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Emor Say: Lev. 21:1-24:23.


Our Parsha begins with the title word Emor, #559, 'amar. As a verb, it means to say. But context and spelling can also affect its definition. It can mean to tell, a word, speech, saying, utterance, and finally, as a noun, it can mean lamb. Since Hebrew is an infinite storehouse, we must explore this word to properly value the contents that follow. It has a gematria of 241, the same as #758, 'Aram an ancient name for Assyria. The common gematria links the two words together and thus, were reminded of the Assyrian The Anti-Messiah who will speak Amar, words against the Most High and set himself on the Altar reserved for the Lamb! He will be the final incarnation of the Serpents Seed who initiated false speech in the garden. As weve stated, Amar, to speak, is written, Aleph-Mem-Resh: if you place the word in front of a mirror, it reads, Resh-Mem-Aleph, ramah, which infers to deceive, beguile, to deal treacherously with. This is a picture of the counterfeit Speaking of the enemy - in contrast to that of Torah! By the way, ramah can also infer to cast, throw, to shoot, which is the same message as the root of Torah yarah! Ironically, Ramah also indicates a high place constructed for the worship of Pagan gods. It was the name of a place in Benjamins territory. Jer. 31: 15 reminds us it is here that Rachel weeps for Joseph and Benjamin the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel! Why, because of their idolatry at the High Places, but, could it also have to do with the loss of the Language/Speech Amar of Torah, specifically, the Hebrew which result from Idolatry-Harlotry? A cursory glance tells us the principal topic of this saying of YHVH involves the latter half of the verseThere shall none be defiled for the dead among his people: Our attention turns toward the key word here: defiled. Defiled, #2930, tame', as a verb or adjective, it infers to be unclean, to desecrate, make impure. The Tet-Mem root also conveys the idea of concealing, hiding. The numeric value of the term helps to remove the veil of mystery from this definition. It is 50, the value of the Hebrew letter Nun meaning life and all that pertains to it. This is the same value as the word

Adamah, #127,

.Gen. 2:7 tells us Adam is formed from the dust,

#6083, `aphar of the Adamah. Remember, the Ayin represents the eye, a well or womb. The Pey-Resh root indicates the fruit of our lips. Therefore, the fruit of our lips, our words, were seen perceived, being birthed from the womb. The ground, adamah represents the Wombed Adam, the virgin prepared to receive this - seed of lives. However, Gen. 3 reveals the pattern that repeats itself throughout scripture - the Serpent depositing his seed into the womb destroying life and defiling all those who contact him with death! This desecration of Adam also left the ground Adamah, cursed: Remember, Adam was the High Priest of the earth and charged with the same conditions as the High Priest here in Lev. 21. The protocol for entering the Sanctuary the same as the Garden, #1588, ( gan, enclosure, its root seems to convey the idea of begetting, to bring forth, produce) of Eden, (#5731, can mean delight, pleasure, and also, a period of time). The same could be said of the Holy of Holies the enclosure or garden of delight, the place of begetting, and the place of beginning! One could not eat/touch the Tree of Carnal Knowledge a DEAD BODY and remain in the Sanctuary! Lets look at that initial curse on Adam: Gen. 3:18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; Thorns, #6975, qowts, translated here as thorns, it can also mean (#6974) qus, to wake up, to arouse. It conveys the idea of resurrection! Thistles, #1863, dardar, translated as thistles, it is a reduplication of Dalet-Vav-Resh, dor, meaning generation, a circle, cycle. Spring forth, #6779, tsamach, to spring forth, grow, but also for #6780, tsamach, branch, in particular the Righteous Branch of Jer. 23: 5 & 33:15. It was/is the Righteous Branch who would cause the generations of Adam to be resurrected!

Consider the number of Hebrew letters in Gen. 3:18: 30, the age when one could be considered for the Priesthood. Both John the Baptist and Yahshua began their High Priestly duties at age 30. Now, lets look at the word for dead: Dead, #5315, nephesh, translated, soul, life, that which breathes the absence of which brings death. Isnt it compelling that its value = 430, the length of time Israel spent sojourning in Egypt, becoming a people who worship the dead beings! Their wanderings a result of having defiled themselves with the dead. The pattern established in Gen. 2: 7 of Breathing, 5301, naphach, to breathe, to blow. It has the same root as nephesh, Nun-Pey, which carries the idea of moving back and forth I.E. to sift, a sieve, to winnow, or to fan! It seems to infer that a spark or flame is placed into the Adam and fanned into a Fire! This is depicted by the letter Shin in nephesh! However, this flame is extinguished at death Which is the removal of the BREATH WORD LANGUAGE OR SEED OF YHVH! Ironically, if you subtract the numeric values of the two: Nephesh (430) and Naphach (138) their difference = 292, the same as the Hebrew word for Secrets parts, (Deut. 25:11) #4016, mabush, private parts, male genitals. The place of seed! *Note the Mem prefix, from, out of, the origin. While the Beit-Shin, is from Bus, meaning shame. The woman was never to touch the privates/seed of another. This was the origin of the FIRST SHAMING! Her hand, Kaf authority, rights, is cut off! She must now submit to whoever is her head. The Qof represents the Back of the Head, the One who comes at the last and, it is connected to the Pillar of Fire that took the Qofs shape above the Tabernacle! This reminds us of the TONGUE/BREATH OF FIRE BREATHED INTO ADAM AND FANNED INTO A FLAME MESSIAH! We remember the Cloven Tongues of Fire at Shavuot and Sinai which served to remind Israel who her head would be and the choice given her! The word for cut off is #7112, qatsats, to cut, to sever. *Note its root: Tzade Tzade, the same as #6731, tziys, a flower, blossom, and the root of Tziytzit Fringe! We attach these to the hem of our garment particularly, the part covering the loins to remind us who is our head/covering seed source! This Priestly admonition increases in intensity through verse 11. It begins by addressing the people as a whole and allows contact for certain deceased relatives.

However, the High Priest alone was charged to not contact ANY DEAD body. Why the distinction here? First, we acknowledge the High Priest represents Yahshua, and in his role as mediator, he must have no sin or blemish as he enters the Holiest of Holies on behalf of the People. He is the REDEEMER. Adam could have redeemed Eve, had he not touched the DEAD BODY HaSatan, the first of the Dead, #7497, rapha', shades, spirits, departed deceased. These mingled their seed with Adam, and produce the Nephilym. Ironically, it is the same root as #7495, raphe, to heal, to make fresh, alive. Even Yahshua could not be touched until ascending to the Father. Look here: JN. 20:17, Yahshua had no sin in Him, and thus Mary Miriam, Marrebellion/Yam-waters, could not touch him with her dead flesh. The High Priest is told (vs.12) Neither shall he go out of the sanctuary, nor profane the sanctuary of his God; for the crown of the anointing oil of his God [is] upon him: I [am] the LORD. The strict boundaries implied, force us to look at the Hebrew for greater clarity. Go out, #3318, yatsa', to come, go out, exit, to be descended from. To complete, to finish, as in the construction of the Temple. It can also infer to burst forth or blossom, to bloom. Its value is 101, the same as that of Zebulon, the 6th son of Leah. Ironically, it is this counting of the Omer season that leads us to Shavuot during the Constellation of Gemini, a connection to the tribe of Zebulon. Sanctuary, #4720, miqdash, to be holy, sacred. *Note its value, 444 and when the letters are rearranged, it forms the word Damascus, #1834,

Dammeseq, the root implies a cover, cloth. Dalet-Mem spells dam,

blood. It could literally infer a menstrual cloth, causing all who contact the dead blood, to be unclean. Curiously, 444 is also the value of the Hebrew word for frogs, #6854, tsphardea`, this creates a strange relationship. The Tzade-Pey-Resh root, sapar, means to leave, to depart, while the Dalet-Ayin suffix #1843, dea, means knowledge. To depart from knowledge; what knowledge? It comes from the root verb, yada, #3045, to learn, perceive, to discern by experience and was first used in Gen. 3: 22 to know good and evil, especially, to know a person carnally!

Watch this! Rev. 16: 13 mentions 3 unclean spirits like Frogs who issue from the mouth (Gk. #4750, stoma, mouth, but also the edge of a sword in literature, the sword is often a poetic word for the male anatomy) of the Dragon, The Beast, and The False Prophet Following the same pattern of Gen. 3! These Frogs WILL OFFER AN OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME AS GODS/NEPHILYIM, KNOWING GOOD FROM EVIL! They will produce miracles, GK. #4592, semeion, signs. This is from the same etymological root as the Latin Semen Seed and the Hebrew, Shemen, Oil! Consequently, as YHVH gathers His Seed from the 4 corners of the earth, the Serpent will gather his here. Additionally, 44 is the value of the Hebrew word Dam, blood, the 3rd 4, also a dalet, infers a door, I.E. a door of blood. *Note the Hebrew phrase: from generation to generation = 444. The seed line is passed from generation to generation. When Adam, as High Priest contacted the Dead Body of Lucifer the Light Bringer in the Sanctuary of the Garden, all humanity became tainted with death, there was no redeemer, until the Lamb was slain. Everyone in the generation of Adam dies. The pattern is the same in the Wilderness, where judgment falls until all that generation dies. Yet, because The Lamb is cut off from His generations, Joshua & Caleb, Ephraim and Judah representing the whole house enter into the Land! Back to Lev. 21: 12. Crown, #5145, nezer, a consecration, an ordination. Incidentally, its gematria is 257, the same as the word for Ark, aron. Anointing, #4888, mishchah, anointing, priestly portion I.E. st the 1 -Born was charged with Priest hood and the continuation of the Seed line and name. We get Messiah from this word. Oil, #8081, shemen, fatness, fertile, fruitful, oil. The Crown, the Consecration as the Anointed High Priest, the Messiahs Seed is upon him! WHY? Lev. 21: 13! And he shall take a wife in her virginity.


There are 17 letters in the Hebrew. The letter PEY is the 17

letter and represents the mouth, to speak, to AMAR SAY. The number 17 also signifies

"vanquishing the enemy" and "complete victory in Messiah. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY!!!