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Math has evolved from the prehistoric ages till date as the medium of communion to all. Its implications are so broad and nebulous that it would be insane to raise any question on its collective worth. Humans depend on maths for the simplest of happenings to the greatest discoveries and innovations. Maths has always been an integral part of our lives. From the replacement of the barter system to the exploration of outer space , it is Math that ought to be creditted. Maths is used in almost every field ranging from science to arts, music, economics, astronomy, business etc. The list goes on. There are no barriers of language, culture or race when it comes to interpreting Maths. One plus one is two for a Ghanian or an Arabian, male or female, western or eastern. Maths is indeed the real universal language. Math is that medium through which every creature communicates, interprets and can relate to. It does not take rocket science for a dog to know if one of its puppies is missing nor does it require a PHD for an infant to choose five candies instead of two. So, Math is the language that everyone can grasp and furturmore, make the best practical use by applying it to day to day life. We eat, sleep and walk in Maths. For instance, Where would the world head to had BODMAS, the basic principles of addition, substraction and division not been realized? Even the ancient people used Math by dividing their hunted food amongst themselves. Then how can we the so called superior beings neglect Maths that never ever ceases to amaze us? Maths turns complexity into simplicity. The formulae and derivatives of Maths turn pages of tedious solutions into simple workings. To illustrate: the pythagorus theorem can save ample time and effort as we can easily calulate the lenght of missing side of any right angled triangle . If this were to be done in experiment, a lot of enerfy would uneccessarily be wasted. Today, the Eiffel Tower stands as it is because of its stucture which is again the gift of Geometry. Even nature makes use of Maths. The patterns of day and night, the rotation and revolution of the earth, the series of constellations all imply Maths. Da Vinci had said,God used Maths. Burdrantt Rusell introduced philosophy into Maths. If we look at the pattern of Febonacci series and then divide the numbers from back we get the divine proportion called phy. This phy is the ratio of male to female ants in the ant colony, female to male ratio in any bee hive, the length of waist to the body, the pattern of shells of a crab or even the rings in a sunflower. These illustrations clearly justify Math as a powerful tool, so powerful that perhaps it is God or if not at least as superior as God. The opponents of the afforementioned views may argue on the limitedness of Math. But does Math have any limits? Off course not. The world is ruled by it. It is used in Physics, it is used in protons and electrons, statistics is the basis for financial analysis, Geometry fosters architecture. Music would be meaningless without the right compositions and tunes of vibration. Astronomy, satellites, telescopes, space exploration, measurements all require Maths. Game theory of Maths can be used to predict the future. Solar and lunar eclipsea are predictions of Maths. Probability is used while gambling. Through centuries Math has served mankind as a faithful slave. It is difficult to fatom a world without it. Come heel or high waters, Math is the base for our lives, it is the fabric of our life.. It has

contributed drastically in boosting mans ability to think and reason with logic. Math is often argued to be very hard but Math in itself is not hard for its objective itelf is to make things simpler. One need not be a cryptology major to understand basic Math. Besides, if it is taught properly it can be fun as well as an entralling experience for many young minds. Taking the dogmatic approach of disregarding Math will lead one to nowhere. It would simply be like trying to cross the rubicon. We may be able to communicate without a spoken language but not without Math.The value of Math is so varied and substantial that it has undoubtedly become the universal language, the real universal language. -SAMIKSHYA SIWAKOTI