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Reflections on the Ninth Wave (This is a preliminary account. There will be more information after March 9-13.

) The Mayan Calendar is a means for charting the Flow of Creation over time. It tracks the revelations of Consciousness as it disperses across many forms of existence in order to remember itself as One. This process is highly organised, not just with regard to the nine waves of its primary unfolding but also thirteen Heavens which regulate all Underworlds created by these waves. It establishes a vertical structure within the calendar that is governed by a fractal resonance between time-based frequencies that are found on each of its nine levels. Thus Day 1 of the highest (Universal) Underworld resonates with Day 1 of the lowest (Cellular) and all other first days in between, since all are governed by the same deities/cosmic forces. This genesis pattern of 13 Heavens (7 days, 6 nights) is found on all levels of the calendar, linking them across corresponding Heavens. Each level is characterised by a distinct frequency of Creation which is 20 times higher than that of its predecessor. The entire sequence would resolve automatically if it were deterministic but it isnt since its purpose is to allow Consciousness dispersed as Many a freedom to awaken as One. This presents a challenge for our egos to open beyond a conditioned sense of separateness to a sense of integral participation in Greater Life (encompassing levels of planetary, galactic and universal consciousness). Such opening can happen more or less beautifully according to our response-ability. The highest beauty would be for us to awaken to our co-creative role through the end stages of the calendar, thereby paving a way towards the attainment of Unity Consciousness in existence. The difference between this Unity and one that was implicitly realised in the Regional Underworld is that our later manifestation is informed by lessons of history through which Consciousness comes to remember itself as such in time. This will not happen automatically, which is why many people are now writing words like these. All express aspects of unfolding Consciousness in a tacitly collaborative process by means of which Many are now seeking to awaken as One. We may intuit this via a rational reconstruction of the calendar sequence, as Calleman has, and/or by acceding to a new Heart-centred Consciousness. The first clarifies our approach to the End of Time. The second carries us through. The ninth wave stimulates Heart-awareness by accelerating change such that our capacity for rational deliberation is overwhelmed and a more intuitive response mode activated. Another distinguishing feature of the ninth wave is that the x20 rule disappears at this level into mathematical nothingness, following a convention whereby anything to the power of Nothing (zero) is deemed equal to Unity (one). This discloses the only non-tun-based frequency in the whole calendar (13 x 18 = 234 days). Its revelation as such makes 18 visibly prominent in a way that it isnt at other levels, where it is concealed by the tun base: 13 x 18 x 20 = 13 tuns; 13 x 18 x 400 = 13 katuns and so forth. This entails that the tzolkin is no longer a constant feature of the calendar across levels. Moreover, since 18 = 2 x 9, it also brings a 9+9 count to the fore for the first time. The significance of the 2 tends to be understated in this arrangement, just as it was masked by the twenty (2 x 10) glyphs of the tzolkin round. It refers to ascending and

descending aspects of the wave form of the 9th Underworld, which waxes and wanes across the crests and troughs of its 13 Heavens. The advent of each new Underworld brings a quantum leap in vibratory level (corresponding to the wave whose frequency is twenty times higher than that of its predecessor). This acceleration doesnt manifest all at once; rather it unfolds across all 13 Heavens of the new wave. This 7 day, 6 night pattern regulates assimilation of the new frequency throughout existence, including by human consciousness. The essential structure of each wave is preserved across evolutionary levels and is distinguishable from its forerunners primarily by the x20 acceleration rule. Its impact is distributed across the 7 day, 6 night cycle of successive Underworlds rather than registering at any specific point(s). Because this pattern is the same in all cases, the same unfolding process obtains across all nine levels of scale and every point on every wave maps energetically on to corresponding points on earlier and/or later levels of unfolding, with later levels being twenty times more compressed and earlier ones twenty times less so. This establishes a relationship of fractal resonance across corresponding Heavens on all levels. Because the ninth wave doesnt give way to a tenth, a new application of the resonance principle is warranted in its case. We normally appraise this resonance from perspectives of the past into our present, noting that patterns which obtained then are likely to repeat now because the same deities still rule but we can also pursue this relationship in the opposite direction, from our present back to the past, for healing purposes. The quantum acceleration engendered at the beginning of each Underworld intensifies in impact over the course of its 13 Heavens, especially during days. But this cant be a simple linear progression unless the wave form which waxes and wanes is just a misleading metaphor. It traverses nights as well as days, passing through troughs as well as crests. This helps to illuminate the qualitative significance of a ninth wave which, as we have seen, is distinguished by a 9+9 day count. It implies a leaving behind of the tzolkin structure which characterises all earlier levels of the calendar going back over sixteen billion years and illuminates how the ninth wave jumps from a base 10 (20 days of the uinal, 2 x 10) to base 9 (18 days of the uaxacluhunkin, 2 x 9). This suggests that something new is happening in the ninth wave, beyond reconstitution on a 20-fold higher frequency platform. In appraising this, it is important to remember that a 9 count was always implicitly present in the 18 x 20 structure of the tun-based (360 day) calendar and its overtones (katun, baktun etc. : 18 x 20 to the power of 1, 2, 3 8). The ninth wave brings us to 18 x 20 to the power of 0. This eliminates the 20 (2 x 10) count and at the same time brings a formerly hidden 9 count to the fore, making it visible in a way that it never was before. The tzolkin still goes on, as does the 8th and all earlier waves. It hasnt been lost, just superseded. This novelty arises and exerts predominant influence as a new (9+9) frequency vibration becomes available to a newly receptive human consciousness, making a new calendar wave subjectively accessible for the first time (because its duration and our awareness means we can register its impact directly in experience, if prepared). The 13 Heavens structure of the ninth wave serves to regulate its impact. We have a clear opportunity and need to avail of this design. Why is obvious; how may be less so.

* The ninth wave jumps from a 10 to a 9 count. The numerology around this intrigues. For example, multiplying 10 1s by 9 1s yields 123456789987654321, a palindrome. This indicates a qualitative shift from the 10+10 count of the 8th wave to the 9+9 count of the 9th. In addition to being perfectly symmetrical, it also describes perfectly waxing and waning aspects of the days of the 9th Underworld. Imagine this in terms of ascending the nine steps of a Mayan temple built as a visual metaphor of the nine Underworlds: steps 123456789 take us to the highest level while 987654321 takes us back down on the other side.

This sequence also maps precisely energies of the chronological 18 day (2 x 9) cycle of all 13 Heavens of the 9th wave. It implies a special relationship between Heavens of the 9th wave and the structure of the calendar as a whole. But six of these Heavens are nights. Instead of cresting above the line (x-axis), they dip beneath it, forming troughs. We mark this as a sequence ranging from -1 to -9 and then back up again from -9 to -1 on the other side: the 18 (2 x 9) chronological days of the first night, or second Heaven. This alternating pattern of +1 to +9 and back interspersed with -1 to -9 and back repeats out to the 7th day (13th Heaven). Also, multiplying 9 1s by 9 1s produces 12345678987654321, another palindrome. The only difference with regard to 10 1s by 9 1s is a digit less: just one 9 at the centre of the array. This single 9 cannot evoke two days but its reflection is none the less significant. It evokes a summit point at which the maximum yang of ascending energy (1 to 9) achieves its peak value and, secreting yin, begins to wane (9 to 1). This continues below the x-axis into negative yin values of the first night (-1 to -9) until an extreme value is again reached and secretes its yang opposite, so-called. This difference between our two numerical patterns brings out a problem inherent in all digital representations of analogue reality. These try to describe continuous process in terms of discrete categories but ultimately fail, creating problems akin to those recognised by ancient Greek philosophers who asked how many points are needed to make up an infinitely divisible line. Despite this, we continue to assert conceptually that day is the opposite of night while knowing empirically that one melds gradually into the other. Likewise, when we reach the top of a world mountain or sacred temple we cant go anywhere else without first coming down just as, when we reach the bottom, there is no other way available but up. Maximum yang secretes minimum yin and vice-versa,

respectively, at both turning points. In a 10 count, 1 repeats as the first digit of 10, signifying its reconstitution on a new level as a new ground for further progressive unfolding. (Esoterically, the 1 of Existence, having proceeded from the 0 of Void, steps through it again as 11, having established new relationship by virtue of the first 1-9 cycle.) This pattern is observed through the first eight waves of the calendar, where it is embedded in the inter-woven spiralling of tzolkin and tun-based rhythms (18 x 260 = 13 x 360) rather than manifesting as a simple linear progression. The 9 count, by contrast, turns back upon itself, stressing something formerly hidden but always insistent that is now ready to be disclosed. Its message has been masked until now and, with it, subtler implications of yin-yang relationship and dis-continuity issues. In becoming visible with the ninth wave, the 9 count reveals this formerly overlaid pattern. In so doing, it makes possible subjective realisation of the calendars promise as a whole. This transforms the status of subjectivity and of Consciousness in time. In fact, when Consciousness which transcends time remembers itself in time, time effectively ceases. We become vessels of eternal Being in time. This is what calendar-related concern with the End of Time is finally about. * The point of maximum yang (ascending) energy contains the seed of its opposite yin, making possible a smooth flowing relationship between what appears to be two but is actually the primary manifestation of a mysteriously integral dynamic Unity. Our rational ego-minds tend to obscure and over-ride such subtlety by imposing inadequate conceptual frames. All such frames must ultimately prove inadequate in this respect since as projections of polarising mind they have no option but to dissect a Unity they would explain. The Way that can be spoken is not the true Way. This implies another mode of knowing that is unformulated (and Heart-based). Poetic language serves, more or less successfully, to bridge between such mystical knowing and our more accustomed conceptual forms, of which science is one. The integral language of the Mayan calendar is mytho-poetic in this sense. The days of its 13 Heavens, for instance, are specified in terms of the imagery of an agricultural society as corresponding to stages in the maturational process of a planted seed: sowing, germination, sprouting, leafing, budding, flowering and fruiting. These correlate analogically with periods of growth, action and visible development. What happens during nights is, relatively speaking, invisible and mute. Night is thus associated with darkness, rest, consolidation and sometimes (during the second and fifth) with reaction and destruction. As we move into the 9th Underworld the frequency of its wave form becomes, in principle, available to human consciousness. We can maintain direct (felt) experience of it by tracking its ascending and descending modes. We are thus in a position to align and co-create consciously with the energies of its nights as well as days. This opportunity is unprecedented in history, given all that the 9 count now makes apparent on a tractable scale for the first time. It represents a vital aspect of current efforts to restore sensibilities of the Divine Feminine in human consciousness and culture. This process can be greatly facilitated by moving with awareness through night and day phases of the ninth wave, co-ordinating the accomplishments of both.

It also has other, related macroscopic implications: the feedback system which Earth has always been for humanity is now making clear that our imbalance has pushed her ecology well past the point of sustainability. A re-balancing is thus needed to re-order us so that we can enter again into right relationship with her (and Cosmos). This also is part of a long-forgotten promise which the ninth wave restores to us: the fulfilment of our stewardship role. We have only to co-respond, initiating a new practise of conscious co-creation that honours the dark, yin, feminine intelligence of night while enacting with awareness our unavoidable progression through a final cycle of nights as well as days. Observing the resonance principle throughout means that we can even redeem in awareness lost lessons of all the nights on all previous levels of the calendar. Our aim, finally, is to restore feminine sensibility in a balanced unfolding of continuous yin-yang interaction, not to overcome it. All our rhetoric about overcoming darkness, actually or symbolically, perpetuates a fundamental conceptual opposition of dualist consciousness: that between light-dark (and, by extension, good-evil, male-female and countless other symbolically equivalent couplings all of which implicitly assert the priority of a positive, visible male term over a negative, invisible, female one. This pervasive legacy of lop-sided patriarchal sensibility needs overhauling if our talk of Unity consciousness is to be anything more than pious aspiration (1). This prospect of rebalancing, actual and symbolic, offers great hope for the possibility of a relatively peaceful transition. A major obstacle remains in the persistence of uncleared wounds from our human past on Earth. The 9th wave offers unprecedented opportunities for healing that stem from a process of fractal resonance which, as noted, applies extraordinarily in this final Underworld. For example, if I ascend the wave form of the first Heaven of the Universal Underworld resolved to achieve healing in its present, this can be extended to encompass all earlier first Heavens, especially when supported by a ritually focused power of co-creative intent (2). The same is true regarding all 13 Heavens and their lower frequency counterparts across all Underworlds. * All inspiration arises from Source, a conceptually tangible wellspring which relays the pure potential of Void into Existence. We are the instruments of its grace. We ascend Holy Mountains, Sacred Temples and, now, consciously apprehended wave forms to fulfil our purpose in this respect. All inspiration that arises from Source enters Creation and propagates through time along the line which constitutes a schematic xaxis of the calendars unfolding. The carrying waves of all 9 Underworlds arise out of this line in time, creating a virtual hierarchy of nested wave forms, each with a 20fold higher frequency than its predecessor. To co-create consciously in our final Underworld requires active cooperation with the forms of its carrying wave. It demands that we follow them in consciousness below the line into invisible night spaces and surrender there to dark yin tides that underpin all existence (cf. vast inner spaces of sub-atomic structure). This is an integral aspect of going with Flow that has for the most part been seriously under-valued through human history, both as theorised and lived. It is necessary for inclusiveness and

balance but continues to be overlooked by human frames that mistake their own architectonic features for ultimate expressions of the Divine in space-time (3). Relating this back to 123456789987654321, the first of our two 9 days describes a period of culminating ascent: I have made my effort to reach the summit and now must offer my gift, prayer, intention or whatever. I express my aspiration fully (yang) as the wave crests. Emptied then, I go quiet to receive (yin) as its energy turns. I wait, intent on receiving whatever the Heaven has to offer by way of response. I adopt a receptive mode as energy begins to wane, resolved to absorb whatever gifts of inspiration it may bestow. This is the business of the second 9 day, to receive fully in order that the gift may be integrated effectively in due course and brought back for the purpose of inspired expression in the world. I then follow descending energies of the now turned wave and follow it Home to a zero-point of balanced yin-yang interaction that is always present on our x-axis, or centre-line. This evokes schematically the progression of Spirit through time. I stay in conscious alignment with descending energies of this wave. They carry me below the line into a new phase of incubation and consolidation until a new turning point is reached. Here the promise of a new day is secreted (minimum yang) at the very point where maximum yin is reached the trough or nadir of the wave form of the second Heaven (first night) of the 9th wave. But where is integration finally to be achieved if we are constantly moving up and down, going with flow and surfing waves? The answer is in Consciousness, which intuits motion as secondary (4). There is no finality involved, just awakening. This comes when we realise experientially, not intellectually the sense of St Teresas statement that the way to Heaven is already Heaven or Jesus Be still and know that I AM God. The first appears to emphasise movement and the second stillness but both say exactly the same thing. If I surf a wave, for example, I dont actually move in relation to it. This applies especially regarding high-frequency waxing and waning tides of the 9th Underworld, where an attitude of stillness can save us from levels of incoherence and burn-out that no executive ego can hope to manage. It is possible to maintain a perfectly still witness Consciousness while flowing above and below our metaphorical line as the wave forms of our 13 Heavens ordain. Such flowing is a necessary condition of our involvement in the polarised field of existence. Being the way of a Heaven, it is already Heaven. We have only to be still in the midst of commotion to realise this. Such realisation requires us to drop all attachment to our grand schemes, theories and ego-agendas. Aligning consciously with ascending and descending motions of the ninth wave facilitates this process decisively (5). Consciousness in time comprehends all motion and form as an articulated expression of its own underlying unity. The 13 Heavens of the 9th wave, like all the Heavens of all previous waves, are designed to facilitate this process. The distinct tenor of the 9th wave allows it to facilitate a late integration of outstanding patterns of dysfunction that stem from earlier Underworlds as fractal resonance makes them available for clearing in our present. The fact that earlier Creation waves persist and maintain their own specific integrity before completing simultaneously at the End Time may be the single most important

insight the calendar encodes. It implies that all waves remain available for healing and transformation so that we need not limp Home wounded and deficient. Instead we can be clarified via an intentional re-patterning of the Whole that is made possible by our conscious co-creating in relation to it. This is appropriate since realised Unity comes of effective integration as an implicit Unity that was once dismembered now shapes to remember explicitly in time. This is what the Mayan symbolism of Bolon Yokte Ku, the nine-part God, mythically evokes. The prospect is decisively affirmed by imminent completion of all 9 Creation waves at exactly the same (end) time, at which point the dismembered God will manifest in full regalia. Nine becomes One again as Unity stepped out from Void remembers. * The 9th wave, instead of giving way to a 10th, enables us to realise the significance of our trajectory as a whole. It empowers us as instants of Consciousness-in-time to look back to Source and remember our origins in Consciousness before time, in a Void of pure potential that was there before Light [reflection(s)] arose. This realised Unity of Existence-in-Being, instead of stepping further away from its origin in Being, returns to comprehend and enter into a newly knowing relationship with it. Such knowing illuminates All That Is from within.

Notes: (1) Hence Dreaming A New Earth (note 2) features a section called Into That Darkness , which clarifies Shadow content in relation to themes of Light and Dark. See

(2) In March 2011 I will present a sacred play that serves this purpose. Dreaming a New Earth will engage generic energies of the 9th wave in an anticipatory, integrative way. More specific, duly modified applications will follow on the crest/trough dates of each succeeding Heaven. A comprehensive re-staging is also appropriate to mark the crest of the 7th Heaven (4th Day). I will share more information on this soon. (3) This will be explained fully in the written account of Dreaming a New Earth. See also and

(4) I know stillness in motion and vice-versa as a matter of direct experience from thirty years of practising tai chi. An even more compelling experience may be had through Drunvalo Melchizedeks Mer-Ka-Ba meditation in which resting Consciousness actually gets to witness the dance of its own masculine and feminine polarities. As with our ventures above and below the line, this dance is necessary for participation in the process of existence. (5) Our x-axis describes the unfolding of a mobile zero-point, centred in the spiritual Heart (chakra). Spirit enters time by this means as through a Point of Creation. We re-member this via direct, trans-rational Heart-knowing and express it via diverse modalities of inspired cocreative action. This mobile zero-point charts the Way of Heaven in time, transcending time in the process. It symbolises a perfect qualitative blending of yin-yang tendencies as we sit (figuratively) in stillness on our line while moving (figuratively) with unfolding wave patterns above and below it.