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Pasadena, CA 91101 E-mail: O B JE C TI VE S QUA L IF YI N G B AC KG ROUN D • • Fifteen years experience as an educator, educational researcher, and manager of a university Instructional Development Division Successful founder and CEO of two software publishing companies, with products in the areas of education, business productivity, financial and statistical analysis Five years at Earthlink, the last three as Senior Data Analyst, Call Center Technologies

Online tutoring, Instructional Design, Educational Research


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B row se r s: Internet Explorer, Firefox E - M ail: Outlook Express, Outlook N ew s: RSS News Feed I ns ta n t M es sa g in g Knowledge Index Lexis/Nexis FedStats ERIC Data Quick Office 2003 (Excel Word, Access, Power Point) MS SQL Data Desk, StatView, SPSS, BMDP, Mathematica Panorama


• E X P E RI E N C E Se nio r D a t a An aly s t Earthlink Network Pasadena, CA • • • • •

2000- April, 2003 Reporting lead for all Telecommunications based data Responsible for enterprise-wide analysis for internal customers, integrating telecommunications data with other databases and resources Developing workforce needs time series forecasts Education and motivation of internal staff and company-wide to make use of research resources provided by our department Development of RFQ and RFP documents when requested by Management

Te c h nic al S u p p o r t Rep re sen t a t i ve Earthlink Network Pasadena, CA • Technical Support of ISP customers


Self E m p loy ed Co nsu l t a n t DATAnalysis, Canoga 1992-1998 Park, CA • Pre-Hire investigations and verification • Development of custom databases for information analysis. • Conducting demographic and economic studies for company clients. • Preparing and delivering presentations of research findings. Fo u n d e r a n d Pre sid e n t BrainPower, Inc., 1984-1991 Agoura CA, Productivity Software Developer • Chief Executive Officer for a software publishing company. • Author of Statistical Analysis Products. • Designed and developed specialized research database products. Fo u n d e r a n d C hair ma n Edu-Ware Services, Inc. 1979-1984 Agoura Hills, CA, Educational Software • Served as Director of Research and Development for a corporation producing Computer Assisted Instructional materials for the microcomputer. • Performed instructional design, testing, and evaluation, of products. • Engaged in the production of computer assisted design materials. • Published articles specific to instructional development and CAI. Se nio r Re se ar c h An aly s t - Tele co m m u nic a tio n s University of California, 1977-1979 Los Angeles, CA • Principal Investigator for the development of long range projections of instructional television, and instructional computing for the University of California. • Engaged in significant studies designed to assess five and ten year development plans to be implemented by the University Assist a n t D ir ec to r - Ins tr u c t io nal Develo p m e n t Northeastern University, 1970-1976 Boston, MA • Managed staff of four Instructional Designers and ten Media Technicians to produce instructional materials for the University community. • Served on faculty at the Graduate School of Education, teaching Instructional Technology at the rank of Associate Professor. E D UC ATION Wayne State University - Detroit, Michigan - BSc Wayne State University - Detroit, Michigan - EdM.

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