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Hosting continues to be a year-round proposition, so we ask you all to “speak AFS” and talk about your personal experiences to help others understand the importance of peace, person by person. Now more than ever, we need to be building bridges. I had the pleasure of attending the Thai Volunteer Conference in Bangkok, as a delegate from the Northwest. It was an amazing experience and I have my own host family, now. I am very grateful to you all for giving me this opportunity. I hope I have the chance to share my photos and wonderful stories sometime soon. For the current hosting crunch, we need to move quickly to identify at least welcome families for the students before Christmas. Won’t you consider hosting or asking a friend to host, even temporarily? Regarding Thailand: Everything any student ever said about “life-changing experiences” is right! My host family, Sopon, Cherry and Kuang (my “sister’s name means deer) Penpinun were such a welcoming and wonderful family. We cried when we said goodbye, after only one week! The Thai staff and volunteers were amazing. Thai hospitality is quite incredible and the recognition process for the volunteers is something to be emulated! We were able to dance and sing with the man who composed the AFS Song—‘Walk Together, Talk Together’--slightly different version than we’re used to, (more jazzy) In a room of 500+ volunteers singing and holding hands—it was a moving experience. Here is a photo of our new AFS-USA president Margaret Crotty singing with Thai dignitaries. It was awesome and it infuses me with new enthusiasm. Let’s work on these placements and spread the word. AFS Thailand could send us twice as many students as they do (they have 10 applicants for every spot they award) and they could host twice as many Americans—they have families waiting in the wings! Quite an amazing operation! West Side Students: Soccer and football have ended, swim team has begun. We have many students involved in Key club, drama, international club, (see Beaverton High School photo on Diversity Assembly Day) and language clubs. Joining clubs is one of the best ways to get to know other students. Try it, you’ll like it! AFS has been invited to field a team of exchange students to compete in the annual World Quest Knowledge Competition the end of February. This is a great opportunity for AFS exchange students to demonstrate their global knowledge! World Quest Global Knowledge Competition is sponsored by the World Affairs Council. Check out the website and if you are interested, give me a call. We would like to have four competitors and four “understudies” to coach and challenge during our practices. We have coaches willing to work with the students to prepare for the Global Challenge. cation/events.php WorldQuest is an exciting international competition for high school students, that takes place at Lewis & Clark in February each year. This friendly team competition for knowledge about world affairs was initiated by the World Affairs Councils of America in 2003. The ten rounds of questions also include a regional cultural immersion during the dinner hour. The winners of the competition travel to Washington, D.C. for the national event in April.    Sally Ann, Interim Hosting Coordinator 



Sally Ann Wells – AFS Thailand 2007


THE CHAIR REPORT – Bonnie Richardson‐Kott 
We Will Miss Regional Director, Barbara Bernstein We recently learned that our AFS Western Regional Director, Barbara Bernstein, has stepped down from her position and we are all very sad to see her go. Barbara, the volunteers of the Columbia Pacific Area Team will miss you! 60 Year Anniversary This year marks the 60th anniversary for AFS and we celebrated with our own cozy event at McMenamins Edgefield on November 18. We had a great time chatting with folks. It was really fantastic to hear some of the stories of our earliest AFS returnees who traveled abroad by taking a cross country train to the east coast and then hopping on a boat (yes, a boat!) for several weeks on their way to Europe. AFS Returnee and super volunteer Christy Mueller put together the 60 year celebration and she did a fantastic job. Thank you Christy! If there are any returnees out there who would like to reconnect with AFS, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at

Help Us Find Host Families As a volunteer for AFS, I think it permeates everything my family does. For Halloween this year, we handed out chocolates and bubble gum and …AFS hosting postcards. For each little bumblebee and Jedi knight and pirate, we told them, “Happy Halloween and look into hosting an exchange student!” Some of them responded with a curious look and some of the older high school kids responded with a “cool” and a smile. With the grapefruits we purchased through our Annual AFS fundraiser, we plan to give some of our grapefruits to our neighbors and friends for the holidays with a little AFS flier. I know that sometimes it is hard for most of us to out right ask people to host an exchange student, but there are ways to get the information about AFS out to the people we know. We are expecting several students to arrive for the semester program in January 2008 and we are looking for host families for those students. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a pool of families just waiting to host one of these students? Perhaps the little bumblebee’s parents will see that AFS postcard and wonder what it would be like to invite a student from Malaysia to come live in their home, just like that family down the street did last year…. Bonnie Richardson, Columbia Pacific Area Team Chair



The International Living Room
During a recent address at the World Peace Forum in New York City, J. Brian Atwood, Chairperson of the AFS International Board of Trustees, gave some inspiring words on the subject of peace. "The best way to acquire (peace) is to see the world through the eyes of others...Go forward and offer your personal testimony; advocate for peace through understanding. And, if they call you an idealist, smile serenely and accept the praise. What the world needs is a good deal more idealism in the cause of peace!" Consider opening your home to an Exchange Student as one tangible way you and your family can to contribute to peace and understanding in the world. AFS is currently interviewing families who are interested in hosting beginning January 2008. 



Treasurers Report
As volunteers, we all give to AFS in many forms – mostly through our time helping students. We recognize that many volunteers drive long distances when they work for AFS and with the rising gas prices, we know this is becoming increasingly more expensive. We encourage you to keep track of your mileage and other non-reimbursed expenses because you may be able to write these off on your tax returns (bearing in mind I’m not a tax consultant and can’t give advice so please consult your tax preparer/accountant on this one). For some of the things volunteers do, our local Area Team and local chapters will reimburse those volunteers. For expenses that you would like to request reimbursement for, please visit the volunteer section of the web site,, download the expense report, and mail it to me at the address on the bottom of the form. Thanks so much for all you do! James Spears, Columbia Pacific Area Team Treasurer

Returnees are a tremendous resource for AFS. Each individual returnee can be an advisor, an advocate, and an ambassador for global peace. Returnees inherit a binding relationship to the AFS family by virtue of participation. They embody the AFS legacy, and help keep alive its tradition for future generations. Returnees are the center, the beating heart of AFS, linked to the organization for life. Diane and Les Zoller have been selling grapefruit for the Lake Oswego chapter for years. Their daughter is an AFS returnee. Last year, Les stated that his goal for 2007 would be 100 boxes. To date, they have sold and delivered over 105 boxes to fellow employees, church members, and friends. Les also gifts boxes to some of his clients. Thank you both for your continued support for our programs and for producing more than 1/3 of our sales. Thank you also to the many community members who have been buying grapefruit for years. Lorie James



  Reconnect today! Please stay connected and involved. We need you! AFS is a volunteer-driven organization and there are many ways that you can make a great difference without committing a lot of time – you can mentor high school students, make presentations in your community or write an article for your high school or local paper. We encourage you to share your stories and to get involved. Please email and our returnee coordinator Lynette Ledgerwood will contact you ASAP.


Hina ‐ India 
The world is one, For all of us. We should be proud, To be the part of it. We should work, To see the world for one. All standing hand in hand, All we need is the determination. Then we shall overcome it, Then there would not be The name of “WAR” And we will live in the world of “PEACE”. By Hina, India


Pendleton Round‐Up – Olga S. 
I really liked our trip to a Rodeo in Pendleton. I've never been on such interesting and exciting thing before (and my country, Kazakhstan doesn't have something like this). I think the most interesting part of this event was "Happy Canyon" play. For me it's a very important part, because that play was about Native Americans and about history. It was a cultural thing. After all we had a disco with country and modern music - so, it was unusual, but fun - we could hang out with other students and communicate with them. Rodeo was the most exciting part, I think. There were wonderful horses (I like horses and horseback-riding) and scary bulls. And you probably know the feeling when your heart is beating faster because you're excited and worried at the same time!? I felt so! Also, there was a parade. And it was something new for me - I've never been to parades before: different people, different costumes, any horses, flowers, candies =) Also we've seen Princesses: Indian Princess and Cowboy Princess 2007. The one thing that I didn't like was sometimes it was cold. But in general, I liked everything, everything was linked to culture and I've learnt and seen many new things. Sincerely, Olga S., Kazakhstan


Pendleton Round‐Up – Olga T.
“Trip to Pendleton round-up with group of AFS students was just fascinating! And there are couple reasons for that. All of us had a chance to participate in typically American event, learn more about cowboy competitions and Native Americans. And we all were together, enjoying an incredible mixture of cultures and making new friends. On the first day of our trip we visit a round-up. We saw all kinds of cowboy competitions: bareback riding, calf roping, ream roping, steer roping, steer wrestling, bull riding and races. It some times hard to believe that person can be so skillful to do all these things. They must have practiced really hard. And in the end of the show were American Indian ceremonial dance and a little parade. I enjoyed their national costumes a lot! We also have a chance to visit a tipi village and buy some Indian handcrafts. But I think the most interesting part was the evening Happy Canyon Show. We could see a piece of Oregon history, observe it from Native American times up to appearance of western towns. The next day parade summed up everything we saw. So now we have a whole picture of things going on during the roundup. This experience will stay with us for all our life.” Olga T., Ukraine


International Week – Youssra, Egypt
The international education week was very good. I liked it so much. I was very happy because I presented my country to a lot of people. Now adults and kids know about my country and they saw a lot of pictures. I was very happy because the audience was very excited and loved the presentation a lot and asked a lot of questions. Now I know a lot of students and they know me through this presentation. I liked AFS activities. They are very fun to do like helping to decorate the float of AFS at the Starlight parade. Through that, a lot of people in my town now know about AFS Exchange program. We also decorated the tree of AFS at the festival of trees. It was very good thing to do. Youssra, Egypt 

Maria Natalia – Japan &Paraguay
  Hello    !  My name is Maria Natalia. I am half Japanese and half Paraguayan. I have lived in Japan 17 years and last year I  moved to Paraguay. I was 11 month in Paraguay before I came  here. As you can see in the global map, Japan and Paraguay  are on opposite sides of the world. It was surprising how different they are. I feel the United States is some where  between Japan and Paraguay's culture. That was the opposite  of what I expected. Surely, I think that the reason is because  United States is a country of mixed and various cultures. It's the  very interesting thinking of and differences and likenesses of the cultures, thinking way, act various thing of the 3 countries.  I am enjoying the life in United States and I am really happy to  come here and be the member of this family. I am very excited  about Christmas! Mom is taking me to California !!! =D I love so much Christmas, I sing all year Christmas songs. I am  gratitude to my parents to give me the opportunity to come  here. I want to make the most of everyday.  
Maria Natalia, Japan/Paraguay


Lights Parade – Olga, Ukraine
On Thanksgiving break not only we had no school and wonderful diners with our families chance to participate in a Lights Parade. The parade is an annually held event in The Dalles. It is confined to the Thanks giving and the beginning of Christmas time. It was hard to say whether there were more Christmas or Thanksgiving floats. Everything was pretty much mixed up, but audience enjoyed the parade. In spite of the chilly almost winter weather; many people came to watch the show. The AFS float was made as a world map with lights in the places, where students went or came from for exchange. Standing on the flout for almost couple hours was a bit of a challenge, but warm smiles and hand waving of the audience made that experience unforgettable. Olga, Ukraine

Thanksgiving 2007 – Aditya, Indonesia
Assalamu'alaikum, I'd like to give my story on thanksgiving day: I had a school off for a week, My host family and I were busy to prepare thanksgiving day, My mom had made a schedules and job list for us, I got jobs to load firewood, clean up my bed and bathroom, rake the leaves, sweep our deck, sweep the floor, and make the "Campbell's Green Bean" that I've never done before (but people said that my food was pretty good). I also helped the workers who were working on our small apartment in our house, I helped them to do easy jobs, such as filling the holes on the wall, clean up window sills, painting window sills, and sweep bathroom's floor. Afterward, on that day I was really glad because they (the worker/contractor) gave me some money. It was pretty much!!!! Anyway, my dad and mom told me about the history of thanksgiving day, I was interested to listen up, probably we have the same day in Indonesia, but different name, we call "Syukuran", In Syukuran we usually eat yellow rice or nasi tumpeng, but here, I could eat giant chicken (turkeys), we had two big turkeys, and until now, we still have the rest of them. My mom had invited her sister and cousin, some friends, and my sister's cousins. My host aunt is really nice, she gave me a bunch of clothes to keep me warm upcoming winter, she has two sons who got scholarship for their college, because they were great swimmers, One of them has gone to the state championships. On Thanksgiving day, we had about 17 people in our house, and at that time, I asked to interrupt the party for a second, I showed my IEW presentation about Indonesia and Islam. First, I opened my presentation by introducing myself in Indonesian language, then asked the audiences to repeat and introduce themselves in Indonesian. Second, I showed the map of Indonesia, explained about the ultimate varieties in Indonesia, showed the traditional dress (BATIK), and I also brought my traditional dress from my town, I wore it and showed them how to wear, they were excited, and one of them was interested in BLANGKON (traditional cap). Third, I showed them about JARANAN's properties (traditional dance), WAYANG (shadow puppet), and also gave them some pictures and some articles of Indonesia and Java. Last, I showed them about how to pray in Islam, how to use SARUNG, and how to do PURIFICATION (wudhu). Finally, I got big appreciation of them, and they were really excited. Afterward, we played cards together till 10.00 pm. Finally, sadly, thanksgiving day was over. Last but not the least, on Sunday (the end of the Thanksgiving break), my family and I went to the Davis Cup carnival event, where we ended up playing tennis on a small court and we met with four Team USA players, Andy Roddick, James Blake and the Bryan twins, and their coach. It was so amazing!!!!!! Wassalamu'alaikum Wr Wb Aditya, Indonesia


Veterans Day Parade – Vancouver, WA
Twenty Four AFS students, visiting teachers and volunteers walked in the annual Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, 11/10/07, in Vancouver WA. Carrying the AFS banner is Robert Dodd, veteran ambulance driver in Burma during WW II, and volunteers Sally Ann Wells and Barbara Florence. Students and teachers carried their country flags, making a delightful and colorful display.


Jessie, Denmark  

I love being an exchange student…
After living in the United States for four months now, I realize how much I’ve changed for the better since I arrived. I’ve become more open to other cultures, to other opinions, and have become more self confident. I love being a foreign exchange student, every day is a new adventure, I love getting up in the morning and I’m and constantly excited for what will happen “tomorrow”. I’ve also become very curious of other countries and cultures, if it were up to me, I’d be a foreign exchange student for life and go to a different country every year, because it is so much more than going on vacation, being a tourist, seeing the famous sights, it’s understanding cultures and why they have evolved like they have. I wish I could visit every country in the world. I’ve been very lucky of what host family chose me, and I now feel completely at home with them. A lot of things are different from what I was used to when I came. My school before had about 500 students from kinder garden class through tenth grade, and now I go to a high school with 1,700 students over four grades. It was definitely overwhelming the first couple of days, but now I’ve gotten used to it and actually enjoy being in a larger school. Being an exchange student is the best choice I’ve ever made. I’m having the time of my life.

Jessie, Denmark


Hina, India

“The Big Dream Which Has Come True”
Hello! Welcome to my small world. You would wonder why I said “My World”. It is because I consider my state as my world. It is like when a baby thinks that there is nothing outside his home, school and society. But as he grows up he come to know that the world does not have limit as he thought. It is like a desire of a person which never comes to any end. Or like the sky which has not limits of its own. Sorry I am totally out of my topic. So let’s talk about my dream. It was always my dream to see other countries and learn their cultures as well as languages. Of course it is the grace of lord and my parents. But I can never forget the hard work of my teacher as well. I am here because of my school ( JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA) in INDIA; which gave me the golden opportunity to come here and be an exchange student. I am also thankful for AFS (YES) for being my host program and support me every time. After coming here, I’ve done so many things. Like community services, celebrating festivals, helping out in making peace tree and going out on float parade. I enjoyed doing every thing. But the best were the festivals. Festivals like Halloween and Thanksgiving were all over my mind before I celebrated them. But I was in seventh heaven after celebrating them. I celebrated thanksgiving three times. Early Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving and After Thanksgiving. I enjoyed my first shower of snow. I made snow man and threw snowballs on my friends. And now for sure I am waiting for Christmas. And Santa, too. Thanks You all, Hina, INDIA (NEW DELHI) P.S. Remember “No one is perfect in this world all of us are on the way of perfection.”




Congratulations to the Newlyweds from AFS 

An AFSers Wedding…
Tedd and Rymmel Lovell were the host family for Yasu Nishi in The Dalles, Oregon 1996-1997. Yasuhiro (Yasu) and Tomoko Nashi were married October 4, 2007 in Honolulu, Hawaii. They make their home in Kyoto, Japan. Yasu works for Nike and Tomoko works for an investment firm. The Lovells were able to fly to Honolulu for the wedding and meet Yasu’s parents for the first time. It was a grand occasion and a fun time to celebrate.


Veronika – Returnee from Austria

Thank you from Austria...
My name is Veronika and I am from Austria. I turned 16 in summer right after I got home from an amazing semester in the U.S. I got the chance to stay in Camas, a small town right by the Columbia River in Washington. The time I could spend in America was an experience I will never forget in my whole life and I am sure I will tell my grand-children about it later some time. Of course, I was nervous when I left home in the beginning, because you never know what will happen there. But none of my fears became true. In fact, my stay almost turned out to be better and more exciting than I expected it to be. When I arrived at Portland Airport, there were already some really nice people (Mike & Ruth Ladage & Ron Combs) that picked me up. Not long after that I got to know my super nice host-family. I have never been able to think of a better host-family than the Luhtis were to me. After a week staying at their house I have already felt at home because they made me feel so welcomed. I was enjoying every single minute I was able to spend with them. They could understand me so well and they were so patient. I have never enjoyed going shopping so much than I did with my host-Mom and my host-sister. My host-siblings were making my stay even more pleasant:D They are so funny and I miss them a lot. Watching TV is not the same without them at all. And I loved the evenings talking to my host-Dad. Anyways, in this place I also want to thank AFS and especially its volunteers for taking so much care of me, the little Austrian :D I have never ever felt alone because I knew I would always have been able to call either my Liaison or another nice and helpful AFS volunteer. I enjoyed the AFS trips like the Pendleton round up & ski trip in January and the trip to Ashland. They were, of course some of the many highlights during the 6 months. Thank you Ron for making these trips so much fun. I hope that lots of other students will get the chance to have such a wonderful experience exploring another culture and learning another language. Thank you. Love, Veronika



Volunteering with AFS
You can’t host? More than one way to volunteer with AFS!

Level One • Pick up student(s) from the airport on arrivals day. • Write an entry for this newsletter: a memory of your AFS experience or a story from when you hosted a student, an entry about what AFS means to you, share a great idea about what to do with your students! Anything you like! • Host a tea with current hosted students or host a visit to a ballgame or the movies. Level Two • Go to your HS and offer a presentation in a classroom • Interview a prospective host family or a candidate to go abroad.

Be an "Aunt" or "Uncle" family. This means the exchange student gets together with you from time to time for a movie, a picnic, family game night. This relationship allows for the fun of meeting an exchange student, but not the pressure of hosting. Great for our visiting students too, because they get to see how other families live. Level Three • Host a student! If you are not in a position to offer a home to a student, there are many leadership opportunities for volunteers such as you! • You can lead an orientation for arriving students • You can coordinate an event • You can assist the volunteer team with cooking at mid-year events

What are you good at and enjoy doing? Do that for AFS! Hope you will get involved.


AFS Volunteers James & Tami Spears own a printer cartridge recycling company based here in the Portland Area. They have committed to matching all funds raised through their Simple Recycling program for Portland Area AFS. Please save your empty toner & inkjet cartridges and bring them to the next orientation. Empty cartridges can be worth up to $12.50 ea. To see the entire list of cartridges & their values, visit their website, (and don’t forget to double all of the prices based on their matching commitment).

  - Get empties from work.   - Ask your neighbors to give you their empties.   - Collect empties from friends & family, too.  Remember that this is an ongoing fundraiser. Bring your empties to every orientation & turn them over to James. Or, if you work for  a large company that uses a lot of cartridges, James can arrange pallet pickups anywhere here in the Portland area. If you have any  questions, feel free to call James at (503) 516-3377.    


Save your empty cartridge from home.


EASTSIDE CLUSTER NEWS The Eastside Cluster met on November 4 at the home of Deane Eure. Niklas and Elisa (Germany) made their presentations. They discussed the different types of schools in Germany and also talked about sauerkraut...and commented that not everyone likes it. Niklas brought some German sandwiches made from beef and softened bread, which were very good. Elisa brought a casserole her host mom, Marilyn Hays, made from a recipe from the cookbook she brought from Germany. Cindy Boune, Marcelo's host mom, volunteered to have the February meeting at their home. Marcelo (Paraguay) and Melody (Thailand) will do presentations. Date will be Sunday, February 16, at 3 p.m. It will be a potluck. Call Bernice (503) 775-4161 if you would like to attend.

EASTSIDE CHRISTMAS PARTY The Eastside Christmas Party was held on December 1, with 29 people present. It was a potluck and, of course, we had a lot of good food. Following dinner, Ron Combs and Mark Gardner facilitated the Christmas Bingo game and prizes were awarded to the winners. Then the big event was the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Mark Gardner was the “jolly, witty” MC. Students were given numbers and as their number came up, they were allowed to choose a gift from the middle of the floor. The next person then had the choice of picking a new gift or taking the gift from the first person. This went on for awhile and several gifts passed hands a couple times. Some of the white elephant gifts were a toy for a cat with a fuzzy animal attached, a bowling ball, a Mr. Empire bobble head, a set of thermo coffee mugs, a couple of pine cones and a coffee mug filled with candy. Fun was had by all and there were many laughs.

EVERGREEN AIR MUSEUM - Thursday, Jan. 3 Thanks to a friend who volunteers at the Evergreen Air Museum, we will get some good rates. If our group is 10 or under, cost will most likely be free. So, if you are interested, please contact me immediately by e-mail at We need to get a count as quickly as possible so we can recruit drivers. Go to the below website to find out more about the air museum. I visited it several years ago and more has added. I took two former exchange students out there a year ago, and I had a hard time getting them out of the museum. There are planes that were flown by some famous people and planes used in the 2nd World War. There are very old plains which are very unique, such as the "Spruce Goose" which was built by Howard Hughes. The deadline for registering will be December 26. If you wish, you can call me Bernice at 503 775-4161. Please bring a sack lunch. If there is a family out there who would be willing to drive, give me a call. ANOTHER EVENT - Friday, December 28 The FLEX/YES coordinators have invited the SE Cluster kids to join them at the KATU Studios (NE 21st and Sandy) at 8:15 a.m. They will be part of the audience of AM NORTHWEST. Following the station visit, we will proceed to downtown Portland and have lunch at Pioneer Place. You will be responsible for buying your own lunch (probably around $5). After lunch, we will visit the Multnomah County Courthouse and maybe sit in on a trial. We will be finished at 4 p.m. You will be responsible for your own transportation. If you have questions about transportation, please give me a call. Bernice (503) 775-4161.

A SAD MESSAGE FROM BERNICE I do not normally submit articles regarding another Area Team, but this one is very close to me. On November 21, I received a telephone call from my daughter in Redmond, Oregon informing me of the death of her husband, Bill "BJ" Fisher. Bill died suddenly of a heart attack. They are in the Pacific Cascades Area Team. He was the host dad to Nicole from Italy a couple years ago and to Mariam from Argentina a year later. I convinced him a few years ago that he should get involved with AFS in Redmond and he did just that by hosting, organizing a trip to Pendleton Roundup. and being a liaison. He also helped with interviews and convinced his brother Michael to host a Swiss girl this year. Following that phone call, I immediately went to be with my daughter, Lori. A special thanks to Garry Hays, who drove me to Redmond. While there, both Nicole and Mariam called several times. Bill, Lori and children were planning a trip to Argentina for Mariam's graduation and to spend Christmas with her. Bill had already purchased tickets. On Sat., December 15, Lori and my two grandchildren flew to Argentina. It is amazing to me the support received by Lori and the children from the community and their two former AFS students and their families. Please keep them in your prayers this holiday season. Thanks, Bernice Schuchardt



The Columbia Gorge Chapter in The Dalles has had a busy November and December. It all started with our community Starlight Parade the Friday after Thanksgiving. Our chapter float grows brighter each year as we add a light to show the country of each hosted student. We had all our students, some returnees, and host siblings home for the holidays join us for the parade.

      Youssra (Egypt) helps Jerry Kindrick with float building. Ian Day returnee from Finland brought the chapter together for a potluck supper and his country presentation on the last night of November The next day our students and parents gathered at the Pepsi Distributing Warehouse to sort grapefruit and oranges. Working together brings fun and success to our projects.

The weather is cold so we moved indoors to make our decorations and donation to the Community Festival of Trees. Proceeds from this years' event will benefit the LifeWorks Comfort Care program and the Celilo House. The LifeWorks program works to improve the quality of life for patients with chronic illnesses. The Celilo House is a safe haven for patients undergoing cancer treatment at the Celilo Cancer Center. Our AFS students enjoy giving back to the community in this way.      

Youssra (Egypt), Hina (India), and Olga (Ukraine) work on Peace Dove decorations.

Olga (Ukraine), Youssra (Egypt), Suad (Ghana) and Sue Kindrick (Host) set up tree with peace doves, flags, ornaments showing PEACE, UNITY, and FRIENDSHIP written in five languages by our five students, plus woven hearts made by Rune (Denmark)

        Youssra (Egypt), Neva & Bill Reid ($500. donation), Hina (India),  Olga (Ukraine), Rune (Denmark), not pictured Suad (Ghana). What a magical moment to begin the Holiday Season.

We wish all AFS staff, students, volunteers, and supporters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 2008



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TV STATION, COURT HOUSE & LUNCH AT PIONEER SQUARE TOUR – Contact: Maggie Friske 503‐659‐ 7958 (YES/FLEX Required activity: government/community)  JAN/FEB CHINESE/LUNAR NEW YEAR CELEBRATION – Contact: Barbara Rogers 360‐247‐5961  EVERGREEN AIR MUSEUM – Contact Bernice (503) 775‐4161  WINTER ARRIVAL  MID‐YEAR ORIENTATION – REQUIRED ACTIVITY FOR ALL  OPTIONAL SKI TRIP – Early sign‐up required.  Complete registration form in packet at orientation.   NEED parental approval form BEFORE student can go skiing.  Contact: Greg Kott  503‐771‐7977  VANCOUVER‐BATTLEGROUND CHINESE NEW YEAR PARTY  EASTSIDE CLUSTER MEETING – 3 PM Cindy Boune’s home. Potluck.  Contact Bernice (503) 775‐4161  WorldQuest Global Knowledge Competition – Contact: Sally Ann Wells 503‐452‐1868  LEWIS & CLARK INTERNATIOINAL FAIR – (YES/FLEX Required activity: diversity)  Newsletter Articles Due – Contact Tami Spears 503‐883‐9023  VANCOUVER‐BATTLEGROUND CHAPTER FUNDRAISER DINNER – Contact: Bernie  ASHLAND SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL –Optional activity EARLY SIGN‐UP REQUIRED – Contact: Ron  Combs 503‐771‐8177  PRE‐RETURN ORIENTATION – REQUIRED ACTIVITY FOR ALL – Contact: Ron Combs 503‐771‐8177  7TH ANNUAL AFS DAY AT THE ZOO  Newsletter Articles Due – Contact Tami Spears 503‐883‐9023  GRAND FLORAL PARADE  END OF STAY 

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