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Cosmetology Career StarterCareer Starters Korman, Lorraine. 1576851419 9781576851418 9780585224060


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Cosmetology Career Starter by Lorraine Korman

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Copyright © 1998 LearningExpress, LLC. All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. Published in the United States by LearningExpress, LLC, New York. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Korman, Lorraine. Cosmetology career starter / by Lorraine Korman. p. cm.(Career starters) ISBN 1-57685-141-9 1. Beauty cultureVocational guidanceUnited States. 1. Title. II. Series. TT958.K67 1998 646.7'2'02373dc21 Printed in the United States of America 987654321 First Edition The listing of schools in Chapter 3 is reproduced from the NACCAS 1997-1998 Directory by permission of the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (NACCAS). Regarding the Information in this Book Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of directory information up until press time. However, phone numbers and/or addresses are subject to change. Please contact the respective organizations for the most recent information. For Further Information For information on LearningExpress, other LearningExpress products, or bulk sales, please call or write to us at: LearningExpress™ 900 Broadway Suite 604 New York, NY 10003 212-995-2566 LearningExpress is an affiliated company of Random House, Inc.

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Contents Introduction Why enter the Cosmetology Field? Chapter 1 So You Want to be a Beauty Professional Chapter 2 All About Training Programs Chapter 3 Directory of Cosmetology Training Programs Chapter 4 Financial Aid for the Training You Need Chapter 5 How to Land Your First Job Chapter 6 How to Succeed Once You've Landed the Job Appendix A Professional Associations Appendix B Additional Resources v









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About The Author Journalist and editor Lorraine Korman worked at American Salon magazine for six years and was editor-in-chief from 1996 to 1998. This is her first book.

Acknowledgments The author gratefully acknowledges the assistance and inspiration of Francois Baron, Mary Bemis, Amanda Hathaway, Wayne Henninger, Ken Korman, Heather Landau, Norma Lee, Saralynne Lowrey, Robbin McClain, Kathy McFarland,Kathy Nestor, Colleen O'Rourke, Larry Oskin, and David Wieme.

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Introduction Why enter the Cosmetology Field? Yes, cosmetology is about hairdressingbut it's also about much more than that. Yes, it's about being in a service industrybut it's also about getting a chance to show your creative side. Cosmetologists can be hairdressers, skincare specialists, nail technicians, massage therapists, or makeup artists (or all of the above). The possibilities in the beauty field are as many and varied as the individuals in the field. It's truly an occupation in which you can create your own path. Few fields offer the flexibilityand potential rewardsof cosmetology. In this book you'll learn more details about the field and the possible paths you can take. You'll learn about training programs on the high school/vocational school and postsecondary levels. You'll learn what's required to get your license, and you'll learn why getting your license is only the beginning of your career. Chapter 1 looks at the different types of cosmetology specialties. It covers hiring trends, demographic data, and salary information and

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It offers sample course curricula and tips from educational experts on how to pick the right beauty school for you. Finally. These professionals share their own experiences and discuss changes in the beauty field. you're well on your way to learning all aspects of the beauty profession. Chapter 3 provides an extensive listing of accredited postsecondary training programs across the country. < previous page page_vi next page > . It covers the various funding options and tells you how to take advantage of every opportunity to get the funding you need. as well as how to network and promote yourself. And yes. Chapter 6 takes you to the next level. providing you with valuable advice on what it takes to make it in the real world of cosmetology. providing all the information you need to succeed in your first job and beyond. education costs money. and research employers. With this book in hand. The appendices at the back of the book not only list the most important organizations in the field but also point you toward helpful resources (books. Chapter 2 includes information on the training you'll need to become a licensed beauty professional. write a resume. Interviews with top beauty professionals in every specialty appear throughout the book. Chapter 5 explains what to do when you're done with schoolhow to conduct a job search. So let's get started. Chapter 4 will explain how to get financial aid for school and training programs.< previous page page_vi next page > Page vi includes sample classified ads for different jobs and information on trends in cosmetology education. Web sites and the like).

Tens of thousands of success stories from across the country prove that cosmetology is a field with options. But you may have a picture in your head of what a cosmetologist's life is likeprobably because one or more of them have played a large part in your life already. is like. or an accountant. After all. It's hard to imagine what the day-to-day work life of a chemical engineer. flexibility. And there are memorable images from the mediafrom Dolly Parton's trailer-run operation in Steel Magnolias to Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice to the less-than-flattering "Beauty School Dropout" musical number from the movie Grease.< previous page page_1 next page > Page 1 Chapter 1 So You Want To Be A Beauty Professional In this chapter. see examples of job descriptions and sample salaries. What more could you ask for? < previous page page_1 next page > . everyone needs a haircut now and then. with all sorts of specialties. Successful beauty professionals today work in all sort of capacities. You'll learn about different specialties in the professional beauty field. and discover what current cosmetologists think about the profession. you'll learn more about what being a cosmetologist really means. and the potential to make a lucrative living. But none of these images is entirely accurate.

In other states. < previous page page_2 next page > . 8. You also need to enjoy being around people all the time. I want to work less than 40 hours a week but still make a good income. then you won't find a fulfilling career in cosmetology. I really enjoy with working with people. and 10. I thrive on structure. 7. If.7. People tell me that I "have a way with people. I get antsy easily.4. 5.< previous page page_2 next page > Page 2 What Is a Cosmetologist? A cosmetologist is a beauty professional licensed to perform services for the public. I consider myself a highly creative individual. Their happiness has to mean something to you. 6. then you're probably a pretty good candidate for a cosmetology career. 8. and makeup services as well as hairdressing. Yes. but the success of beauty professionalsfrom the hottest editorial hairstylist to the first-year traineedepends on your ability to service your client well. a service industry. thoroughly. Is Cosmetology for You? Please respond yes or no to the following questions: 1. I like to know exactly what the next day will bring. I consider that an investment in myself. I wouldn't mind putting in extra hours to learn. If you answered yes to questions 1. 4. 9. Why? Because cosmetology is. More than anything.5. separate licensing procedures have been established for nail technicians and for estheticians (skincare specialists). and permanent makeup artist. I'm good with my hands. skincare. 2. and 9. 6. I just want a job that I don't have to think about when I'm off the clock. To do that. Few solitary types have ever thrived in a salon environment. I'd work alone. first and foremost. and with a smile. you answered yes to questions 2. In some states." 10.3. I'm pretty impatient. massage therapist. Other licensed specialties in the professional beauty industry include electrologist (hair removal specialist). Given a choice. however. it provides tremendous outlets for your creativity. more about specialties in my field. for example. you need to be flexibleto be willing to rearrange your schedule to accommodate a last-minute client. 3. the cosmetology license permits you to perform nailcare.

To practice cosmetology. for the average full-time salon professional with five to 10 years' experience is about $32. part-time employees. that this figure includes a fair number of people who are licensed but not currently practicing. The last are those who operate as independent contractors and pay a percentage of their gross. The average fee for attending a postsecondary cosmetology school (curriculum usually takes 9 to 14 months to complete) is between $2. According to the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). however. Vocational or technical cosmetology programs at the high school level are administered by the public school system and most are free of charge.000 and $7. you must first attend a trade or a vocational school and receive a certain number of hours of training. Some states require students to complete their education at the postsecondary level.000.000. Money magazine ranked cosmetology 37th among its "Fifty Hottest Jobs"in 1995. You should note.000 licensed cosmetologists (according to a 1996 NACCAS report)more than either the number of elementary school teachers or lawyers. and booth renters. often as part of a salondesigned apprenticeship or training program. then pass a state board exam in order to be licensed. Specialized schools take even less time. According to NACCAS. NACCAS has reported that during 1996. including tips. some estimates maintain that 20 percent of people who pass the state boards never use their license. 58 percent of surveyed salon < previous page page_3 next page > . almost 25 percent of the salon workforce consists of cosmetologists with less than 18 months of experiencea pretty good indication that there's entry-level work out there. the average income. Job Market Controversy There's substantial disagreement over the true state of the labor market in the salon industry. And most new graduates start their careers working part time in a salon.< previous page page_3 next page > Page 3 Just the Facts There are some 285. however.345. or a flat fee.000 salons in the United States and 1. Salon cosmetologists are generally divided into three categories: full-time employees. to the salon owner for the space they rent within a salon. In fact.

000 unfilled jobs.14 percenta conservative figureand factoring in the number enrolled in beauty schools. the answer is: plenty. What does this mean to you? Well. some 80 percent of cosmetologists are women. the industry will have 345. < previous page page_4 next page > .700 job openings among its members. the General Accounting Office (GAO) of the federal government issued a controversial report entitled ''Proprietary Schools: Millions Spent to Train Students for Oversupplied Occupations. Sample Classified Ad #1 Hair/Cosmetology InstructorLeading cosmetology school has an opportunity for a licensed cosmetology instructor. have been lobbying Washington for a new report. there are almost five licensed cosmetology professionals for every current job openinga surplus of trained workers. Sothere's a labor shortage. and the number of licensed stylists who leave the industry yearly. By the time this book went to press. Additionally.< previous page page_4 next page > Page 4 owners said they had job openings." According to the report. According to this formula. but reliable statistics remain an industry question mark. since some 80 percent of students receive some sort of financial aid to attend beauty school. the government should not continue to fund training for cosmetology and other vocational occupations. Beauty industry insiders believe that because the GAO report never took into account whether licenses were active or inactive. Their reasoning? ICSA alone claims to have 22. Competitive wages. the GAO had quietly rescinded its report. many of whom leave the profession for personal reasons. right? In 1997. such as the International Chain Salon Association (ICSA). A report from the Cosmetology Advancement Foundation (CAF) estimates the stylist shortage by taking an annual industry growth rate of 2.500. industry associations. 72 percent of those also said that they had difficulty filling the positions with qualified applicants. the number who graduate. its numbers are unrealistic. Eves & P/T shifts available. the project shortage for 1997 was 206. Fortunately. And the GAO report made its claims based on statistics from state employment officesand no salon owner turns to a state agency to fill a job vacancy. By the year 2000. therefore. the report concludes.

permanent waves have been "flatlining" for years. or chemical relaxing (also known as straightening). It's important to think seriously about this because haircolor in particular has become a huge revenue stream for salons in the 1990s. There are a variety of reasons for this. While that's still true at many salonsand the more adept you are at a variety of services. hairdressing specialties have sprung up. They often slept in their rollers (and this was before sponge rollers!) and didn't have the benefit of the more sophisticated products we have today. Since the early 1960s. She should know: She began her career as a makeup artist in New York. The hairdresser's role has changed radically in the last 40 years. the potential to "break out of the box" is enormous. perm. ever since Vidal Sassoon revolutionized the beauty industry with his radical geometric cuts. women of all ages visited the beauty salon weekly for their wash-and-sets.< previous page page_5 next page > Page 5 Types of Jobs and Careers Although there are limited types of licenses available for beauty professionals. Here are just some of the career options available to beauty professionals. but before Sassoon. There are enough educational resources out there for anyone with the interest and talent to become a specialist in haircoloring. Some 60 percent of American women color their hair. then moved to Atlanta and began learning about hair. who owns Key Lime Pie Salon & Spa in Atlanta. It's impossible to get bored being a beauty professional. Cosmetology used to mean that you did it allcuts. and style a client's hair. Over the last ten years. It may be hard to believe now. (They're also cheaper. They are the lifeblood of any fullservice salon. relax. Freed. including the aging baby boomer population and the development of temporary "demipermanent" and "semipermanent" haircolors that require less commitment from the client. color. while relaxer services have < previous page page_5 next page > . "There are so many options in this industry. Hairdresser Hairdressers cut. chemical services. studying under the city's best hairdressers and eventually opening up her own businessall while doing photo shoot work with the likes of the Indigo Girls. and many of them have it done in salons. shampoo. permanent waving. the more marketable you'll beother salons have encouraged their staff members to specialize in one aspect of cosmetology.) On the flip side. J. Sassoon changed the landscape of hairdressing forever. condition. the emphasis has been on the cutpreferably a low-maintenance but fashionable one. and finishing." says D. styling. Maybe you even did your client's nails and gave her a facial too. It's an industry with a tremendous amount of room to move and grow.

mostly through magazines. < previous page page_6 next page > . Roxana Pintile. A good nail tech has a steady hand. It's a great way to stay creatively fresh and build your client base. a separate nail tech test and license are offered. more and more women (and men) view them as part of a total fashion look. You might even want to offer a special model night at the salon in which you offer services to clients who are willing to let you experiment in exchange for a price break. A bonus: They are high-ticket items that boost your personal bottom line. Nail techs can work in a variety of environments. If you feel that entrepreneurial spirit coming on. If you're an employee. They clean and buff nails. As the popularity of nail art (such as elaborate design and jewelry) has increased. "Not having your nails taken care of is like wearing a Chanel suit but having a run in your stocking. as they are sometimes called. or you can even work at home. you can start your own salon. you are expected not only to exhibit unusual skill at the positionsay. although it's usually best to spend a few years learning the ropes before you jump into owning a business. you'll be paid a straight salary. coloringbut also to stay on top of the trends by attending continuing education classes regularly. and spas. you can go to work as an employee of a salon or as an independent contractor in a salon (also known as a booth renter). as well as on photo shoots. co-owner of New York's Warren-Tricomi Salon and a nail technician for 16 years. After licensing. including full-service salons. Specialization is usually the result of trying out different positions in a salon and finding the right fit. says." Clients have educated themselves. Nails are a rapidly growing area of the salon industry. In many states. But because many women are frightened of botching their hair with a home-perm kit or a home-straightening kit. and paint nails with polish.< previous page page_6 next page > Page 6 increased dramatically. trim or push back cuticles. salary plus commission. taking part in salon trainings and the like. and impressive powers of concentration. Nail Technician Nail techs. or commission only. are licensed to perform manicures and pedicures. nail techs have had to further hone their artistic skills. a relaxed manner. there will always be a market for salon chemical services. Compensation and Prerequisites All hairdressers need to be licensed to practice on the public. nailsonly salons (increasingly popular). When you specialize.

< previous page page_7 next page > Page 7 about nail health and the importance of taking care of their talons. That's good news for skincare pros. "I would suggest talking to people and being a good listener are keys to doing well. and with dermatologists or plastic surgeons. pedicures are hugely popular. she'll come out of her safety zone and start letting you suggest things to her". More and more full-service salons offer a full complement of skincare services. is experiencing a boom of sorts. It's a way of marketing the salon as a resource for one-stop beauty shopping. study. This makes the nail tech an independent operator. Esthetics. who perform a variety of therapeutic skincare services. In some casesand this is particularly common for nail techsthe beauty pro simply rents space in a salon establishment and pays a flat monthly rate for the space. she keeps as income. Listen to the client. Licensing generally takes under a year. beauty professionals are paid either straight salary. Compensation and Prerequisites As noted earlier. They're searching desperately for the product or service that will help them look and feel young. many of whom have to spend long days on their feet. or strictly commission. give her what she wants. and body care services. but experience is not usually their primary concern. And study. hair removal and waxing. Your work will speak for itself. largely because baby boomers refuse to age. And because of the ever-increasing number of women in the workforce." says Pintile. Some salon owners look for nail techs with a following. "Read the newspaper every day so you can keep informed and have something to talk about. not an employee. too. Nails are constantly evolving. Estheticians also work at day spas. such as facials and waxing. study. When looking for a position. or skincare. To succeed as a nail technician. offer to give the salon owner a manicure or pedicure. you need a sound aesthetic sense and an accommodating personality. < previous page page_7 next page > . Esthetician It's a great time to be an esthetician. It's whether you can give a great manicure. Anything above and beyond that. Many estheticians can also provide makeup services. particularly when they incorporate massage. salary plus commission. in skincareonly facilities. If she trusts you. and you can also work as an independent contractor.

or helping to heal post-operative patients. If you're interested in esthetics.") But high-quality products. there are tem requirements for a successful esthetician: the ability to work with people empathy patience sales know-how determination to succeed willingness to learn about new treatments and ideas the ability to market your positives Willingness to stay in tune with skincare trends and the salon/medical environment the confidence to stand behind what you are doing < previous page page_8 next page > . (As a teenager with bad skin. Do I enjoy working closely with people? Can I sit in one room all day? Or do I need to be out and about. working in a clinical environment. facials are referred to as "acne surgery" and thus are covered!). Working with doctors may appeal to you if you're interested in treating traumatized skin. because he or she is a caregiver and wellness provider as well as a facialist. have encouraged some M.'s to take a second look at professional skincare. walking around? Making It According to Barbara Salomone. this author was told by her dermatologist that she could "never. doctors generally pooh-poohed the idea of facials.D. president of the Conservatory of Estherics postgraduate skincare facilities. ever" receive a facial.< previous page page_8 next page > Page 8 Are you surprised by the medical connection? Well. ask yourself the following questions: Am I a giving person? An esthetician needs to be concerned about other people. Many of them now have estheticians on staff who administer facials (on the insurance form. "not even when you're 50. and the financial squeeze wrought by insurance reform. up until a few years ago. with locations across America.

creating sodium hydroxide. television. A growing number of spas offer electrolysis as well. Compensation and Prerequisites See above. "tattooing" it with a permanent eyeliner or lipliner. Compensation and Prerequisites See above. working with burn victims. They can also work in department stores or in theater. Makeup artists are often called upon to service clients at home or to work with groups or on special occasions. Permanent makeup artists usually work in a salon environment or on their own.) Many states issue a separate license to electrologists rather than issuing them a general cosmetologist license. < previous page page_9 next page > . Their services are offered either as stand-alones or as value-added for salon clients after their hair is done. and offer to assist someone for little or no charge as you learn the ropes. Electrologists Electrolysis is permanent hair removal using an electrical current. for instance. which damages the follicle so it will not produce hair. Attention to detail. Compensation is similar to that of nail technicians. and an understanding of physiology are crucial components of this job. which you can often get working on the floor of your training facility. Again. use your beauty school's network as a referral system. Makeup Artist Makeup artists often provide the finishing touch to a salon client. Permanent makeup is a more labor-intensive service that can involve disguising a disfigurement. or lye. They appreciate discretion and understanding. a soft touch. Electrologists can work in either a salon environment or a medical one. electrologists need to be sensitive: Clients come to you with a variety of problems. or film. such as bridal parties.< previous page Compensation and Prerequisites page_9 next page > Page 9 Most facilities require a license and experience. Perhaps more than any other beauty professionals. or altering a client's pigmentation by. (The current reacts with salt in the body. each of which is very important to them.

Endless opportunities for growth. nurturing touch. nail. One well-known hairdresser calls his job "onethird artist. Keys to Success in a Salon A willingness to learn. Talent. you will learn what it takes to build relationships with clients. and a gentle. If you don't have dexterity. tech nicians. A great many beauty professionals say their education really began after school. cajole. During your early years in the salon. Employees hired right out of beauty school may need to go through a salon's training or apprenticeship program before they ever perform a facial or take scissors to a client's hair. two-thirds psychotherapist. estheticians. and what's expected from you as a beauty professional. and soothe the client in their chair. because once you graduate to a more senior position. Salon seeks highly motivated. a creative eye. you'll often be working on multiple clients simultaneously." He's telling the truth. you'll probably be assisting a senior-level stylist and will be called upon to mix a color formula while shampooing another client and getting bobby pins for someone else. Fax resume. Sample Classified Ad #3 Come join a unique beauty and wellness experience. The ability to juggle many tasks at once. You'll have to adjust to a fast-paced environment. They coax. cosmetology will prove a frustrating field. In the beginning. < previous page page_10 next page > . learn. massage therapists.< previous page page_10 next page > Page 10 Sample Classified Ad #2 Caribbean resort day spa seeks licensed cosmetologists. Watch successful beauty professionals and you'll notice that they are uniformly excellent listeners. learn. Take control of your own destiny annd call today. "Salon professionals have an enormous responsibility. guest-centered professionals. Communication. styles director of Hornes Beauty Salon in Pittsburgh." says Arnold Zegarelli. as well as all the new styles and techniques. they're in charge of making the client look good and feel good about herself. how to behave and dress. PA.

It's not as easy as it sounds. business owners don't get a salary. if you can get the appropriate financing. They don't teach Accounting 101 in beauty school. you can open a salon. Ask them about the biggest challenges they face running a business. Are you a winner? Contact us now. And keep in mind that before you can pay yourself. Compensation and Prerequisites Generally. It's a tremendous business resource. though. < previous page page_11 next page > . That said.< previous page Salon Owner page_11 next page > Page 11 After a few years in the business. You are "paid" out of the business's profitswhich is great if your salon has a good year and disastrous if it has a bad one. "I taught beauty school for years. Sample Classified Ad #4 Take a shot at the fast lane." says Mary Bowman. utilities. and any outstanding loans. you have to pay overheadstaff salaries. rent. president of the South Carolina Cosmetology Association. Watch how things work in your salon. Try to spend time helping out with as wide a variety of tasks as possible. Their insights can give you a head start on tackling your own problems if you decide to run your own show. the entrepreneurial spirit kicks in among a high percentage of beauty professionals. It will lend some perspective on "the big picture. Offer to help the owner with administrative or bookkeeping tasks. What's good about working there? What can be improved? What aspects of the operation don't you understand? Take notes on your impressions. and after a while I realized that I wanted to take it a step further and spend more time running my own business. Better to learn it in a classroom than the hard way." Network with other salon owners. Here are a few tips to help you find out whether ownership is the way to go: Take some business courses at your local community college. but you'll need to know it to run any business. We're a company that's growing so fast there's no room at the bottom of the ladder! We need stylists who want to growwho want to take charge and make monney as they develop other eager stylists. Join the National Cosmetology Association.

What do students like about a cosmetology career? Meeting new and interesting people Good income Flexible hours and location The opportunity to become your own boss Job availability. Ask to assist him or her. then shadow your own salon manager.000 up to $80. You'll have to demonstrate understanding of an accounting spreadsheet as well as the fragile human ego.000. mature. If you are a recent grad who didn't get the opportunity to get some formal training but think management might be the thing for you. salon owners look for someone who's extremely organized. To fill a management role. Those who realize this know the value of a good salon manager.< previous page Salon Manager page_12 next page > Page 12 Some professionals enjoy running the showcoordinating everything having to do with the day-to-day running of a salon operation. and when the toilet will get fixed. what the special promotion of the month will be. and detail-oriented. These salaries can run from $25. someone with managerial experience is usually ideal. Compensation and Prerequisites A salon manager at a medium-to-large establishment (they are seldom needed at small salons) is usually paid a weekly salary without commission or tips. They also are in charge of hiring and conflict resolution. interesting work Source: Procter & Gamble 1995 national survey. For these reasons. However. You will learn plenty about the demands of the job and what it takes. They play an important role because many salon owners have the entrepreneurial spirit but lack management know-how. "Who Are the Cosmetology Studennts of Tomorrow?" < previous page page_12 next page > . high employment rate Fun. Good salon managers are worth their weight in gold. They handle issues such as who gets the walk-in clients. for the highest level positions. a growing number of beauty schools offer a salon-management track to formally prepare those who love the salon environment but don't want to spend their time behind a chair.

TV. see Chapter 6. you're set. which is. Here's a typical day in the life of one hairdresser. For more information on unions. and they are. and one thing led to another.. The best way to get started: Use your contacts to locate theatrical makeup artists in your community. but count on paying your dues for several years first. Steady work can prove lucrative. I knew someone who knew someone. (For television.m.. D'Agostino got her job through a client who had connections at a local television station. theater. then I set it on some Velcro rollers. who works in television: I get up at about 5:30 a. We tape from 9 to 10 a. she comes back from makeup and I take out the rollers and finish the hair. and offer to assist them free of charge.I go home and work on some private clients during the early afternoon. or film is a feast-or-famine proposition. If not.I wash Kathie Lee's hair and blow it dry. It's a pretty grueling pace. They're also hard work. you may be able to negotiate a per-project contract.< previous page page_13 next page > Page 13 Hairdresser or Makeup Artist for Film. and I'm on the set of Live with Regis &Kathie Lee by 7 or 7:30. Or the show may hire someone with combined hairdressing and makeup skills.) If you can get in the door and prove yourself competent. how many people get such positions. and I don't want to do it forever. Diane D'Agostino. After about 45 minutes. many Broadway shows hire someone simply to show the staff how to do their own makeup. I started. frankly. both in TV and film. You're likely to be very busy or chronically underemployed. I usually don't make it home for good until about 10:30. Finding working in the theater is even more difficult.m. If you're a union member. or Theater These jobs sound glamorous. Well. I got into TV through the friend of a client. Then at about 2 I head back to the city to start working on the anchorpeople for the Channel 2 News. but for now it's okay. < previous page page_13 next page > . you'll be paid for your work by the hour. so I'm usually out by 10:30. contact the stations directly for the name of the hairdresser/ makeup artist on the show you're interested in. Compensation and Prerequisites Doing beauty work for television. which is usually how it's doneyou know someone.

craniosacral. polarity. Stick with it and good things will come. Sample Cklassified Ad #5 Salon wantsss licensed cutter/colorist. or in partnership with a medical practitioner such as a chiropractor. manicurists. to name just a few. a health club. Massage therapists can be employed by a salon. estheticians. serene presence is a must. This ancient art of muscle manipulation is experiencing a tremendous renaissance in the stressed-out. You have to have good hands. A peaceful. Fax resume. a day spa. < previous page page_14 next page > . ''Who Are the Cosmetology Students of Tomorrow?" Massage Therapist No longer does massage connote geisha girls or a red-light club. or a hospital. Reiki. Some states require that massage therapists be licensed. and rehabilitative. Four factors above all others are key to success in this field: Personality. The area's residents must understand that massage is not only beneficial but also worth the cost. Your clients want to be soothed. shiatsu. reflexology. time-crunched '90s. And practice makes perfect. Talent. a cruise ship. in conjunction with a salon. There are now as many types of massage as there are practitionersSwedish. aromatherapy. not chattered at.< previous page page_14 next page > Page 14 What do students dislike about a cosmetology career? Poor salary Limited advancement Long hours. Location. and generally these licenses can obtained either through a traditional cosmetology school or through a specialized massage school. Determination. or they can have their own private practice at home. sports. chiropractic. lymphatic drainage. and massage thera pists. working weekends Angry customers Boredom Minimal benefits Source: Procter & Gamble 1995 national survey.

" says Annette Hanson. develop test questions. "you need to be focused. All student instructors are given video evaluations as well. not the teacher. Editorial Stylist. a master teacher program shows student instructors how to develop objectives for a classroom. At the La' James Colleges of Hairstyling in Iowa and Illinois. to the level that you want your student to be better than you. then it would be a different story. But the more mature you are. It's really important to be a good listener. or Makeup Artist You can also combine jobs. The perspective in a photograph is totally different from that of a real-life hairstyle." says Matthew Williams. you're learning yourself. a distributorship and postgraduate skincare facility in New York City. working part time in a salon. [the more] you learn not to let those things bother you or control your day.000 to $42. give presentations." says La' James's Cindy Beecher. But teaching is about the learner. Nail Tech.< previous page School Instructor page_15 next page > Page 15 Were you particularly inspired by one of your teachers? Do you want to share what you learned and how you learned it with others? Beauty schools always need dedicated teachers.000. "Shoots have taught me a completely different way of thinking about hair. salaries run anywhere from $18. a freelance editorial stylist. make lesson plans. and use concept connectors from class to student to subject material. "In the beginning. Williams moved to New York < previous page page_15 next page > .000 hours of additional time in beauty school." Compensation and Prerequisites Most states require you to obtain an instructor's license." says Beecher. You need to be maturemeaning that you don't need a student to be your friend as well. A teacher can have a profound effect on a student's career. "It's the most rewarding part of my business. You want to share what you've learned with someone else. "To succeed as an instructor. and of course you should like to learn yourself. who operates Atelier Esthetique. You can also rent space in a salon and be "your own boss. If it were a perfect world and everybody came in on time and had no problems." Many people freelance in order to devote time to their own photo shoots. for instance. which can involve 200 to 1. "Teaching is very consuming. depending on experience. Teachers receive a salary. and part time as the photo shoot hairstylist or makeup artist for a local advertising agency." The biggest challenge facing teachers is burnout.

location is everything: New York." Nail tech Roxana Pintile finds editorial work much more creative than salon work. So I called NBC and ABC and was able to assist two top makeup people in the TV industry for a number of years. On the steps there was a shoot going on. "It doesn't pay as well. Generally speaking. Taylor grew bored with commercial photo shoots. Laura Mercier. She suggests that if you want to work exclusively in editorial. but I find it to be a great way to keep current." Makeup artist Pamela Taylor got started doing editorial work on her own. advertising work pays more than editorial. because the photographer. makeup artist. "I wanted to work in magazines." After setting up her own makeup concession in a salon as well. on his dime] with a photographer who wanted to do the same thingwe just wanted pictures for our respective portfolios. and I asked the makeup artist. It's great exposure and education.< previous page page_16 next page > Page 16 with no job and not much photo shoot experience. and we went to the Museum of Natural History. The thing is. If you really want to get your foot in the door." she says. until you get hired you can't build a portfolio! So I Just started 'testing' [shooting on his own. I was mesmerized. < previous page page_16 next page > . and Miami are three hot spots. "One day I came into New York City with a friend of mine. It may not always be lucrative. and Orlando Pitasand the hottest makeup artistsLinda Mason. but most editors or agencies won't consider hiring you until you have a portfolio. volunteer to assistant the big editorial names in your region. and model all put forth opinions before agreeing on a concept and its execution. Once we got enough photos. but Arizona is seeing an increasing number of photo shoot crews. editor. and Kevyn Aucoinmake tens of thousands of dollars per project. but you do create a name for yourself by doing shoots. Compensation and Prerequisites The biggest names in the hairdressing fieldsuch as Frederic Fekkai. Los Angeles. John Sahag. 'How did you start doing this?' She told me that you just have to meet people. Pintile adds that a photo shoot requires that you be a good collaborator. so she began networking with photographers. fashion stylist. "You have to study the fashion magazines and fashion history and know what the shoot is about. I could bring my book around and show work that was representative of my talents. in addition to testing and building your portfolio. Do some advance thinking about the concept. They are the exception.

the national skills standards will establish credibility for the industry and provide government understanding of the continuing need for licensure. Apprenticeships are usually nonpaid. A motivational speaker may address < previous page page_17 next page > . Maine. part-time positions in a professional salon. If adopted. Such classes may be free. or postsecondary public or private school.) Once you've passed your state boards. which identifies entry-level cosmetology skills standards that are accepted and supported by all segments of the industry. Many smart salon owners require their staff members to participate in continuing education classes. Educational Trends A set number of school hoursthe number varies by stateare required before you can take a state board test to become a licensed cosmetologist. community college. your education has only just begun. but change is slow. Most salons that accept newly licensed beauty-school graduates enter them in de facto apprenticeship programs that teach new graduates everything about the operation long before they are permitted to pick up a pair of shears. and Rhode Island require you to hold an apprenticeship (the length varies by state) before you can take the exam. (The CAF is currently developing a National Skills Standards Program. These classes are usually held either at the salon or at a local distributorship on Sundays and Mondays (typically off days for salons) and are often taught by distributor or manufacturer education teams. or they may cost your salon owner several hundred dollars. you must enroll in a licensed high school. they are to be taken seriously if you want to stay currentwhich is key to any cosmetologist's success. Regardless. They may be product-specific or generic. In addition to these requirements. Kansas. the states of Alabama. Continuing education is available for a variety of specialties (not just hairdressing) and through a variety of sources. Also Color Assistant. All inquiries confidential.< previous page page_17 next page > Page 17 Sample Classsified Ad #6 HairstylistPosition available for colorist w/foil proficiency to take over large follow ing. Pennsylvania. To obtain these credits. Some states develop and administer their own state board exams. There has been a move afoot in the beauty industry in the '90s to establish universal national skills standards. others use the exam established by the National-Interstate Council of State Cosmetology Boards. vocational/technical school.

Consult with your employer to find out how to best go about this. that a number of states require you to complete a continuing education classes before you can renew your cosmetology license. too. What did you like about your former cosmetology career? Helping people looking their best Working with customers Pride in the work Ability to be creative Source: Procter & Gamble 1996 national survey. employers are happy to pick up all or part of the cost. Usually. "Why Do Stylists Leave the Salon Industry?" 51% 48% 39% 28% < previous page page_18 next page > . or you may attend specific trade shows to broaden your knowledge.< previous page page_18 next page > Page 18 you and your fellow staff members. Bear in mind.

Insider's Take on the Future Hairdressers need to take a good long look at the industry and themselves and decide who they want to be. and I got a job at Art + Science Salon in Chicago. and the work I do is done entirely with the camera in mind. this could be a real career that pays the billsunlike dancing. < previous page page_19 next page > . I'm incredibly influenced by fashion. Editorial hair is more about fantasy and inspiration. but I went to school to be a dancer. told me to forget everything I'd learned in school. David Raccuglia. who later founded the company American Crew. It was only after I started a part-time receptionist job at a SuperCuts that I thought. I love the creative part of photo shoots. Anyone who wants a career in the beauty industry needs to know that once you graduate from school. I think it's what I do best. without a steady job.< previous page page_19 next page > Page 19 Who: What: Where: How long: Matthew Williams Hairdresser for magazine photo shoots New York City Four years Insider's Advice You've got to know what's going to make you happy and just go for it. I come from a family of hairdressers. The owner. So I went to beauty school in Michigan and after graduating. your education is only beginning. It was a great experience. In a salon environment. and it gave me the confidence to move to New York on my own. not real life. Gee. They train everyone from scratch there. you work more closely with everyday people.

(The number of required class hours varies by state. To practice cosmetology. or private postsecondary level. former president of Milady Publishing and now executive director of the National Cosmetology Association (NCA). and you'll get hints on how to succeed in the prgram of your choice. as well as tuition costs. public postsecondary (community college) school. By now you've decided that yes. about 65 percent of their students. you are by law required to pass a state board examination to gain a license. you need to complete a certain number of class hours.) You can take courses in cosmetology at the public high school. Postsecondary vocational/technical schools and community colleges graduate between 40 and 50 percent.< previous page page_21 next page > Page 21 Chapter 2 All about Trainings In this chapter you'll learn why training is important and how to decide what kind of training is right for you. public technical/vocational school. and those schools charge tuition. you'd like to get your cosmetology license and begin a career in the beauty industry. You'll also find descriptions of training couses. The postsecondary curricula generally take nine months to a year to complete. To take the state boards. on average. According to Gordon Miller. from schools across the country. high school programs usually run two to three years and are free to students. and high schools graduate < previous page page_21 next page > . private schools graduate.

For more information. the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. so you won't get as much. Applying to and Getting into Beauty school Robbie Rich. If you are a high school graduate and want to enter a postsecondary school. Graham Webb has a twopart application process. says that the application process is critical in determining whether a student will succeed not only in school but also in the salon world. and people skills beyond basic cutting and styling techniques. the student comes in and fills out an application. management. see Chapter 4. president of the renowned Pittsburgh Beauty Academy. suggests that you look before you leap into signing up. (That figure does not indicate that cosmetology students don't graduate from high school. which stress business. They've gone to the trouble to spend it. many high schools don't have clinics. available to students.) Since public schools don't charge tuition. Arthur B. if any." If you decide to start your training at the postsecondary private school level. First. president of the Graham Webb International Academy of Hair. reports that enrollment in its high school cosmetology programs was 18. < previous page page_22 next page > .000 accredited private cosmetology programs across the country.) Miller attributes the fluctuating graduation rates mostly to motivation: "Students who pay money to attend a private institution are motivated to get the most out of their money. but some states do require that students complete their cosmetology education at the postsecondary level before they can take the state board exams. or training salons. it means that 20 percent of students complete the entire cosmetology curriculum." he notes. call (703) 777-8810. An estimated 50 percent or more of those students participate in VICA programs. (Accreditation is important because it means that the school is eligible for Title IV funding from the federal Department of Education. If you're interested in finding which schools in your area offer VICA programs. hands-on experience.< previous page page_22 next page > Page 22 about 20 percent. They have more invested in it. "There are many signs and clues that can tip you off about whether or not a school can provide you with the best education possible. Then he or she tours the school and sits in on a class. VICA. your choices are manythere are more than 1. Graham Webb will not accept students who only fill out a form. or to get a loan to cover it. financial aid isn't an issue. Rather.767 for the 199697 school year. DeConciliis. Additionally.

working as a receptionist or shampoo assistant or in some support role. There is nothing an admissions officer likes to see as much as stability. Graham Webb looks for students who have spent time in a salon. Why? Rich says that the national withdrawal rate from secondary schools (college or proprietary) is about 33 percent. One big question: How much tuition is too much? High tuition can cause headaches. The beauty industry can be very rewarding for people who consider themselves artistic but don't have an outlet for their creativity. if you do want to go to a relatively expensive school and you qualify for a loan.' then gave it a go in school and didn't like it. "I can't think of anyone who came to us saying 'I love the salon environment. The salon lets them have some creative freedomwithout becoming starving artists. but not as important as going to a good school. take heart: The monthly payments are not highthey just continue for a long time. Graham Webb's is about 15 percent.< previous page page_23 next page > Page 23 The application provides critical information. play it up during your application interview. In the application. And it's worth noting that most people drop out because of a familyrelated issue. show your creative side. "We require a high school diploma or a GED because statistics have told us that people who don't have those things don't succeed in the beauty industry. < previous page page_23 next page > . The bottom line: Upfront cost is an important consideration. If you've been through college or have a stable work history. However." Rich says. A stable work history indicates that you're not likely to become a statistic. Exposure is very important. especially if the school you want to go to isn't accreditedand therefore doesn't participate in any Title IV funding programs with the Department of Education." says Rich.

" says DeConciliis. which takes slightly longer to complete (14½to 16 months). "Check it out. Visit the school. what the people are like. Look for cleanliness and organization. VA.500-hour cosmetology course of study at Chicagobased Pivot Point International. Ask upscale salons in your area for recommendations. held Tuesday through Saturday. "If they have a relationship with the school. check the reputation of the school by contacting at least ten local salons and asking them for their opinion of the school. Check the atmosphere." says Sarah Price. Finding the School for You Check the Yellow Pages for a listing of schools in your area. and an evening program. Pittsburgh < previous page page_24 next page > . And before you go any further. you know the school hasn't done a good job training its students. that tells you right off that people regard the school well.< previous page page_24 next page > Page 24 School Curricula Here's the curriculum for the 1. "It's no secret that salons evaluate the quality of a cosmetology school in much the same way that any other business would evaluate the quality of the university a job applicant graduated 10-month program in which the student attends school all day from Tuesday through Saturday. If they've never heard of it.000 member schools and graduate centers in 38 countries: Scientific Approach to Hair Sculpture (Ladies' and Men's) Scientific Approach to Perm Design Scientific Approach to Hair Design Salon Prep I Systematic Approach to Color Salon Prep II Systematic Approach to Beauty Care (three weeks) and Scientific Approach to Hair DesignLong Hair (one week) Salon Prep III Salon Evaluation (Final Testing) Final Prep Pivot Point offers two attendance options: A 9. an educator and member of the creative team at Graham Webb International Hair Academy in Arlington." says DeConciliis. or don't say nice things about it. which has a network of more than 2.

''A school should make available to youbecause it's not an unusual request and because by law they have to keep trackinformation such as the number of people who have attended the school. College students do it all the timewhy shouldn't you? Spending some real class time at a school can give you a good idea of what your days would be like. Find out how many hours take place in a classroom and how many in a clinic (a working salon environment). "Students should know far enough in advance what to expectwhat's going to be taught a certain week. and those who didn't. This is called auditing. "I'd want to see course outlines and schedules. the number of people who have graduated." Some schools. some schools make the mistake of rush- < previous page page_25 next page > . those who passed the state boards. not just about collecting tuition." advises DeConciliis. Although hands-on experience is key to any cosmetologist's success. and what the school is like. "Stylist A and stylist B may be equal in talent. change class schedules on a daily basis." says DeConciliis. "Ask the school about its quality standards by inquiring about attendance requirements and academic performance requirements. Ask questions. This will tell you how serious the school is about the education of its students. Other questions: Are fees billed separate from tuition? What are the fees? What's the refund policy? And how easy is it to transfer to another school? "Most cosmetology schools want to ensure their students a successful living. Scrutinize the curriculum. but finding out why one succeeds where the other fails is what it's all about. it will reveal not only what you will learn but also how it will be taught to you." Check out its resources. what materials to have ready. warts and all. says Graham Webb's Sarah Price.< previous page page_25 next page > Page 25 Beauty Academy even has a room devoted to outstanding graduates. what the students are are like." emphasizes DeConciliis. "How can you guarantee a proper education unless it's written in stone?" he asks. And look for a school that offers general business or career development classvaluable information for selling and marketing the techniques that you're learning about. he maintains. This is crucial. How many books does the school give you? Are they in good shape or are they marked up and dog-eared? Sit in for a day or a week. as well as an information sheet that describes the teaching staff's 155 years of combined experience.

" Examine the school's clientele. Remember that in this case. Then they're more appreciative when they return to the classroom. this isn't usually an issue. Arlington. If you are interested in practicing cutting-edge techniques." says DeConciliis. Conditioning. look for a program that emphasizes both theory and practical instruction for the bulk of the required hours. You can get a good education from a big school or a small one. but public schools tend to attract clients who are elderly or on fixed incomes. At the private school level. size doesn't matter. and true salon work only at the end of the training. Instead. and it works: sometimes you get students who thought they knew it all in the classroom but who come back from the floor very humbled. and they make better use of their time. VA: Hair and Scalp (150 hours) Bacteriology and Sanitation Hair and Scalp Care Products Understanding the pH Systems Cleansing.500-hour cosmetology course offered by the Graham Webb International Academy of Hair. This is an absolute must. we rotate them in and out of the work area. this clientele may not provide you with the best opportunity to do so. particularly when you realize that the facials you learned about in Week 2 aren't as fresh in your mind as they once were. School Curricula Here's an itemized overview of the 1. I've got to do 50 heads of hair. and Reconditioning Scalp Treatments and Scalp Massage Structure of the Hair and Skin Hair Design (775 hours) Haircutting Implements Principles Elevation New Trends Wigs and Hairpieces Thermal Styling < previous page page_26 next page > .< previous page page_26 next page > Page 26 ing students onto the floor too soon. "At PBA. "I don't want students go out on the floor thinking. and maybe the 51st will turn out right. Look for a school that offers mock state board exams.

< previous page page_27 next page > Page 27 Hairstyling Implements Shapings Finger Waves Pin Curls Rollers Design Sets Chemical Reformation (175 hours) Permanent Waving Chemical Relaxing Hair Color (200 hours) Tinting Law of Color Rinses Lightening Skin Theory (30 hours) Skin Care Facial Skin Care Product Knowledge Makeup Hair Removal Nails (25 hours) Manicuring Nail Sculpturing Nailcare Product Knowledge Professionalism (25 hours) personal Development Communication Skills Attitudes State Law State Board Exams Professionalism Retailing Salon Management .

The Receptionist Career Development (interviewing and resume writing) Exams (35 hours) Unassigned (85 hours) Used to supplement any of the above < previous page page_27 next page > .

" she says. Cindy Beecher of La' James Colleges of Hairstyling in Iowa and Illinois recommends working on your dependability. Go on field trips to different salons and day spas to see how they operate. skills. by all means take them. "If you get into the practice of being tardy or missing a day a week. and special abilities. and how they book clients. Another issue for many students is the unwillingness to compete with each other (this seems to be most pronounced in younger students). many salons look for client communication and people skills. This can be used in conjunction with a resume to note your accomplishments. Setting challenging yet achievable goals for yourself while in school is essential to help you maintain your career focus. "Keep a photography file of your finished work as well as before-and-after pictures. If your school offers courses in communication.< previous page page_28 next page > Page 28 Maximizing Your School Experience Even though you'll be hard at work studying. This is also something that looks great on your resume. Investigate any internship." recommends Price. In a career in which knowledge constantly builds on itself. what their customer service is like." Build the habits of a good employee. as well as note that you went the extra mile. or assistantship programs your school may offer that enable you to get course credit for in-salon work. not about whether or not your friend's feelings will be hurt if you do better on the practical than he or she does. it's still important to consider what you will need to do upon graduation. < previous page page_28 next page > . "This is training camp for work. you can focus your direction. apprenticeship. how their retail departments are set up. "Before analyzing your technical skills." says Rich. By thinking ahead and deciding what kind of salon you want to work in. Use the resources your school offers you. you'll have problems. and it's about skills. you're hurting yourself. "Employers will look at that as real in-salon experience." says Price. We're not just talking hours logged in the school's salon. any time you interrupt the process. And get as much hands-on experience as possible. Tell yourself that this is your career.

Contact them for information about the frequency and cost of exams. makeup and hair removalaccount for 22 hours of the program. you can apply to take the state board exam. Also contact them for further information on becoming a licensed board examiner in your state. State Boards Once you've graduated from beauty school and met the minimum state requirements.< previous page page_29 next page > Page 29 School Curricula Here is the curriculum for the esthetics program at the Capitol School of Esthetics. licensing reciprocity with other states. body treatments. by state. The state board requires 600 hours of training: Bacteriology Sterilization Sanitation Personal Hygiene Public Hygiene Nebraska Statutes Rules and Regulations Ethics Business Management Histology of Skin Cells Tissues Structure of Skin Glands Condition and Disorders of Skin Function of Skin Chemistry Massage Electrical and Apparatus or Appliances Bacteriology Makeup Application Psychology of Color Aromatherapy Applied Proceduresfacials. of organizations that administer cosmetology exams. Below is a listing. < previous page page_29 next page > . and other questions you may have. license fees. the number of applicants who passed the exam in the past year and the number who failed. minimum age requirements. Omaha. NE.

O. AK 99811-0806 (907) 586-7640 Arizona State Board of Cosmetology Sue Sansom. Box 110806 Juneau. Suite 1340 Denver. Executive Director 1645 West Jefferson. CA 94244-2260 (916) 327-6250 FAX: (916) 445-8893 Colorado page_30 next page > Page 30 State of Colorado Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists 1560 Broadway. AL 36130 (334) 270-9959 FAX: (334) 270-9959 Alaska Dept.O. CT 06134-0308 (860) 509-7569 < previous page page_30 next page > .< previous page Alabama Alabama Board of Cosmetology 1000-A Interstate Park Drive Montgomery.. Suite 108 Little Rock.of Commerce and Economic Development Div. Box 34308 Hartford. Suite 125 Phoenix. of Occupational Licensing P. AZ 85007 (602) 784-4539 Arkansas Arkansas Board of Cosmetology 101 East Capitol. Box 944226 Sacramento. MS #12APP P.O. AR 72201 (501) 682-2168 California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology P. CO 80202 (303) 866-2481 Connecticut Department of Public Health Division of Health Systems Regulation 410 Capitol Ave.

O'Neill Bldg.< previous page Delaware page_31 next page > Page 31 State of Delaware Board of Cosmetology and Barbering P. Box 3469 Honolulu. Suite E034 Indianapolis. 3rd Fl. ID 83705-2598 (208) 334-3233 Illinois Illinois Department of Professional Regulation 320 West Washington St. DE 19903 (302) 736-4796 FAX: (302) 739-2711 Florida Department of Business and Progressional Regulation 1940 North Monroe St. GA 30303-3465 (404) 657-3907 Hawaii State of Hawaii Professional and Vocational Licensing Division Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs P. Box #1401. SW Atlanta.O. Tallahassee. IN 46204-2246 (317) 232-2980 FAX: (317) 232-2312 < previous page page_31 next page > .O. Springfield. FL 32399 (904) 488-5702 Georgia Secretary of State/Examining Boards Division 166 Pryor St. of Self-Governing Agencies Bureau of Occupational Licenses 417 Bank Drive #312 Boise. Dover. HI 96801 (808) 548-4100 Idaho State of Idaho Dept. IL 62786 (217) 785-7729 Indiana Indiana Professional Licensing Agency 302 West Washington.

KS 66617 (913) 296-3155 FAX: (913) 296-3002 Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists 314 West Second St. Topeka.< previous page Iowa Iowa Department of Public Health 321 Lucas State Office Bldg. Frankfort. and Regulation Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing State Board of Cosmetologists 501 St Paul Place Baltimore. Des Moines. KY 40601 (502) 564-4262 Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology 11622 Sunbelt Ct Baton Rouge. IA50319 (515) 281-4422 Kansas Kansas State Board of Cosmetology 2708 NW Topeka Blvd. Licensing. ME 04333-0035 (207) 624-8632 Maryland Department of Labor. LA 70809 (504) 756-3404 Maine page_32 next page > Page 32 Department of Professional and Financial Regulation Licensing and Registration Division 35 State House Station Augusta. MD 21202-2272 (410) 333-6320 < previous page page_32 next page > .

MS 39296-5689 (601) 354-6623 FAX: (601) 354-7176 Missouri Missouri State Board of Cosmetology P. Box 30018 Lansing. MA 02202 (617) 727-9942 Michigan page_33 next page > Page 33 State of Michigan Department of Consumer Affairs and Industry Services P. MI 48909 (517) 335-1686 Minnesota Minnesota Department of Commerce Licensing Unit 133 East 7th St St Paul.O.< previous page Massachusetts Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Registration Leverette Laltonstall Bldg. Box 55689 Jackson.O.. Box 200513 Helena.O. MT 59620-0513 (406) 444-3095 < previous page page_33 next page > . Government Ctr. MN 55101 (612) 296-4026 Mississippi Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology 1808-1808 North State St P.O. MO 65102 (573) 751-2000 Montana Montana State Board of Cosmetology 11 North Jackson P. 100 Cambridge St Boston. Box 1062 Jefferson City.

. NJ 07101 (201) 504-6400 New Mexico New Mexico Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists Regulation and Licensing Department P.. NE 68509 (402)471-2117 FAX: (402) 471-3577 Nevada State Board of Cosmetology 1785 East Sahara Ave. NC 27609 (919) 850-2793 < previous page page_34 next page > . State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling 124 Halsey St. Albany. Box 94986 Lincoln. NM 87504 (505) 827-7550 New York New York Department of State Division of Licensing Services 84 Holland Ave. Raleigh. Suite 255 LasVegas. 6th Fl.O. NH 03301 (603) 271-3608 New Jersey NJ. Box 25101 Santa Fe.O. NY 12208-3490 (518) 473-2731 North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art 1110 Navaho Dr.NV89104 (702) 486-6542 New Hampshire Health and Human Services Building Hazen Dr. Concord.< previous page Nebraska page_34 next page > Page 34 Nebraska Board of Cosmetology Examiners Credential Division Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Regulation and Licensure P. Newark.

licensing. ND 58502 (701) 223-9800 Ohio State Board of Cosmetology 101 Southland Mall Columbus. Suite 100 Salem. ext.< previous page North Dakota North Dakota State Board of Cosmetology P. OH 43207-4041 (614) 466-3834 Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology 2200 North Claussen Blvd. RI 02908-5097 (401) 277-2511 or (401) 277-2827 < previous page page_35 next page > .. 4304) Pennsylvania Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs Department of State State Board of Cosmetology P.O.O. 4307. exam. OR 97310 (503)378-2114 (information. Suite 1530 Oklahoma City. ext. Box 2649 Harrisburg. PA 17105-2649 (717) 783-7130 FAX: (717) 787-7769 Rhode Island State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Department of Health Cannon Building Three Capitol Hill Providence. ext 4300. OK 73106 (405) 521-2441 Oregon page_35 next page > Page 35 Oregon Health Division Licensing Programs 700 Summer St NE. Box 2177 Bismarck.

< previous page South Carolina State Board of Cosmetology Landmark Dr. Box 26700 Austin.O. VT 05609-1101 (802) 828-2363 Virginia page_36 next page > Page 36 Commonwealth of Virginia. UT 84145-0805 (801) 530-6536 Vermont Vermont Board of Cosmetology Pavillion Office Bldg. SD 57501-5070 (605) 773-6193 Tennessee Tennessee Board of Cosmetology 500 James Robertson Pkwy. Wells Bldg.O. Box 45805 Salt Lake City. 160 East 300 South. Montpelier. VA 232304917 (804) 367-8509 < previous page page_36 next page > .. Suite 205 Columbia. SC 29204 (803) 734-9660 South Dakota Department of Commerce and Regulation Cosmetology Commission 500 East Capitol Pierre. TX 78755-0700 (512) 454-4674 Utah Utah State Board of Cosmetology/Barbers Division of Occupation and Professional Licensing Heber M. Nashville. P. P. TN 37243-1147 (615)741-2515 Texas Texas Cosmetology Commission 5717 Balcones Dr. Department of Commerce 2600 West Broad St Richmond.

NIC didn't develop a practical national test until 1990.O. Suite 302 Cheyenne. and Manicuring Advisory Board P. We offer cosmetology. NIC's assistant coordinator of testing." says Mary Healy. Suite 7 Charleston. Box 9026 Olympia. and cosmetology instructor exams. electrology. nails. but the test is generally divided into two parts: a written segment and a practical. Box 8935 Madison. Barbering. WA 98504 (360) 586-6387 FAX: (360) 664-2550 West Virginia State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists 1716 Pennsylvania Ave.O. If you're in a state that offers the NIC exam. or hands-on. one. a testing organization. reciprocitythe issue of whether your cosmetology license is transferable to another state if you relocateis made significantly easier. WV 25302 (304) 558-2924 FAX: (304) 558-3450 Wisconsin Department of Regulation of Licensing P.. Some 39 states use the standardized test developed by the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology.< previous page Washington page_37 next page > Page 37 Washington Cosmetology. WI 53708-8935 (605) 266-1630 Wyoming Wyoming Board of Cosmetology 26th & House Ave. ''States sign up with us and test in whatever category of licensing they have. esthetics. (Interestingly. WY 82002 (307) 777-3534 FAX: (307) 777-5700 Taking the State Board Test The content of the state board exam varies by state. barbering. One state agency can transfer your raw scores to another state and know the information is correct and the standards are identical.) < previous page page_37 next page > .

. "We began a process in 1995 that we just finished. but a practical exam is a little more subjective.< previous page page_38 next page > Page 38 Tests evolve over time too. think about the client during the practical. they are certified by the state and are given specific task items to measurei. reflecting the increasing sophistication of nail product technology." says Healy. "We sent out a series of surveys on a random basis and asked salon owners to go down a list and tell us whether they did certain tasks in the salon or not. One big change for 1998 is that the name of the nails test has been changed from "manicurist" to "nail technician. or workers with a professional testing agency. what the next step is. So we make sure to test the skill. we asked them to rank it in importance on a scale of one to five." and the number of questions has risen from 65 to 100." says Healy. and then we compiled those results and had some subject matter experts come in and analyze the data. but not to get too specific on the types of fingerwaves. state-contracted employees. whether they would require an employee to be able to do certain tasks in a salon. Usually. "Much of what is evaluated has to do with the client's experience.e. "If you imagine a real client in your chair during the exam." recalls Healy. The judges of the practical exam are usually either state employees. But if we analyzed the results further. did the student measure whether the hair on both sides was even? You'll do well on each aspect of the exam if you received a good education from a reputable school have good organizational skillsknow where to start. we could see it's in very strong demand in urban salonsjust not elsewhere. and thus more nerve-wracking. "It's important to do this kind of analysis because an item like fingerwaving overall had a very low response. called job delineation or task analysis. are good at problem-solving. If they answered yes to an item." says Healy. etc." know the material in Milady's Standard Textbook of Cosmetology try to relax < previous page page_38 next page > . Getting Ready for the Exam A written exam basically has a right and a wrong answer. you'll do much better. "People who can take a paragraph out of a textbook and apply it to what they want to do in the salon are at an advantage.

" so I did for a while. you can do something easier. I'd say. but it was definitely worth it. I decided that I really liked doing nails. AZ Ten years Insider's Advice I started doing my own nails. If someone wanted to get into this industry now. "Do you want a job or a career?" Because if you just want a job. and start doing this for my career. get my license. a friend of mine who lived in Mexico said. and then my friends started asking me to do theirs. so I did. Insider's Take on the Future The professionalism of nail technicians and the quality of the products have both improved. We've taken nails out of the back of the salon or barber shop and given them their due. I lived in Phoenix and went to Allure Beauty School in Tucson. it was three hours' driving a day.< previous page page_39 next page > Page 39 Who: What: Where: How long: Nilsene Privette Nail technician Rowena's Phoenix. I wanted to come back to the States. "Come live down here and work with me. < previous page page_39 next page > . but if you want a careerif you want to travel and meet people and learn things at trade shows and seminars and maybe even competethen this is a great place to be. Finally.

you've got your pick of licensing facilitiesthere are several thousand throughout the country.< previous page page_41 next page > Page 41 Chapter 3 Directory of Cosmetology Training Programs This chapter contains a comprehensive list of proprietary cosmetology schools across the country. All profiles include addresses and phone numbers. so you can contact each school directly to get more information about the programs that interest you. Accredited facilities are eligible for Title IV fundinga program of grants and loans administered by the U.S. If you want to go to beauty school. a school must meet NACCAS prerequisites. The following is a list of institutions accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (NACCAS) in Arlington. To be accredited. VA. You'll also find a list of the courses offered by each school. Department of Education. < previous page page_41 next page > . The schools are listed in alphabetical order within each state.

< previous page Alabama Gaither & Company Beauty School 414 East Willow St. AZ 85257 (602) 949-7557 Cosmetology Cosmetology II Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Nail Technician page_42 next page > Page 42 . Scottsdale. AL 35802 (205) 881-8587 Basic Cosmetology Cosmetology-Teacher Training Combination Teacher Training Advanced Cosmetology Manicuring New Wave Beauty School 7020 Albertville Shopping Center Hwy. Scottsboro. Fairbanks. Huntsville. AL 35768 (205) 259-1001 Basic Cosmetology Cosmetology/Teacher Training Combination The Master's Institute of Cosmetology 8215 Stephanie Dr. AZ 85716 (602) 327-6544 Cosmetology Cosmetology II Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Nail Technician Allure Career College of Beauty 7730 East McDowell Rd. AK 99709 (907) 452-4684 Hairdressing Teacher Training Cosmetician Arizona Allure Career College of Beauty 3210 East Speedway Tucson. 431 Albertville. AL 35950 (205) 891-0435 Basic Cosmetology Teacher Training Alaska New Concepts Beauty School 3677 College Rd.

Arizona Academy of Beauty 6015 East Broadway Tucson. AZ 85705 (602) 888-0170 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technician Artistic Beauty School 4533 West Glendale Ave. AZ 85364 (520) 344-2488 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technician Carlos Valenzuela Academy 7201 East Camelback. AZ 85301 (602) 939-8364 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Manicuring Instructor Nail Technician Beebe's Academy of Beauty Culture 184 West 25th St. Glendale. Suite 100 Scottsdale. AZ 85251 (602) 994-4222 < previous page page_42 next page > . Yuma. AZ 85711 (602) 745-6247 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technician Arizona Academy of Beauty 4046 North Oracle Rd. Tucson.

AZ 86403 (602) 453-6666 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Esthetics Nail Technician College of Beauty Arts & Sciences-Cottonwood 1229 East Cherry St.< previous page Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technology Carsten Institute of Hair & Beauty 3345 South Rural Rd. AZ 86326 (602) 634-3608 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Nail Technician College of Beauty Arts & Sciences-Prescott 410 West Goodwin Prescott. #354 Bullhead City. Cottonwood. AZ 86301 (602) 778-5064 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Nail Technician page_43 next page > Page 43 . Tempe. AZ 85282 (602) 491-0449 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Esthetician Instructor Charles of Italy Beauty College 2350 Miracle Mile Rd. AZ 86442 (520) 763-6666 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Nail Technology Nail Technician Charles of Italy Beauty College 1987McCulloch Blvd. Lake Havasu City.

. AZ 85635 (520)458-8660 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technician Earl's Academy of Beauty 2111 South Alma School Rd. Sierra Vista. AZ 85323 (602) 932-4414 Cosmetology Cosmetology II with an Aesthetics Specialty Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician < previous page page_43 next page > . Suite 2 Tempe. Avondale. Suite 21 Mesa.College of Beauty Arts & Sciences-Flagstaff 1790 Route 66 Flagstaff. AZ 85210 (602) 897-1688 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technician International Academy of Hair Design 4415 South Rural Rd.. AZ 85282 (602) 820-9422 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Instructor Nail Technician Maricopa Beauty College 515 West Western Ave. AZ 86004 (602) 774-7146 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Nail Technician DeVoe College of Beauty 750 East Barstow Dr.

AR 71923 (501) 624-8738 Barbering Cosmetology Junior Teacher Manicuring Arkansas Beauty School 5108 Baseline Rd. Suite C Hot Springs. Glendale. Fort Smith.< previous page Nail Technician Brush Up Phoenix Academy of Beauty-Glendale 10820 North 43rd Ave. AR 71923 (501) 246-6726 Barbering Cosmetology Junior Teacher Manicuring Arkadelphia Beauty College 3310 Central Ave. Little Rock. AZ 85304 (602) 939-8138 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technician Safford College of Beauty 1550 Thatcher Blvd. AR 72901 (501) 783-3301 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Training page_44 next page > Page 44 . AR 72209 (501) 562-5673 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Arkansas Continental Beauty College 2000 North B St. Safford.. AZ 85546 (520) 428-0331 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Nail Technician Arkansas Arkadelphia Beauty College 2708 Pine St. Arkadelphia.

Conway. AR 72212 (501) 224-2442 Cosmetology Electrology Esthetician Junior Teacher Manicuring Bee-Jay's Hairstyling Academy 130 East Main St. Jacksonville. AR 72076 (501) 982-8987 Cosmetology Esthetician Teacher Manicuring Bee-Jay's Hairstyling Academy 1907 Hinson Loop Little Rock. AR 72315 (501) 763-4012 Cosmetology < previous page page_44 next page > .Arthur's Beauty College 2600 John Harden Dr. AR 72032 (501) 329-8303 Cosmetology Manicuring Junior Teacher Blytheville Academy of Cosmetology 224 West Main St. Blytheville. Batesville. AR 72501 (501) 793-3898 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Bizzell's Beauty School 1007 Oak St.

814 West Seventh St. AR 71601 (501) 534-7609 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Eaton Beauty Stylist College. AR 72701 (501) 442-5181 Cosmetology Manicuring Cosmetology Instructor Hot Springs Beauty College 634 Malvern Ave. Rogers. Hot Springs. AR 72114 (501) 758-2800 Cosmetology Manicuring Junior Teacher Leon's Hair Training Academy 109 West Emma Springdale. North Little Rock. AR 72764 (501) 756-6060 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Marcel Royale Beauty Academy 2004 South Eighth St. Fayetteville. Inc.< previous page Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Deluxe Beauty School 1609 West 26th Pine Bluff. AR 71901 (501) 624-9862 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Manicuring Lee's School of Cosmetology 2700 West Pershing Blvd. AR 72756 (501) 636-7800 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Manicuring page_45 next page > Page 45 . AR 72201 (501) 375-0211 Cosmetology Instructor Fayetteville Beauty College 1200 North College Ave. Little Rock.

AR 71701 (501) 836-5481 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Manicuring Searcy Beauty College 1004 South Main Searcy. 201 North Mt. 81 South Monticello. AR 72143 < previous page page_45 next page > . AR 72761 (501) 524-9559 Cosmetology Professional Beauty College 181 Hwy. Fort Smith. Olive Siloam Springs. AR 72653 (501) 425-7575 Cosmetology Mellie's Beauty College 311 South 16th St. AR 71655 (501) 367-7759 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Professional Cosmetology Education Center 115 Southeast Washington Camden.Marsha Kay Beauty College 408 Hwy. Home. AR 72901 (501) 782-5059 Cosmetology Manicuring Esthetician Teacher NW Arkansas College of Cosmetology 821 South Mt.

Burbank. Turlock. Alameda. AR 72301 (501) 735-2800 Cosmetology Manicuring California Adrian's Beauty College of Turlock 2253 Geer Rd. Inc. CA 91504 (818) 841-8841 Cosmetology Brush Up Teacher Training page_46 next page > Page 46 . CA 94501 (510) 523-1050 Cosmetology Cosmetician Esthetician Teacher Training Cosmetology/Barbering Crossover Manicuring/Nail Care Alhambra Beauty College 200 West Main St. CA 91802 (818) 282-6433 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Ambassador Beauty College 2107 North Glenoaks Blvd. Alhambra. CA 95380 (209) 632-2233 Cosmetology Esthetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Alameda Beauty College.< previous page (501) 268-6300 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Manicuring Southern Institute of Cosmetology 103 South Avalon West Memphis. 2318 Central Ave.

Bellflower. Vallejo. Suite B-D San Diego. CA 92154 (619) 575-1511 Cosmetology Bay Vista College of Beauty 1520 Plaza Blvd. Westminster. CA 92683 (714) 891-0508 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Avance Beauty College 750 Beyer Way. CA 94591 (707) 552-0333 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care California Beauty College 1115 Fifteenth St. CA 90706 (310) 866-0728 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cosmetology/Barbering Crossover Manicuring/Nail Care Asian American International Beauty College 7871 Westminster Blvd. CA 92050 (619) 474-6607 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Bjorn's Hairstyling Academy 96 Springstowne Center Rd.American Beauty College 16811 Bellflower Blvd. National City. CA 95354 (209) 524-5184 < previous page page_46 next page > . Modesto.

CA 92801 (714) 776-8400 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Colleen O'Hara's Beauty Academy 102 North Glassell St. San Diego. CA 90740 (310) 431-1366 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Career Academy of Beauty 663 North Euclid Anaheim.< previous page Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care California Cosmetology College. San Jose. CA 92666 (714) 633-5950 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Contempo School of Beauty 316 E. Manchester Inglewood. CA 92115 (619) 286-2872 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Career Academy of Beauty 12375 Seal Beach Blvd. Inc. Santa Clara. CA 95050 (408) 247-2200 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care California Hair Design Academy 5315 El Cajon Blvd. Orange. Seal Beach. 955 Monroe St. CA 90301 (310) 677-1105 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Brush Up page_47 next page > Page 47 .

CA 92553 (714) 674-1451 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Elegante Beauty College 24731 Alicia Pkwy. Bell. CA 90201 (213) 560-2207 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Don's Beauty College 42 North B St. CA 92653 (714) 586-4900 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Elegante Beauty College 17337 East Valley Blvd. San Mateo. La Puente.Cynthia's Beauty Academy 4130 East Gage Ave. CA 94401 (415) 342-5703 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Elegante Beauty College 24741 Alessandro Blvd. Laguna Hills. CA 91744 < previous page page_47 next page > . Moreno.

CA 95825 (916) 929-4242 Cosmetology Cosmetician Manicuring Frederick & Charles Beauty College 831 F St. Inc.< previous page (213) 965-2532 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Elegante Beauty College 505 Long Beach Blvd. Visalia. 2938 Aborn Square Rd. CA 94536 (415) 797-7318 Cosmetology Cosmetician Manicuring/Nail Care page_48 next page > Page 48 . CA 95501 (707) 443-2733 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Fremont Beauty College 4149 Peralta Blvd. CA 90802 (213) 435-7946 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Estes Institute of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences 324 East Main St. Long Beach. CA 95121 (408) 223-6638 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Federico Fair Oaks College of Hairstyling 2100 Arden Way. Fremont. CA 93291 (209) 733-3617 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Evergreen Beauty College. San Jose. Suite 265 Sacramento. Eureka.

The Hair Interns School of Cosmetology 1522 Fulton Fresno. Dale City. CA 90250 (310) 973-7774 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care < previous page page_48 next page > . Inc. San Bernadino. CA 94014 (415) 756-2720 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care International Academy of Cosmetology 4085 Tweedy Blvd. CA 93721 (209) 441-1795 Cosmetology Provisional Instructor Teacher Training Hair Masters University of Beauty 208-210 West Highland Ave. South Gate. CA 92405 (909) 882-2987 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Hilltop Beauty School 6317 Mission St. 12004 Hawthorne Plaza Hawthorne. CA 90280 (213) 249-0270 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care International School of Cosmetology.

CA 93534 (805) 948-1672 Cosmetology Teacher Trainee Manicuring/Nail Care Lola Beauty College 11883 Valley View St. CA 92630 (714) 951-8883 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Lancaster Beauty School 44646 Tenth St. Suite 3-C El Toro. El Cajon. Garden Grove.. St. Suite 112 Fresno. Long Beach. CA 90813 (310) 435-7060 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Cosmetology/ Barbering Crossover Lake Forest Beauty College 23600 Rockfield Blvd.< previous page Je Boutique College of Beauty 1073 East Main St. CA 93710 (209) 432-7591 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care page_49 next page > Page 49 . Bakersfield. CA 93304 (805) 327-9784 Cosmetology Teacher Training Barber Conversion Course Manicuring/Nail Care Lyle's College of Beauty 6735 North First. CA 92021 (619) 442-3407 Cosmetology Cosmetician Manicuring/Nail Care John Wesley International Barber & Beauty 717 Pine Ave. CA 92645 (714) 894-3366 Cosmetology Cosmetician Manicuring/Nail Care Lyle's Bakersfield College of Beauty 2935 F. West Lancaster.

CA 93710 (209) 224-4242 Cosmetology Esthetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care < previous page page_49 next page > . CA 93711 (209) 221-1766 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cosmetology/Barbering Crossover Manicuring/Nail Care Lytle's Redwood Empire Beauty College. 186Wikiup Dr. Santa Rosa.Lyle's Fresno College of Beauty 3125 West Shaw Fresno. Fresno. Inc.. Suite A Madera. CA 95403 (707) 545-8449 Cosmetology Cosmetician Manicuring/Nail Care Madera Beauty College 200 West Olive Ave. CA 93637 (209) 673-9201 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Manchester Beauty College 3756 North Blackstone Ave.

North Hollywood.< previous page Marin Beauty College 827 Fourth St. Whittier. CA 90014 (213) 627-5561 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Marinello School of Beauty 118 Fashion Plaza West Covina. Los Angeles. San Rafael. CA 91764 (909) 984-5884 Cosmetology Manicuring Marinello School of Beauty 716 South Broadway. 2nd Fl. Ontario. CA 91790 (818) 962-1021 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Marinello School of Beauty 240 South Market St. CA 90601 (310) 698-0068 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Marinello School of Beauty 960 North Mountain Ave. CA 91606 (818) 980-1300 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care page_50 next page > Page 50 . Inglewood. CA 94901 (415) 454-5432 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Marinello School of Beauty 6538 Greenleaf Ave. CA 90301 (213) 674-8100 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Marinello School of Beauty 18442 Sherman Way Reseda. CA 91335 (818) 881-2521 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Marinello School of Beauty 6219 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

CA 90036 (213) 938-2005 Cosmetology Manicuring Marinello School of Beauty 13350 East Telegraph Rd. CA 92410 (714) 884-8747 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Marinello School of Beauty 8374 D On the Mall Buena Park.Marinello School of Beauty 6288 West Third St. CA 90670 (310) 945-2211 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Marinello School of Beauty 721 West 2nd St. San Diego. Suite E San Bernardino. Los Angeles. Santa Fe Springs. CA 92103 (619) 298-7187 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Milpitas Beauty College 1350 South Park Victoria Dr.. CA 95035 (408) 262-7703 Cosmetology Cosmetician < previous page page_50 next page > . CA 90620 (909) 884-8747 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Marinello School of Beauty 1226 University Ave. Milpitas.

San Francisco. CA 90022 (213) 723-0166 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Montebello Beauty College 2201 West Whittier Blvd. Oxnard. CA 90640 (213) 727-7851 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Monterey Academy of Hair Design 345 East Santa Clara Ave. Glendale. CA 91203 (818) 246-7376 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care page_51 next page > Page 51 . Montebello. Los Angeles. CA 95113 (408) 287-9868 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Moro Beauty College 124 North Brand Blvd. CA 93030 (805) 483-4994 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Modern Beauty Academy 5730 East Whittier Blvd. San Jose.< previous page Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Miss Marty's School of Beauty & Hairstyling 1 Second St. CA 94105 (415) 227-4240 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Modern Beauty Academy 699 South C St.

CA 91344 (818) 366-3211 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Newberry School of Beauty 6633 Fallbrook Ave. Modesto. Suite 702 West Hills. CA 92054 (619) 757-6161 < previous page page_51 next page > . CA 91766 (909) 622-8542 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Newberry School of Beauty 16860 Devonshire Blvd. Oceanside. Granada Hills. CA 95350 (209) 526-2040 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Oceanside College of Beauty 1575 South Coast Hwy.Nationwide Beauty College 252 Pomona Mall East Pomona.. CA 91307 (818) 884-9660 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care North Adrian's Beauty College 124 Floyd Ave.

CA 93534 (805) 948-3503 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Palomar Institute of Cosmetology 355 Via Vera Cruz San Marcos.< previous page Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Page Antelope Valley Beauty School 547 West Lancaster Blvd. Poway. CA 94520 (415) 685-7600 Cosmetology Esthetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Poway Academy of Hair Design 13266 PowayRd. CA 90723 (310) 531-1800 Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring/Nail Care Paris Beauty College 1950 East Market St. Concord. Suite 129 Paramount. CA 91731 (818) 443-9401 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care page_52 next page > Page 52 . Lancaster. CA 92069 (619) 744-7900 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Paramount School of Beauty 8527 Alondra. CA 92064 (619) 748-1490 Cosmetology Cosmetician Manicuring/Nail Care Professional Institute of Beauty 10801 East Valley Mall El Monte.

CA 91770 (818) 286-2147 Cosmetology Manicuring Royale College of Beauty 27485 Commerce Center Dr. Temecula. < previous page page_52 next page > . CA 92335 (909) 822-1149 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Rosemead Beauty School.Richard's Beauty College 200 North Euclid Ave. CA 92590 (909) 676-0833 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care San Fernando Beauty Academy 13714 Foothill Blvd. CA 91712 (909) 988-7584 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Richard's Beauty College 16803 Arrow Blvd. CA 91342 (818) 367-6447 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care San Gorgonio Beauty College 1335 West Ramsey St. 8531 East Valley Blvd. Sylmar. Rosemead. Fontana. Ontario. Inc.

CA 93454 (805) 928-1848 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Sierra College of Beauty 1340 West 18th St. CA 92201 (619) 347-0831 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care page_53 next page > Page 53 . CA 93401 (805) 543-3305 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Santa Barbara Beauty College 4223 State St. Suite 1 Indio. CA 93274 (209) 688-2901 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care United Artist Beauty College 81-695 Hwy.. CA 95340 (209) 723-2980 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Thanh Le College. CA 93110 (805) 683-4191 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Santa Maria Beauty College 135 West Carmen Lane Santa Maria. Merced. CA 92220 (909) 849-4614 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care San Luis Obispo Beauty College 285 South St. School of Cosmetology 12875 Chapman Ave. 111.< previous page Banning. Suite N San Luis Obispo. Garden Grove. Santa Barbara. CA 92640 (714) 971-5844 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Tulare Beauty College 1400 West Inyo Tulare.

8619 South Vermont Ave. CA 90008 (213) 298-0045 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring Ventura Beauty College 97 South Oak Ventura. Los Angeles. 3419 West 43rd PI. Inc. CA 90044 (213) 750-5750 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Universal College of Beauty. CA 93001 (805) 643-8638 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Care Victor Valley Beauty College 16515 Mojave Dr. CA 90005 (213) 389-2869 < previous page page_53 next page > . Los Angeles. Inc. Victorville. CA 92392 (619) 245-2522 Cosmetology Cosmetician Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Care Western Beauty College 439 South Western Ave.Universal College of Beauty. Los Angeles.

Suite 174 Colorado Springs. Suite 100 Colorado Springs. CO 81504 (303) 245-5570 Cosmetology Student Instructor Cosmetician Manicuring Americana Beauty College II 3650 Austin Bluff Pkwy. Grand Junction.CO 80215 (303) 238-7501 Cosmetology Cosmetician/Manicuring Cosmetician Manicuring page_54 next page > Page 54 . Unit 5 Fort Collins. CO 80918 (719) 598-4188 Cosmetology Manicuring Astral Academy of Hair 1325 North Academy Blvd. CO 80909 (719) 596-6977 Barber Science Cosmetology/Barber Crossover Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture 4025 South Mason St.. Lakewood. CO 80631 (303) 352-4550 Cosmetology Manicuring Columbine Beauty School 1225 Wadsworth Blvd.. Greeley. CO 80525 (303) 226-1416 Cosmetology Cosmetician Manicuring Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture 2547-B 11th Ave..< previous page Cosmetology Cosmetician Manicuring/Nail Care Colorado Academy of Beauty Culture 2992 North Ave.

CO 80525 (970) 223-9943 Cosmetology Esthetician Manicuring International Beauty Academy 1360 North Academy Blvd. Fort Collins. CO 80909 (719) 597-1413 Cosmetology < previous page page_54 next page > . CO 81601 (303) 945-0485 Cosmetology Barbering Cosmetician/Manicuring Student Instructor Cosmetician Manicuring Hair Dynamics Education Center 6464 South College Ave. at Lakeside Mall Denver.Columbine Beauty School II 5801 West 44th Ave. Suite 1 Glenwood Springs. CO 80212 (303) 455-0100 Cosmetology Cosmetician/Manicuring Student Instructor Manicuring Columbine Beauty School III 3811 East 120th Thornton. 51241 Hwy 6 & 24 West Glenwood Plaza. CO 80229 (303) 451-5808 Cosmetology Manicuring Glenwood Beauty Academy. Inc. Colorado Springs.

Meriden. Westminister. Stamford. CT 06450 (203) 237-6683 Cosmetology page_55 next page > Page 55 . Danbury. CT 06905 (203) 329-1982 Cosmetology Brio Academy of Cosmetology 1231 East Main St. CO 80226 (303) 238-6410 Cosmetology Manicuring Ultima College of Cosmetology 3049-A West 74th Ave. Lakewood. CT 06810 (203) 744-0900 Cosmetology Beauty Tech Academy of Hairdressing 848 High Ridge Rd. CO 80003 (303) 467-2828 Cosmetology Manicuring Roffler Academy of Hair Design 202 South Pierce St. CO 80014 (303) 752-1560 Cosmetology Esthetician Manicuring Connecticut The American Academy of Cosmetology 28 Keeler St. CO 80030 (303) 428-5100 Cosmetology Cosmetician/Manicuring Cosmetician Manicuring Xenon International School of Hair Design III 2231 South Peoria Aurora. Suite 203B Arvada.< previous page Cosmetician/Manicuring Manicuring Michael Taylor Institute of Hair Design 6520 North Wadsworth Blvd.

Bridgeport. CT 06850 (203) 838-0753 Cosmetology National Academy of Hairdressing 117 Main St. East Hartford.Connecticut Institute of Hair Design 1000 Main St. Ansonia. Stratford. CT 06497 (203) 375-7737 Cosmetology Skin Care National Academy of Hairdressing 3 Isaac St. CT 06473 (203) 281-4477 Cosmetology Skin Care Leon Institute of Hair Design 111 Wall St. CT 06108 (860) 528-5032 Cosmetology Gal Mar Academy of Hairdressing 352 State St. Norwalk. North Haven. CT 06604 (203) 335-1465 Cosmetology Leon Institute of Hair Design 87-91 Atlantic St. Stamford. CT 06901 (203) 325-3900 Cosmetology Skin Care National Academy of Hairdressing Stationhouse Square 2505 Main St. CT 06401 < previous page page_55 next page > .

Waterbury.'s Cosmetology School 3090 D-1 Aloma Ave. Winter Park. DE 19711 (302) 737-5100 Cosmetology Brush Up Teacher Training I Teacher Training II Manicuring District of Columbia Dudley Beauty College 2031 Rhode Island Ave.< previous page (203) 734-7878 Cosmetology New London Academy of Hairdressing & Cosmetology 253 Captain's Walk New London. 128 Scott Rd. NE Washington. Inc. FL 32792 (407) 678-4411 Cosmetology Full Specialist II Instructor Training Manicuring/Facial Technician Facial Technician Manicuring/Nail Extensions page_56 next page > Page 56 . DC 20018 (202) 269-3666 Cosmetology Salon Management Manicuring Florida AJ. CT 06705 (203) 574-3610 Cosmetology Delaware Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design 70 Amstel Ave. CT 06320 (860) 447-1433 Cosmetology Sampieri School of Hair Design. Newark.

110 Eglin Parkway. NW Fort Walton Beach. #436 Suite 1119 Altamonte Springs. FL 33024 (305) 966-5998 Cosmetology Full Specialist Teacher Training Skin Care Manicuring/Nail Extensions Academy of Hair & Nail Design.ASM Beauty World Academy 2510 North 60th Ave. FL 32548 (904) 244-2002 Instructor Training Cosmetology Facial Manicuring/Nail Extensions Cosmetology Refresher Advanced/Basic Hair Design Training Center 85 Richland Ave. Hollywood. FL 32953 (407) 452-8490 Cosmetology/Salon Management Cosmetology Full Specialiist Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Extensions Avanti Hair Tech 937 West State Rd. FL 39648 (305) 862-4700 Cosmetology Teacher Training Facial/Nail Technology Skin Care Manicuring/Nail Extensions < previous page page_56 next page > . Inc. Merritt Island.

FL 34982 (407) 464-4885 Cosmetology page_57 next page > Page 57 . Suite 26 Palm Bay. Inc. FL 33487 (407) 241-8105 Cosmetology Skin Care/Massage Therapy Instructor Training Full Specialist Massage Therapy Skin Care Skin Care & Make-Up Manicuring Salon Management Make-Up Artistry Bradenton Beauty & Barber Academy.1 Fort Pierce. Suite A Boca Raton.S. FL 34231 (941) 921-4877 Cosmetology Skin Care Manicuring/Nail Extensions Fort Pierce Beauty Academy 3028 South U. Inc. NE. FL 34205 (813) 748-3168 Cosmetology/Barbering Barber Styling Cosmetology Teacher Training Full Specialist Skin Care Manicuring/Nail Extensions Cape Coral Beauty School 1214 Southeast 47th St. FL 33904 (813) 549-1819 Cosmetology Esthetics Manicuring/Nail Technician Darlyne McGee's Academy of Cosmetology. Sarasota. Cape Coral. FL 32905 (407) 951-0595 Cosmetology Teacher Training Skin Care Manicuring/Nail Extensions Fashion Focus Hair Academy 2208 Gulf Gate Dr. West Bradenton. 3928 C Manatee Ave.. 4711 Babcock St.< previous page Boca Raton Institute 5499 North Federal Hwy.

Gainesville. 19 New Port Richey. FL 32960 (407) 569-1879 Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technician International School of Beauty 7127 U. FL 32601 (352) 372-0007 Cosmetology Full Specialty Nail Technician International Academy of Hair Design 2827 South Ridgewood Ave.S.Gainesville School of Hairstyling. Inc. South Daytona. Vero Beach. Hialeah. FL 33010 < previous page page_57 next page > . FL 32119 (904) 767-4600 Cosmetology Manicuring International Academy of Hairstyling 1599 Tenth Ave. Hwy. 1829 South East Hawthorne Rd. FL 34652 (813) 848-8415 Cosmetology Esthetician Nail Technology International Unisex Academy 529-37 East 9th St.

North Tyrone Garden Center St. 1012 58th St. FL 33012 (305) 558-0562 Cosmetology Full Specialist II Teacher Training Skin Care Manicuring/Nail Extensions Loraine's Academy. Inc. FL 33710 (813) 347-2134 Cosmetology Full Specialist II Therapeutic Massage Teacher Training Full Specialist I Nail Tech I & II Esthetician Nail Tech I Nail Tech II page_58 next page > Page 58 . Hialeah. Petersburg.< previous page (305) 884-2499 Cosmetology Teacher Training Massage Therapy English as a Second Language GED Program Facial Specialist Manicuring Refresher LaBaron Hairdressing Academy 5215 Ramsey Way Fort Meyers. FL 33135 (305) 649-4899 Cosmetology Advanced Cosmetology Full Specialist Teacher Training Skin Care Manicuring/Nail Extensions La Belle Beauty School 750-D West 49th St. FL 33907 (813) 936-5822 Cosmetology Manicuring/Facial Technician Skin Care Manicuring La Belle Beauty Academy 2960 Southwest 8th St. Miami.

14978 North Florida Ave. Tampa. Del's University of Cosmetology 1712-16 West Chase St. #7 Margate. Inc.Manhattan Beauty School 4315 South Manhattan Ave. FL 33063 (954) 972-9630 Cosmetology Instructor Training Skin Care Manicuring/Nail Extensions Shampooing Mr. Lakeland. FL 33801 (941) 688-5287 Cosmetology Full Specialist Teacher Training Facial Specialist Manicuring < previous page page_58 next page > . Tampa. FL 33611 (813) 837-2525 Cosmetology Skin Care Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Extensions Manhattan Beauty School. FL 33613 (813) 264-3535 Cosmetology Full Specialty Instructor Training Facial Specialty Nail Tech Margate School of Beauty 2515 North State Rd.

Jacksonville. FL 34983 (407) 464-4885 Cosmetology Rehberg's Advanced Hairstyling Academy 2607 South First St. Inc.S. FL 3281O (407) 841-4285 Associate Degree Hair Designer Barber Styling Cosmetology Specialty Teacher Training Facial Technician Manicuring/Nail Extensions Port St.. FL 33125 (305) 643-3360 Cosmetology Skin Care/Make-Up Technician Full Specialist II Skin Care Manicuring/Nail Extensions Make-Up Orlando Academy of Beauty Culture 902 Lee Rd. 2141-125 Loch Rane Blvd. FL 32055 (904) 752-7752 Cosmetology Full Specialty Teacher Training Rickey's Beauty Careers in Cosmetology.< previous page Normandy Beauty School of Jacksonville 5373 Lenox Ave. FL 32205 (904) 786-6250 Cosmetology Facial/Nail Technology Manicuring/Nail Extensions Nouvelle Institute 3271 Northwest 7th St. Orange Park. South Town Square Lake City. Luice. FL 32073 (904) 272-7275 Cosmetology Skin Care Manicuring/Nail Extensions page_59 next page > Page 59 . Suite 38 Orlando. 1 Port St.. Suite 106 Miami. Luice Beauty Academy 7644 South U.

Forest Park. Forest Park. FL 32207 (904) 398-0502 Cosmetology Teacher Training RomaR Hairstyling Academy 2214 Sarno Rd.Riverside Hairstyling Academy 2659 Park St. Jacksonville. GA 30050 (404) 361-5641 Cosmetology Teacher (Master Cosmetologist) Manicuring Beauty College of America 1171 Main St. FL 32204 (904) 388-8537 Cosmetology Teacher Training Riverside Hairstyling Academy 3530 Beach Blvd. Melbourne. Jacksonville. FL 32935 (407) 259-0001 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Extensions Gergia Arnold/Padrick's University of Cosmetology 4971 Courtney Dr. GA 30050 (404) 361-4098 Cosmetology Teacher (Master Cosmetologist) Manicuring < previous page page_59 next page > .

Warner Robins. Valdosta.< previous page Capelli Learning Center for Cosmetology 2581 Piedmont Rd. Columbus. GA 31903 (706) 687-1054 Cosmetology Teacher (Master Cosmetologist) Manicuring Southeastern Beauty School 1826 Midtown Dr. GA 31601 (912) 241-9408 Cosmetology Teacher (Master Cosmetologist) Manicuring Hawaii Hollywood Beauty College 99-084 Kauhale St. GA 31093 (912) 923-0915 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Nail Instructor Page's University of Cosmetology 1715Walton Way Augusta. 206 East Hill Ave. GA 30324 (404) 261-5271 Cosmetology Massage Therapy International City Beauty College 1859 Watson Blvd.. Columbus. GA 30904 (706) 733-2699 Cosmetology Southeastern Beauty School 3448 North Lumpkin Rd. HI 96701 (808) 486-7255 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Idaho page_60 next page > Page 60 . A Aiea. GA 31906 (706) 561-5616 Barbering Cosmetology Teacher (Master Cosmetologist) Barber Instructor Manicuring Valdosta Academy of Beauty Culture. NE (C-1000) Atlanta. Bldg. Inc.

ID 83814 (208) 664-0541 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring The Headmasters School of Hair Design II < previous page page_60 next page > . Meridian. ID 83642 (208) 888-5202 Cosmetology Teacher Training Teacher Training (Short Course) Manicuring The Headmasters School of Hair Design 317 Coeur D'Alene Coeur D'Alene. ID 83704 (208) 375-3722 Cosmetology Barbering Teacher Training DeeDee's Meridian School of Beauty 834 East 2nd St.Career Beauty College 57 College Ave. ID 83440 (208) 356-0222 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Continental College of Beauty & Barber Styling 3021 North Cole Rd. Rexburg.Boise.

ID 83651 (208) 465-7660 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Teacher Training (Short Course) Sandpoint School of Hair Design 212 North First Ave. ID 83843 (208) 882-2923 Cosmetology Cosmetology Teacher Training New Images Academy of Beauty 2757 South Broadway Boise. Leon's School of Hair Design 618 South Main Moscow. ID 83651 (208) 467-5196 Cosmetology Teacher Training Mr. ID 83204 (208) 232-9170 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring page_61 next page > Page 61 . ID 83706 (208) 336-0190 Cosmetology Manicuring Razzle Dazzle College of Hair Design 214 Holly Nampa.< previous page 602 Main Lewiston. Juan's College of Hair Design 577 Lynwood Mall Twin Falls. Pocatello. South Nampa. ID 83501 (208) 743-1512 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Lady Helen's School of Beauty 216 13th Ave. ID 83864 (208) 263-6874 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring The School of Hairstyling 257 North Main St. Sandpoint. ID 83301 (208) 733-7777 Cosmetology Teacher Training Teacher Training (Short Course) Mr.

IL 62035 (618) 466-9723 Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technician Alvareita's College of Cosmetology 333 South Kansas St. Machesney Park. Edwardsville. IL 62223 (618) 234-4398 Cosmetology Manicuring/Skin Care Teacher Training Altamore School of Cosmetology 7904 North Second St. IL 62025 (618) 656-2593 Cosmetology Teacher Training < previous page page_61 next page > . Godfrey.Illinois Academy of Beauty Culture 5440 West Main St. IL 61115 (815) 633-1771 Cosmetology Teacher Training Teacher Training (Short Course) Alvareita's College of Cosmetology 5711 Godfrey Rd. Belleville.

< previous page Arlington Academy. IL 60453 (708) 636-4660 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Cannella School of Hair Design 3646 North Broadway Chicago. IL 60005 (708) 259-5380 Cosmetology Nail Technician Refresher Bell Mar Beauty College 5717West Cermak Rd. Blue Island. IL 60406 (708) 388-4949 Cosmetology Teacher Training page_62 next page > Page 62 . IL 60432 (815) 726-8714 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cannella School of Hair Design 12840 South Western Ave. IL 60650 (708) 863-6644 Cosmetology Teacher Training Teacher Training (Short Course) Refresher Cameo Beauty Academy 9714 South Cicero Ave. Arlington Heights. Cicero. IL 60613 (773) 281-0866 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cannella School of Hair Design 5912 West Roosevelt Rd. IL 60650 (312) 287-3400 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cannella School of Hair Design 113-117 West Chicago St. Inc. Oak Lawn. 201 West Wing St. Chicago. Elgin. IL 60120 (312)742-6611 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cannella School of Hair Design 113 East Jefferson St Joliet.

Chicago. IL 60126 (708) 833-6118 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cannella School of Hair Design 9012 South Commercial Ave. IL 60621 (773) 846-6700 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cannella School of Hair Design 2874 West Cermak Rd. IL 60612 (312) 523-4433 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cannella School of Hair Design 4269 South Archer Chicago. Elmhurst.Cannella School of Hair Design 6614 South Halstead Chicago. < previous page page_62 next page > . Chicago. IL 60632 (312) 890-0412 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cannella School of Hair Design 4217 West North Ave. IL 60639 (773) 278-4477 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cannella School of Hair Design 191 North York Rd.

IL 60452 (708) 687-3020 Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technician Capri School of Beauty Culture 2653 West 63rd St.< previous page Chicago. IL 60629 (773) 778-1077 Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technician Coiffure School of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences 402 East Main St Belleville. Chicago. IL 60629 (773) 778-8161 Cosmetology Teacher Training Capri Oak Forest College of Beauty Culture 15825 Rob Roy Dr. Danville. Champaign. IL 60617 (773) 221-4700 Cosmetology Teacher Training Capri Garfield Ridge School of Beauty Culture 6301 South Washtenaw Chicago. IL 62220 (618) 233-6850 Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technician Teacher Training (Short Course) Brush Up Concept College of Cosmetology 2500 Georgetown Rd. Oak Forest. IL 61820 (217) 356-0099 Cosmetology Teacher Training page_63 next page > Page 63 . IL 61832 (217) 442-9329 Cosmetology Teacher Training Concept College of Cosmetology 309 B South Neil St.

IL 62832 (618) 542-5226 Cosmetology Teacher Training Educators of Beauty 122 Wright St. La Salle. IL 60050 (815) 385-2290 Cosmetology Teacher Training DuQuoin Beauty College 202 South Washington DuQuoin.Don Roberts Beauty School 4320 West Elm #9 McHenry. IL 61081 (815) 625-0247 Cosmetology Teacher Training Futurama Beauty Academy 1822 West 47th St. IL 61301 (815) 223-7326 Cosmetology Teacher Training Educators of Beauty 128 South Fifth St. Sterling. Rockford. IL 60609 (773) 523-1555 Cosmetology Teacher Training < previous page page_63 next page > . Chicago. IL 61104 (815) 969-7030 Cosmetology Teacher Training Educators of Beauty 211 East Third St.

506 South McClun St. Inc. Bloomington. IL 60123 (847) 622-7871 Cosmetology Teacher Training Esthetics Teacher Training (Short Course) Nail Technician Refresher Hair Professionals Academy of Cosmetology 1145 East Butterfield Wheaton. 1734 Sycamore Rd. IL 60543 (708)554-2266 Cosmetology Teacher Training Esthetics Teacher Training (Short Course) Nail Technician Refresher Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology. IL 60103 (708) 830-6560 Cosmetology Teacher Training Esthetics Teacher Training (Short Course Nail Technician page_64 next page > Page 64 . Inc. 5460 Rte. Elgin. 1166 West Lake St. Inc.< previous page Hair Professionals Academy of Cosmetology 449 C Airport Blvd. Inc. IL 60115 (815) 756-3596 Cosmetology Teacher Training Hair Professionals School of Cosmetology. IL 61701 (309) 828-1884 Cosmetology Instructor Training Instructor Training (Short Course) Hanover Park College of Beauty Culture. Hanover Park. DeKalb. 34 Oswego. IL 60187 (708) 653-6630 Cosmetology Teacher Training Esthetics Brush Up Hair Professionals Career College.

Canton. Chicago. IL 61520 (309) 647-4224 Cosmetology Teacher Training < previous page page_64 next page > . IL 60452 (708) 687-7800 Cosmetology Teacher Training Kankakee Academy of Hair Design 100 East 115th St. Palos Hills.Illinois Institute of Cosmetology 10321 South Roberts Rd. IL 60629 (312)523-7211 Cosmetology Teacher Training La' James College of Hairstyling 485 42nd Ave. IL-61244 (309) 755-1313 Cosmetology Teacher Training Esthetics LaMont's International School of Cosmetology 146-148 North Main St. East Moline. IL 60465 (708) 430-1755 Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technician John Amico's School of Hair Design 15301 South Cicero Oak Forest.

IL 60181 (312) 941-3880 Cosmetology Niles School of Beauty Culture 8057 North Milwaukee Ave. John's School of Cosmetology 2001 West Springfield Champaign. East Peoria. IL 60648 (847) 965-8061 Cosmetology Teacher Training Oehrlein School of Cosmetology. IL 61611 (309) 699-3672 Cosmetology Teacher Training Teacher Training (Short Course) Refresher page_65 next page > Page 65 .< previous page Mac Daniel's Beauty School 5228 North clark St. IL 62521 (217) 423-8173 Cosmetology/Esthetics Cosmetology/Nails Cosmetology Teacher Training Esthetics Esthetics Teacher Training Nail Technology Teacher Nail Technology Instructor VoTech I VoTech II Nail Technician Mr. IL 61821 (217) 355-1466 Cosmetology Teacher Training Ms. John's School of Cosmetology 1745 East Eldorado Decatur. IL 60640 (312) 561-2376 Cosmetology Nail Technician Mr. Robert's Academy of Beauty Culture 1719 East Park Blvd. Niles. Inc 100 Meadow Ave. Chicago. Villa Park.

IL 60173 (708) 490-5900 Cosmetology Professional's Choice Hair Design Academy 2719 West Jefferson St. IL 60626 (312) 465-0170 Cosmetology Teacher Training Esthetics Post Graduate Teacher Training (Short Course) Nail Technician Graduate Career Advancement Pivot Point Int. Cosmetology Research Center 1791 West Howard St. IL 62024 (618) 254-8045 < previous page page_65 next page > . IL 60659 (312) 508-5600 Cosmetology Teacher Training Teacher Training (Short Course) Refresher Trend Beauty College #8 Eastgate Plaza East Alton. Joliet IL 60435 (815) 741-8224 Cosmetology Teacher Training Teacher Training (Short Course) Rosel School of Cosmetology 2444 West Devon Chicago. Chicago.Pivot Point Int. Schaumburg. Cosmetology Research Center 1530 North Wiley Rd.

Crown Point. Anderson. IN 46322 (219) 838-2004 Cosmetology Instructor Training Nail Technology Crown College of Cosmetology 192 WestJoliet St. #21 Town & Country Shopping Center Marion. Litchfield. Highland. IL 62056 (217) 324-9062 Cosmetology Teacher Training Undergraduate School of Cosmetology 300 West Carpenter Springfield.< previous page Cosmetology Teacher Training Trend Beauty College Carbon Rd. IL 62702 (217) 753-8552 Cosmetology Teacher Training Teacher Training (Short Course) Indiana Apex School of Beauty Culture 333 Jackson St. IN 46016 (317) 642-7560 Cosmetology Creative Hair Styling Academy 2549 Highway Ave. IL 62959 (618)997-3138 Cosmetology Teacher Training Trend Setters College of Cosmetology 665 West Broadway Bradley. IL 60915 (815) 932-5049 Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technician Tri-County Beauty Academy 219 North State St. IN 46307 (219) 663-9444 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring page_66 next page > Page 66 .

Munster. IN 46383 (219)462-5189 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Evansville Tri-State Beauty College 4920 Tippecanoe Ave. IN 46143 (314) 882-4910 Cosmetology Instructor Skin Care Technician Manicuring Don Roberts Beauty School 7975 Calumet Ave. IN 46802 (219) 426-4689 < previous page page_66 next page > . IN 47715 (812) 479-6989 Cosmetology (Kentucky) Cosmetology Manicuring Shampooing Four Winds Academy of Hair Design 121 West WayneSt. IN 46321 (219) 836-2345 Cosmetology Instructor Esthetics Manicuring Don Roberts Beauty School 1354 Lincoln Way Valparaiso. Evansville.A Cut Above Beauty College 437 South Meridian Greenwood. Fort Wayne.

IN 46805 (219) 484-7057 Cosmetology Electrology Skin Care Technician Teacher Training Manicuring J. Noblesville.< previous page Cosmetology Manicuring Hair Arts Academy 933 North Walnut Bloomington. #35 Indianapolis. IN 47807 (812) 232-8334 Cosmetology page_67 next page > Page 67 . Michael Harrold Beauty Academy. IN 46060 (317) 773-6189 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Hammond Academy of Beauty Culture 5141 Hohman Ave. IN 46219 (317) 322-0254 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Hair Fashions by Kaye Beauty College 4026 North High School Indianapolis. Inc. IN 47404 (812)339-1117 Cosmetology Esthetics Hair Fashions by Kaye Beauty College 7150 East Washington St. Terre Haute. Hammond. IN 46320 (219) 933-6636 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Indiana State Beauty College 422 Coliseum Blvd. IN 46254 (317) 293-3341 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Hair Fashions by Kaye Beauty College 1910 East Conner St. 2232 Wabash Ave. West Fort Wayne.

IN 46809 (219) 747-3363 Cosmetology Instructor Training Esthetics Manicuring Merrillville Beauty College 48 West 67th Place Merrillville. IN 46410 (219) 769-2232 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring New Concepts Beauty College 3830 Meadows Dr. IN 46205 (317) 546-9696 Cosmetology < previous page page_67 next page > . Lafayette. Fort Wayne. IN 46534 (219) 772-5500 Cosmetology Lafayette Beauty Academy 833 Ferry St. 1732 Bluffton Rd. Indianapolis.Knox Beauty College 320 East Culver Rd. Inc. IN 47901 (317) 742-0068 Cosmetology Teacher Training Electrology Manicuring The Masters of Cosmetology College. Knox.

IN 47901 (317)423-1151 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Tri-State School of Hair Design. IN 47129 (812) 282-0459 Cosmetology (Kentucky) Cosmetology Jr. Michigan City.'s College of Cosmetology 115 North 9th St. Angola. 205B Harcourt Rd. Inc. IN 47712 (812)429-0110 Cosmetology Rudae's School of Beauty Culture 509 Columbia St Lafayette. Evansville. 2903 Mt Vernon Ave.< previous page Instructor Manicuring North Central Beauty Academy 111 Skwiat Legion Ave. Instructor Esthetics Manicuring (Kentucky) Manicuring Shampooing Refresher Course PJ. IN 46360 (219) 872-0224 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring PJ. Inc. IN 46703 (219) 665-9557 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring page_68 next page > Page 68 .'s College of Cosmetology 1414 Blackiston Mill Rd. Richmond. IN 47374 (317) 846-6444 Cosmetology Junior Instructor Skin Care Technician Manicuring Shampooing Brush Up (varies) Roger's Academy of Hair Design. Clarksville.

Inc 215 East Market St. IN 47501 (812) 254-6155 Cosmetology Instructor Wright Beauty College 208 West Jefferson Kokomo. IN 46947 (219) 722-4444 Cosmetology < previous page page_68 next page > . IN 47591 (812) 882-1086 Cosmetology Instructor Washington Beauty College. IN 46901 (317)459-4197 Cosmetology Manicuring Wright Beauty College 64 West Market St. Vincennes. Logansport. Wabash. 207 East Main St Washington.Vincennes Beauty College 12 South Second St. Inc. IN 46992 (219) 563-7008 Cosmetology Manicuring Wright Beauty College of Logansport.

IA 50010 (515) 233-1725 Cosmetology Teacher Bill Hill's College of Cosmetology 910 Ave. IA 52627 (319) 372-6248 Cosmetology Dayton's School of Hair Design 315 North Main St. Sioux City. IA 51503 (712) 328-2613 Cosmetology The Faust Institute of Cosmetology 502 Erie St. Des Moines. IA 50588 (712) 732-6571 Cosmetology The Faust Institute of Cosmetology 807 Lake St.< previous page Iowa Bernel's College of Cosmetology 114 Fifth St. P. IA 50322 (515) 278-9939 Cosmetology Teacher Nail Technician page_69 next page > Page 69 .O. IA 52601 (319) 752-3193 Cosmetology Dayton's School of Hair Design 23 South Second St. IA 52632 (319) 524-6445 Cosmetology EQ School of Hair Design 536 West Broadway Council Bluffs. Burlington. G Fort Madison. IA 51106 (712) 274-9733 Cosmetology Nail Technician Iowa School of Beauty 3305 70th St. IA 51630 (712) 336-3518 Cosmetology Iowa School of Beauty 2524 Glenn Ave. Ames. Spirit Lake.. Keokuk. Box 29 Storm Lake.

Iowa School of Beauty 112 Nicholas Dr. South Fort Dodge. Iowa City. Ottumwa. IA 52240 (319) 337-2109 Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technician La' James College of Hairstyling 6336 Hickman Rd. IA 52501 (515) 684-6504 Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technician La' James College of Hairstyling 227 East Market St. Marshalltown. IA 50501 (515)576-3119 < previous page page_69 next page > . Des Moines. IA50158 (515) 752-4223 Cosmetology Teacher Nail Technician Iowa School of Beauty 609 West Second St. IA 50322 (515) 278-2208 Cosmetology Teacher Training Esthetics Nail Technician La' James College of Hairstyling 2604 1st Ave.

IA 50613 (319) 277-2150 Cosmetology Teacher Training Esthetics NailTechnician Professional Cosmetology Institute 627 Main St. Ames.. Kansas City. NE Mason City.< previous page Cosmetology Teacher Esthetics Nail Technician La' James College of Hairstyling 24 Second Ave. KS 67401 (913) 825-8155 Cosmetology Manicuring Advanced Hair Tech 4325 State Ave. Salina. IA 50401 (515) 424-2161 Cosmetology Teacher Esthetics Nail Technician La' James College of Hairstyling 211 West 53rd Davenport. IA 52806 (319) 386-7700 Basic Cosmetology Cadet Cosmetology Esthetician Nail Technician La' James College of Hairstyling 6222 University Cedar Falls. KS 66101 (913) 342-4848 Cosmetology Manicuring page_70 next page > Page 70 .IA 50010 (515) 232-7252 Cosmetology Teacher Esthetics Nail Technology Electrology Kansas Academy of Hair Design 115 South Fifth St.

KS 66611 (913) 267-5800 Cosmetology Manicuring/Pedicuring Classic College of Hair Design 1675 South Rock. KS 67601 (913) 628-6624 Cosmetology Manicuring LaBaron Hairdressing Academy 8119 Robinson Overland Park.American Academy of Hair Design 901 Southwest 37th St. Suite 101 Wichita. Topeka. KS 66204 (913) 642-0077 Cosmetology Cosmetology Technician Manicuring < previous page page_70 next page > . KS 67207 (316) 681-2288 Cosmetology Esthetics Manicuring Crum's Beauty College 512 Poyntz Ave. KS 66502 (913) 776-4794 Cosmetology Cosmetology Technician Skin Care Manicuring Hays Academy of Hair Design 119 West 10th Hays. Manhattan.

Frankfort.< previous page Superior School of Hairstyling 1215 East Santa Fe Olathe.U. 119 Williamson. KY 41101 (606) 329-8720 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring College of Cosmetology & Hair Design 136 Brighton Park Blvd. KS 67203 (316) 943-5516 Cosmetology Manicuring Kentucky Appalachian Beauty School P. KY 41503 (606) 237-6650 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Specialty Ashland School of Beauty Culture 1653 Greenup Ave. KS 67211 (316) 265-2629Cosmetology Manicuring Xenon International School of Hair Design 3804 West Douglas Wichita. Ashland. P. KY 40965 (606) 248-3602 Cosmetology page_71 next page > Page 71 .S.O. Box 1370 Middlesboro. KS 66061 (913) 782-4004 Cosmetology Esthetics Onychology Vernon's Kansas School of Cosmetology 501 East Pawnee #525 Wichita. KY 40601 (502) 695-9006 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Collins School of Cosmetology 111 West Chester Ave.O. Box 2485.

Pikeville. Somerset. KY 40219 (502) 968-3601 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Donta School of Beauty Culture 515 West Oak St.. KY 42501 (606) 679-5088 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Donta School of Beauty Culture 8314 Preston Hwy. KY 41501 (606) 432-3627 Cosmetology Instructor Eastern School of Hair Design 451 Big Hill Ave. Richmond Place Richmond.Cumberland Beauty School 371 North Langdon St. Louisville. Louisville. < previous page page_71 next page > . KY 40203 (502) 583-1018 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring East Kentucky Beauty College 329 Main St. KY 40475 (606) 623-5472 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Elizabethtown Beauty School 308 North Miles St.

KY 40204 (502)459-8150 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Refresher Course The Hair Design School 4160 Bardstown Rd. Louisville. KY 42431 (502) 825-3019 Cosmetology Junior Instructor Manicuring page_72 next page > Page 72 . Florence. Louisville.< previous page Elizabethtown. KY 40160 (502) 351-4473 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Refresher Course The Hair Design School 7285 Turfway Rd. Louisville. KY 41042 (606) 283-2690 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Refresher Course The Hair Design School 3968 Park Dr. Radcliff. KY 40216 (502)447-0111 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Refresher Course The Hair Design School 1049 Bardstown Rd. KY 40218(502) 499-0070 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Refresher Course Head's West Kentucky Beauty College Brairwood Shopping Center Madisonville. KY 42701 (502) 765-2118 Cosmetology The Hair Design School 640 Knox Blvd.

KY 40503 (606) 278-7483 Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technology Motif Beauty Academy 23 West Lexington Ave. KY 41858 (606) 633-8784 Cosmetology Instructor Jenny Lea Academy of Cosmetology 110 Cumberland Ave.KY 40831 (606) 573-4276 Cosmetology Instructor Kaufman Beauty School 701 East High School Lexington.Heads Beauty College Providence Medical Center Providence. KY 42450 (502) 667-5596 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Jenny Lea Academy of Cosmetology 353 Hazard Rd. Harlan. < previous page page_72 next page > . KY 40502 (606) 266-5531 Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technology Lexington Beauty College 90 Southport Dr. Whitesburg. Lexington.

Alexandria. Louisville. KY 40391 (606) 745-5886 Cosmetology Instructor Mr.< previous page Winchester. KY 40962 (606) 598-7901 Cosmetology Instructor Trend Setter's Academy 7283 Dixie Hwy. Jim's Beauty College 1240 Carter Rd. KY 42420 (502) 826-5195 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Southeast School of Cosmetology 23 Manchester Square Center P. 326 North Main St. KY 40601 (502) 765-5243 Cosmetology Manicuring Louisiana Alexandria Academy of Beauty 2305 Rapides Ave.O. Henderson. KY 40258 (502)937-6816 Cosmetology Apprentice Instructor Manicuring Trend Setter's Academy of Beauty Culture 622B Westport Rd. KY 42301 (502) 684-3505 Cosmetology Pat Wilson Beauty College. Elizabethtown. Inc. Box 493 Manchester. LA 71301 (318) 442-7715 Barber Styling Cosmetology Skin Care Instructor Manicuring Advanced Cosmetology Brush Up page_73 next page > Page 73 . Owensboro.

Shreveport. LA 70806 (504) 926-2530 Cosmetology Advanced Cosmetology < previous page page_73 next page > . Bastrop.Bastrop Beauty School #1 117 South Vine St. Baton Rouge. Lafayette.LA 71109(318) 635-8136 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Cloyd's Beauty School #1 603 Natchitoches St WestMonroe.LA 71291 (318) 322-5314 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Cosmetology Training Center 2516Johnston St. LA 71220 (318) 281-8652 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Blalock's Professional Beauty College 3553 Greenwood Rd. LA 70503 (318) 237-6868 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring D-Jay's School of Beauty Arts &Sciences 5131 Government St.

Shreveport. Lake Charles. LA 70124 (504) 282-9894 Cosmetology Advanced Cosmetology Manicuring Teacher Training Lockworks Academic of Hairdressing 2922 Johnston St Lafayette. LA 70605 (318) 474-0623 Barbering Guy's Shreveport Academy of Cosmetology 3954 Youree Dr. Suite C Lake Charles. Lee Blvd. LA 71105 (318) 865-5591 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring John Jay Beauty College 540 Robert E. LA 70601 (318) 439-9265 Cosmetology Future Barber College 3941 Ryan St. New Orleans. LA 70503 (318)233-0511 Cosmetology page_74 next page > Page 74 .. Kenner. LA 70214 (504) 282-8128 Cosmetology Advanced Styling Manicuring Teacher Training John Jay Kenner Academy 2844 Tennessee Ave.< previous page Manicuring Refresher Course Instructor Demmon School of Beauty 1222 Ryan St. LA 70062 (504) 466-4561 Cosmetology Advanced Styling Manicuring Teacher Training John Jay Slidell Beauty College 3144 Pontchartrain Dr. Slidell.

Lockworks Academie of Hairdressing 4950 Government St. LA 70053 (504) 362-1999 Barbering Cosmetology Skin Care Instructor Esthetician Instructor Advanced Cosmetology Manicuring < previous page page_74 next page > . Eunice.Mandeville. LA 70535 (318) 457-7627 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Moler Beauty College 1975 North Causeway Blvd. LA 70806 (504) 924-6729 Cosmetology Instructor Louisiana Academy of Beauty 550 East Laurel St. Baton Rouge. LA 70448 (504) 626-4459 Cosmetology Skin Care Instructor Advanced Cosmetology Manicuring Moler Beauty College 59 West Bank Expressway Gretna.

. New Orleans. LA 70062 (504) 467-1888 Cosmetology Teacher Training Advanced Cosmetology Manicuring Moler Beauty College 4301 Chef Menteur Hwy. Inc. Suite 36 Bossier City. 556 East Vine St. Minden. New Orleans. Opelousas. LA 71055 (318) 377-0796 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Pat Goins Monroe Beauty School 3140 Louisville Ave. Suite 100 Kenner. Beauty School 1701 Old Minden Rd. LA 70126 (504) 282-2539 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Moler Beauty College 2940 Canal St.. LA 71111 (318) 746-7674 Cosmetology Esthetician Instructor Manicuring Pat Goins Minden Beauty School 906 Homer Rd. LA 71201 (318) 322-2500 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring page_75 next page > Page 75 . LA 70119 (504) 821-8842 Barbering Cosmetology Skin Care Instructor Esthetician Instructor Advanced Cosmetology Manicuring Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up Opelousas School of Cosmetology. Monroe. LA 70570 (318) 942-6147 Cosmetology Instructor Pat Goins Benton Rd.< previous page Moler Beauty College 1919 Veterans Blvd.

Ruston. Pineville. LA 71270 (318) 255-2717 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Pat Goins Shreveport Beauty School 6363 Hearne Ave. Covington. LA 70433 (504) 892-3826 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Training < previous page page_75 next page > . Suite 106 Shreveport.. LA 71108 (318) 631-1833 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Pineville Beauty School 1008 Main St. LA 71360 (318) 445-1040 Cosmetology Skin Care Instructor Manicuring Permanent Make-Up Roberts Beauty College 502 North Columbia St.Pat Goins Ruston Beauty School 213 West Alabama St.

Inc. 209 West College St Lake Charles. LA 70605(318) 474-0533 Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technology Stefan's Beauty College 7384 Highland Rd. Baton Rouge..< previous page Ronnie & Dorman's School of Hair Design 2002 Johnston St. New Orleans. LA 70114 (504) 368-6377 Barbering Cosmetology Skin Care Instructor Manicuring Advanced Cosmetology Refresher Course Maine page_76 next page > Page 76 . LA 70808 (504) 766-8962 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Stevenson's Academy of Hair Design 2039 Lapeyrouse St. Lafayette. LA 70503 (318) 232-1806 Cosmetology Slidell Academy of Creative Hair Design 3805 Pontchartrain Dr. LA 70116 (504) 945-2312 Barbering Cosmetology Esthetics Instructor Manicuring Advanced Cosmetology Refresher Course Stevenson's Academy of Hair Design-West Bank 401 Opelousas St. Suite 16 Slidell LA 70458 (504) 643-2614 Cosmetology Instructor Training Stage One-The Hair School. New Orleans.

Head Hunter II School of Hair Design 1041 Brighton Ave. ME 04103 (207) 772-2591 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Maine State Academy of Hair Design 5 Appleton St. ME 04901 (207) 872-6213 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Maine State Academy of Hair Design 244 State St. ME 04412 (207) 989-4151 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Maine State Academy of Hair Design 94 Maine St. ME 04011 (207) 729-4020 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Maine State Academy of Hair Design 24 Preble St. Portland. Waterville. Twin City Plaza Brewer. Portland. Brunswick. ME 04101 (207) 775-5695 Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Manicuring < previous page page_76 next page > .

ME 04736 (207) 498-6067 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Pierre's School of Beauty Culture 255 Main St.< previous page Maine State Academy of Hair Design 239 Main St. MD 20601 (301) 645-3681 Cosmetology Senior Teacher Manicuring page_77 next page > Page 77 . ME 04073 (207)490-1274 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Pierre's School of Beauty Culture. Waldorf. Bangor. Lewiston. ME 04243 (207) 783-7765 Cosmetology Instructor Training Pierre's School of Beauty Culture 659 Congress St. ME 04072 (207) 282-6925 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Mr. Portland. ME 04101 (207) 774-1913 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Pierre's School of Beauty Culture Skyway Plaza Caribou. Bernard's School of Hair Fashion. Saco. 66 Pine St. ME 04401 (207) 942-0039 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Maryland Aaron's Academy of Beauty 340 Post Office Rd. Sanford. 711 Lisbon St. Inc. Inc.

Sans Souci Plaza California. Baltimore. 18 North Howard St. Salisbury. Inc. 26 East Antietam St. MD 21801 (410) 742-7929 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Manicuring < previous page page_77 next page > . Hagerstown. MD 2120 (301) 539-1935 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Manicuring Blades School of Hair Design 316 McArthur Blvd. Inc. Gaithersburg. MD 21740 (301) 733-4520 Cosmetology Manicuring Baltimore Studio of Hair Design. MD 20619 (301)862-9797 Cosmetology Basic Manicuring Del-Mar-Va Beauty Academy 111 Milford St. MD 20877 (301) 330-9252 Cosmetology Manicuring Award Beauty School.Aesthetics Institute of Cosmetology 15958-C Shady Grove Rd.

< previous page Gordon Phillips Beauty School 5633 Reisterstown Rd. MD 21502 (301) 777-3020 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cosmetology International Beauty School 13 First Ave. New Carrolton. MD 21215 (301) 358-4500 Basic Cosmetology Manicuring/Pedicuring Hair Academy. 505 Eastern Blvd. MD 21061 (301) 768-5626 Cosmetology Manicuring Maryland Beauty Academy 10355 Reisterstown Rd. MD 21221 (410) 686-4477 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Manicuring Montgomery Beauty School 8736 Arliss St. Inc. MD 21014 (410) 838-0845 Cosmetology Manicuring International Beauty School 119 North Centre St. Cumberland. Baltimore. MD 20901 (301) 588-7666 Cosmetology page_78 next page > Page 78 . Silver Spring. MD 20784 (301) 779-5093 Cosmetology Junior Teacher International Beauty School 227 Archer St. 8435 Annapolis Rd. Baltimore. Bel Air.MD21117 (410) 363-4448 Cosmetology Junior Teacher Manicuring Maryland Beauty Academy of Essex. Inc. OwingsMill. Southwest Glen Burnie.

MD 20783 (301) 434-0566 Cosmetology Manicuring < previous page page_78 next page > . Baltimore. MD 20860 (301) 774-3292 Cosmetology Manicuring Northwest Beauty School 6860 Reistertown Rd. Severna Park. Sandy Spring. II 805 Olney/Sandy Spring Rd. #209 Langley Park. MD 21146 (410) 544-2237 Cosmetology Journeyman Barber Junior Teacher Manicuring Robert's Institute of Hair Design of Langley Park 7505 New Hampshire Ave.Montgomery Beauty School. MD 21215 (410) 764-8866 Cosmetology Manicuring Robert's Institute of Hair Design 7670 Bel Air Rd. MD 21236 (410) 882-7624 Cosmetology Manicuring Robert's Institute of Hair Design of Brooklyn 358-360 Ritchie Hwy. Baltimore.

MA 01852 (508) 459-9959 Cosmetology I Cosmetologist Operator Esthetician Manicuring Nail Art Technology Level Advanced Nail Art Technology Level Manicuring Blaine.< previous page Robert's Institute of Hair Design of Timonium 1811-B York Rd. MA 02401 (508) 583-5433 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring Blaine. Hyannis. Lowell. The Beauty Career Schools 18 Center St. The Beauty Career Schools 530 Commonwealth Ave. MA 02601 (508) 771-1680 Cosmetologist Operator Esthetician Manicuring Nail Art Technology Level Advanced Nail Art Technology Level Manicuring page_79 next page > Page 79 . Boston. The Beauty Career Schools 231 Central St. Grand York Shopping Center Timonium. Brockton. MD 21093 (301) 252-4244 Cosmetology Manicuring Massachusetts Ailano School of Cosmetology 541 West St. MA 02215 (617) 266-2661 Cosmetologist Operator Esthetician Manicuring Nail Art Technology Level Advanced Nail Art Technology Level Manicuring Blaine.

West Roxbury. MA 02155 (617) 391-9380 Esthetician < previous page page_79 next page > . MA 02154 (617) 899-1500 Cosmetologist Operator Esthetician Manicuring Nail Art Technology Level Advanced Nail Art Technology Level Bojack Academy of Beauty 47 Spring St. The Beauty Career Schools 314 Moody St. MA 02148 (617) 322-0926 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring Blaine.Blaine.. Suite 3500 Medford.MA 01040 (413) 536-6429 Barber/Styling Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring The Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics 200 Boston Ave. The Beauty Career Schools 43 Dartmouth St. Holyoke. MA 02132 (617) 323-0844 Cosmetologist Operator Esthetician Manicuring Broms Academy 15 Papineau St. Waltham. Malden.

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Fall River Beauty Academy 260 South Main St. Fall River, MA 02721 (508) 672-4751 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring Henri's School of Hair Design 276 Water St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 (508) 342-6061 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring Jolie Hair & Beauty Academy Inc. 453 Center St. Ludlow, MA 01056 (413) 589-0747 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring Kay Harvey Hairdressing Academy 11 Central St. West Springfield, MA 01089 (413)732-7117 Cosmetology Manicuring Crossover Licensure LaBaron Hairdressing Academy 240 Liberty St. Brockton, MA 02401 (508) 583-1700 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring LaBaron Hairdressing Academy 281 Union St. New Bedford, MA 02740 (508) 996-661 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences 384 Main St. Malden, MA 02148 (617) 324-3400 Hairdressing Cosmetologist Operator Nail Art Technology Level Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences 50 Franklin St. Worcester, MA 01608 (508) 754-6836 Cosmetologist Operator Nail Art Technology Level


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Lowell Academy Hairstyling Institute 136 Central St. Lowell, MA 01852 (508) 453-3235 Cosmetologist Operator Barber Crossover Manicuring Brush Up Mansfield Beauty Academy 200 Corporate Place Peabody, MA 01960 (617) 593-1500 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring Mansfield Beauty School 266 Bridge St. Springfield, MA 01103 (413) 788-7575 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring Mansfield Beauty School 200 Parkingway Quincy, MA 02169 (617) 479-1090 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring New Bedford Beauty Academy 1872Acushnet Ave. New Bedford, MA 02746 (508) 995-8711 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring

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Quincy Beauty Academy 30 Franklin St. Quincy, MA 02169 (617) 471-1440 Cosmetologist Operator Esthetician Manicuring Rob Roy Academy, Inc. 150 Pleasant St. Worcester, MA 01609 (508)799-2111 Cosmetology/Barbering Barber Styling Cosmetologist Operator Esthetics/Manicuring Barbering Cosmetology Manicuring Esthetician Taunton Beauty Academy One School St. Taunton, MA 02780 (508) 822-1405 Cosmetologist Operator Manicuring Michigan Adrian Beauty Academy, Inc. 329½ East Maumee St. Adrian, MI 49221 (517) 264-2199 Cosmetology Teacher Training Alpena's Hollywood School of Beauty 1036 North U.S. 23 Alpena, MI 49707 (517) 354-5758 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor American College of Beauty Culture 762 West Main Kalamazoo, MI 49007 (616) 381-0801 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Bayshire Beauty Academy 917 Saginaw St. Bay City, MI 48708 (517) 894-4923 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring


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Bruno Academy of Beauty 22065 Michigan Ave. Dearborn, MI 48124 (313) 561-8855 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Chic University of Cosmetology 1735 Four Mile Rd.NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 (616) 363-9853 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Chic University of Cosmetology 6136 South Westnedge Ave. Portage, MI 49002 (616) 363-4000 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring David Pressley Professional School of Cosmetology 1127 South Washington St. Royal Oak, MI 48067 (313) 548-5090 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Douglas J Educational Center 333 Albert St., Suite 110

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East Lansing, MI 48823 (517) 333-9656 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Edward's School of Cosmetology G-4439 Clio Rd. Flint, MI 48504 (810) 785-3491 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Excel Academies of Cosmetology 2855 29th St.SE, Suite B Kentwood, MI 49512 (616) 975-7778 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Fashion School of Beauty 49648 Van Dyke Utica, MI 48317 (313)739-1110 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Fenton School of Hair Design 1149 North Leroy Fenton, MI 48430 (810) 629-1844 Cosmetolog Instructor Manicuring Fernandis Beauty College 21720 15 Mile Rd. Clinton, MI 48035 (810) 791-1390 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Highland Park Beauty Palace School of Cosmetology 275 Manchester Pkwy. Highland Park, MI 48203 (313) 865-4100 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring


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Hillsdale Beauty College 64 Waldron St. Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517) 437-4670 Cosmetology Instructor Electrology Manicuring Houghton Lake Institute of Cosmetology 5921 West Houghton Lake Dr. Houghton Lake, MI 48629 (517) 422-4573 Cosmetology Nail Technician Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Howell College of Cosmetology 2373 West Grand River Howell, MI 48843 (517)546-4155 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Kalamazoo Beauty Academy 605 South Burdick Kalamazoo, MI 49008 (616) 349-5700 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring M J Murphy Beauty College of Midland 120 East Main St. Midland, MI 48640 (517) 631-1620 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring

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Ml 48071 (810) 543-1584 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor page_83 next page > Page 83 . Madison Heights.S. MI 49201 (517) 782-9461 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring M J Murphy College of Lansing 15557 South U. Monroe. MI 48906 (517) 482-6273 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring M J Murphy College of Mt. MI 48603 (517) 792-4781 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Michigan College of Beauty 3498 Rochester Rd. 27 Lansing. Jackson. Ml 48083 (810) 528-0303 Cosmetology Nail Technician Instructor Manicuring Michigan College of Beauty 15232½ South Dixie Hwy.< previous page M J Murphy College of Jackson 135 South Mechanic St. MI 48858 (517) 772-2339 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring M J Murphy College of Saginaw 2650 McCarty Rd. Ml 48161 (313) 241-8877 Cosmetology Nail Technician Instructor Manicuring Mr. Pleasant. Bela's School of Cosmetology 29475 John R St. Saginaw. Pleasant 201 West Broadway Mt. Troy.

Flint. Waterford. Inc. 31 Petoskey. Ml 48104 < previous page page_83 next page > . Ml 48329 (810) 623-9494 Cosmetology Nail Technician Instructor Manicuring Preston & Anna's Beauty School 12001 Grand River Detroit. Ml 48204 (313) 491-4472 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring State College of Beauty.Mr. Ml 49770 (616) 347-3905 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Port Huron Cosmetology College 5620 Dixie Hwy. Ml 48507 (810) 742-9010 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Petoskey Beauty Academy 1483 North U. 4567 Washtenaw Ave. Ann Arbor. David's School of Cosmetology Ltd. 3600-27 South Dort Hwy.S.

Inc. 16704 West Fort St. St. Clair Shores. Joseph. Ml 48180 (313) 291-2177 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Twin City Beauty College. Livonia. Inc. Ml 49085 (616) 428-2900 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Virginia Farrell Beauty School 23620 Harper Ave. Ml 48195 (313) 285-7130 Cosmetology Nail Technician Teacher Training Manicuring State College of Beauty. Taylor. Ml 48154 (313) 427-3970 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring page_84 next page > Page 84 . 2600 Lincoln Ave. 4196 Pontiac Lake Rd. Southgate. Waterford. Ml 48080 (313) 424-9123 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Virginia Farrell Beauty School 33425 Five Mile Rd.< previous page (313) 434-0230 Cosmetology Nail Technician Teacher Training Manicuring State College of Beauty. St. Inc. Ml 48328 (313) 673-1133 Cosmetology Nail Technician Teacher Training Manicuring Taylortown School of Beauty 23015 Ecorse Rd.

9220 Lapeer Rd. Davison. Ml 48219 (313) 538-4866 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Wayne Starr School of Cosmetology. Detroit. Southwest Battle Creek. Ml 48185 (313) 729-9220 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Virginia Farrell Beauty School 22925 Woodward Ave. Inc. Ml 49015 (616) 963-7175 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring < previous page page_84 next page > .Virginia Farrell Beauty School 34580 Ford Rd. Femdale. MI 48220 (313) 424-9123 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Virginia Farrell Beauty School 24502 West Seven Mile Rd. Westland. Ml 48423 (313) 653-9600 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Wright Beauty Academy 492 Capital Ave.

Cloud. South St. Hibbing. Inc.< previous page Minnesota Aveda Institute 400 Central Ave. Bemidji. MN 55414 (612) 378-7404 Cosmetology Esthiology Massage Manicuring Bemidji Beauty Academy 312 American Ave. 704 Marie Ave. MN 55075 (612) 451-6447 Cosmetology Manicuring Model College of Hair Design 201 Eighth Ave. Paul. Southeast Minneapolis. MN 56301 (320) 253-4222 Cosmetology Skin Care Manicuring Oliver Thein Beauty School 150 Cobblestone Lane Burnsville. MN 55746 (218) 263-8354 Cosmetology Cosmetology Careers Unlimited-Duluth 121 West Superior St. South St. MN 55337 (612) 435-3882 Cosmetology Manicuring page_85 next page > Page 85 . Duluth. MN 56601 (218) 759-2135 Cosmetology Cosmetology Careers Unlimited-Hibbing 110 East Howard St. MN 55802 (218) 722-7484 Cosmetology Manicuring Minnesota Cosmetology Education Center.

MN 55431 (612) 881-8662 Cosmetology Skin Care Manicuring St. < previous page page_85 next page > . Germain St. MN 55441 (612) 551-0562 Cosmetology Skin Care Manicuring Scot Lewis School of Cosmetology 9801 James Circle Bloomington. MN 55434 (612) 784-9102 Cosmetology Skin Care Manicuring Rita's Moorhead Beauty College 17 South Fourth St. MN 56301 (612) 251-0500 Cosmetology Esthiology Manicuring Mississippi The Academy of Hair Design #1 2003-B South Commerce St. Moorhead. Cloud Regency Beauty Academy 912 West St.Regency Beauty Academy 40 Hwy. 10 Blaine. MN 56560 (218) 236-7201 Cosmetology Manicuring Scot Lewis Beauty School-Crystal 4124 Lancaster Lane Plymouth. Cloud.

80 East McLaurin Mart Pearl. 12 East Kosciusko. MS 39501 (601) 864-2920 Teacher Training (Long Course) Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring page_86 next page > Page 86 . Gulfport. #14 Natchez. MS 39090 (601) 289-9009 Teacher Training (Long Course) Cosmetology Teacher The Academy of Hair Design #4 3167 Hwy. Gulfport. MS 39280 (601) 939-4441 Teacher Training (Long Course) Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring Advance School of Cosmetology 55 Sgt. 35 North Carthage.< previous page Grenada. Prentiss Dr. MS 39120 (601) 442-6661 Teacher Training (Long Course) Cosmetology Manicuring Teacher American Beauty Academy 2440 22nd St. MS 38901 (601) 226-2464 Instructor (Long Course) Cosmetology Instructor The Academy of Hair Design #3 Hwy. MS 39501 (601) 872-9718 Teacher Cosmetology Manicuring Carthage Beauty College 215 Hwy. MS 39051 (601) 267-8031 Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring Chris' Beauty College 1265 Pass Rd.

MS 38663 (601) 837-9334 Teacher Training (Long Course) Barbering Cosmetology Barbering Teacher < previous page page_86 next page > . MS 38701 (601) 332-0587 Teacher Training (Long Course) Cosmetology Teacher The Final Touch Beauty School 832 Hwy. Suite 510 Meridian. 15 North Ripley. Sherman. Tupelo. MS 39307 (601) 485-7733 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Foster's Beauty College Main St. MS 38869 (601) 840-9919 Cosmetology Teacher Foster's Cosmetology College 1813 Hwy. 19 North.Creations College of Cosmetology 2419 West Main St. MS 38803 (601) 844-9264 Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring Delta Beauty College 697 Mainstream Mall Greenville.

MS 39206 (601) 362-6940 Teacher Training (Long Course) Cosmetology Teacher Barbering/CosmetologyCrossover Esthetician Manicuring Missouri Abbott Academy of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences 191 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. Hattiesburg. P. MS 39773 (601) 494-5444 Barbering Cosmetology Teacher Barbering Teacher Barbering/Cosmetology Crossover Cosmetology/Barbering Crossover ICS The Wright Beauty College Route 6. West Point. MS 38834 (601) 287-0944 Teacher Training (Long Course) Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring John's Cosmetology School 102 Broad St. MS 39401 (601) 583-1817 Cosmetology Manicuring Mississippi College of Beauty Culture 732 Sawmill Rd. West St. MS 39440 (601) 428-7127 Cosmetology Teacher Training Teacher The Shirley Little Academy of Cosmetology 4725 1-55 North Jackson.O. MO 63376 (314) 278-2547 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Refresher Course page_87 next page > Page 87 . Box 46 Corinth. Peters.< previous page Gibson's Barber & Beauty College 120 East Main St. Laurel.

MO 64601 (816) 646-4198 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Class Act I School of Cosmetology 512 Main St. Robert. MO 63857 (314) 888-2670 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Central College of Cosmetology 1012 Missouri Ave. St. Joplin.Academy of Beauty Culture 401 First St. MO 64801 (417) 781-7070 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Columbia Beauty Academy 1729 West Broadway Columbia. MO 65583 (573) 336-3888 Cosmetology Instructor Training Chillicothe Beauty Academy 505 Elm St. MO 65203 (573) 445-6611 Cosmetology Instructor Training < previous page page_87 next page > . Chillicothe. Kennett.

Ballwin. Kansas City. St. Columbia. Louis. Inc. MO 64110 (816) 523-2471 Cosmetology InstructorTraining House of Heavilin Beauty College 1405 Smith Blue Springs.< previous page Elaine Steven Beauty College. 217 North Ninth St. Inc. Grandview. Independence. MO 64055 (816) 252-HAIR Cosmetology Esthetician Instructor Training Esthetician Course #3 Manicuring Jerry's School of Hairstyling. MO 63136 (314) 868-8196 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Grabber School of Hair Design 14560 Manchester Rd. MO 64015 (816) 229-9000 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring House of Heavilin Beauty College 12020 Blue Ridge Blvd. 2208 Chambers Rd. MO 65201 (573) 449-7527 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring page_88 next page > Page 88 . MO 63011 (314) 227-4440 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring House of Heavilin Beauty College 5720 Troost Ave. MO 64030 (816) 767-8000 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Independence College of Cosmetology 815 West 23rd St.

MO 65109 (314) 635-4433 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Missouri Beauty Academy 201 South Washington St. MO 63640 (573) 756-2730 Cosmetology Instructor Training National Academy of Beauty Arts 157 Concord Plaza St. Farmington.Laiben School of Cosmetology 1200 East Gannon Dr. MO 63028 (314) 937-1212 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Martinez School of Cosmetology 248½ East Broadway Excelsior Springs. Louis. MO 64024 (816) 630-3900 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Sciences 1101-R Southwest Blvd. Jefferson City. MO 63128 (314) 842-3616 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring < previous page page_88 next page > . Festus.

Charles Rock Rd. #123 Bridgeton. MO 64801 (417) 782-2875 Cosmetology Manicuring Paris II Educational Center 6840 North Oak Trafficway Gladstone. MO 64118 (816) 468-6666 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Patsy & Rob's Academy of Beauty 11977 St. 1118 South Main St. Salem. #12 Joplin. Neosho. MO 65560 (573) 729-5591 Cosmetology Instructor Training Sikeston Beauty College 127 Kingsway Mall Sikeston. MO 63801 (573) 471-7950 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring page_89 next page > Page 89 . MO 64772 (417) 667-2160 Cosmetology Manicuring New Dimensions School of Hair Design 705 Illinois St. MO 63044 (314) 298-8808 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring/Advanced Sculptured Nails Manicuring Salem College of Hairstyling Crossroads Shopping Ctr.< previous page Neosho Beauty College 116 North Wood St. MO 64850 (417) 451-7216 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Nevada School of Cosmetology 104 East Cherry Nevada.

MO 63107 (314) 533-3125 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Stage One.St. West Billings. Inc. Butte. MT 59401 (406) 454-3453 < previous page page_89 next page > . MO 63701 (573) 335-5078 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Montana Academy of Cosmetology 133 West Mendenhall Boseman. The Hair School 904 Broadway Cape Girardeau. Louis Hair Academy Inc. MT 59701 (406) 723-8565 Cosmetology College of Coiffure Arts 603 24th St. MT 59715 (406) 587-1264 Cosmetology Butte Academy of Beauty Culture. Louis. Inc. MT 59102 (406) 656-9114 Cosmetology Dahl's College of Beauty. 716 Central Ave. Great Falls. 3701 Kossuth St. 303 West Park St.

2700 Paxson Plaza. MT 59801 (406) 728-5371 Cosmetology Nebraska Bahner College of Hairstyling 10801 QSt. MT 59601 (406) 442-1011 Cosmetology Manicuring Modern Beauty School.< previous page Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring Maddio's Hairstyling & Cosmetology College 827 North Main Helena. Suite G Missoula. Suite 268 Omaha. Inc. Rich's Beauty College 1805 South Ave. NE 68144 (402) 333-3329 Cosmetology Teacher Esthetician page_90 next page > Page 90 . NE 68025 (402) 721-6500 Cosmetology/Barbering Combination Barbering Cosmetology Barbering/Cosmetology Crossover Cosmetology/BarberingCrossover Teacher Capitol School of Hairstyling-West 2819 South 125th Ave. MT 59801 (406) 721-1800 Cosmetology Manicuring Mr.NE 68137 (402) 592-5925 Barbering Cosmetology Barbering/Cosmetology Crossover Cosmetology/Barbering Crossover Teacher Esthetician Bahner College of Hairstyling 1660 North Grant St. West Missoula. Omaha. Fremont.

NE 68310 (402) 223-3588 Cosmetology Joseph's College of Beauty 828 West 2nd St. NE 68505 (308) 381-8848 Cosmetology Joseph's College of Beauty 2241 O St. Omaha. Grand Island. NE 68901 (402) 463-1357 Cosmetology Joseph's College of Beauty 2250 North Webb Rd. Norfolk.EQ School of Hair Design 1849 North 73rd St. Hastings. NE 68510 (402) 487-5388 Cosmetology Teacher < previous page page_90 next page > . Beatrice. NE 68114 (402) 390-0824 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Joseph's College of Beauty 202 Madison Ave. Lincoln. NE 68701 (402) 371-3358 Cosmetology Joseph's College of Beauty 618 Count St.

Kearney. NE 68114 (402) 393-2933 Cosmetology Teacher Esthetician Nevada Academy of Hair Design 4445 West Charleston Las Vegas. Suite V-2 Las Vegas. NE 68847 (308) 234-6594 Cosmetology North Platte Beauty Academy 107 West Sixth North Platte. Carson City. Inc. 1050 Matley Lane Reno. NV 89502 (702) 329-9494 Cosmetology Hair Designer Teacher Esthetician Manicuring page_91 next page > Page 91 . NV 89706 (702) 885-9977 Cosmetology Esthetician Manicuring Marinello School of Beauty 5000 East Bonanza. Omaha. NE 69101 (308) 532-4664 Cosmetology Xenon International School of Hair Design II 333 South 78th St. School of Hair Design 2213 Central Ave.< previous page Joseph's of Kearney. NV 89110 (702) 796-6200 Cosmetology Hairdressing Manicuring Northern Nevada Beauty Academy. NV 89102 (702) 878-1185 Cosmetology Hairdressing Teacher Training Esthetician Manicuring Carson City Beauty Academy 2531 North Carson St.

NH 03300 (603) 224-2211 Cosmetology Continental Academie of Hair Design 311 Lincoln St. Rte. NH 03101 (603) 622-5851 Cosmetology Manicuring Continental Academic of Hair Design 102 Derry St.Southern Nevada University of Cosmetology 3430 East Tropicana Las Vegas. Hudson. NH 03220 (603) 524-9582 Cosmetology Teacher Training < previous page page_91 next page > . NV 89121 (702) 458-6333 Cosmetology Hair Designer Teacher Esthetician Manicuring New Hampshire Concord Academy of Hair Design 20 South Main St. 3 Belmont. Concord. Manchester. NH 03051 (603) 889-1614 Cosmetology Manicuring Empire Beauty School 588 State Rd..

Manchester. West Lebanon. NH 03820 (603) 794-3775 Cosmetology Keene Beauty Academy. Portsmouth. Bricktown. Inc. Dover. NH 03784 (603) 289-5199 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Portsmouth Beauty School of Hair Design 138 Congress St. NH 03101 (603) 668-4300 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring New England School of Hair Design. Keene. 800 Park Ave.< previous page Empire Beauty School #3 328 Central Ave. Inc. NJ 08723 (201) 920-3600 Cosmetology Esthetician Instructor Manicuring page_92 next page > Page 92 . NH 03431 (603) 357-3736 Cosmetology Manicuring Michael's School of Hair Design 533 Elm St. NH 03801 (603) 436-7775 Cosmetology New Jersey The Artistic Academy of Hair Design 21-21 Broadway Fair Lawn. 12 Interchange Dr. NJ 07410 (201) 794-3502 Cosmetology Esthetics Instructor Manicuring Capri Institute of Hair Design 268 Brick Blvd.

NJ 07652 (201) 599-0880 Cosmetology Esthetician Instructor Manicuring Concorde School of Hair Design 9-11 Ward St. NJ 07033 (201) 964-1330 Cosmetology Esthetician Instructor Manicuring Capri Institute of Hair Design 615 Winters Ave.Capri Institute of Hair Design 1595 Main Ave. NJ 07011 (201) 772-4610 Cosmetology Esthetician Instructor Manicuring Capri Institute of Hair Design 660 North Michigan Ave. NJ 07712 (908) 918-0505 Cosmetology Manicuring < previous page page_92 next page > . Paramus. Inc. Kenilworth. Route 35 & Sunset Ave. Clifton. Bloomfield. NJ 07003 (201) 680-0099 Cosmetology Manicuring Concorde School of Hair Design. Ocean Township.

Elizabeth. 1719 Brunswick Pike Lawrenceville. Totowa. NJ 07512 (201) 256-7405 Hairdressing & Cosmetology page_93 next page > Page 93 . NJ 08108 (609) 858-1900 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Gordon Phillips School of Beauty Culture. Collingswood. 1305 Blackwood-Clementon Rd. 1126 Morris Ave.< previous page European Academy of Cosmetology. Laurel Springs. 46 & Union Blvd. NJ 08021 (609) 435-8100 Cosmetology Teacher Manicurist Gordon Phillips School of Beauty Culture. NJ 07083 (201) 686-4422 Cosmetology Crossover Instructor Brush Up Manicuring Franklin School of Cosmetology 1210-1212 East Grand St. Inc. NJ 08648 (609) 392-4545 Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technician Jon Louis School of Beauty 225 Rt. Inc. Inc. NJ 07201 (908) 965-0888 Cosmetology Esthetician Instructor Manicuring Gordon Phillips School of Beauty Culture. Inc. 729 Haddon Ave. Union City.

Jersey City. NJ 07093 (201) 864-5050 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Barber P. Method of Hair Design.Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences Roxbury Shopping Center 45 Sunset Strip #10 Succasunna. Inc.B. NJ 07876 (201) 584-9030 Cosmetology Brush Up Manicuring Natural Motion Institute of Hair Design 2800 Kennedy Blvd. School of Beauty 110 Monmouth St. NJ 07601 (201) 487-2203 < previous page page_93 next page > . Hackensack. Gloucester. NJ 07306 (201) 659-0303 Cosmetology Instructor Brush Up Manicuring New Horizons Institute of Cosmetology. West New York. NJ 08030 (609) 456-4927 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Brush Up Parisian Beauty Academy 362 State St. 5518 Bergenline Ave.

Perth Amboy. North Plainfield. NJ 08232 (609) 645-3635 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring New Mexico page_94 next page > Page 94 . Hawthorne. Inc. NJ 07801 (201) 361-1043 Cosmetology Esthetician Instructor Training Manicuring Reignbow Beauty Academy. Dover. NJ 08861 (908) 442-6007 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Reignbow Hair Fashion Institute 121 Watchung Ave. NJ 08053 (609) 985-5500 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Roman Academy of Beauty Culture 431 Lafayette Ave. Pleasantville. NJ 07506 (201) 423-2223 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Shore Beauty School 103 West Washington Ave. NJ 07060 (908) 754-4247 Cosmetology Teacher Training Brush Up Manicuring Rizzieri Institute 6001 West Lincoln Dr. 312 State St.< previous page Cosmetology Esthetician Instructor Manicuring Paterno's Dermalogics Institute 21-23 East Blackwell St. Mount Laurel.

Aladdin Beauty College #22 108 South Union St. Roswell, NM 88201 (505) 623-6331 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Classic Academy of Beauty P.O. Box 604 Hurley, NM 88043 (505) 537-2631 Cosmetology Instructor DeWolff College of Hairstyling & Cosmetology 6405 Lomas Ave. Northeast Albuquerque, NM 87110 (505) 268-5617 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring/Esthetician Esthetician Manicuring Eddy County Beauty College 1115 West Mermod Carlsbad, NM 88220 (505) 887-2666 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring/Pedicuring Hollywood School of Beauty & Advanced Hair Design 7915 Menaul Northeast Albuquerque, NM 87110

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(505) 299-7617 Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Manicuring Montes Academy of Cosmetology 1515 Florida Alamogordo, NM 88310 (505) 437-9862 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Mr. John's Academy of Beauty Culture 626 East Main St. Farmington, NM 87401 (505) 327-4701 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Olympian University of Cosmetology 1810 East Tenth St. Alamogordo, NM 88310 (505) 437-2221 Cosmetology Instructor Esthetician Manicuring/Facial Specialist Manicuring Olympian University of Cosmetology 108 Wyatt Dr. Las Cruces, NM 88005 (505) 523-7181 Cosmetology Barbering Instructor Manicuring/Esthetician Manicuring New York Adirondack Beauty School 108 Dix Ave. Glens Falls, NY 12801 (518) 745-1646 Hairdressing Austin School of Beauty Culture 527 Central Ave. Albany, NY 12206 (518) 438-7879 Hairdressing


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Beauty School of Middletown 225 Dolson Ave. Middletown, NY 10940 (914) 343-2171 Hairdressing Esthetics Manicuring/Sculptured Nails Brittany Beauty Center 3272 Hempstead Turnpike Levittown, NY 11756 (516) 731-8300 Hairdressing Bronx Beauty School 2048 McGraw Ave. Bronx, NY 10462 (718) 931-7400 Hairdressing/Cosmetology Manicuring/Sculptured Nails Capri School of Hair Design 28 South Main St. Spring Valley, NY 10977 (914) 352-3636 Hairdressing Esthetics Manicuring/Hand Care Central Academy of Beauty Culture Route 94, P.O. Box 608-A Vails Gate, NY 12584 (914) 561-1617 Hairdressing Contemporary School of Beauty Culture 417 South Clinton St. Syracuse, NY 13202 (315)474-4808 Hairdressing Manicuring/Sculptured Nails

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Continental School of Beauty Culture-Batavia 215 Main St. Batavia, NY 14020 (716) 344-0886 Hairdressing Nail Speciality Continental School of Beauty Culture-Jefferson 633 Jefferson Rd. Rochester, NY 14623 (716) 272-8060 Hairdressing Esthetics Nail Speciality Continental School of Beauty Culture-Kenmore 326 Kenmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14223 (716) 833-5016 Hairdressing Nail Speciality Continental School of Beauty Culture-Olean 515 North Union St. Olean, NY 14760 (716) 372-5095 Cosmetology Nail Speciality Continental School of Beauty Culture-West Seneca 1050 Union Rd., Southgate Plaza West Seneca, NY 14224 (716) 675-8205 Hairdressing Manicuring/Sculptured Nails Hair Design Institute at Fifth Ave. 6711 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11220 (718) 745-1000 Hairdressing Hair Design Institute at Livingston St. 169 Livingston St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 875-9060 Hairdressing Hair Design Institute in Flushing 54-40 Myrtle Ave. Ridgewood, NY 11385 (718) 628-4222 Hairdressing


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HeadPeople School of Hair Design 27 South Middletown Rd. Nanuet, NY 10954 (914) 623-1800 Hairdressing Manicuring/Sculptured Nails Jon Louis School of Beauty 21 North Ocean Ave. Patchogue, NY 11772 (516) 289-1950 Appearance Enhancement Hairdressing Jon Louis School of Beauty 210 East 188th St. Bronx, NY 10458 (718) 733-2828 Appearance Enhancement Hairdressing/Cosmetology Barbering/Cosmetology Crossover Jon Louis School of Beauty 171-173 Main St. White Plains, NY 10601 (914) 948-3700 Appearance Enhancement Hairdressing/Cosmetology John Louis School of Beauty 1145 Deer Park Ave. North Babylon, NY 11703 (516) 242-3322 Advanced Hairdressing Appearance Enhancement Hairdressing II Hairdressing/Cosmetology

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Hairdressing Barbering/Cosmetology Crossover Jon Louis School of Beauty 2981 Hempstead Turnpike Levittown, NY 11756 (516) 579-4545 Hairdressing Cosmetology Appearance Enhancement Hairdressing/Cosmetology Jon Louis School of Beauty 91-14 Merrick Blvd. Jamaica, NY 11432 (718) 658-6250 Advanced Hairdressing Appearance Enhancement Hairdressing II Hairdressing/Cosmetology Hairdressing Barbering/CosmetologyCrossover Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences 173 A Fulton Ave. Hempstead, NY 11550 (516) 483-6259 Hairdressing Manicuring/Sculptured Nails Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences 2384 86th St. Brooklyn, NY 11214 (718) 373-2400 Hairdressing/Cosmetology Manicuring/Sculptured Nails Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences 1645 East 16th St. Brooklyn, NY 11229 (718) 645-2400 Hairdressing Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences 38-15Broadway Astoria, NY 11103 (718) 726-8383 Hairdressing Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences 22 West 34th St. New York, NY 10001 (212) 695-4555 Hairdressing Manicuring/SculpturedNails


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NY 11375 (718) 793-0220 Hairdressing Refresher Course (varied hours) New York Beauty School 542-550 Atlantic Ave. 136-12 Roosevelt Ave. Ltd. Flushing. Brooklyn.Magic Touch Beauty Institute 1207 Quentin Rd. NY 11217 (718) 852-4694 Cosmetology New York International Beauty School. NY 11229 (718) 376-0985 Cosmetology Wiggery MarJon School of Beauty Culture 3153 Eggert Rd. NY 11354 (718) 353-0064 Hairdressing Northern Westchester School of Hairdressing 19 Bank St. Brooklyn. Peekskill. NY 10566 (914) 739-8400 < previous page page_97 next page > . Tonawanda. Forest Hills. NY 14150 (716) 836-6240 Hairdressing Manicuring Sculptured Nails Midway Paris Beauty School-Queens 108-22 Queens Blvd.

Troy. NY 11788 (516) 724-0440 Hairdressing Yonkers Beauty Culture School 28 North Broadway Yonkers. NY 12180 (518) 273-7741 Hairdressing/Cosmetology Hairdressing Westchester School of Beauty Culture 6 Gramatan Ave. NY 10550 (914) 699-2344 Hairdressing Esthetics Manicuring/Sculptured Nails Esthetics Refresher Course (varied hours) Wilfred Academy of Hair & Beauty Culture #21 544 Route 111 Hauppauge. Binghampton. NY 12206 (518) 459-7832 Hairdressing Phillips Hairstyling Institute 528 West Onondaga Syracuse. Mt. NY 14617 (716) 342-0070 Hairdressing Triple Cities School of Beauty Culture 5 Court St. Vernon. Rochester.< previous page Hairdressing Holistic Skin Care The Orlo School of Hair Design & Cosmetology 232 North Allen St. NY 13901 (607) 722-1279 Hairdressing Troy School of Beauty Culture 86 Congress St. NY 10701 (914) 968-7500 Hairdressing/Cosmetology Manicuring/Sculptured Nails page_98 next page > Page 98 . NY 13204 (315) 422-9656 Hairdressing Nail Specialty Shear Ego International School of Hair Design 525 Titus Ave. Albany.

NC 28540 (910) 455-5767 Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring Dudley Cosmetology University 900 East Mountain St. 3307-A Gum Branch Rd.North Carolina Aurora Beauty College 1047 Burke St. Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem. Jacksonville. NC 27107 (910) 773-1472 Cosmetology < previous page page_98 next page > . NC 27101 (919) 748-9588 Cosmetology Manicuring Cheveux School Hair Design & Hairport. Kernersville. NC 27284 (910) 996-2030 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Instructor Training Manicuring Hair Stylist Academy of Cosmetology 807 Corporation Pkwy. Inc.

Inc. Dunn. NC 28334 (910) 892-7270 Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring Leon's Beauty School 1410 West Lee St. Greensboro. NC 28303 (919) 485-6310 Cosmetology Manicuring page_99 next page > Page 99 . Statesville. NC 27403 (919) 274-4601 Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring Instructor Manicuring Mitchell's Hairstyling Academy 1235 Buck Jones Rd. NC 27606 (919) 469-5807 Cosmetology Manicuring Mitchell's Hairstyling Academy 426 Arlington Blvd. Greenville. NC 27858 (919) 756-3050 Cosmetology Manicuring Mitchell's Hairstyling Academy 1021 North Spence Ave.< previous page Junior Teacher Manicuring Hair Stylists Academy of Cosmetology. Raleigh. 113 Water St. NC 28677 (704) 873-8805 Cosmetology Teaching Skills Manicuring Hank Hanna College of Beauty Culture 200 North Wilson Ave. NC 27534 (919) 778-8200 Cosmetology Manicuring Mitchell's Hairstyling Academy 222 Tallywood Shopping Center Fayetteville. Goldsboro.

Mitchell's Hairstyling Academy 3605-101 Bastion Lane Raleigh. Charlotte. NC 28216 (704) 333-6969 < previous page page_99 next page > . Charlotte. Branch #2 1701 West Trade St. NC 27530 (919) 580-9074 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Universal College of Beauty. NC 27604 (919) 828-8775 Cosmetology Manicuring Mitchell's Hairstyling Academy Parkwood Shopping Center Wilson. Inc. Goldsboro. Charlotte. NC 27893 (919) 243-3158 Cosmetology Plaza School of Beauty Culture 1419C Central Ave. NC 28205 (704) 333-8893 Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring South Eastern College of Beauty Culture 1535 Elizabeth Ave.. NC 28204 (704) 333-4400 Cosmetology Student Teacher Manicuring Swinson's School of Cosmetic Art 305 South Center St.

Minot. Inc. Grand Forks. ND 58102 (701) 235-0011 Cosmetology Josef's School of Hair Design.P. 202 East Broadway Bismarck. ND 58201 (701) 772-2728 Cosmetology Teacher Nail Technology The Headquarters Academy of Hair Design. Inc. ND 58401 (701) 252-5851 Cosmetology Teacher R. 124 North Fourth St.D. Fargo. Hairstyling College. Southwest Jamestown.< previous page Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring North Dakota The Hair Designer's Academy 2011-13 South Washington Ave. D Town & Country Beauty College 2400 8th Ave. Inc. ND 58701 (701) 852-8329 Cosmetology Instructor Training Josef's School of Hair Design. 627 N. Ave. OH 44106 (216) 421-2313 Cosmetology page_100 next page > Page 100 . ND 58501 (701) 223-1478 Cosmetology Mr. ND 58501 (701) 223-8804 Cosmetology II Cosmetology Ohio Beatrice Academy of Beauty 10500 Cedar Ave. Bismarck. Cleveland. Inc. 108 South Main St.

Dayton. OH 45246 (513) 895-1122 Cosmetology/ Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring < previous page page_100 next page > . Cincinnati. Middletown.Carousel Beauty College 125 East Second St. OH 45420 (937) 298-5752 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Managing Manicurist Carousel Beauty College 633 South Breiel Blvd. OH 45044 (513) 422-2962 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Carousel Beauty College 111 West Kemper Rd. Kettering. OH 45402 (513) 223-3572 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Managing Manicurist Carousel Beauty College 3120 Woodman Dr.

< previous page Carousel Beauty College 1475 Upper Valley Pike Rm. Maple Heights. 956 Springfield. Akron. OH 45424 (513) 233-8818 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Charmayne Beauty Academy 20880 Southgate Park Blvd. Dayton. OH 45504 (937) 323-0277 Cosmetology Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Managing Manicurist Carousel of Miami Valley Beauty College 7809 Waynetown Blvd. OH 45402 (513) 222-9101 Barbering Barber Styling for Cosmetologists Fairview Academy 22610 Lorain Rd. OH 44313 (216) 867-9933 Cosmetology Teacher Training Managing Esthetics Salon Management Manicuring page_101 next page > Page 101 . OH 44126 (216) 734-5555 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Manicurist/Managers Managing Cosmetologist Manicuring Gerber's Akron Beauty School 1686 West Market St. Fairview Park. Huber Heights. OH 44137 (216) 662-4090 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Dayton Barber College 28 West Fifth St.

Lyndhurst. Weinberger & Hill Beauty School 128 East Fourth St. East Liverpool. OH 44515 (330) 792-6504 Cosmetology/Management Teacher Training Managing Manicurist Salon Management Inner State Beauty School 5150 Mayfield Rd. Austintown. OH 43920 (330) 385-9344 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Salon Management Manicuring Marinello-Eastern Hills Academy of Hair Design 7681 Beechmont Ave. OH 44124 (216) 442-4500 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Esthetician/Manager Manicuring/Manager Manicuring International Academy of Hair Design 8419 Colerain Ave. < previous page page_101 next page > .Hair Academy 6000 Mahoning Ave. Cincinnati. OH 45239 (513) 741-4777 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Lewis.

6011 Montgomery Rd. OH 45014 (513) 874-5116 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Salon Management Manicuring Moore Université of Hair Design. OH 45230 (513) 231-8621 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Managing/Manicuring Salon Management Manicuring Managing Manicurist Moler-Hollywood Beauty College 26 East Sixth St. Milford. North Canton. Inc.< previous page Cincinnati. OH 45150 (513) 831-8323 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Salon Management Manicuring Moler-Pickens Beauty College 6625 G Dixie Hwy. Cincinnati. Fairfield. OH 44720 (330) 499-5596 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Salon Management Manicuring Managing Manicurist page_102 next page > Page 102 . OH 45213 (513) 531-3100 Cosmetology/Mangement Cosmetology Salon Management Manicuring National Beauty College 1308 South Main St. OH 45202 (513) 621-5262 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Manager Manicuring Moler-Hollywood Beauty College 985 Lila Ave. Cincinnati.

Columbus. OH 43214 (614) 888-0790 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology ManagingEsthetics Manicuring/Nail Technician/Manager Manicuring Northern Institute of Cosmetology 667-669 Broadway Lorain. Whitehall. Columbus. OH 43202 (614) 261-7588 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Technician/Manager Manicuring Nationwide Beauty Academy 942 South Hamilton Rd.Nationwide Beauty Academy 3120 Olentangy River Rd. OH 44052 (216) 244-4282 Cosmetology < previous page page_102 next page > . OH 43213 (614) 864-1544 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Technician/Manager Manicuring Nationwide Beauty Academy 5050 North High St.

OH 43068 (614) 868-1601 Barbering Cosmetology/Management Barbering/Cosmetology Management Barbering Manicuring Ohio State School of Cosmetology-Northland 4390 Karl Rd. Columbus. OH 43081 (614) 890-3535 Cosmetology/Management Manicuring Ohio State School of Cosmetology 1469 West Broad St. Columbus. OH 43224 (614) 263-1861 Barbering Cosmetology/Management Barbering II Barbering I Managing Esthetics Manicuring page_103 next page > Page 103 . OH 45801 (419) 229-7896 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Salon Management Manicuring Ohio State School of Cosmetology 3717 South High St. Westerville. OH 43207 (614) 491-0492 Cosmetology/Management Manicuring Ohio State School of Cosmetology 5970 Westerville Rd. Reynoldsburg.< previous page Ohio State Beauty Academy 57 Town Square Lima. OH 43222 (614) 351-1171 Cosmetology/Management Manicuring Ohio State School of Cosmetology East 6320 East Livingston Ave. Columbus.

OH 45662 (614) 353-2436 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Technician/Manager Salon Management Manicuring Managinng Manicurist Raphael's Salem Beauty Academy 330 East State St. Youngstown. Portsmouth.Paramount Beauty Academy 917 Gallia St. OH 44505 (330) 759-9604 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring < previous page page_103 next page > . OH 44446 (330) 652-1559 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Managing Manicurist Raphael's School of Beauty Culture 3107½ Belmont Ave. Niles. Salem. OH 44460 (330) 332-5407 Cosmetology/Management Teacher Training Manicurist/Manager Manicuring Managing Raphael's School of Beauty Culture 1324 Youngstown Warren Rd.

Cuyahoga Falls. OH 43619 (419) 693-7257 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Technician/Manager Salon Management Manicuring Toledo Academy of Beauty CultureSouth 1554 South Byrne Rd. Steubenville. OH 44483 (330) 395-4999 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Managing Manicurist Riggs Le Mar Beauty College 3464 Hudson Dr. Tiffin. 2668 Mahoning Ave. Warren. Glenbyrne Center Toledo.< previous page Raphael's School of Beauty Culture. OH 44221 (216) 945-4045 Cosmetology Esthetician Manager Manicuring Managing Esthetician Managing Manicurist Scott College of Cosmetology 434 Market St. Northwood. Inc. OH 43614 (419) 381-7218 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Technician/Manager Salon Management Manicuring page_104 next page > Page 104 . OH 44883 (419) 447-3117 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Managing Manicurist Toledo Academy of Beauty Culture-East 2592 Woodville Rd. OH 43952 (614) 282-3312 Cosmetology/Management Teacher Training Manicuring Tiffin Academy of Hair Design 104 East Market St.

Cleveland Heights.Toledo Academy of Beauty CultureNorth 5020 Lewis Ave. Toledo. Cleveland. OH 43612 (419) 478-6660 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Technician/Manager Salon Management Manicuring Valley Beauty School 252 Front St. OH 45750 (614) 373-3617 Cosmetology/Management Vogue Beauty Academy 13238 Cedar Rd. OH 44118 (216) 321-4465 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Vogue Beauty Academy 2051 East Fourth St. OH 44115 (216) 621-5552 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring < previous page page_104 next page > . Marietta.

Duncan. OK 73521 (405) 482-1818 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Aladdin Beauty College #11 1026 Northwest 38th St. Altus. OK 73601 (405) 323-6279 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Aladdin Beauty College #23 2103 West Beech St. Cincinnati. OH 45211 (513) 574-3818 Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Managing Esthetics Manicuring/Nail Technician/Manager Salon Management Managing Manicurist Oklahoma Aladdin Beauty College #9 212 West Commerce St. OK 73505 (405) 355-6573 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #12 607 Grand Chickasha. OK 73533 (405) 255-6501 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor American Beauty College 7337 South Western Oklahoma City. Clinton. Lawton. OK 73139 (405) 632-5501 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring page_105 next page > Page 105 .< previous page Western Hills School of Beauty & Hair Design 6490 Glenway Ave. OK 73018 (405) 224-8080 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Aladdin Beauty College #20 1406 Gary Blvd.

OK 74012 (918) 251-9660 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetician CC's Cosmetology College 11630 East 21st St. OK 74129 (918) 234-9444 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring/Technician CC's Cosmetology College 206 East Duke Hugo. OK 74743 (405) 326-5475 Cosmetology Teacher Training < previous page page_105 next page > . Tahlequah. OK 73401 (405) 223-3322 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetics Beauty Technical College 1600 Downing St. South Tulsa. OK 74465 (918) 456-6360 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Instructor Broken Arrow Beauty College 400 South Elm Place Broken Arrow.American Beauty Institute 123 West Main Ardmore.

< previous page CC's Cosmetology College 1026 West Main Durant. McAlester. Inc. OK 73162 (405) 722-4499 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Esthetician Claremore Beauty College 200 North Cherokee Claremore. OK 74112 (918) 836-7376 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring page_106 next page > Page 106 . 1601 East Broadway Enid. OK 73701 (405) 237-6677 Cosmetology Instructor Training Eve's College of Hairstyling 912 C Ave. OK 74701 (405) 924-6230 Cosmetology Instructor Central State Beauty Academy 8442 Northwest Expressway Oklahoma City. OK 73501 (405) 355-6620 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring International Academy of Cosmetology 1707 South Sheridan Tulsa. Lawton. OK 74501 (918) 423-8549 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetician Enid Beauty College. OK 74017 (918) 341-4370 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Dixon College 115 North First St.

OK 74063 (918) 245-6627 Barbering Cosmetology < previous page page_106 next page > . 271 North Route #3. Ponca City.Jenks Beauty College 535 West Main Jenks. Sand Springs. OK 74447 (918) 756-5566 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Ponca City Beauty College 122 North First St. OK 74601 (405) 762-1470 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Poteau Beauty College Hwy. Box 334 Poteau. OK 74953 (918) 647-4119 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Sand Springs Beauty College 28 East Second St. OK 74037 (918) 245-6627 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetician Okmulgee School of Hair Design 223 West 6th Okmulgee.

Muskogee. OK 74701 (405) 924-1049 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Stillwater Beauty Academy 1684 Cimarron Plaza Stillwater. OK 74075 (405) 377-4100 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Facial Virgil's Beauty College 111 South Ninth St. Durant. Oklahoma City. OK 74745 (405) 286-7840 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Shampoo Academy of Hair 2630 West Britton Rd. OK 74401 (918) 682-9429 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Woodward Beauty College 502 Texas Woodward. OK 73120 (405) 755-0110 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetician Southern School of Beauty 140 West Main St.< previous page Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetician School of Hair Design 1437 Southeast Washington Idabel. OK 73801 (405) 256-7520 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring page_107 next page > Page 107 .

OR 97405 (541) 342-2108 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Facial Technician/Hairdressing Hair Design Barbering Teacher Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Academy of Hair Design. OK 73099 (405) 354-3172 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetician Oregon A'Art College of Beauty 2101 Bailey Hill Rd. Yukon. Grants Pass. Suite G Eugene. 305 Court St. OR 97301 (503) 585-8122 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Nail Technology Hair Design Barbering Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology Artistic School of Hair Design 130 Southeast K St. Northeast Salem.. OR 97526 < previous page page_107 next page > .Yukon Beauty College 1231 South 11th St. Inc.

Medford. OR 97501 (541) 772-2113 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Facial Technician/Hairdressing Barber/Hairdresser Teacher Facial Technician/Manicuring Manicuring Facial Technician Astoria Beauty College 1180 Commercial St. OR 97103 (503) 325-3163 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Facial Technology Hair Design Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology Beau Monde College of Hair Design 1026 Southwest Salmon St. Astoria. Portland.< previous page (541) 479-8957 Full Combination Course (HAIR/SKI/MAN) Facial Technician/Hairdressing Hairdressing/Manicuring Barber/Hairdressing Teacher Facial Technician/Manicuring Nail Technician Facial Technology Artistic School of Hair Design of Medford 2370 Jacksonville Hwy. OR 97205 (503) 226-7355 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Facial Technology Hair Design Barbering Teacher Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology page_108 next page > Page 108 .

Northeast Salem. OR 97601 (541) 882-6644 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Barber/Hairdresser Instructor Training Facial Technician/Manicuring Manicuring College of Hair Design Careers 3322 Lancaster Dr. OR 97305 (503) 588-5888 Fulll Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Facial Technology Hair Design Teacher Nail Technology Facial Technician/Manicuring Facial Technology Edward Wadsworth Institute for Hair Design 3301 Northeast Sandy Blvd.College of Cosmetology 357 East Main St. Klamath Falls. OR 97232 (503) 239-0838 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Facial Technician/Hairdressing Hair Design Barbering Teacher Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology Cadet (Teacher Refresher) < previous page page_108 next page > . Portland.

OR 97222 (503) 659-2834 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Facial Technology Hair Design Teacher Facial Technician/Manicuring Nail Technology Facial Technology Oregon College of Beauty & Barbering 672 East Main Hermiston. OR 97005 (503) 646-3181 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Facial Technology Hair Design Nail Technology Milwaukie Beauty Sehool 6128 Southeast King Rd. OR 97333 (503) 753-7770 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Nail Technology Hair Design Barbering Teacher Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology page_109 next page > Page 109 . Corvallis. OR 97838 (503) 567-7040 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hair Design Nail Technology Facial Technology Phagan's Beauty College 142 Southwest Second St. Milwaukie.< previous page Magee Brothers Beaverton School of Beauty 4500 Southwest Watson Beaverton.

OR 97220 (503) 255-8580 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Phagan's Grants Pass College of Beauty 226 Southeast ''H" St. OR 97701 (503) 382-6171 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Nail Technology Hair Design Barbering Teacher Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology Phagan's Gateway College of Beauty 11131 Northeast Halsey Portland.Phagan's Central Oregon Beauty College 355 Northeast Second Bend. Grants Pass. OR 97526 (503) 479-6678 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Nail Technology Hair Design Barbering Teacher Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology < previous page page_109 next page > .

Newport. OR 97301 (503) 363-6800 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Nail Technology Hair Design Barbering Teacher Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology Phagan's School of Hair Design 16550 Southeast McLoughlin Blvd. OR 97504 (503) 772-6155 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Nail Technology Hair Design Barbering Teacher Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology Phagan's Newport Academy of Cosmetology Careers 333 Southwest 7th St. Medford.< previous page Phagan's Medford Beauty School 2366 Poplar Dr. OR 97222 (503) 652-2668 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Nail Technology Hair Design Barbering Cadet Instructor Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology page_110 next page > Page 110 . Milwaukie. OR 97365 (541) 265-3083 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hair Design Barbering Nail Technology Facial Technician/Manicuring Facial Technology Cadet Teacher Phagan's School of Beauty 622 Lancaster Northeast Salem.

Phagan's Tigard Beauty School 8820 Southwest Center St. OR 97470 (503) 673-5533 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design/Facial Technology Hair Design Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Facial Technology Springfield College of Beauty 727 Main St. Tigard. Springfield. OR 97477 (541) 746-4473 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Facial Technician/Hairdressing Barber/Hairdresser Teacher Facial Technology/Nail Technology Manicuring Facial Technician < previous page page_110 next page > . Inc. OR 97223 (503) 639-6107 Full Combination Course (HAIR-SKI-MAN) Hairdressing/Manicuring Hair Design Facial Technology/Nail Technology Nail Technology Roseburg Beauty College. 700 Southeast Stephens Roseburg.

PA 18103 (610) 437-4626 Cosmetologist Teacher Manager Manicurist Altoona Beauty School of Hair Design & Cosmetology 1100 Sixth Ave. Altoona. PA 18704 (717) 288-4574 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Academy of Hair Design 5 East Third St. PA 16602 (814) 942-3141 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Ambler Beauty Academy. 50 East Butler Pike Ambler. Allentown.< previous page Pennsylvania The Academy of Creative Hair Design Narrows Mall Kingston. Inc. 1921 Union Blvd. PA 17815 (717) 784-1020 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Salon Management Skin Care/Make-Up Allentown School of Cosmetology. Bloomsburg. Inc. PA 19002 (215) 643-5994 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cosmetician Manicuring page_111 next page > Page 111 .

Butler. < previous page page_111 next page > . Philadelphia.Baron's Castle Beauty Academy 4011 Cottman Ave. Inc. Beaver Falls. PA 16001 (412) 287-0708 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Clearfield Beauty Academy 22 North Third St. PA 19135 (215) 338-1500 Cosmetology Aesthetician Teacher/Manager Teacher Training Advanced Manicuring Salon Management Cosmetician Manicuring Beaver Falls Beauty Academy 720 13th St. 1761 Bustleton Pike Feasterville. PA 19047 (215) 322-0666 Clinic Hair Hair II Hair I Clinic (Non-Hair) Clinic Skin Care Electrology Fundamentals of Non-Hair Manicuring Butler Beauty School 233 South Main St. PA 15010 (412) 843-7700 Cosmetology Teacher Training Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Bucks County School of Beauty Culture.

PA 17604 (717) 394-8561 Beauty Culture Make-Up Artist/Teacher Make-Up Artist/Manicuring Beauty CultureTeacher Make-Up Artist/Skin Care Salon Management Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 1135 South Edgar St. PA 16830 (814) 765-2022 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cosmetician Manicuring Empire-Lackawanna Beauty School 219 Lackawanna Ave. PA 17401 (717) 854-7698 Cosmetology Make-Up/Teacher Make-Up/Manicuring Teacher II Teacher Training Skin Care/Make-Up II Salon Management Skin Care/Make-Up Nail Technician page_112 next page > Page 112 . PA 17042 (717) 272-3323 Beauty Culture Operator Make-Up Artist/Teacher Training Make-Up Artist/Manicuring Beauty CultureTeacher Beauty Culture Manager Make-Up Artist/Skin Care Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 1801 Columbia Ave.< previous page Clearfield. York. Lebanon. PA 18503 (717) 346-1465 Cosmetology Make-Up/Teacher Make-Up/Manicuring Teacher II Teacher Training Skin Care/Make-Up II Salon Management Skin Care/Make-Up Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 38 South Eighth St. Lancaster. Scranton. Wheatland Shopping Ctr.

PA 17876 (717) 743-1410 Cosmetology Make-Up/Skin Care/Teacher Training Make-Up/Skin Care/Manicuring Teacher Training II Teacher Training I Make-Up/Skin Care Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 60 Centre Square Easton.Empire Beauty School Orchard Hills Plaza Shamokin. PA 18042 (215) 253-7000 Cosmetology Make-Up/Skin Care/Teacher Training Make-Up/Skin Care/Manicuring Teacher Training II Teacher Training I Make-Up/Skin Care Manager Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 124 West Broad St. PA 18201 (717) 454-8461 Cosmetology Teacher II Teacher Training Nail Technician < previous page page_112 next page > . Hazelton.

Wilkes-Barre. PA 17044 (717) 248-5408 Cosmetology Teacher II Teacher Training Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 342 West Fourth St. PA 17701 (717) 322-8243 Cosmetology Make-Up/Teacher Make-Up/Manicuring Teacher II Teacher Training Skin Care/Make-Up II Salon Management Skin Care/Make-Up Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 117 South Main St. Lewistown.< previous page Empire Beauty School 101 East Market St. Williamsport. PA 18701 (717) 823-5987 Cosmetology Make-Up/Teacher Make-Up/Manicuring Teacher II Teacher Training Skin Care/Make-Up II Salon Management Skin Care/Make-Up Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 2302 North Fifth St Reading. PA 19605 (215) 372-2777 Cosmetology Make-Up/Teacher Make-Up/Manicuring Teacher II Teacher Training Skin Care/Make-Up II Salon Management Skin Care/Make-Up Nail Technician page_113 next page > Page 113 .

Empire Beauty School 3941 Jonestown Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17901 (717) 652-8500 Cosmetology Make-Up/Teacher Make-Up/Manicuring Teacher II Teacher Training Skin Care/Makeup II Salon Management Skin Care/Make-Up Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 1634 MacArthur Rd. Whitehall, PA 18052 (610) 776-8908 Cosmetology Make-Up/Teacher Make-Up/Manicuring Teacher II Teacher Training Skin Care/Make-Up II Salon Management Skin Care/Make-Up Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 5103 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 (717) 731-8220 Cosmetology Teacher II Teacher Training Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 324 North Centre St. Pottsville, PA 17901 (717) 622-6060 Cosmetology Teacher II Teacher Training Nail Technician

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Empire Beauty School 208 West Hamilton St. State College, PA 16801 (814) 238-1961 Cosmetology Teacher II Teacher Training Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 141 High St. Pottstown, PA 19464 (215) 327-1313 Cosmetology Teacher II Teacher Training Salon Management Nail Technician Empire Beauty School 435 York Rd. Warminster, PA 18974 (215) 443-8446 Cosmetology Teacher II Teacher Training Salon Management Nail Technician Empire Beauty School of Chambers, Inc. Southgate Shopping Center, 171 Cedar Ave. Chambersburg, PA 17201 (717) 264-6300 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manager Nail Technician Empire Beauty School, Inc. Clearview Shopping Ctr. Carlise St. Hanover, PA 17331 (717) 633-6201 Operator Teacher II Teacher Training Nail Technician Gordon Phillips School of Beauty Hillcrest Plaza 108 West Germantown Pike Norristown, PA 19401 (610) 352-1776 Basic Cosmetology/Teachers Basic Cosmetology/Managers Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring


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Gordon Phillips School of Beauty Culture 1522 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19104 (215) 376-4774 Basic Cosmetology/Teachers Basic Cosmetology/Managers Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Gordon Phillips School of Beauty Culture 68 Garrett Rd. Upper Darby, PA 19082 (215) 352-5464 Basic Cosmetology/Teachers Basic Cosmetology/Managers Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Gordon Phillips School of Beauty Culture 313 West Market St. West Chester, PA 19382 (610) 344-7665 Cosmetology/Teacher Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring

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Gordon Phillips School of Beauty Culture 2632 South Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19145 (215) 561-2400 Cosmetology Teacher/Manager Manicuring Gordon Phillips School of Beauty Culture, Inc. The Plaza on Mall Blvd. Monroeville, PA 15146 (412) 373-7727 Cosmetology/Salon Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Gordon Phillips/Rudemar School of Beauty Culture 7248 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19135 (215) 331-4444 Basic Cosmetology/Teachers Basic Cosmetology/Managers Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Jean Madeline Education Center for Cosmetology 315A Bainbridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215) 238-9998 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Skin Care Manicuring Kittanning Beauty School of Cosmetology Arts 120 Market St. Kittanning, PA 16201 (800) 833-4247 Operator Teacher's Course Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring


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Lancaster School of Cosmetology, Inc. 50 Ranck Ave. Lancaster, PA 17602 (717) 299-0200 Cosmetology Teacher Training Electrolysis Manicuring Skin Care/Make-Up Lansdale School of Cosmetology, Inc. 215 West Main St. Lansdale, PA 19446 (215) 362-2322 Cosmetology Teacher Training Skin Care Manicuring Levittown Beauty Academy 4257 Newportville Rd. Levittown, PA 19056 (215) 943-0298 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring New Castle School of Beauty Culture 314 East Washington St. New Castle, PA 16101 (412) 654-6611 Cosmetology Teacher's Course Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring North Hills Beauty Academy 434 Perry Hwy. Pittsburgh, PA 15229 (412) 931-8553

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Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring/Nail Design Managers Skin Care/Make-Up Penn State Cosmetology Academy 2200 East State St. Hermitage, PA 16148 (412) 347-4503 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences 19 North Brady St. Dubois, PA 15801 (814) 371-4151 Cosmetology Teacher Training Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences 2445 Bedford St. Johnstown, PA 15904 (814) 269-3444 Cosmetology Teacher Training Pittsburgh Beauty Academy 415 Smithfield St. Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (412) 471-0270 Specialized Cosmetology Management Master Teacher Master Salon Management Skin Care/Make-Up II Barbering Technology Cosmetology Master Skin Care/Electrolysis Master Skin Care/Manicuring Teacher Training Salon Management Electrolysis Manicuring Skin Care/Make-Up Skin Care


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Pittsburgh Beauty Academy of Charleroi 313 Fifth St. PA 15068 (412) 337-8500 Master Teacher Skin Care/Make-Up II Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Skin Care/Make-Up Pruonto's Hair Design Institute 705 12th St. Charleroi. PA 15022 (412) 483-3551 Master CosmetologyTeacher MasterSkin Care/Make-Up General Cosmetology CosmetologyTeacher Esthetics Skin Care/Make-Up Skin Care Pittsburgh Beauty Academy of Greensburg 1000 West Pittsburgh St. PA 15601 (412) 834-3188 Master Teacher Master Skin Care/Make-Up Cosmetology CosmetologyTeacher Esthetics Skin Care/Make-Up Manicuring Pittsburgh Beauty Academy of New Kensington 851 Fifth Ave. Altoona. PA 16602 (814) 944-4494 Cosmetology Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring < previous page page_116 next page > . Greensburg. New Kensington.

PA 19602 (610) 378-1005 Master Cosmetology Teacher II Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Signature Beauty Academy & Supply. Pittsburgh.< previous page Punxy Beauty School of Cosmetology Arts & Science 222 North Findley St. Inc. Stroudsburg. Reading. Punxsutawney. PA 15216 (412) 561-3381 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cosmetician Manicuring Salon Management South Philadelphia Beauty Academy 1933 West Passyunk Ave. PA 15767 (800) 848-4247 Cosmetology Teacher's Course Teacher Training Salon Management Manicuring Randy Rick Beauty Academy 450 Penn St. PA 18360 (717) 421-3387 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring page_117 next page > Page 117 . Philadelphia. 129 Charles St. PA 17356 (717) 246-3796 Cosmetology Teacher Training Cosmetician Manager Manicuring South Hills Beauty Academy 3269 West Liberty Ave. PA 19145 (215) 334-3030 Cosmetology Teacher/Manager Cosmetician Manicuring/Sculptured Nails Manicuring Stroudsburg School of Cosmetology 100 North Eighth St. Red Lion.

PA 19079 (610) 586-2500 Cosmetology Teacher Training Electrolysis Manicuring Salon Management Cosmetician Puerto Rico Academia Maison D'Esthetique Ave. PR 00907 (787) 723-4672 Esthetics Cosmetology American Business College Calle Marti #19 Bayamon.Uniontown Beauty Academy 31 Pittsburgh St. PA 15401 (412) 438-7111 Cosmetology Master Skin Care/Electrolysis Teacher Training Manicuring Venus Beauty School 1033 Chester Pike Sharon Hills. Uniontown. Ponce de Leon 904. Miramar Santurce. PR 00619 (787) 780-4000 Cosmetology Advanced Hairstyling Barbering < previous page page_117 next page > .

PR 00737 (787) 738-6999 Barbering Cosmetology Barbering II Cosmetology II Styling/Make-Up Nail Technician Caribbean Beauty & Technical Institute 60 Georgetti St. Font Martelo #111 Altos Box 38 Humacao.< previous page Nail Technician Cosmetology Advanced Cosmetology Barber Hairstylist Cadimar College Calle Jose de Diego #106 (Altos) Apto. PR 00928 (787) 754-7930 Basic Barbering Basic Cosmetology Barber Styling Advanced Cosmetology Nail Design Caribbean Beauty & Technical Institute Acosta #24 Caguas. Rio Piedras. PR 00791 (787) 852-8655 Barbering Cosmetology Advanced Hairstyling Esthetics/Make/Up Manicuring/Sculptured Nails Emma's Beauty Academy Munoz Rivera #9 Oeste Mayaguez. PR 00680 (787) 833-0980 Cosmetology Barbering Advanced Hairstyling Esthetician Pivot Point Techniques Make-Up Specialist page_118 next page > Page 118 . PR 00725 (787) 743-3679 Barbering Cosmetology Barbering/Styling Advanced Hairstyling Nail Design D'Carmen Beauty & Technical College Ave. 884 Cayey.

PR 00731 (787) 840-8779 Basic Cosmetology Barbering Master Coiffure Creation Esthetician Make-Up Institute of Beauty Careers Ave. Box 1910 Arecibo.O. Altos P.Emma's Beauty Academy Calle Salud #68 Esquina Comercio Ponce. Box 809 Arecibo. PR 00612 (787) 878-2880 Barbering Cosmetology Esthetician Advanced Hairstyling Advanced Barbering Advanced Cosmetology/ Barbering Nail Technician Instituto de Educacion Tecnica Ocupacional LaReine Ave. Jose de Diego #261.PR 00612 (787) 880-7777 Cosmetology Barbering Advanced Hairstyling Esthetician Instituto de Education Tecnica Ocupacional LaReine < previous page page_118 next page > .O. Llorens Torres #199 P.

PR 00925 (787) 798-6400 Barbering Basic Cosmetology Esthetician Super Master Professional Make-Up Nail Technician Instituto Irma Valentin Betances St #18 Manati. Borinquena #1058 Urb.< previous page Avenida Colon A-8 Manati. Cueto St.Veve #183 Bayamon. PR 00960 (787) 798-7500 Barbering Cosmetology Advanced Cosmetology Esthetician Pivot Point Techniques page_119 next page > Page 119 . PR 00674 (787) 854-2316 Cosmetology Barbering Advanced Cosmetology Nail Technician Instituto Irma Valentin-Utuado Dr. PR 00701 (787)854-1119 Cosmetology Barbering Advanced Hairstyling Esthetics/Make-Up Instituto de Estetica y Belleza Marugie Calle Dr. PR 00959 (787) 798-6400 Barbering Basic Cosmetology Esthetics/Make-Up Super Master Nail Technician Professional Make-Up Instituto de Estetica y Belleza Marugie Gonzalez Esq. #20 Utuado. Santa Rita Rio Piedras. PR 00641 (787) 894-1395 Barbering Cosmetology Advanced Cosmetology Nail Technique Modern Hairstyling Institute Dr. Veve #57 Bayamon.

44. PR 00910 (787) 722-2293 Barbering Cosmetology Advanced Cosmetology/Barbering Esthetics/Make-Up Professional Make-Up Manicuring/Sculptured Nails < previous page page_119 next page > .8 Edif Coop. 3 Km.O. San Juan.Modern Hairstyling Institute 988 Ave. Carolina. Fajardo. PR 00927 (787) 765-1906 Barbering Cosmetology Advanced Cosmetology Pivot Point Techniques Modern Hairstyling Institute 3 De Diego St. Box 19828 1315 Ponce de Leon Ave. PR 00648 (787) 863-9911 Cosmetology Advanced Hairstyling Rogie's School of Beauty Culture P. PR 00630 (787) 752-8383 Barbering Cosmetology Advanced Cosmetology Pivot Point Techniques Modern Hairstyling Institute Carr No. Munoz Rivera Rio Piedras. Roosevelt Rd.

PR 00909 (787) 727-7313 Cosmetology Advanced Hairstyling Nail Master Rhode Island Arthur Angelo School of Cosmetology & Hair Design 151 Broadway Providence. PR 00725 (787) 722-2293 Barbering Cosmetology Advanced Hairstyling Esthetician Manicuring/Sculptured Nails Professional Make-Up Serbia's School of Beauty Culture Calle Palmer #61 Guayama. RI 02903 (401) 272-4300 Cosmetology Master Esthetician Esthetics Manicuring Instructor page_120 next page > Page 120 . PR 00654 (787) 864-7254 Cosmetology Barbering Styling Advanced Hairstyling Esthetician II Nail Technician Professional Make-Up Star Beauty Academy Degetau St #19 Bayamon. Plaza San Alfon Caguas.< previous page Rogie's School of Beauty Culture Gautier Benitez Ave.PR00619 (787) 740-7490 Barbering Styling Cosmetology Styling Advanced Cosmetology/Styling Nail Technician Professional Make-Up Teddy Ulmo Institute of Advanced Hair Styling Avenida Fernandez Juncos #1859 Segundo Piso Santurce. & Degetau St.

RI 02809 (401) 253-5981 Cosmetology Manicuring Newport School of Hairdressing 50 Rolfe St. Wampanoag Mall East Providence. RI 02910 (401) 461-7990 Cosmetology Manicuring Warwick Academy of Beauty Culture 1800 Post Rd. Cranston. Warwick. RI 02914 (401) 431-1717 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Newport School of Hairdressing 226 Main St Pawtucket. RI 02886 (401) 737-4646 Cosmetology Esthetician Manicuring < previous page page_120 next page > .Loretta's School of Cosmetology 1925 Pawtucket Ave. RI 02860 (401) 272-9510 Cosmetology Instructor Newport School of Hairdressing 490 Metacom Ave. Bristol.

Inc 105 Hwy. SC 29841 (803) 278-1200 Cosmetology Kenneth Shuler's School of Cosmetics & Hair Design 580 Middleton St Orangeburg. 52 South Moncks Comer. Columbia. SC 29210 (803) 798-8515 Cosmetology Manicuring page_121 next page > Page 121 . North Augusta. Cayce. SC 29615 (864) 322-0300 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Technician Advance Beauty College 180 Hall St Spartanburg. SC 29033 (803) 796-5252 Cosmetology Nail Technology Kenneth Shuler's School of Cosmetics & Hair Design 736 Martintown Rd.< previous page South Carolina Academy of Cosmetology. Suite F Greenville. SC 29301 (864) 585-3014 Cosmetology Columbia Beauty School 1824 Airport Blvd. SC 29418 (803) 552-3241 Cosmetology Teacher Manicuring Academy of Hair Technology 3715 East North St. SC 29461 (803) 899-2000 Cosmetology Manicuring II Academy of Hair Design 5060 Dorchester Rd. Charleston. SC 29115 (803) 534-8895 Cosmetology Kenneth Shuler's School of Cosmetology 1730 Broad River Rd.

Walterboro. < previous page page_121 next page > . SC 29405 (803) 747-7173 Cosmetology Manicuring Piedmont College of Hair Design 491 Union St Spartanburg. West Myrtle Beach. Joe St. Rock Hill. SC 29488 (803) 549-2626 Cosmetology LaParisienne Cosmetology Institute 3310 Rivers Ave.Kenneth Schuler's School of Cosmetology 321-B Bells Hwy. North Charleston. SC 29730 (704) 328-5166 Cosmetology Skin Care Manicuring Strand College of Hair Design 423 79th Ave. SC 29304 (864) 585-5293 Cosmetology Teacher Plaza School of Beauty Culture 946 Oakland Ave. SC 29572 (803) 449-1017 Cosmetology Teacher Skin Care Manicuring South Dakota Black Hills Beauty College 623 St.

TN 37922 (423) 966-0400 Cosmetology The Hair Design School 3515 Ramil Rd. TN 38103 (901) 526-7006 Barber Styling Fayetteville Beauty School SW Corner Public Square Fayetteville. TN 37814 (423) 587-6712 Cosmetology Ebonii Barber College 214 Monroe Memphis. TN 38104 (901) 345-6441 Cosmetology Manicuring Teacher Training Cutter's Corner Academy 3606 West Andrew Johnson Hwy. TN 37334 (615)433-1305 Cosmetology Manicuring Esthetician Teacher Training II Hair Academy 120 Center Park Dr. Morristown. Knoxville. SD 57701 (605) 348-4247 Cosmetology Tennessee Alma's Beauty College 1339 Madison Memphis.< previous page Rapid City. SD 57701 (605) 342-0697 Cosmetology Headlines Academy. Inc. TN 38128 (901) 373-9830 Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technology Refresher Course page_122 next page > Page 122 . Rapid City. 529 Main St. Memphis.

The Hair School 1433 Hollywood Dr. TN 38012 (901) 772-7771 Cosmetology Manicuring New Wave Hair Academy 804 South Highland Memphis. TN 37087 (615) 444-4908 Cosmetology < previous page page_122 next page > . TN 38117 (901) 761-4445 Cosmetology Nail Technology Stylemasters Beauty Academy 223 North Cumberland Lebanon. TN 38301 (901) 427-6641 Cosmetology Manicuring New Direction Hair Academy 140-141 South Dupree Brownsville. TN 38111 (901) 320-9283 Cosmetology Manicuring Plaza Beauty School 4682 Spottswood Memphis.Jon Nave University of Cosmetology. Jackson. Nashville. 5128 Charlotte Ave. TN 37209 (615) 383-2255 Cosmetology Skin Care Teacher Training Nail Technology McCollum & Ross. Inc.

TN 37066 (615) 452-9977 Cosmetology Volunteer Beauty Academy 1057 A Vendell Rd. Dyersburg. TN 37919 (615) 588-7878 Cosmetology Manicuring Teacher Training Tennessee School of Beauty. 168 Randolph Rd. TN 38125 (901) 388-1687 Cosmetology Nail Technology Tennessee School of Beauty 4551 Kingston Pike #1092 Knoxville. Memphis. TN 38134 (901) 382-9085 Cosmetology Esthetican Nail Technology Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology 7020 East Shelby Dr. TN 37115 (615) 860-4200 Cosmetology Nail Technology Volunteer Beauty Academy of Lawrenceburg 5666 Nolensville Rd. Bartlett. Gallatin. TN 38024 (901) 285-1453 Cosmetology Volunteer Beauty Academy 1791 North Gallatin Rd. Inc. TN 37211 (615) 781-1500 Cosmetology page_123 next page > Page 123 . TN 37830 (615) 482-4936 Cosmetology Manicuring Teacher Training Volunteer Beauty Academy 661 South Water St. Nashville. Oak Ridge.< previous page Manicuring Teacher Training Tennessee Academy of Cosmetology 5720-C Stage Rd. Madison.

Volunteer Beauty Academy of Murfreesboro 809 South Tennessee Blvd.M. TN 37130 (615) 893-1346 Cosmetology Texas Academy of Hair Design 744 F. TX 76308 (817) 691-3875 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #3 1200 East Parker Rd. TX 77090 (281) 893-1960 Cosmetology Manicuring Skin Care Aladdin Beauty College #1 #1 Eureka Circle Wichita Falls. TX 75074 (214) 881-0577 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #4 500 West University Odessa.. 1960 West. Murfreesboro. Suite 195 Plano. Suite G Houston. TX 79760 (915) 337-1044 < previous page page_123 next page > .

Suite 1 Cleburene. TX 76116 (817) 244-5406 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #17 1720 West Houston Sherman. TX 75090 (903) 893-2633 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #18 6560 Montana El Paso. TX 76031 (817) 645-3951 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #15 8151 Hwy. Abilene. TX 79603 (915) 673-4754 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #13 1663 West Henderson. Hurst.< previous page Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #5 793 East Park Row Arlington. TX 76053 (817) 282-1371 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #8 2940 North First St. TX 79925 (915) 779-8000 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring page_124 next page > Page 124 . 80 West Fort Worth. TX 76010 (817) 460-7061 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #7 738 East Pipeline Rd.

Suite 125 Dallas. TX 76201 (214) 416-2112 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #24 3068 Forest Lane. Midland. Suite 160 Mesquite. TX 75218 (214) 327-7369 Cosmetology Teacher Training Aladdin Beauty College #26 3330 North Galloway. TX 75150 (972) 682-5333 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring < previous page page_124 next page > . TX 79761 (915) 694-6616 Cosmetology Teacher Training Aladdin Beauty College #21 407 Sunset Dr.Aladdin Beauty College #19 900 South Midkiff St. TX 75234 (214) 484-6681 Cosmetology Teacher Training Aladdin Beauty College #25 11515 Garland Rd. Denton. Dallas.

< previous page Aladdin Beauty College #28 1722 West Ave. TX 75460 (214) 893-2633 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #31 3221 Gaston Ave. Dallas. TX 75801 (214) 729-0801 Cosmetology page_125 next page > Page 125 . Paris. Inc. TX 78218 (210) 653-4220 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Amerillo College of Hairdressing. 2400 East 27th Amarillo. San Antonio. Inc. TX 76904 (915) 658-8813 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #29 3044 Clarksville St. Palestine. TX 75226 (214) 827-8133 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Aladdin Beauty College #32 667 Oriole Duncanville. North San Angelo. TX 79103 (806) 371-7600 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Instructor III Anderson County Beauty College 217 West Oak St. 96 Lanark St. TX 75116 (214) 709-4045 Cosmetology Teacher Training American Beauty College.

Baldwin Beauty School #5 3005 South Lamar. Bryan. TX 76501 (817) 773-9911 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Central Texas Beauty College #2 1208 D I. #103 Austin. TX 78664 (512) 244-2235 Cosmetology Teacher Training Facialist Manicuring Charles & Sue's School of Hair Design 1711 Briarcrest Dr. TX 77801 (409) 776-4375 Cosmetology < previous page page_125 next page > . Austin. TX 78758 (512) 458-4127 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Facial Specialist Shampoo Specialist Central Texas Beauty College 2010 South 57th St. Temple. 35 North Round Rock. TX 78704 (512) 441-6898 Operator Instructor Training Manicuring Facial Shampooing Baldwin Beauty School-North 8440 Burnet Rd.H.

Conroe. TX 77301 (409) 539-6770 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Shampoo Technician Conlee College of Cosmetology 402 Quinlan Kerrville. TX 77036 (713) 783-9988 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Skin Care Circle J. TX 77587 (713) 946-5055 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Advanced Manicuring Classic Beauty Academy 1212D South Frazier St. TX 75240 (214) 669-0494 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetics Exposito School of Hair Design 3710 Mockingbird Land Amarillo. Beauty School 1611-E Spencer South Houston. TX 78028 (210) 896-2380 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Cosmetology Career Center 8030 Spring Valley Dallas. TX 79109 (806) 355-9111 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Shampoo Specialist page_126 next page > Page 126 .< previous page Teacher Training Manicuring Christine Valmy Institute of Cosmetology 7011 Harwin #100 Houston.

TX 75040 (214) 53530-1103 Cosmetology Manicuring Facial/Esthetician International Beauty College #4 2413 West Airport Freeway living.Fort Worth Beauty School 2820 Hemphill Fort Worth. TX 77021 (713) 733-5403 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Instructor III Shampoo Specialist International Beauty College #3 1225 Beltline Rd. Suite 7 Garland. TX 76116 (817) 735-4412 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Franklin Beauty School #2 4965 Martin Luther King Blvd. TX 76110 (817) 924-4280 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Fort Worth Beauty School-West 6741 Camp Bowie Fort Worth. TX 75062 (214) 255-1176 Cosmetology < previous page page_126 next page > . Houston..

Laredo. TX 77573 (713) 332-6604 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Facialist Jones Beauty College 719 North Hampton Rd. TX 75149 (214) 288-5485 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring page_127 next page > Page 127 .< previous page Teacher Training Manicuring Facial Specialist Instructor Training Jackson Beauty School 223 West Main. TX 75051 (214) 237-1988 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Laredo Beauty College 3002 North Malinche Ave. TX 75670 (903) 935-9386 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Metroplex Beauty School 519 North Galloway Mesquite. TX 77703 (409) 892-0677 Cosmetology Manicuring Marshall College of Beauty 2100 East End Blvd. TX 78043 (210) 723-2059 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Lonnie's School of Hair Design 4661 Concord Beaumont. TX 75115 (214) 230-9221 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Jones Beauty College #2 311-A East Hwy 303 Grand Prairie. DeSoto. Suite C League City. North Marshall.

Suite 230 Garland. TX 75208 (214) 941-8756 Cosmetology Teacher Training Ogle School of Hair Design 5063 Old Granbury Rd. Inc. TX 78216 (210) 344-3181 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Facial Specialist National Beauty College 149 West Kingsley. TX 76133 (817) 294-2950 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Facial Instructor III Shampoo Specialist < previous page page_127 next page > . 416 West Jefferson Blvd. Fort Worth.Mims Classic Beauty College 5121 Blanco San Antonio. TX 75041 (214) 278-2020 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Student Instructor Neilson Beauty College. Dallas.

TX 76013 (817) 460-8181 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Facial Shampoo Specialist Pipo Academy of Hair Design 3000 Pershing Dr. El Paso.< previous page Ogle School of Hair Design 720-B Arcadia Hurst. TX 78217 (210) 654-9734 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Skin Care page_128 next page > Page 128 . TX 77301 (409) 756-1109 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Facial Specialist Shampoo Specialist San Antonio Beauty College #3 4021 Naco Perrin San Antonio. TX 76053 (817) 284-9231 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Skin Care Instructor III Shampoo Specialist Ogle School of Hair Design 6333 East Mockingbird Lane. TX 75214 (214) 821-0819 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Facial Instructor III Shampoo Specialist Ogle School of Hair Design 2200 West Park Row Dr. Suite 201 Dallas. TX 79903 (915) 564-9101 Cosmetology Teacher Training Skin Care Professional Beauty College of Conroe 112 Rhodes St Conroe. Suite 106 Arlington.

TX 76401 (817)968-2111 Cosmetology < previous page page_128 next page > . Suite 2 San Antonio. TX 75702 (903) 596-7860 Cosmetology Instructor Training Manicuring Stephenville Beauty College 951 South Lillian Stephenville. TX 76180 (817) 281-9066 Cosmetology Star College of Cosmetology 700 East Whaley Longview.San Antonio Beauty College #4 2423 Jamar. TX 75601 (214)758-8611 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Star College of Cosmetolgy 520 East Front St Tyler. TX 78226 (210) 433-7222 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Facial Skiles University of Hair Design 5529 Rufe Snow North Richland Hills.

TX 79924 (915) 751-2365 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetics University of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences 913 North Thirteenth St Harlingen. TX 75216 (214) 942-1541 Cosmetology Teacher Training Shampoo Specialist page_129 next page > Page 129 .< previous page Teacher Training Manicuring Texas College of Cosmetology 117Sayles Abilene. Dallas. TX 78504 (210) 630-3085 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Facial Specialist Shampoo Specialist Velma B's Beauty Academy 1511 South Ewing Ave. TX 78550 (210) 428-0322 Basic Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Facial Specialist Shampoo Specialist University of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences 8401 North 10th McAllen.TX79915 (915) 778-5466 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetics Tri-State Beauty School #2 #24 Rushfair Center El Paso. TX 79605 (915) 677-0532 Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Facial Specialist Tri-State Beauty School 6800 Gateway East. #4-A ElPaso.

TX 77901 (512) 575-4526 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring visible Changes University 7075 Southwest Freeway Houston.UT 84321 (801) 752-8688 Cosmetology/Barbering Cosmetology Instructor Bon Losee Academy of Hair Artistry 2230 North University Parkway Building #5 Provo. UT 84604 (801) 375-8000 Cosmetology/Barbering Cameo College of Beauty 2505 South State St < previous page page_129 next page > .victoria Beauty College 1508 North Laurent victoria. TX 77074 (713) 984-8800 Cosmetology Teacher Training Manicuring Shampoo Specialist Utah Beau La Reine College of Beauty Culture 1093fi North Main Logan.

UT 84770 (801) 673-6128 Cosmetology Evans Hairstyling College 50 West Center St Orem. UT 84720 (801) 586-4486 Cosmetology/Barbering Evan's Hairstyling College (St George) 955 East Tabernacle St George.< previous page Salt Lake City. UT 84070 (801) 561-2244 Cosmetology Hairitage College of Beauty 5414 South 900 East Salt Lake City. Hair Design Academy 111 West 9000 South Sandy. UT 84770 (801) 673-5233 Cosmetology International Institute of Hair Design 3474 South 2300 East Salt Lake City. UT 84106 (801)484-6173 Cosmetology/Barbering Electrology Evan's Hairstyling College 90 West Hoover Cedar City. UT 84117 (801) 266-4693 Cosmetology/Barbering Cosmetology Instructor Cosmetology Instructor (Short Course) Hairitage Hair Academy 175 West 900 South #9 St George. UT 84057 (801) 224-6034 Cosmetology/Barbering Fran Brown College of Beauty & Career Center 521 West 600 North Layton. UT 84109 (801) 278-4656 Cosmetology/Barbering Cosmetology Instructor page_130 next page > Page 130 . UT 84041 (801) 546-6166 Cosmetology/Barbering Cosmetology Instructor Manicuring Esthetics Francois D.

UT 84321 (801) 753-9779 Cosmetology/Barbering Premier Hair Academy 4616 South 4000 West West Valley. UT 84120 (801) 966-8414 Cosmetology/Barbering Student Instructor < previous page page_130 next page > . UT 84601 (801) 373-5585 Cosmetology/Barbering Manicuring Esthetics Teacher Training New Horizons Beauty College 550 North Main. Taylorsville. Suite 115 Logan.International Institute of Hair Design 273 West 500 South Bountiful.UT84123 (801) 966-4536 Cosmetology/Barbering Cosmetology Instructor Mary Kawakami College of Beauty 336 West Center St Provo. UT 84010 (801) 295-2389 Cosmetology/Barbering Cosmetology Instructor International Institute of Hair Design 5712 South Redwood Rd.

VT 05401 (802) 863-4666 Cosmetology Skin Care Manicuring Virginia Colonial Heights Beauty Academy 1851 South Park Blvd. South Burlington. VT 05403 (802) 658-9591 Cosmetology Skin Care Manicuring Vermont College of Cosmetology 187 Pearl St. UT 84405 (801) 394-5718 Cosmetology/Barbering Manicuring Skin Care Von Curtis Academy of Hair Design 480 North 900 East Provo. UT 84606 (801)374-5111 Cosmetology/Barbering Vermont O'Brien's Training Center 1475 Shelbume Rd. Colonial Heights. UT 84106 (801) 486-0101 Cosmetology/Barbering Sherman Kendall's Academy of Beauty Arts & Science 2344 East 70th South Salt Lake City. UT 84121 (801) 942-8000 Cosmetology/Barbering Stacey's Hands of Champions Beauty College 3721 South 250 West Ogden. Burlington.< previous page Sherman Kendall's Academy of Beauty Arts & Science 2230 South 700 East Salt Lake City. VA 23834 (804) 526-6363 Cosmetology Nail Technician page_131 next page > Page 131 .

VA 22201 (703) 243-9322 Cosmetology Comprehensive Hicks Academy of Beauty Culture 436 Boush St. VA 22901 (804) 296-0159 Cosmetology Johnsons Beauty Academy 402 North Second St. Richmond. Virginia Beach. Arlington. VA 23510 (804) 627-2622 Cosmetology Indian River Beauty Academy 6528 Indian River Rd. Charlottesville. Norfolk. VA 22401 (540) 373-1227 Cosmetology Graham Webb International Academy of Hair 2625 Wilson Blvd. Fredericksburg.Cosmetology Training Center 557 Lafayette Blvd. VA 23219 (804) 649-2572 Cosmetology Nail Technology Cosmetology Instructor < previous page page_131 next page > . VA 23464 (804) 420-1645 Cosmetology International Beauty School 2024 Holiday Dr.

VA 24401 (540) 885-0808 Cosmetology Suffolk Beauty Academy 860 Portsmouth Blvd. Suite 200 Falls Church. Inc Forest Plaza West Center Old Forest Rd. VA 22003 (703) 642-3741 Barbering Cosmetology Comprehensive Portsmouth School of Beauty Culture 3401 South St. Inc 128 East Beverly St Staunton. VA 22046 (703) 532-5050 Cosmetology for Non-Native Speakers Cosmetology Manicuring Ralph's Virginia School of Cosmetology. Lynchburg. Suffolk. VA 24501 (804) 385-7722 Cosmetology Springfield Beauty Academy. Inc 4223 Annandale Rd. VA 22003 (703) 256-5662 Cosmetology Manicuring Staunton School of Cosmetology.< previous page New Technology University. VA 22306 (703) 660-9400 Cosmetology Cosmetology Instructor Nail Technician Potomac Academy of Hair Design 101 West Broad St. Annandale. Inc 7409 G Little River Turnpike Annandale. VA 23434 (757) 934-0656 Cosmetology page_132 next page > Page 132 . VA 23707 (757) 397-0654 Cosmetology Potomac Academy of Hair Design 2812 Franklin St Alexandria. Portsmouth.

VA 23606 (757) 595-5509 Barbering/Stylist Cosmetology Virginia Beach Beauty Academy 977 Chimney Hill Shopping Center Virginia Beach. Wenatchee. Newport News. VA 23505 (804) 583-3300 Cosmetology Manicuring Washington The Academy of Hair Design 208 South Wenatchee Ave.TRC Jan Mar Beauty Academy 411 Jan Mar Dr. Norfolk. WA 98801 (509) 662-9082 < previous page page_132 next page > . VA 23452 (757) 463-4730 Beauty/Barber Stylist Cosmetology Teacher Training Nail Technician Virginia School of Hair Design 101 West Queens Way Hampton. VA 23669 (804) 722-0211 Cosmetology Manicuring Esthetics Cosmetology Instructor Wards Corner Beauty Academy 216 East Little Creek Rd.

's Beauty & Barber College 5239 South Tacoma Way Tacoma. WA 98208 (206) 353-8193 Cosmetology Barber Manicuring Esthetics Instructor Training page_133 next page > Page 133 . WA 98409 (206) 473-4320 Cosmetology Barber Manicuring/Skin Care Instructor Training B. WA 987225 (206) 734-1090 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Training Clare's Beauty College 104 North Fourth Pasco. WA 98007 (206) 643-0270 Cosmetology Manicuring Esthetics Instructor Training Bellingham Beauty School. 211 West Holly St. Inc.J.E. Bellevue. WA 98373 (206) 848-1595 Cosmetology Barber Manicuring/Skin Care Instructor Training Bellevue Beauty School 14045 Northeast 20th St.J. #5 Everett. Everett Mall Way. WA 99301 (509) 547-8871 Cosmetology Barbering Manicuring Instructor Training Everett Plaza Beauty School 607 S.< previous page Cosmetology Barber Manicuring/Skin Care Cadet Instructor Manicuring Esthetics B. Bellingham.'s Beauty & Barber College 11510 Meridian East Puyallup.

WA 99201 (509) 624-3244 Cosmetology Manicuring/Esthetics Esthetics Manicuring Instructor Training Greenwood Academy of Hair Design 8501 Greenwood North Seattle. WA 98103 < previous page page_133 next page > . WA 98125 (206) 365-6900 Cosmetology Barber Manicuring/Skin Care Manicuring Esthetics Instructor Training Gene Juarez College of Beauty. Federal Way. 2222 South 314th St. Spokane.Gene Juarez Academy of Beauty 10715 8th St. WA 98003 (206) 839-4000 Cosmetology Barber Manicuring/Skin Care Manicuring Esthetics Cadet Instructor Glen Dow Academy of Hair Design West 309 Riverside Ave. Inc. Northeast Seattle.

Vancouver. Suite 109 Vancouver. WA 98664 (360) 694-8483 Cosmetology Manicuring Mt. WA 98033 (206) 822-6013 Cosmetology Teacher Training Magee Brothers Beauty School 8078 East Mill Plain Blvd.O. WA 98662 (206) 254-9519 Cosmetology Manicuring Professional Beauty School 113 East Third St. Kirkland. P. Vernon. WA 98951 (509) 877-6443 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Training Professional Beauty School 214 South 6th Sunnyside. Box 856 Wapato. Fourth Plain Blvd.E.< previous page (206) 782-0220 Cosmetology Manicuring Esthetician Cadet Instructor Kirkland Beauty School 10702 Northeast 68th St. Vernon Beauty School 615 South First Mt. WA 98944 (509) 837-4040 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Training page_134 next page > Page 134 . WA 98273 (360) 336-6553 Cosmetology Barber Manicuring Esthetics Instructor Training Phagan's Orchards Beauty School 10411 N.

Yakima. Beckley.Professional Beauty School 32 North 2nd St. WV 25801 (304) 253-8326 Cosmetology Manicuring Charleston School of Beauty Culture 210 Capitol St. Charleston. WA 98901 (509) 457-4011 Cosmetology Manicuring Cadet Instructor Stylemasters College of Hair Design 1224 Commerce Longview. Clarksburg. WV 26301 (304) 624-6475 < previous page page_134 next page > . WA 98632 (360) 636-2720 Basic Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Training West Virginia Beckley Beauty Academy 109 South Fayette St. WV 25301 (304) 346-9603 Barbering Cosmetology Barbering/Cosmetology Crossover Manicuring Barber/Permanent Waving Cosmetology Crossover Clarksburg Beauty Academy 120 South Third St.

Martinsburg. East Hills Mall Huntington.S. 276 Walnut St. WV 26505 (304) 292-8475 Cosmetology Barbering/Cosmetology Crossover Manicuring Technical Education Program Student Instructor Mountaineer Beauty College. Morgantown. Wheeling. WV 25401 (304) 267-6231 Cosmetology Manicuring Morgantown Beauty College. Albans. Route 60 East Room 115. 5185 U. WV 25705 (304) 736-6289 Cosmetology Barbering/Cosmetology Crossover Manicuring Student Instructor International Beauty School 329 South Queen St.< previous page Cosmetology Barbering/Cosmetology Crossover Manicuring Huntington School of Beauty Culture. 700 6th Ave. Box 547 St. P. Inc. Inc. WV 25177 (304) 727-9999 Cosmetology Manicuring Scott College of Cosmetology 1502 Market St. Inc. WV 26003 (304) 232-7798 Barbering/Permanent Waving Cosmetology/Management Cosmetology Teacher Training Barbering/Cosmetology Crossover Manicuring Salon Management Wisconsin page_135 next page > Page 135 .O.

Gill-Tech Academy of Hair Design 423 West College Ave. Wl 54911 (414) 739-8684 Cosmetology Manicuring/Nail Technology LaQuita's School of Barbering & Cosmetology 4900 West Fond du Lac Ave. Wl 54220 (414) 684-0177 Cosmetology Esthetician Manicuring Instructor Training III Martin's School of Hair Design 2575 West Mason Green Bay. Appleton. Wl 53216 (414) 442-1444 Cosmetology/Barbering Instructor Training Martin's School of Hair Design 620 West Murdock St. WI 54304 (414) 494-1430 Cosmetology < previous page page_135 next page > . Milwaukee. Wl 54901 (414) 426-1555 Cosmetology Esthetician Manicuring Instructor Training III Martin's School of Hair Design 1034 South 18th St. Oshkosh. Manitowoc.

Wl 53711 (608) 271-4204 Cosmetology Scientific College of Beauty/Barbering 718 Main St. Wl 54401 (715) 845-6019 Cosmetology Vici Beauty School 11010 West Hampton Ave. Wl 54601 (608) 784-9426 Cosmetology Manicuring State College of Beauty Culture 527fi Washington St. Wl 54301 (414) 437-9632 Cosmetology Wyoming page_136 next page > Page 136 . Wl 54601 (608) 784-4702 Cosmetology Scot Lewis Scientific School of Cosmetology 320322 Pearl St. Inc. LaCrosse. Appleton. Wausau. Milwaukee. Green Bay. Wl 53225 (414) 281-1119 Cosmetology Nail Technology Wisconsin College of Cosmetology. Milwaukee. 417 Pine St. Wl 53225 (414) 464-5002 Cosmetology Vici Beauty School 5655 South 27th St.< previous page Esthetician Manicuring Instructor Training III Martin's School of Hair Design of Appleton 2310 West College Ave. LaCrosse. Wl 54914 (414) 832-8686 Cosmetology Manicuring Instructor Training Scientific College of Beauty 310 Westgate Mall Madison.

Cheyenne. WY 82604 (307) 234-9181 Cosmetology Instructor Training < previous page page_136 next page > .Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture 207 West 18th St. Casper. WY 82001 (307) 634-2144 Cosmetology Instructor Training Esthetics Manicuring Cosmetic Arts & Sciences Beauty School 1968 Cy Ave.

< previous page page_137 next page > . So I was really familiar with the salon environment before I ever picked up the scissors. It's being able to handle the front desk. Then I managed a salon for two years before going to get my license at a school in Amarillo.< previous page page_137 next page > Page 137 Who: What: Where: How long: Todd Hedrick Hairstylist and educator Select Studio and Salon. I learned early on that it's not just about being a great cutter. And it's going to be more important for everyone to keep investing in their knowledge. if that's what's needed to get the job done. I watched how the hairdressers who did these shows worked and I thought it was really cool. especially as it relates to business. Then you'll use that knowledge to build your career. but you'll learn a lot. or being humble enough to sweep up hair off the floor. then use that to build your clientele. It's about having good people skills. TX Eleven years Insider's Advice I started out backwardI used to choreograph fashion shows and that's how I got interested in doing hair. You've got to think about your early years as sort of like college: You're not going to make much money. Dallas. Insider's Take on the Future Get an apprenticeship lined up before you graduate from beauty school.

This chapter aims to answer your most burning questions about it. you'll find information on how to gather your financial records.< previous page page_139 next page > Page 139 Chapter 4 Financial Aid for the Training You Need This chapters covers financial aid for the training program of your choice. how to determine your eligibility for financial aid. president of the Graham Webb International Academy of Hair in Arlington. On the flip side. and how to complete and submit your application. If < previous page page_139 next page > . The trouble is. Consult the financial aid counselors at your prospective school or schoolsthat's what they're there for. says Robbie Rich. someone is accepted to the school. The latter is typical. or after. ''Generally. how to distinguish between the different types of aid. Will you have to go into debt before you even begin? Not necessarily. How to Apply for Financial Aid You can either apply for financial aid before you've been accepted to a school. you've gotten a look at the tuition costs and suddenly the picture seems a little fuzzy." she says. By now you're raring to get started in your new career. don't ever be ashamed to ask for financial aid: Approximately threequarters of beauty school students receive some form of it. They fill out the financial aid forms with the help of a financial aid officer. VA. and we take care of sending them to the Department of Education in Washington.

and even medical and dental expenses for the past year that weren't covered by health insurance. Additionally. mortgage information.S. child support. such as Social Security benefits. Department of Education's FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). citizen or an eligible non-citizen. The only way you won'tassuming your school participates in these federal programsis if you have already defaulted on a loan. You are making satisfactory progress in your course of study. Yes. You show that you have need. "In the general way of American life. Determining Your Eligibility Generally speaking. at (800) 433-3243. veterans benefits. where the amount of your award will be calculated. Aid to Families with Dependent Children. military subsistence allowances. but it's easiest to fill out the U. keep other financial records. Your most recent tax returns are crucial. or anything else that proves you're either a citizen or an eligible non-citizen handy. so basically if you show up.S. It usually takes one or two months to process your application." There are several forms you can use.< previous page page_140 next page > Page 140 you meet the criteria. You have not defaulted on a federal loan at the school you attend or at any previous institution. You are a U. When you get it. you will get a loan. You'll need to have all your documentation handy to fill out the FAFSA. or you can get one from the Department of Education. everyone is entitled to better themselves. < previous page page_140 next page > . You do not owe a refund on a Federal Pell Grant or on a Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant at the school you attend or any previous institution. You'll receive a document in the mail called the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR). but you should also have your driver's license. you are eligible for federal financial aid if you meet the following requirements: You are enrolled at least half time as a regular student in an eligible program. pensions. your bank statements. It's a lot. business and/or farm records. take it to your school's Financial Aid Office. It's usually available at your school (if you have already enrolled). says Rich. you are likely to obtain some sort of government loan. welfare. Social Security card or green card. investment records.

but also nontaxable income such as Social Security benefits and child support. their income and assets. you must meet one or more of the following requirements: you are 24 years of age you are married you have a dependent other than a spouse who gets more than half of his or her support from you and will continue to get that support during the award year you are a graduate or professional student you are a ward of the court or an orphan you are a veteran of the armed forces. an independent student is not. and the number of family members enrolled in postsecondary education programs. Income is not only the adjusted gross income from the tax return. However. the age of the older parent. The contribution depends on the number of parents with earned income. family size. there is dissolution in the family a legal restraining order has been issued against your parents because of abusive behavior both your parents have been incarcerated < previous page page_141 next page > . student financial aid administrators may waive this requirement if.< previous page page_141 next page > Page 141 You have a signed statement of registration compliance indicating that you have registered with the Selective Service or that you are not required to register. To be classified as an independent student. A dependent student is expected to have a parental contribution to school expenses. formerly engaged in active service or as a cadet or midshipman and released under a condition other than dishonorable You don't qualify as an independent just because your parents decided not to claim you as an exemption on their tax return or refuse to provide support for your education. Dependent or Independent? You need to find out if you are considered a dependent or an independent student by the federal government. and those criteria apply to all applicants for federal student aid. The government uses strict and specific criteria to make this designation.

Loans are borrowed money that you must repay. you can find out about its schoolbased work-study options from the student employment office. state. You can obtain scholarships from federal. the best place to go for details about terms of the loans is your school's financial aid office. The first step in finding a student loan is to know the basics of loan programs. Additionally. many schools have their own scholarship programs. part time or almost full time. If you already know what school you want to attend. parents' career. scholarships are normally awarded for academic merit or for special characteristics (for example. with interest. There are a variety of work-study programs for students. Again. You need to become familiar with the student loan programs. Grants and scholarships are awards that you do not have to repay. Job possibilities may include on-or off-campus jobs. An income of at least $10. Check out that option with your school's financial aid office. Grants are normally awarded based on financial need. Types of Financial Aid Many types of financial aid are available to help with school expenses. and loans. work-study. school.< previous page page_142 next page > Page 142 your parents live in another country and you have been granted refugee status by the INS you can prove you are truly self-supportingsometimes. and private sources. Work-study gives you the chance to work and earn the money you need. What's Out there The Department of Education offers eight major student financial aid programs for postsecondary schools: Federal Pell Grants Federal Supplement Educational Opportunity Grants Federal Work-Study Program Federal Campus-Based Programs Federal Family Education Loans Federal Perkins Loans < previous page page_142 next page > . college major) rather than financial need. especially with government loans.000 a year prior to your application can work. ethnic heritage. sports. They fall into three general categories: grants and scholarships.

" explains PBA's Arthur DeConciliis. Ask for all the information available. < previous page page_143 next page > .< previous page Federal Stafford Loans (subsidized or unsubsidized) PLUS Loans (loans for parents) page_143 next page > Page 143 For information on these and on other types of financial aid. Wow. DeConciliis. "Antime I get prospective students who've been recommended by a salon." Only AACS member shcools participate in this program. Your public library reference desk can also help. and the Association of Accrediated Cosmetology Schools (AACS). In addition. the ceiling on the grant is also up to the individual school. says the orgnization aims to have $5 million in scholarhips pledged annually to the program. a mamber of the AACS board of directors. To apply for an ACE (Access to Cosmetology Education) Grant. and don't forget the Internet (but check out the accuracy of the sources of information you find there). It's up to the school to decide whether to give you a grant. they tend to be much better students than someone coming in who knows nothing about the salon environment. You'll then take these evaluations to the school you'd like to apply to. You'll receive a portfolio in the mail telling you about the program. the Cosmetology Advancement Foundation (CAF). some of which are listed in Appendix B. Also.000 each in less than a year. if they can do it. simply stop by a local beauty school or write to CAF (see Appendix A). evaluating such things as your appearance. They think.) At press time. call or visit the financial aid office of the school you'd like to attend. for instance. find out if the school you've set your sights on participates by calling (888) 411-GRANTS. and it makes their dream seem more realistic and obtainable. interview you as well. and communication skills. Why involves salons in this process? "We felt that we could generate a higher quality student. more than $3 million had been pledged to the ACE program by AACS member schools. The salon owner or manager will interview you and fill out the application. they've seen people who are cosmetologists who are successful at it. this program is designed to help schools recruit the kinds of students that salons have been clamoring for. (As of May 1998. the renowned Pittsburgh Beauty Academy had already given away 20 grants of $2. and the school will. enthusiasm. The ACE Grant Program Established in 1997 through the joint effort of the Beauty & Barber Supply Institute (BBSI). In the portfolio are two applications that you must then take a couple of your local salons. I know I can. there are entire books devoted to financial aid. They have a more realistic idea of what they're getting themselves into. suitability for a salon environment.

and depending on the type of loan. the government may even pay the interest for you while you're in school. Will the loan be canceled ("forgiven") if I become totally and permanently disabled. Your payments after you finish school. 6. or if I die? This is always a good option to have on any loan you take out.< previous page Questions to Ask Before Taking Out a Loan page_144 next page > Page 144 If you are about to take out a student loan. which goes to a guaranty agency for insuring the loan. 9. it's essential to get the facts and clearly understand the terms of the loan. realistically. and how often is the interest capitalized? Your school's financial aid officer will be able to tell you this. What is the interest rate. 4. Both are deducted from the amount given to you. and approximately how much will it be? You can get a good preview of the repayment process from the answer to this question. should be directed to the new loan holder. at any time? Some loan programs allow prepayment with no penalty. 2. during which no payment is required? You should find out if it is long enough. for you to find a job and get on your feet. What fees will be charged? Government loans generally have an origination fee. What is the grace periodthe period after your schooling ends. others do not. Will I have to make any payments while still in school? Usually you won't. You'll be notified of the sale by letter. 7. You'll want to ask the following: 1. and a guarantee fee. 3. without penalty. When will my first payment be due. which goes to the federal government to help offset its cost. and your requests for information. Will I have the right to prepay the loan. < previous page page_144 next page > . 8. (A six-month grace period is common. and your loan terms and conditions will remain exactly the same.) 5. Will deferments and forbearances be possible if I am temporarily unable to make payments? You should find out how to apply for a deferment or forbearance if you need it. Who exactly will hold my loan? To whom will I be sending payments? Whom should I contact with questions or inform of changes in my situation? It's quite possible that your loan may be sold by the original lender to a secondary market institution.

This will be helpful if your income is low initially but will increase steadily. Estimate realistically how much you'll earn when you leave < previous page page_145 next page > . After 25 years. Rich estimates that once the loan default rate hits 20 percent or more for the students of a particular school. This plan usually results in the lowest total interest paid because the repayment period is shorter than under the other plans. This plan also results in lower payments each month but much more total interest paid. don't default on your loan.< previous page Repayment of Loans page_145 next page > Page 145 If the thought of owing money scares you. The length of the repayment period depends on the loan amount. and you'll have up to 25 years to repay. but you must pay taxes on the amount discharged. an income-contingent repayment plan. (After all. generally over a period of from 12 to 30 years. General Guidelines for All Types of Loans Before you commit to any loans. This plan also results in lower payments each month but much more total interest paid. Repayment options may include a standard repayment plan. It affects your school too. depending on the amount borrowed. on average. monthly payments will be adjusted accordingly. So remember that your actions affect not just you but future students too. take heart: Most people do at some point in their lifetime. which requires fixed monthly payments.) You may have flexible repayment options. As your income rises or falls each year. which allows loan repayment to be extended over a period from 12 to 30 years. which bases monthly payments on your income and the total amount borrowed. which allows payments to start out low and increase every two years. an extended repayment plan. It can damage your credit history for years. a mortgage is just a real estate loan. a graduated repayment plan. that school comes under intense scrutiny from the Department of Educationoften undeservedly. and you can change options when you need to without a fee at any time during the life of the loan. any unpaid amount will be discharged. Whatever you do. make sure you won't be borrowing more than you'll be able to repay.

Keep a file of information on your loan that includes copies of all your loan documents and related correspondence. < previous page page_146 next page > . If you have a Stafford loan. and remember. you'll have other monthly obligations such as housing. enrollment status (dropping to less than half time means that you'll have to begin payment in six months). Since interest is calculated daily. you will get a six-month grace period before your first period is due. delays can be costly. you must begin repaying your student loan. Make scheduled payments on time. you'll build up a good credit rating and you'll find it easier to get credit for other purchases. along with a record of all your payments. and transportation expenses. or anticipated graduation date.< previous page page_146 next page > Page 146 school. don't forget about the responsibility of your loan. Get off to a good start so you don't run the risk of going into defaulta terrible state of affairs that could mean you'll have trouble getting any kind of credit in the future you'll be unable to qualify for federal or state educational financial aid holds will be placed on your college records your wages will be garnished (appropriated by the government) your future federal income tax refunds will be taken your assets will be seized To avoid the dire consequences outlined above. Remember also that you are obligated by law to notify both your FAA and the holder or servicer of your loan if there is a change in your name. with your loan repayment you'll begin your credit history. food. Open and read all your mail about your education loan. always be sure to do the following: Open and read all mail you receive about your education loans immediately. Once you're in School When you have your loan or loans and you're attending classes. Other types of loans have grace periods as well. And if you haven't been out in the world of work before. After you Leave School When you leave school. This is not completely terrible news. If you make payments on time. address.

however. Parents are. responsible for the Federal PLUS loans. Remember. However. fees. Do I need to be admitted before I can apply for financial aid at a particular institution? No. books. too. Your servicer may be able to get you into a graduated or income-sensitive/income-contingent repayment plan or work with you to arrange a deferment or forbearance.< previous page page_147 next page > Page 147 Contact your servicer immediately if you can't make payments on time. 3. Are my parents responsible for my educational loans? No. room and board. tuition. or if you really need a toaster oven you can get by with that. the loan officials are pretty nice folks. In spite of the horror stories you might hear. However. Likewise if you die. transportation. as long as you don't try to flee your responsibility. You and you alone are responsible. There's no good reason not to apply. The FAFSA form is free. Should I apply anyway? Yes. Remember that some sources of aid are not based on need. But don't go overboard. you are not relieved of your obligation. 2. or if you were erroneously certified for aid by the financial aid office. that there are restrictions on how you can use your loan money. Notify your service about any changes as noted above. unless your parents endorse or cosign your loan. There are very few circumstances under which you won't have to repay your loan. or if your school closes permanently in the middle of the term. to get the funds you must be admitted to and enrolled in school. You can apply for financial aid any time after January 1. It's to be used strictly for educationrelated expenses (for example. if you're simply disappointed in your program of study or don't get the job you want after graduation. Many families mistakenly think they don't qualify for aid and fail to apply. One is if you become permanently and totally disabled. Financial Aid Questions and Answers Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about student financial aid: 1. I probably don't qualify for aid. A CD of your favorite rock band now and then won't hurt. and so on). including address changes. If your < previous page page_147 next page > . provided you didn't have the disability before you obtained the aid.

reproductions. so you should ask the student financial aid office for help with your particular circumstance. The question of which parent must fill out the FAFSA becomes complicated in many situations. You also can get the FAFSA from the financial aid office at your beauty school. If I take a leave of absence from school. The custodial parent is the parent with whom you lived most during the past 12 months. Photocopies. P. you'll have to begin repayment immediately after graduation. Where can I get information about federal student financial aid? Call 800-4-FED-AID [(800) 433-3243] or (800) 730-8913 and ask for a free copy of The Student Guide: Financial Aid from the U. Are photocopies of the FAFSA acceptable? No. definitelyand sadly. you can have your billing statements sent to their address. and faxes are not acceptable. 5. though. unless you apply for an extension of the grace period before it's used up. Where can I obtain a copy of the FAFSA? Your guidance counselor should have forms available. But you'll get into trouble later on if you don't report it. 6. your aid amount will probably be lowered accordingly.O. Generally. Only the original FAFSA form produced by the U. DC 20044. If I get assistance from another source. Box 84. Note that this is not necessarily the same as the parent who has legal custody. You can also write to the Federal Student Aid Information Center. should I report it to the student financial aid office?Yes.S. My parents are separated/divorced. or from the Department of Education. Washington. 4.) 8.S. the custodial parent is responsible for filling out the FAFSA. Department of Education is acceptable. Which parent is responsible for filling out the FAFSA? If your parents are separated or divorced. What do the acronyms of the Student Aid Report (SAR) mean? You have no doubt noticed that bureaucracies just love acronyms. but you will after the grace period. if you use your grace period up during your leave. 10. do I have to start repaying my loans? Not immediately.< previous page page_148 next page > Page 148 parents (or grandparents or uncle or distant cousins) want to help pay off your loan. your local public library. Department of Education. 9. (See phone number above. 7. Following are the definitions of some of the acronyms you'll find on your SAR: < previous page page_148 next page > .

< previous page page_149 next page > Page 149 EFC TI ATI STX EA IPA AI CAI DNW APA PCA AAI TPC TSC PC SIC SCA Expected Family Contribution Total Income Allowances Against Total Income State and Other Tax Allowance Employment Allowance Income Protection Allowance Available Income Contribution from Available Income Discretionary Net Worth Education Savings and Asset Protection Allowance Parents' Contribution from Assets Adjusted Available Income Total Parents' Contribution Total Student's Contribution Parents' Contribution Dependent Student's Income Contribution Dependent Student's Contribution from Assets Glossary of Financial Aid Terms Accrued Interest: Interest that accumulates on the unpaid principal balance of your loan Capitalization of interest: Addition of accrued interest to the principal balance of your loan. who meets certain criteria. which increases both your total debt and monthly payments Default: Failure to repay your education loan Deferment: The period during which a borrower. may suspend loan payments Delinquency: Failure to make payments when due Disbursement: Loan funds issued by the lender Forbearance: Temporary adjustment to repayment schedule for cases of financial hardship Grace period: Specified period after you graduate or leave school during which you need not make payments .

Guaranty agency: A state agency or private nonprofit institution that insures student loans for lenders and helps administer the FFELP for the federal government Holder: The institution that currently owns your loan < previous page page_149 next page > .

. that is paid to the federal government to offset its cost of the subsidy to borrowers under the FFELP Principal: Amount you borrow...... National Merit Scholarship Corporation............< previous page page_150 next page > Page 150 In-school grace and deferment interest subsidy: Interest the federal government pays for borrowers on some loans while the borrower is in school.................... most lenders are financial institutions...................................................................... Internal Revenue Service (IRS). thus providing lenders with funds to make new loans Servicer: An organization that administers and collects your loan............................................................... but some state agencies and schools make loans too Origination fee: A fee....S............................... Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS).................... may be either the holder of your loan or an agent acting on behalf of the holder Financial Aid Resources Here are several additional resources that you can use to obtain more information about financial aid................................................. Social Security Administration................... TDD number for hearing-impaired................................... Selective Service........... 800-730-8913 847-688-6888 415-705-4205 800-829-1040 800-772-1213 708-866-5100 800-222-7183 < previous page page_150 next page > ........................................... Sallie Mae's College AnswerSM Service........................................ 800-433-3243 Hotline... during authorized deferments......................................................................... Telephone Numbers These phone numbers may be of help to you when completing your financial aid application forms: Federal Student Aid Information Center (U.................................................. Department of Education) 800-4-FED-AID....................................... and during grace periods Interest: The price you pay to borrow money Interest-only payment: A payment that covers only interest owed on the loan and none of the principal balance Lender (originator): The institution that puts up the money when you take out a loan...... which may increase as a result of capitalization of interest and the amount on which you pay interest Promissory note: A contract between you and the lender that includes all the terms and conditions under which you promise to repay your loan Secondary markets: Institutions that buy student loans from originating lenders............. deducted from the principal...................... To view a list of Title IV school codes used on the FAFSA: http://www.ed/gov/prog_info/SFA/Student Guide For help in completing the FAFSA: http://www.finaid. and state prepaid tuition plans: http://www. Department of Education: http://www. loan tuition payment plans.hml For telephone numbers specific to loan programs.< previous page Internet Web Sites page_151 next page > Page 151 Check out these Web sites for information about financial aid: To view the Student Guide from the U.html < previous page page_151 next page > .

it's important to have a very professional image.< previous page page_153 next page > Page 153 Who: What: Where: How long: Ana Marie Rizzieri Makeup artist for magazines and advertisements New York City (although she lives in a Philadephia suburb) Seven years Insider's Advice I went to the Maison de Paris in Haddonfield. I would get these jobs. Insider's take on the Future You always have to strive for success. seven or eight years later. Now. It's now called Rizzieri Institute in Cherry Hill. < previous page page_153 next page > . and we started doing tests together. and I said. NJ. and I built my book that way. I started doing clients. ''I could do that!" I didn't really go for it until we did a shoot for the North American Hairstylist of the Year (NAHA) contest. Don't do trendy. I think when you're an unknown quantity and these famous people are deciding whether or not they want to work with you. People will respect you for it. I started my career in hairdressing. so I couldn't do it anymore. I'm working with magazines like British Vogue and ad campaigns like Tommy Hilfiger. which didn't really pay. Assisting the top names is key. who asked me to oversee the makeup department in his new salon. I always wear a pair of gray or black trousers and a tailored white shirt. but I developed an allergic reaction to some of the products. The photographer on that shoot taught me a lot about lighting. and one day I picked up a Vogue and started looking at the makeup jobs on the models. I started assisting people like Kevyn Aucoin and Sonia Kashuk. just by showing my book of test prints to different agencies. I started working with my future husband. the more you receive. We'd get models from New York to come down to Philadelphia. do polished. And I'm a big believer in the idea that the more you give. NJ. But I got bored. which relocated and was bought by my in-laws. Soon after. Sometimes it's the only thing they have to go on. which was great.

a resume and cover letter. and you've either passed your state board exam or are waiting to take it. you need to: know the kind of job you want conduct a job search develop a resume polish your cover letter-writing skills learn how to give a great interview know your career options < previous page page_155 next page > . and ace tough interviews. you need to evaluate both your shortterm and long-term career goals. You've gotten a taste of the salon life at beauty school. So you've graduated from cosmetology school. now it's time to explore those possibilities more fully. What's the best way to find the job that's right for you? In order to find the perfect fit. To get the job you want. It's time to find a job. You'll find practical tips on how to get job-related information.< previous page page_155 next page > Page 155 Chapter 5 How to Land Your First Job In this chapter you'll learn how to land your first jobthe job you really want. write a resume and cover letter.

but you don't know how to apply. The Search Is On The cosmetology industry has plenty of entry-level jobs. Say there's a salon in your metropolitan area for which you've always wanted to work. apply immediately. You may decide to specialize in haircolor rather than cutting somewhere down the road. and your first job should help you further your long-term objective. Word of mouth. room. but newspapers carry classified job advertising every day. not creative work. is what strikes your fancy. Don't panic. The Internet. In fact. Networking. and opportunity to explore your options. or you may find out that management. don't think you need to have all the answers now. however loose or unformed that objective may be. There should be plenty of time. If an entry catches your eye. these listings are not confined to a specific region. A great many reputable salons have forged relationships with excellent schools. If you're looking to move. Rare is the individual who knows exactly what he or she wants at the very beginning of his or her career. Gather up your courage and go in and ask for an application. thousands of them go unfilled each year. Literally dozens of sites are devoted to job banks. Most trades come out only monthly. check out the outof-town newspapers at your local library or at large bookstores such as Barnes & Noble. Many beauty-school instructors work in salons part time and can be a great source of referrals for qualified student graduates. however.< previous page page_156 next page > Page 156 Although it's important to be organized and put a great deal of thought into this. Classified advertising. It's best to have tentative plan. Trade publications and your local newspaper are the two most reliable resources. and unlike newspaper ads. so finding openings shouldn't be difficult. Or book a service and then chat with the hairdresser about the salon: How long has he or she been there? How did he or she get the job? What's it like to work there? And gauge your own feelings about the salon: Does it seem to be the kind < previous page page_156 next page > . Here are some resources to utilize: Your cosmetology schools. Check the school's bulletin boards and work with their placement office to get an idea of local job possibilities. Graduates of Pittsburgh Beauty Academy practically have their pick of entry-level positions in Pittsburgh-area salons. you may learn that teaching is what you'd most like to do.

Bureau of the Census. AZ 3. Demographics When you're job hunting. Fontana. however. Population Division. VA 12. Chicago. Las Vegas. FL 10. NV 7. Los Angeles. CA 11. Coral Springs. Don't. Naperville. TX 17. if any.000 or more. Chesapeake. Fort Collins. Few. it's critical to get an idea of the economy and growth of the region in which you want to work.< previous page page_157 next page > Page 157 of place you want to work? Would you be comfortable? If you're still interested. McAllen. CA Source: Population Estimates Program. talk to the front desk about job openings. CA 5. and San Francisco. TX 6. Corona. salon owners list their job openings with government agencies. CO 16. Your state cosmetology association.S. NV 2. Mesa. AZ 8. Scottsdale. Colorado Springs. U. Aside from the major metropolises of New York. these areas offer some of the highest salaries in the nation. TX 14. FL 4. 1. AZ 15. Palmdale. Pembroke Pines. Henderson City. Plano. Following is a list of the fastest growing cities in America with populations of 100. Some carry job listings as a matter of course. IL 13. Chandler. TX 9. Glendale. Brownsville. CO 20. Boise City. check with your state employment agencies. < previous page page_157 next page > . ID 18. AZ 19. Laredo.

Researching Salons You select a restaurant based on decor. have well-stocked shelves of professional retail products. MD. and to promote the services and products of the salon. be sure to check that the staff works actively with the clients by performing consultations. are as follows: ZIP code 10021 92506 79109 60619 30305 94108 91786 92103 10022 85251 Location New York Riverside. The prestige factor won't hurt your career either. barber shops.< previous page page_158 next page > Page 158 The ZIP codes with the highest density of salons. atmosphere. and not leaving them alone for too long while the service is processing. CA San Diego New York Scottsdale. Research your first cosmetology job in a similar manner. and be considered established leaders of salons in their area. CA Amarillo. and food quality." Salon Statistics According to NACCAS. These strategies show that the owner and the staff are making an effort to retain clients. A salon with good marketing strategies is important too. on the other hand. AZ Number of salons 152 127 122 116 115 115 109 101 101 101 Source: American Salon's Green Book 1994. "When you visit or research a salon. established salons offer higher job security because they have a faithful clientele. "The salons that you consider the most should be clean.345. attending to their needs during the salon service. to get new clients." Successful. as of September 1996 there were 1.000 licensed professionals employed in the nation's 285. The typical salon serves 172 clients per week and has five < previous page page_158 next page > . TX Chicago Atlanta San Francisco Upland. advises Gene Mock. and nail salons. unisex salons.179 beauty salons. owner of Studio One Hair Design & Day Spa in Frederick.

there's a great deal of mobility in the industry.215 N. one part-time professional.531 874 71. Additionally. There were nearly 510.110 4.400 1. according to NPA Data Services. between October 1. or 1.546 in tips. The majority of those openings occurred in unisex salons in rural and suburban areas and small cities.089 1." a national survey conducted for the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). 1995. on the other hand. estheticians with makeup experience. had the fewest openings.8 per establishment. Nails-only salons. In 1991.283 4. by contrast.356 71. except those in the West. To learn more about what it's like to work in a particular store. 1996. New employees typically work for minimum wage. and even hairdressers to work at their in-store salons. do the following: < previous page page_159 next page > . One out of every three salon employees changed jobs between 1995 and 1996. Central 41.000 job openings.< previous page page_159 next page > Page 159 stations. The average American income.800 West 23. the average salaries reported by salon owners for fulltime cosmetologists was $25. will be about $18. have an average of eight stations per salon and serve a much larger number of clients per week (358.674 107.508 52. Department Store Jobs Department stores are always on the lookout for trained makeup artists. The large cities.085 46. The average salon income is in the low $30s.385 and $4. and one booth renter.600 per year.842 2. two or three full-time professionals. top stylists average about $45. above the national income average.879 476 86. 1996. and September 30.900 in 2005.906 158. on average).931a base salary of $21.961 South 17. Number of anticipated new positions for 1997 Northeast Beauty Salons Barber Shops Unisex Salons Nail Salons Total 96.465 Source: "Job Demand in the Cosmetology Industry.045 1. Approximately three out of four salon owners reported difficulty in finding new applicantsgood news for entry-level professionals.765 74.

it's best to check out in person any place you think you might want to work. and don't < previous page page_160 next page > . you need to bring with you when you fill out your application. Ask for the name of a contact person to whom you can send your resume.< previous page page_160 next page > Page 160 Mystery shop. (Since most department stores are parts of large corporations. Offer to give a demonstration of your skills. what the conditions are like. Again.) Follow up with a phone call a few days later. There are no minimum sales goals to meet or set territoriesyou can sell to anyone. and estheticians. Talk to the employees. Pull together a photo shoot so you can start a portfolio of your work. nail technicians. if anything. increasingly. Avon employs sales reps who are at least 18 years old. Commissions range from 10 to 50 percent based on your total sales every two weeks. Come in during a slow time (early morning or near closing is usually best) and ask them about what it's like to work therewhat's expected of them. what the customers prefer. ask for the name of the person to whom you should send a resume. For more information. contact Avon at (800) 662-2292. send your resume and cover letter to the contact person or personnel office. Hiring is generally handled by the store's human resources office. and so on. but there's still money to be made if you enjoy being on the road and are comfortable with selling and with the creative aspects of makeup. Call to find out if it's accepting applications and what. Licenses are generally not required for these positionsbut they never hurt. other beauty professionals such as massage therapists. Hotels Hotels are another option for hairdressersand. you'll receive a starter kit and an initiation by an Avon manager. Cosmetics Firm Sales Reps The days when door-to-door cosmetics retailing was commonplace are long gone. For a $20 fee. If you think you'd like to work there. you do not need any kind of cosmetology or makeup license to work. Once you've received your license. Go in as a customer. the personnel office is usually in charge of all hiring. quiz the people behind the counter on the different products and solicit their advice. Book yourself an appointment and soak up the ambiance.

ask a friend or a colleague to read them too. That's what a cover lettera brief note of introduction explaining who you are and why you're interested in a particular positionis for. nail technician. Haircolor skills are in high demand in most salons these days. Think of it as a letter of introduction. However. Resumes are essential to landing a job in any great salon. whether you are a new graduate or an experienced. Make specific reference to the position you desire. or esthetician. If you have ever interned at a salon." he notes.) Cover Letters and Resumes A resume is a listing of your qualifications. grammar. and sense before you mail them out. the resume shouldn't just list the cosmetology school and course work. MD. so any experience or course work in this area will be a bonus. A fresh pair of eyes is more likely to catch a mistake. initiative." says Gene Mock. and career commitment. Don't give them the opportunity. "A cosmetology resume shows that the student is proud of his or her accomplishments and wants to be seen as a professional. educational classes. but always professional. they will think you don't take the time to check your work. (And it never hurts to ask the salon owner or manager if you can demonstrate your skills for them. should be a little more personal. experience. on the other hand. says Robert Zupko. owner of Robert Andrew DaySpa Salon in Gambrills. You needn't tailor it for each ad you reply to. Your letter should not be too long (no more than one page). and briefly express why you'd be the best candidate for it. licensed professional. and while they won't necessarily think you're unintelligent. and they'll question your thoroughness. A typo can happen to anyone. says Zupko. You should also list all extra trade shows.< previous page page_161 next page > Page 161 forget to follow up with a phone call. but savvy salon owners will take note of it. assisted a hairstylist. and interests that you send to prospective employers. < previous page page_161 next page > . and beauty conventions. however. nor should it sound like a sales pitch. or had experience with haircolor. says Zupko. if possible. A must for both your resume and your cover letter: Make sure you proofread them for errors in spelling. include that on your resume. in which you want to show that you're both mature and interesting. Additional information will make the resume stand out. Why is a resume important? "A resume will prove that you are serious about your career as a cosmetologist and as a professional. Cover letters. Always read your resume and letter twice. He will rarely interview someone who doesn't have a resume. as well as all other nonrelated work experience to prove your stability.

< previous page What Information to Include page_162 next page > Page 162 Resumes should state the facts. race. Here's what's relevant: your professional experience (not just in a salonany work experience that shows you are capable and responsible). but you'd better be prepared to discuss your work and educational history in detail. in as brief and concise a manner as possible. one-or two-sentence descriptions of what you did. Supply your job titles. but be honest too. you're bound to get caught. and the dates for each job. < previous page page_162 next page > . graduate with honors from your high school. or religion personal interests that have no bearing on the job reasons for leaving previous jobs You may be tempted to "gild the lily" on your resume. So be positive about your accomplishments. and citations any other work or interests you feel are pertinent Do not include: your marital status your age. your education special skills. Smart employers will check that you did. If you're not truthful. indeed. awards.

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Enough said. your hairstyle and makeup should be impeccable to reflect your dedication to image. Job interviews are important because first impressions are criticalparticularly in the beauty industry. Don't interrupt your interviewer and don't feel you need to parrot what has just been said. Remember: A salon professional is called upon to listen far more than he or she is called upon to talk. make a more detailed case for yourself as the best candidate for the job. I look for various traits: Does the person smile a lot and seem happy? Does the applicant seem personable. "Immediately. then it's likely you'll be contacted for an inperson interview. ''The first impression is always a big step when I meet a potential new assistant or any salon professional. thoughtful response is best. Don't be so intent on selling yourself that you seem overeager. Be aware of the impression you make. not a performer. if appropriate. < previous page page_167 next page > . The interview gives the employer a chance to size you up. A slow." says Randy Currie. owner of Currie Hair-Skin-Nails in Glen Mills. skin. dress. PA. or pantsuit is suitable. The biggest turn-off to salon owners is when job candidates dress as if they are running their daily errands or as if they don't care about the job they are interviewing for. Most salon owners will expect you to keep up this image at work after you are hired. Be on time.< previous page Face to Face page_167 next page > Page 167 If your cover letter and resume catch a prospective employer's eye. Some keys to remember: Dress the part. and it gives you the chance to learn more about the position and. says Gene Mock. easy to talk to? Does he or she make direct eye contact with me? Does this person seem to have a sense of definable style? Does this person seem to have fashion sense? Does the person take pride in his or her appearance? Does the person seem selfconfident without being arrogant? Does this person take care of his or her hair. Smileand breathe. Take your time in replying to questions. where your appearance can mean the difference between being fully booked and spending your time cleaning up the back bar. Show the interviewer that you have what it takes to be a confidante. and nails?" Take the time to listen. A nice business suit.

but this way things are out in the open. personality. Salon questions: Ask everyone you meet about the salon. They may not be the answers you particularly want to hear. but if they don't also have excellent communication or people skills. Questions show that you have an interest in your career and in the salon. Relax and let your personality come through. "We feel that attitude. He says a hairstylist or nail technician may have the best technical skills possible. everyone is on the same page. and because we are in the professional beauty industry. It doesn't have to be expensive or exorbitant. and you know how you will be compensated for meeting those expectations. and there are no surprises. How long have they worked there? Did they go through a training program? How many clients per month does the salon service? Where do new clients come from < previous page page_168 next page > . A great attitude and personality can help overcome many challenges." says Randy Currie." Interviewing the Salon An interview works two ways: The salon owner wants to find out about you. "I cannot stress enough how important it is for an applicant to ask questions. and image are the most important qualities any new applicant should have. "When you ask questions. he will not hire them." Some questions Currie recommends asking: Educational questions: Ask about future potential opportunities for career education. You know what is expected of you." says Randy Currie.< previous page page_168 next page > Page 168 "The absolute most important skill a job candidate must have is people skills. the way we interact with people is extremely important. you get answers. and you should be prepared to interview the salon." says Bob Zupko. Someone with an extremely upbeat personality is always an asset. equaled only by all-around good technical skills. just unique. "Because we are in the customer-service business. we want people who have a unique flair or a special style all their own. Will the salon owner provide educational seminars? Will there be opportunities for hands-on training? How often are educational seminars conducted? Who will pay for them? What other help can you offer as I move up and become more experienced? Showing an interest in education shows an interest in your career and its future.

however. and charitable programs do you sponsor? Compensation Issues As they do in many service professions. and publicize the salon? What types of promotions. If you do $500 worth of services a day and your commission is 50 percent. then you'll receive $250 before taxes for the day's work. salaries themselves offer little incentive to increase productivityyou get paid the same regardless of whether you work on two clients a day or ten. Commission only. This method guarantees you a fixed income for hours you work. Is the salon commission or salary based? Are health benefits offered? How much can I expect to make as an assistant? How will my compensation package change when I become a hairstylist? Is there a 401(k) or some other form of employee savings plan? How often will I be paid? Is there a training or procedures manual in which my specific duties or responsibilities are spelled out? What do you do to market. If there's a thunderstorm and no one leaves their house that day. but don't sound overly concerned about money. On the negative side. Salary or wage plus commission.000 you generate that week in service sales. This offers you no security but a chance to make a very large sum indeed. or a combination thereof. It offers stability and means you are an employee of the salon. This method is often employed by higher-end salons that are sophisticated in the retailing arena. on the percentage at which your commission is set. It all depends. events. Sliding-scale commission. cosmetology pay schemes vary widely. you may make nary a dime. your commission may be 30 percent up to the first $1. advertise. then it may shoot up to 40 percent for the next < previous page page_169 next page > . For instance.< previous page page_169 next page > Page 169 and how are they distributed? How many of the current staff members were assistants? What brands of professional products does the salon carry? How many clients does each salon professional typically have? What makes the salon unique in its market? Employment questions: Don't be afraid to ask about how you will be compensated. This combines the security of a regular paycheck with a bonus for hitting certain targetsservice dollars. retail dollars. There are pros and cons to each method. Some of the more common are Salary or hourly wage.

and to 50 percent for the next $1. Employees become fully vested in the plan after a period of years. after you begin earning a certain amount of revenue. You are not employees of the salon. although often low. and therefore you are not eligible for benefits.000. 401(k) plans. provided you sell a minimum of $500 worth of retail every week.000. making this an ideal retirement account. say.< previous page page_170 next page > Page 170 $1. you don't have a clientele yetso a commission-only situation may be a tough go. Once you're more experienced and have established a roster of steady clients. Paid vacations. query them about the following: Health insurance. to which both the employer and employee contribute. a salary plus commission or commission-only situation becomes a little more realistic. 20 percent. to alter your hours to suit your schedule. This arrangement means you're an independent contractor with your own station in a salon with other independent contractors. but not in the conventional five-day increments. Beginning salaries. A workplace standard in other industries. You may still work 40 hours. Some salons will permit you. Specifically. And if you rent space. However. An obvious perk! Flex time. But over the last couple of years. you'll have to purchase all your own equipment. and you'll incur other expenses you never dreamed of (more on that in Chapter 6). are at least guaranteed income. more salon ownersand especially those who own more than one locationhave committed to offering insurance to attract higher-quality employees. This is < previous page page_170 next page > . health insurance is less common in salons. Forward-thinking salons may offer some type of profit-sharing. The reasons are multifaceted: If you're just starting out your career. Renting or leasing space. As with profit-sharing. The Importance of Benefits Be sure to ask your prospective employer about the salon's benefits program. Company-funded profit sharing. Or you may make commission on retail products at a rate of. you can't withdraw the money before age 59½ without a steep penalty. both parties kick in contributions to this plan. Think long and hard about the compensation program at the salon you'd like to work for before saying yes to any job offer.

and he will give special consideration to new graduates from schools that taught them to work as team members.500 square-foot day spa salon." Zupko says. Be on time. with the understanding that you will share what you've learned with the rest of the staff upon your return. haircolor. < previous page page_171 next page > . or skincare. Frederick. and show your positive interest. and nailcare artists. Collect photographs of your finished work. Ask whether the salon will foot the bill for any advanced classes or seminars you'd like to take. Some salons will help you pay for a trip to an out-of-town trade show.< previous page page_171 next page > Page 171 becoming more commonplace as salons stay open later and even on Sunday to accommodate time-crunched clients. Robert Andrew DaySpa Salon. estheticians. Training programs and education. makeup. and interviews instructors. He observes classes in session. The first step he takes in evaluating new salon professionals is visiting the schools from which they are graduating. come prepared with a list of five to ten questions. I look for students who aggressively want to be career cosmetologists. to display in a professional-looking portfolio that includes your resume. whether it is hairdressing. They need to have good all-around skills in every aspect of what they are pursuing. some top salon owners share the secrets of what they look for in a prospective hire: Gene Mock. Zupko takes a very detailed approach to hiring new students out of cosmetology school. assesses the technical skills of students. or makeovers. nailcare. which includes a team of more than 55 salon professionals." Bob Zupko. MD: Bob Zupko is accustomed to hiring young salon professionals to work at his 7. MD: "A portfolio of your work is always impressive. He looks for students who are prepared to work in a salon "team" environment. Gambrills. "I look for a school that doesn't just prepare students to pass the state boards. whether it is hairstyles. The Intangibles Salon Owners Look for Ever wonder what sets certain applicants apart from the pack? Here. Make your first impression your best impression. Studio One Hair Design & Day Spa. He takes regular tours of local and regional cosmetology schools to find more out about their quality. nailcare. or whether the salon brings in educators on its own.

Glen Mills. and fashion sense are qualities that we feel are important for our new assistants. Intangibles like personality. candidates will eventually be rewarded with a job at a prestigious salon. "Too many schools only teach the basics of cosmetology. with individual talents. nailcare. "We make candidates perform a basic client consultation." Zupko says. "All staff members improve their skills or make a significant accomplishment for the betterment of our day spa salon team. they're not ready to work in my salon. Our extensive interview process helps us gather this intangible information. hairdressing. based on information about past employment. they will have to learn to do it on their own. we will put their resume at the top of the list. I encourage applicants to spend at least 15 < previous page page_172 next page > . and it's just not enough. Currie Hair-Skin-Nails. can give us a sense of the person's reliability and degree of responsibility. "We operate as one working team. "It's not always something they can learn on the job. Our job application. but it cannot express how the applicant dealt with difficult or stressful situations. During the day. The application can give us an idea of what type of experience and expertise a person has in a particular field.< previous page page_172 next page > Page 172 Zupko advises people who are interested in attending cosmetology school to find one that offers basic or additional course work in client consultations. makeup. extroverted behavior. It's an extra challenge learning to work this way." The ability to work as a "team member" is also vital. clipper cuts. If they can go out of their way to do so. but we find that it gets most salon professionals excited about working together as opposed to just working for themselves. image consciousness. "A part of our interview process involves a day when the applicant comes in for three to four hours to observe and interact with our staff. or skincare. and multicultural hair. It's very similar to many job applications out there." says Zupko." Zupko is adamant about hiring new graduates who are skilled in all phases of haircutting. but it really can't express how that person got along as a teammate with coworkers. we introduce the applicant to our staff. self-confidence. so if they don't learn it at their school." Randy Currie. If they lack interpersonal skills. we don't hire them. but we look for many things that just can't be expressed on the application. PA: "We have a standard application here at Currie. If candidates come in and they don't know how to do updos. or even just enough to pass the state boards. selfmotivation. and if they can do it with professionalism and personality.

hair designers. everyone. We want applicants to ask a lot of questions. It shows us they are serious about their career and really take an interest in their future. and they can study their technique not only in cutting and styling but also how they interact with their clients. estheticians. This includes current assistants. receptionists. nail technicians.< previous page page_173 next page > Page 173 minutes with each staff member to get to know a little bit about them." < previous page page_173 next page > . They can observe each professional at work.

don't bother. < previous page page_175 next page > . they were just fine. I started traveling. what your skill level needs to be. Once I realized there was an opportunity to be involved with models and department stores. it will not work. CO Ten years Insider's Advice I got my cosmetology license by taking cosmetology through a vocational high school. Because you will have to work exceptionally hard. Soon I got an opportunity to assist some local hairdressers who were working luncheon fashion shows in Denver. And that's how I got to work this year with Eugene Souleiman on the Milan shows of Dolce & Gabbana. but I've gotten to do quite a few shows in Denverfor Carolyne Roehme. At first they weren't receptive. Denver. Pamela Dennis. and how much money you can make. If you're not interested in the esthetics of hairdressing or makeup or skincare. You can double or quadruple your money in a just a few years.< previous page page_175 next page > Page 175 Who: What: Where: How long: Charlie Price Salon owner and freelance fashion hairstylist Planet Salon. and be very aggressive. Usually people wait to be asked to do these things. When I first started. When I started doing some work for [professional beauty company] Aveda. and Miu Miu. so the fashion world is beginning to make a presence in Denver. For a while I though about moving there. I learned so much that waywhat you can learn from your clients. I always knew I wanted to do it. and I visited some salons in New York that I knew did a lot of photo work. and I'd give them my resume and call them on the phone. and the like. I was an assistant in a salon. But the harder you work in the beginning of your careerespecially if you choose your place of employment wellthe sooner the really hard work passes. to succeed. I just went for it. Insider's Take on the Future If you don't love what you do. We just did a fall collection of Jean-Paul Gaultier here. but I campaigned for it! I would go to the people in charge of these shows and let them see some photos of my work. Prada. but once they knew I did good work and that I didn't want to be paid.

however. Well. Entry-level jobs are often considered glorified apprenticeships. You'll learn about paying your dues and moving up.< previous page page_177 next page > Page 177 Chapter 6 How to Succeed Once you've Landed the Job This chapter will give you tips on managing relationships with your boss and coworkers and fitting into the particular culture of your new salon. Is this the career you really want? Take heart. you're not even allowed to work on clients yet. Soon. You'll also have to learn how to handle a wide variety of personalitiesand live with them peacefully for 40 hours or more a week. And the owner doesn't seem to have time for youshe's got 20 other employees vying for her attention. you wanted a challenge. didn't you? < previous page page_177 next page > . you realize that you're not the star of the salon. Your experience is similar to that of tens of thousands of cosmetology professionals just entering the industry. In fact. and you'll have to spend plenty of time mixing haircolor formula and sweeping up hair before you can move up to having your own chair and clientele. You've found what looks to be your dream jobat least your dream first job.

" (If your salon doesn't have one. courtesy of you." says Randy Currie. The first few years in the salon are paying-your-dues time. to a man who was such a stern disciplinarian that he insisted his employees have not one wrinkle in their clothing. Sassoon cites this early discipline as the single biggest key to his later success. family members. we review what the assistants have completed and how far along they have come. even a top-flight one. < previous page page_178 next page > . Anyone who tells you that you can make $40." recruit your own models for your salon's "model night. (To this day.000 a year straight out of school is doing you a disservice. and former fellow students to bring themselves or send their friends in for budget-priced cuts. By moving forward with a series of short-term goals. As a full-service salon owner. That's why a growing number of salons have devised their own apprenticeship programs or assistant programs that all new hires must complete before becoming full-fledged staff cosmetologists. Sassoon Academy students and employees are some of the best-disciplined people in the beauty industry. Sassoon would lay his slacks underneath the mattress on his bed so the crease would stay in place. in the long run. to help them complete these courses and to build on their levels of advancement. Each night. I try to provide many educational opportunities for assistants. financially and otherwise. owner of Currie Hair-Skin-Nails. they never see a light at the end of the tunnel. ask your salon owner to start onethey're great experience for you and great exposure for the salon." Vidal Sassoon loves to tell the story of his own apprenticeship.) Hot Tip If you're anxious to start working on "live heads. After a certain period. the assistants can build on the long-term goal of becoming established hairstylists. "Most assistants are so anxious to move up through the ranks that unless they can see progress and the completion of shortterm goals. It's been proved time and again that if you treat your first few years in the salon the same way college students treat their last few years in schoolas a learning experiencethen you'll come out ahead.< previous page page_178 next page > Page 178 Starting from Scratch Let's face it: There's only so much you can learn at a beauty school. "Assistants need to be patient and need to be constantly learning.) Ask friends.

Finally. he or she begins to work on clients with less and less input from the stylist. Try to solve problems on your own. As the assistant becomes more experienced. < previous page page_179 next page > . he or she works on haircolor. This enables the assistant to build a relationship with the hairstylist's clients. try to be as proactive as possible. If you're a salon professional. Assistants must average 60 clients per month for two consecutive months before they can be considered stylists. the assistant works on the the stylist's clientele. The program typically lasts 18 to 24 months. No one likes to hear the same questions over and over again. Don't just assume you understand what your boss means when he asks you to mix up a color formula you've never heard of. Then the assistant works on all chemical services. It's important that you understand her professional values so you can meet performance expectations. watch her manner. or to operate the phone system you've never worked with. so that they get to know and feel comfortable with the assistant.< previous page Working with your Boss page_179 next page > Page 179 A boss is part teacher and part manager. It's always best to askonce. such as perming and relaxing. ask. Each assistant works under one stylist or salon professional for this entire period before becoming an independent Currie salon professional. Next. Other tips: If you don't understand something. but your success ultimately depends on one person: the one you see in the mirror. ask for clarification. Follow instructions to the letter. The assistantship program has four steps. Pay attention to what she says. Assistant Programs: Exhibit A At Currie Hair-Skin-Nails. new hires can expect to work as assistants for at least one year. Whether you're facing a conflict with a coworker or a clog in the sink. Then commit the response to memory. He or she expects you to succeed and will do everything within reason to ensure that you do. and often (but not always) a salon professional as well. If something's unclear. using all the skills he or she has learned. Use your insight to study your boss. First. chances are you're a people person: You pick up on their physical or psychological cues. the assistant works as a shampooist. Salon owners resent any unnecessary intrusions on their time.

the baby is sick. Don't get the boss involved unless the situation is so bad that you want to leave your job and you believe the salon owner can do something about the problem. do you?) Don't get involved in disputes. not your family. Practice treating your coworkers the same way you treat your clients. particularly if you're fond of them all. the chronic complainers. Unless you witness something grossly unethical on the joband think perhaps the salon owner should be made aware of itkeep mum. Dragging the boss into personality disputes will only make her think less of you as a professional. that your salon owner is not likely to promote you to a high-level position unless you exhibit maturity and problem-solving skills. For instance. Some other tips: Always be friendly and professional. the hardest workers. your tax return was smaller than expected). CT.< previous page Working with your Colleagues page_180 next page > Page 180 Your workplace peers can be the greatest pleasure of your jobor your biggest pain. Always behave responsibly. (You don't want your clients to know how lousy your day is. ever put off ''grunt work" until tomorrow. If you're having a bad day (the car broke down. It's hard to know where to draw the line with colleagues. too. try to push that aside. a hairdresser may give a haircut to an esthetician. She also encourages people to trade services. don't hide in the back room. Remember. you'll soon identify the best hairdressers. And never. If you do. don't. and an esthetician may reciprocate by giving the hairdresser a facial. Don't get overly involved in their lives. Remember the purpose of your job: to help you develop your career. Don't let praise go to your headand don't take criticism to heart." says Kristin Wall Chou. Solve your own conflicts. As with your boss. Be approachable. And don't leave the front desk unattended while you go grab a muffin. and the clock watchers. If your salon owner doesn't want you smoking in the back room. A good rule of thumb to remember: They're your coworkers. spa manager of the Adam Broderick Image Group in Ridgefield. "I encourage our staff members to have lunch with the group. It's a no-win situation otherwise. it's best to put your keen observational skills to the test. "It can only help you in your career to see the kind of inter- < previous page page_180 next page > .

within four to six months assistants move up to become "Young stylists. they book appointments. follow these key points: Be respectful. Extensive reading. A receptionist who feels mistreated. But you'd feel terribly if the latter clients could sense your dislike. MD. Imagine observing yourself from a distance. To develop a sound relationship with your salon receptionist. your paycheck will suffer.< previous page page_181 next page > Page 181 action that goes on in other parts of the salon or spa. tests. they assist with hair designblow-drying. employ your own Candid Camera technique on yourself. During the first month or two. Sometimes it's impossibledue to timing constraints or other factorsto give everyone an equal number of appoint- < previous page page_181 next page > . relaxed. haircolor simple tints. Working with the Receptionist Your salon's receptionist is perhaps the most important person in the salon. the same goes for your fellow employees. They can cut and style hair while a senior stylist monitors their work. You'll always have favorite coworkers. or snubbed may consciously or subconsciously decide to steer clients away from you. Let the receptionist know what kind of clients you like and what type of styles you're best at or need to work on so that you're more likely to get clients you're comfortable with. greet guests." Wall-Chou says. and generally make sure everything is in order. what kind of work your coworkers do. just as you'll have favorite clientsand others you might half-wish not to have. Typically. and chemical processes. Do you behave like a professional? Are you well groomed. polite. If you're on commission and the receptionist doesn't schedule you a good number of appointments. observation and studying are the keys." At this level. When in doubt. they become senior stylists. assistantships usually last ten months to a year. match walk-ins to appropriate hairdressers. ignored. Treat everyone equally. When the manager feels they're ready. Receptionists are the face salons show to the public. conscientious? Keep that image in the forefront of your mind and the rest will take care of itself. and mannequin work are the norm. Assistants are given an overview of each specialized area in the salon and can opt to specializeor not. Assistant Programs: Exhibit B At David's Beautiful People in Rockville. Be informative. Be tolerant of mistakes.

then the client will get himwhether it's your turn or not.< previous page page_182 next page > Page 182 ments. If you're done with a client earlier than expected. how do you expect it to change? Being proactive can prevent a difficult situation from becoming really difficult. Verbalize problems. needs. the receptionist must always abide by the wishes of the client. When the manager decides that junior stylists are ready to move to the next level. which has two separate salons adjacent to each of the senior salons. Know your schedule. Assistant Programs: Exhibit C The Van Michael Salons in Atlanta are famous for their cutting-edge but consumerfriendly styles. Having a great "chairside manner" will take you a long way. If the client must have Stylist X. If you don't tell the receptionist that you're unhappy about something. Here are some general questions to open with: "Is this your first time at the salon?" "What do you do for a living?" "What do you like about your hair?" "What don't you like?" < previous page page_182 next page > . while someone else gets three chemical services at twice the revenue. The salons hire junior stylists who choose cutting or coloring as their speciality. but it never hurts to know the basics. new client recruitment. The New Talent salons are budget-priced spots where stylists further hone their skills while working on client retention. they move on to the New Talent division. alert the receptionist so walk-ins can be sent your way. When the junior stylists have graduated. Also. and retail skills. and lifestyle. It's also the primary way to get new clients to relax in your chair. They also attend training sessions taught by the salon's general manager. You don't want to keep a client waiting. They spend three to six months assisting senior stylists and learning about the salon. Time your services to maximize your efficiency. The Importance of Consultations It's likely that your salon owner or manager will train you in the salon's specific consultation technique. receiving assistant-level wages. Some people may get stuck doing all haircuts one day. but be realistic about how long it will take you to finish a client. The consultation is key because it's an icebreakeryour chance to size up the client's wants. he asks them give an impromptu demonstration in front of owner Van Council and other educators.

no matter how smoothly you handle the consultation. keep a record of what happens: what was said. or sending letters or calling you. The harasser needn't be a coworker or boss. and be courteous if the client brings in a photo. he or she could also be a client. For example. but never make it difficult for clients to voice their opinion. either confront the harasser and make your feelings know or otherwise demonstrate that you do not approve of the behaviour. if there in any. distributor. prompt them by asking. If the behaviour continues. Show examples in the form of swatches and photos. If clients don't know how to respond. but he or she may start get antsy as you proceed. when it was said. if your boss or coworker is constantly making crude remarks. contact the EEOC at (800) 669-3362. It also includes assault and rape. or someone else you have to deal with at work. < previous page page_183 next page > . A hostile environment is one in which you can't perform your job because of the intimidating or offensive working environmentfor instance. Be tactful (don't chatter on about gray hair). Don't proceed too quickly. If the harasser is your boss. In such cases. who said it. it's just not easy to communicate with a client. a harasser may threaten to fire you. Keep all evidence. Ask your coworkers if they are experiencing the same problems. Work efficiently.< previous page "Why did you leave your last salon?" (ask of a new client only) "What products do you use?" "Is there anything else I should know?" page_183 next page > Page 183 This last question is crucial. If the harasser is a colleague or client. Sometimes perpetrators are unaware that what they are doing is making you uncomfortable. Sometimes. speak to your supervisor. and whether there were witnesses. If you think you are a victim of sexual harassment. For instance. or not give you a raise. speak to your coworkers if they are experiencing the same problems. and salons are no exceptionparticularly in an industry in which the workforce is more than 80 percent female (although men are also victims of harassment). The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) breaks it down into two categories: quid pro quo and hostile environment. Protecting Yourself from Sexual Harassment It happens in every work environment. If the harasser is a colleague or client. stop cutting and explain to the client what you're doing and why. Speak only to the clientmake him or her feel like the only person in the world. The formers means harassment that involves threats or rewards. "Do you color your hair? Do you take any medications that I should know about? Are you looking for a big change or just small adjustments?" During the consultation it's critical to maintain eye contact. explicitly commenting on your appearance. or promise a raise in return for inappropriate behavior. Sexual harassment can take two forms. you may have an idea for a cut and persuade the client to try it. So give them the benefit of the doubt at first.

< previous page page_184 next page > Page 184 Booth-Renting As was explained in Chapter 1. Some salon owners' policies provide coverage for everyone who works at their location. Tie your records to your appointment book. or a flat fee. (Note: Booth rental is illegal in the state of New Jersey. but liability and malpractice as well. 285. The Internal Revenue Service estimates that 10 million individuals and businesses64 percent of them self-employed and typically in "cash" businessesmay not have filed tax returns in 1996. To protect yourself. There are new laws in place to combat this trend. Nail down the details before you work on your first client.179 32 24 The Insurance Question If you decide to rent space in a salon or work at home. Business expenses are deductible. < previous page page_184 next page > . For example. Just one injured or dissatisfied client may lead to financial ruin if you're uninsured. you also need to take special care with taxes. you need to confront the question of insurancenot just medical. The IRS wants a cancelled check to verify every receipt. Legal Issues If you're an independent contractor (booth renter). making it easier for the state and the IRS to keep track of who's earning money and not filing. Policies may also cover those who rent space or have a home workplace. 1996" a national survey conducted for the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences.) The Booth-Rental Landscape Total Number of salons in 1996 Percentage of booth-rental salons in 1996 Percentage of booth-rental salons in 1991 Source: "Job Demand in the Cosmetology Industry. to the salon owner for the space they rent within a salon. so keep track of them as well. And pay your business expenses with checks. keep accurate records that document the income you list on your return. Others let the independent cosmetologist buy in for comprehensive business coverage on the premises. booth renters operate as independent contractors and pay a percentage of their gross. Texas passed legislation in 1992 requiring independent cosmetologists to have a booth renter's license.

000 22 19 < previous page page_185 next page > ." a national survey conducted for the National Accrediting Commission Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. If you work for more than a year without one. It should set limits on your arrangement. Make sure you have a written agreement with the salon owner. Booth Rental Depth in the Industry Number of people working in beauty. You should have business cards and a business checking account to pay all your business operating expenses. If you misrepresent your income by more than 20 percent. You can get the appropriate forms from your accountant or directly from the IRS. and it should be renewed annually. the owner is obligated to pay taxes on the equipment. equipment. 6. 1. you may be found guilty of fraud and subjected to substantial penalties. unisex. You should have your own sales tax number if you sell retail products to your clients. 4. and supplies. And pay your quarterly taxes. give IRS form 1099-MI SC to your salon owner or landlord. and nail salons and barbershops in 1996 Percentage of booth renters in 1996 Percentage of stylists who became booth renters in 1996 Source: "Job Demand in the Cosmetology Industry. Finally. 5. the IRS may determine that you're an employee of the salon.< previous page page_185 next page > Page 185 Also keep records of your received and deposited moneyincluding tips. 2. An area of the salon should be designated as yours. an independent contractor cannot be fired at will. 1996. You must provide your own tools. or wear a uniform or salon logo. Booth Renter Checklist 1. Your agreement may be terminated by written notice. It should show the amount of rent you paid. submit reports. Be aware that independent contractors cannot be required to work specific hours or days. attend seminars or meetings. 3.345.

a Fairfax. fashion shows. you need to retain a high percentage of your first-time clients. VAbased beauty industry consulting and marketing company. You never have a second chance to make a first impression. stay within those parameters. always offer to perform a corrective service at no charge. as well as the cashier in your supermarket checkout line and the local librarian. Everyone is a potential client. If it doesn't. Treat your business card as a mini-billboard. Larry Oskin. offers these tips: Invest in your image. (Again. This is where some strategic business thinking (which you may or may not have received in beauty school) can come in handy. Get involved with the business of the salon. so dress for respect. Give them to each new client. < previous page page_186 next page > . you probably have a good idea of what you'd ultimately like to do in the world of beauty. Now it's time to put your own career plan into effect.< previous page page_186 next page > Page 186 Marketing Yourself One of the biggest challenges for salon professionalsat any levelis building and sustaining a clientele. your salon may have a similar program in place. If they're dissatisfied.000 printed up.) Have at least 2. Develop client referral programs. You'll not only learn terrific team-building skills. they and their friend will each receive $5 off their next service. it should!) Make follow-up calls. ask them to print their name on the back and give the cards to friends or coworkers. (If your salon has standard cards for everyone. charitable events. Explain that if any of their referrals come to the salon. and other special events. president of Marketing Solutions. Strategic thinking means having an eye on your long-term goal and then clearing a path to obtain it. It should be professionally designed and distinctive. Offer to head up the salon's promotions. call your new clients a week or so after their first salon visit to see how they felt about their service. and always carry them with you. Always offer your clients three extra business cards. but you will also gain many new clients through the events you organize. After working in a salon environment for a year or two. If your salon owner is comfortable with the idea. It's an essential but inexpensive marketing tool. Follow-up is key to client retentionand to be truly successful.

Take advanced education classes. Not everyone can be Frederic Fekkai or Vidal Sassoon. ask your salon owner if you may attend some of the business-to-business events and functions with him or her. Develop your own magazine. Your Fifteen Minutes One of the most effective ways to promote yourself and your skills is through the media. Fortunately. Get out of the salon at least once or twice a month to meet new people in your community. Trade magazines are a great source of marketing tips and success stories you can learn from. make sure you and someone else proofread the press release before sending it out. put it up on the wall at your station. both trade and consumer. book. makeup. If you complete an advanced education course and receive a certificate. traveling to vocational and secondary schools in your area to promote the value of a cosmetology career. Take notes and photographs so you can share new concepts with your growing clientele. sharing your experiences with new students. and toys at home. Offer to become a role model for the Cosmetology Advancement Foundation. < previous page page_187 next page > . using the salon's letterhead. Volunteer to speak at your beauty school alma mater. Read beauty trade and consumer fashion magazines. you work in an industry with more than its share of publications. with a contact name and phone number (yours) readily visible.< previous page page_187 next page > Page 187 Do business-to-business networking. If your salon belongs to the local Chamber of Commerce. teddy bears. As with your resume. Here are some suggestions: Issue press releases to local and national media outlets. You can use a press release to announce a salon event or predict the haircolors clients will want next season. and video education library. but you can still get the media to pay attention to your story. and skincare as well as cultural information that will keep you on the cutting edge and enable you to be a total image consultant to your clients. nailcare.) Give something back to the industry. (Leave the baby pictures. Each press release should be succinct. attend conventions and trade shows. and both trade and fashion magazines offer information on the latest trends in hair. Sign up for every seminar you can. There's also plenty of beauty and fashion information on cable and broadcast television.

the styles seen on the runway will be a hit or a bomb with real-life clients. (Thanks to cable television. It will tell clients that the salon is an integral part of the community. ask your salon's receptionist to do some detective work over the phone to help you in this task. If you're analyzing a style trend. If you want some coverage for a cut-a-thon the salon is hosting. then send the press release to local media. Always get your models to sign a model release form (a document < previous page page_188 next page > . Where. fax your own hit-ormiss evaluation of the evening's hairstyles and fashions to members of the media. No. If you position yourself as an expert on trends. What. You should always take photos at any event in which your salon participates.) Explain why. you can put together a nice photo collage to hang on the wall. don't expect an editor from American Salon to suddenly come knocking at your salon's door offering to put together a photo shoot for you and foot the bill. along with the five W's and the H (Who. in each press release. Even if you never make the papers. When. particularly as they relate to fashion and to celebrities. the images from these events are now available instantly. include photos. In it you can respond to questions from readers. Milan. Keep track of press release recipients and follow up with a phone call confirming receipt. For instance. Do the same thing seasonally during the fashion shows in London. especially TV.< previous page page_188 next page > Page 188 Consider the type of coverage you want. you'll have to do this repeatedlyusing clients as models and working on it during your down timeto show people what you're capable of. You never knowthey may send over a camera crew. Paris. If you want your creative work published. magazines and newspapers are probably your best bet. in your opinion. editors will definitely give you a call. the morning after the Academy Awards. Be sure to provide caption information. "What's the best way to avoid frizzies when the weather gets hot and humid?" "What's the difference between permanent and semipermanent haircolor?") Do your own photo shoots. (For example. and New York. And make sure the names are spelled correctly. Why. If you want post-event coverage from a magazine. so it's best to strike early. Make yourself available for comment. Offer to contribute a style column to your local newspaper. Always address your press releases to a specific person. and How).

Find out who is sponsoring the event and who's attending. < previous page page_189 next page > .) If you're serious about photo shoots." Beauty is such a fast-moving industry that you need to be ahead of the curve. the better your "pitch. Even if you don't take the photos yourself. If you're terminally shy when it comes to meeting people and going to events. they're offered by dozens of beautyindustry image companies. And look into taking a class on doing photo shoots. Take constructive criticism. composition. will sound to the appropriate editor or reporter. Keep copies of everything you send out. at trade shows." or story idea. Make yourself familiar with all of the media outlets to which you're sending releases. most magazines will not return the photos you send them. or you may be "behind trend.< previous page page_189 next page > Page 189 giving you permission to reproduce their pictures for publication). The more informed you are. Networking Being able to effectively communicate what you and your business are about is not just a plus. You'll get valuable tips on lighting. listen to the radio. (Remember. watch the television shows. it's essential. and on your local jogging track can open doors to new business. not originals. You may not be selecting the proper models or the right backgrounds. they probably receive dozens per day. Subscribe to the magazines. anticipating what styles people will be wearing before they wear them. send slides or transparencies. you'll learn what goes into making a picture. how to think two-dimensionally for the camera. here are some tips: Do your homework. provide all necessary credit information. take a photography class. Other points to remember: always label photographs. They don't want a lawsuit on their hands. Knowing how to approach people at parties. not prints. or magazines will not publish your pictures. askin a nonhostile way. A bit of enthusiasm and a smile go a long way. Develop a positive attitude. what makes a good model. and other good information. Send duplicates. If you want to know why your work isn't being published. and share your ideas and concepts in an accompanying note.

and firmly shake hands. You can easily make an extra $100 a day just by selling shampoo and conditioner to your clients. The Retailing Challenge Working in a salon isn't simply about performing services for clients. being afraid that the client will say no. Instead of falling into these traps.< previous page page_190 next page > Page 190 Focus on the benefits. Salon owners offer generous commission on retail items in an effort to encourage their sale. Besides. you're really selling them on an idea. When meeting people. when you're talking clients into changing their look. the weatheranything to break the ice. look them in the eye. Show the client how to use the product. what constitutes a "dab" of gel or how gel should be worked into the hair. Discuss products as you're using them. comment on your surrounds. Bring your business cards. retailing makes great business sense. they need at-home care productsand you should be selling them. Remember. your first and foremost job in the salon is servicing clients. smile. I'm an artist!" But as creative as you are. According to business expert Carol Phillips. That figure can double if you focus on styling aids too. Many clients complain that they don't know how to use a productfor instance. You never know when they might come in handy. And that means keeping them looking their best. the food. or not listening and not communicating. Plus. not having the courage to close the sale. < previous page page_190 next page > . try using the following techniques: Keep product visible at your station. Are you meeting with people to drum up more business? To be visible among your peers? To learn the latest trends? Plan your introduction. Perhaps you're crying ''But I'm not a salesperson. To do this. Explain why they're particularly good for that client's hair. you want to tell people who you are and give them a pleasant impression of you. There's that word again. It's also about helping them maximize their style even when they're not in the salon. stylists need to avoid "retail killers" such as assessing clients' ability to afford products based on their appearance. Prepare your small talk. If you have trouble.

If you're a hairdresser. and department stores. you can tell clients about the terrific new nail technician and offer a complimentary hand massage or nail buff while clients are waiting for their color to process. < previous page page_191 next page > . Or you can mention that the salon's makeup artist is very talented and is available for consultations. Give out trial-size samples to new clientsjust to get them hooked. Put on a fashion show. Cross-promoting means telling your clients about the benefits of other services in the salon. Participate in fundraisers for charities. Host a bridal fair. You can do this either year-round or at the holidays. display new styles for hair and gowns. careful cross-promoting. local merchants. you might want to mention to your clients that there are plenty of hairstylists available to shampoo and blow-dry their hair if they want it styled to complement their glowing skin. Get your clients and fellow staff members to participate in a walk-a-thon or just contribute to the cause. Collect money.) Cross-Promoting Services In an age when salons are offering more and more types of beauty servicesand clients seem to want one-stop beauty shoppingeverybody benefits by concerted. Invite clients to come in and watch a makeover or two. Give styling tips for at-home use.< previous page page_191 next page > Page 191 Encourage clients to touch and smell the product. and sometimes even giving them a free sample. Fragrance is the single biggest selling trigger for personal care products. For instance. (Check your local newspaper's engagement listings for names. and volunteer to spearhead the projects: Hold makeover nights. with all proceeds going to the local women's shelter or another worthy recipient. Suggest that your salon do one or more of the following. clothing or food for the needy. Team up with the local women's association. Charge a nominal fee. It also enables you to meet people and become known. using local brides-to-be as models. In the spring. Good Works Getting involved with the community has always been a part of salon culture. if you're an esthetician. such as how to blow-dry hair using a round brush.

The Next Level After a few years. What to do? < previous page page_192 next page > . You may feel particularly frustrated or bored if you haven't been promoted or don't see any more room for growth in your salon. Bring a big bag. and exhibitors will be there. If a client in your chair seems particularly edgy. take the opportunity to extol the talents of the new massage therapist. platform artists (people who demonstrate techniques on models). Bring a camera. Wear comfortable shoes. Arrive early. Dress in layers. even if you've managed to busy yourself with all the marketing ideas and extracurricular activities we've discussed in this chapter. There'll be a lot of new products that you'll want to buy.< previous page page_192 next page > Page 192 Often. split up so you can cover more. offer education. Research the show in advance: Find out which educators. Many salons encourage their staff members to cross-promote by giving them a percentage or commission on referrals to other areas of the salon. take notes and report back to the group on the areas you were responsible for. If your coworkers are also attending. Document new styles and techniques for your coworkers and clients. It's always less crowded first thing in the morning. Divvy up the work. there may come a time when you feel stale. consider these tips: Make a plan and follow it. Make sure you give yourself enough time to cover everything. A crowded show floor can get mighty hot. The shows are a valuable resource for fledgling beauty pros. clients are just waiting to be cross-promoted. Your feet will thank you later. Not to mention the opportunities you'll have to sharpen your skills if they do likewise! How to Work a Trade Show The beauty industry loves trade shows such as New York's annual International Beauty Show. Before you go. And think of the goodwill you can generate among your colleagues if they're constantly getting referrals from you. check out the travel packages. Thousands of manufacturers from every segment of the beauty industry come to these events to sell products. and meet their customersyou.

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First of all, analyze why you feel the way you do. It may be that you really like your job but are overextended in other areas. Or you think you should be striving for more, to challenge your own comfort zone, even though you feel just fine and dandy where you are. There may be more serious reasons as well. Maybe you're getting so much work doing photo shoots that the real-life clients in your chair don't present you with enough creative challenges. Or your haircolor skills have developed to the extent that you want to spearhead the development of a haircolor department within the salon, but the boss isn't keen on the idea. Perhaps you're considering a job switch. Before you do anything, mull over why you want to leave. If money is the primary reason, check your math. No matter how good you are, you'll lose about 50 percent of your clientele if you leave your current salon. If you leave to go across the street for a 10 percent increase in commission but lose half of your clientele, you've just taken a 40 percent pay cut. It will take you about a year to rebuild your clientele. If a salon offers you a higher salary or commission but doesn't offer profit sharing, a savings plan, or a medical plan, you may wind up working harder for the same money you would have made if you stayed put. If you're truly frustrated by what you're doing on a day-to-day basis in the salon, you have two options: Talk to your boss about how you feel and try to work out a solution, or find another position. Which option you choose is up to you. If you have a very sound and open relationship with your boss, you may feel comfortable discussing your unhappiness. But if you feel in your heart that you need a change of scenery as much as a change of job, then don't bring it up. For instance, if what you really want is to work as a hairstylist on movie sets, then there's nothing your boss can do for you other than wish you well. If you decide to blaze your own trail, here are some general rules to follow: Keep your plans to yourself. Don't broadcast your unhappiness to clients. Talk about your interests and ambitions, if you like (client connections can give your career a tremendous boost), but be discreet so the whole salon doesn't have to hear about them. Never, ever badmouth the salon, the people who work there, or the owner. Doing so only makes you look bad. And karma boomerangs. Understand that change is both frightening and necessary in life. Don't beat yourself up for wanting to get everything out of your career that you possibly can, even if it means leaving certain people behind.

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Wait for the right job. Even if your boss is making you miserable or the rest of the staff just walked out, you don't need to jump into the first available lifeboat. If you do, chances are good you'll wind up even more miserable than before in three months' time. (The exception: if you sense that the salon is about to go out of business and you need to maintain a steady income.) Remember how far you've come. It may take weeks, months, even years to find your next ideal position, but you will find it. In the meantime, focus on your own professional agenda, and remember that not so long ago you didn't know how to roll a perm. Setting Goals Establishing what you want out of your career and working toward that goal is one way to combat the boredom that consumes many professionals. Don't tell yourself that you can't do something; you'll have plenty of people telling you the same thing! Instead, think about what will fulfill you. Make an outline of both long-term and short-term goals. It's essential to know yourselfwhat makes you happy and what attracted you to the beauty business in the first place. Then let yourself dream: Picture yourself owning a 10,000-square-foot salon. It may seem like pie-in-the-sky stuff, but it will help you to discover where your interests lie. Ascertain whether your strengths jibe with your interests. Generally they dopeople like what they're good atbut if they don't, now is the time to rethink your goals. Once you've refined your goal, outline the steps you must take to make it a reality. Then prioritize them and develop a time frame for accomplishing those steps. Sometimes, working on this with a partnera colleague or friendcan help keep you both motivated. Keep the faith. If you fall short of a specific goal, don't feel that you've failed or that the goal is unreachable. It's simply a goal deferred. Pat yourself on the back for coming so close. Then re-strategize to make sure that next time you'll achieve what you want.

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Beyond the Salon At some point you may decide that although you still love cosmetology, you don't want to practice it in a salon environment anymore. That's fine: There are plenty of opportunities in other areas. For instance, Susan Lipson went to vocational school and received her cosmetology license at age 17. She was learning about haircolor from a colorist in Los Angeles when a makeup artist friend asked her if she wanted to key a film with her. (Keying means supervising everything having to do with hair.) Lipson tells the story: "I knew how to style hair, but I didn't have a clue about what was involved in working on moviesissues of continuity, breaks in sequence, how fast you have to be, what it meant to break down a script. I got fired off my first film, but I met a lot of nice people, and they all knew I was pretty green. So I got a lot of calls from people who worked on that film for some lower-budget projects. "Since then I've worked primarily in movies and television, and I keep a limited clientele on weekends. But I formed this company, Onset, to provide education to salon hairdressers who want to get into the movie business, because there's so much work. The curriculum explores what your responsibilities on a movie set are, what production, preproduction, and post-production are like. Besides knowing how to be a hairdresser, it's about knowing how to do the hairstyles from each era of history. There's a lot of union and non-union work out there for people who want it." Specialization Sometimes you simply need to define what you like most about your job and what you like least, and then concentrate on the former. A growing number of salon professionals are choosing specialties within hairdressing. Some are principally haircutters; some decide to concentrate on chemical servicesrelaxers, permanent waves, and haircolor services. Patrick Mclvor of the Cutler Arrojo Salon in New York began his career as a haircutter. Soon after starting work in a salon, he forged relationships with his distributor and began receiving haircolor trainingand found his true calling. Being a haircolor specialist means higher service tickets, bigger tips, and a real artistic challenge. If you're interested in a chemical service specialty, Mclvor has this advice:

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"You have to be creatively open and listen to what the client really wants. I learned from salon owner Eric Fisher how to do a consultation. He asks the client what she likes about her hair, what she doesn't like, and why she left her last salon. The answers to those questions give me the ability to stack the deck: I already know what she doesn't want. Once you build relationships with clients, you can expose them to new ways of looking at themselves. "You really need to learn about color and tone. Don't be ashamed to ask questions. I learned from some very talented people who took the time to explain the whys of color to me. "The biggest misconception about being a haircolorist: Even colorists sometimes think it's an exact science. But it's an educated guessand the more educated you are, the better guess you're going to make. I still test-strand the client's hair if I'm doing allover color or making a dramatic change. "I do think it's valuable to have cutting expertise first before going into a chemical service specialty. It's what I did; now I know what makes a haircut structurally, so when I paint it I won't destroy the structure or intended appearance of the haircut." Platform Artist or Educator Cosmetology is a very visual field, and education at trade shows often features hairdressers' work shown on models. If you're interested in creating fashionforward looks or like the fast-paced energy of beauty shows, this could be the niche for you. "Sharing with my peers, I get so many ideas back in return; it's very fulfilling," says Jo Blackwell, who owns New York's Dop Dop salon and was a respected platform artist by her mid-20s. Companies rely on individuals or teams not only to show how their products work but also to create beautiful styles using them. The hope is that these styles will inspire cosmetologists in the audience, who will then take their new knowledge back to the salon and share it with their clients, recommending those products used at the show. If you're comfortable in front of an audience, speak well, and like to collaborate, then this could be a great career path for you. Ruth Roche, a former stylist at Xena's Beauty Co. in New York, now works as a platform artist for Redken. "Getting up in front of people was pretty terrifying at the beginning," she recalls. "Now I get such a high from seeing people get excited by what I'm showing them." If you decide that platform work or education is something you'd like to do, forge a relationship with your distributorsattend their classes, ask questions, and

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become an expert on the various product lines. If you have a particular favorite, approach the distributor about helping out at the educational events it hosts. Once you've got a few classes under your belt, discuss becoming a regional educator. Good platform presenters are invaluable to a distributor or manufacturer; platform presentations are one of the best ways to communicate a product's benefits in a way that hairdressers can relate to. Good regional educators are often promoted to national artistic teams for major manufacturers, affording opportunities to travel extensively, collaborate with like-minded artists, and gain tremendous visibility within the beauty industry.

Eye on the Prize Patrick Mclvor is haircolor director of the Arrojo Cutler Salon in New York and a platform educator for Redken. After attending East Brunswick, NJ Vocational/Technical High School as an adult, Mclvor began working in a salon. He explains what happened from there: "My teacher challenged me to compete in the International Beauty Show's men's haircutting competition. Well, I thought that a men's competition was for men. Instead, it meant male models. Anyway, I had to use my best friend as a model at the last minute, I didn't win, but I did well, and someone from Glenby International offered me a job as a manager, and soon after someone L'Oréal asked me if they could teach me haircolor. I was just doing cutting at the time. "I had an inch of knowldege but a mile of !-want-to-do-something attitude. And I decided that I like sharing my ideas with other people and exchanging knowledge. To succeed as an educator, you have to find the delicate balane: having enough of an ego that you feel good about yourself and your skills, but also recognizing it's not about showing off. It's about making the profession better. "Also, realize that not everyone is going to like what you do. Stick with your style and don't try to make everybody happy. Not everybody likes Picasso; some people prefer Rembrandt. And keep your mind open. You're going to get the opportunity to work with some amazing people who may have different styles from you. Just go with it and enjoy yourself."

When you work for a company, your compensation will depend on your experience and your level of commitment. Some companies hire artists on a monthly retainer. Others may want you to work sporadically, at trade shows, so you will be paid on a per-project basis. Such jobs usually go to pros with several years of salon experience who've made a name for themselves through their own photo shootswhich they send to companies to increase their own visibility.

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A few high-profile artists are employed full time by product manufacturers to produce photo shoots, test products, and the like; their salaries can run well into the six figures. But these jobs are usually open only to people with many years of experience and an extensive body of work. Photo Session Hairstylists Photo session hairstylists are sometimes treated as minor celebritiesthey have the most-desired positions in the beauty industry. The more renowned include Frederic Fekkai (who charges $300 per haircut!), Oribe, Orlando Pita (who does Madonna's hair, among others), John Sahag, Sam McKnight (who did the late Princess Diana's coif), Eugene Souleiman, and Trevor Sorbie. Many of these hairdressers not only do photo work but also put in hours behind the chair. As mentioned in Chapter 1, photo session work is very difficult to get. If you're serious about it, you first need to move to a major metropolitan areaLos Angeles, Miami, and New York have the vast majority of agencies. Don't embark on this plan without an extensive portfolio of test shots (shoots you did with similarly inexperienced but ambitious photographers and makeup artists) that demonstrate your skills. Circulate your book to the big agencies and offer to assist their major hairdressers (or makeup artists) on shoots gratis. Learning at the knees of a master can really send you on your wayparticularly if he or she likes your work as well. It's important to remember that advertising work pays far better than editorial work, although the latter is more prestigious. Plan to repeat your dues-paying years if you're serious about getting into session styling. The Day Spa Option Over the past few years, day spas have become the hottest growth area in the beauty industry. Day spas offer fullservice hair, nails, and skincare along with more traditional spa fare such as massage, hydrotherapy, and body treatments. Generally speaking, state licenses are required only for massage therapists; other treatments can be done by anyone, but it's best to take advanced education classes to learn more. Spa technicians exhibit many of the same skills as hairdresserspatience, listening, understanding, and healing. Spas are great avenues of cross-promotion for other beauty services as well. If you're interested in developing more than one area of expertise in beauty, then working in a day spa may be for you.

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so you need to come off as if you trust your own abilities. my eye always goes to someone who's more mature. It sounds terrible. "If you are in beauty school and think you'd like to work in a day spa. it will help you earn a lot of money in the long run. Our service technicians work on at least six clients a day. I'd seriously consider getting two licenses. electrologists. "I do always look for someone with previous experience. And get a work ethic early. estheticians. Our spa certainly sees more people in a day than does a chiropractor or people who work in private practice. CT. 12 massage therapists. calling in sick is the last thing you should do. For instance.< previous page Spa-lunking page_199 next page > Page 199 Day spas provide jobs for massage therapists. In a private practice. If you're just burned out. No one is an independent contractor. The most important thing I can advise is to get your hands on as many clients as possible to improve your skills. and two makeup artists). "Key to success in a spa is learning how to work within a time frame. Kristin Wall-Chou manages the spa at the Adam Broderick Image Group in Ridgefield. But don't call in sick and leave me with eight appointments to fill that day. I'd hire someone who can perform multiple services in a New York minute. When I look at candidates. 10 estheticians. These clients are looking for something different. And work on your professionalism while you're still in school. "We don't want any independent contractors because we're concerned with fostering a team spirit at the spa. and it makes you so much more desirable to an employer. That's simply because you can be a great massage therapist coming out of school. I need someone who's serious from the start. There's a certain type of person who enjoys making this place their home. but if you've already worked on 200 bodies. Clients do want to have the same sense of confidence in you that they have in their hairdresser. Wall-Chou has this advice for students interested in working at a spa: "The first thing a prospective employee needs to know is that the spa works at a much slower pace than a salon. and you should speak in a quiet voice. ask your boss for a day off. which has 32 employees (eight nail techs. Keep your services on schedule. you're going to be that much better. It doesn't take that much more time to get another license. It really is the most important aspect of your career. Your demeanor has to be relaxed. you do a client or two." < previous page page_199 next page > . then spend hours each day traveling between appointments and cleaning up. but it's true. and nail technicians.

I supervise the tea cart and little things that make a difference only when they're not in place. 'I've found the job for you. The reception desk was right on the floor of the salon. A growing number of schools. and I listened to client consultations to improve my knowledge of hair. It's my dream job. and insulate Beth and Carmine as much as possible from the daily running of the business. and in particular the world of your usual clients. deal with the press. "Finally. and manage the staff. A friend recommended that I go see [famed haircolorist] Beth Minardi. at times it's a 24-hours-a-day. You need to know how to step into their shoes and think about how you would want to be treated if you were in their position. how to manage overhead. you don't want to be a service technician any longer. You also. but I took a lot of initiative. and other dollars-and-cents issues. but isn't beneath them. customer service is the most important thing. "To succeed in this job you need excellent communication skillsnot only with clients but also with staff. I think. need to be a little worldlybe knowledgeable about what's going on in the world. Management 101 Zoë Stark manages the Minardi Salon in New York.' We hit it off. You want to be seen as someone who cares about the client and is there to serve. Sometimes I still sit at the desk and take appointments. and one day he heared Carmine [Minardi. handle conflicts. offer salon-management educational tracks for people who are intrigued by the nuts-and-bolts of running a business. such as Pittsburgh Beauty Academy. fire. the salon's coowner] talking about how he wanted to give up the day-to-day running of the business so he could concentrate on clients. more and more of them are responding to the need for such basic business education. I also spend time on the floor helping the stylists and colorists and moving people around. I have staff meanings.< previous page Salon Management page_200 next page > Page 200 After a few years behind the chair or at the nail station. "I started as more of receptionist. Check your advanced-education facilities nearby. seven-days-a-week job. These classes provide insight into profitandloss statements. My boss came back to work and said. how to hire. and they've made me feel like a big part of the business. she became a salon manager because she was interested in working with creative people. I meet with them formally each month and more informally every week. Now I manage the affairs of the salon. or I'll consult with a client about which hairdresser is best for what they want. and discipline employees. "However. My boss at the time was a client of the salon's as well. which is hugely motivating for me." < previous page page_200 next page > . answering phones and making appointments. I knew there was a career path here. you may decide that although you want to remain in the salon. how to cost out your revenue per square foot. Here's her story: ''I was coloring my hair at home and had made a huge mess of it. and the rest is history. She didn't attend beauty school.

Cruise ships' international flavor means you'll run into different types of clients with different expectations. So are local chapters of the National Cosmetology Association. and grow artistically as well. among many others. The company hires licensed professionals with two years' experience to work in their facilities. Be understanding of clients. you might fare best on a slower-paced trip. If you're more introverted. If you're outgoing and effervescent. Session stylist Oribe. but it won't provide basic training for "beauty therapists"the English term for facialists and body therapists. Be honest. You'll have to be prepared to handle them. < previous page page_201 next page > ." says Kirsti Atwood. If you're interested in the idea of working on a ship. ""It's a great way to do what you love and see the world at the same time. Steiner will help you pick a ship that suits your personality. Be a team player. enthusiastic. is a highly visible supporter of the program. Atwood has this advice: Be prepared to learn. You need to have that basic training even before you apply to the company. Steiner will train you to do its own treatments. Steiner/Transocean owns the single biggest cruise salon concession in the world. You can work with styling wigs or teach women how to apply their camouflage makeup or care for their skin so they'll feel better about themselves during this traumatic time in their lives. LGFB is the brainchild of the National Cancer Society and provides beauty consultations and support to women recovering from cancer.< previous page Look GoodFeel Better page_201 next page > Page 201 The Look GoodFeel Better program is another way for beauty professionals to donate their time and services to help the community. Hundreds of young salon professionals have decided they want to work in the beauty field and travel while they're at it. Steiner's own training period usually lasts two to two and a half months. Well-presented. and professional demeanors go a long way. who manages salons and spas for Steiner/Transocean. a singlestype cruise might suit you. Contact them to find out how you can help. High Seas Beauty The growing demand for beauty services that pamper and de-stress has rendered the salon and spa essential parts of any cruise ship. its salons are found on every major commercial cruise ship.

Legendary makeup artist Bob Kelly. Cruise ships are necessarily limited by space and plumbing issues. offering to work for no pay at first. Film. that becomes less of an issue. only a certain amount of stock can be carried per trip. or theater. whether in films.< previous page page_202 next page > Page 202 Be prepared to tough it out." says Atwood. and Television This work is notoriously difficult to get. Write to Steiner/Transocean at 1007 North America Way. and then I was promoted to head beauty therapist. which has jurisdiction from Maine to Florida. You must choose either the hair or makeup category. < previous page page_202 next page > . it's largely a matter of who you know. that's how I learned. who's been in the business for 50 years and still runs a makeup and wig shop on the Great White Way. particularly in New York. Days off come only when the ships are in port. who also sees several clients a day. FL 33132. Steiner employees from the United States sign six-month contracts that mandate 12-hour workdays. Don't go in expecting all the latest and greatest treatments. They are looking for artists with theatrical experience. credits his success to his startmaking wigs for the cast of the Metropolitan Opera. commercials. here are some sample prerequisites from Local 798 of the Makeup and Hairdressers Union. Miami. "Everyone in the opera wears makeup. but if you can manage to win the favor of an influential performer. If you're interested in joining a union. Although people do get homesick and break their contracts. The union's screening committee reviews resumes every six months or so. if you do so you must forfeit the rest of your salary and reimburse Steiner for the cost of your training and your plane flights. sending your portfolio to show producers. Plus. Be ambitious. and networking with photographers to do shoots for credit only. Working in Theater. then assistant salon manager. or call (305) 358-9002." he says. Labor unions are another complicating factor. Kelly recommends pounding the pavement. You can't do both. Many shows won't hire you unless you are a union member. "I started as a beauty therapist. 4th floor. and now manager. television. And labor unions control many of the jobs.

plus you'll earn the union scale rate. On the West Coast. then you'll be approved by the union's executive board. you may have worked at a salon that desperately needed to computerize its bookkeeping. say a company distributes Redken. Salon employees and owners give them feedback on new products. Now you can dive in there and < previous page page_203 next page > . others may carry several dozen. and business developments. (The work can be in television or film only.) Also. and your distributor wasn't much help. Working for a progressive distributor. To prove you've done so. They are intimately acquainted with salon culture and know what's needed. they'll call you. For example. Distributors are manufacturers' links to salons in other ways as well. They ask distributors for assistance in marketing and for help in figuring out what new services to offer. it has exclusive rights to do so in your area. you can help shape its offerings to better meet the demands of today's salons and barber shops. Local 706 for motion pictures and television also requires that you work 60 days a year for three years. you need your pay stubs and letters from the payroll production company. Former salon workers often make great distributors because they know where the salon is coming from.) If you meet those requirements.< previous page page_203 next page > Page 203 If the committee members like your resume. equipment. For more information. which involves being an employee or a contract worker for a distributor or a product company. Some distributors carry one line of products only. however. (Proof meaning pay stubs or W-2 tax forms. you're eligible for motion picture guild health benefits. Distributor or Manufacturer's Rep A great many beauty professionals go this route. you can only work in Los Angeles County. so your best bet to get started is to subscribe to the trade papers Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter and scour the classified ads. the salon owner never had the time to research it. For instance. you'll be asked to take a written test and a practical test. According to the union. call Local 706 at (818) 984-1700. You won't find any other distributors that carry that line. for which you'll have to supply your own models. If you get into the union. trends. You'll need to provide proof of employment for at least six months for the past three years. Distributors are the middle men in the beauty industrythey make sales calls on salons and supply them with the products. production companies employ quite a bit of non-union labor. and tools they need. If you pass.

< previous page page_204 next page > . Or you can network with local accounting firms and set up appointments between them and your salon-owner clients to help the latter with numbercrunching.< previous page page_204 next page > Page 204 develop a way of working with the salon to help get it up to speed on the latest technology. not just technical ones. Or you can help set up educational classes in a variety of areas.

< previous page page_205 next page > Page 205 Who: What: Where: How long: Thomas Kolarek In-salon makeup artist Privé Salon. Women are really savvy these days. although many of my clients are businesswomen. After a while. And I'd say 90 percent of people are return business. Sometimes people forget that. I think it's just a matter of time before makeup really takes off in the salon environment nationwide. You need to leave your ego out of it. Los Angeles About 15 years Insider's Advice I got my license in esthetics after going to school near my hometown in northern California. I needed a new artistic challenge. your typical day may not have many clients on the book. I found the job in a newspaper ad. so I started to do both. and they just happened to be looking for a makeup artist. < previous page page_205 next page > . you'll have done quite a few faces. It's a perfect complement to haircolor. with all the walk-ins and referrals. You may have to do house calls at the last minute. You might have to stay late to accommodate someone. forever. plus some eyebrow arching or lash tinting. If you're a salon makeup artist. And you may not get to do the ultimate thing creatively. I'd advise anyone starting out that they have to be flexible. I have found that in my area of Los Angeles. Insider's Take on the Future With all the talk about color in the last few years. I get a lot of business from clients already in the salon who've been referred to me by their colorist. I got to make up a ton of faces every day. I did that for about three years. which is great creatively. Soon I decided to move to Los Angeles and just do makeup. I immediately went to work at a department store cosmetics counter. they're much more adventurous and open to changing their look. because this is a service business. and the clientele was mostly housewives. I went to one of the top salons. You might have to work at inconvenient hours or all weekend sometimes. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. but by the end of the day. The line I was promoting utilized both facials and makeup.

If you do and she learns to trust you. what's trendy. You need to be able to meet her needs first. They have very definite ideas. she may let you be a little bit more adventurous over time. Avant-garde makeup is cool.< previous page page_206 next page > Page 206 too. and what works for them. but it's intimidating to the client. about what's hot. < previous page page_206 next page > .

held each March. is the biggest beauty show in the country. OH 44130 This organization comprises the International Beauty Shows as well as American Salon magazine. Also included is contact information for accrediting organizations and placement services. Boston. CA. with shows in Long Beach. IBS is the largest trade show organization in the beauty industry. Below is a list of organizations that you can contact for further information about different segments of the professional beauty industry. held in Miami every summer. Seattle. and American Salon is the oldest (121 years) and best-read magazine in the beauty industry. IBS New York. Cleveland. < previous page page_207 next page > . Advanstar Beauty Group 7500 Old Oak Blvd. as well as the color trade show Haircolor USA.< previous page page_207 next page > Page 207 Appendix A Professional Associations In addition to contact information for professional organizations. Atlanta. this appendix contains a state-by-state list of cosmetology associations. Toronto. and Dallas.

VA 22314 (800) 831-1086 FAX: (703) 683-2376 Chairman: Janice Dorian AACS keeps member schools abreast of changes in federal and state laws and regulations. and networking association for professional beauty manufacturers. American Board of Certified Master Haircolorists (888) 425-6578 (310) 547-0814 This relatively young organization offers haircolor education through a homestudy course that prepares colorists to take a three-part certification Executive Director: Paul Dykstra ABA serves as the lobbying. organizational. #206 Alexandria. Chicago. and establishes a unity of spirit and understanding among institutions and their instructional staff in their efforts to pursue the goals and resolve the problems related to postsecondary cosmetology education. Chicago. AACS offers its members educational services. IL 60611 (312) 321-5128 FAX: (312) 245 1080 Executive Director: Paul Dykstra < previous page page_208 next page > . American Hair Loss Council 401 N. Michigan Ave.< previous page page_208 next page > Page 208 American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) 901 N. Washington St. American Beauty Association 401 N. promotes the welfare of cosmetology education. Michigan Ave. offered at sites throughout the United States.americanbeauty. IL 60611 (312) 245-1595 FAX: (312) 245-1080 http://www.

and somatic therapies. Chicago. CCA offers educational programs on hair. including distributors. bodywork. physicians. < previous page page_209 next page > . and health insurance. body. skin. (602) 404-1800 FAX: (602) 404-8900 http://www. Members include cosmetologists. Evergreen. and other specialists. Michigan Ave. Beauty & Barber Supply Institute (BBSI) 11811 N. IL 60611 (312) 321-6809. women. Chicago Cosmetologists Association (CCA) 401 N. AZ 85028-1625 (800) 468-BBSI. cosmetics. barbers.< previous page page_209 next page > Page 209 AHLC is a nonprofit organization that provides the public with nonbiased information on treatments and options for men.bbsi. Associated Bodywork& Massage Professionals 28677 Buffalo Park Rd. and nails to both members and nonmembers. and educates the public about the benefits of massage. manufacturers. regulatory interaction. Tatum Blvd. IL. protects the rights of practitioners. (800) 458-2267 FAX: (303) 674-0859 Executive Director: Katie Armitage ABMP promotes ethical practices and legitimate standards of training. held every February or March at the Rosemont Convention Center in Rosemont. CO 80439-7347 (303) Executive Director: Michael Spano BBSI is the national association of wholesalers. #1085&Phoenix. (800) 648-2505 FAX: (312) 245-1080 Executive Director: Paul Dykstra CCA produces the large Midwest Beauty Show. Membership benefits include professional liability insurance. manufacturers. and children experiencing hair loss. and manufacturers' reps.

New Orleans. Intercoiffure 540 Robert E.americanbeauty. WA 98032 (717)429-1800x382 FAX: (717) 429-1143 President: Daniel J.000 salons that employ more than 45. New York.000 people. LA 70124 (504) 288-9003 FAX: (504) 282-5531 President: John Jay This elite organization provides education and networking opportunities for its approximately 260 salon owner members. 51st St. Chicago. growth. and development. International Chain Salon Association 24804 35th Place South Executive Director: Paul Dykstra < previous page page_210 next page > . Coniglio ICSA's members include approximately 50 chain salon organizations throughout North America and Europe. ICSA members own and operate more than 7. Nail Manufacturers Council (NMC) 401 N. Michigan Ave. ICSA was established to help chain salons grow in size and strength.< previous page Cosmetology Advancement Foundation (CAF) 208 E. NY 10022 (212) 388-2771 Executive Director: Karen Curtin page_210 next page > Page 210 CAF'S mission is to develop a unified approach to issues and trends affecting the salon industry and to seek opportunities to improve the industry's image. Lee Blvd. IL 60611 (312) 245-1595 FAX: (312) 245-1080 http:///www.

< previous page page_211 next page > Page 211 A division of the American Beauty Association.nca-now. VA 22203 (703)527-7600 Chief Executive Officer: Mark Gross This institution establishes standards and accredits cosmetology schools. this organization promotes the exchange of information among state barber boards and state agencies that examine.O. NMC represents the interests of manufacturers and manufacturers' Executive Director: Gordon Miller < previous page page_211 next page > . a bimonthly newsletter. making them eligible to participate in federal loan programs. High St. National Association of Barber Boards (NABB) 77 S. Suite 900 Arlington. National Alliance of Salon Professionals (NASP) 1221-8 Commercial Park Dr. OH 43266-0304 (614) 466-5003 Founded in 1935. and educational programs. license.. Box 4307 Tallahassee. professional networking. and regulate the barber industry. FL 32363 (904) 385-7668. certification. National Cosmetology Association (NCA) 401 N. (800) 352-3288 FAX: (904) 385-3330 President: Beverly Kilmer NASP promotes education and career advancement through 24-hour resources. legislative representation. IL 60611 http://www. 16th Fl Columbus. P. Michigan Ave. and aims to improve standards and procedures for examining barbers and regulating the barber industry. Chicago. National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) 901 Stuart St..

NIC promotes an exchange of ideas. Steiner/Transocean 1007 North America Way.salons. 4th Fl.< previous page page_212 next page > Page 212 NCA. Tatum Blvd. and it offers national examinations for license of cosmetology and related fields. (800) 211-4TSA FAX: (602) 404-8900 http://www. It offers business education and creates member benefits and services that enhance salons' business environment. body and massage therapists. and Puerto Rico. Assistant Coordinator of Testing: Mary Healy NIC is a not-for-profit organization comprised of state board members from all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia. NY 10467 (718) 519-6861 FAX: (718) 519-7679 E-mail: nic-mhealy@msn.. school owners. and standardization of regulations. nail technicians. and nail technicians with a little experience who'd like to travel the Manager: Jill Kohler TSA's mission is to help salon owners find and share business solutions. which was founded in 1921. estheticians. represents more than 30. The Salon Association (TSA) 11811 N. (NIC) 2244 Bronx Park East #4K Bronx. and cosmetology students. Miami. National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology Inc. Suite 1085 Phoenix. < previous page page_212 next page > .000 licensed cosmetologists and salon owners across the country. FL 33132 (305) 358-9002 Steiner operates the single biggest commercial cruise ship salon concession in the world. NCA's interests and activities include every sector of the industryhairdressers. It's always looking for skilled hairdressers. salon owners. AZ 85028-1618 (602) 996-0749. professionalism.

Madison.AL 35811 Alaska Charlie Menard-Owen 1051E. AR 72701 Arizona Ileane Murty 9207 N.AK 99687 Arkansas Michael Hill 116 N. networking contacts. CT 06443 Delaware . Alabama James Grabney 2012 Rodgers Dr. State Cosmetology Associations Joining your state cosmetology association can provide you with a wealth of benefits. Block Fayetteville. Below are the names and addresses of the remitting officers to contact for membership details.O. Huntsville. VA 20177-0300 (703) 777-8810 FAX: (703) 777-8999 Executive Director: Stephen Denby page_213 next page > Page 213 VICA is a nonprofit organization that develops programs in tandem with vocational and technical schools.< previous page Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (VICA) P. Phoenix. Redding. AZ 85021 California Carrie Knight 526 Mission St. including a lobbying voice in your state legislature. and important information on new laws.Bogard#5 Wasilla. 18th Ave. CO 80207 Connecticut Barbara salafia 2383 Durham Rd. CA 96099 Colorado Sarah Lee Foster 3625 Ivy Denver. Box 3000 Leesburg.

DE 19958 < previous page page_213 next page > .Susan Todd 1000 Kings Hwy Lewes.

South Main (Rear) Middlebury. GA 31405 Hawaii Emily N.FL33815 Georgia Billy Wilson 401 Mall Blvd#F-103 Savannah. Michigan Ave. IA 50170 Kansas Consuelo Davis 422 Waverly Wichita. HI 96706 Idaho Lusene Burgi 1427 Malta Ave. Lakeland. 121st Ave. Box 2549.< previous page District of Columbia Eivind Bjerke 2233 Wisconsin Ave. DC 20007 Florida Edward McDonald 7755 New Tampa Hwy. Chicago. Ewa Beach. NW Washington. E. IN 46540 Iowa Linda Van Wyk 858 S.ID83318 Illinois Rusell Bodmar Illinois Cosmetology Association 401 N.O. Monroe. Burley. Balgos 91-1661 Orrick St. KS 67218 Kentucky page_214 next page > Page 214 . IL 60611 Indiana Marla McCreery Indiana Cosmetology Association P.

MA 01013 < previous page page_214 next page > . ME 04011 Maryland Mary Hawkins National Cosmetology Association of Maryland 3200 M Street. Box 5544A Brunswick. 8. SE Washington. KY 40160 Louisiana Diana Adair c/o Adairs Hairstyling 2102 Benton Rd. Bossier City. DC 20019 Massachusetts Chris Fedak 20 Riverview Terrace Chicopee. LA 71111 Maine Rosemarie Eramo Rt.Sandi Holland 401 Audobon Radcliff.

. NH 03104 New Jersey C. Boonton. Crystal City. S. NM 87105 New York page_215 next page > Page 215 . MN 55435 Mississippi Elizabeth Richerson 3515 Galloway Ave. Jackson. Main St. NJ 07005 New Mexico Ruth I.< previous page Michigan Gerald Kelly 414 Harpers Way Lansing. Box 34 Curtis. MI 48917 Minnesota Susan Riege 6950 France Ave.#1. NE 69025 New Hampshire Shirley Frank Park Place 34-65 Victoria Manchester. MT 59801 Nebraska Joyce Petersen R. MS 39216 Missouri Susie Griffith 1302 Kenner St. Margaret Falduto 421 W. SW Albuquerque. Suite 11 Edina. MO 63109 Montana Wendell Petersen 2207 Suzanne Court Missoula. Hansen 6220 Childs Dr.R.

Albany. OK 73109 < previous page page_215 next page > . Cincinnati. Box #6181 Raleigh.New York State Cosmetology Association 48 Howard St. ND 58801 Ohio Doris Calhoun 3751 Frondorf Ave. NC 27628 North Dakota Barb Baker 1726 14th Ave. W. Oklahoma City.O. OH 45211 Oklahoma Nadine Schaefer 821 SW 37th St. #329 Williston. NY 12207 North Carolina Byron Brady P.

Eugene. B-19 Burlington. North Providence. TX 76117 Utah Cheryl Ann Pierce 4241 South Chapel View Circle Provo. PA 18704 Rhode Island Eileen Paolino 1841 Smith St. SD 57042 Tennessee Paulette Miller 300 Davis St. Box 14158 Fort Worth. Shelbyville.< previous page Oregon Linda Richardson 510 Main Ave. UT 84604 Vermont Charlie Billings 1 Mills St. VT 05401 Virginia page_216 next page > Page 216 . SC 29223 South Dakota Dar Algra 119 South Egan Madison. RI 02911 South Carolina Vilma Cobb 102 Lionsgate Columbia. OR 97404 Pennsylvania Debbie Mastrini 57 Virginia Terrace Forty-Fort. TN 37160 Texas Jonnie McCoy TCA Office P.O.

WY 82240 < previous page page_216 next page > . Box 2151 Charleston.Richard Roach Sherwood Shopping Center 142 Arnett Blvd. Torrington. Danville.WA 99352 West Virginia Charles Reynolds P. VA 24541 Washington Margene Mallow 2159 Van Giesen Richland. 18th Ave. Mayville.WI 53050 Wyoming Donna Charron 1021 E.O. WV 26301 Wisconsin Joann Dethardt 42 South Elm St.

1997. 1997. 1997.< previous page page_217 next page > Page 217 Appendix B Additional Resources This appendix contains a list of books. magazines. and Web sites that can assist you in your job search. refer to the following reading lists. < previous page page_217 next page > . by Martin Yate. Colleges The College Handbook 1998. The Complete Book of Colleges 1998. which are organized by subject. Random House: The Princeton Review. 1997. Peterson's. 35th Edition. Adams Media Corporation. College Entrance Examination Board. Peterson's Guide to Two-Year Colleges 1998: The Only Guide to More Than 1. Cover Letters Cover Letters That Knock 'Em Dead.500 Community and Junior Colleges. Books For more information on the topics discussed in this book.

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IL 60069 Salon News 5 East 34th St. Carol Stream.TX 75150 Modern Salon P. New York.O.80 Suite#408 Mesquite. NY 12212-2519 Shop Talk 228 S. IL 60188-2787 < previous page page_222 next page > . Wabash. NY 10001 SalonOvations 3 Columbia Circle Albany. 10th Fl.< previous page page_222 next page > Page 222 Magazines Trade magazines are a valuable source of information on trends. Chicago. techniques. 362 South Schmale Rd. Box 1414 Lincolnshire. Contact any or all of the following: American Salon 270 Madison Ave. IL 60604 Skin Inc. NY 10016 Dermascope 3939 East Hwy. and business for the salon professional. New York.

legislative The official site of the National Cosmetology Association. http:\\NCA-now. and application forms for financial aid. Listings are posted by date and by JobID number. the distributors' association. a list of accredited schools. If you wish to post your resume. as well as an annual report. http:\\ The Web site of the American Beauty Association.< previous page page_223 next page > Page 223 Web Sites http:\\www. http:\\www.clubspa. < previous page page_223 next page > . http:\\ Home page of the Association of Accredited Cosmetology Schools (AACS). http:\\www. a salon listing This site provides information on haircolor for consumers and professionals from haircolor whiz Robert Craig. send it to this The home page of the Beauty & Barber Supply This site contains American Salon's Web page as well as product news from major manufacturers. http:\\naccas. has a job bank and a resume bank for beauty The Web site of the Salon Association. for the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences.beautyschools. a consumer hotline. http:\\ This site.americanbeauty. http:\\hairnet. the home page of Honors Beauty For candidates interested in employment in the day spa industry.salons. and a link to other beauty-related sites.

http:\\www. a message center.ed. product information. live chat rooms.< previous page http:\\ This site offers chat rooms. and a job posting site called Spa/Salon Staffing Services. < previous page page_224 .com This site features style options for consumers and pros. http:\\www. http:\\beautytech.salonweb. style tips. business support for salons.hairstylist. and job Here you'll find information on booth rental page_224 Page 224 The Department of Education's home page provides information on financial aid programs as well as application forms to download. surveys.