Smart Grammar and Vocabulary 3


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Whose? - PossessiveCase
Possess'ive adjectives
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This - These I That - Those ...•.. ,.,








'like" + noun 'Iik,e' + ing

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of Place

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Imperative Pres,entProgressive ' '.'...•• Present Simple & adverbs of frequency _ Present Simple (months and seasons) Time & Prepositions of time "' Present Simple vs Present Progressive 5
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19 20 21 22 23 24 26 2,8 29 30 31 32

How many ? (numbers & plurals) Countabl'e Uncountable nouns (a I an I some) ' Countable Uncountable nouns (some I any) How much is it I are they? It's I TheY're Object pronouns' must I mustn't .................................................................... ;,
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Comparative form , ' ' '' Superla·tive form ....• " , , _ " Past Simple 'be' -. : _.. .._..........•................. 4IIi"ill,.,._ •• _ _ Past Simple of regular verbs (affirmative) Past Simple of regular verbs (negative, questions and short answers)
Pa'st Simple ·of irregular
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verbs ••..

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The verb 'be'


G) Look, read

and write the number. There are three extra sentences.
1 She's a doctor.

2 He's an ector.



.3 11m a boy.

4 You're a qirl.
5 It's a bird. 6 They're farmers. 7 Welre singers.


8 You're teachers.

9 They're pilots.
10 He's a man. 11 She's a woman.

® Listen and check your answers. ®
Affi·rmative L099 forms (am You are He is She is
It is Weare

The vel'\b 'be'
Negative Short forms

Questions Short forms
I'm not You aren't He isn't She isn't It isn't We aren't You aren't They aren't

Short Answers Yes, you are. / No, you aren't Yes,, / No, I'm not. Yes,.he is, I No, he isn't. Yes, she ls, / No, she isn't, res, it is, / No, it isn't. Yes, you are, / No, you aren'f. Yes, we are, I No, we aren't, Yes, they are, I No, they aren't.

Long forms lam not YOllare not He is not She is not 1t is not We are not You 'are not They are not

You are
They are

You~re He's She's Irs We're You're They're

Ami? Are you? Is he? Is she? Is it? Are we? Are you? Are they?




@ Look and complete.
I'm You're He's - She's It's We're You're ______ students.


__ T:....:...h-'-'=e~~'-" r....>=.e teachers. __




a doctor.




a bird.




a woman.



a stnger.


Look and write. Is he a doctor? No, he isn't a doctor.
He's an actor.


Is she a doctor?


Is it a cat?


Are they farmers?


Is he a singer?


Are you a pilot?



You cannot write... it can. It cermet write. I No. Can I write? Can you write? Can he write? Can she write? Can it write? Can we write? Can you write? Can they write? Yes.. We can't write. She cannot write. You cannot write. he can. -- swim paint ride a bike read write @ Listen and read. listen ~nd check. They con write. / No. Yes. she can't. Yes. you can. It can't write. / No. He can't write. I No. / No. you can't. we can't. I can. Yes. ® and discuss.. Yes. . Hmrnrnm .. He cannot write. you can't ride Q bike.we can. you can't. Shart forms I can't write. Full forms I can write. It can write. I No. it can't. She can write. She can't write. Yes.The verb 'can' G) Which words do you kno~? Match Then. You can write. Anna? / Grammar Affirmative Negative The verb 'can' Questions Short Answers . We can write. I No. Yes. ® J can ride a bike. I cannot write. They cannot ~rife. No.. You can write. I can't. Yes. she can./ 4 . I No. He can write. they can't. They can't write. Can you. You can't write. he can't. You can't write. We cannot write. you can. they can.

ftHeliob 4 The baby read. they con. cr . 1~ Tom and SalllJ sWim.Can Tom. Can Lucy cook? a Yes. ~ ~--- Mary _ paint. e No. he can't. d Yes. Can you point? 3 Con you drive a car? . I can.. 2. she can't. The dog ~wrlte .·.. it con. Can Terry and Kim climb a tree? ~ Read and answer 'about yourself. c No. _ 3 ~. Can you ride a bike? -. b Yes. " LlJn .Can you swim? 5 . Read and match. paint? :.~ 6~ fly. _ 2~They 5 ride a bike.W Look and write can or can't.. Can the dog swIm? 3 Can you ride a bike? .

Grammar Affirmative The verb 'have got' Negative Questions Have I got? Have you got? Has he got? Has she got? Has II got? Have we got? Have you got? Hove they got? Short answers Yes. Yes. Fullforms I have g0t You have got He hasgol She has got II has got We have got You have got They have gGt Short forms I've got You've gal He's got She's gal It's got We've got You've got They've got Fullforms I have not g0t You have not gol He has nol got She has not got It has not got We have hot got Ybu have not got They have not gal Short forms I haven'l got You haven't got He hasn't got She hasn't got It hasn't got We hoven" got You hoven't got 1hey haven'l got 6 . he has. haven't Yes.Then. @ . she hasn't. / No. Yes. you haven't.we has. you have. you have. she has. duck cow sheep . he hasn't.The verb 'have got' (!) Which words do you know? Match and discuss. / N0. / No. listen and check. you hoven't Yes. / No. . I No.geese @ Listen and read.they have. / No. it hasn't. What animals have you got? ® farmer --_ I've got six geese and one sheep. we haven't Yes. / No. Yes. I have.sheep goose . / No. Yes. they haven't.

has got. Use have got. Draw your animals and colour. 4 Theu a dog. Have uou got a bike? S Theu 6 They cows. C He has got th ree geese.-ft.. Then. c No.Hello Id ~ Read and complete. Has the dog got a ball? ~ b No. a Yes. I haven't got a goose. I've got a cow. she has. a cow. 2 Has she got three apples? 3 Have they got two robots? . they haven't. I have. it hasn't. four ducks. SIX 2 He 3 He ~ Read and match. say with your partner. 7 .. . two sheep.. d Yes. haven't got or hasn't got.

. Oh~ Where are my train. They're John's (trainers). listen an~ check. 's G) Which words do you know? Match and discuss.ers :? Oh. @ Umm . 8 .. ? It's I TheY're ...Whose . . Then. no! Whose trainers are these? Ha.. They're the girls' [bikes). Penny's hat is blue. ® scarf trainers hat trousers Jumper shirt @ Listen and read. John's trainers are green. The girls' bikes are red.. ha! They're Anna's! Grammar Whose hat is this? Whose trainers are these? Whose bikes are these? -+ -+ -+ Possessive Case Ifs Penny's [hat). .

John's. The girl's scarf is red. S the girl's jumper is yellow. 4 They're Bens trousers. 4 The boy's trainers are green. room Whose jumper is this? It's 3 4 1/ Whose hat is this? Whose trousers are these 7 ) . 9 . S They're Fays trainers. 3 They're the girls jumpers. • The bou's trousers are blue. 3 The boy's shirt is yellow. 6 The girl's trainers are blue. The small ball is Azors.~ Read and colour. The red jumper is Jills. 2 It's Marys scarf..~ Look and answer. §) Add the apostrophe It's Tim's hat. The big ball is Rexs.- . The blue jumper is Janes. -. ('). 6 They're the dogs balls. If" .

-- 10 ...possessive adjectives (!) What colours are the animals? Choose.. -+ . ® Your pink dress is beautiful. match and discuss. - Grammar Subject Pronouns Singular you he she it We use Possessive Possessive Adjectives Possessive Adjectives my your his her .. its Ad] ectives to show who something Subject Pronouns Plural we you they Possessive Adjectives -+ -+ -+ .. .. ® purple red black blue orange grey white pink brown green yellow ® Listen and read... listen and check... Anna.. They always go before nouns and don't take an article.. Then. our your their belongs to.

His plane is orange.~ Read and comptete. ------_______ bikes are bLack. _______ skirts are pink and white.vvhot'suour favourite colour? 11 . :J ~ You and Emma have got skirts . snake is green.What's your best friend's name? . Use My. Her. .. ~ Read and answer about yourself. : Jim has got trainers. His. ". is) _______ trainers are green. 2 An no and I have got a cat. 3 Chris and Tom have got bikes. match. Zack has got a pLane..You've got a pet snake. What's your name? ~ ~ _ What's uour mother's name? : What's your brother's / sister's name? . f . _______ cat is gre~. Then.

do you know? Match and discuss. 12 . listen ~nd check.These I That ~ Those That is a sofa. This ~. These are lamps. It's a little door for the dog.® This is the bookcase and these are the beds. Then.Those G) Which words. Those are beds.This .These I That . ~' door window sofa crmchotr bookcase @ Listenand read. _tY--- Grammar This is an armchair.

-hese are armchairs. ~ These / Those are sofas. 13 . ~ These / Those are tobles."hot is a door._Lesson 3 rJ) Look.These / Those are windows. his / That is a chair. read and circle."hot is a bookcose. . . .This is a window. "his is an armchair. . -+ . ~ Write the sentences in the plural..This / That is a bookcase. L -=- "h is is a cat.

Yes. We don't like tennis. cg: Listen and read.ikefennis? Do they ilke tenniS? Short Answers . Shedoes not like tennis. He likes tennis.. He does nollike tennis.! No.. . don't like basketball but OK. Shedoesn~tlikejennis.. they don't.! No.. I No.s tennis. We do not like tennis.resentSimple of 'like' + noun Negative Short forms I don't like tennis. Theydon't like tennis.I No. I don'l. If does nOllike tennis. I No. Yes. I do not liketennis. You don'llike tennis. I No. ballet karate football volleubcll tennis basketball Hmm .! No..she doesn't. he doesn't./ 14 . Jt doesn't like tennis. Itlike. ' Yes. Youdon'flike tennis. it does. Youdo not .he does. They do not like tennis. You like tennis.presentSimpleof'Ij(~e' + noun (!) Which words do you know? Match Then. you do.) Do you like basketbaU? let's play. we don't. Yes"you do. Grammar Affirmative Full forms I like tennis.liketennis. ® and discuss. I do. fhey do . 'Yes. Questions Do I like tennis? Do you like tennis? Does he like tennis? Does she Ilke tennis? Does it like tennis? Do we like tennis? Do you I. it doesn't. Youdo nOllike tennis.@. Yes. She likes tsnnis. .. He doesn't like tennis. let's play. P. listen and check. We like tennis. You like tennis. you don't Yes.! No.she does . -. you don't Yes"we do. They like tennis.

she doesn't. he does. 6 TIm and Ly n @ Read and match.__ ____. @ What doyoiuandyour Sport You partner Uke?Tick (V) or cross (K). ten nis.. . volleyball. 2 Does George Like football? 3 Do you and Ben Like tennis? 4 Do you Like basketball? 5 Does Claire Like volleybaLL? b No. say. ballet .at the table and complete. tennis. Tim o 1 Tim doesn't like bosketboll. we don't. .. ---'._ _ 00 04 ----"__ 3 Tim Lun 5 Tim and Lyn . 2 Tim volleuboll. d No. e Yes. ' - c Yes. 1 Do Mary and Penny Like ballet? a No. 'Use like / likes or don't / doesn't like..l1ft ~ :WLeSSorl'l Look. _ __ ~ &8 ~ Lyn ----'.Then. Your partner Do you like tennis? I . they do. I don't.

-- watch a DVD ski dance play football do a jigsaw puzzle @ Listen and read.!nd check. @ and discuss. -----. 'like' + ing REMEMBERI dance ~ dancing swim ~ swimming 16 . You like dancing. You like dancing. We like dancing. listen . He I She / It likes dancing. no! I don't like pLaying footbaLL r Grammar I like dancing.'liKe' + ing G) Which words / phrases do you know? Match Then. They like dancing. ® Oh .

.s ~w!.!.. I like swimmin.Suzie ------------ 00 I~I :3 Fay and George ~ What do you like doing? Say_ (do) jigsaw puzzles.::<a~tc~h~in..g..:l----(watch) DVDs.. (swim) (play) football. ~ 2 Beth and Tom 3 My friend Jim ----------.esson 5 ~ Read. George and John like swimming... 3 Jim and Mary like doing jigsaw puzzles.g and _ 17 .~.:::!.. (dance). ~ True True True True False False False False Read and write.. follow the lines and circle True or False. 2 Tom likes watching DVDs.... George and John ~ Helen likes skiing.. HeLen Tom Jim and Mary . Use like and the verb in brackets. Anna __ ~l~ik~e..

. @ Listen and read. listen and' check. ® look! There's a monkey behind the tree. 18 .• Prepositionsof Place ? It's behind the door. Then. The ball is next to the bed. They're between the oranges and the bananas. It's on the Grammar Where's the dog? Where are the apples? Where's/ are.? (!) Which prepositions do you know? Match and discuss.Where's I are . ® The bull is in front of the chair.. The ball is behind the bag.. The baU is between the table and the armchair.

esson ~ Look. the bag ~ 1 The dog is 2 The mouse is 3 The cat is 4 The doLLis 5 The ball is and the tabLe. read and write the prepositions. the shirt? It's in the bag. the table. the ball? It's under the bed. . . Use Where's or Where are. Read and ccmplete. the chairs? They're behind the sofa.The blue robot is in the car . of the car. the apples? They're on the tabLe.=: The black robot is on the chair. 6 The rabbit is ~ the bag. look and colour. ___________ ___________ " Read. the TV. the TV. r 6 (in front of next to : behind between on under ) the armchair. The green robot is behind the door. The uellow robot is under the chair. = The red robot is in front . ___________ ___________ e the hat? It's under the chair. . _ The pink robot is next to the ball.

® Rat-a-tat-tat Rat-a-tat-tat.19s __ f __ wind __ tball te __ pl __ football IS ·aw) puzzle sh -- irt arm __ olr -- ose @ Listen and ckcle the ee sound. colour the . Yes. sing. it is. nn ) (00 (.SpeUingCheck G) Look and complete. @ Write a. What is that? \I Is it an elephant or is it an ant? Is it on apple or is it a bag? Is it a blue and orange flag? . \ 1 ~ 1 20 2 _ 3 _ 4 _ .nd say the words.:w II ay basketba __ J. Yes. of the words with the lcel sound. Then. it is.

. ." - . Wrj \-~n!}CDrner We use and to join items I ideas.{_VoHeyball.gsaw puzzle is on the bookcase oron the bed . -'~ ".) 3 Ben can paint __ ride a bike. This is a basketball __ this is a tennis ball. e. 2 Do you like playing football volleyball? _~_ - .~~.g.. e. ___ pink? 21 .g... ~-- We use or to introduce another possihility.. The ji. The hat and the trainers are Torn's. 4 Have you got a goose ___ a duck? ~I I Hke watching DVDs 6 Do you like blue ___ doing jigsaw puzzles.! •• - Lesson - 7 @Read.

Possessive Answer the questions about yourself. are Helen's and Mory's trousers. trousers. ball. He's an actor. is the dog's bell. ~ Is it a bird? 6 Are you blue? _ (!) Look and complete with This / That / These / Those and the corred Adjective. Are they piLots? 2 '" 5~ Are they armchairs? 3 ~. 4 Is she a singer? ~ ~X ~ Is he a doctor? No. scarf. . 1 Can you swim? 2 Can you paint? 3 Can you ski? 4 Can you play football? 22 I~ . he isn't. read 1 and answer. are Tim's trainers. trainers.(!) Look. 1 It's 2 They're 3 They're 4 Irs ~ That her is Mary's scarf.

4 I don't like _ -. discuss.···0~' • '. Then. I do. I No.te the survey.Where'sthe 5 ------------------------6 _ ban? ve "j) Look and write The ball is next to the bed.. ""' ~ -------------------------sentences. Lesson ~ Look and write. NAMES - Do-you ballet :'JSketbaU tennis like ballet? Yes. I don't. Task-based activity Work in groups of four and comple. 8 • I Ukewotching DVDs. Korate "ootball olleuboll . ~~.

4 I This IS a man .. 1 i r . ® Look and read. _ _ '_' . 1 3 2 24 4 _' __ . 0 0 0 . ® Look at the pictures and the leffers. Write Yes or No. Write the words. e.. 0 5 This IS a woman. .q. This IS a doctor . 5 The. 2 The girl's bike is in front of the sheep.. Smart SKillS 1(Reading 0/ Writing) (!) Look and e·9· read. 0 0 3 ~ This IS an armchair. Put a tick (V') ora cross (K) in the box. This IS a singer. 4 The cow is next to the tree . 2 ~ This IS a duck. 3 The farmer has got a bird on his hat. This is a farm. geese are between the sheep and the girl. 1 The girl Yes has got a jigsaw puzzle.I .

_. Look at the pidures and the example. _I_~ (3). They _~_. (4) and o am 17 I am a Look at the pidure and read the questions.Jhat's behind the boy? The A - Jhat colour is the boy's shirt? - Iho is in the car? 'Jho likes dancing? 'Jhere is the bookcase 7 A The Behind the 25 . -4.. Write one-word answers.. .·~.. ho am I? ou find me in a ~ ~ school - . I have got many ________ (1). I like _t{_lt_~ (2) and _.owmany girls are there in the house? Jho likes tennis? . 9 .~. Lesson ~ Read the story. Write one-word answers. J ~ .

. . Lefs walk.. @ and discuss. Don't walk. Don't walk. Turn left. Turn right. @ Listen and read. Walk. listen and check. ___. Go straight. Stop. Good boy~ vJ?-- ( __ ramm_ar G Walk.Imperative (!) Which phraseJ do you know? Match Then.~ 26 . Walk. ~ Don't run.

Let's run 2 on the desk. -Use Let's or Don't and (write }?n SWI m tu rn left). Stop. Go straight. START HERE . Turn right.~ Look and write. 4 Choose and say with your partner.

they aren't. she isn't. You are not reading. We aren't reading. ~ She's phoning her friend.'Present progressive (!) Which phrases do you know? Match and discuss. Present Progressive Negative Short forms I'm reading. Yes. I No. He's reading./ We use the Present Progressive for oenons that are happening now. He is rE~ading. he isn't. Yes. Then. You oren'. reading. What are you doing? I'm talking to you. you are. I No. you are. phoning . I No. it is. I No. I No.. You're reading. He isn't reading. You aren't reading. swim Ami reading? . ® Usten and read. @) Hello. They're talkinq. 28 . you aren't Yes. He is not reading. We are reading. They aren't reading. "" Questions Short Answers Yes. It's readIng. She's reading. Short forms I'm not reading. at the moment of speaking. We are not reading.. He's making a cake. Yes. phone Full forms I am not reading. You're reading. Yes. I'm not. He's feeding the dog. I am.they are. I No. It is not reading. They're reading. we aren't. She isn't reading. he is.. r Grammar Affirmative Full forms 1am reading. listen and check. They're dolng their homework. You are reading. They are reading. You are not reading. Yes. she is. you aren't. Greg. We're reading. I No. She is not reading. You are reading. They are not reading. we are. Yes. It is reading. Are you reading? Is he reading? Is she reading? Is it reading? Are we readIng? Are you reading? Are they reading? swimming I . It isn't reading.l No. it isn't.. She is reading.

b isn't c aren't the dogs swimming? No. they are. (talk) now. she a isn't b is c am _ c aren't 29 . y father am not _________ Am phoning his friend. (feed) my dog now. She Read and complete.. Use the Present Progressive. Fay My father lin and lan is doing (do) her homework now. Then. 1 -- am not b is . school now? Yes. d Read and circle. eSt (George / make) a cake? (dog/swim) now? it is. they aren't. (walk) to school now. b Is cAre am my homework now. (make) a cake now. . match. ___________________ . He's reading a book. eSt . _________ The children e g. ___________ he is. 5 Tom painting es.she painting now? No. c does _ doing b do re you riding a bike now? Yes. (phone) her friend now. he is.~ Read and complete.

I No. Yes. They do not draw. ) Present Simple Questions . YCilU don't. We do not draw. Dowedrow? You don't draw. listen and do. He I She III draws_ He I She lit does not do. steep watch TV @ Listen and read. Yes. in the morning / afternoon. Do you draw? Do they draw? They don't draw. You draw. Rex sometimes eats peas . You do not draw.I do.they do./ evening etc every day / Monday etc. . I sometimes ~ She sometimes sleeps at 10:00. they don't. r never eat peas. 30 . '(es. he I she I it doesnl Yes. we do. at the weekend / at 8:00 etc.he I she I it does. I don't. Does he I she I it draw? We don't draw. we don't. I I never They never get' up at 7:00 on Sundays. I No. He I She lit doesn't draw.Then. We draw. -. I Remember: study ~ studies wash ~ washes watch ~ watches - go -+ goes I Time Expressions on Monday / Tuesday etc. We use the Present Simple for habits and actions that happen regularly. I\. Yes. I No. I No. Short forrris Do I drew? I dont draw. They draw. I do not draw. You draw: You do not draw. always I always wash my face in the morning.present Simple 0/ adverbs Of frequency G) Which words I phrases do you know? Match and discuss• . I always eat my ® get up draw study wash my face dinner.Do you draw? You don't draw. Grammar Affirmative Negative Fullfonns Idraw. I No. you dont. ® . . I No. Short Answers Yes.

Tom and Mary .31 . ~ 7 gets up . S\ Answer about yourself.frequency. I ~ l J Jim study . Do you always wash your face in the morning? Do you sometimes watch TV in the afternoon? Does your mother get up at 8:00 every day? Does your father sleep at 11:00 at night? .~ and Kim always ="·cand Sue sometimes ly [ijj study) after schooL. draw sleep get up S Tom and Mary ~ wash their faces watch TV Jim . (sleep) at 9:00 on Sundays. TV in the afternoon. Use the correct form of the verbs. (watch TV) in the afternoon. (wash their faces) in the morning. Use the Present Simple and adverbs of .Jim aLways studies (study) in the afternoons.Read and complete the sentences. ~ J ~~ Look at the chart and write. fa- ------- eLenalways -zor sometimes her teeth in the morning.Do your friends study every day? . (watch eth always gei/?P< brush sleep at 7 o'clock. . Use short forms.Tom and Mary :loesn'l. in the morning.

December November 0 ® (1-12) and discuss. winter summer spring autumn Yes. 32 . listen a!ld I always eat @ Listen and read. always eat ice cream in January? It's cold! ice cream in the winter! D a o I) o Grammar In + month In + the season Present Simple (months and seasons) e.present Simple (months and seasons) (!) Which month is first? Number February August July 0 0 0 Then. January 0 April Marcn September Jun. @ Which months belong to which season? Write and discuss. My birthday is in May. do you. @) c An.g.e 0 0 October 0 May 0. I go swimming In the summer.g. e.

/ . in the winter. the seasons. (not / wear) a jumper in the summer. (not / eat) ice cream in the winter. ~ Say with your partner.. .' •~ . 'In the :::01 ice cream? :: swimming? . roms go skiing go swimrmru.c. (go) swimming in August..:. It We always sometimes never snows autumn. Read and answer with en do you . she does. Then. skiing? ~ ve your birthday party? :-:art school? z: ish school? ear a jumper? I. Use the Present Simple. (ride) her bike in the spring? ~ Sam and Ben -.~~. '\l. we don't. " . write sentences. eat ice cream ride / bike do / homework read books 33 .. '. you Mary (go) to school in July? No. It sometimes rains in the spring.'.. :J' Read and complete. Laura 3 The children _______ 5 Yes.'~ '~). summer.- .1 '.. spnng.

. listen and check.t + time at + the weekend at + night Prepositions o·ftlm. Then.e on lin / at e..g. It's half past eight.g. You can play again at the weekend.00 o'clock.y night . It's Q quarter to twelve. In + the morning I afternoon I evening e. They walch TV at night. l' It's half past four. She goes tathe park at the weekend. They watch TV in the afternoons.. 4 It's a quarter past eleven . Greg g. on -I- days of the week e.g. 3 It's seven o'clock. It's a quarter past one..Time 0/ prepositions Of time G) What's the time?Match and discuss. 34 . ® It's half pnst one.lf past eight. ® On Sunda... It's ha. Cuckoo Cuckoo. It's one o'clock.g. On Monday rnornlnq . e.o to bed. Grammar a. It's a quarter to one.g. @ Listen and read. @ Read and draw the time.I go to school at 8:. e. I visif my friends on Saturdays. 2 It's a quarter to nine.

_ • Jim gets up at (7:45) in the morning. _ _ _ _ 1 llisten to music 2 I go to school 3 I don't have school 4 I don't sleep 35 . at.... ~ Complete about yourself.. Joanna and Karen study ..George watches TV the afternoon. Use phrases with at. -4 Jim sleeps at (10:30) on Saturdays. Read.. on.. _ Jim has lunch at _ (2:15) on Mondays.It's my birthday ~ 1. They go to the cinema ... Saturday. look and complete with the time. on. Lg .. ~ Jill cleans her bedroom ~ the morning. in. 3 Jim listens to music at ------------_ (6:00) in the ofternoon.. _ He brushes his teeth [jJ seven o'clock. the weekend. Fridays ..~ Read and write in.. ock.

It's lots oj fun. She's running! L -- / Grammar Present Simple in the moming I afternoon etc. ® . Anna always goes to the cinema on Saturdays but now she's watching a DVD at home.s Present Progressive now . -. Then. on Mondays / Sundays etc./ 36 . But now she isn't taking photos. ® \ . always I sometimes I never Time expressio. every day I week etc. Anna loves photos.. listen a~d check. She takes photos oj animals at the weekends. work go shopping take photos have a guitar lesson @ Listen and read.'Present Simple I present progressive (!) Which words / phrases d~ you know? Match and discuss. .

(draw) a picture now. 1I (go) shopping with my sister on Saturdays. (work) in the afternoon. -----------------------------------------------------guitar Is having now he a Lesson 7 -----------------------------------------------------~ Answer about yourself. doesn't on She Sundays study 2 ridjng now bikes They their aren't 3 you go Do shopping the morning -. (have) a guitar lesson now. Do you go swimming in the summer? 3 Does your mother go shopping on Saturdays? .Are you riding a bike now? 3 Are your friends having a lesson now? J - Is your father playing football now? 37 .@ Complete with the Present Simple or the Present Progressive. Do you study in the afternoons? -. (feed) his dog every day. ~ Put the words in the correct order. ~ 2 George 3 David always Tom :3 The children an 5I (take) photos now.

® A big red hen Lucy's got a big red head And a big red hen. say it as fast as you can.G) What's the missing letter? 1 dra 2 take .. h _._._ eft Q_. . sing. c _c_ . Lucy's got a big red head And a very big red hen.. . Lucy's got a big red egg On her big red head.3 mak hotos ash Spelling Check atch slee-1 2 get u f k turn ed phon _. and a big red hen. Then.. on her big red head. i) Write the words and complete the sentence. ._ .3 _ways 4 4 wa 0 0 0 0 ~ Listen and circle the e sound. . Then. ( Zen hasgota 38 and . Lucy's got a big red egg And another big red hen .

Monday • months e. New Yecr'sDuu.-. We use CAPITALletters Jor: • names e.e?_ - "en is your Qirthday? 'rot's y_ourfavourite time of the \Jear? 3 rthdou. Janu.) - _~ _----- 39 ..? l-tat's uour friend's nam. - _ iris christmas. New Year's Day • to begin a sentence e. ~orr!!~ With capital I. Now-write. aboutyou.e~erswhere necessary. ~ tim's birthday is-mrnay.. not are your favourite -you come from? M His / Her In an. This is my dog.2/ 16 Read. ~. .g. =~ j come from australia.g. Turkey • spedal days e. doctor ... m_y_.. I ama. John g • days of the week e. • the word'l'.!- 11 ere. etc.-my-favourite days are soturdm.g ..ary • countries e.-.Lesson '7\ _. Max.__ ~ .g..e . . end sunday.g._name anna__.~- 5. ad.

He isn/t studying. 1 ~ 2 3 40 1 ~p. She is phoning a friend. Then. ~ She is drawing. We sleep at 10:00 o'clock. Tom goes shopping on Saturday rnorninq. Jim Tom ~ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1 Do they get up at 9:00 o'clock? 2 Does Jim make a cake in the morning? 3 Does Tom go shopping in the morning? 4 Do they have lunch at 2:00 o'clock? 5 Do they go to the cinema with their mother? 6 Do they sleep at 10:00 a/clock? 40 . 1 They are working. What do you do on Saturdays? We get up at 9:00 o'clock. He is studying. . ~ 2~ 3. we do our homework and watch TV.o 5 6<t> @ look and write. I have a guitar lesson in the morning.u -.G. ~ t .) look and write·. Use the Present Progressive. We usually go to the cinema with our friends in the afternoon. ® Read and answer. He is sleeping. We have lunch at 1:30. . .

(phone) her friend now. . write about it and draw pictures. Use on. niqht. make a calendar with your class. _________ 5 The children ~ Fay (not / have) a g'uitar lesson on Tuesdays. (take) photos on Sundays. December In December vou go Skiing in the mountains. now? (work) every day? (make) a cake now. Jill : My brother 3 you . 17 (talk) to Mary. Then. the afternoon. . : Tom doesn't work -=- Sundays. Use the Present Simple or the Present Progressive. the summer. 10 o'clock.Mary's birthday is.. you can make snowmen or PlaY with the snOll. Read and complete.. The children sleep Task-based activity Choose a month. in. December.Lesson ~ Read and complete. I get up : My mother feeds our dog 3 We don't have school ~ . at .H 41 . 7:30 in the morning.

What is the girl's name? g Beth. There is one example. 1 Howald is she? 2 What season is her birthdnuin? 3 What month is it in? 4 What's the name of her school? 5 What time does she go to school? 42 . ® @ Read the questions.· II Smart SkillS 2 (LiStening 0/ SpeaKing) W Usten and draw lines. Listen and write. ® e. ..

.~ ~. What's Anne doing? : What does the girl do every day? :: Nhat time is it? rn ~ _ Use the object cards and talk about the picture.. 43 .!_. ® - Lesson 18 . - ...-~ - ~ Listen and tick "v) the ~ox.

~ Boys and girls... go! Now. go..... Then... -..~~~~ thirty XI twenty-seven 28 twenty-eight 29 twenty-nine ® Listen and read. women and men.. there are no people! Grammar Regular plurals a girl a baby a boy ~ ~ ~ two girls 1hreebabies four boys Plurals Irregular a person a child a man and plurals ~ ~ ~ people children men and women '" d woman \. go.How many. listen and check.. I've g01 ten books.. I 44 ....~~~~ forty seventy ~~~~_-.. ® 188 21 twenty-one 22 twenty-two 23 twenty-three 24 twenty-four 25 twenty-five 26 twenty-six 78 ninety one hundred ~""""". How many apples are there? How many books have you got? There are twenty apples. ? (numbers 68 0/ plUrals) (!) Match.~~~~~~~~ sixty fifty twenty €Lghty .

(apple). (chiLd)in my class.. . (baby) are happy. ne wo hree our iva be 2 3 _ 4 _ even light Ine 6 _. (man) in the supermarket.hose : Ne've got twenty These Answer about yo~rself... Read and write the plurals.-{ow many are boys? -low many are girls? ow many brothers / sisters have you got? 45 . (woman) are talL. (boy) are playing basketbalL. Look at the numbers and write the words.ow many children are there in your English class? . _ 7 8 There are thirty _ "here are two -he .

AJ Mmm .struwberries! oh no! Grammar a pear a watermelon an apricot some pears some watermelons some apricots a/an/some peach cherry strawberry peaches cherries strawberries a I an + singular countoble nouns some + plural countable nouns 46 . Greg_ There's a watermelon.. some peaches and some strawberries in the bag. Then. I like . ® Have some fruit. ® pear apricot watermelon strawberry grapes cherry peach ® Listen and read. listen and check.a I an I some G) Which words do you know? Match and discuss..

. Then.. draw and colour your favourite fruit. __ --=-so=-. thebasket __ 47 . too.:.. write and say with your partner.:. look and write a / an or some..:e'---9 ra pes __ peach cherries _______ ------- ------_______ watermelon apricot strawberries ------- Look. write the numbers 1-6. _In the basket there's a watermelon and an apple... Then..m:. There are some cherries and some pears...Read.

milk sugar flour butter " We use some and any with plural countable nouns and with uncountable nouns. Is there any jlour for the cake? r Grammar There ere some eggs in the cake. some milk and some eggs. listen an4 check. "ve got some butter.I some I any G) Which words do you know? Match and discuss. Then. I 48 . ® sugar butter flour milk eggs cake @) Listen and read. Is there any: milk? There Isn't any milk. We use some in affirmative senfences. some/any uncountable nouns There is some milk. ® OK Greg. We use any in questions and negative sentences. Are there onv eggs in the cake? There aren't any eggs in the cake.

1 2 3 49 .Read and circle. ~ Look and write. 1 Is there onu butter? 2 Is there any milk? 3 Are there any peaches? 4 Are there any strawberries? @ What's There in your fridge? Write. : IS there some / any flour in the cake? here's some / any sugar in the cake. .There isn't some / any butter in the fridge. here aren't some / any epples on the table. is / isn't are / oren't some an!::) eggs milk butter peaches tomatoes cherries in my fridge. _: Are there some / any tomatoes in the saLad? : There are some / any oranges in the bag.

? How much are they? They're ten dollors. How much . How much is it? Grammar How much is it? Irs twelve euros. 50 .. like that teddy bear. ® Nice baUoons.. Match Then listen a~d check.. G) Which words do you know".How much is it I are they? It's I TheY're . @ l and discuss. How much .. notebook board game ruler dock pend! case euros / dollars @ Listen and read.

. / hey're.. 1 They're four euros.~ Look and write the questions. Use I' 1 How much are the board games? They're twenty euros. Use How much is j / ow much are they. 2 It's twenty dollars. 3 It's eighteen euros. 2 How much are the notebooks? 3 How much is the clock? 4 How much is the computer game? 5 How much are the pencil cases? 6 How much are the rulers? 51 .euros. ® Look and answer the questions. "S 4 ------------------------------------? They're twelve euros. 5 They're seventy dollars. 6 ------------------------------------? It's five euros.

~ and discuss. They replace nouns in order to avoid repeating them. listen an~ check.Object pronouns G) Which words do you know? Match Then. They always go after verbs or prepositions. look listen taste smelt touch Grammar Subject Pronouns Singular ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Object pronouns Object Pronouns me Subject Pronouns we you they Plural ~ ~ ~ Object Pronouns us you them you he you him her she it it We use ObJeetpronouns as objects of verbs. 52 .

Look at him / me..••. Brush us / them.3.. Play with us / him. 3 Brush your teeth. + nr. You can visit 7 You and Bill are pLaying volleyball.rrrlJ to ~+ + the the + Jai the 4) Read and circle. Drink 4 She's wearing a yellow dress... ~ Write the object pronouns. Open it / them. Listen to him / her . + ~'c ~ ___ r" : lJ r . Listen to your mother. Play with your brother. 4 I'm climbing a tree. You can pLay with 6 It's my birthday today..' Look and write. Dance with 3 This is your milkshake.uh-'-"o"--"-t~oSoL.. 5 Open the door.took at the __ ---fp. . I can see 5 We're playing basketball. _ . Use the verbs in the lesson. Don't wear 2 Bob's dancing. ? 53 . (me him her it us _ _ _ _ _ at six o'clock. Can I play with you them) 1 Those are my trainers.

It must eat. She must eat. You mustn't eat in the museum. You mustn't chew gum in dnss. They mustn't eat. You mustn't eat in dass. He mustn't eat. ~. We must eat. You must listen to the teacher. You must be at school at 8:30.must { mustn't (!) Which sentences do you know? Match and discuss. It mustn't eat We mustn't eat. You must be at school at 9:00. You must eat. We use mustn't to express prohibifion. He must eat. listen and check. You mustn't eat. You must be qulet. Grammar Affi·rmative Negative Must / Mustn't Questions I musl eat You musl eat. - I mustn't eat. Must Must Must Must Must Must Must Must I eat? you eat? he eat? she eat? it eat? we eat? you eat? they eat? We use must to express obligation. @ Listen and read. She mustn't eat. They must eat. You mustn't eat. 54 . Then. You mustn't write on the desk.

. .. . 2 Helen and Jill ----=_ 3 Peter 4 Gary. 1 Suzu mustn't write on the desk. 3 It's 9 o'clock. t @ Look at the picture and write what the children mustn't do in class. 2 Be quiet children. What must you do in class? J must listen to listen to the teacher eat in class be quiet chew gum in class must mustn't write on the desk play football in class listen to music the teacher. 1 Paul and John must / mustn't do their homework every day. They must / mustn't wear their jackets. c. You must / mustn't go to bed. 4 The bobu is sleeping. John and Bill ___ _ ® What must I mustn't you do in class? Discusswith your partner. You must / mustn't talk in the museum. You must / mustn't listen to music. be at school at. 5 It's cold.~ Read and circle must I mustn't.

Wink. wink. He's in the sink. wink. bubble. wink. he's in the sink. bubble. WiLLy the fish Likes drinking milk. bubble. Wink. '1!! Willy the fish • Willy the fish is in the sink . sing.Spelling Check (!) Which letters are 1 peach cake in all th~ words? watermelon school euros teacher 2 apricot 3 ruler 4 pear chew gum flour strawberry 00 0 00 000 @ Listen and circle the I sound. Bubble. wink. he likes hismilk. Then. Bubble. He likes his milk. Then. @ Look andctrcle ACAPR I the words in the grid. bubble. write and say them. C0T 1 r WQ RUV DGHM FP ENC I LM I I / 2 4 R L BLK0G YPTXA J I L K N 3 S H A Z Q W SID 56 J .

__-- .. e_g. Happy Birthday! Be quiet! @Addquestionmarks(?)orexclarTKitIOnmCftKs-rt).. e_g.------------------ Is-=~==~~~=---------------====--~--------====~--==--------- 57 .-1 --------- __ ----------_ rlow olct'areyou -- 2~'tou-l+lu£tn't~eat in the~-mlJseun'J.merks . _ _ ----- ----.euros-nave you got 4~QeA't Ehe-w-gum iR cless .-- - . Read. happiness or anger end with an exclamation mark (D. "'{hat's your name? Do you always get up at 7:00? Sentences that express surprise. eggs it1Jhe coke ®:.(?Lor exclamation merks get your partner _to~add_questio.-- 3-H6w -many .-- _ ------. Nmv_cQm'plete tbe sentencesand _ (I).Lesson ~ 25 ~._5 Are there any. Questions end with a question mark (?).

(person) at the cinema. e Open it. 4 She's cooking .i=Ld::. 1 some 58 2 sugar ___ cake 3 eggs ___ apricot --- 5 6 --- cherries --_ clock . G) Read and match . f Swim with me. 1 There are twenty =.. (child) in my class.(!) Read and circle the odd word.. a Listen to them._.. open the window. 1 It's hot.:. (ruLer) in my pencil case. c Can I eat with you? d PLay with us.:.5 They're talking. please. woterrnelon fLour trainers notebook board game smell eat apricot sugar ruler ~ butter cherru eggs pen dock peach cake rubber ball pear milk FOod. . 2 We're pLaying_ volleubcll.. (cherry) in the basket. Then... 3 In the classroom 5 senses pencil case robot Listen 4 TOYS doll touch bike taste Look @ Read and write the plurals.. b Help her. 2 There are three 3 There are five 4 There are a Lot of S There are seven 6 There are fifty 7 There are three 8 There are two. ® Look and write a -I an or some. 6 You're eating.. (boy) in the karate class.. (woman) at the beach. 3 I'm swimming.:. (baby) on the bed. 1 Fruit 2 . (peach) on the tree....

~. Use some I any. the skirt? the trainers? 4 -------------------It's Irs the hat? the scarf? ..-<..:.. 5 We mustn't . .i&~ 1 It's How much is thirt\. RULES IN THE CLASSROOM We must. read and write How much is I are? and 'answer the questions. tests 59 ... answer. ?~ _I.J five euros..~. 2 Is there any butter? 3 Are there any cherries? 4 Is there any flour? 5 Are there any peaches? 6 Is there any milk? ~ Look. ·1 Are there any eggs? Yes. homework do :. ~ listen to the teocher ~ eat in doss ~ pLoy board games ... 2 They're 5 ________________ 6 ~~ They're 3 It's the jumper? the trousers? Task-based activity What rules would you like for your classroom? Discussand make a rules poster.. ----- Lesson 26 ~ or Look. there are some eggs..'·ci'E.

W Look at the pictures ~nd the letters. There are twelve pencils on the desk. 1 The boy and the girl are playing a board game.. [~) . 3 They must be at school at nine.g. 5 There are eight people in the house. 0 5 t§ This is twenty euros.L3J I 2 1 1_ 3 60 . Write the words. e. ·~r. Yes. or a cross (K) in the box. 2 The women are eating watermeLon. 1 smart SKillS 3 (Reading 0/ Writing) (!) Look and read.II e. g . e.g. You must be quiet. 3 There are eggs on the table. 4 There are four men. Write Yes or No. o o 0. 0 2~ @ Look and read. The children are chewing gum.. 4 The boys are writing on the desk. Put a tick (V'. This is a dock.

:. 61 .- - -- --------- .Lesson .) (1) (3) inside me.. @ Look at the picture and read the questions.g. How much is the notebook? If s _ _____. 1(5) 1(6) _ _ _ (4) and _ flour _ r _ great.' CI.. ~~. 27 ® Read the story. eUfOS..1 . Write one-word e. 1 How many pencils are there? 2 Where are the pencil cases? 3 Who is listening to music? 4 What are the girls doing? 5 Who is closing the window? There are They're The They're The __ __ _ _ the desks.& .>. Look at the pictures and the example.3=-. Write one-word answers. great! What am I? 1 am a answers.---'r.._/ tbree. What am I? Children love me..g. 1have got (e...

I'm smaller than you_ Grammar Adjectives old Comparative older bigger happier Comparative Form Form Irregular Adjectives Comparative Form I 1 big happy good bad better worse We use the Comparative form to compare two people. ® '.Comparative form (!) Which phrases do you know? Match and discuss. 62 . An adjective in the cornpcrqflve form Is usually followed by the word than.' ~ a good swimmer a fat man an old woman. a bad swimmer a thin man Now. ontrnols or things. listen aDd check. Then.

_.. 6 Ted is ~ (happy) Stacey. a. .. spot the differences and complete. than in picture 1. than in picture 1. than in picture 1._f---""th'--'-".® Look and write. Use the comparative form of the adiectives a 1 The red fish is _----'b""-'-[g~g'!9-'>e.___big) the ( 2 Tom is 3 Zuzu is (bad) Jim at basketball. 4 Max is (old) Helen.. (short) Zippa.. 2 In picture 1 the rabbit is 3 In picture 1 the car is 4 In picture 2 the boy is :> ~ - In picture 2 the turtLe is a In picture 2 the girl's hair is .. ~~ ~ Look at the pictures. then in picture 2._. 1 In picture 1 the father is than in picture 2. Use ( smaLL oLd thin taLL fat Long) in the comparative form._n. ~I Ted Stacey D 5 Fay is (good) Jill at fish. than in picture 2.63 -.

. oj the three. -. ® And!:) ~ .Jim J Tommy @ If}. and check. Mike is the worst runner of the three. listen. it's tile funniest worm! • Grammar Adjectives big happy sad fast slew small Comparative bigger happier sadder foster slower smaller Superlotive form Irregular Superlative the biggest the happiest the saddest the fastest the slowest the smallest Adjectives good bad Comparative better worse Superlative the best thsworst Sue's got long hair. 64 . _ cr . t) '-. My worm is the oldest of alL My worm is the slowest oj all! But. . Paul is the best runner The whale is the oj the three.uoertaelve form (!) Which phrases in bold do you know? Match and discuss. "" Tommy is the youngest boy oj the three.' . lucy's got the longest haIr in the doss. Sally~sgot longer hair than Sue. Theartide the comes before an adj ective in the superlative form. We uselhe superlative fOrm to compere one parsoncnirnd or thing with several of the same kind. ® Listen and read. biggest animal KeUy is the happiest girl of the three. Then.

(young) in the family. (happy) child in the class. (big) of all the animals. (small) than a cat. 1 My tortoise is 2 Jane's hair is the 3 The whale is the 4 A hamster is 5 The baby is the 6 Lisa is a / 7 Sue. Tina 8 years oLd Lucy 9 years old • 1 Who's the shortest? 2 Who's the oldest? 3 Who's the best? 4 Who's the worst? 5 Who's the youngest? 6 Who's got the longest hair? ® Read and write the comparative or superlative form. 1 Who's the taLLestin your famiLy? 2 Who's the youngest in your family? 3 Whots the fastest in your family? 4 Who's the thinnest in your family? 65 .isthe (slow) then my rabbit. @ Draw your family and answer.Lesson 29 @ Lookl read and answer. (good) runner than Nick. (long) in the class.

! No. were YOll at the shopping centre' yesterday? No.they were. / No. he wasn't. Yes. they weren't.. Yes.PaSt Sjmple Of 'be' (!) Which words do you kno~? Match and discuss.we were. / No. Grammar Affirmative Negative Past Simple of 'be' Questions Short Answers Iwas You were He was She was It was We were You were They were Time Expressions I wasn't You weren't He wasn't She wasn't lt wosrrt We weren't You weren't They weren't last night Was I? Were you? Was he? Was·she? Was it? Were we? Were you? Were they? last Monday . he was. ! No. it wasn't. I wasn't.! No. / No. I was. ! No. Yes. Sunday Yes. afternoon We use the Past Simple for adions which began and ended in the past. Then. you were. she wasn't. Yes. was at the beach. you weren't. ® funfair ~ circus beach home shopping centre restaurant Listen and read. Yes. listen an~ check. 66 . . Yes. ® Greg. you were. it was. she was. yesterday morning.. or to describe situations in the past. / No. you weren't. Yes. we weren't. I wasn'f.

but there (4) B (9) A Yes. 67 . elephants and tigers there. They monkeys. _ @ Read and write was / were or wasn't / weren't. Spot. 1 Was Kate at the funfairyesterday? 2 Were Lisa and Tim at a restaurant last night? 3 Was Tina at home last night? ~ 4 Were Carol and Mark at school yesterday morning? ) 5 Were you at the shopping centre last Monday.? ta:J ~- ~ nH· at home. 6 I was / were at the beach yesterday morning. @ Look. A Last Monday..W 1 Read and circle. 4 John and Mike was /were at the funfcir last Friday. S The clown was / were at the circus. read and write. Greg 'and Anna (1) weren't (2) B (5) A Sally (6) He (8) at the zoo. he (10) J @Write where you were last Monday and yesterday afternoon. There (3) their friends Sally and Jim there too 7 with them but Jim (7) at home with his brother. 3 Jason andl was / were at the park last Sunday. at the zoo? . any flamingoes. Polly and Ken was / were at the cinema last night 2 Nicky was / were at the zoo yesterday. their dog.

they watched Q film and laughed a lot. Annei' and Greg visited their friends.1 Past 'lmpte (affirmative) (!) Which words /phrases do you know? Match Then. It was fun! Grammar Affirmative Iwatr. phone laugh (!) Listen and ® ~ ~ ~ Id _. listen and .arverbs laugh stop dance laughed stopped danced 68 .hed Youwatched He watched She watched It watched We watched watched They watched YOU' Post Simple of regul. Then. watch a jilm stay at home play computer games read. They talked and listened to music. ® and discuss. Yesterday.check.

at home last night.(!) Look and complete. (be dance play laugh listen watch) Eve's birthday party (1) ~ (2) _~ (4) ~ children (6) to music and (3) the clown and (5) last Saturday. tennis yesterday. At twelve o'clock Eve's mother cleaned the house. 1 Matt and Julie 2 Tom 3 Stacy 4 We played with the clown and 5 The children 6 Tina ® Look. Use the Past Simple. the doctor yesterday morning. Use the Past Simple. his teeth last night. read and complete. 69 . The children ' Then. ( sta!d pLay watch laugh phone brush) a fiLm Lastnight. a Lot. It was a great party. they a lot. Some board games.

® brush my hair dean my room listen to a CD water the flowers vislt a museum WListen and read. Yes. it didn't. did you water the flowers? & Short answers Grammar Negative I didn't listen. we didn't. he didn't. Then. She didn't listen.questions) (i) Which phrases do you know? Match and discuss. We di~n't listen. he did . If didn't listen. they didn't. No. we did. I did.. He didn't listen. They didnllisten.. / No" she didn't. you didn't. you did.Past SimPle (negative .. Yes. listen and. Yes. Yes. check. you didn't. / No. she did. / No. / No. / No. ® Greg. Past Simpl'e Questions Did I listen? Did you listen? Did he listen? Did she listen? Did if listen? Did we listen? Did you listen? Did they listen? Yes. 70 . / No. Yes. Yes. they did. You didn't listen. you did. Yes. 1didn't. it did. / No. You didn'llisten.

® :Readand write the negative.
1 Sam visited the museum tastMonday.
Sam didn't visit the museum last Monda!J.




2 Beth and Lisa watered the flowers yesterday. 3 Tammy and I cleaned our rooms last Sunday. 4 Brenda brushed her hair yesterday morning ..

@ Read and give short answers.
last Sunday I visited my friend Tina. We played computer games. Then, we listened to her n,ew CDs and danced. In the afternoon, we walked to the park with her brother Tony and in the evening, we watched a Junny film and laughed Q lot. It was great.


1 Did Claire play computer games
with Tina? 2 Did they water the flowers?

3 Did Tina's brother walk to the park
with them?

4 Did they watch a sad film?

@ Ask your partner

what he "I she did last weekend.
Did you go to the cinema last Saturday?

go to the cinema . visit the museum . clean your roo.m

lister) to your CDs'''1 ddnce... I I

ploy in t,he park ...
water your

&atdl a filrTi\ ...,.




PaS1: imple arregular verbs) G) Which words I phrases dio you know? Match and discuss.
Then, listen and check.


ride a bike

go to the gym


swim in. the pool


® Listen and read.
Dear diary, yesi:erdaY Anna and I uierre 'to 'the gYm. We didn''t ea't breaKfas't. A't the

gym, we rode

biKes, ran and ran and


in the poor. We were very 'tired.

, 1-,,"

Later, we went home and ate, ate and ate.

Infinitive do -t -t -t -t -t -t -t -t

Past Simple of irregular verbs Past Simple did flew got went had made read rode Infinitive run sing sit stand swim take wear write -t -t -t -t Past Simple ran sang sat stood swam took wore wrote

get go have make read ride

-t -t -t




Look, choose and write. Use the Past Simple.




sleep ______


him to school. juice for lunch.

1 Derek's father 2 Derek



3 Later Derek



spaghetti and ________ _ ~

tothegym. in the pool.

4 At the g~m he 5 Derek


at nine o'clock.


Write four sentences.

I rode my bike LastMonday-


SpeLUn.g Check

(i) Look and complete ..










(eo (nn




gh d







@ Listen and

circle the A sound. Then, sing.


A funny uncle
I've got a funny uncle.
He's taU and fat.

Look at his duck. It realty con jump. I've got a funny cousin.
Her name is Ruth.

She's under the umbrello. And she's got one tooth.
~'say the words. Circle the ones with the fA/ sound.


-1st ------~- 75 .ckets -------- titbe .~adJ.ung) ._ _ _ 2 took at her du~k. (funny} --- 1 That'_5~my_unde_._ 3 He's q men. A flower ~ A red jlower.(big) (bad) ---- -----_- _ 4 This is a shopping_ centre.edbles~ in br. - -- fM - - - - --- -r. .sent~nces.- ~_'~:' Lesson 3'+ (~) = Read._."'00 . It's a fat bird.g. - ____________ _____________ _____________ ____________ - (fat)_ (t:Jo._._. - 5 She's o_swimmer.a. e. We use adjectives to make sentences more interesting. ---_.__ The best computer ~- wrj +- i"j_ Co(neY.. The computer game ~Adct1ne.

read and complete the table. 1 bad 2 3 _ 4 _ 5 _ a b c Ci) Read.(!) Look. 1 Were Kelly and Eveat the funfair on Saturday? 2 Was Greg at the circus yesterday? 3 Were Jim and Alex at the restaurant on Sunday? 4 Was Mary at home last night? 5 Were Angie and John at the beach yesterday? 76 . Adjective 1 2 3 bigger young the thinnest good Comparative better Superlative the best the happiest 4 5 @ Now write the opposite of each adjective from activity 1 and match. look and answer.

Lisa went to the museum. . . In the evening... Then.. Lesson 35 @ Read. look and write. make a news broadcast. 3 Jim phoned a friend yesterday evening.'~.."~ '" . 2 They drank water Last night.. she played a board game with her brother.Tom went to-the gym yesterday morning.0-::: Task-based activity Read. Yesterday. She slept at half past nine. At one o'clock she went to a restaurant.<:to (!) The children watched a film at 10:00 o'clock last night. 5~ l~~' .. \. 77 . She ate pizza and drank orange juice. He swam yesterday morning ... He didn't go to the gym yesterday morning.... 4 George cleaned his room Last Sunday. . 1 ...: .. -=..

Example Where did Tom go? ® 2 What did Sam and Bob do? sO 1 What did Lisa do? 3 Where did Mary go? cO 78 AO cO sO cO . ® @ Listen and tick (tI') the box. There is one. example. There is one example.G) Listen and draw lines.

l • ·'~ Y.® Listen and colour. There is one example..~~Ciii. «. 79 . G . Lesson 36 ® Use the object cards and taJk about the picture.

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