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Protecting our Most Valuable Asset CamperForce Safety Issue

You are the most valuable asset here at Amazon. It is vitally important that our workplace be as safe as possible. Amazon actively seeks to prevent accidents and injury to its associates by providing a safe working environment. We know that our fulfillment centers (FCs) are an industrial warehouse environment where there are inherent hazards. While not all hazards can be eliminated, we believe all hazards can be minimized by providing training, personal protective equipment, policies and procedures for safe practices, and constant diligence of every person in the building. Got questions? Send them to: Throughout our Fulfillment Centers, youll notice safety markings of vari-

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Safety Markings

Well share them in upcoming issues.

ous kinds, as well as other safety indicators. In the above photo, the green markings indicate a pedestrian walkway, while the yellow and black area indicates a caution area. Notice the yellow metal safety guard barrier and red marked area indicating a fire extinguisher location. At Safety School youll learn about these and other safety features at our facilities.

Safety is an Attitude
Campground Reservation Guidelines

Referral Info

Around the Campfire

The main topic in each of our Fulfillment Centers each day is SAFETY. Each day begins with a safety tip and stretches. The Porcelain Press is the safety newsletter packed with safety tips and safe practices posted in all of the restrooms. Safety tips are even included on the napkin holders in our break rooms! Each Fulfillment Center has a day shift and night shift Safety Com-

mittee. One of the responsibilities of the Safety Committee is completing Safety Audits and investigations into unsafe practices as well as accidents. Safety Saves is a tool that empowers each associate to immediately correct an unsafe condition anywhere in the facility. Noise levels are monitored to ensure compliance with OSHA guidelines and temperature is monitored as

well. Both Fernley and Coffeyville are climate controlled and this year, Campbellsville is expected to be climate controlled by mid -June! Water is available throughout the facility, either in refrigerators and coolers, or at fountains and in very warm weather, breaks may be extended so you can spend extra time in an airconditioned environment. These are a few examples of Amazons commitment to safety.


Safety Fast 5
In the fulfillment center, safety is our #1 concern. Our Associates are the most valuable part of our building, and it is our priority to ensure that know how to perform processes in the safest way possible. Use your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): We equip you with the right tools needed to perform your job in the safest way possible. We expect that youll do your part and take advantage of them! Wear your orange safety vest at all times, use your gloves when handling wooden pallets, and whip out that step stool to retrieve that hard-to-reach item. Pay attention in school!...Safety School, that is! Our trainers make this lesson as fun as it is informative! Here you will learn how to safely lift heavy items, handle carts, and use proper body mechanics. Be aware of your surroundings: Forever buzzing with activity, the floor makes for a very exciting place! Amidst the hustle and bustle, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Always look both ways before crossing a PIT-zone, stay in pedestrian areas, and be cognizant of the actions of those nearby. Ask for help: It is imperative that we work as a team. We lean on each other daily. Have a question? Dont be afraid to ask! Need help lifting? ? Ask your neighbor for help! Be proactive: Everybody plays a role in safety!

Safety signage is placed so you can fully understand various markings.

Our Mission:

To be Earth's most customercentric company where people can find and discover anything they want to buy online.

Important Contact Information

2654 N. Highway 169 Coffeyville, KS 67337 (620) 464-2265 (620) 464-2123 fax

1050 S. Columbia Ave. Campbellsville, KY 42718 (270) 849-2604 (270) 849-2701 fax

1600 E. Newlands Drive Fernley, NV 89408 775-575-8045 (775) 575-8058 fax

CamperForce Benefits
Throughout each facility Amazon uses various floor markings to indicate usage and function.

Complimentary Campsites
One great benefit Amazon provides is complimentary campsites for its CamperForce associates! Your campsite is available two days prior to your start date and one day following your scheduled departure date. At Campbellsville & Coffeyville utilities are included. In Fernley, electric usage is your own responsibility. Well provide a list of available campgrounds so you can make your reservation as soon as possible.







News From Each Site


Fernley News Flash

Here at Amazon, the rate of growth is often astounding. A recent example is the busy week we are currently experiencing: With Mothers Day around the corner, our building has been challenged with a tremendous amount of orders to fill. The HR department has even found itself on the floor a couple times this week to assist on the Pack lines! Naturally, with astounding growth comes astounding change, and RNO1 is certainly no exception to this rule. To keep up with our buildings continual growth, we continuously evaluate ways to better serve our Associates and thus, our customers. One such change is that as of May, RNO1 has fully implemented Paperless Payroll, meaning that we no longer hand out live checks to our Associates. What does this mean for you? When you arrive on site, you can elect to receive your pay via direct deposit, or through an automated pay card. Not only will this change make your life easier, but it will also help save a few trees in the process! Another exciting change is that our HR department is in the midst of relocating from the front offices out onto the warehouse floor! We think this will help us better support Operations and our Associates by being more available and approachable during the day. Be sure to look out for our friendly faces throughout Peak! We are here to help YOU have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience with us!

Campbellsville Corner
This month we want to share a little about some of the changes taking place this season at Campbellsville. As you know, Amazon constantly seeks new ways to refine processes so that our customers are better served. As a result, changes have been made in the way we get product to our Receive team, resulting in improvements to our Receive process. Another change thats been made is the re-vamping of C-2,3,4 as a better and more spacious environment for our High Risk merchandise. An improvement thats been some time in coming and should be in place prior to your arrival is the installation of Climate Control! Installation is currently scheduled for mid-to late May and is expected to take approximately 10 weeks to complete.We are installing these cooling units in an effort to ensure our work place is safe and to will help minimize the impact of high heat and humidity in our facility. While these cooling units will make our environment more comfortable, it wont be like airconditioning in your home. Its still a warehouse environment , and your comfort is subject to external factors, such as opening of bay doors, ceiling height, etc. For those of you who joined us in previous years and are arriving earlier this year, you should notice a difference for the better temperature-wise this season! When you arrive this year know that while most things will look familiar, change is happening all around us! You can have a part in change as well. See a way a process can be improved? Tell us and well consider it!

Coffeyville Chronicle
One of the best connections that Amazon has to our CamperForce associates is our high-hiring bar. CamperForce associates come to their assignments with years of life experience, dedication and ethic. This has been a tremendous benefit to our Customers and their holiday experience with Amazonyear after year! Full time Amazonians get excited about the ramp up to the arrival of the CamperForce, knowing that they can count on each one to fulfill the increase in orders with great quality in their production. Management at Amazon listens, learns and accepts feedback from the CamperForce knowing it is backed with years of solid work history, trouble shooting and problem solving. We are very proud to be associated with the RVing community at the Kansas Fulfillment Center and look forward to another record-breaking Peak Season! You truly are a valuable asset to Amazon and its Customers, and when the orders start pouring in, youre a force to be reckoned with! Within the past 3 weeks, we have seen some positive changes to our fulfillment services warehouse in Coffeyville. In those few, short weeks, 51 permanent cooling units were added by helicopter and have already begun to climate control our FC. With actual air temperatures reaching the triple digit mark many times last season, we see this as a huge success! Some additional changes have included the acquisition of new talent in Coffeyville. Upwards of 15 new leaders will be helping to assist in learning process paths this season!

Volume I, Issue 4

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Campground Reservation Guidelines

We are excited about you joining us in the fall for the 2012 Holiday Peak Season! A smooth transition from road mode to camp mode begins with good communications concerning your campground reservations. This information will guide you through that process so that you can be assured there is a place for you when you arrive at your destination. Although Amazon is not and does not want to be in the campground business, it is important to us that you have campground accommodations that meet your needs and desires. It is equally important that we know which campground you have chosen, and any changes that may occur before and during your stay. Therefore, please use the following guidelines when you plan your stay: 1. Make a reservation: It is up to you to make a reservation at the campground of your choice. You will be provided with the campground information for all campgrounds with site openings. We suggest you make the reservation as soon as possible after you have completed the initial hiring process. 2. Call our Amazon CamperForce hotline or email us: Please call your location (contact info is found on page 2 of the Newsletter) or email them and let them know where you have a reservation. We need your name, contact information in case we have a question, and the name of the campground where you have the reservation. 3. Keep in touch with your campground: Make sure your campground has your updated contact information, and inform them of any changes in your hire date, travel plans, etc. 4. What Amazon pays for: We know you may need a few days to rest up and set up camp before you start work; and may need a day in final preparation to hit the road again. Therefore, in addition to paying the campground for your campsite for all days of your employment, Amazon will also pay for two days before your start date and one day after your release date. If you decide to come earlier or stay later, those arrangements are between you and the campground owner. 5. If you change your campgrounds before you arrive: We understand you may want to change from one campground to another before your arrival. For example, you initially booked at campground A and then found out you have friends coming, and they are booked at Campground B. Its OK to change the reservations as long as (a) the original campground is notified before your arrival and the reservation there is cancelled; and (b) the new campground of your choice can accommodate you. If you make such a change, you must also notify Amazon. (see #2 above). 6. If you change campgrounds after you arrive: We understand that there may also be some movement between campgrounds (premium site at another campground opens up or you want to be next to your friends, for example). We dont have any issues with someone moving as long as the original campground is notified in a timely manner and the new campground can accommodate the move. Be sure you vacate the site before the checkout time, or you may be held responsible for the extra day! If you make a move for any reason, the same guidelines apply, including notifying Amazon of the move! On behalf of the Amazon CamperForce Staff and the Campground Owners, we appreciate your cooperation with these reservation guidelines. We sincerely hope your stay is comfortable and rewarding!





Amazon CamperForce Facebook Page

By now, many of you have seen the Facebook Like icon contained in the CamperForce teams email signatures. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to log onto: and Like our page! We will post weekly updates and hope to use the page as an interactive forum for campers to ask questions, share stories, and meet other campers joining our program this fall.

As a special incentive, we will be giving away limited editions of our 2011 CamperForce T-shirts to the first 25 people who email requesting a shirt. You must like our Facebook page to be eligible for this prize. Sizes are limited to remaining stock.

Did you know that Amazon paid out thousands of dollars last year in Referral Bonuses? The process is very simple:

1. To refer a potential candidate, please fill out the referral form you received in your new hire packet and return it
via email or fax to the location youll be working at this season


You are eligible for a referral bonus when you refer a potential candidate that hasnt previously worked for Amazon before and is not currently interviewing for an open position.


If the candidate you refer is hired and indicates during the interview process that you referred them, you will receive a $50 bonus after the new associate has worked for for 30 days. You must completely fill out the CamperForce Referral Form at the time of referral and be employed by at the time the referral is eligible to be paid in order to receive the bonus.


Employees involved in the hiring decisions are not eligible for a referral bonus.






This months edition of Around the Campfire features CamperForce associates from each of our CamperForce locations: Campbellsville, Coffeyville, and Fernley!

Al & Jan Schwartz

Al & Jan will be returning to Campbellsville for their 4th season with Amazon! They first worked in Coffeyville in 2009 in Shipping and VDF, and since then have worked in Receive, HRV, & ICQA in Campbellsville. Al & Jan have been full timers since 2004. In her spare time Jan enjoys Hiking, Biking, and Cooking, and Al writes Financial Commentaries! Theyve traveled in many states and have worked in 7. When asked about the places they particularily enjoyed, they replied, We enjoy Yellowstone and Glacier National park for their beauty. Montana for its wide open spaces and Washington for its beautiful scenery When asked what they liked best about Amazon, they said, We enjoyed the money of course and all the great people at Campbellsville. We often say Amazon is paying us to go to the gym! Their tip for new CamperForce associates? Get some great shoes and start walking now. Then save some money for those smaller clothes sizes!

John & Linda Parker

John & Linda Parkers home-base is Prescott, Arizona! This couple has been full-timing for 4 years and we were fortunate to get the opportunity to work with the Parkers during Peak Season 2011. With one peak season under their belt, it is our pleasure to see this great, hard-working couple back for their 2nd peak this coming fall! While working at the Kansas Fulfillment Center, John & Linda worked in Receiving, Stowing & our new Pack Complete area (Crisplant)! When they arent working, Linda enjoys quilting and beading, while John enjoys his music as he is a guitarist! We happen to know that Linda has awesome pie making prowess! The Parkers do enjoy riding their Harley-Davidson Trike, together, when they get the opportunity-check out the photo! Linda & John speak very highly of their experience at Amazon and state that it was positive one. This couple is very strongly in favor of the CamperForce program! When asked what they liked best about their experience at Amazon, Linda said, We thought it was FUN! It is HARD WORK and you earn every red cent. The opportunity to be Santas little elves and enrich our own lives was great! I cant stress enough how friendly and helpful the full-time staff and management was to us and their willingness to help. Linda tells their friends (potential recruits) about this opportunity to enrich their lives, financially, and add the experience of a unique working opportunity, enjoy a Christmas parade and multiple dinners!

Jerry Bradbury
Jerry Bradbury is a 2011 camper who is excited to return to Fernley for another great year (his Jack Russell terrier, Rizzo, shares his enthusiasm). Jerry and Rizzo are both originally from Maine, and have been full-timing since 2007. Jerry worked in the Shipping department last year and enjoyed figuring out the systems and trying to come up with ways to improve them. He says, This was a difficult task because has a lot of really smart people working for them, but I tried anyway. Jerry enjoys reading and cooking, and has toured every state except Alaska. A fun fact about Jerry is that he was the US Touring Car Championship Professional Road Racing Series Rookie of the Year in 2008 driving his #37 John Cooper Works MINI Cooper S. A fun fact about Rizzo is that he aint never caught a rabbit. Jerrys wise words to new campers? Wear plastic suspenders or a piece of clothesline to keep your pants up [editors note: belts often go off in the metal detectors], and bring nothing but your water bottle and PPE into the warehouse. That way you won't lose any time at the security checkpoint. If you have metal in your body from surgeries, get an exemption card from HR for the same reason.