's love o f lo g h om es goes much deeper than the usual appreciation for their earthy coziness an d woo ds y good looks. "but everything in the house means something to me. winters and springs-in a log home on thosesameshores Wisconsin's of Columbia Lake. But everything in the home "evokes a memory of something I did or someplace I was.com it's in his blood. I have presidential signatures throughout the home and tmnks from Norway that are more than 100 years old. From the ground level all the way up to the peak in the gable." tl w. the five-bedroom.only this time the home is an Eastern white pine stunner of his own. "Over thepast30years." Thesedays. The company also helped Richard tweak one of its standard designs to make the place uniquely his-often with spectacular results. I've accumulat3 4 ."We spent our summers there.

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." througrrour the says il. *et'-.ffH1. furnish.V-e lo use-- G 1.stfaittt|onvardkitchen.sspare.tr.*n oT. .. in.. beyond L M NC . walls th€rnasrer give bedroomsnus.but he honra's luxe. tfre Itr:ffiTHrilXI'J'#-iHmf* ' LOG HO M I ...T#Tffi.ffi:ffiffi.ffit.6ut thatb ffi as unrrecoming. 'arcd onotos ot o.-*:tt referab&e e*Grwni'lcs TheEastern white used pine ror .s the h{."*.o eolters.t"id. "F.aboutthhon€. a wercoming rhe deck reed." admits Richard..dff mix..rings are an unus'al indivHud il.onsbuction and drying. it.the master bathroom? Why not? *Dly !s'ty ot a fog hofite-t..'""recnnacar standpoint.t* "1"*wood ffiffimmrffi. deeo.

f! FRESII AIR: 'rMy favorite room is the three-season room rve added on.loghomeliving. rrl cln't use it in the winler. 'rThe photo ol Lincoln is prrt of I collectlon of framed'Free Franke.Upper Level BedroomI I Bedroom Lower Level Mech..oving homecwner. ffi aatr I{ALL TO T}IE CIIIEF: Richard's ext€nsive colleciion of Ameri.com APR IL 2OO A .n. LOG H O M E LIV I N G . 'rl believe I have all the Frue Frankg lrom George lYashington lorward. Fffii. 3 7 . cene lirst grcets visitors in the foyer.t! Richard says.n. but I I love it sleep lfrere as long as I can--unlil I frese*.becasse 60 much. l. SEE RESOURCES PAGE 72 ON M." SQUARE FOOTAGE:3.n."r saye the history.8OO LOG PRODUCER:STRONGWOOD LOG HOME COMPANY FOR MORE INFORMATION.

L OG HOME L IV ING .6m .Prcduced by Clarc Martin and Katherine Schuster Floorplan illustrations by Ghris Darmon Pitythe poor souls whojudged our lOth AnnualFloorplan DesignContest: Theyhad the arduoustask of siftingthroughdozensof amazing floorplans. But all their hardworkjust meansthat yourjob is much.mucheasier:All you haveto designspro do is flip throughthe next 18 pagesand let these innovative vide a spark of inspiration lightthe fire of your log-home to dream.loghomellvlng.tryingto crowna selectfew as this year'swinners. APRIL 2OO8 m. 3 A .

.eaglepa ww. Mira initiatedlogi Home Uving's designcolumn. has worked Design He for Basics. in KyleTagesignedon with LocatiArchitects in Bozeman.com nelsystem s. founder and principal JeanSteinbreof cherArchitects. Omaha-based an floorplan designcompany.. Mira Jean $tainbrechor Arehitects Jean$teinbrecher 360-221-0494 ieansteinbrecher. Rigid foa* insuletion combined with framing members. he Plan also co-founded ProsInc. architect$...*u*i.com APR IL 2OO 8 .nd . stone. since1988.com I www.Nowa partner at Locati.'1-i..Kylehas designednumerous high-end residences commercial and projects. Attentionbuilders. in 2000. :. " -.ds pre-applied. '' Xyle Tage LocatiArehitect$ 406-587-:1139 i l0cati0rchitect$.. 3 9 .s installers. and deale. including on log. WEYK v#"a ssr **vgRE*t sa l e s@eaglepa nelsystems. is the AlA.u" labor.glass and timber.]" :.She holds a Masterof Architecture degreefrom the University of Texasat Austinand continues to serveas a voicein the industrv. IN C . and has received multiple awardsfor his designs.:"3*. Montana. Carl Ouor:o Design Hasics sOCI $47-75?S rlc$ifl!1basie l s. In addition to designing seriesof homesfor a a nationallog-home manufacturer. the of your hore.a firm that specializes alpinearchitecture an in with emphasls natural materials. far Achieve greater insulation values androre comlortwithoutaddedcosts! eastern tongue & panels.. sheathing and interior T&G boa.c0n'r Afterobtaining architectural his degree from MontanaState University 1994.. Contactusto learn howourprograms h"lpgrowyourbusiness! can EIAIGILIEIP AN E L S Y S TE MS .roil CarlCuozzo earneda bachelor's degree in construction engineering an and associate's degree drafting in and designfrom the University Nebraska of in Omaha. log qu"lity. firm that specializes a in the designof log andtimberresidences. ln 7992.which provides draftingand designservices. roof Complete system log timber for frame and conventional construction. '' '.. whichshe wrote for eightyears.conr MiraJeanSteinbrecher. LOG H OM E LIVING .loghomeliving.

3 +@$s"' The Ca.. Th€ hsrne i* c*zy and withs*t **ing *ran"rped.loghomeliving..rib$u .ji Iii j {"r t i: i i i:t r':': 4 0 . FrecisicnCraft tsg A Timber Homee !:lilt-l r'l.com . and ti*er*fcre will si. '*t-imste .praviding ieJeal an set*p far *ntertainiilg" A Nfir*e-fireplace str*ctur* thsi c*ti ** *nj*y*d frsrn lhe living r*o*-!..i. L O G H OME L IV IN G . Th* rest 6f ihe hcnre is jiJst ** captivatins:?hs c*mmunalar*as blendtog*th*r *eamlessly.1 i.Less Than 2. >.rel-v have us fsr lrranyye*rs t* c*il"re.1. '.:{riiri i*{il Editar*' Fick This plan had *s at heflo*iiteralty.tr. APRIL 2OO8 ww. unc**verrtional The angleri e*iry p*rch edds * u*iquc archltectilralelement to th* h*me frcsnthe ffioment yali set f*st insid* tire d**r.500 Square Feet ffiffiffiew BHST @ tst @ & %.rir : -i:.n . t:ii:iii. sutdocr *ati* *r ffiaster t)**fssr* *xt*nds tfie c*hesi?en*ss tfi the b*drocrn wi'1€i. a*d tlle trsnsitrsfito sutd**r living*pace is just *s sffortle$s. " ri'.t "1"..

lf ljv r r t l } t i t t r i .i 5:i.{ e l l i t . rlr . !' o L r i} l lllr c{ crl .r { i l l i l l l E l v c ilr fr ' r eiir e p i:lctl . il i o $ . r r a j i r l l l f r i : Li :1 q i ir(' r. il \ ! i l ' r { l o f . r(ii'.ri-rl.' a ilrc s p l i t i .".lt rs it . TirL ri ) p u l l l l ' i ) $ s i l t t i l l s i {'rli ilt l' . .ri l' t irij lc r l f l i h e . sir T h : ! l s a $ ! . lat: * . ! s u ' l r i ' i i c r . i l l l l f < lr ll1 i!\lliii.) { i ' . witil ilr e .:l(l 5 ir)!lo' 1 l it i..q.r l i t : t l l i ! .lc i .c r 1 1' lg ld iio o !. Great Room .r lr itlttr * l xlil iioorf] l a i l lo o i\ln g fo r i rv it t g : : . ' ll) : i e n i r f l l i o l r o f p L lb ljil ir llij cl it t .li'tllrr.lflvil1 ( l s i laal)s .o tr l' r lo r r g i i l r l { . sr .llil Sii itl I lli I (:(-11-rl ii rlr i. \.ir l-1i )il 1iJ l1 j I lasi' r. ' .l.l i -c ..Sf . : t irltt . r.judgies' comments ' iiu 3 T it () Li S i :1 . r s i rttr llc' s::cci:ttis ill : t:ie r ll' r ii T h e ci ca iing i: g r f c i l l . .' r lif' !) l t) ' t' ]iil{ lo i:r t i :ti rt ir: .) n s ii h ' iS f.' rlltn ts ( . 1: lc :i i x . 'r1 F I i r c r ri ' l t Lliilio le l r.-rtc i-rtll ille c t . l s l or lle !' sir e p i::tr cr e ' lte s e xce l' ti :.'-ilta!:1 lof I il lr lltl:r e slir r f' i il l l l l S s o l l ' r l l ! . l l .:itt'|it i' r l' r lii !l\Jlilli l . t llii. 1l r t ) i n t e g r a tio ll o f o r .LI ! i I i.1 r \iiilg (:ii'l 1o'li i r':1" I 11 il pi.titl ' iilll llilt ( ( . l € : ' l-i:..r t ) r Ii !It r! : .t r lrir. ' i * i t : l ..r t.r c a l i r r : t . l ! r 1 t l iT r ' l i l l I l ' l r .1rr.r t1f l' ' l r f ilL: f-:1 iiv f )i\ .

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Less Than 2,500 Square Feet

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Upper Level

Ruby Lake
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: This plEnhas ar'r openfeel that's highiighted an urrtstanding hitchen by 's ciesign. rotoclipinc.TI-IE R E N O .rr:. . OLITsIDS . This is a sweetiittle plan that rlakes $eirse.1I'ORTANT IIrAN 'Ir{e ONr \X/L'L^rr C)N W E SIM PLY Lr\'tN c suR fA c'El ..752-0968 http://www..sHot. HCr:utr. 1 I9"*t'rN*.com APR IL 2OO 8 .com www. 84341 Utah x 1 Carbide and steelwheel shaping discs 1-800-843-3912 1-435.1t. The fireplaceand largedeck .. Th* off boththe fir$tand s*ccnClevels.&*rzx :-=T f vCircle070on Reader Service for freeinformation Card LOGSHAPING Made Easier iudges' comrnents i'fj:.loghomelivi ng.r. There a loLof siltdsoflivlng. *pen bcdror:m.and the exterior decksan the secsnd levelare ffn intcre$ting affienity" t:*r1.ire great design toirch*s.S Ij R FACE IS I.u Tr'rn Ln'tNc sr.. . 1850 81East North Logan.'t. entiregecond levelhas a lol a characier far the horneowner. has a nicepointof lt entry.loRE IA. 4 5 . LOG H OM E LIV I N G ..

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J*+*.tii:il. L OG HOME L IV INC . GustomLog Homes 4*q:.a$ well as wonderful outdooiliving space The basement .# The $apphire r'"*L* er.-77 i:l*: f ili.t iudges'comm*nts i*le* ..loghomeliving.The two-story nta$tersuite adds lots of spaceto the owners'privatequarters. andthe stairtoweris a warmwelcome an excitto ing lowerlevei^ Sn*$*.l 5 ( . with its outdoor fireplace. including the bridge that linksthe private fiaster suiteto the nrainpart of the house.The entry bridgeprovides a solidapproach the houseand a goodhint at to what'st0 c0me. Thisgenerousar. This is an excellent compartixentalized floorplanthat really develops solidofganizalion a of public versusprivate space" The honre'smost strikingfeatLrres the landscape are elements.Multiat pie entrances allowyou to enjoy from the outdoors in anylvhere the honre.Je+r-i: planhas some niceelenlents.ld plan hffs interesting goodzoning pLrblic private of and areas.i. has everything! l.r$t*fll i09.L. . the This like bridges the entryandto the mastersuite. The cdjacent exterior deck. create$ spacethat a wouldlre greatto enjoy.More Than 2.com .*i"*fr. APRIL 2OOA w.50OSquare Feet tr % % .

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B edroom Upper Level www... l(. {he vrecv.i|b?*i.a $ilh*le hancl when out{iitins ihe nra*ter sir.. ..tln"hl ' PI $ei )i _ 1 ri E Rrvcft Ls6 HoMa$ FOK MOR€ IXFORMATIOITI..1..rt's .. - -. it'* jusi tile hesie* iryith s bi*tr* table and chairs.." i $QUAAX FOSTAGE..k'.:|: iitLi :. .rli that'lr ne*ded *c) enic:1.q+ .loghomeliving.1:'. all atop pslished As*trnlian cypres* fi*rring rcuncis {rut th€ hedrrx}m..com Lower Level APR IL 2OO A." T:I:IIS 1f.lT = Area" Deck .. LOG H O N 4F LIVIN(.. hecaus* th. 6 1 .. ?..l". Yh* *rq}!d!*vs used ri€h r?ralerial$ an{.AFlNHfi & iff rn. l*hil* granite tile floors in the bath ar* a ainrple luxury" On the el**k...- I : .te..irdii"._.1{i!l {t*x* tql *rett*cnl.._o"...6t10 l-{)S COfldPAt{Y: $UfV. A r#$odsy log bed {ranr* flanked by twin *igh{ tables... . CgE RSS&URCIS OH FAGS ?3" Main Level _-.

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While Brandon and Marie use it to pay bills or read. The master bedroom's expansive windows overlook the backyard. but it was very warm inside." says Brandon. "I don't think we'd go back to a traditional home. We simply love this place. Once you put so much thought and time into something. each morning. Because Marie loves to cook for her friends and family. 'Wow.com . Brandon and Marie are so enamored of the log-home lifestyle that conventional stick-built houses have lost their appeal. Even the Lipcheks'childrcn enjoy the master bathrcom's jumbo tub. including turkeys. Sliding-glass doors allow the family and their guests to gaze at the property's gorgeous vistas. OPPOSITE. There's already a romantic mystique that goes with crafting a house from logs. www. "Our first night in the home was December 22. Ohio." And since that special night. The couple put a lot of thought into the position and style of their kitchen. We're in. The loft serves as a multipurpose space for the entirc family.h en t he wint er weather in Granger Township. Now. it becomes a part of your soul. and we built a fire on that first night. where Brandon and Marie regularly see wildlife. "Our friends and family can't believe how warm. and it was magnified for the Lipcheks and their two children when they moved in just before Christmas a few years ago. the kids have claimed it as their favorite place in the house for fun and games. the couple researched log homes and collected magazine andbook clippings in order to create a floorplan that was just right for them. made by Brandon's grandfather. But once those same people see a modern log home. "There's something unique about the warmth of a log home." says Brandon. A P RIL 2OOA is connected to the dining room and great room/ so even whenMarie isbusy whipping up her culinary creations. "It was great to be here with all the Christmas lights and to gaze around the place and say. Brandon and Marie Lipchek are inside enjoying the delight of their log home." For eight years." I ABOVI. a luxury that pays relaxing dividends nearly every day. The kitchen 6 4 . L O G H O ME L IV IN G . dingy oneroom spaces. is frightful." says Marie. "Some people who aren't familiar with log homes think they're dark. lt promotes lots of togetherness. Brandon and Marie have created countless memories in a home that's tailor-made for their [festyle and love of entertaining. it was important for her to have a large kitchen (complete with a walk-in pantry) that was open to the rest of the home." Marie says.'Snowblanketed the ground outside. inviting and cozy our house is.CLOCKIT/ISE FROM TOP LEFT: A handcrafted table. everything changes. we did it. 'rWe made this an open space with easy access to the dining and living rooms. Even the major furniture purchases they made were geared toward the classicloghome theyhad inmind. creating an open design so Marie didnlt feel segregated from the family while she was prepping meals. she can still be a part of any gathering. adds to the dining room's rustic appeal.loghOmelivi ng.

r' '% t ' ' lt ' : . SEE RE S O U R C E S O N PAGE 72 r ' -i1 *. SQ UA RE F O O T A G E : 2 .----T'--*. . i (' 's6"^. .: :' '.-". : '\''-' . Deck tl [.d .ir -+ -. 'rr '... 6 O o BUI LDER: C A P R O N CO NS T R U C T I O N L O G CO M P A N Y : R E A L LO G H O M E S FOR M O RE I N F O R M A T I O N .-.'' n lt Porch I i I l!."ir.er.J D pet' Lev el I lrr' I Itl - t-1."r.i.t\ '.*sl8 l {F :. j l 'l :r " .: .f-: " i **r.' " iLl . e..tl .i-'1 1 ' ': * ".:.t--::.- l.": ""'&44..t. dl dp I r...L-ll'l I Main tr.i1ii:.

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Homes. lnfo: Prestonsburg. 19. lnfo: April Kuhns 12. Info: Eddyyille.13. 877-697-9578. 517-694Log Sebago f. April 0PEN 4886. Real Homes.Heriiage Homes. April Kuhns Bros.13.lake Leelanau. Tipton. 27. April Kuhns Log lnfo: Bros. Log lnfo: Info: 4456. 211 246-5403:Wil April Log Info: liamsville.Real Log Homes. Spencer County.19. April Kuhns Bros. 11. April Expedition Homes. Real Homes. April Northeastern Homes. Homes. Info: Lawrenceburg. 812Log 800-767-2856. Homes. April Real Homes. Log LoGRAISINGS: Batesville.lnfo.Expedition April Log 563-946-2073. Petersburg. vincennes.Landmark Homes.BKCypress 866 573 5997. 5. 765664-4032. Log HoUS$:Gambrills. 888-494 5.Landmark April Homes. April Bros. 5. 5. Homes. Log Info: Chesterton.Lincoln Apnl Logs Info: 269-543 April19. Log Info: 738-9011. 11. OPEN HOUSES: Coeur April Logs Info: 208-660-0659i Harrison. Log Log SEMII{ARS: Waddy.Heritage Homes. Homes.12. 10-13. 26. 913 7574759. Homes. 219-395-9540. Homes. Real Homes. 19. Log Info: 20. 5. Homes. Homes.21. 502-477-9655. 24. Magnet.19. 879-2032: Millstadt.26.Southland Homes. 5. April13.Kuhns Bros. Kuhns Bros. 19.loghomeliving.Real Homes. 5. Log lnfo. 20. Info: White Bros.Kuhns April Info: 309-699-5647. 309-208-2 1: Colchester. Log H0US$: Brownfield. April Expedition Homes.8i9 April 3832. 5. 18. 800 641 4754. 859-485-1855. April Log . 4. Benton. 800 370 5473.akes. Homes. Log 0PEN Heritage Homes. Bros.

Info: Sioux hlls.April5. 810-367-7521. APRIL 2OO8 wW. April19. April5.E\pedition Homes. 19. April19. 26. Log Info: Circle on Reader 026 Service for freeinformationv Card Newda 0PE{ H0US$: las t&gls. for to your Itwillcomplete log cabin dream. 20. 20. Info: Flolence.26. Pleasant Dale. April Kuhns 4. 832Info: 620-9325. Log Info: 877-944-5647. Minnesota H0ME SH0WS: Minneapolis.April5.Kuhns Bros. April19. April Kuhns 6. Erpedition Homes.Real April LogHomes. SuiteB t*l30 OliveBranch. 13.outng. Log Info: SEMIMRS: Emily. t{ew Yor{r [0G RJIfSfNGS: Canandaigua. Bros. Info: Eaton. 5. Log Info: Moundvllle. Homes.Expedition Homes.lheOrignal. cTA Products Croup 6915 Crumpler Blvd.lheorignal. BamaLogHomes. 30. Info: l-aconla. 5. 6. 0PE{ }l0US$: 8elbn. Log Info: St April 6. 402-767-2227. Hill April19. Log Info: St. Log Info: CoolG April 23. April Kuhns Bros. 5. 26. April Concodia. Louis. Golden Eagle Homes. Log Info: Granite Falls. April19. any Clean Legendaryit'sability heat. lnfo: City. 72.26. !2.castineau Homes. ltlebreka 0PE{ H0US$: Hill City.Kuhns April Bros. 800-426-5647. 19. oPEN H0US$: Clinton. April5. 12. April18. 518-734-5855. Homes. l{assau. ence.Rea1 Homes. Log Info: Flor. New lersey H0ME SHdVS: SomeFet. Brcs.hpedition Homes. 603April Log Info: 876-4800. 218-666-6081. April19. 877-8914381.Ward Log Info: Cedar Homes. Log Info:603-679-8673. Homes.Real fnfo: April LogHomes. Log Info: 800-426-5647.LoES. 19.26 Lincoln 585-374-5647. ilye. 75. East Logs Ltd. ftpedition Hornes. 888-8M-3245. ago Count by itoperates aswelltoday asit ever and can configured did it be to complement d6cor.com . Log Info: 81G668-5740.oPEN HoUS$: Ballston Spa. lnfo: Schuyler. Eagle Homes. Homes. Log Info:775-847-447L f{ew Hampehire H0ME SHOW!i: laconia. E April12. Log Info: Boiceville. Info: 0PEl{H0US$: Alberttea.20. April Log Info: 406322-8484.lake Hopatcong. 12.27. burning. Homes. April Kuhns Bros.Expedition Homes. April Real Homes. 609499-8980. Expedition Homes. April19. 518-882-9364. April 6. lgermod. Real Homes. Info: Pa* April19. LogHomes. 79. 13.Great Plains Homes. April5. Log Info: Sloux Falls. 702-452-M76. Apdl Log Info: 660-699-2309.Ruidoso. Log Info:877-888-8786.Log Homes. 8. 5. 605-957-4490. LogHomes.. April Info: 973-601-3955. 800-782-1253. 19. Designed twohundred over Rumford. April lhe Log& Timber Home Seminar. 72. 6. Kuhns 5. Homes. 603-744-0186. 856Log Info: 728-6467. IIORKSHoPS: Goncodia. Rapids. Bms. Homes. Kuhns April Bros. 72. 5.Canandaigua. 6. 19.Real Homes. 888-999-5421. 888-311-8311.Expedition Homes. 13. 23.Kuhns Bos. April Real Homes. BKCypress Homes. tlississiM oPEI{H0US$: &ckson. 585-374-5647.April19. April19. Kuhns Bros. April12. 518-766-7187. Log Info: 800-654-9253. Log Info:636-452-3M7. 38654 MS 6A . 12. Log lnfo:605-574-2163. 203-4265539. why should onaSuperior That's you insist years Rumford design. 4-6.26. 609-499-8980. Log Info: SEllltUlRS: Saline.Lincoln Ltd.26. 507-524-3923. 12. lnfo: Jeuett. Log Info:605-574-2163.. 507-383-1273. April12. l{ewton. 800-641-4754. Hanis.Kuhns Bros. Chama. 800-896-9936. Log lnfo: t{ailbyn. April27. 9.loghomeliving. April Info: 72. April19. 877-709-4433.Lincoln Ltd. Mapleton. SEMIIUIRS: April Heritage Homes. Lodg. North Country Homes.19. Log Info: Cloudcmft.April12.Frpedition Homes.Yh$nia April12. Apdl 20. 877-922-5254. Info: New ilexho 0PE{ H0US$: Alto. Info: Missowi your Few things about logcabin asimportant the are as fireplace. Log Info: Bagley. Real Homes. SEYIIMRS: l{ew BhomfieH. April19. 5. Homes. LOG HOME LIVING . 29. Info: 505-336-2676. 12.79.April Golden 20. 320Log Info: 564-5747. 660-367-2392. Lodge Logs. Homes. Kuhns Bros. 12. Clair.26.Heritage Homes. April12. Hilltop & Timber Log Homes. Clarcnce.79.April19. Real Homes. 16.26.0PE{ H0US$: Bdstol. 20. Kuhns Bros. 402-894-0943. April12. City.Ihe Logs original.Real Homes. 5.73. 19. April Heritage Homes.Southland Log Homes.26. Real Homes. Log Info: Madbomugh. Log lnfo: Emily.26.26.April5. 877-891-21381. 218-694-6056. 612-616-3434. Log Homes.1he & Timber April Log Home Info: ShoW 800-782-1253. Logs Info: 505-9757668. 605-957-4490. 845-657Info: April Log Info: 6445. Log Info: SomeFet. April12. 973-579-3936.20. Log Info: llhst Branch.Expedition Homes. 908-637-8658. 269-674-7900. Log Info:651-674-0554. 5. 27. Log Info: lUlontana OPE{H0US$: Columbus. Log lnfo: kttonsbuE..22.Expedition April Log Homes.Real Homes. 20.Lodge April Logs. Log Info: Fnnldinyille. 800-42G5647. Real April Log Homes.

27 Counlry Homes.BK Cypress Homes. Aonl l. \pril15. April12. Log lmes. 585-872-5768.llill City.com Forcomplete details callfor ourcolorful.LogHomes. by Riverbend homeowners report impressive savings heating in and coolingcosts. April Log 'o.19.ENHoUS$: Checotah. 704.19.t. Morarrian Falls.20. April Kuhns 26. Heritage Homes.19. Info: Ptatbburg. 19. 877-523-3411.Tennessee rmes.918-473-7020: Edmond. ADril Kuhns Bros.Kuhns Bros. 19. 5. pril5. ADrit 26. Info:866-573-5997. Log Info: SEMIMRS: Hancock.26. 13. 330Log Info: l7 6635: ltbodsfield. Hearthsione & April Log nberframe Homes.6. 12.26. 6. April 20. 828-862-8126: Info: SpdngHope. lril 19.. Aprit leaver Mountain & Cedar Log Homes.6. 479-898-2293. 5.Heritage Homes.DRA\Xru.Info: 859 485-1855: Franklin Furnace.tnlo: Log 812-7 44-57 LI: ledina.27 April . 6. 518-585-7358. Aprit 19. 845-988-96)2. 5. 866-469-9599. 877-902-5254. 336Log Info: t82-3207: lake lurc. 12. S. Log rfo: 605-574 2163. countrv April Info: Waterloo. Info: Chadotte. Homes. Calgary Ml AB www. Origi12. pre-curSrructural InsulatingPanels(SIPs). Aprit Appa20. rgeLogHomes. Homes. Aprit .1. Log Info: Norlh Dakota PEN HoUS$: Emily.6. Log Info: Gib)nburg. Log lnfo: 136-498 2893. Logs IheOriginal. {uhns Bros.piece. 518.43 5 5 Vcircle onReader 061 Service forlreeinformation Card tENH0USES: Bend. 20.26. Log lnfo: Georgetown. Log Info: 128-898. Blissiield. 336-595-3901. Reat Homes. 5.26. April Heri26. on. Homes. \pril 19. 20.Kuhns Info: April Bros. 330-769-4245i 6. Info: SEMINARS: Cinnnati.Kuhns Aprjl Bros. iltlo: Jtc_bbz_JJJz.Kuhns Bros.Kuhns April Bros. 12. of rfo:866 813-5253: Greensborc. 26. 5. April Log Info: PEN HoUS$:Akrcn. 518-566-7415. 20. Banner April Kuhns Elk. Southland Homes. Homes.Kuhns Bros. Homes.13. 330 882-6999. llhittier.Landmark Homes. 607-739-4570.Expedition Homes.09Homes. . 513 876-3055. Bros. April19. informative Riverbend Planbook: 866. LUB nutiles.20. 1-30.12.27 April Los . Heritage Homes.Landmark Homes.April Kuhns 19.4143. 12. April12. 6. 1 3. 19.26. Homes.2-14461 lnfo: 47 Mebane. 518Log tnfo: . 800-233-2770: Info: Ticonderoga.72.NC 27t02.BKCypress Homes. 12. 336 262-8841. 800-641-4754. 419-533-3401: Log Info: Lisbon. Jewett.26.26. Aoril -30. Beech Mountain. lincolnton. 800-736Log Info: 4360:Frewsburg. Logs The Oregon PO. April 16.Barna Aorit )g Homes. April19. 866-573-5997. 252-478-5610. April i. Aprit -0gHomes. Info: Hunter.lnfo:740-289-2629: 26. Info: Cincinnati. Log Info: Johnstown. Bros.Cincinati. Homes. Riverbend homes are built on a foundation provided by the sturdyAdvanrageICF SystemD.one.BKCypress Aprit Log omes. 19. WherecanyoufrndOld \Uorld beauty combined with 21st century energy efficiency? the Justaround Bend. mURS WORKSH0PS: & Hancock. 828-387-4814. Lt. then enclosed with Insulspan@ solid. Log Info: Randlenan. 859-485-1855. 19.April11. 5. Log lnfo: . Log Info: d Wbshington.20. 5.R . Homes.9. 20.The resultis an insularing "envelope" energyefficientthat Insulspanwas so selected BASF for its Near Zero EnerevHome.19. April 12.19. Info: TOURS: ]layesville. 330-876-0720. Hmln. Log Info: cerman. Aprit Martin & Cedar 20.t9. 2B KC y p r e s s g o m e s .13. Homes. 330-769-4245. 12.2'6. 740 354-9000. Heritage Aprit )gHomes. \pril5. 5.April Heritage Homes.27. FItX252.. 5. 19.3906. 513-876 Log Info: 3055.t515t) .489. Log Info: 128 625-1660. April Great Camos theSmokies. Bros. )85-7358. 800-833-2461. 12. 13. OPEN H0USES: Asheviile.13.raham County. Heritage Homes.19. Kuhns Bros. Log Info: 07-3831273. Homes.26. pril1-30. 5. 5. Log edina. Log Into: lucas. 740-489April Log Info: i33:Wanen.The April Logs )rjginal. compared to their previousstructures. 0hio OME SHOWS: Lexington.13. April Heritage Homes. Homes. 12. 19. 800-772-5154.Beaver April l\4ountain Log & Cedar Homes. 330-222-0403. Kuhns April Bros. Aprit19. 800-233-2770.762-5647: Log Info: take George.riverbendtf . Log Info: etferson. Log omes. 26.Rosman.Cox Homes. April l. Log Info: Oklahoma . Log 0mes. 800-64i. Log Info: ricondercga.Heritage Homes.Landmark Homes. 12. 800-233-2770. Log Info: Shokan. Dtu5.BKCypress Homes.Lincotn Ltd. Aprit19. 5. Info: Kinsman. Log Info: 1754.. 5. 518-734-5855. Log lomes. 12.Golden April Eagle Homes.454.Golden April Eagle . 800-772-5154. Info: Waynesvllle. Kuhns Aorjl os. 5. Log lnfo: 716-569.SEMIi|ARS: Hayesville. Bros. April Lincoln Ltd. fe. ROCKY 1457 MOUNT. 1-30. Hancock. 10. 13. Homes. 5. 12.Beaver April lvlountain & Los ledarHomes.13.26. 19. Aprit Log Into: 10-934 2187:Tanewille.Real Homes. April Info: )5-359-9885. Kuhns April Bros. t9. 13. lchianLogStructures. 800-641-4754i Log Info: Hayesvilte.Heritage Log -0GRAISINGS: lomes. Aprit 16. Your dtean ha ne is just around the Bend". Info: 419-680-6842: Hillsboio. Aprll 1 2. Info:336-262-8841.^uilils April Kuhns 5.Expedition Homes.Heritage Info: April Log omes. Aprit eritage Homes.BKCypress Homes.79.13. 888-321 Log Info: 0967.27. 13.9.Logworks. Log lnfo: Wbbster.20. lnfo: North Carolina Moravian Falls. Info: Liberty Center.Real Homes.0uthland Homes. Log Infot Finger lakes. 5-. Country Living Homes. 800-772-5154.20. to5 1 8 7. 12. 12. 866-573-5997. zu. 6.Real Homes. MIS|NGS: Info: LoG Beth. 315-789-3849. Southtand Homes. Log Info: Freemont. April Lrncotn Ltd. 800-474Log Info: 124. 26. Lo H In : 734-5855. The interior of a RiverbendTimber Framehome is spectacular its handcraftedwood timbers in connected by the kind of peggedmorrise and tenon joinery found in fine furniture.

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introduced product. $]*rffi]f}* lr i $ik "*{} rYr i14S i *r. lt combines water-repellents. Perma-Chink foreverchangedthe way log-homebuilderswould think about sealingtheir log homes. preserve. sl]{!s4i{.chink.loghomeliving.finish and clean the interiorand exteare used to seal. lt is the most advancedwood preservativeon the market."We take pride in developingcutting edge products.:i*t*ti* "1{}t}"**:3. Perma-ChinkSystems lnc. long-lasting. Canada and Europe."We are very concernedabout the environment and the safety of the people who use our products."' The company's tradition of integrity. "We are very satisfied with our decision to utilize Perma-Chink Systems products on our home. Over the years.' says Rich Dunstan. stretchesand flexesto accommodatelog movementwhile maintaining a tight seal for the life of the structure. shades and highlights the wood's true beauty. in Perma-Chink Systemslnc. Perma4hink SystemsInc. mold inhibitors and Uv-rayprotection. log homes became one of the most weather-tight.company founder.Visit us on the web for more information. a natural.com APR IL 2OO A .easy use. has more experience formulatinghighlyspeciaF ized products for log homes than anyone in the industry. T****gnrj*.Practicallyovernight. Systems product line.Perma-Chink home chinkThis revolutionary log log home industry.'By the time you discovera challenge-we already have the solution.:: gtxl -*l i?"'?ss* .excellenceand customer cafe is teamed with its innovativeprocessesto meet the demands of today's marketplace. We had the confidence use the productsknowingthings were goingto to and great results!"-testify turn out right and as planned. ing. has stores and distributorsthfoughout United States. LOG H OM T L I V I N G .'S l.S-# fr4 ritii *. rior logs of handcraftedand manufactured log homes. Lifeline Ultra-2.so we can say.comfortable home choices available. but for future maintenance. not only now. One of the company's most popular products for exterior walls is transparent exteriorfinish that Lifeline Ultra-2.After that.*.TO SPECIALADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT LOG HOME LIVING ffiffiffiwe-ffiffi&ruK sYffiYffiws flexiblechinkingto the ln 1981.3 5${ * ww.clean-up their customers. :*--**-l ffiwffiwffiw ivww. * $1*i"le*+in $? r''-iS. like the entire Perma-Chink is non-toxic.the company has developeda family of products that stain.Lifeline Ultra-2 followed by a top clear coat of Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin providesthe ultimate protection for the log home. 7 3 .

www.1. r {: . bla istri com e a .a iliiFiri ^btn $ffi*-* E $*11 Uallor logon to ourwebsitefor FR Samples EE 20 colors available choose to from O @ BLAI RST OWN DISTRI BUTORS 1-800-5241093 www.. : i i. : . ITF 'WOODguard andWOODguard trademarks BCN/lanufacturine TCare of Comoanv '' BEE Gone a trademarkISKAmerrcas is of lncorporated. . irstownd butors. r : .l|0oDgutrd !itir ai )ALtAtit{ Tc* $* '% nlOODgilelds P l0RrucnnsPlrfi ::. rt!. *:ttJ&i: i.com VO C o m p l i a n n a l ls t a t e s c it @WOODguard is a reglstered trademarki BCManufacturing of Company. .i1:.WOODguard. il-lirrt :1i Flrsfiwfle{ils6 e :.r.


one-can.nam. provides premiumlook a in an easy-to-use. has For more information to find a Sikkens or dealeror log home manufacturer.Eild(EnE Wo o d Fin ish es Cetol@ Log & Sidin$ isthe"NextWave" in technology log & sidingstains.sikkens. us onlineat www.com call | -866-5IKKENS visit or O 2008Sikkens Circle 0n Reader 003 Service for freeinformation Card . highsolidsalkydtechnology. two-coat product.Making any home Simply Beautiful never been easier. for This breakthrough.

ww. but other factors such as climate conditions. ln fact. Thesepigments allow the natural and grain of the wood to show through. natural light.teak and westerngrey.geography. but they present unique characteristics and challengesin protectingand mainta. sun exposureand home constructioncan affect the performance of the product.nam.Sikkens uses proprietaryNext Wave* technologyto create a durable and SimplyBeautifu.com paintersand Recommendedby professional call 1-86GSlKKENS. spruceand redwood.com APR IL 2O O A . American environmentalregulations. of Many factors can influencethe life expectancy a wood finish. to be used on variouswoods. butternut.com 1-866-SIKKENS | EilftEns W o o d F i ni sh e s SimpIy Beautiful Protectionfor LogHomes It is formulated with high solids resinsthat allow for fewer coats. many log home manufacturersexcluLog sivelyrecommendSikkens wood finisheswith their log home packages to ensurethe original beautyof their design is maintained and properlyprotected. to allow for excellentflexibilityof the coating to minimize blisteringand crackingdue to wood expansion and contractionor moisture build-up.ning the wood surface.SIKKENS www. Sikkensalso continuesto offer othel productsto protectyour log home. Sikkens wood finishes are compliant with all North contractors.You can choosefrom natural. Cetol Log & Siding also uses translucentiron oxide pigmentsand special UVabsorbersthat providea furniture look to the wood and help preventgreyingand deterioration.such as fir.pine. 7 7 . For more information. cedar.coating. Productguality.sikkens. Log homes offer extraordinary beauty and style.visit www. Log Cetol@ & Siding is availablein seventranslucentwood-tone colors.lt is a one-canproductthat is applied in two coats. one coat of CetolLog & Sidingto continuethe maintenancecycle. translucent.sikkens.nam. There are many decisionsto make when planningyour dream home and one not to overlookis how you will protect your investment. cedar.The best protectioncan be achievedwith Sikkens Cetol@ & Siding.you can. LO G H OM E L TV I N G . lf you previously coatedyour home with Cetol l and Cetol23 apply Plus. Buildinga log home is often a dream of a lifetime. Log wood finish for exteriorvertical log and siding surfaces.Sikkens took all of these factors into account when they formulated Cetol Log & Siding. natural oak.satin Cetol@ & Siding is a hi€lh-performance.loghomelivlng. All Sikkens high{uality wood finishes are availableat independent retailersand log home manufacturersthroughoutNorth or America.This special characteristics formula also is miroporous. when necessaryand after appropriatepreparation.nature of the wood and proper applicationplay a major role. while maintainingoptimum protectionand a premium look.

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r. The luxuriousmaster suite features a tax:25l.424 TheLogConnection To view more pictures and a walk-through tour of this house. 129 Nanaimo Ave.thelogconnection.'tru:tU \$'':ll''.e.com plus lofts and catwalkwith stunning viewsto the livinglevelbelow.West Penticton V2A1N2 . ffi'#n'lJ.com Circle 048 on ReaderSefvice Card for free inforiration . Canada BC Traditionallog home style combineswith modern design to create a fresh 888-207-0210 .thelogcon nection. I .ru'r*. 21'-0"x17'-4 LowerLevel First Floor Pinecrest Square Footage: 3. E".while upstairs features two more bedrooms e-mail: loglhomes@thelogcon nection. .. 25G.^77G9O32 walk-incloset and its own fireplace. www.Connection Home Specialist l"W H". visit: www. Instantpricequote available online.'l 'o-0" l-t ^.770-9031 approachperfect for a panoramicsite.com/pi necrest.

com Circle 049 on ReaderServiceCard for free information . To view more photos of this home and many others. This conplannedhome has a main-level veniently mastersuite. . at LogHomes Canada (5647) .t .085 The Integrityoffers a spaciousgreat room with large windows.perfect for your mountainor lake view. a full log garage and a loft for an extra bedroomor office.A 06 tat.ca www.oI.t t lntegrity Square Footage: 2. 60+79*9747 86G32GLOGS farc 604-79$9750 e-mail: loghomescanada@shaw.loghomesca nada.. visit us online !oehom9s99ng9".|AD[" lr0r1[t re ^-.

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00)or our promotional or Major or video($1O. Montana Homes moreinformation this spectacular Log Contact DVD a free brochure.OO). f ax: 40G257-7OL4 email: mtloghms@digisys. 93 Kalispell 59901 MT 406-752-2992 . creditcardsaccepted.First Floor MLH{I35 SquareFootage:3.net www.montanaloghomes. a copyof our plansbook($15.481for on home.com Card Circle on Reader 057 Service forfreeinformation . MontanaLogHomes 3250 Highway S.

L320 email:info@precisioncraft. As part of our Total Home Solution@.givingyou confidence in the structuralsoundnessof your home. Workcloselywith PrecisionCraft's architectural firm. settling is eliminated. receive: you . This handcraftedlog home features square logs with dovetail corners-a un iqu e mou nta in r et r eat .PnBcrsroNCnaru I-OG & TIMBER HOMES A Handerafted Mountain Retreat At PrecisionCraft. Assistance findinga qualified builderto finish your home. PrecisionCraft's homes are constructedusing the Houseal Non-Settling log Syste6rv. . to design your own mountain retreat. MountainArchitects. Each log is drawknifed by skilled craftsmen to highlighteach log's natural character.makingit possibleto designmore complex.precisioncraf t. With this specializedsystem. This system also allows more flexibility design. Custom design and completeturnkey estimates for your handcraftedlog home. PrecisionCraft Log& Timber Homes aoo-729. Exceptional productwith in-housestackingservices to ensure the utmost care and attentionto quality and detail. . in sophisticated handcraftedlog homes. every handcraftedlog home is a work of art.com Circle063 on ReaderServiceCard for free information .com www.


clit*isr:f Lcg flome Livingand Lr:gi-l*me Design rviihiipr and arlvir:e . as After your ho useis b uilt." Mike McCarthy Editor.com lden Circie 085 on ReaderServlceCard for free intbrmation LOGHO M E PLAN N E R lf you'relike most folkswho are planning customlog home.loghomeliving. Box366 Lookout Mtn.ir rrslve rllr:ssal! " C. Ali-ir:-one planning gr:ide--es:.: ccnslrurtir:ntimelic'r.entiai anyr:ne i*r buiirJing log home in the nert S years a irrn lh* [. well as fragments floorplans as of and listsyou've assembled. I'ye. there's something organize holdthis information! to and And best of all. large master suite with sleeping porch and a wraparoundporch with an outdoor fireplacegive this compact plan a spaciousfeel. Now.O.ial maint*nance ch*cklisis ' "Thiseasy-to-use Planner keepyou organized will and.r r:alertci.300 A vaulted ceiling.TN37350 .you probablywalk aroundwith a clipped pagesof magazines.lndchr:r:i<lili: :-yronitor hcm*'s rrrogr-r}ss ia yorrr " {)r:r*pietr: . Antique posts and beams. APRIL 2OO8 ww. i:r'liltiirrg mainiairrin5l hcm* and " Step'by'si+. exposed hand-hewn floor joists and wide-plankheart-pineflooringgive a timelessqualityto this modernplan.l-ilir:ci clrer:klist-c plan:-rins" fr:r ycur C*rigr. for the firsttime ever. Walden 19th Century Antique LogHomes P.betteryet.:r-rgh pr*cess-lrr:m plar:nir':g the :l. . You'llfind yourselfthumbingthroughthe Planner daily-findingquick bits of incredibleinformation and usingthe checklists your log home becomesreality.build-and eventually live in-your house.com www.wa loghomes.McKaigGulf SquareFootage: 2.ensure that your customhome projectrunssmoothly.the m aint enanc t ips and c hec k lis ts i l l h e l p k e e py o u r m a s t e r p i e c eo o k i n g g r e a t e w l for decades.Log Home Living COMPLETE 8 a .ges t* annr. 888-332-LOGS(5647) 423-a2L-aO7 O tax.com .it's packedwith info you can use EVERYday as you plan.mail:info@waldenloghomes. L OG H OME L IV ING . 423-821-8t7O e.:mf:rehe yru CoL:r{u!tebs guir::tr* thr^.

.ll 6REAT rcoM a'rr4 2nd Floor lst Floor The Gimarron Bedrooms: 3 Baths:.alhloghomes.alhloghomes. ] LOG t . MreER eEDRooM l-t l=. Knoxville 37934 TN . with two bedrooms. Adding to the spacious feel is a large stone fueplace that greets you at the entrance. Suite 102 . 865-966-644O fax: a65-675-2662 o www. The master bedroom is tucked neafly behind the great room for added pivacy. e-mail: info@alhloghomes. Suite102 . The home reflects the authentic character of the Appalachian tradition.com Circle OO7 Reader on Service Card freeinformation for Appalachian Log Homes APPATACHIAN HOMES.. Knoxville 37934 TN 80G726-0708 . The Cimarron is a classic three-bedroom. 23. one-and-a-half-story home with two porches and large dormered windows in the front. | \OeW.O4O PackagePrice:Call for prices 11320 Station West Drive .2 t/2 Square Footage:2. while two additional bedrooms share a comfortable bath at the opposite end of the house. The convenient kitchen/dining area is perfectly located for family gatherings and easy entertaining with family and friends.com e-mail: CircleOO7on ReaderServiceCardfor free lnformatlon . 800-726-0708. a bath and Iarge loft on the second level. jr This elegant one-floor home features beautiful vaulted ceilings throughout the house..Appalachian Log Homes APPATACHIAN L()G H()M[S.com info@alhloghomes.com www. This practical layout includes the master bedroom on the main floor. 865-966-6440 o fax: 865-675-2662 .LO4 Package Price: for prices Call 11320Station WestDrive.OOU xql I >171C o Clark Mountain Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2 Square Footage:2.C xrU+ -.

This $'estern krg and timber style home features deep or.'09*u'o"k Open to Below Bedroom 3( Fl il 2nd Floor \. PrecisionCra ft.com e-mail:info@precisioncraft. il1.r.erhangs.): i.precisioncraft.r'ithits indoor/outdoor fireplace. t1.320 . Through our Total Home Solution@.com o www. :.. PrecisionCraft provides: .t ai I.r.com C i r c l e 063 on R eader Ser v i c e C ar d for fr ee i nfor m ati on i:...ien' other exclr-rsive designs bv Mountain Architects Inc. l. aoo-729-1.385 Package Price:Callfor prices PnBcrsrot. www. log-accente-cl shed dormcrs..tiln*r'r t lst Floor . Bedroom 2" 1 tz't1.. multiple roof lines and an extended pror. I{ I f .i:./2 SquareFootage: 3./ LJ Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2 1.\iit.mtnarchitects.-irriil Mourursrru Ancurrrers lruc.-'''^ .l .xtq'+" 1710'X14'4'.' \N) :r.t.The Cedar Falls is great for entertaining r./\ . The hitjhest qr-ralitv log and timber products and onsite installation o Cuid an ce find ing a qualif ied builder Visit us at lvww.com to orcler a study set frrr The Cedar Falls or to r. Custom design and turn-key cost estimation .' i.

Tn'o NanaWall glass partitions.com to order a str-rdyset for The Forest Riyer or to rrier. . il i1 The design of The Forest River incorporates Ilte outdortrs in a unique n'a\.com C i r c l e 063 on R eader Ser v i c e C ar d for fr ee i nfor m ati on . open directly to the outdoor lii.1'" -I:r n Bedrooms: 3 BaIhs:2 1/2 SquareFootage: 2.com ."'other exclusive designs b1. nrix of materials-milled logs.PrecisionCraft. g. ' i.-* } l'rrir:isir. handcrafted acccnts. The highest qualitl' log and timber products and onsite installation .r'. E'i 1. a timber frame.inli spaces. www. ].lt"}i:s.mtnarchitects. # r-" ' i! .rn{-r.r's hor.lrri iq. www. Cuidance finding a qualified builder Visit us at r.-O" x 13'-O" PnpcrsroxCnarr T-OG & TIMBER HOMES aoo-729-1. Through our Total Home pr S olutio n| .tf!i F-'f\.precisioncraft. I'rccisio rr Cr at t or ides : o Custom design and turn-key cost estimation .lass and real stonc-can ltrork together to create a one-of-a-kind home.ltt }.r'r.r. .'iiri* F*r*s{ #iu+g 2-A'tr-o 2nd Floor D'\ING ROOF o PEN D EC K fi 2 @ . The ForestRiver shor. one in the great room and one il the kitchen.'r}sr*r:+.@" X 1 0 ..com e-mail: info@precisioncraft.r'r._ 6 .65L Package Price:Callfor prices GREAT ROOfI 2A'.{'t* ii''-..320 . Mountain Architects Inc.

.raparound porch is perfect for entertaining. The rt. t . . 1 .: r':t r -. fax: 865-693-9230 o e-mail:sales@stonemill.rr ii Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2 1-/2 el.stonemill.j4ia!id i t ss s i ' 's .l J"*T ti t"'"'r . SquareFootage: 2.r I j. j urlLlrY T .:. but a private.234 Package Price:Callfor prices 1st Floor 10024 Parkside Drive.. i . M ASTEB BED R OOM u. Knoxville 37922 fN 8OO-43a-a274.el master suite. irl.. a$ xrrcneru : .i FTt-sq.ffi e5s ' i i SCBEEN DECK .. wlc c * "*.r'o-a rrd-a-ha1f bath home r. ..r .**. *****. . tr.r'aits vou. three-bedroom. 865-693-4833 .. f* T"l**flll:. DECX .r'ith a main-ler.t. . .comwww.s i**"1 coveneo S$f DECK S & L IVIN G ABEA gwe@r:!. : i_. 2ndFl oor .er ll is a tu'o-level.J i. cozv screened-in porch at thc rear of the home ar. **'*! i i oPENroBELow f f**** i : . .i . _.com C i r c e 077 on R eader Ser v i c e C ar d for fr ee i nfor m ati on . D TN TN G * u o The Elk Rii.i i 6 I f ii f-1 L".'.rffi# COV€RED DECK ffik I L . too.".i 1:rl rti '':.






. *? B g s-"-..8 € 6 : .J $i B L 2nd Fl oor _i E r* 6 0 F H *T 8.". & * Ee**4 $ B $ H H fl ." ? .: X% u * " t" $ *: :l rB E r*. r!-$ a ... H.$ *s F* & * 6 I st Fl oor ..

Bama Log Homes With more thart 2. Oneida 37841 . Upstairs. ' three and a half baths. fax: 4235695903 .A large loft area includes two walk-in storagerooms. three and a half baths. The master suite downstairs includes a large walk-in closet and a whirlpool bath in a unique pushout design. 423-569-8559 fax:423569-5903 o www. 22459 AlberlaSt. 22459 Alberla St.600 square feet.com Service Card freeinformation for Circle on Reader 010 Barna Log Homes Homes Log 'Ihca?aiwcmam" With three bedrooms.barnahomes. Designed for today's rustic lifestyle. each with a full bath and double walk-in closet.barnahomes. there are two large bedrooms. Brandywhine's open floorplan is fea. and a total living area of more than 3. Sierra greets you with a view that soars to the top of the prow-shaped great room. As you entex..O. with three bedrooms. Oneida TN 37841 aOA962-4734 o 4235698559 . the first of the all new American Life Seriesfrom Bama Log Homes. Sierra is Bama Log Home living on a grand scale. A00-9624734. and a home office area convenientlyplaced near the front entry.7N feet of living space.com www.636 Square Price:Call for prices lst Floor 2nd Floor TN P. Brandywhine American Llfe Series 3 Bedrooms: Baths:3 1/2 Footage:2.com e-mail: CircleO1Oon ReaderServiceCardfor free information . . email: info@barnahomes. The attached garage features a covered walkway from the back porch.com info@logcabins. ture'packed. Brandywhine is one of .O.735 Square Price: for prices Call Package P. Brandywhine's beautiful master : and suiteis completewith a fireplace a spaciousmasterbath.Box 4529 .. Sierra Bedrooms: 3 Baths:3 1/2 Footage: 3. Box 4529 .

one-bath home features a dramatic. dining room and kitchen area. perfect for relaxing in your rocking chair or swinging the day away in a hammock.battlecreekloghomes. 423-837-0031 . Enjoy your surroundings on one of the four covered porches or two open decks. the Sparrow Point is the perfect home for you. With multiple rooflines and gables. fax: 423-a37-ao45 o e-mail:sales@battlecreekloghomes. this home features three bedrooms.com Circle on Reader 011 Service Card freeinformation for Battle Creek Log Homes r. open living room and an 8-by-30foot covered front porch.com Circle on Reader 011 Service for freeinformation Card . e-mail:sales@battlecreekloghomes. This two-bedroom. 2nd Floor Sparrow Point Bedrooms: 3 Baths:3 Square Footage:2. retirement or first home.UuffiPlacdE "*BaTru[hxH LOC HOMES If you're looking for a traditional getaway.Battle Creek Log Homes i ( ts's"'tt'1" r-SEnffiPlacdE ""BaTruCnffi tOG HOMES If dramatic is the style you seek. each with its own bath.comwww.batilecreekloghomes. The open floorplan includes a flow-through great room. then the Wilderness may very well suit your needs.078 Package Price: for pricing Call and free brochure lst Floor 9955 Ladds Cove Road r South pittsburgTN 37380 800-326-8045 o 423-837-0031 o fax: 423-837-BO4S .comwww. South pittsburg TN 37380 800-326-8045 . 2nd Floor Wilderness Bedrooms: 2 Baths:1 Square Footage: L.290 Package Price: for pricing Call and free brochure 9955 Ladds Cove Road .


352-486-2470 . Bronson St. 352-486-2470. This model has a loft and two separate bedrooms and baths upstairs.bkcypress. Georgia Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 1/2 3 Square Footage: 3. The Lakeview Bedrooms: 4 Baths: 4 Square Footage: 5. e-mail:bkcypresslh@bkcypress. FL32621.BK CypressLog Homes l l B IS lEt -'-. www. tg The Lakeview is made for living. fax: 352-486-aO75 . www. a large kitchen and a great room with an open deck.comwww. fax: 352-486-8075 . This three-bedroom.com.656 Package Price: for prices Call 2nd Floor lst Floor 609 Gilbert St.--The Ceorgia model has a floorplan that incorporates the very best of log-home living into a very efficient. 800-553-1564.bkcypress. to view this model home.bkcypress.com Circle 009 on Reader Service Card freeinformation for BK CypressLog Homes IlBI5. luxurious plan.890 Package Price: for prices Call 2nd Floor lst Floor 609 Gilbert . three-and-a-half-bath model has a downstairs master suite.com e-mail: bkcypresslh@bkcypress. o Bronson FL32621800-553-1564 . with a split plan.com CircleOO9on ReaderServiceCardfor free information . Visit our web site. a loft and a large deck for entertaining.

i e-ma|: info@brentwoodloghomes. Inskio . The center section is open and spacious. Whether you choose the ' standard plan. or design your own. The Merrylog model offers rustic charm in a three. With a fireplace.443 Package (complete and labor) dry-inmaterials $32. 311 E.Vith three porches.940 Footage: Square Package Price:$120. with a cathedral ceiling and loft.905 (og & mill materialpackage) - lst Floor 2nd Floor TN Dr. Kno)ville 37912 800-864-6701 .Brentwood Log Ho4res t 08 tREXTrooo ilonts BHffTUt|M The Cumberland is a comfortable. cathedral ceiling. 311 E. make modifications .863 & 1tog mill materialpackage) 2nd Floor TN Dr. illetryloe Bedrooms: to 4 3 Baths:3 1.com' brentwood Cicle O22 on ReaderServiceCard for free information IRITIU|}|lD H|}TTS LOG ffi Brentwood Log Homes provides log packages and dry-in services.or four-bedroom home with three baths. . \. Our Partrer Program assistsyou in building your tum-key log home anywhere. quality solution to your desire for I an affordablelog home that doesn't sacrifice space or feafures.356 (complete and labor) dry-inmaterials $45. Inskip . threebedrooms. fax: 865-689-2816 com loghomes. www. everything you want is included. loft. Brentwood can ' help you build your home. the living space is extended to enjoy outdoor surroundings. wwwbrentwoodloghomes'com Cncle O22 on ReaderServiceCard for free information .two baths and utility room. Knowille 37912 800-864-6701 ' fax 865-689-2816 com' | e-mai: info@brentwoodlogfromes.830 Footage: Square Price:$95. Gumber'land Bedrooms: 3 Baths:2 1.


I}ANIEt BOONE t.0(.. H()MHS 2nd Fkro' I I -t I I I t" i r.I i I I L I I .

a prir. are perfect finishing touches.. i. r..ate cleck and a large master bath. this shor. '+! . Thc secluded master suitc features its own sitting room.frryr One Heritage Place. areas allor.2 ha lf SquareFootage: 5.com C i r c l e 035 on R eader Ser v i c e C ar d for fr ee nfor m ati on .r.ier. luxurious r. Outlined bv a large front deck.. such as a librarv guest quarters.com e-mail:life@heritagelog.Inside. Lower Level X*.i rli **4.lltriingt' I cg llcrn*. sunlight b dance from floor to ceiling while pror. Fax:865-933-8393 . making The Legend truly unique.r.r'ith an uninterrupted r. KodakTN 37764 Toll-Free: 800-456 4663 . 9!.083 Package Price:Callfor prices lst Floor ERITIGR H4 )]oGTroME_sl.{.iding vou r.heritagelog. game room and r.!rtj. www.+ The Legencl is framed in all its splendorby the spectacular entryn'ay."' the landof scape.case home is eclually breathtaking in design and majesty. Other amenities.t lti 2nd Floor i t Bedrooms: 6 B ath s:6fu ll.vine cellar. allowing visitors to gaze at the glass frontage.: ir.r'indolr.

com honestabe. Highway MossTN38575 9995 ClayCounty 931-258-3648. as does the spacious dining area. 800-231-3695.o ifigsFiltEs The Bellewood's striking cathedral windows are just the beginning of its special features. The master bedroom sports a private porch. This rambling three-bedroom home not only displays a large great room with a cathedral ceiling. Loft Gastlerock Bedrooms:1 Baihs: L L/2 Square Footage:7. Its large great room is sure to be the center of activity when folks come to visit. fax:931-258-3397 . Highway Moss 38575 TN 9995 Clay County .Honest Abe Log Hopes . e-mail info@honestabe.com honestabe. Bellewood Bedrooms:3 Balhs'.ABE^. www. 931-258-3648 800-231-3695 fax:931-258-3397 .456 PackagePrice:Call for prices lst Floor .com : Service Cardfor free information Circle039 on Reader .21J2 Footage:3. f. making it a perfect getawayfor the kids or to kick back and enjoy the game.UEST. . but also offers a family room set apart from the rest of the home. And the loft can easily convert to a spare bedroom for those stay-over guests. www e-mail info@honestabe.com : Circle039 on Reader ServiceCardfor free information Honest Abe Log Homes ESTAffi* ilesFlsuEs This cozy home has more than meets the eye.2L5 Square Package Price: for prices Call lst Floor 2nd Floor .


tl I \ rl tflr -J-J_J I \/ L J -L . ! .'rn a_ -[ -r . r'' ''..&l q:}ry' .l* l' -F- .&. 1 L..&:' .? :i -' *.-+.

as well as the side deck and back yard. the Blackstone is the house for you.com www. This homehas an upper porch. open living room.564 Package Price: $237. three-car gar::ge.com email: sales@premierlh. and its own sunroom that allows access to the dining and utility room.oremierlh. e-mail:sales@premierlh. Blackstone Bedrooms: to 5 3 Balhs'.com Circle 064 on Reader Service Card freeinformation for . a guest suite.{Es &sTR{. fax: 70G96S2O29 e www.premierlh. dining room. four and a half bathrooms. complete with walk-in-closet. fax: 706-96$2029 . Fox Riyer Bedrooms: 3 Baths:2 \/2 Square Footage: 2. Bk F8: ffi 837 Greenwood Roado Ringgold 30736 GA 86G63G3671 .an amazing master suite with its own loft.340 Ii. RinggoldcA 30736 866-63G3671 . and enough porches and decks to host the grandest of outdoor events.rc}"LREs hrthe FoxRiver.com Circle064 on ReaderServiceCardfor free information Premier Log Homes & Structures ffi ffi PORCH I'X8' rtc Hol.386 Package Price: Starting $114. This home has it all.334 at 2nd Floor 837 GreenwoodRoad .328to $297. kitchen area/ a public sunroom and a two car garage complete with a one-car carport. three to five bedrooms.4 t/2 SquareFootage: 4.themasterbedroom boasts a very large master battr.Premier Log F{omes & Strucrur* If a mixture of an Old World hunting lodge and refined rustic elegance is what you are after in a log home.

The Wyoming is a classic.rmlh.The centlal featr-rre unique angled deck cxtcnds into the mtrsI m.herethe great room is thc from both lcr. *._ _ - lst Floor 0 2007 Rocky [4ountain l-]omes Loq 2nd Floor MOUNTAIN ROCKY -L O C F I O N4 E S- 59840 1883 Highway South ..-.il IF . fax: 406-363-2109 .r ati on . opcn design -"r. {::ix ir-::.comwww.oiit .rg and dozcns of other htrhr p s.. of To learn morc abor-rt the Wyomir.com/floorolan161 s C i r c e 069 on R eader Ser v i c e C ar d for fr ee i nfor n. $:*.rmlh. Be d room 3 : s Baths: 1.923 e: Package Price:Callfor prices r *t t I iC. e-mail: ales@rmlh.'" iii* +:.*.com/flo or plan I nl.22 3 Square Footag 2..call -l0t -lol-5 nll0 or r is it n rr n.tjestic st'tting:.els.t ri :ii. Hamiltonl\4T 93 406-363-5680 . fu.

t lrrrrn t ' l o r g r . -.. .ll."^ . *.'. il)'ii {... . .1!t{) l ( r {r f.^ . rls.tl {r('(1 r ( l tt \ a l t ( i .f.r a t' . t \ ( T ( ' r . I t.]r trrr irrrt.r . ffi# . t ' t l r ' .\ / :^p!ri { \ v 3'j. I rrrrt ' t .tt.r{.. 1 1 r . . 2 St t ir.. j |i t I L . l lt( . .r a.tttClt lrri .\\' \.lt' tl i. tt( ' f.'.. rk t ' t l r t . l l t r .:f r I lB r: dr o o n r s ._ ".l :i .tllln n g lirn' .. it .tp t r I r . ..r i. r o n tr tlt. . *#5. | .t ' t . 1:. i.!.. i!' . t r n ... I . f t t ' t s o n ..lg. .-rq*ru{'.t' 1 1 orio r l t ' t .] {. t c l l t t i r r * t ' * l \\ r r . i r .t r t ' I O ( ) l . I ltis r s .l( l( lltt( ) n .1i. n r ( ) \ t ( ) l .l i r ( i i i l fl i ) i ) tJ i ()ll ( r !r '.r.se r" l*" *bl ff.i I r t-r -l ts. r i i t l i l r r r n .:.l r . t r i o L r ' l i r in g 2nd Floor 4 . r l l l . x ( [). L i tcltIn tr r l1 ) I t or i t i t ' g t t t ' * t s .r .r ' r .l a l l {' i '. ' . *&* [3b hs* **'*tg-' W rFW -s Fd \ l.r 'j i i . r i l ) l ( ) t ( ' (tr ' r i \ ir .i i . ^ .r ' tl... r1h s : 3 1 . "\ .\4/{:l{}r} i. ... ' r ' r . l t ( l .u.' + lrl .*. t t t r l t ' t lt.r \^ .ltt' t1l.i {-a Li r: \r '. . l \ \ { l f t l t . -l . . l .tt o 1 . lr r r ir ' r r r vr llr t lri' s t r r n n i n g ( l t ' .k s .l \\ u ' ... 5 t l.1!i '. t r ( ' . r l : } . ] . t ( ' ( ) l I I lr ' tt.l .wK w [:f : d t'b ffi.'.j .

R\.cedarhomes.ing lot r. designecl ancl blrilt cedar homes.sign/build process.r j {}ql r r. and our personalized de.'at1'_ .. rown /-l .Imagine this spectacular honre on r our rlol.(.com e-mail:info@cedarhomes.{'." -n' . F:'i. ?[ilH['_s.rnd purlin sl.r v'\' ft' " '''.r/ / .:. . . " (..rss. Free.. No compromise. This krclge-style home fcatures majestic qualitics founcl exclnsivelr' in Tbn n & Countrr. \'ou arc assured of compiete qualitv and luxury in your home.uvn& Countrv Cedar Homes: No comparisrln.-n'tr\I..^ ''. To. \. \ \ \ "6-l :-:- B edro oms: 3 Baths: 3 1. wrywv..::: .116 .' :.:".s Ml 4772 US 131 South . Onll' 10O-percent authenticallv hand-her.r'n northe'rn r'r'hite' cedar furms the pou...r.rith ./.erful structural 1og tn.rr. With 60 years of log homc building experience. lr.-..)....stems at the front entrance and throughout thc interior.r 270-degree unirnpccled vier'r.71 CIDAR H()M[S Lountry . Petoskey 49770 800-968-3178 .our own kilnclriecl anci milled cedar.... Home Planning Portfolio.4 lst Floor ^|. 2nd Floor ' \.{ E // 4./2 SquareFootage: 6.com C l r c l e 084 on R eader Ser v c e C ar d for fr ee i nfor m ati on .

t\ i fl l l \ .p.\.t.L1' 11 Ilti' l.lir . i. . l -' .l.. I 2nd Fl oor | ...i l r( l li. .. 1' : ... .lr .t ltir r tr r .r :l( L 1' ttr "r 1.r'I ..rl' .r r . .. t. .rr ' ji :. ' '&.tr.. : lr 0tttr r.r 1.I. .-t.r . ti). ' . |r.' I . r. i l l \l rrn t!| {i r'n t... i r ' ( . l sf Floor /. i I t.tr rl ..


ii.The Jocasseeis surrounded with windows that will show off a multitude of gorgeousviews.com i Circle on Reader 019 Service forfreeinformation Card BPB Log Homes BPB Lo$ Homes The Doe Run is a modern log home that offers rustic charm and beauty. Call us today at l-888-563-3275and save thousands. With Blue Ridge Log Cabins' exclusive 6-by-8 solid log systems building process.. 2. fax: 304-372-12112 aOO-272-2365. within 90 days from order.-!1. Doe Run Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Square Footage:2.com Circle 021 on Reader Service Card freeinformation for . The Jocassee lll Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 3 Square Footage: 2.000square-footbeauty featuresan open floorplan with cathedralceilings. go4-372-ti4i .com www..296 Package Price: for prices Call lst Floor 2nd Floor P.-!.bpbloghomes...Blue Ridge Log Capins This three-bed/three-bath.. CampobelloSC 29322 88&563-3275 o 864-457-7343 www. teamscan fully our erect our cabins. Iueridge b logcabns.000 Package Price: for prices Call lst Floor tiru Lmtffi 2nd Floor I -. The Doe Run will provide you and your family with many memories. e-mail: loghome@bpbcorp.!..1.i 625 East FrontageRoad .O. including everything from appliancesto light buibs..Box 231 . This plan combines the warmth and livability of a modem home with the log design of three bedrooms and two full baths. RiplevW 25277 .

A loft adds visual interest and can serve as an office.062 Package Price: $78. You can see this model home at our model home center at exit 144 on I-70 in central Missouri. Seven Gables Bedrooms: 3 BaLhs:2 t/2 Square Footage: 3. play room or guest room.54 . Moose River Bedrooms: 2 Balhs:2 t/2 Square Footage:3. Enjoy beautiful views through the glass door in the first-floor master suite.com Circle030 on ReaderServiceCardfor free information GastineauLog Homes ilFnm. part of our Signature Seriesline of plans. e-mail:sales@oakloghome.O. P. Move easily within the open space that connects the kitcheru dining and family rooms. New BloomfieldMO 65063 800-654-9253 .com e. Box7OOO8OOostburg 53070 Wl o 877-25G3300 fax:877-778-3300 .390to $169. This enchanting home combines intimate rooms with grand spaces to createan inviting retreat.420 10423 Old Hwy.com Circle 033 on Reader Service Card freeinformation for .An octagonal log screen gazebo addscharacter and whimsy to this unique home.Expedition Log Hornes htroducing the Moose Rive4.com www. Call toll-flee 8n-250-3300 or fax your design ideas to 877-778-3300 for your very own custom-designed log home.377 Package Price: for prices Call 2nd Floor . wwwexpeditionloghomes. 57 ?896-51-22 c f ax: 57 3-896-5510 . 2nd Floor The Seven Gables is a versatile home with an easy-living design.oakloghome. tailor-made to meet your individual taste and budget.mail: email@expeditionloghomes.

419-368-0004 . The Black Fork is the perfect getaway for the weekend or vacation. - EEDROOM 2 "--3:r. Stony Greek Bedrooms: 3 Baths:2 SquareFootagei 1-.Hochstetler Milling Ltd. In the other wing is a second bedroom and private study or a thjrd bedroom.n.l.r. .590 @t@ l33r ltll dw lql r U'f i 2nd Floor 552 St.L32 Deluxe Package: $26. www. In one wing is the mastersuite with its own private porch. llincoln LogsLog. e-mail: info@lincolnlogs. llmber and Cedar Homee *tn HflNT i Here's a stylish three-bedroomranch ftrat will make you smile.*o.@. Loudonville 44a42 OH 800-368-1015 . The extensive glass entry offers an unobstructed view of the lake or landscape----either from inside or outside on the full-length front porch. fax: 4L9-994-483t Circle037 on Reader Service Cardfor free information Lincoln Logs Ltd.com lincolnlogs. The Original #o*. The Black Fork Bedrooms: 1 Baths:1 SquareFootage: 1-.!x* h*"H MASIER BEDROOM H {I * \ wrr.com Circle047 on Reader Service Cardfor free information . 518-494-5500 800-833-2461 fax:518-494-3008 . The center great room is wide operLwithnatuftl light from gable glass.j:b PO.rc RooM 11 E tl .T *ffi 4 l:'. 5 Riverside Drive.Box135 .:: DrNrNcRoor4 gl9lT 'flr. Also available is our portfolio with 18 floorplans and plarming guide for $10. This very affordable cabin also features the popular open-concept great room with exposed timber ceiling. Chestertown 12817 NY .282 Package Price: for prices Call .. Route95 .

the Brinson easily accommodates famiIies and all their guests.e& .ry Brinson Bedrooms: 4 Log Homes of America gr#i* 6qqar. e-mail info@loghomesofamerica.o P. rain or shine. Our goal is to Make Certain You Love Your Home. Greenville O444L ME 80G571-3296. Banner NC28604 Elk.087 Package Price: for prices Call 441 Pritham Ave. Visit our web site to view additional floorplans. fax'.net e-mail: Circle058 on ReaderServiceCardfor free information PORCH &i . 2nd Floor lst Floor 9649-1 Hwy. 7 828-963-6782 . www. or send us an idea for a variation to make this home your own. A large wall of windows flanks the fireplace to offer great outdoor views while cozt'ng up around the fire.Builders prefer to build a Moosehead CedarLog Home. Mooseheadspecializesin energy-efficient cedar homes. All wall and roof systemsare firlly cut for onsite savings. The large central great room is open to a comfortable kitchen and dining room.mclh. 1O5S.Fr cargr{od With four large bedrooms.t | . you are greetedwith a huge expanseof glass in the prow and dining area that allows you the ultimate in viewing pleasure. 800-564-8496 . Box1285 . 207-69*3730 o fax: 2O7-69U4424 . . www. 824-963-7 77 .com loghomesofamerica.192 PackagePrice:Availableon web site Moosehead Cedar Log Homes As you enter tlre Thhoe.net info@mclh.O. The Tahoe Bedrooms: 3 Ba th s : 2f ull 2half Square Footage: 2./2 Square Footage:3. while two large dormers maximize space in the upstairs bedrooms. : com CircleO5Oon ReaderServiceCard for free information Balhs: 4 1. TWo covered porches in front and one inback allow outdoor entertaining. .

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The Badger Peak II is the essence of luxury, with operi living spaces and a functional floorplan, featuring our signature window wall and dramatic design. Whether hybrid, log or timber style, we'll work with you to create a home that reflects your lifestyle and budget. With over 30 years of experience, our friendly team will guide you through the entire design and build process. EadgFr Psd( ll Bedrooms: 2 Baths:2 L/2 Foolage:2,472 Square Package Price: for prices Call

2nd Floor




lst Floor

Bay 2390 Pamperin Road. Dept.70 . Green Wl 54313 80G844-7970o f ax'.92G43421.4O . www.wisconsinloghomes.com email: info@wisconsinloghomes.com
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The elegantdesign of the Blackhawk can draw io *y buyer. The large and open family room is adomed with light as it floods in from the two-story windows. The main level is spacious,yet comfortable enough for everyday living. There is plenty of room for family members or guests with three bedrooms on the lower level. The three-car garage, media room and loft are all musthaves. The Blackhawk has more than 4,000 square feet of living areato completeany home b.uyer's dream. Blacldnxh Bedrooms: 5 Balhs:2 t/2 Footage:4,082 Square Package Price: for prices Call

2nd Floor

lst Floor

Lower Level Highway. RigbvlD 83442 280 N. Yellowstone 20&74$8108 o fax: 2O&7 418525 . www.yellowstoneloghomes.com email: sales@yellowstoneloghomes.com Service Card freeinformation for Circle 094 on Reader



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PAYMENT TO: REIURN WITH Publications Home Buyer Dr, 4125Lafayette Center Suftelm VA Chantilly, m151 or 800.850.7279 fax: 703.?g23209 m.ThelogAndTimbelHomeBookstole.com bookstore@homebuyerpubs.com e-mail:
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Easy, fl exible qualifying. Call us now and get great advice, free prequalification, and answersto all ofyour financing questions. Call toll-free 800-901-LOGS(800-901-5647).

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OK (434) 607-6509 Lq Horre Specialti*s."rra"mbuilt.3989 Niloravian Log Homes Moravian Falk. Latr Mar. L O G HOME T IV ING .com @2007 Bank M&T Circle on Reader 050 Service for freeinlormationv Card why M&T will continue to offer a broad range of construction loan programs that feature appraised-valuefinancing.a' 564-8496 AJtc'&Los |fugrci Fainla. t8O3) 478-BOO9 SC Fiw Star Los Hom€r hyor.'.NC (336) 991-9034 C-abn Ccel BtxUers.onLogfbmcs Sutnllenon. Programs provided with competitive pricing and best in classcustomer service.. our customer..1acrd.oar . To find out more.rslwillcloghm.w.r. NC (336) 877-3619 ffil 1 2 4 .LLC Sparta. t€ (S98) 698-0564 '.Circle 0n Reader 054 Service for freeinformationv Card A lender cancount you on. (33S) ?51'6180 NC www"fuhontsotrc. contact M&T Bank today at 888-539-1160.corn '.S. NC !s6O4 h& &arnp. That's why its important to work with a lender that's committed to mortgage lending. WE'RE COMMITTED MORTCAGE TO LENDING.4 6 n"rn*. we've all seena lot of turbulence in the housing and financial markets this year.com . APRIL 2OOA wwloghomeliving. This experiencehas taught us the importance of focusing on you. M&T Bank has witnessedplenty of adversity. m Msif Bank MortgageDivision 9649-1 flielwry 105 South 8m*' Ell.That's fu. with over $57 billion in assets and more than 150 yearsof experiencebehind us. Among the top 20 banks in the u..w.]: BtorCl:* LogFlmrx Modsville. AT M&T BANK. NC (704) 607. which may assistwith downpayment and closing costs.LLC Vest Je&aon.and availableinterest rate protection should ratesrise.

For an unparalleled NestMountain. North Carolina. 1 2 5 . Y*rry lifestyle.Haywood County.VCircle onReader 074 Service forfreenformation Card g(Do'M tnjoy Belt the ofBoth community Our pristinemountain wilderness homes and large is comprisedof masterpiece home sites. Conscientiousdeed restrictions protectthe naturalbeautyof the mountain. LOC H O M F LIVI N G . heatedpool and fine dining. This charming local club is enjoyed people and by many young families. We arelocatedon Eagles and centered betweenWaynesville Maggie Valleyin beautiful . Additional amenities include clay tennis courts. ]ust over the mountain lies WNC's most challenging and beautiful golf course.com APR IL 2OO 8 .loghomeliving. www.business summer residents.comejoin us. The lB-hole championship layout was designed by Robert Cupp.

co m : I ) ^ !l l [It :'con & Katny Pearson ALEXANDERCTTY35010 AL aaa-2alra1aa ! AZ Cabin Consultants Dave & Brenda Bickerdyke 6381 W Campob€llo Drive Glendale. l A(256)593-0026 Office:(256)593-9866..com !I rII\l 9I Doulnern uailIornta Lgg nqmes ! RandyWark S an D i ego.7 67 . I Sutherland Cypress Log Homes C h r i s& T r aciM ille r H e f l i n.com John Haryer REAL I-6G'NOMES@ Pr e.rtrB# . i i:] i-i *" I}T}aIXTERNATIONAT IIII9HOMES of Cedar Corporateoifice tott-free: 800. Box 989 Mena.net MazcabinconsultanN.net @ Wtrrw\. CA .^ Po.AR 72653 \ } nerrrage Los Homca 870-481-6281 -*" roneywtr@mtnhome.l [[t I I ) Woodinville.858-48 4-2512 C .66g.com Ted Roney 2143Ct.Fax: michaelworkman@tennesseerivercypress.15 Mountain Home. HappyJack.C ut Log Pr oduc ts Southwest Manufacturins. Log Homes of Arkansas R honda& Ji m U sery Cabot...4l. ( 5 01)941-3701 1-866-528-1619 com il!. "i1'J1""Yfl:l:#"* 886 u?fHxo.com REALt-OC"riCiMbS' Pr e. 87G26&3696 al-allene c€nturutel.barnahomes. AR 72023 . | [[t I I Lar r y q r ar r y r ur pr n Tehachapi.centralcaloohomes-com l .951I ihc@ihoc.com www..-.i:ii. Box G Tennessee RiverCypress Homes [og .com www.m a i l C h r i s @ s u th e r la n d cyp r e ss. . 100 Polk733.realloghomes. Mi ch a eWo rkm an. cirln "* 907 344 LOGS WAutn*.rt:".il.tog Structures C ustomHarldcraftedLog Homes D€livery IMorldwide LogBqildingScheol aliskalggstf uctures. Boaz.7 67 4 360.ii". Seruingthe Tennessee Valley.. WA 98072 Al & Allene Kletzmann ASH FLAT..SoCaLooHomes-com {erltaoeLoos@aol.C ut Log Pr oduc ts sfSfffiffin & JackieMcGe€ 78)300-4832 .c . w.irt. PO...AR 71953 (479) 394 ss2s rr 800-564463s (479) 394 5262 Fax jharper@realloghomes.twinlakes. A 92129.ALStrongwood.ili ffi#g%ffiffiffire-ffitu&€ff:ffi. M 8s308 Model: Mogollon Ranch. AZ (602) 999 649a dbickedyke@cox.AL (866)878-0532 E . 661-203-9389 sales@ centralcaloghomes.com lffi. AR .com il1.com Alaska.

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I,og Siding, Cedar T&G Pane1ing, Trim, Hand Hewn Rails, Srairs,Comer S_vstems, Decking, Cedar Shake Shingles, More! Call fot Quote ar Mill Direct Pricing!

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Be an authorized dealer for the Original Lincoln Logs
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Vimasco Corporation (uoO) 62.i-8288
e-mail:kbrown@vimasco.com www.chinking.com


highcountryiron.com 928.221.4117

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The Smartstalt* Panelized Building System is Design Engineeredto meet appli.able building code standards, plus it incorporates broad assortmentofGreen Buildingoptions.You a can take pride in producing homes of high quality while assistingowner-buildersto stay on budget and frnish their home on schedule.

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www.S m a rtsta rtDe a I er.com




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Prem Ouality um Chande iers, Lamps Sconces & An tleCh a n d e l i ers ghti ng o. r & Li C [/]T 2706 Hv/y.28/ N,4T Sheridaf.59749 . 446-842-t1 1-888-226-8537 2t Visit at\rww.antlerchandeliers us c0n


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Log Home Logs, Lumber,& Supplies 1 piece or enlire House Visit Our WebsiteFor Pricing
352-52s o -207 wvwv. crackerstvleloqhomes.com

P .O. B ox 2l O. S i l t, C O a1652 P hone 97O-876-2156 . Fax 97O-8 76-2613 www.houselogs.net E Lodgepol epi ne, cl eadstandi ng ng el mann spruce,"D " shape l ogs. 8x8 doubl e tongue E l
. $5.0O l i n. ft.; Bx 6. $3.80; 6x 6 . $ 2 . 4 O

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Wholesale & Lumber Logs
prices! Logs& lumber discount at T&Gpine& cedarlogs,all types. panels otherrelated Stress-skin & components. 142 HornertownRd, Scottdale, 15683 PA



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Concept Design Institute (307) 310 GrandAve.. Laramre WY82070 721-5907

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Indoor dt Outdoor Log Furnishings Silhouette Log Railing Systems


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Dealer Inquiries Welcome! 5 l 9- 923- 981 3

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has and cabin tintrees bears for who Perfect anyone enjoys Lifestvle.LOG &TIMBER HOME BOOKSTORE r@r A0509. in $29. Cabin theWoods. stone This Light. creative of recycled use .5x4. around it. $24. home in Each was handpickeditsbeauty well its for as as materials.95. Home your that toward dream Save pennies jar in home thisunique stoneware with cork lid.99. homes Explore awe-inspiring with these Ralph Kylloe hisnew in book.5. 9. Cabin restn 5. author. Log Fund $1 Jar. Top Log Table Night M2090. M3007.99. Cabin theWoods. theLoo Home . .


walked your land and thought about designs.stoneand glass:personalized your lifestyle.THEORIGINAL €Lincoln LogS' Log. Or.com . to Lincoln Logs'commitment to service and quality arereasons peopletrust the OriginalLincoln Logs'to help createthat special placeyou call home.big logs. start by reviewingour extensive portfolio of designs.W'e'llwork with you to put your ideason paperand turn your vision into a reality. You'vebeen thinking about that specialplace.Timber and Cedar Homes Call (800) Sll-Z+61 or visit lincolnlogs. H ry.or that rusdc getaway. truly somethingunique.Rustictimbers. Come home to a cozycabin.Come F{ometo Lincoln'.

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