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Equipping students for life and forever

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MEI Schools

MEI Strategic Goals

May 2011 - 2014


Table of Contents
Message from the President, MEI Board of Directors Message from the Superintendent History of MEI, Governance, (Society Structure & Board), Programs/Curriculum MEI Vision, Mission, Core Values & Strategic Goals Strategic Goals 2011 - 2014 Measuring Success 5 6 9 10 2 3

Equipping students for life and forever. -1-

Message from the President, MEI Board of Directors

Why MEI? That is a question I am asked on a regular basis by friends, colleagues and acquaintances when they hear that I serve as President of the MEI Society. My answer, almost always, relates to those areas that we can readily identify such as: 1. 2. 3. 4. Christ-centred Education A safe environment Strong Christian values Excellent programs and standards specifically in the areas of aca demics, fine arts, athletics and our unique service learning program. 5. Quality administration and staff I believe that these items provide the answer to the question Why MEI? and can be simply summarized by the phrase Christian Character and Values. At MEI, the character and values expected of us by God in our homes and churches are also those that are practiced in the classroom a place where it is estimated that young people will spend 15,000 hours of their lives from Kindergarten to Grade 12. It is the harmonization of the Christian character and values of the school, home and church and the ability to integrate these values of our faith into educational instruction that differentiates us. Our vision is to see students equipped for this life, but just as importantly, for eternity. The mission and strategic goals of MEI are there to focus our resources, guide decisionmaking and drive us towards the achievement of the vision. We look forward to partnering with our parent and church community in helping each child reach their full potential in Christ. We plan to revisit this document annually to ensure it continues to accurately reflect the goals necessary to the fulfillment of the vision, thereby regularly responding to and planning for changes in our environment. This organization has a tremendous legacy, one that has been built over 67 years by Gods grace we are truly grateful for the faithful support of our churches, parents, alumni and, of course, the contributions of our administration and staff in making MEI the great school it is today. We look forward to the next 67 years in anticipation of the wonderful work God intends to do through MEI! On behalf of the Board, Jason Born President, MEI Society

Message from the Superintendent

MEIs vision is to equip students for life and forever. We accomplish this by equipping and nurturing our students, and training them to serve our world. Since 1944 we have graduated over 5,500 students. From a first class of 40 students and three teachers, MEI has grown to a student body of over 1,400 students with 180 staff members. At MEI, we equip our students through academic, fine arts and athletics programs that have been recognized regionally, provincially and nationally for excellence. MEI is also unique in its range of programs, satisfying a wide range of student interests and career choices. A telling story is one told by a parent he sends his children to our school because they run into school as fast as they run out! We continue to invest in our ability to provide programs of the highest quality. Our schools are currently implementing a collaborative team learning process whereby student learning is continuously monitored in order to improve instruction on a unit by unit basis. We also make effective use of surveys, gaining feedback from parents and students in order to confirm strengths and identify areas in which we can plan improvements. We nurture our students in a variety of ways, including dynamic weekly chapels, thoughtful Bible classes, effective integration of our faith into instruction and daily devotional and prayer times. We are thrilled to see how God is impacting and changing the lives of our students, as related to us in countless stories. A key to our success in this area is the passion and commitment of our staff to making God famous at MEI. They provide a level of individual nurture and care that is beyond compare. And finally, our students lives are being shaped through service learning opportunities. Whether it is Elementary students helping build a school in Haiti, Middle School students connecting with our neighbours in practical and significant ways, Secondary students spending Spring Break on Missions trips around the world, or any one of a multitude of other service learning opportunities, our students are learning that God can and will use them to change our world. These are exciting times for MEI as we work to implement a Strategic Plan that requires the best of our hearts, minds and spirits in the service of God, our students, our families and our churches. Our goal is to continue contributing to MEIs greatest legacy the generations of graduates who go on to contribute in powerful ways in homes, churches and jobs, here and around the world. Ernie Janzen Superintendent, MEI Schools



Governance Structure
"I believe that the students at MEI are brought to a place where they can think for themselves in a state of maturity, so that when they leave they will remember a community where fellowship is rewarding, wisdom is encouraged, and loving others brings wellbeing. Kyle Tydeman Grade 12 Student MEI Secondary
MEI is owned and operated by the Mennonite Educational Institute Society, a duly registered society in the Province of British Columbia and a registered charity. The members of the society are the members of those Mennonite or Mennonite Brethren churches who have elected to become Supporting Churches of the society; however, for practical reasons, the supporting church represents all of its members. Each supporting church appoints two members to the MEI Board of Directors. The MEI Board of Directors is the body responsible for overall governance, policy setting and the strategic direction of MEI. The Board is organized into five committees, of which each member is expected to sit on at least one: Executive Committee - Comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, each Committee Chair, the Superintendent and the Business Administrator as non-voting members Policy and Governance Committee Personnel Committee External Relations Committee Finance Committee The provision of leadership to the Board with respect to Strategic Planning, Governance and Monitoring Providing long-term planning recommendations to the Board Identifying priorities and timeframes for growth and change Receiving reports from committee chairs for recommendation to the Board of Directors Receiving reports from the Superintendent Conducting biennial performance reviews of the Superintendent on behalf of the Board

The Executive Committee is primarily responsible for:

The Board is accountable to its supporting churches, as owners, and holds an annual general meeting each October to report on progress made towards the achievement of its Vision and Mission. The Superintendent is responsible for implementing the strategic direction of MEI in accordance with Board policy. The key responsibilities of the Superintendent include: Spiritual Leadership Visionary Leadership Educational Leadership Administrative Leadership

The Superintendent is accountable to the Board for the achievement of organizational objectives. -8-5-

Vision Statement
Students Equipped for Life and Forever

Vision Statement
Students Equipped for Life and Forever

"Attending MEI equipped me with a solid education and taught me the importance of knowing God. My experience at MEI was an important step in reaching the place I am today - a PhD Candidate in physics at the University of California. Graham Krahn MEI Alumnus 2005

Mission Statement
The mission of MEI, in cooperation with the home and our supporting churches, is to equip young people to live a life of excellence through service to Gods kingdom and society as faithful disciples of Christ.

Mission Statement
The mission of MEI, in cooperation with the home and our supporting churches, is to equip

MEI Core Values

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. MEI values its Christian foundation as understood from an evangelical Anabaptist perspective. MEI values a holistic educational focus aimed at educating the student as a complete person academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. MEI values excellence and integrity in all areas of its work. MEI values affirmation and mutual accountability throughout the entire organization. MEI values fiscal responsibility in the fulfillment of its mission. MEI values the dignity and worth of each individual. MEI values its partnership with both the home and the supporting churches.

Strategic Goals Introduction

The Strategic Goals that have been developed are aligned with our Vision and Mission to ensure consistency and focus and to provide the best opportunity for success in achieving the stated goals and thereby fulfilling our Vision and Mission as an organization. Each strategic goal can be tied back to a specific aspect of the Vision and Mission, those aspects being: 1. 2. 3. Cooperation and partnership with home and supporting churches (and other key stakeholders) (Priority 4) Equipping and Excellence (Priority 2) Disciples of Christ (Priority 1)

Supporting all of the above strategic goals is the concept of sustainability (Priority 3). As with many of you, our valued stakeholders and supporters, we have been impacted by the difficulties experienced in our local and national economy over the last few years. As a result, we have been forced to closely examine what the idea of sustainability means and felt this was so critical that it deserved its own strategic goal - without fully defining what this means for MEI puts all of our objectives in jeopardy. -6-

Strategic Goals 2011-2014

"MEI is a fantastic school. It makes me feel like I belong. Since I have come to MEI I have grown spiritually because I can openly talk about things with my friends and teachers. I am glad that I came here."
2. Four strategic goals translate the vision of MEI into clear priorities for the next three years. These goals are high level and are used to guide administration in creating policies, procedures and strategies to implement the vision of MEI. 1. Students are developing into disciples of Christ. a. Ensure the Bible and faith integration program at MEI is continuously improving through collaboration and a structured, systematic approach to the Bible program from Preschool to Grade 12 by: i. Liaising with supporting churches to leverage their perspective on the Bible program and faith integration ii. Investing in professional development opportunities for all staff to build capacity in faith integration or cultivate internal resources or best practices that have been found to be effective through the collaborative team process b. Continuously develop new opportunities for MEI students and staff to participate in service learning at MEI c. Ensure the chapel program at MEI is a meaningful and important part of the student life experience at MEI Students are engaged in learning and MEI programs are effectively meeting their academic, social and emotional needs. a. Develop a collaborative approach to instruction using Professional Learning Communities and Collaborative Team Processes b. Continually investigate and implement best practices in education for evaluation and discussion c. Develop standard-based measures for instruction and assessment. d. Invest in professional development opportunities to build capacity in teamwork and team building e. Develop data-informed processes as part of the school improvement process MEI is committed to sustainability in order to realize its vision. a. Build a comprehensive development program to improve stakeholder awareness and communication of MEIs Vision, Mission and Legacy and build a broader community of support b. Develop a cross-functional team to build a new model for the discussion of salary, benefits and employment conditions at MEI c. Develop a 5-year capital plan that provides for the systematic maintenance, repair and remodeling of our physical plant and technology infrastructure d. Continuously improve and strengthen the Societys governance processes and structures e. Develop a 5-year operating plan that effectively manages resources in a manner that ensures the long term viability of MEI f. Develop a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan to rebuild enrollment at MEI that communicates greater awareness of MEI and the value of Christian education -9-

Matt Foster Grade 7 Student MEI Middle



Strategic Goals - cont.

4. MEI is effectively engaging the home, church and community partners. a. Increase the engagement of supporting churches and effectively communicate the value MEI adds to their congregations and to the community as a whole b. Expand communication between the Board and the PACs or other parent groups to support greater awareness of the strategic direction of MEI c. Expand communication with student councils to support greater awareness of the strategic direction of MEI and to open a forum to address student concerns so as to ensure students are satisfied with their experience upon leaving MEI d. Improve communication with alumni in order to build a broader base of support both in enrollment and development e. Continue to collaborate in areas of mutual benefit with our community partners including the public School District, CBC and TWU, thereby building greater awareness of MEIs programs

Measuring Success
In implementing this plan we expect the following by June 2014: Enrollment increased by 50 students Improvements in student achievement A broad community of support around MEI that understands our Vision and Mission Improved partnerships with our supporting churches and parent community A 5-year balanced operating budget and capital plan that address funding for capital and information technology refurbishment or replacement A staff that is fully engaged and feels supported in their professional development An organization that is becoming a centre of excellence for teamwork and collaboration in education

- 10 -

The mission of MEI, in cooperation with the home and our supporting churches, is to equip young people to live a life of excellence through service to God's kingdom and society as faithful disciples of Christ.

Equipping students for life and forever.