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Red= Camera direction Blue= Talk into camera 1, learn off by heart-no script Bold= Not bold= [Cue

Intro VT] [Cut to camera 1] Medium-close Hello and welcome to Leeds TV, with Richard GreenwoodAnd Tanya Harris. On tonight's show: [Cut to Voiceover VT to headlines] We'll be taking a look at the plans for the Chinese Olympics team as the city gets ready to host the sporting giants And finding out more of the distressing facts surrounding eating disorders. Later on we're going to take a look at the green-fingered Leeds woman waging a personal war on the garden of West Yorkshire, hoping that everyone will follow in her home grown efforts. [Cue Camera 1] Medium close But before that we have a special report on the plans to extend Leeds train station. [Cue Camera 2] Full establishing shot (including table) Now, the city seems to be defying the double-dip recession. Over 400 million has been spent on developing the Leeds Arena and Trinity shopping centre. Next year the train station is set to join the action too. Regional transport authority Metro have been given permission to build an extension on the south side of the station. Leeds City Station is the third busiest in the UK outside of central London, with over 100,000 passengers and 900 trains passing through each day. The extension to the station is expected to ease passengers journeys and make peoples experience less stressful. Francesca Done tells us more. [Cut to VT 1] [Cue Camera 2] Full shot, more zoomed in. Half table in shot Eating disorders are a massive concern in the UK, with at least one in twenty people suffering from some form of the illness. A survey carried out by Internet security firm Optenet found a 470%

increase in pro anorexia websites from 2006 to 2007; with 84% of these sites featuring thinspiration images and video montages of slim women, often celebrities, who may be anything from naturally slim to emaciated with visibly protruding bones. Anorexia is a big issue and more and more the internet is taking the blame for promoting it. A 2010 survey found that 83% of anorexia websites share crash dieting techniques and recipes. Young women between the ages of 14 and 25 are most likely to be affected, but is this spreading medical concern a symptom of the times we live in? Becca Brown spoke to a local woman who overcame the life-threatening condition. [Cue VT 2] [Cue Camera 1] move round to the right for slightly different mid-shot Its 10 weeks until the Olympics kick off in London. Are you looking forward to them Richard/Tanya... [small chat about Olympics/banter] (End on certain words so camera 2 knows when theyre coming in) [Cue Camera 2] Full to mid shot Even if you haven't been able to get your hands on tickets, not to worry because a little bit of the Olympics are coming here to Leeds. Olympic giants China are set to use Leeds Metropolitan University as their base and training camp before heading down south for the summer games. It's a big achievement for the city to be hosting China, and around 50 athletes and officials are expected to arrive during June for a fortnight; before the Games begin in July. Itll be the first time the Olympics have been held in London since 1948 and Leeds had to fight off tough competition from countries across Europe to host the superpower, who picked up 100 medals at the 2008 Olympics with over half being gold. The deal which Leeds City Council, The University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University have struck with China is expected to provide a major boost to trade and tourism in the city. Samara Crystal went to find out more. [Cue VT 3] [Cue Camera 2] same shot as previous Springtime is here and its time we started planting our seeds so we can enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables. Leeds has 96 allotment sites most of which have their own active groups or committees. The sites vary in size from those with just a few plots, to large areas with 100 plots. The council price full plots at 35 and half plots at 17.50, but you may not get a plot immediately. So, why wait? Why not take a leaf out of some Leeds residences book and turn your garden into an

allotment. Allotments provide valuable green space within Leeds and are a great way of enjoying growing vegetables and plants, our very own agricultural expert Dan Cholerton went on a mission this week to infiltrate the world of gardening that's sweeping the city. [Cue VT 4] [Cue Camera ???] And Dan joins us in the studio today to give us a few hints and tips for growing your own potatoes... [ad lib] Bullet points??? To trigger conversation?

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