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Rule set

Each team will consist of 9 members. Each team will play 3 games in each format, as follows. Fantasy team A doubles (2x1000pts armies) 6x4 40k doubles (2x1000pts army) 6x4 Wab2 doubles (2 x1000pts army) 6x4 Hordes/warmachine singles (50point force) 4x4 Blood bowl singles (1,000,000GC) standard pitch Flames of War

A joker cards may be played on one system prior to the draw

Jokers will be played at the start of the tournament in sealed envelopes handed to judges and opened after all games have been played. These jokers will double points won in any nominated format. E.g. Norman Cross fantasy Team A (win/lose/draw normally 5-1-3 doubles to 10-2-6)

Trophies and Awards

Awards will be given in each format as well as Best Painted, Best Sport and overall winner. Best painted carries an additional 3 tournament points voted for at lunchtime. A best sportsman carries an additional 5 tournament points (awarded jointly by refs).

Tables & Terrain

Each table will be preset with terrain at the start of the tournament. Please do not move the terrain. Several tables will have terrain moved after game each game by the refs.

Best Painted
We will nominate 8-10 forces/armies/teams to be displayed over lunch. All votes must be named.

Time Plan

All games will last no longer than 2 hours (slow play is not encouraged). A 10 minute warning will be given during each game should finish equally for both players.


Both breakfast and a lunch will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink with you but cans, crisps and sweets will be on sales during the day. Everyone is expected to put any rubbish they make into the provided bins.


8.45-9.00 am 9.30-11.15 11.30 1.15pm 1.15-2.15pm

Meet up /bacon sarnies/ registration 1st game 2nd game Lunch / best painted force/army/team 3rd game Results awards and presentation

2.15- 4.00pm 4.30 5,00pm

Price is 100 per team regardless of numbers on the day, payment by 9th may via PayPal. Please make payments to

Price includes tea/coffee bacon/sausage rolls and buffet lunch. Cold drinks and confectionary will be available on the day.

All rules related questions should be made via email to Please bring 2 copies of your army/team/force etc. No pre checking will be done! Any illegal lists will unfortunately result in an immediate loss for you in this match and any prior matches (wins will be awarded to your opponents). Please check your list...

Fantasy Doubles

What do I need to bring:

Yourself and an initial partner Both of your armies (models, movement trays where appropriate) Templates, dice, tape measure, calculator, pencil, pen, paper. Copies of your separate stand-alone army lists Your Warhammer 8th edition rule book and your army books Glue and repair kit in case items get damaged in transit This rules pack.

Army Roster Can you please send your doubles army list together to to check you are using a legal list. We must have the list emailed over no later than xxx date to give us time to check the army list. Once this has been submitted you will not be allowed to change the list unless we find an error in the army The roster must include all of the models in your Army; their equipment and the points value of everything in your army. If any mistakes are found during the tournament that were not picked up on when you emailed your list, the results of all the games in which the player has used the illegal list will immediately be changed to 0-20 Gaming Points, in favour of your opponent. This will apply even if the mistake was a totally honest one, so please do double check your forces list before the tournament! Armies Permitted Armies Unless otherwise noted, only the main lists from the Warhammer Fantasy Army Books may be used. In the instance of a new army book been released or updated, it will only be valid for use providing it has been on sale for one full calendar month prior to the event as an individual item.

Chaos Dwarfs, as listed in the Tamurkhan, the Throne of Chaos Forgeworld supplement, maybe used. But they are the only exception to the above rule (i.e. nothing else from the book is.

All Army Lists should be submitted in Plain Text Word Documents; otherwise they will not be accepted. Armies Each army must be chosen published codex/army book and Forge world Books All models must be WYSIWYG What you see is what you get. All models must be painted. Models or units must clearly be what they are intended to be used as if you are and not in any way able to be confused with any other unit type that could possibly be included within the army. winning best painted army. Norman Cross Crusader Rules rules: When creating your Army list for this tournament you must follow the following Your Army must be no more than 1,000 points, which will ally with another standalone 1000pts to make 2000pts combined. Your Army must comply with the following Percentage and other build restrictions from the 8th Edition rule book: You must have at least 25% of your points (250 points) spent on Core Units You may have up to 25% of your points (250 points) spent on Lords You may have up to 25% of your points (250 points) spent on Heroes You may have up to 50% of your points (500 points) spent on Special Units You may have up to 25% of your points (250 points) spent on Rare Units Your Army must contain at least two units * Units that dont count towards minimum core choices in your army book (Chaos Hounds, Dire Wolves, Harpies, etc) dont count towards the minimum points spent on Core Units, nor towards the minimum two units in your Army. Your Army must also comply with the following additional restrictions Each Army must contain at least one Character (Hero or Lord) capable of leading an Initial Team or Future Team army. This character will act as the general of that Allied Team Army. Minimum painting standards is to at least 3 colours and based think about using model to represent other models they must be made aware to the opponent

Tomb Kings may have a Tomb King, Tomb Prince or any type of Liche Priest as a Hierophant and General. Each standalone Army must contain at least two Core unit Each standalone Army may not contain more than 2 of the same Special Units* Each standalone Army may not contain more than 1 of the same Rare Units* Each standalone ARMY may take 1 battle standard bearer, however must dice off to see which one is the Battle Standard Bearer for the Allied Team if there is one in each standalone army. The other would just add +1 to combat results this is all; unless the banner he carries has some magic ability bestowed on it. A High Elf standalone army may take 3 of the same Special units and 2 of the same Rare units (Elite Army Rule)

Each army must comply with the any army specific selection criteria mentioned in their Army Book. For Example Bretonnian's must take a Battle Standard Bearer so they would have to take another character to act as their general. Bretonnian Battle brothers after the first round would have to dice for which one was the BSB. The other just adds +1 to CR and any magical influences it may carry.

Your standalone Army may contain no more than 2 War machine choices * War machines that allow two or more to be purchased as a single choice (Goblin for the purposes of this restriction. Spear Chukkas, Dark Elf Bolt Throwers, etc.) count as one War machine choice

Your Army may not contain any Special Characters, even if that Special Character is not a Hero or Lord choice (This includes such special unit champions such as the Changling, Kouran of the Black Guard etc.).

No Magic or Runic Items may be duplicated between the two Initial Team

Armies, unless your army book specifically says that more than one of an item may be taken. However future team pairings could possibly bring duplicate items together and these will be allowed to co-exist from this point onwards except dispel scrolls. Units are limited to 40 models in size and /or 450 points including magic items The 2 teams cannot come from the same army book You can have any 2 armies join together but they must follow the trusted/suspicions rules that are in the warhammer rulebook.

Game time Teams will play the following three Scenarios from the WFB Rulebook. Game 1: Dawn Attack (Page 145) Game 2: Meeting Engagement (Page 149) Game 3: Battle line (Page 144) The Terrain is fixed, please do not move or scatter it. If any terrain is moved due to spells please return it to its original place after the game.

Please refer to Pages 116 to 131 of the WFB Rulebook for rules on terrain. Please agree with your opponents what type of terrain you have on the table and what affect it will have on the game. Mystery Woods and Mystical Monuments can be used if on the table. Victory Points are scored as follows: Each enemy unit completely destroyed = units points value including all upgrades. Each enemy unit that flees off the table = units points value including all upgrades. Units that have pursued off the table do not count to this total. get half victory points Monstrous mounts & characters (Dragons , Skaven Furnace and Chariots award VP separately. Enemy General Killed = 100 victory points Enemy standard removed due to last stand rule (page 94) = 25 victory points Enemy standard slain in combat = 25 victory points points Enemy Battle Standard removed due to last stand rule (page 94) = 100 victory Enemy Battle Standard slain in combat = 100 victory points A Unit Champion slays an enemy Character in a challenge = 50 victory points Tournament Points are scored as follows: Each enemy unit that is fleeing but still remains on the table the opponent will

Victory Points Difference 0 - 200 201 - 400 401 - 650 651 - 800 801 - 950 951 - 1100 1101 - 1250 1251 - 1400 1401 - 1600 1601 - 1800 1801+

Winner 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Loser 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Strategy Cards To make the game more interesting there will be 5 strategy cards available that will be picked randomly after deployment, but before scouts are placed, both players must picked and random card You MUST choose a card to play each round. Each card can only be used once during the tournament if you pick the same card you had in a previous game put it reported. Only the card player may gain bonus points based upon their card in play. Card 1: Assassination +2 for killing an enemy character in a challenge. Card 2: No Glory in Death +2 for keeping your most expensive unit/model (NONCharacter) above half for the entire battle Card 3: Operation Anaconda +2 for killing enemy general. ("killing"= opponent's general not being alive for any reason at the end of the game.) Card 4: Broken Arrow +2 for having all of your dispel/power dice generating characters/units alive at the end of the game. (If you have none of either to start with, you automatically get these points!) back in the pile and pick another one and the card must be turned in when your results are

Card 5: Live to Fight Another Day +2 bonus points for having a unit that successfully (is not caught in that turn) flees from a charge. **IF your army contains NO units or characters capable of fleeing at the start of the game THEN you may earn +2 bonus points if one of your characters refuses a challenge during the game.

* When you have finished your game please then fill in your score sheet and had it to the desk which is at the front of the hall to add the scores on the database if you can also include your team name as this will help the process

* After all three games have been played the two individuals with the highest number of Victory Point totals will be compared to determine the victor.

Tournament Points will be declared the victors. In the case of a tie in Tournament Points,

Magic * No more than 12 Power Dice may be used in a single phase note that the power dice from Magic Mushrooms and the Power stones are exempt from this. * Irresistible Force will occur only when two or more sixs are rolled when casting a spell (so this effectively cancels the Book of Hoeth etc) . * Any spell cast with Irresistible Force will require the caster to make an unmodified roll on their Miscast table, this may not be prevented/diverted/modified in any way (so no puppet or earthing rod etc.).

* No allied army may use more than one item/ability that automatically stops a spell being cast.

* Casting Bound/Innate Spells never results in a Miscast but if a double six is rolled then the item is cased but is also destroyed and cannot be used for the rest of the game

* Any character affected by the following spells; Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation, they are within a unit & eligible for look Out Sir roll.

Dreaded 13th & 11-12 result for Infernal Gateway take a single wound only, as long as

Army specific comp

Beastmen Shard of the Herdstone may generate more the 2 power dice. Chariots (of any type) count as warmachines (i.e. are 0-5). Gor may take magic standards up to the value of 25pts. Brets You may take more than 2 of the same Hero choice.

Chaos Dwarfs Chalice of Blood and Darkness counts as 2 dispel dice. Iron Daemons are 0-1. Kdaai Destroyers are 0-1.

Daemons of Chaos Siren Song counts as 2 power dice. A BSB may have an Icon or Gifts not both. You army can only include a maximum of 5 flamers. You may not duplicate gifts/icons in your army list.

Dark Elves Cauldron of Blood, Witch Elves, Hydras and Black Guard are all a 0-1 choice each (i.e. you may have up to one of each if you so wish). You may only ever throw a maximum of 6 dice at a spell. Shades have a max size of 8 and are a 0-2 choice. Max 70 shots at 1800pts 80 shots at 2400pts and 2999pts. Hydras are 0-1.

Dwarfs Anvil counts as 2 war machines for the purpose of army selection. Gyrocopters dont need to roll the 4+ to hit partials, and dont count towards the warmachine cap for the purpose of army selection.

Empire War Alter and Steam Tank both count as war machines for the purpose of army selection. Steam Tanks are a 0-1 choice. Casket of Sorcery counts as one dispel dice. High Elves Book of Hoeth counts as 2 power and dispel dice. Banner of the World Dragon counts as 2 dispel dice.

Lizardmen Cupped Hands counts as 2 power dice. The Becalming Cogitation counts as 2 dispel dice. A Slaan may take either the Higher State of Conciseness or Crown of Command, not both.. Chameleon skinks are a 0-2 choice and are limited in size to 8. You may take a maximum of 3 salamanders.

Orge kingdoms If you only take one butcher/slaughter master in your first list but take any additional butchers or slaughter masters in later list you may change which spell lore they have but this must be on you list Hell heart counts as 2 dispel dice. You may not take more the two Thundertusks and Stonehorns combined. Mournfangs are a 0-2 choice. Greedy Fist on a wizard counts as a dispel dice. Orcs and goblins Ignore the 40 model unit cap but the unit cant cost more the 450 points. Max of 6 fanatics.

Skaven 13th spell can only be cast once per turn

5 points for a win, 3 points for a draw and 1 for a loss.

Blood Bowl
Using the living rulebook 6 (lrb6) create a 1,000,000GC team from any race in the book. Your team must start with a minimum of 11 players. Star player points will count and must be recorded/agreed at each half. Star player rolls must be done in front of both players and ref. Journeyman rule applies. complete a full game. 5 points for a win, 3points for a draw and 1 for a loss. Turns are not timed but slow play is not encouraged 1hr 45mins is more than enough to

Army size: 50 points under Mk II 2010 rules 1 warcaster or warlock. One list to fight all three games Armies: all from both war-machine and hordes including mercenary and minions. Tier list can be used from army books (please bring army book) Game length: 1hr 45 mins unless caster kill or scenario is completed Game scenario's: Game 1 caster kill Game 2 mosh pit Game 3 killing field Please see rulebook mk II 2010 for scenario rules. 5 points for a win, 3points for a draw and 1 for a loss.

40k Doubles Pack

Army Selection

40k doubles will contain 3 rounds. A valid force will comprise of 2x 1000pt armies made up using the following rules controlled by 2 players. Each players army Must total no more than 1000 points

Must have a minimum of 1 HQ choice and 1 Troops choice. Additional choices may be taken using the standard force organization chart. Army Rules A typed roster MUST be submitted for each army.

Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition rules will be used along with any relevant Games

Workshop FAQ's.

All units must be taken from the standard codex, no forge world units may be taken. All models used must be PAINTED and BASED. All models should be presented as What You See Is What You Get, so that weapons are easily identified by looking at the model. If the model is heavily converted, equipment taken should be clarified before the battle begins. No vehicles with a total armor value greater than 33. Calculated by adding the Front, Side and Rear armor numbers (only count Side once) No ordnance weapons are allowed

Each army is limited to troops specifically permitted by their codex. Any full Codexs/Army Lists including White Dwarf Chapter Approved articles published at least two months before the tournament will be allowed. Assassins. May not contain any Special Characters (unit upgraded characters are exempt) or Imperial You will require two small objective markers. Your army list should be made available to your opponents before choosing deployment zones. The list should make it clear any special rules in use for each unit. If your opponent relevant information in your codex. Open, honest play, NO sneaky stuff! requires clarification of any special rules or equipment options, please show him/her the

Games The 3 games will use the capture and control mission from page 91 of the 40k rulebook, but with one objective per player. Objectives should be at least 12 apart within each deployment zone. The deployment method will be randomly determined as shown on page 92. However, instead of scoring units, any model with a WS characteristic may claim an all about the man on the ground, not empty transport vehicles. Also, there are no draws in these games - only glorious victory or dismal defeat! Therefore, if one side holds more objectives than the other, they win and the other side loses. In the event of each side holding an equal number of objectives at the end of the game, the win or loss is awarded by victory points calculated by each side. Victory points are awarded for:

objective, or contest it. Any model without a WS value has no effect on objective claims. Its

Enemy units completely destroyed.

Enemy units which have fallen back off the battlefield. Enemy vehicles which are no longer able to move AND no longer able to shoot.

Flames of War

This tournament will be played using 3rd Edition rules Army Selection Force size = 1200pts Forces can be selected from the following Intelligence Briefings only: Turning the Tide Red Bear Earth and Steel Grey Wolf Dogs and Devils Cassino Missions All missions will be taken from the 3rd Edition rule book and each mission will be announced on the day of the tournament. Round 1 will be one of the Mobile Battle missions. Round 2 will be one of the Defensive Battle missions. Round 3 will be one of the Fair Fight missions. Scoring Victory points will be worked out as per page 275 of the 3rd Edition rule book. Fortress Europe Hells Highway

Warhammer Ancient Battle

2200 points made up from 2 players 1100 each. Any army from AOA book first millennium, if your army crosses over 1000 you must go with the early list. NO 2 armies in the same list as in, no early roman/early roman, but early and late roman is ok. Army list in a week before to be checked. 3 games on the day, 1st game straight up pitched battle (nice and easy) 6 turns. 2nd game Pitched battle with weather! You must roll a D3 before the game starts on the role of: 3rd game objectives .3 objectives will be placed on the table before the deployment ,if after 6 turns you hold one 50pts ,2 100pts all 3 200pts . Holding objective means youre on it at the end of turn 6 not near it but on it. Normal points as in the WAB rule book, plus 25pts per banner, 50pts for BSB and 100pts for a killed general. This is my first WAB rule pack and trying to keep it simple so dont send too many taxing questions but any problems queries please email. Cheers guys, oh fully painted armies always look better but there is no points deduction for not being fully painted. 1-2 its raining all troops that uses a BS must roll a 4+ before shooting. 3-4 so hot the heat is unbearable any troops with a saving throw of 4+ cannot march move and must past a leadership test charge. first draw maps of deployment before set up. 5-6 fog, all visibility for shooting and charging down to 18" and must