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Mobile: 09916104808 Telephone: 0091-0831-2446083 or 0091-080-41685120 Email:,

Job Objective
Seeking Senior/ Top Level assignments in Project Management, Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Relationship Management for Development programmes, preferably in NGOs, International development organizations and industry.

Professional Profile
  More than 10 years of experience in executing and managing development programmes in various capacities for NGOs, development organizations and industries. Have domain expertise in driving projects for environmentally sustainable community development, occupational and environmental health and safety, urban & rural environmental management, gender mainstreaming & awareness, policy analysis and advocacy using Participatory methods and techniques. A keen planner with expertise in project appraisal, evaluation, impact analysis, resource planning and deployment, project estimation, scheduling, tracking and implementation. Have exceptional skills in planning and arranging high profile events/promotion programmes to achieve short-term and long-term objectives within the assigned resources and timeframes. Experienced in managing with honed soft skills all aspects of projects at the grassroots level like; 1. Child development /Child protection 2. Women Development 4. Social Mobilisation & capacity building 6. Environment 7.Livelihood 5. HIV/ AIDS 8.Community Development 3.Health Projects

  

 An effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills with experience in networking
with Donors, consultants, NGOs, Government (national & State) & Safeguarding interests of focused groups, stakeholders & community. Appreciated by UNICEF & other organisations for my valuable services.    A team player with excellent communications & leadership skills, capable of mentoring a diverse group of multi-ethnic professionals & building effective working relationships across geographic & cultural borders. Experienced working with UN organisations and Governments-national and state levels. Experienced in providing freelance consultancy services to NGOs, corporate sectors & other development organisations in the area of planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation of social development projects. And also in planning & conducting of trainings to community and staff in the areas related to micro finance and HRD.

Project / Program Management  Screening new projects, conducting feasibility studies and preparing project reports to assess viability of projects, predictable cash flow and growth opportunities.  Monitoring project progress involving coordination with government agencies and project partners to ensure smooth execution of projects within the time & cost norms.  Assisting state level project management team in all the aspects of NGO partnership and in developing and implementation of behaviour change communication strategy,  Policy Analysis and advocacy with Media, Government, Non-government and International Development agencies, and subject experts.  Appraisal and selection of NGO partners and steering Capacity building of partner agencies. Financial Planning & Budgetary Control  Designing and implementing financial systems, policies and procedures in line with the organisations/ corporate objectives to facilitate internal financial control.  Formulating budgets & conducting variance analysis to determine difference between projected figures and actual expenditure; recommending / taking corrective actions.  Budgeting and costing for projects and liaise with funding agencies for finance. Tracking expenses and monitoring adherence to budgeted estimates. Community Development  Providing technical assistance in implementation of communication activities in support of child survival.  Promotion of child protect, counselling the child and parents, rehabilitation and resettlement etc.  Coordinating with PRI (three tier government system), women & Child welfare dept, Health & Family welfare dept, Urban Dvpt, Minorities, and NGOs to increase their direct involvement in child survival activities.  Conducting sensitization meetings for block administrators, community based organizations; self help groups, Education and Panchayatraj Institution officials, NGOs etc.  Facilitating the district health administration in identifying gaps, strategic plan, resource mobilization, networking, for sustainable development of health services in rural area.  Facilitating the organization in planning & implementation of health, gender development, education and income generation programs focusing mainly women, youth and children.  Working on social issues like bonded labor, Child labor, Land rights, resettlements and rehabilitation of tribals, Fluoride water, environment, lobbying and advocacy Activities, Influencing on the Govt. policies.

Core Competencies

Sensitizing the District health team, intensive pulse polio community & routine immunization through IEC activities.  Facilitating for empowerment of Dalits women (most marginalized sections of the society). Relationship Management  Negotiating with banks, financial institutions and funding agencies for raising fund and non-fund based facilities at favourable terms to meet project requirements.  Relationship building with project partners, consultants, contractors & other external agencies for finalising contracts and ensuring compliance to the terms and conditions.  Liaising with Govt. agencies, NGOs, media, Consultants, ministries & regulatory authorities for obtaining necessary sanctions / approvals & ensuring compliance with statutory obligations b/w donor & community.  Capacity Building  Capacity building of development workers, medical team- doctors, Nurses, health education staff and target group.  Strengthening institutions of local self governance (PRIs and ULB/municipality), capacity building of NGOs and CBOs along with linkages with media, government and academia.  Establishing NGOs network and strengthening it through regular guidance/advice and also through capacity building of the members.

Organisational Experience with Significant Achievements
Presently with RDATS as programs manager        Developing program strategies related to children, women and community development. Review and monitor service delivery and professional standards in children, women and community development work. Developing and implementation of systems and standards for programme management (e.g. field office management, programme monitoring and evaluation systems, program reporting) Provide high quality of social services to children, families and community through team of professional posts. Assist in building the organisations knowledge base and internal learning. Manage team leaders of programmes, including field staff. Facilitate and lead on team activities and events related

Feb’05 to July ‘06 with CAPART as Project Evaluator cum Monitor. (Part Time) CAPART (Council for Advancement of People’s Action & Rural Technology), It is an autonomous body of Govt. of India (Ministry of Rural development) and has been supporting many NGO’s in the field of community development, science and technology, disability, reproductive child health, environment, capacity building, income generation, Housing, Dairy Development, Women and Child development etc.    Conducting pre-appraisals, mid term evaluation and post evaluation of the projects assisted by CAPART. Evaluated 10 projects of NGOs related to women, disability, rainwater harvesting, Income generation, skill development, vermi compost. Estimated the financial statements and monitored the accounts of 10 NGOs.

Dec’03 to Dec’05 with UNICEF as Communication Consultant. Responsible for implementation of child survival and immunization activities and facilitated the district administration to plan effectively in executing the activities with the coordination of different line departments and NGOs/CBOs/Forums/Networks etc.  Trained district health personnel on communication skills for strengthening immunization and eradication of polio as the district has reached high immunization coverage from 40 to 80% and no out breaks in polio. There were no more new cases of polio outbreaks and there has been changes in the house holds attitudes on key behavioral changes (80%) like: Exclusive breast-feeding, Hand washing, Birth registration, usage of Iodized salt, girl child education and STD/AIDS. Coordination with line departments, NGOs, and Primary Health centres for survival program and facilitated to plan and execute at district level. Monitored the activities of 25 NGO’s Activated and sensitised the district line departments in the field of pulse polio, child health and protection programs. Facilitated to prepare District communication plan in order to increase the people’s participation in immunization and public health program. Facilitated the supply of emergency materials to the flood victims of 10,000 families.

    

Oct’02 to Dec’03 with Jala Samvardhana Yojana Sangha as District Social Specialist. A project of Government 0f Karnataka (Ministry of Irrigation) working for rehabilitation & management of community Tanks Assisted by World Bank.    Designed/planned & implemented ten-irrigation community tank management projects. Supervised the work of 33 staff like Agricultural Specialist, Engineers, Gender Specialist, Social Specialists, and other supporting staff. Also supervised and monitored 50 community based organizations (CBOs). Mobilized community contribution of around Rs.20 Lakhs for Tank management Project.

      

Monitored the activities of three District offices and developed good rapport with the District administration. Provided support & advocacy for resettlement of clients dealing with legal matters. Recruited staff for the project and trained them on their jobs. Developed good rapport with Government District administration. Participated in high level meetings organized with legislators/planners/principal secretary Government of Karnataka at legislative assembly. Facilitated organizing interaction meetings with CBOs and district administrators at District level. Tapping of Government resources/schemes to the target community.

Oct’01 to Sept’02 with Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Limited as Development Consultant.   Assessed the project area and developed an integrated development project for five years for 10 villages around the industry. Involved in regular supervision of project staff, monitoring their activities with developed monthly plan & reporting system for the target area.

Jun’99 to Sept’01 with FEDVORK- Federation of District voluntary Organizations Kolar as Secretary.    Strengthened NGO community in the district under the umbrella of FEDVORK. Worked as resource person for The Hunger Project partners (USA based donor) & trained 1000 elected local body/ Gram Panchayat women members. Strengthened 30 NGOs in the area of capacity building, proposal writing, vision building etc.

May’98 to Jun’99 with Host Net India as Chief Executive. A network of few like-minded NGOs of South India formed to work on common issues collectively and brings changes in the community.   Facilitated to mobilize funds for partner organizations & provided services to develop concept clarity on child related issues, women and environment. Evaluated the women and child development projects of partner organization.

Apr’97 to Mar’98 with UNDP assisted poverty alleviation project as Project Coordinator.        Facilitation in formation of Women Self Help Groups and capacity building of SHGs. Formed & strengthened 150 women self help groups & Facilitated in financial linkages to 75 SHGs. Created awareness on women issues and income generating activities among 2250 members. Consolidated the SHG’s saving & progress reports on monthly basis and submit to the agency. Faciliated to organise meetings/ trainings/interaction meetings with different departments like health, education, revenue, banks, women and child welfare. Represent to the UNDP partners planning/issues meeting at District level. Monitored the activities of the project team and facilitated to function effectively.

Feb’93 to Mar’97 with Peoples Development Centre as Project Director. A national level voluntary organization working for the downtrodden sections of the society especially women and children with the support of donor agencies and Government of India.         Conducted study on Dalit women issues, their role in development programs. Conducted survey on 545 child & 365 bonded laborers and influenced on the Government to release & rehabilitate them. Implemented child labour project in 265 villages. Evaluated child health program & provided staff support & managed a team of 18 staff. Organized trainings to target group people on small business development. Developed trust, confidence & empathic relationship with disadvantaged children and women and facilitated them to fight for their rights and needs for sustained social & economic development. Facilitated the team to work effectively on child protection, assessment and placement. Liaison with international donor agencies for funds mobilisation to development programs- rural poverty, women empowerment, Income generation, Child development.

Nov’90 to Jan’93 with STARR- Social Transformation & Rural Reconstruction as Project Director. A NGO promoted by a team of like-minded development professionals.  Formed expert team of trainers and provided training to 85 NGOs of South India States on developmental aspects like communication Media, Social analysis, Street theatre, Community Organizers training, Self Help group Concept, and Trainers Training etc.

Oct’87 to Sept’89 with Sunanda as Project Coordinator. A National level NGO as well as church based organization.     Successfully conducted counseling a family, which was in the verge of divorce. Counseled effectively children and youths who had difficulties in adjusting to society and family. Coordinated the activities of 100 field workers. Formed, nurtured and strengthened 89 women self help groups.

Course Master of Social Work Master of Arts Master of Philosophy in Rural Development

Academic Credentials

University Bangalore Bangalore S.K University

Year of completion 1987 1989 1991

Other Assignments

• • •

International Training exposure to Germany, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Honnavar, Austria, Paris & Zurich. Worked as a Teacher in Government Primary School. Completed Teachers Training Certificate Course. Field work experience in Remand home, Certified school for Girls and Boys, Disability Children institute, hospital settings, Old age Home, rehabilitation of Beggars (Masters degree education).


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Founder Member & General Secretary of Federation of Voluntary Organizations, Kolar District (FEDVORK), Karnataka, India. Member of Global Ratification Network – Geneva. Registered under General Social Care Council (GSCC) London unique reference number 1124219 Member of National Institute of Personal management-New Delhi

Professional Trainings Undertaken
Course Year Project Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation 1988 Street Theater Work Shop 1988 Trainers Training 1990 International NGO’s Conference 1991 Bio-Diversity 1992 A forestation 1992 Child Labor Work Shop 1993 Women Violence & Human Rights 1993 Gender Awareness Training 1993 Project Planning & Evaluation 1993 AIDS Awareness Work Shop 1995 Cervix Cancer Work Shop 1995 Poverty Alleviation Programs 1996 Water Shed Development Training 1997 Work Shop on Dalits 1998 Rural Housing & Sanitation 1998 Women in Panchayathraj 1999 Professional Social work in Literacy devpt.1999 Work Shop on Ayurvedic Medicine 1999 State level work shop on Child Labor 2000 Project Mgmt Techniques & methods 2000 Human Rights 2000 Int’l Workshop on Girl Child Rights 2000 Women access to land rights 2002 Human rights & mental health workshop 2001 Managing Rural Organizations 2003 Comm. Skills, Immunization, Mobilization 2004 Period 10 Days 6 Days 7 Days 3 Days 3 Days 4 Days 3 Days 2 Days 10 Days 10 Days 2 Days 4 Days 3 Days 3 Days 3 Days 3 Days 4 Days 4 Days 2 Days 2 Days 40 Days 4 Days 4 Days I day 3 days 30 days 5 days Spons. Agency Place SAP – India Bangalore Ashirvad Bangalore AIRD Bangalore AVARD New Delhi DDS Hyderabad BAIF Mumbai TDH Bangalore ASW Secunderabad SEARCH Bangalore ISI New Delhi APVHA Secunderabad KIDWAI Bangalore UNDP New Delhi HIVOS Bangalore IGSSS Bangalore UNICEF Secunderabad SAP India New Delhi UNESCO Japan SOSVA Bangalore. CACL (K) Bangalore. DSE/GTZ Berlin, Germany ACTIONAID Bangalore SAP India New Delhi RDI California SEVAC Calcutta INWENT Germany UNICEF Hyderabad

Address: Temporary: Ravindra, #4, 1st Main, 2nd Stage, Hanuman Nagar, Belgaum-01, Karnataka, India. 0091-8312446083 Permanent: #797, NMIG, 12 Block, 5th Phase, Yelahanaka New Town, Bangalore-560064, Karnataka, India, Ph:0091-080-41685120



S.S.Reddy, Project Director, Rural development And Training society, Nagappa Block, Gowribidanur, Kolar District, Karnataka, India. Cell: 09448713480 E mail: 2. Dr. Leslie, Consultant, FIRE, 1/82E Anna Nagar # 22, Sirumugai-641302 Coimbattore, Tamil Nadu state, India. Ph: 04254-287556 Mobile-++91-9845800605 Email: 3. Saravanan, Project Officer, No.22, Indian Social Institute, Benson Road, Benson Town, Bangalore-47 Karnataka. India.Ph:++91-080-235371166, Mobile: 09880003440