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Apply representation to your coursework production Representation means the way in which the media chooses through a selection

and ordering process they way to represent a certain group of people in society, the critic Tim OSullivan states The way in which ideas, objects, people, groups and life forms are depicted by the mass media and is the method used by the mass media to create meanings. There are two views to representation; the hegemonic represents people in a fixed representation and feeds the audience the stereotype to be correct, the pluralistic shows how the media can represent people in a debatable way and a more realistic view. By watching many music videos it helped me to understand how certain people based on age, gender, and race are represented. People are represented by conventions and the media language; cinematography, mise en scene, editing and sound, they determine the representation of people in that genre of music. When producing my music video the people casted for the video were teenagers, mainly girls but boys are also included, this was our chosen market due to the fact the song cheers by Rhianna is aimed at a younger audience. The stereotypical teenagers love to party and go out, throughout our video we have shown teenagers in the hegemonic view as we have shown them as what to be expected by the audience, the message that is being portrayed about teenagers loving to go out would not cause confusion if an older person was to watch the video, it would be understandable. Our video was filmed at a house party, this also shows the age of the people in the video as many older people would be at a club or bar, but being young house parties are very common, this location is also very popular for the pop genre. Many of the young people in this video are shown to be young by the clothing they are wearing, e.g. short skirts, chinos, mega high heels, low cut tops etc, Richard Dyer states how we are seen determines how we are treated, how we treat other is based on how we see them, how we see them comes from representation this is explaining that how people are portrayed by the media is how people in the real world perceive them, so throughout our video when the young girls are in short skirts and there is an excessive amount of alcohol portrays teenagers to be cheap and breaking the law and also to drink large amounts of alcohol. The four main girls were represented as what is seen to be the typical teenage girl, they are shown to be shopping which is a stereotypical hobby that most females enjoy to do, also the shops being filmed are shops like

river island and Topshop which are aimed at a young target market group highlighting who this video is aimed at. I personally do not think my video represents teenagers in a negative view, I think it shows teenagers as what they are believed to act like, and I do not think it would come to a shock to anybody watching the video, but whenever we encounter a media text, we are not seeing reality, but someones version of it, which highlights how this is my view on how teenagers are represented in society. Throughout my video there is no representation of elderly people, race or socio-economic status, this is due to the fact that elderly people would not like the genre of pop music and would not fit in with scenes of the video, socio-economic status was not included as it does not matter what class you are to listen to this type of music. To conclude I believe that all of the above theories that I have included into my product have ensured that my product was successful. Rebecca Bennett