Q1 : During the job placement week, Rajul has been offered two jobs. Which metric would a contributor use to compare the jobs? Points : 5 Which job is more convenient? Which job pays more? Which job has more opportunities to learn? Which job has the potential to widen my power to contribute?

Q2 : Which of the following beliefs is most likely to help you have a successful career in the long run? Points : 5 Maintaining the „correct‟ contacts leads to a successful career Proving one‟s capability through hard work leads to a successful career Choosing to contribute more and more leads to a successful career Getting the right job(s) leads to a successful career

Q3 : Sumeeta focuses on the criterion „what will I get from this job‟ to choose her first job. How can I help her to think like a contributor? Points : 5 Focus on challenging opportunities to help you prove yourself Focus on what you will „give‟, not just on what you will get Focus on learning / training, opportunities to increase your capabilities etc. Focus on the pay, promotion system, perks, etc.

Q4 : Piya has been elected as a student representative for the year. If she thinks like a

On what basis should he accept the project? Points : 5 It means he will be able to afford. what would she look for? Points : 5 The respect that she may earn from the other students The experience that she can add to her resume The amount of recognition from the teachers that she will get through her role The inner capability and confidence that she would build through the experience Q5 : Minaz and Sheena are friends. trained from one of the best schools of film-making.Chapter-4 contributor. Minaz works in a position in a high reputed company and Sheena works in a school. Who is a contributor? Points : 5 Minaz is a contributor as he has achieved a high position Sheena is a contributor as she is doing the noble work of teaching school students There is not enough information to say for sure It is how they approach their work that will determine whether they are a contributor or not Q6 : Arnav is a famous film-maker. He has been offered an educational project which demands creating a new campaign for school students. use and learn from high tech equipment It means that he will be able to develop and harness new capabilities in himself It means that he can contribute to children and make a positive difference It translates into a fat paycheck .

connect with other people and contribute in two diverse areas It is not of much use as it takes away time from selling activities It‟s an opportunity to prove that one is able to manage both training and selling well Q8 : Ravina is the team lead. The senior management has asked her to identify one person who will take over her role during the time she is on a years leave. Who should she pick up? Points : 5 Mohit who is willing to stretch himself but not wait for others to tell him what work he should do Sujoy who does his job well but is reluctant to do anything „extra‟ Ranganath who does work that he is familiar with but gets stressed when unknown work is given to him Nazema who is willing to try out new work but only if she sees obvious benefits from it Q9 : A good job is one which will give me a lot of diverse opportunities to learn and grow Points : 5 True False This could a good metric to compare two jobs All jobs give you opportunities to learn and grow.Chapter-4 Q7 : Fardeen joined the new job as a Salesman. if he is a contributor? Points : 5 It is an opportunity to learn a new skill (how to conduct a training session) It helps to develop new capabilities. it is your approach that makes a difference Q10 What choices can an advertising professional make in order to ensure a contributive career? : Points : 5 . He has been given additional responsibility of conducting training sessions. How can Fardeen see this opportunity.

assuming that she is a contributor? Points : 2 “It is a bigger responsibility and it will be quite a challenge to understand what will work in a new town. Which of the views is most likely to be Sanjana‟s. giving that up and starting from scratch does not make sense.Chapter-4 S/he should use every opportunity available to learn new techniques and skills S/he should make „contacts‟ with famous people in the field S/he should willingly volunteer for new responsibilities so as to contribute S/he should use every opportunity available to develop and showcase his/ her creativity Q1 : Sanjana has been working in a retail chain company for the past two years. Which of the statements is true? Points : 2 A contributor should be willing to expand his role so Alok should take up the new role A contributor should not let his years of expertise in a particular area go waste so Alok should wait till a more „appropriate‟ role is offered Q3 : The transport company wants to recruit a Supervisor. She has been offered a position in a small town. “I am so comfortable in my job here. What should be the basis on which a contributor would assess the job? Points : 2 What is the difference in pay from my current job? . It will not be easy to adjust but through such experiences I will learn to adjust”. It will be such a challenge to settle in the new town. where she is expected to start a new store. more so because I don‟t know anyone.” Q2 : Alok has been working in the financial sector for more than 2 decades. He had been handling core banking/investment and recently was offered the role of Head (Human Resources).

For the Municipal elections.voluntary neighbourhood groups which work with the executive wing of local government.Chapter-4 What positive difference can I make in such a job? Q4 : Kinjal uses the logic of joining whichever job gives him a higher pay package. he is unanimously nominated as a citizen candidate. how will you know how well you can do it or whether you like it or not? What is the use of doing anything new – it disrupts your life. his resume boasts of 12 jobs. In the past 10 years. o o True False Points : 2 Q8 : Arun has been a volunteer for the Advanced Locality Management . What could be the contributor view of the situation? . calls for adjustment and leads to inconvenience? Q6 : Why are contributors successful in their work places? Points : 2 As they have „contacts‟ and therefore are bound to succeed As they approach their work such that they deserve the success Q7 : Contributors are successworthy. What could be the most likely impact on a future recruiter when he sees Kinjal‟s resume? Points : 2 He will most likely not offer a job to Kinjal as he may think that Kinjal will not last long in this job either He will most likely offer a job immediately to him as he may think that Kinjal must be in high demand Q5 : Which of these statements does a contributor believe in? Points : 2 Unless you try out something new.

“Why should a person be open to challenging work assignments?”. my so called career will be over even before it begins. What would be your friendly advice to him? Points : 2 “It is better you continue to focus on your career. which you have steadily built over so many years of hard work. Am I willing to take that?” Q9 : Kiran is a martial arts instructor who has a loyal clientele of students and adults. he is most likely to answer : Points : 2 …because it is an opportunity to learn from the new experience …because it is a quick way to get noticed by the seniors . It will require tremendous amount of time. Anyway. I am not sure how I can fit in. it will help you become a better cook and who knows. He has been fond of cooking since childhood. Am I ready for that?” “Politics is a dirty game.” “Go ahead with the reality show. Cooking should continue to be your hobby. energy and commitment to build a career in this field.” Q10 If a contributor is asked. And if in the elections I don‟t win. effort. he gets excited. maybe you can have an alternative career as a Chef.Chapter-4 Points : 2 “It is a responsibility that others are entrusting in me. When he reads about a cooking reality show.

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