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Vote Ian Macdonald

for St Clements ward

Meet Ian Macdonald:
Ian Macdonald moved to Oxford three years ago from East London to study Computer Science. He is a passionate political activist with years of experience in community campaigning. He was formerly the chairman of a funding committee for voluntary sector youth groups providing skills, training and opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. He also sat on a community consultancy group for the Metropolitan Police. Alongside his voluntary community work he has served for two years as a governor of his college and as an executive officer of his college's students union. During his time in office he organised and delivered several campaigns, strengthened the college's relationship with local residents and provided advice and guidance to students. He has twice been a National Union of Students delegate leader.

What I Stand For:

I stand for community engagement. I believe that community engagement is more than an hour a month surgery in a community centre that nobody knows about. If elected I will hold frequent stalls on Cowley road alongside my surgery time so that I can speak to members of the wider community in order to be more representative of their views. I stand for law and order. I believe that it is important for people to feel safe where they live, and in order to do this I believe the police must have a strong visual presence to act as a deterrent to crime. If elected I will push to protect police jobs and also champion the community policing scheme. I stand for protecting the environment for future generations. If elected I will oppose development on green spaces and instead encourage regeneration and development of derelict and brown-field sites. I will also campaign for the planting of fruit trees in local parks to encourage healthy eating and sustainable living.

I stand for cracking down on problem landlords. There are a lot of good landlords that offer very well maintained properties for a very fair price but unfortunately there are a number who prey on the less experienced tenant. If elected I will crack down on these landlords and ensure that regulations are enforced and that violations are dealt with appropriately. I oppose the closure of Temple Cowley Pool and St Clements Car Park. It is simply unacceptable that these two facilities are being closed against the wishes of the local community.

Paul Mason - Students' Union President says: "I believe Ian is a truly dedicated man who would serve the city of Oxford well. Over the years I have known Ian I have seen him work confidently, conscientiously and maturely to represent the views of his peers to a wider society. I am happy to support a worthy candidate that I know will work hard for the residents of Oxford". Naveed Hussain - Local Businessman says: "I have known Ian for a long time and I believe in what he stands for. He is very hardworking, committed and consistent person. I would definitely endorse him for this election. He is without a doubt the most creditable candidate standing".

There has never been a better time to vote UKIP:

The UK Independence Party is currently one of the fastest growing political parties in the country. We currently have 12 members of European Parliament, 2 seats in the House of Lords and seats on councils up and down the country. We are a party with a proven track record of winning! We have all seen the three main parties in action and they were all as bad as each other. Labour's economic incompetence landed us in debt far worse than we could have ever imagined. The Conservatives made savage cuts with no consideration for who they affected; and the Liberal Democrats broke far too many pledges. I think it is fair to say that we have learnt that strategic voting simply doesn't work. That is why on the 3rd of May you should vote Ian Macdonald for St Clements and hit them where it hurts; because let's face it; you haven't got anything else to lose!
Printed by UKIP Oxford. Published & Promoted by Julia Gasper on behalf of Ian Macdonald 09/04/2012 at 22, Trinity Rd, Headington, Oxford. This leaflet has been printed on paper from sustainable sources. Please recycle after you have read it.