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Max Prudhomme 11/1/11 Dear Superintendent,

The novel you recently banned, Catch-22, by Joseph Hellar, should in no way be banned by this school. I personally read this novel, and Im inclined to say yes its offensive, but why would you take it into your jurisdiction to prohibit this work of art? The novel is a satirical masterpiece on war, and Hellars writing is phenomenal. I strongly believe you should reconsider your decision on censoring this novel from any teachings in this school because it is a great example of a satire that has been beautifully articulated to make the reader laugh and read on in suspense. Once my teacher informed our class this book was being challenged by the school, I took it into my own interest to read the novel myself. I couldnt consider putting the book down right after I scanned the first page. The book griped me and pulled me into the immense depths of its comedic irony and insanity. Catch-22, is a powerful learning tool that has been greatly acclaimed by many critics and authors throughout the years since it was first published in 1961. Even though many people may find this book disgusting and offensive, does that not make it a work of art? How is it a legitimate decision to crush everyone elses opinions under your own? It should be a crime to silence these authors, and blind the public from their beautiful writings that have made a mark in literary history by inspiring us to think about certain events and thoughts from a new perspective. The first amendment of our constitution protects the freedom of speech and press. Our founding fathers certainly wouldnt want anyones opinions to be silenced even if they are controversial, vile and outrageous. The reason America gained its independence from

Max Prudhomme 11/1/11 Great Britain in the first place was because of our rights as people being challenged by a higher authority. Our country was founded on rebellion, but can books not rebel and bring color to the grey bureaucratic society we live in? Can opinion not stand out above the crowd and be heard? I urge you as a student of this school to reconsider your decision. Please think about what I said. My fellow students and I want to be able to think outside the box for once. Sure Catch-22, is offensive to some aspect, but it has a much greater impact to it than foul language and pornographic imagery. The book as a whole can force us to ponder the question we all think about frequently throughout our lifetime, why?

From a concerned student of this school, Max Prudhomme