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III The 'three aspect ()f lw' hallucinogenic-dislorlf·rl I"(':l!it y 01 the prorazomst. l'ar!i1.:.l!r'ldll. ~() Ihis won': be all obiwary ell" l'lrlu~y.IOII:-.Icu-cvcd and iron-jawe-d.f' In . ~H1~'\\'a~'!L hili.l(uishablc frolll near-perfect simulacr». 111 he iormcr).. III «(lJ)(:.'I)U. tor granted.!('n. udhnlv ~t'1I11Illenlal. ad .(' .. :111<1 n~de mpt iUII ill 111<.' ~thilit~· 0 1 feel empathv both marks Iltt'lll <IS human (dislill."l well. Illll.'iL's~ of cucumst a» . 11\ L'Bll«. cnmmou ill']!].. lndividuallv...1Iie'...! (t~ Ihe~' rct. ril'<'d in m.] :'011 drink :i1.tl"(' ~I-·Iiish.' and I h c f<JL'~d' crumbles. III Till' Pcnuttimate Truth.a!vl'for rhe 1'<.1111'1/1' t'ot l teukr. lhc iJooks are {llrOll.u mv the chalk·c' to p('r~ol1 Illy uu-er Jill' lill'l'-IO- ril(l' !1lCISt whu~l' IS work .£!O!le.erin~ \·iS~l.JIt' (lnd seusu rvc mans J)u_·"·. well.1'\' I. wit h ext rnnrrlinarv circum:-:lalll·C'~.rbout deeply without soundinu tu.')1 =-.h.] park disappears..lIle1 Jl1 ... lill.· IreIIlI . .!l~· difticull.-.l! ill \'1 III l"<lu~l'd h~' th<.'k'" unumely ctl ':11h ha~ prove-n t'XLruciill ill.'lllillgly iuuuiuctu mass-culture success ~(Ollrtl":'~' 01 Blad» NIIIIII"" hv ~II ~. Prink'd Oil II are Ih. ine: Stigmata t 01 l'nlmrr Eldritrh.._'enll..s..Philip K. In Pt':.~..n).sf'lfpil ~·iJ)g -. t hrouuh lilt> lTi-h·~("'d \\.. .. 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his subsequent work included not only the vehicles. THIS IS THE CITV Although Mead was originally asked to design just vehicles for the film. After Ridley Scott saw the initial paintings. but the street environment . .as weu. he had Syd elaborate on the designs of the entire cityscape and urban lifestyle.Production paintings by Syd Mead of two city streets from Blade Runner.

000. with production art by Syd Mead (Sentineli . no guilt. no remorse. Based on the late Philip K. Before he quit. Dick's Do Androids Dream of E lectric Sheep". BLade Runner is this coming summer's main contender. special effects by Douglas Trumbull (CE3K. and starring Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford and director Ridley Scott I . Deckard was the top Blade Runner in the city.000 STORIESIN THIS NAKEDCITYANDBLADE RUNNER IS ONE OF THEM. they like to call them-but occasionally some manage to get back down to Earth. Ford plays Rick Deckard. These genetically engineered "humans" were developed for combat and space colonization-man-made labor. THERE ARE 106. They'll do anything to stay free. they got no feelings. late of the Rep-Detect Division-street moniker. an ex-police detective. and that's why the Blade Runners were formed. f you're still in the dark. 2001). Blade Runner. They're the only cops trained to tell the difference between reps and real people. The problem is. charged with the highly sensitive task of tracking down and eliminating escaped replicantsmanufactured people you can't distinguish from the real thing. directed by Ridley Scott (Alien).Harrison Ford as Deckard-a hard-boiled detective of the year 2019 whose specialty is tracking down renegade replicants (genetically engineered people) who have infiltrated the city.

It's not one of those gadget-filled pictures where the actors are there only to give scale to the sets and special effects. normal street driving and soaring through the canvons of the city and on out to the industrial wastelands surrounding it. Blade Runner takes place about forty years from now in a major American megalopolis that looks like one of today's cities gone mad. capable of vertical lift -off. Most animals are extinct. the phone booths have tv's and so do the traffic intersections. Gaff (Edward Olmos-Zoot Suit and Wolfen) in the Spinner cockpit. hovering. The cars and buildings are fitted with whatever it takes to keep them in working order: but decent folk don't live below forty stories-most fashionable apartment buildings climb up to 400 tloors. B lade Runner is not just another hardware movie. All t. the parking meters give off lethal jolts if tampered with.he street signs are in several languages. you get to drive a Spinner. The sky is yellow with poisonous pollution and the acidrainfall is constant. the state-of-the-art flying car. but you can buy artificial pets down at Anarnoid Row (if you got the bucks) and the only fresh meat is fish-the age of junk-food sushi.Deckard and pollee Lt. . And if you're a cop or some high-society politico.

It also gives whoever's driving the car..Production painting by Syd Mead of Interior cockpit of Spinner in flight showing another spinner and various vid-screen read-outs." Syd Mead admits. We've created an environment to make a story believable. While this story takes place some forty years hence." The architectural look of the city is based on the principle that eventually it will become too cumbersome and expensive to tear down old buildings and erect new ones. Ridley Scott also insisted on a "familiar atmosphere.. whether it's the hero or villain. The machinery and effects appear only when needed and fit tightlv into the plot. "The sort of future romanticism. an advantage that's tremendously exciting. Blade Runner takes place about forty years from now in a major American megalopolis that looks like one of today's cities gone mad. 'Blade Runner is not just another hardware movie. "The overall visual idea was a society where the normal supplies had broken down. Life had be- Full-scale Spinner lifting off from the midst of a virtual "Times Square of the future" where a climatic chase scene takes place." But. a Sam Spade-type environment. fantasy wishfulfillment. it's being made in a stvle reminiscent of forty years ago. It's not one of those gadget-filled pictures where the actors are there only to give scale to the sets and special effects.. Mead explains. "that satisfies a desperate longing to do certain things. . Like when you're sitting in a traffic jam for two hours on the Santa Ana Freewav and you wish you could just lift your car off the ground and zip away . veteran industrial designer Mead notes. .

Deckard in a rooftop chase." Syd Mead continues. Bollom: street. Starting with cleanly designed concepts. and extra equipment to achieve this accumulated fix-it-because-it-won't-runand-it -has-to-run visual flavor. " "And the street level will become like the sewers or underside of the city. and those who can't afford to move up will simply be forced to live in this left-over society. we layered on details. several hundred stories above the come very difficult-mechanical fixtures.. Think how expensive it would be to tear down the Empire State Building. . The streets will be nothing more than a service access to the city's mega-structures. automobiles. how impossible it is to actually maintain many of the buildings. repairs. fixtures. Eventually they'll just have to 'retro-fit' things on the face of buildings instead of being able to rebuild or renovate. "Think of New York or Chicago right now. "Being trapped on the street will be a thoroughly nasty way to spend your life." . Ridley Scott elaborates.Top: Deckard tries to locate a suspect from atop Syd Mead's taxi of the future. buildings-the whole urban plant had become like a trap.

Ridlev . "It's . Iries 10 elude Deckard in Ihe teeming streets. and large chosen some upon rha: have derived from comic strips of th . or broad strokes.gO back lifestyle about information than ever. Scott saying. Iot . ott us that Blade Icunner is "rneaui to be strip. a suspected replicanl.gr at comi ~ strips have to spot emerging them. As Sycl Mead likes this bleak picture..Another streetcar by Syd Mead.. a kind of comic those have (asrinat cI I1Ie most . Ov who ever technology is abl years fn 111 90 perc ru of all Ilw aliv right now. ::. However. bold That's IIIV be n the first truth ~ and en- the and dir ction I've to go ill with films . science- Iution detective assures good ar suspense thrill r. scientists Our to point out after painting life fony I' "I think lived now will be tabulous..I warmru: III an~' sense.' -CI~ucle .olorlul Rathbone Zhora (Joanna Cassidy). Note that in Ihis view ot the fulure. Iast. conlinues 10 Ihrive. anion. as is the second-story level of boutique display windows.Iightly insists "This all that th s dire I. I so just humanistic. If to do. very .gs well can pe rsonal-scale think that's other survival. Ala".picric lS asid is not doom(J . Blade terms. ar to process faster a very and construct think I'OU alternatives do what to . charuct ers . " And in (Teating the first hard-boiled.:ciliiologv iis supposed nice Ihin. The films that over the last few veal's fun. The pillars are a recurring architectural image. enough than we let tc." RIII'II/er lilm is very simply thriller set ill not futuristic he savs.

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