Working Title and Warp Films Institution and Audiences

AOs Production Practices to appeal to audiences Distribution and Marketing strategies to raise audience awareness New technologies to help target specific audiences Audience and how they challenge institutions

1. Who are Working Title? Working title is a British film production based in London. The company was founded in 1983 by Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe and its previous parent was PolyGram and now is owned by Universal Studios (part of Vivendi; who is a conglomerate). It produces feature films and several television productions, including films starring comic actor Rowan Atkinson. 2. Who are WARP Films? WARP Films are an independent company consisting of Warp Records, Warp Films, and Warp Music Videos and Commercials. Productions include: This Is England, Submarine and The Mighty Bush Live. It is based in London and Sheffield. Since 1989, it is now a platform for innovative and boundary-breaking talent. 3. Who owns the company? Are they independent or part of a conglomerate? If they are not independent, who owns them? Find out about this company/conglomerate: what do they specialise in? Working title is owned by Universal; which is part of a conglomerate and Warp film is an independent film company. Universal is a subsidiary of Vivendi; a huge international conglomerate with activities in music, television and film, publishing, telecommunications, the internet and video games. 4. How does the ownership of the company affect the budgets for film? Warp films have less of a budget because they are completely independent, whereas companies like Working Title have a bigger budget due to being owned by the huge film company; Universal. This will enable them to include special effects and use better technology. Warp Films on the other hand will have a smaller budget and won’t be able to release films of the same standard. 5. Create a list of films that both institutions have produced. Warp Films: This is England, Submarine, Dead Man’s Shoes and Rubber Johnny. Working Title: Johnny English Reborn, Paul, Wild Child, Atonement, Hot Fuzz, About a boy and Bridget Jones.

6. Choose one from each list and compare the budgets for these films and how much they made. Submarine: Budget: £1.2 million. Box Office: £2.03 million Bridget Jones (Diary 2001): Budget: $26 million. Box Office: £281,929,795 7. Now choose a Hollywood Blockbuster and research the budget. How does it compare? Who was the main production company behind this film? Avatar: Budget: $237 million + $9 million (re-release). Box Office: $2,782,275,172. 8. Where do Working Title and Warp Films get their funding from? Working Title: Universal Studios Warp Films: NESTA 9. In the case of Warp Films, how does the budget affect the genre they use? They can’t afford to create films to the Hollywood standard, like Working Title can, because they are an independent production company. Therefore, they need to stick to more realistic films with limited use of CGI and special effects, such as dramas. 10. What is the main appeal of this genre? Give examples. People can relate to it. 11. Who are the target audience for Working Title and Warp Films? Working Title’s main target audience is for anyone. Their films are the most likely to be shown in cinemas and have a range of different genres. Warp Film’s target audience I think is likely to be to a niche market of British people, as they do not have the funding to display their films worldwide. 12. What is the main genre of the films Working Title produce?

13. Choose one film produced by each studio which has something interesting about its marketing campaign. E.g. examples of viral marketing, synergy etc.

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