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Wong and Dr. Dato Abdul Jalil- Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Case Studies

Dr Wong Case Studies

FACELIFT Deana's story

"Thank you Beautiful You Holidays for all your care and attention you gave me from the moment I chose you for my surgery in Malaysia", Deana Gill BEFORE AFTER

Surgeon: Dr Steve Wong Age: 70 years Procedures: Face-lift and upper eye-lift Cost of surgery package, including 12 nights in a 2 bedroom apartment at the Prince Hotel shared with 2 friends: RM 24,600 NZD 10,879 AUD 8,785 UKP 5,020 The approximate cost for just the surgery at home: NZD $30,000 AUD$23,700 GBP 12,600

On arriving at K.L Air Port and chauffeur driven to the wonderful "Prince Hotel", I felt stress free and knew all was going to go well. After settling in to the Hotel apartment and taking a short walk over the road to buy supplies for the fridge, I settled down for my first night in Kuala Lumpur. On day two, my consultation day, I first met Edie, a N.Z expat. Edie has lived in Malaysia for many years and knows K.L. like the back of her hand, working for Beautiful You Holidays as a Ground Manager. She became my care giver, taking me to all my appointments. She took notes and made sure I took all my medication. She was on hand at any time by mobile phone, which I was given to use during my stay, compliments of Beautiful You Holidays. Edie went out of her way and went the extra mile to look after me. I have worked in hospitals over Ten years and have met many Doctors with many different bed side manners so I knew when I first met Dr Wong for my consultation that he was the serious type. But, it gave me confidence in what he could do for me. I was shown many photos, before and after of his work then he explained what he could do for me. After his explanation it was then up to me to decide what I would have done. In my case he pointed out how my eyes could be improved, saving me a brow lift. This I agreed to have done, along with my face lift and I am glad I took his advice. The day of my surgery I felt confident knowing Dr Wong does these procedures every day Dr Wong was amazing, the best surgeon I could have wished for. I put my faith in his hands and all I asked of him was to look good again. He did more than that. Not only did I look younger, fresher, my eyes brighter, but best of all, my saggy chin had gone! The nurses and staff all speak perfect English, so there was no problem with communication. Except for the swelling and a pressure bandage round my head and chin, I left the clinic with a scarf round my head, dark glasses and pain free, in the capable hands of Edie - back to my lovely apartment at the Prince Hotel. Two days later, with swelling and bruising receding, I was out shopping. Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic place to spend a couple of weeks recuperating. Much nicer than hiding away at home from prying eyes. I went with a friend which I highly recommend. Kuala Lumpur is a safe, old and modern city with fabulous shopping. Thank you Dr Wong, nurses and staff. You have given me back my confidence. Edie you went out of your way to make me feel relaxed and confident for my surgery, Thank you.

If you are thinking of going on a surgery holiday, I highly recommend it and I recommend anyone who wishes to have a great holiday and cosmetic surgery to go with Beautiful You Holidays, you will be so well looked after.

Dr Dato Abdul Jalil Case Studies

FACELIFT Margot's s story

"I lived a dream finally!" BEFORE


Surgeon: Dr Dato Abdul Jalil Age: 60 years Procedures: Full facelift incl. Upper and lower blepharoplasty, neck and brow lift, rhinoplasty Cost of surgery package including 12 nights in a 2 bedroom apartment at the Prince Hotel shared with 2 friends: RM 29,900

NZD $13,000 AUD $10,678 UKP 6,102 The approximate cost for just the surgery at home: NZD $40,000 AUD $32,000 GBP 16,000 --After years of reading Cosmetic Surgery Magazines and thinking One Day...I heard about Beautiful You Holidays. An affordable dream!!! Still being the eternal procrastinator , it wasnt until a like minded friend said to me that she was going to do something soon, that I tagged along. Meeting Loraine from Beautiful You Holidays and having photographs taken for assessment was the beginning of an amazing experience. The thought of putting all the organising into the hands of someone with Loraines experience was a relief. I felt so positive and confident and could hardly wait! Beautiful You Holidays organised everything down to the last detail accommodation, transport, surgeon, hospital and concierge in KL. I went with 2 friends only one of which was having surgery as well, our other friend came to look after us! To begin with I was all set to have a full face lift under local anaesthetic, but then decided to have a rhinoplasty also. This meant that I would have to have a general anaesthetic as the operation would be longer. Beautiful You Holidays organised a new schedule for me almost at the last minute without any fuss whatsoever. Very professional. The day arrived and my friends and I headed off. We arrived in KL in the evening and were driven to our apartment at The Prince Hotel It was a long drive but in no time we had arrived. Fabulous accommodation very spacious and modern. Fantastic food, and a short walk across the road to the Pavillion designer shopping, cant recommend it highly enough! The next morning we met Edie, the Ground Manager for Beautiful You Holidays. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at the Prince and then I was taken by car to a private hospital (friends in tow), and met with Dr Jalil. It was all very exciting. I felt an instant repore with Dr Jalil who immediately put me at ease and understood exactly what I wanted before I uttered a word. I went in for my surgery later that evening. No sooner had I gone into theatre I was being woken and told it was all over! I couldnt believe how easy peasy it all was. It was however 6 hours or so that had passed they just make it so stress free.

The attention and service afterwards in the recovery room and later in my hospital room was fantastic. I felt very safe. I was up and about by midday the following day being showered and fed heaps of lovely food. Edie from Beautiful You Holidays was there to see the results and check on me. She had provided me with a mobile phone and was on call any time. Dr Jalil attended to me morning and evening. I had absolutely no problems and was released on the morning of the 3rd day. I was picked up by Beautiful You Holidays to be driven back to the apartment. Meantime while I was having my procedures, my friend had been busy on the other side of town having hers with Dr Wong. She had been to a day clinic and opted for Local Anaesthetic for her procedure (face lift). She was in the car to greet me. We didnt stop talking and I couldnt believe how wonderful she looked. After a couple of days of being holed up in our apartment we braved it and hit the shops. We were only going to be there eleven days in all, and there was no time to waste! My friend and I had followup visits with our surgeons to check recovery and have stitches removed. Accompanied by Edie, who was becoming a constant companion. I was happy that I only had a couple of nasal stitches to be removed as Dr Jalil does internal stitching magic minimum scars. He is a wonderful, warm perfectionist. The time went all too soon. We had both healed to an amazing degree and lost weight (walking around the shops). Best experience ever, ticked it off my bucket list. The whole adventure would not have happened for me if I hadnt met with Loraine at Beautiful You Holidays and had the benefit of all the professional expertise from her and her friendly team. Thank-you so much.