PP Quiz 70 POINTS (2 Points Each) 1.

The SAP module with the primary purpose of ensuring material availability for production and for sales is a. FI b. CO c. PP d. MM

2. The type of order proposal automatically generated during materials planning depends upon the a. Materials purchasing group b. MRP controller c. Product group d. Type of material

3. Required quantities and delivery dates for finished products are determined by a. Demand management b. Planning strategies c. Sales orders d. Dependent requirements

4. Which of the following is a planning strategy used in production planning? a. Make-to-order production b. Assemble-to-order production c. Make-to-stock production d. All of the above are planning strategies

True b. MRP schedules 6. Assemble-to-order c. The material may or may not have a BOM b. Customer demand management b. Assemble-to-order production strategies c. The material may be produced in house of procured externally c. The production strategy based on the need to produced independently of orders so thatgoods can be provided immediately to customers is the a. Production demand strategy d. Some other strategy . False 9. Smoothing of production is a desired result d. In the make-to-order production strategy. All of the above are true for the make-to-stock strategy 8. Sales forecasts d. Assemble-to-order strategy b. Both of the above d. a. MRP production schedule 7. Which of the following is true for a make-to-stock strategy a. Producing a specific product for an individual customer is the basic function of whichstrategy a.5. Make-to-stock strategy c. Make-to-order b. the demand program does not determine which products will be produced. Production to meet long lead time requirements to produce certain assemblies before theyare needed for sales orders is based upon a.

MRP views for the material master records b. Once quantities and production dates are committed to a sales or production order. That which permits material requirements planning and production planning for rawmaterial and finished products is the a. BOM 14. MRP view b. The description of the operations that have to be accomplished to produce a material is the a. MRP view b. Demand management program 12. BOM b.10. True b. Work centers d. All of the above . False 11. A routing can contain data related to which of the following a. The complete structured list of the components that make up a product or assemble isknown as the a.neither can be changed a. BOM c. Work centers c. Routing c. Routing c. Routing d. BOM 13. Work centers d. Production resources and tools d.

Purchase requisitions c. The location where operations have to be accomplished to produce a material is the a. Purchase requisitions c. Planned orders b. Production orders b. False 18. Work centers can only be assigned to a plant a. Neither a nor b . Routing c. True b. Neither a nor b 19. Planned orders may be converted into a.15. Either of the above d. Both of the above d. MRP view b. Material master record c. In house production of products is accomplished through the use a. MRP view b. BOM 17. Plant 16. The duration of an operation is determined by data linked primarily to the a. Work center d. Work center d.

Quota arrangement b. Operations and sequences are transferred to the order 24. Any of the above 23. Scheduling agreement 21. Purchase agreement c. Where a material is to be produced c. The BOM is exploded c. When a production order is created. Materials can be procured at a series of predefined points in time over a certain periodunder a a. Planned costs for the order are generated d. Purchase requisitions for stock items b. The basic dates for production c. The determination of in-house or external procurement d. The basis for a production order 22. All of the above . The basis for capacity calculation b.20. Planned orders b. Manually d. Assembly orders c. A planned order provides each of the following except a. Purchase requisition d. Production orders can be generated from a. On what date production is to occur d. Which material is to be produced b. A production order specifies a. each of the following occurs except a.

The proof of the movement of a material from production to the warehouse is the a. Move time 29. Which of the following is not a component of the time of an operation? a. Setup time b. Costs that are assigned directly to a production order are a. Primary costs b. A sales order c. Material document b. Purchase requisition b. Secondary costs c. When production is completed. Either of the above d. Neither a nor b 27. Processing time c. Wait time d. External costs 28. Planned order c.25. costs can be settled to a. Completion confirmation . Reservation 26. Goods receipt c. Internal costs d. An inventory material account b. Assembly order d. A request to maintain a material for issue at a future date for a production order is a a.

False 33. Goods that will be immediately shipped to customers are transferred from production tothe a.30. False . False 32. production orders cannot be released on non-work days or holidays. In the standard SAP system. False 35. True b. a. True b. True b. Shipping area c. True b. Completion confirmation d. Accounting document 31. Planned orders must be converted individually into production orders a. Goods receipt c. The document that transfers the cost of the goods produced from production to finishedgoods inventory is the a. The materials inventory d. Material document b. Warehouse b. MRP system 34. A planned order cannot be changed as to quantity or finish date when it is beingconverted a. Trade goods may be used in production a.

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