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We Will See All The Entrepreneur Functions And Actions Which Are Important To Interpret For Presenting Scooty Bikes Which Is A New Product In A New Market PAKISTAN.

PREPARED BY: 1. Azra Zakaria (09) 2. Zainab Ahsan (59) 3. Noor-ul-ain Malik (40)

Entrepreneurship is a process of creating something new with value of devoting the necessary time and effort; assuming the accompanying financial, psychic and social risk and uncertainties; and receiving the resulting reward of monetary and personal satisfaction. There are four basic aspects in definition of entrepreneurship. We will see how these four aspects fit to our product scooty bikes? 1. CREATING SOMETHING NEW OF VALUE: Our product scooty bikes are new product to the market. And it is valuable product for entrepreneurs and also to the audience for whom it will be develop because it can be really beneficial for middle class people, for young girls and students and also some low income workers to travel in low cost vehicle which is also easy to operate. 2.DEVOTION OF NECESSARY TIME AND EFFORT: Any new product requires great time and efforts to bring that product from bottom to top. Entrepreneurs should know that how much efforts and time they requires to full fill all the requirements related to the product. For introducing scooty bikes we analyze that we have to be patient for completing the whole process because first we have to deal with vendors to import the parts of scooty bikes then we have to assemble all these parts together and some more efforts will be required to get lined up properly all these actions in an industry and also till the launch of the product in market with some marketing efforts. All these actions will take much greater time. The more we devote our time and effort the more better result we get. 3.RISK AND UNCERTAINITY: Risk can determine not uncertainty. Main risk of introducing scooty bikes is the mindset of our society which may not accept easily the trend of scooty bikes for females. Another risk is to deal with vendors, which is a new experience to entrepreneurs. An entrepreneurs risk and uncertainty is more because of the novelty. Entrepreneurs must decide even in the face of uncertainty over the outcome of the action. Therefore entrepreneur respond to, and create, change through their entrepreneurial action. Entrepreneurial action refers to behaviour in response to a judgmental decision under uncertainty about a possible opportunity for profit. 4.RESULTING REWARDS: The last part of the definition is a reward of being an entrepreneur. Personal satisfaction reward plays an important role, which defines that your expected outcome or goal is achieved but monetary reward also comes into play and indicates the degree of success achieved by an entrepreneurs.

Opportunity identification and evaluation is a difficult task. For identifying and evaluating opportunity we go through the following process: IDENTIYING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: How do we identify opportunity to introduce scooty bikes in Pakistan? We first noticed our own convince problem for travelling far places, we find out if we introduced scooty bikes for females that would be an easier, helpful and safety transport. Secondly, we also recognize the need of customers especially from college, universities girls and we heard saying them that kash hum b bikes khud chala saktay like in China and India. RISK AND RETURN OF OPPORTUNITY: Risk is a measure of uncertainty of returns in an investment. By estimating risk we invest amount then evaluate expected return of opportunity. For introducing scooty bikes in Pakistan we will invest or our start up capital will be 100million. And the expected return of opportunity is 16%, in starting five years our return of opportunity will be lesser. Our society will take time to accept this trend but slowly when it will get popular and when customer will feel convenient using scooty bikes we are sure that then our society will accept this trend easily. REAL AND PERCEIVED VALUE: Real value refers to how much it cost to produce the product. Real value is difficult to calculate, for scooty bikes we have to calculate the cost of labour, raw materials or body parts of scooty bikes we will import from china, it includes engines, exhausts, chains, belts, sprockets, air boxes, filters, bodywork, clock, speedometers, braking system, electrics, lighting, handling, suspension, wheels, and tyres services parts and other accessories. Cost of shipping, marketing and product development. These allow calculating the product real value. Our each scooty bike real value will be 18,000 because we will import scooty bikes part from China and the perceive value is 26,000 worth. COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT: As I already mentioned that scooty bikes are new in Pakistan market so there is no competitive environment. We are expecting that after three, four years we will have competitive environment, therefore we will bring new features, style, colour and design, keep our prices reliable and build good customers relationship.

OPPORTUNITY VS PERSONAL SKILLS AND GOALS: Our task requires good marketing skills to demonstrate benefits of our product, and a person with good engineering knowledge for assembling the body parts of scooty bikes, and great management skills to full fill the opportunity and gain expected goal. BUILDING CUSTOMER LOYALTIES: How can our product and company helps in building customer loyalty? Following points are important in building customer loyalty: When a customer need is met before it has been expressed, it send the message that you care about the customer as an individual and our scooty bikes will full fill our customers basic need without their notification. We will hire expertise for recruiting and training to fully achieved customer service excellence. Our company tag line its time to be independent shows that we care about individual customer independence to feel free. This also helps in building customer loyalty. To make good relationships with customers we will offer amazing packages and occasion greetings gifts and ask their advices for further development. We will provide speedup services and fast responses to their quires and messages. Image of company also matters in building customer loyalty. We will sponsor programs and events to help our society soon after gaining profitable position of the company.

PROTECTING UNIQUENESS: For protecting uniqueness we will registered (R) our company name RYDO(R). SECURING KEY SUCCESS FACTORS: Our key success factors are as follows which we have to secure: Manage materials and resources. Secure the entire management environment. ERP system. Relationship suppliers and customers. Product design. Market segmentations. Distribution and promotion. Pricing. Financing. R&D Production.

Securing key supplies.

SWITCHING COST: The cost incurred when a customer changes from one supplier or market to another. The higher these cost are, the more difficult is to execute the switch. It depends on the situation that how you can easily switch cost with benefits.


Our product is new to customer and market both. FROM CUSTOMERS POINT OF VIEW: The product is new to customers in the sense that it is first time any product for the independency of female is being launched. FROM A FIRMS VIEWPOINT: Our product is new from Firms viewpoint in the sense that it is a new segment which is being targeted and we are also the initiators in the automobile market of Pakistan to introduce scooty bikes for females.

1.Education 2.Experience Azra Marketer 5 years Noor Engineer 4.5 years Zainab Manager 5 years

3. Prior Knowledge about Market and customer

Customer feedback

4. Entrepreneurial Network:
No other product available in the market to satisfy this need.


1. IDEA STAGE: Our own need lead us to this idea. 2. CONCEPT STAGE: The concept is to simply provide easy and secure convince for girls. 3. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT STAGE: Pilot run: checking the import of parts and assembling them properly and on time 4. TEST MARKETING STAGE: The first original market to launch will be LAHORE 5. COMMERCIALIZATION STAGE: After the success of scooty bikes in Lahore, distribution will be done in Karachi, Islamabad

INTRODUCTION: Introducing the product through arranging different events in colleges and universities by giving test drives too and by advertising our product on electronic media and having Aspirational groups and opinion leaders (Maira khan, Jugun kazmi) GROWTH: Introducing new colours, MP3 Players, Digital watches MATURITY: Innovations and Brand Name and working according to the feedback and maintaining differential competitive advantages DECLINE: We will try our best to revive if at any time we face decline.


FIRST SECTION: 1. Explanations/Characteristics Of The Product:
New product that is scooty bikes characteristics are as follows: Convince solution for girls and middle income people Low price Easy to operate Trendy and stylish Reliable and reasonable Variety of colours Different features such as watch, battery charger. Less fuel consumes. 2. Market Need Existed For Product: Country like Pakistan has no independent convince for girls more than 80% of the girls faces problem of convince. To travel anywhere they are usually dependent on their family members or public transport. Therefore, we are going to introduce independent automobile scooty bikes in Pakistan for all those girls who want to be independent. According to our research: 85% girls want convince solution. 70% girls want to be independent. 65% agree to use rydo. 3. Specific aspects of Product: Our main motive is to provide convince solution to working and college womens. The specifications of our product are as follows: Consumes less fuel. Easy to operate and ride. Light is weight as compare to other bikes. Reliable and reasonable. Low prices. Different colors available. Trendy and stylish.

4. Competitive Product Attributes:

The scooty bike we are introducing is not available in the market yet. But there are indirect competitions available in the market with other bikes like with Toyota and Honda bikes. 5. Companies Providing Such Product: There are many companies providing bikes but not scooty bikes. Those companies which are offering other bikes are leaders in the market and the name of the companies are as follows: Toyota Honda Suzuki

6. The unique selling proposition for new product:

Our unique selling proposition is that we are the one who is targeting girls for scooty bikes. It is also economic convince solution for middle class college university girls.

SECOND SECTION: 1. The market need filled:

The research shows that the need of scooty bikes is available in the market but any company havent take any action to full fill this need and we are very confident about that once we introduced our scooty bikes in the Pakistan market then people will enjoy it and use it very happily. And the market need will maximize more. 2. Social condition understanding: When we talk about our society we have to keep in mind that social norms of Pakistan may not accept this scooty bikes trend easily. Therefore, we have planned great marketing strategies to influence our society. We will defiantly use right marketing strategy to attract consumers easily. We are confident about that once it will introduce in the market our society will accept it slowly and happily. And on some areas high income people will take it as a latest fashion trend and this fashion trend will strongly influence all high income people. 3. Any market research data to verify this need: Secondary Research: for secondary research data we used questionnaire. Primary Research: Primary research data shows that in five years market share has been increased in India.

4. Any potential patent could be obtained:

We will issue patent to get right for long term. The patent will be government.

issued by the

5. Size and characteristics of domestic market: We will target Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad consumers. First we will launch our product in Lahore because all the fashion trend start from there and then us will target our Karachi and Islamabad consumers. We will target specially girls about 15 to 30 ages. And also other middle class workers and boys under the age of 15 to 30. 6. Growth rate of market: Market growth rate will be high because the automobiles industry have 50% growth rate according to 2011 information. So we have identified our growth rate which is 20%.

THIRD SECTION 1. Reason to pick the opportunity:

When we analyze the reason to pick this opportunity, we first saw that it is fulfilling a very basic need of young females (college and university going) that is the transportation because travelling by buses is risky now a days and having own convince makes it easier and comfortable to travel.

2. Entrepreneurs background and experience:

As far as the background is concerned, for scooty bikes assembling we require and engineer and 1 of our partner is engineer by profession (Noor-ul-ain Malik) as mentioned above and an IT expert whom we will hire and for marketing we have another partner who has worked as a marketer (Azra zakaria, mentioned above) previously and has a wide knowledge about marketing strategies required for different products and for managing of accounts and finance and other required activities hiring of expertise will be done and they will worked under the management of another partner (Zainab ahsan).

3. Skills needed:
Innovative, risk-taker, convincing, and effective communication skills are the some key success factors skills required for our product.

4. Eligible person:
The eligible persons required are Marketer, IT expert, MBAs with major as accounts and finance, managing skills.

FOURTH SECTION 1. Sequencing the activity:

Idea generation Market surveys Marketing our product through advertisement Model available at different outlets to create awareness Taking orders Importing parts from China Assembling parts Selling of our product in automobile market

2. Time and money for each step:

STEP Market surveys Contracting Patents Assembling Selling TIME 4-5 weeks 3 weeks 3 week 20 days As assembling completes MONEY As per required As per required Depends on order Depends on order

3. Total time and money for all steps:

Total time required to bring the product to the market is nearly 1.5 month (estimated). And total cost will depend on orders.

4. Financial resources:
Capital invested by each partners is utilized for starting up the business and loan taken by Bank will also be used.


NAME AND ADDRESS OF VENTURE Name: Freedom motors. Address: Plot No. N.W.Z/1/P-1, Port Qasim Authority, Karachi, Pakistan. Phone: +92-2134721100. UAN: +92-111-86-96-82 NAMES OF OWNER Name: Zainab Ahsan (head of management) Azra Zakaria (head of promotional department) Noor-ul-ain malik (head of engineering and technology department) NATURE OF BUSINESS:

Manufacturing and Assembling business: Our work is to import parts from China through our international vendors 1. Guangzhou ZT Trading Company Ltd. [Province: Guangdong, China] 2. Yongkang Qiyu Hardware Factory [Province: Zhejiang, China] 3. SHAH PARTS CENTRE[ Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler ] Pakistan 4. Hakim spare parts company, distributer. Pakistan STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY OF FINANCIAL REPORT: Our financial reports and other documents are private and confidential and no one is liable to pass out this information to any unauthorized person. Authorized person include board of directors, chairman and the auditors.



REVENUE: we evaluate our revenue generation according to future trends. As every new business takes time to grow slowly. We estimated that in start of our business we will receive 20% revenue of the total investment. REACHABLE: Product success depends upon that how much it will satisfy customers. We know that our product just not full fill basic need but it will also create an extra value in our customers eyes. According to the survey many girls have demand and wish to use her own depend source for travelling, the high demand shows that this new product will always be in demand of our target customers and we will use good marketing techniques to make our customers loyal. PAYBACK: Our product is going to full fill very basic need of customers in the market which is durable and reliable. All of us three entrepreneur are confident about the success related to this scooty bikes project. According to our prediction it will take two to three months to get used to this new trend of scooty bikes in our society but according to our market research 80%



to 85% females want reliable source for travelling. Change in generation also creating change our society. So its our belief that we will get good response from our customers in very short time. Our expectation is that soon after its launch in four to five months we will generate maximum sales revenue approximately 20% of the investment. The passion and the availability of our skills with great time and effort will lead us towards success. 4. MARKET STRUCTURE FRAGMENTED COMPETITION: We will first introduce our product in Lahore and then in Karachi and Islamabad but in start we will only launch our product in Lahore that means by the time we will create fragmented competition after gaining high competitive advantage and our goals with profit. Every business takes time to get fragmented in whole market. Total female population under the age of (15 to 30) is 20% and around 13% get education and go for jobs. Therefore our revenue estimation is more than 100 million because after targeting female students and workers we will also target male students and workers under the age of (15 to 30). Male students and workers population is 17%. In Pakistan is an emerging market for automobiles and automotive parts offering immense business and investment opportunities. Auto industry's present contribution to GDP stands at 2.8% which is expected to reach 5.6%. The GDP is expected to grow from $145 billion to $210 billion by the year 2012. Pakistan auto industry produced 1 million vehicles with a gross value of around US$ 3.6 billion during the year 2005-06. Pakistan is now world's 7th largest




market of 2-wheelers however, in value terms the car production occupies over 50% of total market. The production of vehicles expressed compounded growth rate of 50% for the period 2001-02 to 2005-06. This information provides us easy way to estimate our growth rate in the market. It depends upon our product that how much market share it will cover. Our target market has higher demand of our product and our price will be reasonable and it is full filling customers very basic need and it will create new trend for all. These signs highlight the attractiveness of the product. Therefore according to our expectations we will earn 25% to 30% revenue. Total sale out in the market will be 8% to 9%. Scooty bikes body parts can easily be warehouse at safe and large place. We can warehouse our imported body parts from china more than a year.


DESCRIPTION OF VENTURE: PRODUCT: Our product scooty bikes are new product to the market. And it is valuable product for entrepreneurs and also to the audience for whom it will be develop because it can be really beneficial for middle class people, for young girls and students and also some low income workers to travel in low cost vehicle which is also easy to operate. SIZE OF BUSSINESS: As far as the size of the business is concerned, it includes the scale of our production. As it is a new a product in market and we dont have any direct competitor, so at first we have decided to launch at least 500 scooty bikes, which will be available at out outlets and at different outlets too where bikes and scooters for men are available. There

scooty bikes are for creating awareness and need in our target customer, the scooty will be sold by assembling parts of scooty at purchase order, not the bikes available at outlets. PERSONNEL As far as the personnel for industry is required than we will appoint employees according to our requirement in both industry and outlets and representatives for our product promotional activities. For industry: As in our industry assembling of parts will be done so we have departments of information technology and plant in our industry because assembling of all parts is done through automatic installed software and machinery which will be in under control of Miss Noor-ulain malik she is an engineer. And under her at least 25 workers will work. For Promotion of our product: The head of marketing department is Miss Azra Zakaria and she will control all the promotional activities. Under her 20-25 employees will work at outlets as representatives and guidance of our scooty bikes to the interested consumers and she will also head the different promotional activities like organizing different programs in colleges where need will be made realize in college and university girls. For management of different works: Other activities will be headed by Miss Zainab Ahsan, these activities includes ordering of parts and delivering of those parts to the plant on time and assembling of parts and on time delivering the final product to the consumer, and managing the financial budgets.

OFFICE EQUIPMENTS Desk Comfortable chairs File cabinets Overhead and work lighting Desktop and pocket calculators Book cases Labelling machines Office decorators White wallboards and markers Wastebaskets Alarm system First-aid kit Fire extinguisher

Computer hardware and accessories Desktop computers and monitors Keyboards and mouse Laptops Modem CD- writer Notebook computers Computers locks Scanners and photocopier

Computer software: MS-office software Virus protection software Accounting software Contact management software Website building and maintain software E-commerce software Inventory management software Payment processing software Communication: Telephone line Internet connections (within the industry and plant intranet is used) Fax machines Answering machine Desk telephone General office supplies Business cards Envelopes Stationeries USBs Print papers Staplers Scissors Note pads File folders


ASSEMBLING PROCESS: Beginning from order placements and assembling is a whole process it is described as:

Customer goes to outlets to place order. Information of order passes in all the departments of freedom motors. They collect data monthly. According to the order requirements they collect data then plan the production, In planning the order we need to know the time of fulfilment. Then place the order of parts to suppliers, some suppliers are local and some are in China. The part of the scooty bike reaches to the point where conveyer belt is fixed. Scooty body required body parts are transferred from the store to the plant. Everything is in system they only runs a process and the system places the order itself that is the best function of ERP software. And after the order requirements are available assembling on conveyer belt is started and scooty is ready to be used. We also have warehouse where receiving of parts is done Warehouse receives inventories after order placement then system generates schedules according to the quantity of body parts of scooty bikes. PHYSICAL PLANT: Physical plant is at industrial area, The address has been described above MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT: Main machinery is conveyer belt and other necessary equipments have been described under office equipment heading above. NAMES OF SUPPLIERS AND RAW MATERIALS: Name of suppliers: 1) Guangzhou ZT Trading Co., Ltd. [Province: Guangdong, China] 2) Yongkang Qiyu Hardware Factory [Province: Zhejiang, China] Local suppliers: 1) SHAH PARTS CENTRE [Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler] Pakistan 2) Hakim spare parts company, distributer. Pakistan PARTS FOR SCOOTY BIKES: Engine parts Parts for scooters with 150cc and 125cc GY6 QMI152/157 QMJ152/157 4-stroke engines. This is the most popular 150cc automatic engine found in 150cc and 125cc Chinese and Asian made 4-stroke scooters. Air filter Belt/clutch assembly Cam chain tensioned camshaft/valve train carburettor

CVT cover Cylinder Cylinder head Electric starter/ starter clutch assembly Engine assembly Fan cover Piston/ crankshaft Right and left crankcase Right crankcase cover Stator/cooling fan/oil pump Transmission Valve cover Variator/ kick starter

Frame, body and control parts Frame, Body, and Control Parts for the most popular 150cc and 125cc 4-stroke GY6 engine based sport style scooters.
Body panel front Body panel rear Cable Centre stand

Disc brake front Disc brake front handle Disc brake rear Electric Engine mount Floor panel Front fork Front fender Front kick panel Front turn signal Fuel tank Handle and control switch Handle bear Headlight Luggage rack Mirrors Muffler Rear fender Rear shocks Rear tail lamp Seat Speedometer Speedometer cover Wheel front

Wheel rear Wind shield


Description of business enterprise:
On January 2012 the freedom motors corporation established their Pakistan chapter for assembling, manufacturing and marketing of scooty bikes in Pakistan. Freedom Motor Corporation has a vast network of dealers providing after sales services, these dealers operate on 3 bases (sales-services-spare parts). Our business is to import scooty parts from china and Japan and then assemble and distribute them in the major cities of Pakistan.

Technology utilization:
The technologies that are being used in our organization include Fully automatic conveyor belt supported and operated by the ERP software. Industrial robots for assembling and painting the scooty parts. Use of CAD/CAM software. Computer integrated manufacturing is thoroughly implicated in our organization, methods of computerized manufacturing through CAD/CAM. CAD (computer aided design) is use to design physical structure of the product. It is also use for architecture designing by 3D. CAM (computer aided manufacturing) is use to view the whole process of manufacturing. After designing structure through CAD the full designed is being flow with process of manufacturing, CAM tell us that each and every process of manufacturing is running properly or not.


Situation analysis:
The situation analysis is based on few factors which include: Value of opportunity: the value of an opportunity may be of two kinds that are real and perceived real value refers to how much it costs to produce the product. Real value is quite difficult to calculate, for our scooty bikes we have to calculate the cost of labor, raw materials or body parts of scooty bikes we will import from china. it includes engine exhausts, chains, belts, sprockets, air boxes, filters body work, clock speed o meter braking systems electrics lighting handling suspension wheels and tyers services parts and other accessories .cost of shipping marketing and product development .these allow calculating the products real value. Each of our scooty bikes real value will be 18000. And the perceived value is worth 30000. The perceived is greater because market demand of scooty bikes for girls is greater. According to our research the demand is higher and it will full fill very basic need of girls so it will serve our society best and most of them will pay the amount we charged. Present market condition: Pakistan is an emerging market for automobiles and automotive parts offering immense business and investment opportunities. Auto industrys present contribution to GDP stands at 2.8% which is expected to reach 5.6%. The GDP is expected to grow from $145 billion to $ 210 billion by the year 2012. Pakistan auto industries produced 1 million vehicles with a gross value of around US$ 3.6 billion. Pakistan is now the worlds seventh largest market of two wheelers how ever in value terms the car production occupies over 50% of the total market. The production of vehicles expressed compounded growth rate of 50% .this information provides us easy way to estimate our growth rate in the market. It depends on our product that how much market share it will cover. Our target market has higher demand of our product and our price will be reasonable and it is fulfilling our customers basic needs and it will create new trend for all these signs highlight the attractiveness of the product. Therefore according to our expectations number of sales this year will be 4000 Scooty bikes.


There are many opportunities for us. We can gain high competitive advantage because scooty bikes not only useful but they are also very trend and stylish. It will attract our customers and to gain maximum competitive advantage we have to make good relationships with our customers and to achieve customer loyalty. We will ask

customer what new features they like to have in scooty bikes and what color of bike will they prefer more. We will give 100% attention to our customers and value them to stay as leader in the market. The more we understand our customers the more we will have ability to achieve more opportunities. First mover advantage Spare parts which will reduce the overall cost of the product.

The major threat is the existing close mind set of the society which might not allow women to use this new product. If the product is successfully launched the existing companies like Suzuki and Honda will launch their own brands of Scooties and they will have better infrastructure and financial strength to compete with us. Threat of cheap imported motorcycles from China.

Our basic strength will be our first movers advantage. This will enable us to lead the way in this emerging market. Able and experienced management. As it is a labor intensive business. And labor is available in Pakistan at competitive rates Another advantage is the availability of resources.

Non availability of machinery in Pakistan. We will have to import the plant from china and this can prove too expensive.

There are four elements of the marketing strategy:

Product: Support service:

We will provide our customers with a value experience by giving them exclusive 3s (Sale, Service, Spare parts) franchise network.

RYDO will be available in five different colors and specifications 50cc and 70cc. Please see the following image for further details.

Our target audience is middle class and therefore the price should be economical more over our primary target audience is the female students of Colleges and universities and therefore the overall price of the Scotties must be extremely economical which is Rs 30,000.

Will use the existing supply chain infrastructure of the motorcycle distribution in Karachi and also there is a plan to establish a network of exclusive franchises ideally located near colleges and universities.

We will advertise our scooter business on college campuses, sporting-goods stores and other venues where our target demographic shops. Print leaflets, simple posters and table tents that can be distributed ahead of our company's grand opening. Include our street address, website address and a clever slogan on each advertisement to attract motivated scooter fans.

Marketing Budget Plan Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total(P KR)

Market Research Primary research Secondary research Market Research Total(PKR)

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

10,00 0 10,00 0 20,00 0

120,000 120,000


Marketing Communicati ons Advertising Direct marketing Public relations Events Marketing Communicati ons Total(PKR) 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,667 100,0 00 20,00 0 20,00 0 6,668 1,200,0 00 240,000 240,000 80,000

146,6 67

146,6 67

146,6 67

146,6 67

146,6 67

146,6 67

146,6 67

146,6 67

146,6 67

146,6 67

146,6 67

146,6 68

$176,00 0

Total Marketing Budget(PKR)

2,000,0 00

The implementation of the above stated marketing strategy will be executed in two stages: Stage 1: We will use the technique of forward integration at the time of the launch of our brand. as we will be using franchises to distribute RYDO throughout the city. Stage 2: After setting up the franchise network we will focus on the promotion strategy we are planning.


Nature and type of ownership
Freedom motors will be a private limited company and each shareholder will hold 33.3 percent share in the company.

Organizational Hierarchy
The organization structure of our company will be as follows:

Authority of Directions:
The directors will handle their core areas and all managerial decision shall taken with mutual consent and understanding of the board and incase of conflict the voice of majority shall be heard.


Roles and Responsibilities of Directors:
Director operations: Ms. Noor ul Ain, The Director Operations/chief operating officer or COO will be the person ultimately in charge of a company's day to day operations. She will look after the production, planning and human resource department. Her core job will be to oversee the operational matters and also to ensure that the production operations are smoothly executed. Director Finance: Ms. Zainab, Director Finance / chief financial officer will be responsible for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company, to include the development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results. She will oversee the finance & accounts (F&A) and audit departments.

Director Sales and Marketing: Ms. Azra, Sales and marketing director will be responsible for establishing and directing the marketing and sales activities of the organization including advertising and public relations. These activities affect the direction and goals of business. Her core responsibilities will include: Assign sales territory, target groups and sales quotas Coordinate sales activities with other work units or departments Prepare and submit plans, budgets, progress reports and annual sales reports Manage human resource functions e.g. hiring, training, performance reviews Research competitors' products/services Develop goals and objectives, projects and priorities and assign them to Sales Managers Develop and conduct sales campaigns, as well as marketing and promotional plans May perform duties of Sales Managers as well.