The Cricket in Times Square Questions

Chapter 1 Vocabulary: scrounging, subsided, anxiously, niche 1. How did Mario's family make a living? 2. What city did Mario live in? 3. What kind of animal was Tucker? 4. How was business with the newsstand? 5. What nice thing did the conductor Paul do for Mario? Chapter 2 Vocabulary: plucked, rummaged, scornfully, peculiar 1. How did Mario know that the cricket was in the subway station? 2. What did Mario use to make a bed for the cricket? 3. How did Mama feel about the cricket? 4. What did Mario say crickets were good for? 5. Mama said the cricketer would have to go if something happened. What would have to happen? Chapter 3 Vocabulary: eavesdropping, wistfully, liverwurst, furiously, forlornly 1. Where was Chester from? 2. What did the cricket do to get in shape? 3. What food did Chester like? 4. How Long had it been since Chester had eaten? 5. Why could Chester NOT get out of the picnic basket? 6. How did Chester know about New York? 7. How did Chester get to New York? 8. When do crickets usually chirp? Chapter 4 Vocabulary: looming, acquaintance, leery 1. Why did Harry NOT hurt Tucker? 2. How did Chester "sing"? 3. What is a long hair? 4. Where did the animals go? 5. What did Times Square look like? 6. What did Chester see that made him feel better?

What did the Bellini family like to listen to? 6. What did Tucker want to sleep on? 5. peril. What did Sai Fong look like? 3. loot. What did Tucker want to do with the cage? 4. Why did Mario want to go to China Town? Chapter 6 Vocabulary: lurched. bail. Why was Mario in a hurry to get to the newsstand? 2. What did the store look like? 4. How much did the cage cost? 7. novelties. What second gift did Sai Fong give Mario? Chapter 7 Vocabulary: gaping. soufflé. Why did Mr. the music teacher. What did Chester eat? 2. craned. pathetic. avalanche. knickknacks. pagoda 1. Smedley. What gift did Sai Fong give Mario for the cage? 8. whopped. abrupt. unsavory. Where did Chester sleep? Chapter 8 Vocabulary: rap. spire. accuse. Why did Chester eat this? 3.What do crickets usually eat? 3. gilded.Chapter 5 1. What did Mama hit Tucker with? . Who did Sai Fong tell the story of? 6. How did Chester feel about the cricket cage? 3. goaloshes. What form of transportation did Chester and Mario use to get to china Town? 2. NOT want to hold Chester? 7. What kind of food do the chinese make? 2. keen. contentment 1. Where did Mario take Chester? 4. kimono. heaved. incense. What did Chester drink? 5. denounced. What did the cricket cage look like? 5. What did Tucker use for a pillow? 6. skinflint 1.

Why do you suppose this is so? 4.1 half dollar. 1 dime. 3. How does Chester feel after his first view of Times Square? 4. Use at least four descriptions in your answer. Why does the friendship between Tucker and Harry surprise Chester? 2. Do you think it was a fair decision to make Mario replace the money that Chester ruined? Why or why not? 1. Chester has to make some choices after eating the two dollar bill from the cash register. Smedley impressed with Chester Cricket? 6. How did Mario feel when he found out how much the cricket cage cost? SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS: Chapters 4-6 1. Harry cat says he is concerned about the future of Bellinis' newsstand. What are two of the ideas that Tucker suggests? 5. What punishment did Chester and Mario get? 5. Chester says that he is beginning to enjoy New York. . What does the Bellini family enjoy very much. 5 nickels. What was Chester's usual diet in the meadow? 5. would you want to have a cricket as a pet? Explain. 4. Why was Mr. How did Tucker get money? 6. 4 quarters. especially every Saturday during the winter? 7. 6. and 15 pennies? SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS: Chapters 1-3 1. How much money does Tucker have? 7. Why does the friendship between Harry and Tucker surprise Chester? 5. How does Tucker feel about Chester’s new cage? 2. At the end of Chapter 7.4. How does Mario help his family? 2. What does Chester find for Tucker's new pillow? 3. General likes/dislikes and favorite parts of the book. If you were Mario. Why does he have this concern? 3. Why did the animals pay Mama back in this special way . Why does Mario look for a cricket cage in Chinatown? SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS: Chapters 7-8 1. Describe Sai Fong. How does Mama Bellini feel about Mario's new pet? Explain.

3. and why doesn't he want to hold Chester? What are your favorite magazines? 8. Why does Chester "sing" for the first time? How does his singing affect others? . Mr Smedley comes to the newsstand every Sunday. What does he like to read. Why does Tucker let Chester have his life savings? 7. etc. Mario goes to Chinatown to get a pagoda cage for Chester. At the beginning of the book. Why? What happens the next morning? 6. west nile. silk. Is this true?) Some fleas. At the bottom of page 42. pollinating fruits. how does Mama Bellini feel about Chester? How are Mama and Papa Bellini different in the story? (Discussion: Why would Mama think bugs carry diseases. In parts of Europe it's bad luck to have one LEAVE your house and good luck as long as it stays in Killing a spider is bad luck. Many insects eat rotting/decaying material-. enrich soil . What does Tucker use for a blanket and pillows.etc) (Discussion: Are crickets good luck? What other superstitions mean luck?) In China. What GOOD things can insects do for us? (honey. crickets are good luck. Sai Fong tells the story of the first cricket.2. What did Chester think of NYC? What made him feel more comfortable and why did he decide to stay? 4. How is Chester like the cricket in this story? 5. Flies hang out in garbage.things we consider dirty. mosquitoes and flies carry diseases like malaria. Dung beetles. ya know. Chester lets Tucker sleep in his cage. ticks. lyme disease.

Think about things that you like doing together. 14. or observed. 10. A cricket is an unusual pet. Do you think he will be happy there? Do you think he will return to NYC? Why or why not? Will Tucker and Harry go to the country? 11. Mario found Chester and decided to keep him for a pet. Best friends are special people in our lives. Remember to tell at least three reasons why this type of insect is interesting. Think about your best friend and reasons why you like him or her.9. Write a paper telling where you would go if you could go anywhere in the world that you wanted to. Everyone has thought about trips they might take and places they would like to visit. Chester decides to go home to Connecticut. They are almost everywhere around us. Explain about the insect that you think is the most interesting. Insects share our world with us. If you could have any animal in the world for a pet what animal would it be? Why would you choose this animal? How would you take care of the animal? Where would it live? Does your pet possess any extraordinary characteristics like Chester? 13. read about. Use specific details to explain and support your reasons. Write at least 3 reasons why you would like to visit this place. Remember to use specific details to support and explain your reasons. When does Chester change his mind about how he feels in the city? Would you like being famous? Why or Why not? What would be the good/bad parts of fame. 12. . Include at least three reasons why he/she is your best friend. Remember to use specific details to explain and support your reasons. What kind of insect do you think is the most interesting? Think about insects that you have learned about.

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