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1.0 INTRODUCTION Besides commercial and private automobiles, LPG is also used as a fuel to power industrial and domestic engines. It is a cleaner fuel which makes it preferred to other fuels. LPG powered engines can deliver performance levels comparable with petrol and diesel engines. 2.0 LPG POWERED ENGINES 2.1 LPG FORKLIFTS LPG is an increasingly popular fuel for forklifts in Europe. The use LPG-fuelled forklifts ensures higher indoor air quality in warehouses and other industrial premises because of its clean combustion cycle. It therefore ensures a safer working environment for employees.

Although, Carbon monoxide poisoning have been reported using a LPG forklift truck. Electric powered forklifts are proven to be the best regarding to indoor operations. 2.2 LPG LAWN MOWERS Features of LPG Lawn Mower: Use LPG as fuel so it can avoid gasoline leak and avoid destroying the lawn. Simpler and easier operation. Its convenient and easy to maintain or repair the lawn mower. Cost saving (about 30% to 70% running cost saving). The lawn mower is more durable & reliable. Environment protection.

LPG powered mowers are effective compared with petrol and diesel powered lawn mowers. They handle slopes, verges and tight spaces smoothly and with less noise than their petrol and diesel counterparts. 2.3 LPG ELECRIC GENERATORS LPG is used as a fuel to power the electric generators for quiet and efficient running. It is a great option for any generators be it residential, business, recreational. LPG is contained in safe cylinders that are simple to fill and connect to the electric generators. These generators are very easy to use; Filled cylinders can be purchased and stored for effortless changing.

It is clear to see that LPG fuelled generators are uncomplicated to fuel, easily movable, and safer for the environment. These generators provide efficient energy output to cost ratios and larger LPG cylinders can generate a considerable amount of electricity for longer periods.

LPG fuelled generators, like other generators, require diligent usage to prevent accidents and endangerments. LPG is produced from fossil fuels and releases minimal amounts of carbon monoxide when burned. Build up of CO can lead to respiratory poisoning. LPG can leak and if placed near a potential location where a spark could occur might lead to serious explosions and fires. It is naturally odourless but a chemical substance with a distinctive odour is added in order to detect any leaks. 2.4 LPG POWERED AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM The LPG-powered heat pump VRF air conditioning technology is a new innovation. The technology operates on the same principle as LPG-powered vehicles and opens up new application areas for air conditioning. In addition to air conditioning, the system also provides hot water and generates its own electricity. The new approach uses LPG as a fuel to power a gas-driven heat pump VRF air conditioning system. A modified 2-litre engine, operating at between 800-2100 rpm, is equipped with conventional engine components, such as spark plugs, oil and air filter, as on a standard LPG automobile. The system only requires connection to a single-phase power supply to power start-up, a control circuit and inverter-driven fans. The technology is highly efficient, ranging from between 1.4 (140 per cent) to 1.6 (160 per cent) when used as a heating or cooling system respectively. Due to the efficiency of the system, it is being promoted as an alternative to oil-fired heating systems, against which it offers immediate cost savings and also delivers both hot water and up to 4kW electricity.

The only difference between a conventional Electric VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow System) and a LPG powered Gas heat pump VRF air conditioning system is the outdoor unit. The compressors are belt driven by an engine running on LPG. 2.5 LPG GAS REFRIGERATOR LPG is instrumental in providing off-the-grid refrigeration, usually by means of a gas absorption refrigerator. Blends of pure, dry "isopropane" (refrigerant designator R-290a ) and iso2butane (R600a) have negligible Ozone depletion potential and very low Global Warming Potential and can serve as a functional replacement for R-12, R-22, R-134a,and other chlorofluorocarbon or hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants in conventional stationary refrigeration. A LPG Gas refrigerator possesses significant qualities like its low noise, high efficiency, no compressor, no moving parts, no vibrations and convenient cooling comfort anywhere. It is highly reliable and has a long life expectancy. Its power supply is LPG only. Depending on the model and thermostat settings, an LPG refrigerator can consume up to 400g of LPG gas in 24hrs. It is only suitable for domestic/home use. 2.6 LPG WATER PUMP A LPG powered water pump is similar to other conventional water pumps powered by alternative fuels like gasoline & diesel. It operates on LPG which is a significant difference compared to other water pumps.

It is easy and simple to operate. With minimal exhaust emissions, it offers good protection for your health & environment and also has a longer life time.

2.7 LPG WATER HEATER An LPG water heater is a safe and reliable open flued water heating system. It requires no power or battery powered ignition and is easy to maintain and service. It can provide hot water for multiple outlets and is suitable for use in static caravans. For
mobile vehicles a room sealed water heater is used.

3.0 CONCLUSION Presently, the earth's climate change and global warming have been directly linked to the high rate of greenhouse gas emissions. According to survey, 80% of emitted greenhouse gases are caused by human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels. Engines powered by heavier fuels like petrol, diesel & kerosene releases higher rates of greenhouse gases (Co2 & CO) compared to lighter fuels like LPG. LPG is a cleaner fuel and emits negligible amounts of greenhouse gases. Also, LPG powered engines deliver performance levels comparable to petrol & diesel engines. With the state of our environment becoming a priority, LPG powered engines are highly recommended.