Franciscan University of Steubenville

Religious News Service Articles
January 12-16, 1987 by Kevin McLaughlin
A series of four articles about Franciscan University that covers Campus life, academic controversies, interviews with professors and students and the University’s relationship to the Servants of Christ the King, a Branch of the Sword of the Spirit. Also attached: the “Schematic” a document created by SOCK to illustrate its work at the University as well as a memo by a SOCK Coordinator on how to approach and recruit students at the University into the Community. (Picture Les Fetchko.)


DATE: Spring, 1989 TO: Household Advisors FROM: John Sengenberger RE: Practical Insights on building relationships with students


1) " Identify the students in your household who you sense might oave a call to community life and are of strong character. Set out to build a personal relationship with them.
2) Invite students to share in family life in the community. Marr ied adv lsoz s should a Ls o invite community single men emd women t.o dinner" at these: times. Single! advisors should ask 'the families th"ey'itHate to if they would be able to invite a student as a guest for dinner (the Lord's Day Celebration).

3) Invite~ ~nd escort students to community event~; especially single men's nights, singles' prayer meetings, guest gatheriri~s, and social events. Informal social activities with families or singles in the community are also good to consider. 4) Spend time with students ~ join them for ~ocial 'or of praise, or any relationship building time. campus;






other open events that would ~llow

5) Arrange a specific tjm~ ~~ talk with students specifically about the community. Be open about your intentions to have them prayerfully consider a level of commitment to the community (Affiliate or Initial). A drink in the pub, a pizza at pizza hut, a walk on campus can all be good places to do this.
~- .j ~:.

6) Ask forth~ir'feedback and continue the ir leve,1~"of"1terest wi th community. n

to follow-up

with them on

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