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For the Week of May 11, 2012

UPCOMING EVENTS May 16, 2012: Volunteer Opportunities / Volunteer Training / 11:00 AM / Battalion Classroom May 24, 2012: Spring Extravaganza (Formal) May 24, 2012: No School for Carthage CSD (Unused Snow Day) May 25, 2012: No School for Carthage CSD (Superintendents Day) May 25-28: Memorial Day Weekend / DONSA (services may be limited on Fort Drum) June 1, 2012: Battalion Change of Command / 10:00 AM / Sexton Field June 6, 2012: Battalion Change of Responsibility / 11:00 AM / Sexton Field (T) June 21, 2012: Riverfest June 22, 2012: Division DONSA (T) June 25-27, 2012: Mountain Fest Week


Flyers Included:
Page 2: USO Big Band Bash (May 12) Page 3: USO Oxygen Seminar (May 17-18) Page 4: Youth Fishing Derby (May 19) Page 5: Master Resiliency Training (May 21) Page 6: Pacific Islander Heritage Event (May 23) Page 7-8: Thousand Islands Winery Event (May 26) Page 9: Family Wellness Book Club (May 31) LOCATION CHANGE Page 10-12: Army Youth Network Survey and Permission Forms (May 21-25) Page 13: Soldier Show (May 29) Page 14: Operation Yellow Ribbon (next event June 2) Page 15: Post Wide Yard Sale (June 2&3) Page 16: Sesame Street (June 5&6) Page 17: Strongest Warrior (June 9) Page 18: Returning from War Group Page 19: MWR Recreational Sport Events Page 20-22: May & June ACS Calendars Page 23: Youth Center Newsletter (May Activities) Page 24-25: MWR Events Page 26: NYS Weapons Law Page 27: Outdoor Newsletter Page 28: Spring Cleaning Safety Page 29-30: Youth Soccer Challenge Event (July 23) Page 31-35: Reaction Scholarship and Forms Page 36: Adult Lacrosse Team Page 37-38: Social Agency Support Resources

Family and MWR in partnership with the USO is proud to present The Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families on June 5 and 6 at Monti Physical Fitness Center. Sesame Street is bringing the furry, fuzzy and friendly Muppets to Military Families around the world with a visit to Fort Drum with two shows presented each day at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. At these shows your family will meet Katie, a Military kid on Sesame Street who is moving to a new place and learn how she and her friends cope with this change. Free Tickets for these shows are available through your Military Unit, CYS Services, the USO and beginning May 24. Please call CYSS Parent Central Services at 772-8675 if you need more information.

FORT DRUM WRESTLING CLUB May is Recreational opportunity month with Fort Drum Athletics MWR is starting a new wrestling club @ MAGRATH Gym, starting on May 14th. Mat time will be open from 1800 to 2100. Anyone who is a valid ID card holder, over the age of 18, and is interested in Wrestling, ground work, or just looking to hit the mat is welcome to take part in the Wrestling Club. Johnathan Scott is the Wrestling Club President. Johnathan Scott (p)301-346-2309 (e) If youre interested, or have any questions please feel free to call or email Johnathan directly VOLLEYBALL MWR is having Recreational Volleyball Night for the Month of May and June. Every Tuesday and Thursday nights from 1800 to 2100 @ Magrath Sports Complex The Gym Winner stays loser moves out. New team enters. If teams win's three in a row, two new teams will enter. Bring a team or join one that is there All Authorized ID card holders are welcome If you have any questions please let me know! ~SPORT OFFICE Brandon F Doherty Chief of Sports Fitness and Aquatics FMWR Sports Office Fort Drum, New York 13603 Commercial: (315) 772-6663