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Basic questionnaire from customers for logging a call at VCC

Problem is related to the disconnection of connectivity of VSAT

Initial Checklist to understand the problem related to VSAT. DW4000 Ask customer to right click on Navigator Icon at system tray and Select Status from menu. Transmitter Status It would show you some Statement in normal case that is:
Connected Via satellite

You should revert back to NOC with that statement in case of problem occurs. Note the call-log no. for further reference(s). Receiver status It gives you a signal strength (SQF) you are receiving. The recommended SQF should be more than 95. For a perfect pointed antenna you should get an SQF of 99 If your SQF falls below the 95 Contact VCC at HECL Gurgaon. DW4020 Pls check that status LED on TX, Rx and gateway chiclet boxes is glowing continuously or not If status LED is not glowing continuously Pls contact VCC at HECL Gurgaon. Note the call-log no. for further reference(s). DW6000 Check for the relevant LED status

Five LEDs indicating Power, System, Receive, Transmit & USB/LAN POWER - Is OFF when IDU is not powered On and vice-versa. SYSTEM - Is steady when DW6000 has passed its power-up self-test and is capable of operating TRANSMIT - Is steady when DW6000 is ready to transmit but has no data to transmit. RECEIVE - Is steady when DW6000 is ready to receive but isnt receiving data.

USB/LAN - Is ON if an external Ethernet device is connected to the DW6000s Ethernet port, else the LED is off.

Two LEDs built into the RJ45 Ethernet connector to show LAN connection status and activity.

Check for Physical Disconnection Check for IFL cable connected to IF RX and IF TX Check for the connectivity between ITU and IRU at back (in case of DW4000/4020) Check the RF cable connected at RF head on Antenna.

Problem related to slow connectivity

Ask the customer about the usage details form and try to identify if the problem is related to FAP due to high usage with respect to his contracted plan. Try to find out if the problem is related to FAP. If a problem is related to FAP try to explain the concept of FAP to Customers. If you still think that the problem is due to some problem at HUB. Contact VCC at HECL Gurgaon and log a call. Note the call-log no. for further reference(s). Problem related to connectivity/Slow connectivity How to ping? Ping t w 5000 ip address Check ping to IP address- / Check for response time variations. Log a call with Vcc if the response exceeds 2000ms consistently. Note the call-log no. for further reference(s).

Check DNS Entry --Primary: Secondary: or

Check the throughput from

Performance Test Image Select Test: Text
(414K photo)

(340K document) (754K) Location Canada Park River, ND Barbados Phoenix, AZ Bahamas Network Cogent, MCI, Peer 1 AT&T Cable & Wireless AT&T EPIK EPIK Sprint Canada Level3, Telia AT&T, Cogent, Williams MCI, Sprint Cogent, Level3, Williams

Both Image & Text

Web Host Polar Comm. Sunbeach CableONE Cable Bahamas Cable Bahamas Type FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE

MEMBERS ONLY Bahamas PREMIUM PREMIUM PREMIUM Toronto, Can New York, NY Atlanta, GA Toledo, OH Pasadena, CA

Select Host:

Free-Host 1&1 Interland


Santa Clara, CA Cogent, Level3 Toledo, OH OARnet

Run Test

Run the performance test to get an idea of an approximate throughput. If throughput over the Internet is 80-90% of the expectation than there is no problem related to throughput.

If you still think that the problem is due to some problem at HUB. Contact VCC at HECL Gurgaon. Note the call-log no. for further reference(s). Not getting a throughput over the LAN Machine in case customer using a ICS as proxy for Internet sharing (in case of DW4000/3000) You need to check two things: Set the value of the HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\services\vxd\Mstcp\ DefaultRcvWindow to 65,000 (win98) or HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\services\Tcpip\Para meters\TcpWindowSize to 65,000 (win2k) Also if ICS is installed than the key HkeyLocalMachine\System\CurrentControlSet\ICSharing\Settings\Gen eral\InternetMTU should be deleted. After this restart the Shannon machine. Throughput will increase considerably. Collect the following information from the customer How many PCs connected to DiRECWAY? Which Proxy in use by a customer if Internet is being shared in a LAN? (In case of DW4000/3000) Operating system of the machine where Shannon software is installed? (In case of DW4000/3000) IP Address of VSAT o DW4000/DW3000-IP address of USB of Shannon Machine which can be obtained by right clicking on NAV and click on help and then system information. o DW4020/DW6000 IP address of VSAT is the default gateway of PCs connected to VSAT. Site ID of a VSAT o DW4000/DW3000-VSAT Site ID can be obtained by right clicking a NAV in a system Tray and click on status. (in case of DW4000/3000) o DW4020/DW6000 If the site code is CNSDW423022468 then Site ID is CNS22468

FAP Details To ensure that all DIRECWAY subscribers have fair and equal access to the benefits of the service, DIRECWAY has enacted a Fair Access Policy (FAP) to prevent abusive consumption of bandwidth by a handful of users. When a customer exhibits patterns of system usage that exceed that threshold for an extended period of time, the FAP may temporarily limit that subscriber's throughput to ensure the integrity of the system for all DIRECWAY subscribers Typically, the restrictions will be lifted within 8-12 hours of the original application of the FAP if the customer's usage in this period stays below the FAP threshold. Here's the "Bucket" analogy that fits the FAP to the best of our knowledge. For the 128kbps plan, 30 MB/day, think of a bucket full of 30 MB of data, no matter how fast you drain it, once the 30 MB is gone, it's empty period. It fills at a trickle rate, 30 kbps for the Consumer Edition so it takes approx. 8 hours to refill if you "empty" it. If it fills for an hour or so, you can download another few Megs until it's empty again. For plan 256kbps, 30MB/day, 24 hrs package The FAP is 30 MB that means customer can download only 30Mb in a day. Even if the customer is ready to pay for the excess usage he will not be able to download in the same day once he /she reaches FAP limitDetails of FAP for the above mentioned plan. Download Speed 256Kbps 128Kbps 64Kbps Download 14MB 20MB 24MB In the same way FAP is implemented in all the Plans on the basis of Download data rate and Type of plan customer has opted for.