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21 August 2011

MEMORANDUM FOR CPT Jake Roper, D Company 1-145, Bldg 5202, Ft Rucker, AL 36362 SUBJECT: After Action Review of Basic Officer Leadership Course Class 11-020 1. The purpose of this memorandum is to write an After Action Review. Identify and provide recommendation of three areas to improve and three areas to sustain for the Basic Officer Leadership Course. 2. Three areas of improvement are the Motorola Radios, the Beretta M-9, and the certification for combatives. a. First area of improvement is the use of the blue Motorola two way radio. We were issued these radios on 4 August 2011 prior to land navigation but the channel they were to be used on was never identified. I had to ask what channel to set it on when I was going to my first land navigation point. Recommendation is to put the channel to be used in the power point slides and also incorporate it into the land navigation briefing. b. Second area of improvement is the condition of the Beretta M-9 Pistols. The decocking lever of my pistol was broken off and missing on the right side. Fortunately mine was shooting a good grouping, but there were many complaints from student who knew how to shoot that the barrels were too worn out. Recommendation is to encourage students to identify deficiencies to the cadre so that an armorer may make the appropriate repairs. c. Third area of improvement is certification for modern Army combatives. We receive twenty hours of combatives training and we only need another 20 hours to be level 1 certified. Recommendation is to increase Basic Officer Leadership course one additional week so that we can get the level one certification. 3. Three areas of sustainment are the enlisted cadre, the water cooling fan, and swimming during Physical Training. a. The enlisted cadre was helpful, courteous, confident, and professional. During rifle zeroing, the enlisted cadre was very helpful to me. They provided great advice and also made sure that I was happy with my zero. It was a hot day outside, but they did not rush me once I got a decent grouping, instead they made sure I was satisfied with my shooting before I went to qualification. They would always help out anytime an issued arose. They were courteous and respectful of the officer rank, but showed confidence when they would share their knowledge.

b. During the Beretta M9 pistol range, there was a large fan that was placed by the bleachers and sprayed a mist of water to help cool us down. It was heat category five that day, and it was nice to be able to stand in front of the fan for a few minutes to cool down. Another fan would have also been nice if there is another available. c. Swimming during the Physical Training program was a great way to diversify the activities. Class 11-020 went to the swimming pool twice and it was a great way to break up the monotony of rolling around the grass and running. It also gave some familiarization for those who need to complete the swim test and dunker. 4. The POC for this after action review memorandum is WO1 Ryder Curry. I may be reached by email at 1 2 3 4 5 Ryder Curry WO1 Officer in Training