Q ~am of 2nd specia{1-11-2007
1. symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia include:
a. b. c. d. Aphasia Early lateralizing neurological signs Short term memory impairment Clouding of consciousness


2. Disordersof attention include:
a. b. c. d. inability to focus and maintain attention filling memory gaps by imagined or neural events excessive focus on all internal and external stimuli recall of events over the past few months


3. Antidepressant drugs are indicated in:
a. b. c. d. bipolar disorder (manic type) panic disorder schizophrenia obsessive compulsive disorder


4. Delirium is
a. b. c. d. common in children an acute reversible state often seen in surgical wards is a disturbance of the level of consciousness


5.Catatonic symptoms include:
a. b. c. d. rigidity elation echolalia amnesia


6. Panic attacks present with the following:
a. b. c. d. obsession tremors delusion of persecution fear of dying


7. Clouding of consciousness occurs in:
a. b. c. d. panic disorder delirium alcohol intoxication severe anxiety

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8. Diurnal variation is usually seen in the following disorders:
a. b. c. d. major depression anxiety disorders substance abuse delirium


9. Manic patients
a. b. c. d. suffer from diminished speech are usually hyperactive respond to lithium are often irritable


10.Thefollowing substances can cause dependence
a. b. c. d. caffeine cannabinoids nicotine opioids


11. A patient with severe major depression
a. b. c. d. could benefit highly from ECT can be treated by psychotherapy alone will not usually need hospitalization could be suicidal and has to be watched carefully


12.The belief that thoughts are being implanted in one's mind by other people is considered
a. b. c. d. thought broadcasting thought withdrawal thought insertion a delusion


13. Pleasant mood include
a. b. c. d. elation tension apathy euphoria


14. Violence is more likely to occur in
a. b. c. d. most psychiatric patients manic patients under intoxication of substance abuse in anxiety disorders



fAait yo ... dl'oallt

15. Akathesia
a. b. c. d. is adistressing side effect of benzodiazpines is adistreesing side effect of phenothiazines mainly present with restless walking is a feature of mania


16. Agoraphobia
a. b. c. d. is common with panic disorder is a fear of high places can be treated by behavioral therapy is a fear of speaking in public


17. Symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include
a. b. c. d. delusion of persecution flight of ideas prominent negative thoughts hyperactivity of the autonomic nervous system


18. A patient comes presenting with blasphemous (insulting god) thought. The ideas are repetitive and he is feeling extreme distress and shame. This patient might be suffering from
a. b. c. d. generalized anxiety disorder delusional disorder obsessive compulsive disorder major depression


19. Tricyclic antidepressants have the following side effects
a. b. c. d. prolongation of QT interval in the ECG dryness of the mouth constipation Parkinson's like symptoms


20. Opioid withdrawal manifests by
a. b. c. d. constipation muscle and joint pains pin point pupils respiratory depression


21. The following disorder(s) have a prominent anxiety component
a. b. c. d. obsessive compulsive disorder schizophrenia mania panic disorder



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22. The following criteria are essential for the diagnosis of addiction
a. b. c. d. compulsive substance taking behavior withdrawal symptoms evidence of tolerance the use of drug is upon medical indication


23. The following are considered I2s:tchiatric emergencies
a. b. c. d. attempted suicide panic attacks neuroleptic malignant syndrome dementia


24. When a l2erson l2erceives himself, his bod:t or a al2art from his bod:t as different or unreal. he is I2robabl:t suffering from
a. b. c. d. hallucinations depersonalization derealization a delusion


25. Post traumatic stress disorder
a. b. c. d. can be caused by life stressors such as divorce is associated with vivid dreams of the trauma is associated with avoidance of any memories of the trauma is not common after wars


26. A mother stating that recentl:t she has been unable to feel the love she had for her children could be suffering from
a. b. c. d. euphoria anxiety depressive apathy anhedonia


27. A 71 :tears old gentleman was brought to the emergenc:t room with clouding of consciousness. He was not oriented to time or I2lace and kel2t sa:ting that he is seeing l2eol2le attacking him and was ver:t frightened. His teml2erature was found to be 38.6
a. b. c. d. this could be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia a drug screen for substance abuse is immediately needed an antipyretic should not be given before proceeding with any investigation a CT has to be done at once


28. A l2atient with conversion disorder
a. is usually faking the symptoms b. shows indifference despite of the seriousness of the symptom c. are unconsciously needing a secondary gain d. have an underlying emotional conflict F,T,T,F

~lI,n .. lIi1'1'~


29. Benzodiazepines
a. b. c. d. are powerful anxiolytics posses muscle relaxant effects should be used for at least six months bind to specific sites at the GABA receptors


30. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia include
a. b. c. d. avolition delusions hallucinations flat affect


31. A patient who talks rapidly, with constant shifting from one idea to another could be
a. b. c. d. suffering from depression having flight of ideas having a disorder of the content of thinking probably manic


32. Filling gaps in memory by imagined or untrue events is known as
a. b. c. d. hypermnesia deja'vu retrospective falsification confabulation


33. Delusions and hallucinations occur in the following disorders
a. b. c. d. generalized anxiety disorder bipolar disorder dysthymia schizophrenia


34. A patient comes to the ERcomplaining of severe chest pain, palpitation, profuse sweating and dyspnea. His ECGis found to be normal, and his family reports that his attack is very freguent and that all other investigations were normal. The doctor should
a. b. c. d. ask him to go home at once admit to leu and proceed with other investigations consider the possibility of panic attacks ask for a psychiatric consultation because it is a psychiatric emergency


35. The following experiences occur in auditory hallucinations
a. b. c. d. false perception of touch seeing people moving voices talking to the patient voices talking about the patient



M.C.Q exam of Psychiatry
l)Negative symgtoms of Schizoghrenia include:
a) Avolition b)Social withdrawal c) Hallucinations d) flat affect T,T,F,T

2) Tricyclic antidegressants differ from SSRLS : in
a) Being more potent b)Having less side effects c) Being Cheaper d) Working on several neurotransmitters F,F,T,T

3) Cannabinoids :
a) Are basically central nervous system stimulants b)Causes abuse and dependence c) Do not cause dependence d) Can precipitate other psychiatric disorders as a consequence of their abuse T,T,F,T

4) The following exgeriences occur in Visual Hallucinations
a) False perception of touch b)Seeking people moving c) Voices talking to the patient d) Voices talking about the patient F,T,F,F

5) Delirium is :
a) Common in children b)An acute reversible state c) Often seen in the ICU d) Associated with elated mood T,T,T,F

6) A gatient with high fever, rigidity, high CPKwith a history of gsychotrogic drug use may be suffering of:
a) Drug allergy b)Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome c) Akathesia d) Dystonia F,T,F,F

7) Bigolar I mood disorder can be diagnosed based on :
a) The presence of a single episode of depression b)The presence of a single episode of Mania c) The presence of two previous episodes of mania and depression d) The presence of a history of several depressive episodes only F,T,T,F

8) Symgtoms of Aizheimer's Dementia include:
a) Aphasia b)Early lateralizing Neurological signs c) Short term memory impairment d) Clouding of consciousness T, F, T ,F



yO ...


9) A ~atient who talks ra~idly with constant shifting from one idea to another could be
a) suffering from Depression b)Having flight of ideas c) Having a disorder of the content of thinking d) probably manic F,T,F,T

10) An obsession is :
a) b) c) d) A false fixed belief that cannot be corrected by logic A recurrent intrusive, absurd, thought Can lead the person to perform compulsive acts Can occur in normal people but doesn't reach a pathological level


11) Neurotransmitter dyfunctions alleged to be res~onsible for Anxiety disorders include:
a) Dysregulation b)Dysregulation c) Dysregulation d) Dysregulation F,T,T,F of Dopamine of Norepinephrine of Serotonin of Acetyl Choline

12) The following criteria are essential for the diagnosis of Addiction:
a) Compulsive subustance taking behavior b)Withdrawal symptoms c) Evidence of tolerance d) The use of drug is upon medical indication T,T,TF

13- Mood stabilizers:
abcdare used for both ttt and prophylaxis of bipolar disorders are usually teratogenic include carbamazepine include tricyclic antidepressants


14- ~erceiving known as:

oneself or one's body as different,


unreal or unfamiliar is

derealization hallucination illusion depersonalization


15- Disorders of Attention include:
abcdhyperprosexia Hypermnesia Distractability Dream like states


16- A bi~olar ~atient in a manic e~isode may ~resent with the following sym~toms
abcddysphoric mood Depersonalization Distractability low self esteem



tfealt yolt droallt

17- among the extra ~:iramidal side effects of anti~s:ichotic drugs the following are considered emergenc:i:
abcdacute dystonia tardive dyskinesia Neuroleptic Malignant syndrome Akathezia


18- Disharmon:i between ex~ressed affect and the associated thought or situation
abcdEcstasy Blunted affect lability of affect Inappropriate affect


19- suicide occurs more often in :
abcdmales younger people married persons unemployed


20- Diurnal variation is usuall:i seen in the following disorders:
a- major depression b- sexual dysfunction c- substance abuse d- delirium


21- Pressureof s~eech ( volubilit:i
a- Manic states b- Alcohol withdrawal c- Anxiety states d- Schizophrenia

1 is noticed


T, F, F ,F

22- Thefollowing s:im~toms and signs are reguired for the diagnosis of Obsessive Com~ulsive Disorder
a- Previous exposure to a severe trauma (e.g rape) b- Recurrent, intrustive , absurd, distressing thoughts or images c- Auditory hallucinations d- Repetitive acts to reduce inner anxiety


23- The ~s:ichotro~ic drug Halo~eridol is :
abcdA Dopamine recepior blocker Useful in Schizophrenia Used in the treatment of anxiety Associated with Parkinsonian like symptoms as side effects


24- Gatewa:i substances include:
a- Alcohol b- Cannabinoids c- Opiates d- Nicotine




yO ...


25- When sl2eech is normal in amount but conve:ts little meaningful information, this could 120intto :
abcdThe presence of a biopolar mood disorder A panic attack Poverty of the content of speech The presence of an Obsession


26- EeTis indicated in :
abcdSuicidal patients Generalized anxiety disorder Catatonic patients Conversion hysteria


27- Factors associated with an increased risk of suicide include:
abcdTerminal Cancer Conversion disorder Substance abuse Being married


28- Ol2ioid Withdrawal manifests b:t :
abcdConstipation Muscle and joints pains Pin point pupils Respiratory depression


29- Vascular Dementia differs from Alzheimer's Dementia is being:
abcdMore frequent Associated with early lateralizing signs Having a more steadily deteriorating course Having an earlier age of onset


30- The following are drugs of Abuse or Del2endence :
abcdFluoxetine Imiparmine Diazepam Barbiturates


31- Akathesia :
abcdIs a distressing side effect of benzodiazpines Is a distressing side effects of phenothiazines Mainly presents with restless walking Is a feature on mania


32 Delusions and Hallucinations occur in the following disorders:
abcdGeneralized Anxiety Disorder Biopolar Disorder Dysthymia Schizophrenia


33-A 70 :tears old l2atient I2resenting with disturbed memor:t, clouding of awareness, fear, anxiet:t and insomnia could be suffering from:
a- Dementia b- Panic Disorder c- Depression


tfealt yolt droallt

d- Delirium

F,F,F,T 34- Tricyclic Antidepressants

have the following side effects:


Prolongation of QT interval in the ECG Dryness of the mouth Blurring of vision Parkinson's like symptoms

T,T,T,F 35- Circumstantiality is:
a- A disorder of thought content b- Often seen in obsessive patients c- A disorder of the stream of thinking d- A disorder where there is a rapid flight of ideas


Medad Team Notes of Medad Team 08

Clinical Surgery for 6



Detailed Lectures of professor Aly Hassib

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1It0lil Ilia,.

yo.. dlilallt

you can check the following:
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I.C.I. ExaHl ol41h spacial
1- in neurole~tic Malignant syndrome
abcdR.F. More common in Cold weather CPK low Hypothermia T,F,F,F

2- Pa~l~itation , dys~nea and fear in:
a. Abuse of drugs b. ECGis a must c. Mania F,F,F

3- Ty~es of Schizo~hrenia include:
a. b. c. d. Residual Bipolar Paranoid Depression


4- Psychotic drugs related emergency:
a. b. c. d. Postural hypotension Vision blurring Parkinsonism Acute dystonia


5- Etiology of Psychiatric diseases are:
a. Biological b. Psychological c. Environment related T,T,F

6- GAD Generalized Anxiety Disorder:
a. b. c. d. -ve thoughts Hallucinations and Dellusions TTT is physiotherapy Non autonomic


7- Major de~ressive disorder:
a. b. c. d. More in males Non genetic Exclusively life stressors Anxiety disorder


8- Lithium:
a. Salt b. Antidepressant c. Mood stabilizer d. Monthly monitoring T,F,T,T

9- Catatonic:
a. Echopraxia T

10- Trycyclic antidepressant can cause:
a. Sexual dysfunction T

11- Manic disorders:
a. b. c. d. Mutism Irritable Hyperactive Expansive mood


12- Delirium:
a. Increased in extremes of ages b. Chronic disease c. Memory affection T,F,T

13- Panic ttt is:
a. b. c. d. Tricyclic antidepressant drugs Benzodiazepenes Mood stabilizers Dopamine and serotonin blockers


14- Suicide:
a. Middle age T

15- Major depression
a. b. c. d. Delusion and hallucination Psychotherapy alone ECT Doesn't require hospital


16- Akathezia:
a. Controlled by Bezodiazepenes b. Controlled by BB c. Motor restlessness T,T,T

17- Hospital with:
a. b. c. d. Recent suicidal attempt Violence Panic GAD


Medad Team Notes of Medad Team 12
00",111(180011 •••

Clinical Surgery for 6 year Detailed Lectures of professor Aly Hassib


Psychiatry Exam of 5th special

Recall of information within seconds of presentation to the individual is considered:
To be a test for attention Remote memory Hypermnesia Immediate memory

abcdT ,F,F,T

Anxietl: disorders include
Panic disorder Dysthymia Delusional disorder Post traumatic stress disorder


A patient with high fever. rigiditl: high CPKand with history of pSl:chotic drug use mal: be suffering from:


Drug allergy Neuroleptic malignant syndrome Akathesia Dystonia


Sl:mptoms of anxietl: include
Palpitation Tremors Depressed mood Anhedonia


Tricl:clic antidepressant have the following side effects:
Extrapyramidal side effects Dryness of mouth Constipation Parkinsonian like symptoms

abcdT,F,F,F g)

In social phobia
speaking in public is often avoided going out alone is avoided high places is avoided Dirty objects are avoided

A disorder involving episodes of distinct pathological changes in mood for extended periods of time could be:
abcdMood disorder Conversion disorder Psychosomatic disorder Schizophrenia


fAa,. yo .. dl'oallf




disorders has the following


Prominent mood symptoms occurs with schizophrenic symptoms Has the same features as bipolar disorder Is characterized by flat affect Has a depressive and bipolar subtypes



drug "halogeridol"

Is a D2 receptor blocker Useful in schizophrenia Used in ttt of anxiety Associated with parkinsonian like symptoms



The following


are considered

an emergency

Panic attack An excited patient Lithium toxicity Conversion attack




Is more common in males Doesn't show lateralizing signs Shows only involutional changes in CT Is often associated with hypertension


Side effects of EeT include:
abcdF,F,T,T Hypertension Elevation of liver enzymes Transient short term memory impairment Confusion

m) Agoraghobia
abcdF,T,T,F Is fear of speaking in public Can occur alone or with panic disorder Is fear of being alone in an open place Is associated with schizophrenia


abcdF,F,T,F Is less severe than major depression Means double personality Is a psychotic disorder Has no genetic base


tfealt yolt droallt

"Psychiatry Exam"
i-The diagnosis of Major Depression requires:
a) b) c) d) The presence of either depressed mood or anhedonia as essential criteria. Presence of symptoms should be verified by a biological reason. The presence of a distressing before the onset. Continuation of the symptoms for at least 2 weeks.

2- The pharmacological treatment of psychotic symptoms requires:
a) b) c) d) The The The The blockage of dopamine receptors in the nigrostriatal pathway. blockage of adrenaline receptors in the cortex. blockage of dopamine receptors in the cortex. prevention of reuptake of dopamine in the cortex.

3- In panic disorders, panic attacks occur:
a) b) c) d) Due to exposure to a fearful situation. Secondary to problems in the patient's life. With no apparent reason. Due to over activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

4- Suicide risk is higher in:
a) b) c) d) Females. Married people. Unemployed. Older age.

5- Withdrawal symptoms of opioids include:
a) b) c) d) Hypersomnia Constipation Irritability Rhinorrhea

6- The following are common causes of delirium:
a) b) c) d) Major depression Hepatic failure Fever Post surgical

7- The following psychiatric disorders are commonly encountered in the Emergency Room:
a) b) c) d) Conversion disorders Obsessive compulsive disorder Delirium Dysthymia

8- A 34 years-old secretary climbs 12 flights of stairs everyday to reach her office because she is terrified by the thought of being trapped in the elevator. The diagnosis could be:
a) b) c) d) Post traumatic stress disorder Generalized anxiety disorder Specific phobia Agoraphobia

9- ECTis indicted in:
a) b) c) d) Severe major depression Obsessive compulsive disorder Delirium Catatonic schizophrenia

10- A lady coming to the ERwith mutism following a fight with her husband be suffering from:
a) b) c) d) Reactive depression Major depression Conversion disorder Hypochondriasis

11- Violence is more likely to occur in:
a) b) c) d) Most psychiatric problem Manic patients Under intoxication of substance abuse. In delirium

12- Among the neurological side effects neuroleptics the following are considered emergencies:
a) b) c) d) Tardive Dyskinesia Parkinsonian side effects Acute dystonia Akathesia

13- For the diagnosis of bipolar I disorders, the patient's past history should include:
a) b) c) d) At least one episode of mania At least one episode of major depression Both 2 or more episodes of each

a) b) c) d)


A disorder of thought content Often seen in obsessive patients A disorder of the stream of thinking A disorder of attention

15- Obsessions are:
a) b) c) d) Recurrent, persistent thoughts, images or impulses. Thought insertion A disorder of the form of thought False fixed beliefs

16- Delusions and hallucinations:
a) b) c) d) Can be caused by certain metabolic disorders Can occur in Major depression disorder Can occur in bipolar I Disorder Are present in withdrawal of certain drugs abuse

17-Etiology in psychiatry:
a) b) c) d) Is exclusively due to social circumstances Is mainly biological Is based on a bio-psycho-social model Has a strong genetic base

lS-Dementia is:
a) b) c) d) A functional mental disorder An anxiety disorder A disorder that involves global cognitive deterioration A disorder that can be reversible in minority of cases

19-The following substances can cause dependence:
a) b) c) d) Cannabinoids Benzo diazepins Nueroleptics Nicoine

20- Paranoid Schizophrenia shows:
a) b) c) d) Inappropriate affect Catatonic stupor Thought blocking Delusion of persecution

21- Neurotransmitter Depression include:
a) b) c) d) Dysregulation Dysregulation Dysregulation Dysregulation

dysfunctions alleged to be responsible for Major

of dopamine of norepinephrine of Serotonin of Acetyl-choline

22- A patient with high fever. rigidity. high CPK with history of psychotropic drug use may be suffering from of:
a) b) c) d) a) b) c) d) Drug allergy Neuroleptic Malignant syndrome Akathesia Dystonia Prolactin elevation Dryness of the mouth Constipation Parkinson's like symptoms

23- Tricylic antidepressants have the following side effects:

24- A patient with conversion disorder:
a) b) c) d) Is usually faking the symptoms Show indifference despite of the seriousness of the symptoms Unconsciously needs a secondary again. Have an underlying emotional conflict

25- Side effects of ETC include:
a) b) c) d) Hypertension Elevation of liver enzymes Transient short term memory impairment Confusion

26- Hospitalization is indicated in:
a) b) c) d) Patient's with conversion symptoms Patient's with hypochondriasis Manic patients Panic disorder

27- A person who believes wrongly that someone is poisoning is suffering from
a) b) c) d) Delusion Delusion Delusion Delusion of of of of sin Grandeur reference persecution

28- Obsessive compulsive disorder:
a) b) c) d) Is an anxiety disorder Usually has an early onset Can be treated by cognitive behavioral therapy Doesn't respond to pharmacological treatments

29- Social phobia:
a) b) c) d) Involves excessive fear of speaking in public Is fear of embarrassment Is fear of height Is part of panic disorders

30- Medication group that are useful in treating panic disorder include:
a) b) c) d) Tricyclic antidepressants Benzodiazipines Antihistaminics Dopamine receptor blockers

31- A bipolar patient in a manic episode may be present with the following symptoms:
a) b) c) d) Dysphoric mood Depersonalization Distractibility Low self steem

32- Psychotherapy:
a) b) c) d) Is an excessive concern about disease Need a lot of training Has a biological bas of action Is mainly psychoanalysis

33- Hypochondriasis
a) b) c) d) Is an excessive concern about disease Is a chronic disorder Is characterized by a sudden loss of neurological function. Represents another underlying psychological problem.

34- When a person perceives himself, his body or a part of his body as different or unreal, he is probably suffering from:
a) b) c) d) Hallucinations Depersonalization Derealization An obsession

35- Stressors that can cause post traumatic stress disorder include:
a) b) c) d) Divorce Financial problems Rape War


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