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WARNING Under Washington State law every person who signs an initiative or referendum petition with any other

than his or her true name, knowingly signs more than once, or signs when he or she is not a legal voter; or signs a petition when he or she is otherwise not qualified to sign, or who makes any false statement on such petition may be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Referendum Petition to the Spokane City Council REFERENDUM NO. 2012 1

We, the undersigned citizens and legal voters of the City of Spokane, Washington, respectfully direct that the entirety of Ordinance No. C34855, passed by the City Council on April 30, 2012, and entitled:

An ordinance related to initiatives and referendums ; amending SMC sections 2.02.020, 2.02.030, 2.02.040, 2.02.050, 2.02.055, 2.02.060, 2.02.080, 2.02.090, 2.02.100, 2.02.110, 2.02.130, 2.02.140, 2.02.160, and 2.02.170; repealing SMC section 2.02.180 and adopting new sections 2.02.115 and 2.02.175 to chapter 2.02 of the Spokane Municipal Code;
a concise summary of which is printed herein, be repealed, or be submitted to the electors of the City of Spokane for their approval or rejection at the next municipal election. I understand that should this petition be sufficient and timely filed, the ordinance will be suspended from taking effect until approved by the voters.

Restore Your Voice

Concise Summary of Ordinance to be Referred Ordinance No. C-34855 amended various sections of Chapter 2.02 of the Spokane Municipal Code regarding initiatives and referendums. The amendments include, but are not limited to, the adoption of a single initiative filing method and the removal of the direct filing method, clarification of the definition of a ballot title, the inclusion of an appeal process consistent with State law, the elimination of the City Councils ability to invalidate an initiative or referendum, and the requirement of a fiscal impact statement for all measures.
Each of us for himself or herself says: I have personally signed this petition; I am a legal voter of the City of Spokane; my residence address is correctly stated; and I have knowingly signed this petition only once. PETITIONERS SIGNATURE (as on voters registration) RESIDENCE ADDRESS (Street Address) E-Mail/Phone (optional) CHECK IF REGISTERED ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT


Ian Moody 2214 E. Wellesley Ave. Spokane, WA 99207 (509)251-1715


The declaration below is required by law to be printed on petitions but the law does not require it to be signed because courts have ruled that petitioners have the constitutional right to anonymously petition. Does the signature gatherer need to sign the declaration on the back of the petition? No. Due to an opinion published by the Attorney Generals office in 2006, the Office of the Secretary of State does not require that the signature gatherer sign the declaration in order for the petition to be accepted. For more information, see AGO 2006 No. 13.

I ______________________________________ (print legal name) swear or affirm under penalty of law that I circulated this sheet of the foregoing petition, and that, to the best of my knowledge, every person who signed

this sheet of the foregoing petition knowingly and without any compensation or promise of compensation willingly signed his or her true name and that the information provided therewith is true and correct. I further acknowledge that under chapter 29A.84 RCW, forgery of signatures on this petition constitutes a class C felony, and that offering any consideration or gratuity to any person to induce them to sign a petition is a gross misdemeanor, such violations being punishable by fine or imprisonment or both. (Signature)__________________________________________________ Address____________________________________________________ City___________________________ County ______________________ RCW 9A.46.020 applies to any conduct constituting harassment against a petition signature gatherer. This penalty does not preclude the victim from seeking any other remedy otherwise available under law. Source: Washington State Secretary of States web site FAFAQ link