QUESTIONS TO PREPARE CADETS FOR INTERVIEWS Interview- Unit 1 - ‘Personal Information’ What’s your name? (Surname?

First name? Full name?) How do you spell it? Who are you? How old are you? / What is your age? / What is your date of birth? When and where were you born? /What is the place of your birth? / What year were you born in? / When is your birthday? 5. What nationality are you? / What is your nationality? / What's your citizenship? 6. What is your native country? What country are you from?/ What country are you a citizen of? 7. Where are you from? / What town are you from? / What is your native town? 8. Where do you live? / What city do you live in? 9. What is the weather like in your town in winter (spring, autumn, summer)? 10. What’s your address and phone number? / What is your permanent address? 11. What’s your marital status? Are you married? / Do you have a wife? / Do you have a spouse? 12. Do you have a family? / Have you a large family?/How many members does your family consist of? 13.Where does your family live? 14. Does your family live together with you? 15. Who is in your family? 16. What is your wife? / Does your wife work? / Where does your wife work? 17. Do you have children? 18. How old are they? 19. How many children under 18 do you have? 20. What is your family background? 21. Do you have parents? 22. Who is your mother? / What is your mother? / What does your mother do?/ How old is your mother? 23. What does your father do? / What is your father? / How old is your father? / Who is your father? 24. What can you say about yourself? 25. Can you say some words about yourself? 26. What do you do? / What is your (present) occupation?/What are you? / What is your position? 27. How far do you value your country, family, school, friends? 28. What is your hobby? 29. What do you usually do when you have free time? 30. Your favorite topics to discuss? 31. What do your friends think about you as a friend or as a classmate or colleague? 32. How many friends or enemies do you have? 33. What are your principles in life in terms of relating with subordinates, peers and superiors Interview. General questions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. What time is it now? Where are you? What are you doing now? What is the date today? / What day is it today? When is the nearest holiday? When do we celebrate Christmas? What is the fifth month in a year? What is the third day in a week? How many continents are there on our planet, what are their names? 1. 2. 3. 4.

How were your overall results in school? 7. What is the weather forecast? 14. How did you celebrate your last birthday? 23. Any activities in school or in your community where you've been left to carry-on a job effectively and safely without supervision? 10. Can you operate a computer? 19. How do you see yourself 10 years from now in terms of your personal advancement? 6.10. Please describe a situation where you have successes. Any experience being a leader to your fellows or classmates? 9. and meeting people? 28.Unit 2 . What are the largest countries of the world? What nationalities live there? 17. What documents must you bring when you apply for a job? Have you all the necessary documents? 25. victories? 21. Do you like strong drinks? 27. How often do you have English? 21. When do you have your exams? 17. Where do/did you study English? / Do you study English? 20. What do you do at the lessons? 22. book shop)? 16. Do you have specialized marine education? . Where is the nearest post office (supermarket. What is the temperature today? 13. why did you shift? 5. How can I get to the railway station (bus station. When did you enter the institute? / What year did you enter the institute in? 14. How many oceans are there on our planet. cuisine. If different from Maritime course.‘Education’ 1. Why did you enter the Maritime Institute? /Why did you choose a Maritime career? /Who or what influenced you? 3. What is your education? / What kind of education do you have?/What educational institution did you finish? 2. Is there only one department in your institute? 13. What languages can you speak? / Do you speak foreign languages?/How many languages do you speak? 23. tram stop) from here? 15. Where did/do you study? / What college / institute/ school did you graduate from? 11. Do you work hard at your English?/Why do you work hard at your English? 19. How far are you interested in foreign cultures. What special tasks did you hold at school/in the college? 8. What is the weather like today? 12. Before you were enrolled in Maritime Institute. Do you speak English? 18. When did you finish Marine School? / When did you graduate from the college / school? 15. What department do you study at (the Institute)? 12. Have you ever experienced traveling on a boat or ship? How often? How big was the boat or ship? What type was it? How did you find the experience? 20. How long did you study in Marine School? / How many years did you study at the college / Institute? 16. cinema. Describe situations could be in a classroom where the teacher left you the task to oversee a class activity! 24. How do you celebrate your victories? 22. Describe how do you find / contact / meet people and chat by Internet? Interview. What is/are your favourite subject (s)? 24. How did you spend the money that you earned before? 26. What countries have you been to? 18. what was your original or first choice course? 4. where are the oceans? 11.

25. What type of diploma did you receive? What grade did you receive? / Have you got any diplomas and certificates? / What certificates do you have? / Do you have any diplomas? / What certificates do you hold? ( I am a holder of such certificates as … ) Interview. etc.Unit 3 . Did you undertake any training before going to sea (generally only applicable to marine engineers)? If so. tanker.. reefer . nationality? . Have you a job? / Where do you work? 2. bulk-carrier. …. Have you ever worked on ships? 5. Have you worked in a foreign / mix / international crew? / Do you have foreign crew experience? 32. Where did your ship operate? / Where was your ship operating? (My ship was operating in the Black Sea) / What was the operating area of your ship? 27. How many hours per day did you usually work? 10. … vessel/ship? 24. Have you experience of work on container carriers? 16. What was the subject of your specialization? /What were you specializing in? / Did you take any professional courses? 28. What was your first/last ship/vessel? What was the first ship you started working on? 14. lighter. Do you have any other qualifications? / Do you have any other professions? 4. What relationship did you have with officers and ratings? 31. How long did you work on a dry cargo. exams. How long have you been in your profession? / How many years are you working at sea? / How long have you been working as a sailor? ( I have been working as a sailor for 10 years) 18.. What is your total (seagoing) experience? (My total experience is 10 years) / What is your working (total sea) experience? / What is your foreign crew experience? / How was your employment organised? 19. What is your impression of working together on board with other nationalities? What are they all like: your age. What countries did you visit? 28. Have you worked in a mixed crew with English-speaking crewmembers? Did you work with Greek Offices and ratings? 29. Who supplied you with everything on your last ship? 26. What is your qualification? 26. Where did you work? 9. Have you taken part / did you take part in general overhaul.‘Seagoing experience’ 1.. . What ship do you sail on? / What ships did you sail on? / What types of ships did you work on? / What was the flag of the vessel you worked on? 15. What was your first position? What was the first position you occupied? 7.. How many members did your crew consist of? 30. How many refrigerated containers did the vessel carry? 21.. Were you supplied with everything on your last ship? 25.. describe what this involved: apprenticeship. Do you have any other qualification? 27.) experience? 23. Have you worked on container vessel before? How many containers did the vessel carry? 20. What cargo did your ship carry? 22. complexity (skin color). 6. What is your occupation? / What is your profession? / What are you? / What's your job? 3. What is your dry cargo (container. What seas and oceans have you sailed to? 13. What was trading area of your ship? / Where were your ships operating? 12. What was your last position? What was the last position you occupied? 8. What profession did you obtain / have you got / will you get at the college / institute? 29. When did you begin working on ships? / When did you begin your marine career? / When did you begin working as a sailor? / When did you start to work? 17. running repairs of the ship? 11.

How long have you been working as an AB? / How long did you work as a sailor? 44.. When were you appointed to the position of. Have you worked on foreign ships? / Did you work on foreign flag vessels? 41. What did you learn to do during this training? .? 43... How long did your contract in the company ..? 39. Were you satisfied completely with working conditions in the company.33. last? / What was the duration / length of your contract in the company... How many contracts did you complete? 36... What companies did you work for? / What foreign companies did you work with? 35.? / How long have you been with M/V? 37.? 42..... When did you leave your last ship. Did you like to stay in your private cabin? 34.? 38...? How long have you been working in the position of. What conditions did not satisfy you? 40. What was your salary in the company.. Where did you have your shipboard training? 46.? 45.. What is your experience as.

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