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Hi there!

I have prepared a short write-up and an audio recording for those who are practicing or
wish to practice advance level yoga, in particular, Suryanamaskar. The information shared
here is based on many years of my own eperimentation and practice, and may not be
found anywhere else! but it certainly works and is very effective. "lease refer to the details
of the techni#ue given below. $lso be aware that only those who are physically and
mentally fit to practice Suryanamaskar should attempt to try the techni#ue as there could
be adverse conse#uences of practicing suryanamaskar inappropriately or incorrectly.
Initially, you may also take help of a trained yoga instructor in this matter. "lease feel free
to share the following information with your patients, clients, students, friends and family, if
you wish. I would be very keen to hear from you about your real life eperiences after trying
out this techni#ue.
Practicing Suryanamaskar the correct way!
(Note: This write-up is prepared mainly for regular practitioner of yoga, hence the basic yogic and
anatomical and physiological terms have not been explained in detail.)
enefits of practice of suryanamas!ar need no introduction to regular practitioners of yoga. There
are many versions of suryanamas!ar in practice. "ver many years of observation of my own
practice and feedbac! from my patients, clients and students, # have learnt that suryanamas!ar
could be practiced in two very distinct ways. "ne approach has a very stimulating effect physically,
physiologically and mentally and may even trigger the stimulation of sympathetic nervous system,
while the other approach has a very balancing and $uietening effect on mind, although physically,
there may be some stimulating effect.
# have found the second approach more effective and very beneficial. The criteria to chec!, whether
you are doing it correctly or not is simple. %s you proceed with the number of rounds of practicing
&uryanamas!ar, your pulse rate may increase significantly but the rate of respiration should remain
the same as at the beginning.
#n order to start at the beginner's level and progress to the advance level, you may practice
&uryanamas!ar as per the following steps,
Nimesh &hah, Yoga for (ealth and (appiness)
*. &tart with yogic su!shama !riya, and practice until body becomes flexible and strong enough
and stamina builds up to practice suryanamas!ar. This may ta!e from a few days to a few
months depending on the present condition of your body. (ave patience, don't push yourself
+. Then start practicing individual postures of suryanamas!ar until you can perform them correctly,
comfortably and rhythmically. This may ta!e a few days.
,. Now start practicing the entire set of suryanamas!ar, i.e. all the twelve postures in proper
se$uence and rhythm. &tart with three rounds. -ach round of &uryanamas!ar consists of two
complete &uryanamas!ar, which means six &uryanamas!ar in three rounds. %im to finish the
twelve consecutive postures of each &uryanamas!ar in about +. to ,. seconds, which means -
one round of two &uryanamas!ar in about /. to 0. seconds. #f re$uired, ta!e *. to ,. seconds
pause after each round. 1ontinue to practice three rounds with pause in-between, until you can
practice the three rounds rhythmically, effortlessly and without exertion.
/. Next, try to complete the three rounds effortlessly, without any pause in between. 2ou must
breathe normally and effortlessly throughout, and not loose breath even if not pausing in-
between the rounds. This is critical for the proper practice of suryanamas!ar at the advance
level. This may ta!e a few days.
3. Now begin to increase the number of practicing rounds of &uryanamas!ar one at a time, until
you reach to twelve rounds effortlessly. &top increasing the number of rounds, if feel tired, and
!eep practicing at that certain level for a few days until you are ready to progress further.
0. 4emember, you must progress effortlessly)
5. # believe that at least twelve rounds of suryanamas!ar must be practiced before commencing
the practice of advanced level asana series.
2ou may refer to 6%sana, 7ranayama, 8udra, andha9 by &wami &atyananda &araswati or any
other resource material for more information on &uryanamas!ar for details of se$uence, breathing
and awareness during the practice.
2ou may also download my audio commentary of the above steps through the following :oogle
;rive lin!,!g"#n$nlm%k#0#&'((kpP)lk/edit*usp+sharing
<ish you well..)
,imesh Shah
-.mail . nimeshkshah/
Nimesh &hah, Yoga for (ealth and (appiness)

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