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We've kept them large so that you can do a chakra colors meditation if you like. After reading the descriptions if you feel that one (or more) of your chakras is imbalanced, spend a few moments meditating (an open-eyed visual meditation) on the image and color associated with it. Color therapy works by looking at, wearing or surrounding yourself with a certain color to bring about it's energy into your life. It is a very effective and simple tool for helping to balance your chakras. Let's get started...


. It is located at the base of the spine. and weight issues.Red is the color of the 1st Chakra. knee pain. You can sing. I chant Lam (a bija mantra) and play a crystal singing bowl tuned to C. you can oftentimes bring balance back through energy healing your first chakra. it can result in lack of connection to friends or family or lack of wealth and abundance. An overly open muldhara chakra can lead to selfishness. overindulgence in earthly pleasures. If you are bothered by these symptoms. constipation. chant. or play an instrument in C to balance the Root or Base chakra. Physical imbalances related to the root chakra include hemorrhoids. you will start to have more awareness of the dietary and lifestyle changes you need to make to heal the physical. and materialism. Through energy healing. When imbalanced a person will feel as though they have no foundation to stand on. In my own sound healing practice. prostate problems. Imbalances don't always mannifest on the physical. known as the root or base. When balanced a person will feel as though they have stability in their life. If your first chakra is weak or closed. People who live in very cluttery environments oftentimes have overly open Another association with the first chakra is the musical note C.

bladder. You don't need to go to a drum circle or get a crystal singing bowl to take advantage of the benefits. you could be overly driven by sexual urges (nymphomania or sex-addicted). and excessive fantasizing. Energetically. spontaneous and playful. When imbalanced a person will feel uninspired. When your Sacral energy center is too open. or urinary tract infections (UTI). low back pain. or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). It is located below the navel. When balanced a person will feel creative. . Drumming is another classic method for improving first chakra health. bored by life. Physical imbalances associated with an overly open second chakra include adrenal exhaustion (wired-but-tired feeling). or frequent kidney. cervical dysplasia.I find this combination very effective for energy healing. Orange is the color of the 2nd Chakra. You can also listen to music geared towards the first chakra like drumming music or chakra balancing cd's. You may also have trouble defining healthy boundaries. and potentially sexually blocked. Blockages or closed second chakra issues manifest as prostate problems. known as the sacral.

self-assured and ready to meet life's challenges. I use Vam (rhymes with mom). or voice in D. it can manifest as addictive eating. you can use instruments. When imbalanced a person will feel a lack of self-esteem. or liver stones. you will have weakened sex drive or lack of creativity and productiveness. inadequate. . known as the solar. Writer's block is an example of a blockage in the Sacral. taking digestive enzymes and a probiotic. chimes. This can be particularly powerful. gallstones. It can also manifest as inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) or intestines (colitis. Combined with eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. or obesity. you can achieve optimal health and balanced vitality. If you like music or sound healing. You can use chakra balancing techniques to heal your Solar chakra. When your solar plexus is too open. and taken advantage of. I also enjoy listening to classical music played in D. When balanced a person will feel confident. The musical note associated with the second chakra is D. Something about the structure of classical music really lends itself to sound healing.When your Sacral is closed. hepatitis (liver inflammation). diverticulitis). Yellow is the color of the 3rd Chakra. Signs of a closed Solar chakra can include kidney stones. It is located between the navel and the chest. a bija mantra associated with chakra balancing when chanting or play a singing crystal bowl.

A closed heart can manifest as asthma. Stringed instruments such as guitar and piano are good for sound healing or music therapy. known as the heart. Singing or playing an instrument in E helps to stimulate a balancing effect in the third chakra. The sound of the Solar chakra is the note E. . When balanced a person will feel loving towards themselves and others. Green is the color of the 4th Chakra. Mozart's stringed quartets are excellent. It is located at the center of the chest. bronchitis and other lung problems. lack of motivation. or frequently or easily angered. Chanting one of the bija mantras RAM (rhymes with mom) is one of my favorite simple ways to empower your Solar plexus chakra. When imbalanced a person will feel relationship issues are insurmountable. and unworthy of being loved. stuck in the past with painful memories. if your solar chakra is too open. a workaholic (overly driven). dangerously low blood pressure. or extremely self critical. you could be judgemental.Energetically. Signs of a closed or blocked Solar chakra manifest as low self esteem. An overly open Anahata chakra can manifest as heart disease and high blood pressure.

it can manifest as fear of intimacy. Blockages will manifest as trouble swallowing. jealousy. The musical note for the heart chakra is F. When fourth chakra energies are closed or blocked. . and frequent sore throats. or over-empathizing. known as the throat. hyperthyroidism. It is located at the throat. it oftentimes manifests as co-dependence. Physical imbalances that can be an indication of an overly open fifth chakra are goiter or hypothyroidism. Too much empathy manifests as living at the mercy of other peoples emotions. I also like to chant HU (sounds like hue). and bitterness. or as though they can't share their thoughts and ideas with others. The HU chant is almost magical in its ability to bring about feelings of balanced love and serenity. When balanced a person will feel expressive and as though they can communicate clearly with others. withdrawn from those around them. Singing love songs is an obvious way to incorporate sound therapy. The Bija mantra YAM (rhymes with mom) works nicely. lack of compassion. When imbalanced a person will feel as though their words get misunderstood frequently. Blue is the color of the 5th Chakra.On an energetic level if your fourth chakra is too open.

a connection with their sixth sense abilities. interrupt frequently. and have a tendency to speak very loudly. or even talking will have a healing and balancing effect on your throat chakra. . any work you do on singing. you should do fifth chakra work and eat kelp and other iodine rich foods to nourish your thyroid gland. "HAM" (rhymes with mom). Indigo is the color of the 6th Chakra. People with overly open fifth chakras will speak out of turn. overwhelmed by choices and unable to make decisions. If you have a persistent catch in your throat. or chant the bija mantra. Listen to music in the key of G. It is located at the center of the forehead just above the eyebrows. When balanced a person will feel as though they live their life being intuitively guided to correct decisions. humming. or have trouble speaking in public. A good rule to follow for this chakra is to express yourself lovingly and openly. and cut off from guidance. Blockages will be apparent in people who are very shy. and in touch with their spirit guides. The fifth chakra relates to the musical note G. When imbalanced a person may feel a complete lack of direction in their lives. known as the third eye. speak very quietly.Fifth chakra imbalances can also manifest purely energetically. Because of the specific nature of the throat energy center. without fear of judgement.

difficulty seeing at night. I chant OM while visualizing an indigo light in front of my forehead. When your third eye is closed or blocked. and red. depressed. seizures. or panic attacks. have anxiety. It is located at the top of the head. It's also a great way to stimulate ideas for your next imaginative art project. you will be too daydreamy. rigid thinking. or brain tumors. On an energetic level when your sixth chakra is too open. Listening to classical music and daydreaming is a very light and relaxing way to engage and balance your third eye chakra. or be too logical at the expense of emotion and feeling. OM is the bija mantra that heals and balances your third eye. When balanced a person will feel a strong connection with the divine (spirituality). The musical note for the third eye chakra is A. itchy eyes. or have poor hearing. unable to focus your attention. known as the crown. and as though there is no purpose to their life. you may have poor eyesight. When there are blockages. or have very poor judgement. . a connection to the universe and everything in it. When imbalanced a person can feel as though their thinking is fuzzy and clouded. confused. You may also have poor dream recall. Violet is the color of the 7th Chakra. and inspired to live a life with meaning. you could be depressed.Physical indications of when your third eye is too open are frequent headaches.

The musical note for the crown seventh chakra is B. pineal gland or central nervous system. Many new-age folks get into this rut and then their physical health suffers from a lack of focus on nutrition or exercise. YAM. it could result in nerve damage. If your crown is closed or blocked. an overly open crown center results being airy-fairy and unable to bring yourself down to earth. inhale. The bija mantra for your crown is "ALL". usually a total of 7 times. A closed crown results in being overly grounded in the physical world. .Physical imbalances related to the crown energy center usually involve the pituitary gland. Energetically. You may also find yourself bitter or resentful about other people's belief systems. "LAM. RAM. insensitivity to physical stimuli or imbalances in your endocrine system. The first five mantra sounds all rhyme with "mom". Listen to music or play chimes tuned to B to engage sound healing. These often include headaches at the top of your head. OM. I chant all the bija mantras in a row. VAM. For the crown energy center. particularly the pineal or pituitary gland. HAM. or insomnia. ALL" in one breath. and repeat as many times as I care to.

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