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Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice Complete list of articles

Abortion Accomplices Actus Reus Adversary System Age and Crime Alcohol and Crime: Behavioral Aspects Alcohol and Crime: Legal Aspects Alcohol and Crime: The Prohibition Experiment Alcohol and Crime: Treatment and Rehabilitation Amnesty and Pardon Appeal Arraignment Arrest and Stop - See Search and Seizure Arson: Behavioral and Economic Aspects Arson: Legal Aspects Assassination Assault and Battery Attempt Bail Bank Robbery Blackmail and Extortion Bribery Burden of Proof Burglary Capital Punishment, Legal Aspects Capital Punishment, Morality, Politics, and Policy Careers in Criminal Justice: Corrections Careers in Criminal Justice: Law Careers in Criminal Justice: Police Causation Charging - See Prosecutorial Discretion Civil and Criminal Divide Class and Crime Comparative Criminal Law and Enforcement: England and Wales Comparative Criminal Law and Enforcement: China Comparative Criminal Law and Enforcement: Islam Comparative Criminal Law and Enforcement: Preliterate Societies Comparative Criminal Law and Enforcement: Russia Competency to Stand Trial Computer Crime Confessions Conspiracy Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors Conviction: Civil Disabilities Corporal Punishment Corporate Criminal Responsibility Corpus Delicti Correctional Reform Associations Counsel: Right to Counsel Counsel: Role of Counsel Counterfeiting Courts, Organization of See Criminal Justice Systems Crime: Definition Crime Causation: Biological Theories Crime Causation: Economic Theories Crime Causation: Political Theories Crime Causation: Psychological Theories Crime Causation: Sociological Theories Crime Causation: The Field Crime Commissions Criminal Careers Criminalization and Decriminalization Criminal Justice Process Criminal Justice System Criminal Law Reform: Continental Europe Criminal Law Reform: Current Issues in the United States Criminal Law Reform: England Criminal Law Reform: Historical Development in the United States Criminal Procedure: Comparative Aspects Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Aspects Criminology: Intellectual History Criminology: Modern Controversies Criminology and Criminal Justice Research: Methods Criminology and Criminal Justice Research: Organization Cross-Examination Cruel and Unusual Punishment Delinquent and Criminal Subcultures Determinate Sentencing See Sentencing: Allocation of Authority Deterrence Developing Countries, Crime In Deviance Diminished Capacity Discovery Dispute Resolution Programs Domestic Violence Double Jeopardy Drinking and Driving Drugs and Crime: Behavioral Aspects Drugs and Crime: Legal Aspects Ecology of Crime Economic Crime: Antitrust Offenses Economic Crime: Tax Offenses Economic Crime: Theory Education and Crime Employee Theft: Behavioral Aspects Employee Theft: Legal Aspects Entrapment Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Exclusionary Rules Excuse: Duress Excuse: Infancy Excuse: Insanity Excuse: Intoxication Excuse: Theory Eyewitness Identification: Constitutional Aspects Eyewitness Identification: Psychological Aspects Family Abuse and Crime Family Relationships and Crime Fear of Crime Federal Bureau of Investigation: History Federal Criminal Jurisdiction Federal Criminal Law Enforcement Feminism: Criminological Aspects Feminism: Legal Aspects Forfeiture Forgery Gambling Gender and Crime Grand Jury Guilt Guilty Plea: Accepting the Plea Guilty Plea: Plea Bargaining Guns, Regulation of Habeas Corpus Hate Crimes Homicide: Behavioral Aspects Homicide: Legal Aspects Homosexuality and Crime Human Immunodeficiency Virus Human Rights - See Corporal Punishment; Cruel and Unusual Punishment; and International Criminal Justice Standards Incapacitation Inchoate Offenses - See Attempt; Conspiracy; RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) Informal Disposition Intelligence and Crime International Criminal Courts International Criminal Justice Standards International Criminal Law Interpol - See International Criminal Law Jails Jurisdiction Jury: Behavioral Aspects Jury: Legal Aspects Jury Sentencing - See Sentencing: Allocation of Authority Justification: Law Enforcement Justification: Necessity Justification: Self-Defense Justification: Theory Juvenile and Youth Gangs Juvenile Justice: Community Treatment Juvenile Justice: History and Philosophy Juvenile Justice: Institutions Juvenile Justice: Juvenile Court Juveniles in the Adult System Juvenile Status Offenders Juvenile Violent Offenders Kidnapping Libel, Criminal Literature and Crime

Mail: Federal Mail Fraud Act Mass Media and Crime Mens Rea Mental Health Experts See Scientific Evidence Mentally Disordered Offenders Military Justice Mistake Modernization and Crime Obscenity and Pornography: Behavioral Aspects Obstruction of Justice Organized Crime Perjury Police: Community Policing Police: Criminal Investigations Police: Handling of Juveniles Police: History Police: Organization and Management Police: Police Officer Behavior Police: Policing Complainantless Crimes Police: Private Police and Industrial Security Police: Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams Political Process and Crime Popular Culture Prediction of Crime and Recidivism Preliminary Hearing Pretrial Diversion Prevention: Community Programs Prevention: Environmental and Technological Strategies Prevention: Juveniles as Potential Offenders Prevention: Police Role Preventive Detention - See Bail Prisoners, Legal Rights of Prisons: Correctional Officers Prisons: History Prisons: Organization and Management Prisons: Prisoners Prisons: Prisons for Women Prisons: Problems and Prospects Probation and Parole: History, Goals, and Decision Making Probation and Parole: Procedural Protection Probation and Parole: Supervision

Probation and Parole Guidelines - See Sentencing: Allocation of Authority Prosecution: Comparative Aspects Prosecution: History of the Public Prosecutor Prosecution: Prosecutorial Discretion Prosecution: United States Attorney Prostitution Psychopathy Publicity in Criminal Cases Public Opinion and Crime Punishment Race and Crime Rape: Behavioral Aspects Rape: Legal Aspects Rehabilitation Religion and Crime Restorative Justice Retributivism RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Acts) Riots: Behavioral Aspects Riots: Legal Aspects Robbery Rural Crime Schools and Crime Scientific Evidence Search and Seizure Sedition Sentencing, Purposes of See Punishment Sentencing: Allocation of Authority Sentencing: Alternatives Sentencing: Disparity Sentencing: Guidelines Sentencing: Presentence Report Sentencing: Procedural Protection Sentencing Councils - See Sentencing: Allocation of Authority Sentencing: Mandatory and Mandatory-Minimum Prison Sentences Sentencing Reform - See Correctional Reform Associations; Sentencing: Allocation of Authority; Sentencing: Alternatives; Sentencing: Disparity; and Sentencing: Guidelines Sex Offenses: Children Sex Offenses: Consensual Sexual Predators Shaming Punishments Solicitation Speedy Trial Stalking Statistics: Costs of Crime

Statistics: Historical Trends in Western Society Statistics: Reporting Systems and Methods Statutory Rape - See Rape: Legal Aspects Strict Liability Suicide: Legal Aspects Terrorism Theft Treason Trespass, Criminal Trial, Criminal Typologies of Criminal Behavior Unemployment and Crime Urban Crime Urban Police Vagrancy and Disorderly Conduct Venue Vicarious Liability Victimless Crime Victims Victims' Rights Vigilantism Violence War and Violent Crime War Crimes White Collar Crime: History of an Idea Wiretapping and Eavesdropping