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Powered with Purpose

Sharing the strengths of a common platform, Hydrogenics’ family of mobility power solutions are today’s product of choice for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators.

HyPM HD-12

HyPM HD-65

HyPX Fuel Cell Power Pack

We started with leading fuel cell technology and put it on a robust platform in an optimized operating environment. The result – a fusion of strengths and features that HyPM® customers experience across our full product offering of Fuel Cell Power Modules.
Full operating range from idle to full power in 4 seconds Rapid response to load changes

Industry leading gravimetric and volumetric power density

High peak operating efficiency > 50%

Zero emissions Quiet operation

Simple electrical and mechanical interfaces Liquid cooling for efficient heat removal Fully compatible with hybrid configurations

Scalable power outputs ranging from 4 kW to 65 kW Multiple modules configurable in series or parallel

Unlimited start-stop cycles (patented) Built-in advanced diagnostics and controls (patent pending)

Built on this common platform of HyPM strengths, HyPM HD is specifically designed to deliver…
Longer life components Patent pending control technology Robust design to withstand the demands of mobility applications > 3000 hour life

High volumetric and gravimetric power density


Material Handling Equipment
Fuel Cell Hybrid Forklifts – Powered by HyPX Fuel Cell Power Pack (FCPPs) HyPX Fuel Cell Power Packs offer material handling fleet operators in multi-shift indoor environments a turnkey solution that: Releases no harmful emissions and Increases lift truck uptime through: Reduced refueling time Extended run-time between fills Providing consistent and abundant power HyPX Fuel Cell Power Packs provide the functionality to replace motive batteries in lift trucks and fit within the existing battery compartment. Based on Hydrogenics’ zero emission HyPM® HD Fuel Cell Power Module, the HyPX Fuel Cell Power Pack is an integrated fuel cell electric hybrid solution that includes a hydrogen storage system, power electronics, an electrical storage device, system controls and a thermal management system. HyPX Fuel Cell Power Packs are quickly refueled in less than five minutes by dispensing hydrogen fuel into the on-board hydrogen storage tank. This efficient refueling process eliminates the time spent swapping batteries with freshly charged ones, and cuts out the costs associated with battery recharging infrastructure. HyPX Fuel Cell Power Packs can also extend the system’s run-time by storing more available energy on-board than a battery, and can provide consistent peak power without the performance degradation experienced with batteries as their state of charge drops over the duration of a shift. In 2005, Hydrogenics installed a HyPX Fuel Cell Power Pack in each of two 5,500 lbs Class I Hyster lift trucks and deployed these units at General Motors (GM) of Canada’s automotive assembly plant in Oshawa, and at FedEx Canada’s logistics hub at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. These deployments validated the emission-free and productivity-enhancing benefits offered by fuel cells in material handling equipment. This project was enabled by an investment from Sustainable Development Technology Canada and Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance. Hydrogenics continues to develop HyPX Fuel Cell Power Pack solutions for this market. Vehicle Specifications Forklift Configuration Wheels Tire Type Hyster E 55 Class 1 Electric Counterbalanced Lift Truck 4 Cushion

Power Solution Product HyPX Fuel Cell Power Pack Configuration Fuel Cell Ultracapacitor Hybrid Peak Power (10s) 27 kW Fuel Cell Power Module HyPM 12 Continuous Net Rated Power 12 kW Electrical Storage Ultracapacitors Hydrogen Storage 1.6 kg @ 350 bar 3.5 lb @ 5000 psi Run-time 12 hours Refueling time <5 minutes


Fuel Cell Hybrid Midibus – Powered by HyPM HD 12

Hydrogenics has developed a fuel cell hybrid power solution for a European-manufacturer’s mid-size electric bus. The hydrogen fuel cell hybrid configuration offers improved performance, including extended range with consistent and abundant power, reduced noise and air pollution, and fast refueling. Hydrogenics HyPM HD 12 Fuel Cell Power Module efficiently converts hydrogen into electricity and water, and the hybrid system provides peak power and recaptures braking energy. With the new power solution, the emission-free Midibus operates quietly and efficiently thanks to the HyPM’s low pressure design and few moving parts. These benefits are particularly applicable in congested cities where noise and noxious emission levels attributed to buses operating on conventional gasoline and diesel engines are a key concern. The Midibus operates for up to ten (10) hours with a range of 200km, compared to 80 km for the pure battery model, before the need to refuel – a process which takes minutes. The fuel cell hybrid Midibus’ inaugural public transit service took place during the European Hydrogen & Energy Conference (EHEC) in Zaragoza, Spain. Similar events have benefited from the zero emission Midibus including 2006 Hannover Fair – Germany, World Hydrogen Energy Conference – Lyon, France, and the 2006 World Cup Soccer Championships held in Germany. This project was enabled by an investment from the European Union and the State of West-Rhine Westphalia to demonstrate the benefits of commercialization of fuel cell transportation in European cities.

Vehicle Specifications Bus Configuration Passenger Capacity Bus Length Maximum Speed Traction Drive

Tecnobus Gulliver, Midi, Low Floor 22 (or 19 with wheelchair) 5.3 m (17 ft) 33 km/hr (21 miles/hr) Electric DC 27 kW

Power Solution Configuration Fuel Cell Hybrid in Series Fuel Cell Power Module HyPM HD 12 Continuous Net Rated Power 12 kW Peak Power (10s) 27 Electrical Storage Nickel Cadmium (Ni/Cd) batteries Hydrogen Storage 5.8 Kg @ 200 bar 12.8 lb @ 3000 psi Range > 9 hours, 200 km (124 miles) Certification Fuel Cell Hybrid Midi-Bus Certification 4

Hydrogenics HyPM 12 TUV Approval secured in 2005

Fuel Cell Hybrid Urban Transit Bus – Powered by HyPM 65

To showcase the successful use of zero emission fuel cell hybrid buses in urban transportation, Hydrogenics led the integration of a fuel cell ultracapacitor hybrid power train into a 40’ urban transit bus. Designed for use in urban transit, this innovative power train for the Invero New Flyer low floor bus incorporates three Hydrogenics’ HyPM 65 fuel cell power modules capable of offering a total of 180 kW of power. Combining a bank of ultracapacitors with the fuel cell power modules in a hybrid configuration enables the system to: Provide instantaneous power that can reach a peak power requirement of 350kW Reduce capital costs through the efficient system design of the fuel cell and hybrid components Increase fuel efficiency by capturing braking energy through regeneration Hybrid power architecture represents an attractive solution for future configurations of fuel cell buses due to the benefits of regenerative braking and reduced fuel cell power requirements. Hydrogenics and the Government of Manitoba demonstrated this transit bus in the city of Winnipeg in 2006. This project was enabled through an investment from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

Vehicle Specifications Bus Configuration Passenger Capacity Dimensions (L x W x H) Maximum Speed Power Train Configuration

New Flyer Invero Low Floor Bus 34 seated 12.5 x 2.6 x 3.8 m 40 x 8 x 12 ft 100 km/hr (est.)

Siemens 170kW Dual-Drive Motor with Flender 550 Nm Gear Assembly Fuel Cell Power Module 3 x HyPM 65 (Parallel Configuration) Continuous Net Rated Power 180 kW Peak Power 350 kW Electrical Storage Ultracapacitors Hydrogen Storage 45 kg @ 350 bar 99.1 lb @ 5000 psi Range 6-8 hours (est.)


Fuel Cell Hybrid Commercial Van – Powered by HyPM 65

Hydrogenics replaced the mechanical drive train in a commercial van with an electric drive powered by a fuel cell hybrid power train. Powered by Hydrogenics’ HyPM 65 Fuel Cell Power Module, this fuel cell-battery hybrid power train simultaneously offers increased fuel efficiency with reduced green house gas (GHG) and criteria air contaminant emissions. Deployed as part of Purolator’s “Greening the Fleet Program” as of May 2005, the commercial van is servicing delivery routes within the City of Toronto. In stop-and-go urban routes, the HyPM-based fuel cell hybrid power train offers significant opportunity to increase fuel efficiency by up to triple the efficiency of traditional gasoline and diesel engines, translating into significant fuel savings for commercial van fleet operators. This project was funded through an investment from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the Hydrogen Early Adopters Program (h2EA). A second commercial van with Hydrogenics’ HyPM 65 has been developed for the Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies and will be deployed with the maintenance crews at Hickam Air Force Base. Vehicle Specifications Van Configuration Gross Vehicle Weight Refueling Time Maximum Speed Traction Drive Power Solution Configuration Peak Power (15s) Fuel Cell Power Module Continuous Net Rated Power Electrical Storage Hydrogen Storage

Step Van 6395 kg (14100 lb) < 5 minutes 110 km/hr (62 mi/hr) Electric 60 kW continuous

Fuel Cell Hybrid Greens Mower
The Toro Company has developed a Greensmaster Riding Mower powered by a HyPM 7 fuel cell power module. Hydrogenics modeled a fuel cell and ultracapacitor hybrid power system to meet the greensmower’s duty cycle while Toro integrated the power system into the greens mower. Already tested in golf courses across North America, the fuel cell powered greens mower overcomes typical challenges by offering quiet operation, no risk of leakage, as well as reduced system weight and risk of turf damage. Power Solution Configuration Peak Power (30s) Configuration Fuel Cell Power Module Continuous Net Rated Power Electrical Storage Hydrogen Storage

Fuel Cell Battery Hybrid 120 kW HyPM 65 65 kW 42 Ah Lead-acid Batteries 10 kg @ 350 bar 22 lb @ 5000 psi 5

Fuel Cell Hybrid 12 kW Fuel Cell Hybrid HyPM 7 7 kW Ultracapacitor pack 0.6 kg @ 350 bar 1.3 lb @ 5000 psi


Fuel Cell Utility Vehicles – Powered by HyPM HD 12

Emission-free HyPM® fuel cell powered utility vehicles, based on John Deere’s 6x4 Gator ® platform, have been in active operation at Exhibition Place in Toronto as part of Toronto’s Hydrogen Village since the summer of 2005. John Deere’s Product Technology group designed the vehicles to demonstrate the performance and attributes of the latest fuel cell technology in John Deere products. Equipped with Hydrogenics HyPM 12 fuel cell power module, the Gators’ fuel cell hybrid power train is well suited for a range of applications from residential urban to niche military. HyPM 12’s low pressure design and few moving parts result in low heat and noise signatures that are important for various applications. In addition, the fuel cell powered Gators provide external AC and DC power, enabling the fuel cell to act as a generator that provides off-board power to operate tools, groundskeeping or other electrical equipment. The HyPM based fuel cell power train offers increased fuel efficiency, run-time and fast refueling in less than two minutes. This project was enabled by an investment from Industry Canada’s Hydrogen Early Adopter’s program (h2EA). Vehicle Specifications Configuration Vehicle Weight Maximum Speed

Powered by HyPM 7

6X4 Gator 730 kg (1640 lb) 33 km/hr 21 miles/hr

Power Solution Fuel Cell Power Module Continuous Net Rated Power Electrical Storage Hydrogen Storage Range

HyPM HD 12 12 kW Ultracapacitor pack 0.6 kg @ 350 bar 1.3 lb @ 5145 psi 2-3 hours (normal drive cycle)

Vehicle Specifications Configuration Maximum Speed

Toro Greensmaster Riding Mower 13 km/hr (8 mi/hr) 7

HYDROGENICS: Delivering the Complete Package
Hydrogenics Corporation is a recognized world leader in the development and manufacturing of hydrogen and fuel cell products for a full range of energy and industrial applications. Many of our Power Systems customers look to us, not only for world-leading fuel cell solutions, but also for innovative hydrogen supply and refueling solutions. One way we can do this is by working together with our OnSite Generation business group to propose a suitable hydrogen station to meet the needs of these customers, and then undertake the necessary collaboration to make it happen. Hydrogenics OnSite Generation offers a full line of HySTAT™ hydrogen stations and turnkey hydrogen generation solutions for a wide range of hydrogen applications including industrial processes, vehicle refueling and distributed power. Hydrogenics’ worldwide leadership in scalable electrolysis-based products and integrated reformer-based systems positions the company to offer a full array of hydrogen generation and refueling options. From a selection of versatile modular components, Hydrogenics can propose the optimum HySTAT™ hydrogen station configuration that precisely meets a customer’s specific operational criteria for hydrogen generation, storage, and dispensing. With its complete suite of hydrogen products and service solutions, Hydrogenics is committed to changing power and powering change.

All specifi cations and illustrations contained in this brochure are based on the latest product information available at the time of printing. Hydrogenics Corporation reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice, in materials, equipment, specifications and models. Printed in Canada 06.200 9 ®/TM : Owned by Hydrogenics Corporation.

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