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By Prof. John Roy Robert Searl. The law of the squares states that all things within this universe have two prime states. They are opposites of which one will be greater in value than the other. The law of the squares also states that there is a division between these two states. Throughout my books you are shown hundreds of these samples. The one I shall discuss here is in reference to the animal termed Homo sapiens that is correct, it represents you and me. Let us look at the law of the squares statements: 1 2 3 There will be the non experts that representing the higher value. There will be experts that representing the lower value. Between these two states is a very small dividing line of inventors.

Thus the law of the squares is up held. 4 5 6 The non experts live in the today, not the yesterday nor the tomorrow. The expert does not live in the today but rather in the 1,000 to 5 years of the past. The inventor lives in the tomorrow, for he or she creates the future that is to be.

Without inventors there would be no tomorrows but a continuation of the today, thus never changing in any manner except for the change of seasons. Inventors are labelled as living in a world of fantasy, while the so called experts claim to live in a world of reality; ironically, that very claim proves that their world came from the world of fantasy by those who suffered and struggled to create the present reality that these experts claim as their right. Before any one can conceive a concept to generate some new invention a number of triggers have to be in place. . 1. The brain must be free from all conventional brainwashing so that the sub-conscious can freely communicate to the conscious mind. Thus between these two states the data stored can be made active by the correct input of our bodys sensors. 2 3 There must be information stored in the brain either at the time of its conception or gained after birth at the expense of time. Once the correct triggers have been stimulated so that the conscious or sub-conscious mind can start searching and assembling a dream or a thought wave, data makes its way to the conscious mind of the owner and impresses the owner with the possibility of creating a new project. It is extremely unlikely that you can invent because the brain that creates does so based on information that was invented already by brains of the past; even as far back as the day man first appeared upon planet earth. My work is based on the success of hundreds of inventors before me; my work has just extended their work. They invented the materials, tools and equipment that make it possible for me to extend their work.

Within the laws of nature there is nothing impossible except that the state of your mind makes it so. And it is your mind which has and still does delay progress for a better world then we have today. In my case; the sub-conscience assembled an extremely simple game which strangely contains the mathematics which is required to achieve this technology, without that input there is no S.E.G. or I.G.V. Anyone making such claims is talking out their rear end, what a shame to waste such energy. It also gives much information on science and technology, which was a blessing as I had no need to go to school to learn it. The device is basically a linear motor riding on a magnetic bearing; in reality there are three such units in one body. Its characteristics are similar to that of an autotransformer; again three such devices in one body. From the inner unit which generates its own output that feeds into the second unit that is also generating its own, but much greater output, is therefore boosted vastly by the input from the first unit. The second unit output is then feed into the third unit which also is generating a much larger output is again vastly increased by the input from the second unit. Every operation of the S.E.G. follows Newtons laws precisely, these experts claims that it is not possible are just protecting their image of importance. Such has always been the case since this animal called Homo sapiens arrive upon the planet earth and will always exist until the end of time. Not only is the problem to design and test the specialised equipment to undertake this research; but one of the real major problems is that there are far too many of this species that suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder that functions on ignorance and greed. There is no more dangerous combination that has so far managed to delay this technology from reaching its marketplace, and would had done so back in 1968 and again in 2003 if it was not for the effects relating to this disease. Today for the fifth time efforts to recreate this technology are moving forward but cost is the greatest problem which increases each year that it takes to reach the marketplace. There is yet another major problem for delay. This is that the man involved has to live and therefore has to maintain a job by which he can survive and find from his pocket that cost which is involved. Time is related to availability of hard cash and spare time to work on it. It also requires absolute dedication and devotion and faith for its success and this man has all three requirements for such a success. This world is dying from pollution factors which this technology offers a solution that no other technology can offer. Yet everyone ignores its possibilities because the power man of today would loose profit by such a technology being available on the marketplace. Yet it would slowly halt this hurrican forming problem now greatly being experienced along the U.S.A. coast line, which will eventually reach places like Canada and even the UK if we allow this global warming to increase. Is it humane for life and property to be destroyed in the name of ignorance and greed?

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You may wonder if the S.E.G. output is Direct Current or Alternating Current. It is an Alternating Current at very high voltage that has to be passed through a step down transformer for the voltage required like all other power systems available today; current is proportional to the voltage. Rare earths play an important part in the success of the S.E.G. operation. The one that has become the keystone of my work is Nd because everyone wants to follow the same one that I used in 1946. It is far from the best but it is the first choice for cost and availability. One major problem is that it looses electrons to the air. As such it will oxidize in air. This can be prevented by the following means: 1 2 3 Keep it in argon while not in use which is the better choice; or in oil which is the choice that I do not prefer. Or mix 1% of another rare earth which does not loose electrons to the air that will block the Nd from loosing its electrons to the air. As you move up the element chart there are better options to use. Also it makes the S.E.G. smaller for the same output.




To experts its impossible as they had stated about the cycle, motor car, Train, Plane, Electricity, gas, telephone, and television and space travel plus everything else made or done by man, in reality they were confirming that it could be done, and it was only done by those who lived in the world of fantasy, for it is only such people who are capable of free thinking by which progress in advancing mans knowledge can be achieved. Everything made by man came out of the world of fantasy which existed there before man ever appeared on earth including all inventions of the future have been here since time began. But before any such invention can be brought forth from the world of fantasy into the world of reality some ingenious person must tune in to it; that action requires a set of triggers in a precise order of events and then and only then will such products become available to mankind. Though the S.E.G. is a marvellous device it can only reduce the pollution problem which helps to reduce global warming that will give trees and animals a chance to survive. It will require everyone to help to clean up this planet as we made the mess due to our lack of knowledge and understanding and replant trees which in our ignorance have been cut down. These are urgent requirements to block the creation of hurricanes and tornados. It takes about 30 years before a tree can fully function in its duty cycle in reducing this global warming, clearly the need is present today to start a massive replacement task in the effort to balance nature to our advantage, otherwise it will be to our disadvantage. If you really care for your childrens health and well fare then you must act today and help clean up these problems, To assist me to do my best to help nature to recover from our wrongs which we have done and are still doing. Listen to our children who have no tomorrows if we dont care; our ignorance and greed is killing this planet. If we dont stop our destruction of this planet there will be no tomorrows for anyone. There will be just a resting place for our remains.