Professor Marcello Ferrada reduces the Noli honor violence

by goran rudling
Posted April 13, 2012

This article is a powerful editing of my original article. Since this is the first time that I strongly editing an article, let me mention the reason for my editing. The original article contained some very nasty comments aimed at ridiculing Professor Marcello Ferrada the Noli. These comments are now removed. My opinion is that the professor's writings on honor killings and honor related violence is grossly misleading. It makes me angry, and that made me wrote so evil, is that the professor by presenting a completely false picture completely ignore the young women who are victims of honor violence and honor oppression in Sweden. He stands at the hand of their side. It is of course totally unacceptable to maintain that they are fighting for "Human Rights for All". Just because the professor is trying to mislead the reader does not mean I have the right to insult him. It was wicked and damned stupid of me and something I apologize. Goran Rudling April 27, 2012 Professor Marcello Ferrada the Noli in front of a few articles on his blog remarkable opinions on honor violence. Among other things, claims the professor that the Swedish state-feminists with Swedish media are exaggerating the prevalence of honor-related violence in Sweden in order to demonize "Muslims" to make it possible to send Swedish soldiers to Afghanistan. One of the professor's countless naive conspiracy theories. But the professor, the statement is extremely important. He runs namely the thesis that Swedish state-feminists conspiring with the Swedish political establishment to get Assange extradited to Sweden so that he can be extradited to the United States. And the reason for this is that Assange has published secrets about the war in Afghanistan which would have made ​the political establishment cursed.

It's hard to take the professor seriously. It is so naive. The issue of honor-related violence in Sweden is a serious issue. Not least for the 70 000 young people between 16 and 25 where the family makes demands on the choice of life partner. And the 8500 is concerned that not free to decide with whom to marry. And all the young immigrant girls who is very concerned about the summer break in school. Should they be married off with a relative they do not know when they leave the family on vacation to their home country? In this article I show that professors Marcello Ferrada the Nolis studies of honor violence are unfounded allegations that he created for them to fit into the already fictional conspiracy theories. Portions of this text was written as a commentary on the professor's articles. Comments that are not approved by the professor. Therefore this article. "Professor" Marcello Ferrada the Nolis wrong statements. If we use the "professor's" source, the Wikipedia article on honor killings , we can see that a total of eight killings committed in or related to Sweden has been noticed in the media between 1986 and 2010. These killings will murder Asrin Masifi in 2002 added.There are a total of nine honor killings and not five as "The Professor" state. Of these, seven murdered women between 15 and 26 years old. And two men, 33 and 20. "The Professor" claims to be "Muslim" part of the population amounts to 450 000 people. It is not true. There are no official statistics on the Swedes' religious affiliation.Approximately 150 000 religiously active Muslims are affiliated with various Muslim organizations. Add to 100 000 people so we end up rough estimate of 250 000 Muslims. The figure of 450 000 from a count of individuals who have immigrated from countries with Muslim majorities. Many of these immigrants are non-Muslims. In these countries there are honor killings. For this reason, I will use my number 450 000 which is 4.7% of the total population in Sweden. But it is important to know that there are so many immigrants coming from countries with honor violence culture. To get an idea of ​the prevalence of honor killings, we have to how much of the population that is in the group that assassinated. The number who are female immigrants between 15 and 26 is 34 970 of population registration 2011th

If we calculate the prevalence of honor killings of young women, 7, during perioden1986-2010 among the population who are from countries with honor violence culture, 34 970, we see that there is 0.011% of the group. Professor numeral 0.0001%.The reality is 114 times greater than the "professor's" task. It is a murder per 5000 individuals. In fact, the figure is even higher because the number of immigrants was less in 1986 than in 2010. The professor then do something very strange. He claims that during a 20-year period, it has committed six killings. During the same period, 2 000 people killed. Then compare the number of honor killings professor with a total number of murdered and notes with satisfaction that the number of honor murdered only 0.3% of all murdered. It is then that figure, 0.3%, and this figure is 0.0001% as "The Professor" uses to conclude that the extent honor violence is magnified by the Swedish feminists. This is without giving a single facts as evidence. Not a single statistic on honor violence. See the professor's own summary below:
Honour-related killings in Sweden less Than 0.0001 Percent Muslim ppl. But four Eng newspapers published over One Thousand articles! Why? Eng-state Feminists are artificially magnifying the honor-related violence. Why trying disc discredited Muslim minority on false ground? You'll see Sweden desperately needs support for ITS occupation war in Afghanistan, part by U.S.., after the Saudi arms scandal Duckpond ConsensusMentality + + chauvinism: State Feminism 1st 2 Collaborate In cultural-racist campaign! Disc discredited war-enemy by association? Two thousand killings in Eng in twenty years. Only six are honorrelated = 0.3 Percent of all killings. Why the state feminism offensive?

I find it hard to believe that Professor Marcello Ferrada the Noli believe that one can use estimates of the number of honor killings in order to make an estimate of how much honor violence there is. But it can not be excluded. The professor's calculations say nothing about how big or small the problem is honor violence. The professor's calculations say is not even anything about the prevalence of honor killings are. That's because the "Professor" obviously do not know how to make comparisons. One must compare like with like. How common is honor killing?

The research on lethal violence against women is unfortunately sparse. So, too, research on honor violence. This lack of published Swedish research also means that facts are often unfamiliar to those who write and pronounce on the matter. Honour killings were unfortunately not highlighted in the media until the brutal murder of denunga Kurdish woman Fadime Sahindal den 21 January 2002. Honour killings are murders committed by family members / relatives. The victim is usually a young woman in the family. But it can also be mother of the family killed when she wants a divorce. Then it's usually the woman's husband who is the perpetrator. Crime Prevention Council (National Council) for crime statistics. There is no category for the honor for the simple reason that there is no breach of the penal code called honor killings. Honour killings are classified as murder. To get an idea of how common honor killing is, we must therefore find a category in the homicide rate similar to honor killings.The category most similar to honor killings is "Lethal violence in the family, excluding close relationship" in the report "The development of lethal violence against women in intimate relationships 2007:6" we find the statistics for the period 1996 - 2004: During the period 1990-2004 were killed in this study 53 women of any other family member than a man that they had or had had a close relationship. These crimes were committed almost exclusively in the home, for over half the cases the victim's own home. In six cases the perpetrator was a woman. In 60 percent of family cases (23 cases) were the perpetrators adult children of the victims. In the other, occasionally it's about the perpetrator was a parent, sibling or had some other family relationship to the victim. During the period committed four killings of women between 15 and 26 years .. In all these cases, it was another family member than the one the victim had or had had a close relationship. So it is quite clear that it is this category that best accounts for the occurrence of domestic violence like honor killings. During the period 23 women were murdered by adult children. When there are no honor killings in the period in question was the mother murdered by an adult child, we delete these 23 cases from the 53rd The remaining left 30 murdered women. Of these, 4 honor killings. This means that 13.3% of the women murdered were victims of honor killings.Risk group, those who come from countries where honor killings occur

and are at risk, is 0.37% of the total population in Sweden. This group is very heavily overrepresented, 9.8 times. There is one woman for every 8700 that killed over a 15 year period. Of note is that during the period occurred no murder with integrity problems in the Swedish population. Bras statistics we can also see that both victims and perpetrators of foreign background are over-represented. The foreign-born women victims are over three times and the perpetrators almost four times. "The majority, over 50 percent of the foreign-born perpetrators and victims were born in Europe. About 20 percent of the foreign-born victims and perpetrators were born in Scandinavia. Both the number and proportion of Swedish-born victims and offenders are more or less unchanged over the period 1990-2004. However, the proportion of victims who were born in other Nordic countries declined significantly, while victims and offenders from countries in the Middle East / Asia increased. " With this knowledge we can make an assessment of the prevalence of honor killings. It looks very like that it is common with honor killings in the group of immigrants from countries where honor killings occur. 0.011% of the entire immigrant group at risk victims of honor killings. To be compared with 0.0012% of women in Sweden who is murdered by someone in the family other than the man she had or had had a close relationship. So it is 9.7 times more common for a young immigrant woman of honor murdered by their family than to a woman in Sweden are murdered by family. Of note is that during the period also honor murdered a young man. What we must bear in mind is that there are no data on the 26 female victims who are murdered by family. We do not know if some are murdered by the 4.7% of the population who are from countries with integrity problems or if there is only Swedes who is responsible for the murders. Nor do we know about some of these murders also honor killings. All we can say is that we do not know. To these figures must be added the honor killings that are forced suicide. It appears that young immigrant women fall mysteriously from the balconies. Something that is rare among young Swedish women. Then there are of course cases where police do not classify it as honor killings, even if it is. What is important to note in these cases of honor killings, it is young women between 15-26 who are victims. It is the group of women immigrants who are at risk. For the other 26 who are murdered by a family member, there are very young children up to adult women. In my calculations I have used of the female population aged between 2 and 40 years. Conclusions of Professor Marcello Ferrada the Nolis studies. "To Have Muslims found statistically significant under-representation in cases of family-related violence with women will things into a fatal outcome in Sweden." This is the conclusion that the professor draws from the "research" he did. What I found is that his conclusion is completely false. Instead of being victims of honor killings are under-represented, they are over-represented about 10 times. The professor is completely wrong. And the difference is very great.

I am using a larger population than the professor mentions. If I use the group Muslims to honor murdered 0.021% of young Muslim women at risk. There is a woman of 4 850th It is almost 18 times more than women in Sweden who are at risk, one of 85 500th

From what I've seen in the professor's articles is that he had access to the same factual material as I do, Bras Report 2007:9. I can not imagine a person who reasonably should have the ability to make statistical evaluations can make serious mistakes that the professor did. My assessment is complete. The professor has deliberately tried to mislead readers about the extent of honor killings in Sweden. What he did is that he deliberately tried to mislead readers about the extent of honor-related violence in Sweden by equating honor violence of honor killings. In future articles on honor violence, I will show to honor violence culture is not about religion. And I will show more errors professor's articles.
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rolomayan theApril 26th, 2012 at. 12:54 wrote:

2. I am too ignorant of the facts, and have no desire to study it to form an opinion about which of you is the more correct. but I wonder why you write "The Professor" in quotes? Do you have any information to show that his chair is

fake?Otherwise I think you should remove the quotes. His writings may be completely wrong, but I suppose he is a professor anyway (as long as it is proved otherwise), just like a felbehandlande nurse is still a nurse (until she gets fired). 3.
Reply ↓

George RudlingtheApril 26th, 2012 at. 14:11 wrote:

○ Rolomayan, ○ I'm probably a little childish. True, he is a professor. But I've become so incredibly disappointed that a person should reasonably be able to understand simple relationships, and lack of them, you can write like crazy things. Working on a new article on honor killings and honor related violence so it will be short. If you make the calculations on the occurrence of honor killings in Sweden (they are indeed made in error) how can you from the calculations, comment on the occurrence of honor related violence. It must have a professor to understand that it is not. If there are honor killings in a country can be seen that there is honor violence. But if there was no honor can not be concluded that there is honor violence. I do not think you can do so if they sign their articles with Professor Marcello Ferrada the Noli. ○ But I write now Professor. OK. And I will probably remove the worst påhoppen as I did in my first article, on Lysenko-style research, when I get one in my opinion sensible answer, or if I would come to me I'm wrong. Thanks for your friendly advice. ○ Reply ↓

rolomayan theApril 26th, 2012 at. 14:36 wrote:

5. OK, better without the quotes. (And I think it might be even better without Lysenko.) 6. On the merits, I know, as I said nothing. My suspicion is that you both are based on statistics, but then it is quite different assessments of how big the iceberg below the peak seen in the statistics. And since this is by definition unknown, so assessments can vary a lot. 7. Reply ↓ ○
George Rudling theApril 26th, 2012 at. 14:48 wrote:

○ It's simpler than that. We have statistics on murdered women between 15 and 19 years. In order to assess how frequent murders are so one must look at the population of women 15-19 years. If one includes women of all ages and men of all ages, you get a totally different, and lower numbers, which says nothing about how common it is for 15-19 year old women are murdered. The professor has a different view. Hence the now deleted '. " ○ Like Lysenko analogy. His research was to come up with a claim that he was

looking data to show that the statement was true. ○ But even Lysenko speed to go someday ○

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