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Dana Sheridan Sociology 101 October 11, 2011 Assignment #1: Remember the Titans Being in high school

is hard enough, but when your black being integrated into an all white school it can make it that much harder. Remember the Titans (2000), a movie of which just that happened. Blacks were being bused in to an all white school that had no intentions of making them feel welcome. This movie displayed many different values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors from both ethnicities, on their road to win a high school football championship, as well as bringing the new found integrated community together. At the beginning of this movie the whites were very ethnocentric with their way of thinking. They felt that it was a horrible idea to bring blacks into their childs school. They felt as if their social class was of much more higher standards, and that they valued their school, and saw this as a negative sanction and felt that they had too much community pride to let blacks come destroy what was theirs. During the movie the character that Denzel Washington plays (Coach Boone), is brought in to take the former white head coaches position of the football team. Many of the whites, even parents included brought out their worst possible attitudes, even contemplating the end of their high school football careers and saw this move as somewhat taboo, how could you replace their coach with a nigger? Their attitude had took the shape of I rather stop playing football then play for a nigger. While the blacks were fine with this decision of having a black coach, something familiar to such a strange and new situation, the whites wanted nothing more to do with the change as possible. Many went on strike and refused the sickening thought of playing for anyone other than their white coach. To them it had gone way over the fact of them having to share a school with blacks, but now have a black coach take their coaches place was something that was inconceivable, according to their attitudes. Soon after all the craziness had occurred and the people who decided to stay and play football with the new coach stayed, they all went off to football camp together. While the players were gone they of course suffered through turmoil between races but at the end of camp their beliefs about one another had shifted greatly. They soon saw that even though they were different races they both shared in many cases the same interest and beliefs, and most important their love of football. They had made very close friends within their football team during the camp, but once they came back to school they realized that keeping and sharing their new beliefs on race and discrimination would be difficult. As the football season went on and the town began to see how the team worked together white or black, their horrible behaviors began to make a drastic change. There were no more races messages left for the black coach, no more bricks being thrown through his window, but instead congratulating handshakes and nods. The football team had changed the whole towns behaviors of hatred towards one another and brought them together as one.

This movie displayed all of the topics of values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. This one football team was able to concur and bring the whole town together through just a simple sport. They were able to see that all of the stereotypes given to one another had been false and that they were more alike than they had ever imagined. Both of the coaches were able to see pass their race in the beginning and were able to spread it to the team during the camp, making them cohabitate together and see that whatever problems they had with one another could be hashed out civilly, and that they could teach this to everyone they knew that it just wasnt that bad.