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and the study of religion was the study of nature. but also for what they presumed they knew and because they could foretell eclipses by calculations based on laborious observations and apparent astronomy. were of an . referred to in " The DeviPs Pulpit. such professions a profitable source of revenue. they also presumed that priests could foretell other events. the profession or trade of the priest was made difficult. as this enhanced the priestly character in the conception of the people. and to similar allusions in Volney. so that none among the Druids of Britain. at first. and gradually initiated them into the mysteries. and toward the East. A. and made 'mystery where none existed. and hence astronomers. Robert Taylor.INTRODUCTION. &c. and the priests natural philosophers. or Priests of Apollo.. making all manner of austerities necessary qualifications. Dupuis.) had no books. To preserve this influence and power. riTH EXPLANATION OF ENGRAVING. The Druids. of the order of Buddha. B. drove these studies to extremity. &C This introduction is a key to the astronomical allusions and various mysteries in the Bible. The earliest worship was that of^Deity as exhibited in nature. taught the aspirants to the priesthood by memory only . honest. and hence urged on the astronomical priests : The priests finding the character also of astrologers.^^ by the Rev. Gaul. but having obtained power or influence by knowledge. the people gave them credit not only for what they did know. (at first missionaries from India. Spain.

while others directed the education of the cians. a conjunction of the Moon or Planets was called a marriage. all. IV INTRODUCTION. physiand statesmen. an ox in spring w^hen the Sun was in Torus. The heavens and stars were divided into hosts. and in later times " The Lamb of God" when the Sun took the cross and passed the equator in Aries the ram . this order filled every station of profit and honor . taught by every symbol which Nature affords or priests could imagine. life. except the sovereignity. teachers wealthy. or the Sun. were also the Magi of Persia and the Priests of Hindoostan and Egypt one system. as the most prominent object in Nature. and performing the offices of a good and wise Deity. and the worshippers of Fire in Persia. of the Sun and Moon in India and Egypt w^ere substantially the same . or watery season. . lawyers. with all imaginable qualities. and have come down to . hy their training. effecting being. character. and the Sun assumed every garb according to the season and constellation in which it w^as a raging lion in midsummer when the Sun was in Leo. their itinerant poets directed the common people. a noxious scorpion in autumn when the Sun is in that sign descending below the equator and becoming the harbinger of winter and desolation. were superior mind and body. in substance. and in that character was so worshipped and these four signs form the celebrated Cherubim which ornamented the columns equally of the Jewish and Heathen temples. in proportion as facts were really unknown. stirred them up to war or lulled them in superstition. animal and vegetable. Such as were the Druids in the West. the same as those of Deity. and served the oflices of priests.. governed them all . and hke other power turned that to their own aggrandizement. inferior men men in in so that. each worshipped God under the symbol of Fire. and its qualities. . and natural phenomena were exhibited in fable . The blessings of Nature w^ere personified. and the Sun became a man in the sign Aquarius. and all banded in a secret order. fit to command.

Mark. for one of these signs are attributed to each. John To make these subjects plain w^e have introduced a cut. who copied it from a Heathen temple. Mark. Vale's globe and sphere would be better. thus showing the connexion of Christianity with the ancient worship. built in imitation of an old European church. 1* . it is in that part of the heavens marked W. and of the seasons too as they were five thousand years ago. Luke and John. and are thus painted on the windows of the Cathedral (Trinity Church) Broadway. and the equator of the Earth exactly under the equator marked W. New York. Luke and . the ancients had something of the kind. happen where and when it will. both as it was two thousand five hundred years ago.) represent the two halves of the heavens . The two parts of this engraving (See page i^. and throwing some doubt on the reality even of the existence in flesh and blood of Matthew. V our times. or is just over the equator of the Earth. The engraving must be a substitute. and as it is now. Imagine the Earth in the middle. in the heavens: then the curved hne with figures and signs on it will represent the })assage of the Sun. and associated with Matthew. we always call it spring when the Sun after winter reaches the equator and this point. This line is called the ecliptic.. who copied it from a Roman church. we call the first point of Aries (the ram) and mark it on the ecliptic with a ram's horn ('>^).INTRODUCTION. these placed back to back and inflated would represent the heavens or celestial globe. Observe to the left hand where the Sun crosses the equator. and which time we call >pring: that is. E. so as to follow their pursuits in their studies as well as in their temples or astronomical towers. and . for here on the window^s of Trinity are they represented as emblems of the seasons. and this is known in fact by the perpendicular rays of the Sun striking on the equator of the Earth. the north and south poles of which corresponding in position to the north and south poles of the heavens.

every thirty degrees we call a sign. Leo (fl) the lion. &e. : whole circle. The reason is this. The Sun during the year above the equator in passes through these signs. spring. Sagetarius (t) the archer. Vergo (^) the virgin. or where we have marked the ram's head. and the the ram . the Sun's apparent motion is through these signs or constellations. and it is now receding in the same ratio. and there first is point of Aries will again be in strong evidences that more than . and that the point in the ecliptic which we call the first point in Aries. Gemini (n) the twins. it shines to the north of the equator on the earth. and that is our spring. INTRODUCTION. Capricornius (V5') the goat. Libra (=^) the balance. but gradually recedes . observe the cut. \0^ before it has completed the entire circuit it is found on the equator. there is the bull. and then passing our winter months south of the equator . so that in twentyfive thousand years this point will go backwards the Now is the fish. for when the Sun is north of the equator in the heavens. there and where the sign torus ^ is. the Sun does not cross the equator year after year in the same part of the heavens. and gives summer to that part and winter to the south.Vi. which it crosses at that time. or distance from the equator to the north. at midsummer or in three months. twelve of which make the whole circle or 360 degrees. there is the ram. and it is now^ in the fishes. where the sign ^ aries is. and reaching the rising greatest declination. Scorpio (^) the scorpion. and vice versa. Pices (X) the fishes. Cancer (25) the crab. that is the equinoctial point has receded more than an entire sign during this period. and inclin- ing towards the equator at autumn. Torus ( ^) the bull. beginning in the spring with Aries {^) the ram. and where the sign n gemini is. and to this point we give the mark of the ram's Jiorn let it be where it will now two thousand five hundred years ago this point was in the constellation called Aries. Aquarius (occ) the water carrier. and it is this declination of the Sun which gives our seasons.

the archei. and the constellation Ram (see cut) which was on the equator. . and in the first discourse makes considerable reference to Sagetarius. and John. BulK &0. ed the Precession of the Equinoxes. and then the Bull was on the equator. Vll. are frequently seen. because this retrograde motion of this crossing point brings on the spring earlier than it apparently ought to be. but the entire Ram. as — representatives of the seasons. HT" The effect is the apparent forward motion of the whole constellations or stars from west to east. and hence we find them associated in Trinity Church with Matthew. the figure in the cut the horse part is left out. and about the poles of the ecliptic. and were kept with religious rites by the ancients . for these poles or the north star will make a revolution about the pole of the ecliptic . but in relation to the equator and poles of the heavens . Luke. Mark. it is evident that four thousand years ago it was south of the equator.. the Bull. and afterwards with Christianity. Now in reading Taylor's discourses you will better understand a number of references . marked the principal divisions of the year. it was the period when these signs. now re-published. is now north of it . and so in others .INTRODUCTION. not with each other. in the direction of the ecliptic. m^irked in the cut with two dots. the Lion. portions of which were incorporated with Judism. for contractions are used in the sigris. and the Sun in that sign began the year the evident origin of the worship of the Bull or Apis among the Egyptians. the Scorpion. he speaks of nearly all these signs. This apparent motion of the stars about the poles of the echptic affect the relative situation of the stars. and of the respect to the Cow among the Hindoos . is callwas. (changed to the Eagle) and the Man. one such periods have elapsed since time. thus • one north the other south. for in his first and second discourse. and as this constellation takes the course of the ecliptic. or the earth This retrogression of the equinoctial points. which should be represented half man and half horse in .

and this effected a gradual change in their religious notions . the Globe the facts referred to in Volney. Besides these constellations. These contractions beautifully explain Egyptian hieroglyphics and writing by symbols. the Lion in the zenith. had such instruments. Dupuis. for all would be either rising. transparent sections. to be used with the (Vale's) Globe and Sphere the 48 old constellations are colored to be easily distioguised. for the Sun being always in apparent motion. for these Note. frequently changeable with the position of the Sun. . including the doctrine of eclipses. and when satisfied that the descent of the Sun in the autumn was a natural and beneficial consequence to the world. and studied in the chamber as well as in the expanse of the heavens. afforded all these varieties. Taylor. On and others are clearly seen. and the had Man or Aquarius. the favorite position of the globe or sphere with the ancients. called the signs of the zodiac. and with these all manner of fancy groups could be formed. which requires no other know^ledge for their solution. which by the ancients w^as seen on the eastern horizon with the Scorpion. setting. — We all have recently finished a beautiful Celestial Globe in . culminating. (coming to the meridian with the Sun. all the prominent stars were grouped by the ancients making 48 constellations. the odious scorpion to give place to the eagle.) advancing or receding from that luminary. INTRODtrCTION. and these all had a theological character. and the apparent motions of the heavenly bodies were well known to the ancients. when the Bull was on the western. cients too at a very early period The an- became acquainted with the true system of astronomy.Vm. on the opposite or under meridian.

and educated as a surgeon under Sir Astley Cooper. to take holy orders in the Established Church of England. who not only remonstrated with Mr. but persecuted him by depriving him of his support and recommending retirement. and became a zealous evangehcal preacher. at Edmunton. at first in London. in a small theatre in Dublin . he lectured and debated in various places and established The Christian Evidence : . by the loan of books and conversation. and a free enquirer. a tradesman in Midhurst. Taylor made several efforts to be reconciled to the church. and great powers of oratory. Mr. he drew the attention of the Bishop of Chichester. and afterwards in Surrey. 1784. which he did by matriculating in St.SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF THE REV. John's College. Cambridge. This gentleman was born August 18th. Thomas Cotterell. Taylor was religious but candid . near London. Mr. but was treated with great severity till at length resisting the oppression. first awakened his skepticism. but as he exhibited a strong religious feeling. ROBERT TAYLOR. In 1824 he arrived in London. from which he was driven by Protestant zeal. and as he was too honest to conceal the truth. he joined some gentlemen in forming a Society of Universal Benevolence^ of which he became the lecturer. he was persuaded by his friend the Rev. Taylor.

selecting the matter from The DeviPs Pulpit: this was done in the meanest possible manner. visiting the Universities. A the orator into prison. which terminated in Mr. with securities for good behaviour for five years. where his treatment was as crue! red. Taylor's friends. this latter was a reply to the Rev. A few debates took place. On October 24th5 1827. and threw bail being obtained. it furnishes the proofs of arguments used in debates at The Christian Evidence Society. presumed to be instigated by others. including several of . Wright. John Pye Smith. large towns and cities of England. and sent to Oakham gaol for one year. Taylor's release he formed an intimate acquaintance with Mr. Carlile. Lion^ published by Carlile. Carlile. Taylor's being sent to Horsemongers' Gaol. H. XL Some of these discourses were printed in The Society. Taylor's return from this tour the Rotunda was opened with tremendous effect. the arrest being made so late on a Saturday night as to prevent and thereby the man of power gained the petty advantage of disappointing the public by persecupreventing Mr. made a tour. others form the volume known as The DeviPs Pulpit. During the same year a second indictment was preferMr. he resumed his lectures. had Mr. Taylor wrote his Diegesis and his Syntagma. Hunt. Mr. and with Mr. Taylor arrested for blasphemy. In this gaol Mr. In 1827 the Mayor of London. but every where an excitement was created and the tourists were triumphant. A second prosecution followed. took this opportunity to press a debt. but they were never brought to trial. On Mr. and every where challenging the clergy to meet them in argument. a name given from the circumstance of the author having been dubbed the Devil's Chaplain by Mr. On Mr. Mr. Taylor's lecture on Sunday. Taylor was convicted on one of these indictments by an English Church and King jury. Taylor also published a weekly letter in The Lion. tion was now organized .LIFE OF TAYLOR. a Bristol Quaker and banker.

During his persecution the Society was partly broken up. and there spent in tranquility the remainder of his days. and where he died a few years after at a good old age. v. leaving no manuscripts as far as is known.Xll. and his public career was terminated by a marriage with a lady of some property. g. LIFE OF TAYLOR. with whom he retired to France.. Carlile injured his exertions. having threatened the life of the gaoler. in a fit of desperation from ill-usage. this fact was made use of even by the government for prolonging his imprisonment.r . Soon after his release a want of unanimity between him and Mr. Taylor. as an English Government and faction durst make it Mr.


God and Joyful sinners reconciled . the herald angels sing. AT THE ROTUNDA. A. and are come worship him. PREACHED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN.'* the Easi to worship at it. rise. 1830. NOVEMBER " Where is he that is born King of to the Jews ? for we have seen his Star in the East. ROBERT TAYLOR. BLACKFBIAES-ROAD. The wise men of the East. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS»— Allan Cunningham. these wise I only men were come from to beg leave think I see them I only ask . B. Who well ! are the inquirers ? Show them in here.'' —Matthew ii. is born in Bethlehem. "Hark! Glory to the new-born King. THE REV. Very and we will show these wise men of the East this mighty King of the Jews — the new-born om- nipotence — the little baby-God. Join the triumph of the skies With Christ the angelic host proclaim. all ye nations. 7.. 2. THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM: A SERMON. THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. And liim. Peace on earth and Mercy mild..

and rence. to require us to believe that.2 THE devil's pulpit. or — know to be is true. the seriousness. but they will not bear to be thought on. the charm. to say their prayers to a little squalling God-a-mighty. as well as mine. the moment you begin to let lieving the gospel. sucking his thumb as " fast as he could suck ? And when they were come into the housBy they saw the yovng child with Mary. . it imme. against faith. But it says that the wise men fell down . his mamma. but then. would have been. taking them in the lump and so believing. . than that in — — in daylight on the gospel theatre. incidents an historical occur- Who are these wise men. was doing to the young child. The mind's excursive faculty its found to be as great a rebel be a Christian indeed. you will find yourself within half an inch of think- ing that it is false. To must lay aside the use of your minds For the facts of the gospel are of such a mysterious nature. that there really no other way of be- which the archbishop of Dublin believes the Thirty-nine Articles that is. like every other real occurrence. as reason. For 'tis rather riding us hard. it does not say what it was that knocked them down only. The sanctity. by imagining that its its person- ages had a real existence. had we been spectators of it. which they themselves do not only not selves. believe that it is You may true true : — you So believe that it is true it is may say that — you may make true — you may swear that it is it is but the moment you begin is to think that true. And even they who require us to surrender our reason. it must admit of being imagined to have occurred. that they will not merely not bear to be reasoned on. are gone. If such a scene really occurred on earth. his mammal But it does not say what Mary. without thinking. to be permitted to imagine that such a scene really occurred. a^ true. but dare not trust them- anybody else. come from the East. should at least : leave us the exercise of our' imagination so that we may have some part of our minds left. so much as to imagine to be true. of our Christian divines. you altogether. again. and to imagine what your impressions. and not be out of our minds out-and-out.

contrived little that salvation should never be cheap and however God (God help him good care *' his vicegerents that. Irankincense. when a ha'p'orth of lolipop.THE devil's pulpit." Indeed. And in a shall find. and present unto him gifts. you must open your treasures. — the which could be of no other use than stable. I should to sweeten the apartment say : for we are never to forget that our blessed Savior the shepherds — was born in a stable — as the angels told "The heavenly babe you there To human view displayed. not return unto Herod. would have suited his Royal Highness so much better. they could never have dreamed that the to King of to the Jews. everlasting salvation : but. very refreshing. again. that they should own country another way. it somehow or other. they departed into their being warned of God. and myrrh. should be so superfluous in his humility.'*'' However these wise men found their way to it And Bethlehem. diately informs us that they brought out 3 some frankincense. who ought . gold. if -you want to of the profit may go to and ministers take pretty go worshipping. one would be utterly at a loss to guess in what the wisdom of the wise men consisted. while he was taking upon . have been born in a palace. the wise men have always !). and some bull's-eyes and sugar-plums. All meanly wrapped in dirty rags. and have been quite sufficient to have — insured their own . shipped him — the wise And they wov men worshipped him. is admitted that they dreamed their way back But sure. or aromatic vinegar. in a dream. manger laid. as to suffer himself be born in a stable and thus. unless it had been that they little had anticipated that the heavenly babe might have such a heavfrank- enly smell about him as would have rendered a incense. might be easier guessed at than told only it was not very wise 01 them to open their treasures. What sort of worship wise men would be likely to pay to a new-born child.

at the same time. to frail young woman running might have reason enough to do). or to strain any phrase whatever from its obvious sense. rendering that our blessed Savior right to quarrel with was both God and man. and that that token was. can have no for carrying me my faith a little bit fur- and believing. that he was both man and horse.4 THE devil's pitlpit.^^ the key of the whole mystery lies in that single phrase :" (Kdi TSTo vjuv TO llr]ij. To which most true faith I am led. in ratification of that express definition. — — — or holy child. which I would not for the world not to build on the certainty of the fact that he had no human father that the angel spoke of him to the mare. The false punctuation of our English Testaments. Now this Savior. or Mary his mother. and " this to you shall be the sign that is. shall be a sign. which is Christ the Lord. contrived as much as possible to lead the people into error. as I most sincerely do. a Savior. but as the holy thing that should be born of her: I appeal to the whole angelic chorus^ to to the multitude of the heavenly host who appeared the shepherds keeping watch is over their flock by night. not merely by the most natural suspicion attaching to the circumstance of his having been born in a stable as where else should a horse be born ? But not to make any sort of play on words. not as the holy babe ther than theirs. and keep them in it. who believe himself the nature of man. which the Christ Lord j and this shall he a sign. going to take on himself the nature of a horse ? For those good Christians. and indifi*erent a circumstance as a (as she away from her home and being brought for nothing. and lying in a manger. it very doubtful whether he v^as not. in the city of David.€iov). would make it seem that the sign had meant no more than a signal or token that the angel's testimony was correct. this day. bed in the best lodging that could be hired was the sign (which nothing else than that would have been a sign of the young woman had not been so pru- . than which no words can be more express : " Unto you is horn. that they should find a babe wrapped in swaddling-clothes. than which a dog For not so ordinary in the manger might have known better.

that after the sun. when many in Israel that is. so man and horse is one Christ. and do not rise again nor is. with his bow and : row — uniting the two natures his own person that not the two natures of God and man. and February. subsisting. this half man and half horse. the many stars (that make up this the devil a : . reasonable soul and human and for our salvation. 'among them. this Sagittarius. of a flesh. was the sign. where. that is. Perfect man arid perfect horse. but word about a child is there in the original. which is Christ the Lord. appear in the holy state. as the reasonable soul and flesh is one man. but and horse — being down the to all rest a horse. says our fraudulent English translation . the sign of the month November. you month of Noyou will aris. and was born in a stable which gives us the true and astronomical explication. there are but twelve signs in the city of David will look for the sign of the and if. having passed through the humiliation of his wintry as the November. Athanasius ought to have run. this thing-a-me-bob. the Savior. he opens the Lamb . of Behold this that prophecy of Simeon in the second of Luke. in city. to be seen in the city of David. dent as she ought to have been) . who. where I defy the wit of man to give any other explication. and that sign was . But it is iSs stos Ksirai Behold this. 5 but Christ himself. — . (Child) ! Child. till after his resurrection.THE devil's pulpit. December. appears of God crossing the line of the equator in March. IS set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel and for a sign which shall be spoken against. or anything half so childish. vember. sts arjixtiov avriXEyoiisvov one of the signs that is. for us men came down from heaven (and it is precisely when the sun is coming down from heaven that he appears in the sign of the man and the horse). Now. the season upon which we in are now entering. he shall be one of the adverse signs of the winter-months. find that that sign actually is Sagittarius. January. having overcome the sharpness of death. but the two natures of man the loins a human form. . — constellation) sink below the horizon. So that the creed of St. that.

as the holy city. . and only there. in the proper significancy of that word. that most explicitly. and ascensions (than which no language of astronomy could possibly be more astronomical). m on earth .. no above. and went into the Holy City. or the holy ones of God. are to be traced out in the constellation. are . Philippians. kingdom of heaven to all believers thus giving us the meaning again. and which but it called gospel. to ypavois v. that " the earth did quake. and the Jerusalem. do all of them annually occur. chap. or events that ever occurred upon' earth : is as- tronomical . where no other meaning can be imagined. of those words of St. and appeared unto many. and the graves were opened. in that heavenly Jerusalem. but Jerusalem which is As the apostle expressly admonishes us Colossians : these words to the " Set your affections on things above. it is all to ble heavens — as be seen. Matthew. never having meant any persons that ever existed upon earth. his ascension. and many bodies of the saints which slept arose. as." that set your understanding and apprehension on the great principles of astronomical science. was no Jerusalem. this whole affair of which we speak and preach." And there. 20 : Hncov yap to iro'XiTsvixa ev — for is our conversation is in the heavens . but referring only to the stars of heaven.6 THE DEVIL ^S PULPIT. and all the circumstances of his marvellous life. and do not be so stupid as to suppose that Jesus Christ and his apostles were the persons that ever existed upon earth. resurrections. The 01 a\ioi. no piace on earth. and came out of the graves after his resurrection. and the city of our God. iii. these crucifixions. city. and the rocks rent. has no reference at all to any persons that ever existed. and the city of David. and is all exhibited in the visi: the great Albertus has expressly said "All the mysteries of the incarnation of our Savior Christ. in which all these fallings and risings again. from his conception to and are figured in the stars. the saints. not on things is. And is. again.

impossible to have happened. have their astronomical significancy . And not a man who hath the intellectual cravings of a man. tion. and catgallowses. and scratchcradles. but I call upon you. to play at tit-tat-toe with. and inconceivable to be conceived. not excepting one. who has but seen the diagrams and delineations in the elements of Euclid. Thus and I the clergy have laid the bars of a fraudulently-pre- across the path of knowledge wish those had been the only bars that they had laid. to hold me to the debt of supplying you with the solid intellectual feast of the meaning in which I ask no sensible man's assent from his favor. but will challenge it from his convic- tended historical evidence : . While our Christian clergy of the present day. But here. written. minds will be of use to you here. and monstrous enough. Bethanies. escaping the discernment of vulgar and uncurious ignorance. have been stupidly mistaken for historical facts : just as a fool. to desire the sincere milk of the word. and Bethels.THE devil's pulpit. and only to wonder how . in which Christ saidas. have played into this fool's game. in which one of the imagined events of your gospel. I ask you not. Bethlehem 7 the tent of the Vir: — the house of bread — that is. is conceived and all the Bethevery- Beth-shemeshes. to tread the fetters of superstition and ignorance under his feet. but shall rise from this feast. they would never endanger the power of the clergy by seeking to be wise above what is titude would be quite as well husks of science. as full-grown men. have pandered to the passions of barbarous ignorance. either the deceitful of the most ignorant or the most whole human race. as newborn babes. gin of August. sirs. and which. as the kernel . and found that the swinish mulsatisfied with the shells and and so the tale was but bloody enough. will make himself dead sure that all the mathematics in the world could have consisted in nothing more than in making hobscotches.

and assimilated and entirely identified with is still it. assumes the character of that particular sign. through the whole twelve signs of the Zodiac. should I live when my fortune shall enable me to exhibit the complete theological eidouranion which I meditate. no: an iota. and : as often the destroyer as the savior of the world sometimes loving the world. have explained to you how the Sun. when the spoken against people of England hang and drown themselves. then reconciling the world unto himself: thus borrowing continually his moral character in the gospelfable. Not harsh and crabbed. who is the Jesus and the only Jesus Christ that ever existed." And thus. surfeit reigns. So that while he one. from his physical of : affinities in the Zodiac. He is the Lamb that God in March is : he is the Lion of the tribe of J"dah in July is.'' Christ. 8 THE devil's pulpit.. which. as he is passes respectively into each one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. is He is even some- times spoken of as his own enemy. for the purpose of assisting these illustrations to see the day. . undemonstrated. not one single genuine passage of your Old or I New un Testament will traced to its leave unexemplified. while he the sign that shall he spoken against the sign of Sagittarius. then hating the world. dull fools suppose. has . and the selfsame Supreme and only God. which I have caused to be sketched on the dome of the minor theatre. in he could have beun held me — them so long. under the allegorical veil of what was called sacred history. as But musical as is Apollo^s And a perpetual Where no crude I feast of nectared sweets. and to say with " How charming is divine philosophy. lute. the sign which " the gloomy month of November. — is indeed as. the half-man and half-horse iu the gloomy month of November. we ^nd him continually spoken of under the most opposite and con- tradictory characteristics and attributes. or origination in that occult astronomy.

of which victory Miriam sang — when the sun. and absurdities of the gospel. shall see what here we are competent to show. . Sagittarius. contradictions. — Ed. of the Goths and Vandals. 9 craft ages subjugated insulted reason to the power of priestand lapsing. by which a thousand generations of wrangling idiots have been led by the nose by sanctified knaves into a thousand different sects. into the ruffian hands it. suppose ye ? Yes. and the battled In the Old Jewry. in which our art can yet trace out the positions and relations of every part — can mortice the beam can dovetail every angle. his name and his dwel* great in Israel. out of the manage" : its ment of those who knew meaning. rising victorious he might overcome him. In Jewry in ** Christian stupidity is God known. the shield. the sword. that the anomalies. There brake he the arrows of the bow. — and a sense which — say we. are but the fallen ruins of a once-glorious into the joist. possessing but the healthy faculties of the mind. and maddened them that which nature has given no longer be withheld.THE for devil's pulpit. or that conviction can when all the mind. But look to the Jewry of the Zodiac. * The sermons were delivered in this locality. are and there will you see the arrows of the bow in the y hand of Sagittarius the horse and his rider 'w\\\c\i the sun is said to break and conquer. doubt is possible. that through death — that — the diabolus — the adverse sign. ^ in Cheapside. which constitute that heavenly city. which had the power of death the devil is. first citadel of sci-? For indeed is never stumbled on ling in Sion. into Christians. quite as probably there as in any Jewry upon earth. who knew intellect nothing about It is has muddled the little share of them. temple. At Salem is his tabernacle. as unhappily it did. and replace every frieze and cornice till the whole shall upon the entablature of its proper shaft — present to you the perfect symmetry of the ence. by suffering and passing through — — that sign which is so much spoken against. where the houses of the sun.

that while they represent their Savior in any w^ay they please themselves. tyrannical. the might bear heavy. became a lamb. tells us (in the one hundred and fortyseventh Psalm) that " The Lord delighteth not in any nian^s legs. born. — — — to be wise enough to understand his astronomical charac- teristics. to him a horse. they raise the cry of profaneness. So that our blessed Savior. levity. to stable. speaking of the same Lord (that this sign of the is. summer months. for he hath triumphed gloriously ." meaning as the gospel itself. below the Sing ye to the the horse and his " the sun). who. so that he seems to be drowned. the sports of hunting making but little amends to the sun for his humiliation in the short and gloomy days of November. Or. that he of the whole world. rider hath he thrown into the sea^ While the psalmist. harmo- nious. overbearing. while all the rest of him is a horse in whose strength he has no pleasure . is a man only from his head to his hips so that he has no man's legs to delight in. you will observe. and sublime. supposing them only . when they were inquiring where Christ should be make a pretty good guess that he would be born in a should the Christian. in astronomical reference to the sun in Sagittarius. " the that is. neither which is as innocent of to hath he pleasure in the strength of a horse . beautiful. throws this constellation horizon. in becoming what the blessed Simeon calls him. the ninth of the sign that was spoken against^^ which twelve signs. and ridicule. has the Christian temper in all ages been. think profane in us. half-man and half-horse — and when about to enter therefore recon- ciling it unto himself. it only shows been very so that the sins of the whole world could not have But so intolerant. if you will be so innocent as swallow it as gospel its — but clear. Lord. had very strong signs of being a horse gave reason enough for the wise men. and oppressive. against the slightest variation of the follies which . if he only sins And why calling his call who has no hesitation in it blessed Savior a lamb.10 in the THE devil's pulpit.

they were lized life men of the nastiest ideas that ever made ashamed of them. stuck-pig You may ' look unto Jesus as a bleeding lamb. sese volutaverit. dove. excre is " (Casalius de Veter. that " by the nified May-hug was sig- the only begotten Son of God. p. by whom : all things were made. in the 22d Psalm. in human . addressed that our blessed Savior. in which he shows cockchafer. however pure heart these saints might have been. was a hlachbeetle.Kircherius assures us.^^ proves that the saint must have been right. So the blessed Saint Augustin. mortalium speciem indurerit. that the amiable innocents might learn betimes to think of Jesus Christ. or little May-hug. where Hebrew word. or our blessed Savior is. and him crucified.THE devil's pulpit. So the learned father Athainsects nasius. He [that is Jesus Christ] was my good cockchafer not merely because.^^ Eyw ^e eiin E/cwXr?^ Kai bk avOpoiiro^. but because he rolled himself. has left a form of soliloquy. being an orthodox Christian father. in quoting so solemn a declaration of so great a saint. you may address the Holy Ghost as a torn-tit. Augustin are *' Bonus ille scarabaeus mens. but God-a'-mighty knows civi- that. non ea tantum de causa. which has been translated.) It too execrable for me in to translate . that one of those structed to stick which Christian children are very properly inupon a pin and thread to set them buzzing. sed quod in hac faece nostra. that "Jesus Christ was a cockchafer. -^gyp. their 11 own as a imaginations have consecrated. because he created himself. and put on a species of mortals. from those words of "God himself. the orna- ment of to us. 35. et ex ipsa. like a cockchafer. and without whom was not anything made that was made. but you must not look on him . quod ipsemet sui auctor. the age in which he and the highest authority to of what us the most pure and primitive Christianity was. or May-hug. nasci homo voluerit. as — . but you may not call him a lived. a worm. quod unigenitus." The words of St. where he expressly says of himself—" as for me. Ritibus. The learned Casalius. I am the a worm and not a man. he was the only begotten.

" That our blessed Savior. where is thy victory the only answer the victory the worm's. and I ** will make this matter possess itself of your conviction. debt of gratitude. And as he gave us his flesh to eat. however ungrateful. sprinkle cool .^" To the chalis. with confirmation strong as proof of holy writ. is still further illustrated. in that most positive declaration of himself. should have been translated a cock* chafer. than* which no words could be more positive As for me I am a worm." at supper where ? " not where we shall eat.'^^ as he thrice . — patience on your warm feelings. To the worm alone can it be truly glory. ing But I am satisfied with the correctness of the received renderand do (God be praised for so much grace) rest in most assured conviction. to illustrate and evince. in that high and I sublime sense of the science of divinity. and all the harmonious coincidences of this sacred science. by that text which : saith of him. We must gQ to the Lord's Supper. must at last be and as they say our blessed Savior died for us. beyond all possibility of doubt. the great Casalius thinks. " Who only hath immortality. and the The paid . the only true God. like Polonius in the tragedy." That he was a worm and no man. But. that no such man ever existed. of which our divines of the present day are so egregiously ignorant. grave. " thine is the kingdom. really was a worm and not a man as I can prove. worm. we must return the compliment. we must die for him. you have not alone his own word. our blessed Savior achieved his mightiest conquest in the grave and 'tis in — — the grave. but the Nobody was ever conqueror in that lenge. and the power. "^^ and that which saith. where we shall not be shown up as the company. <* field. . but served up as the dishes where we shall be " at supper. and give him ours. really was a worm . that our blessed Savior. that the worm is conquers everybody. and not a man but you have the whole analogy of faith. " Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself. but where we shall be eaten. For observe ye.— 12 THE devil's pulpit. as it is very accurately called the last supper.' said.

an abomination Lord. nothing to Jesus. I pray. that at this rate Christ. for this our noble " That. the same with varying physical phenomena throughout look. its Though round its sides the rolling clouds are spread. and you shall weigh him for yourselves. and I unlock this mystery — the mystery exists only in the misty view of Christian ignorance. or Centaur. or **worm that never dieth . all more certain. and now I have proved him to be a worm: yes. Swells from the vale. declares himself to be 13 dieth. that . on his annual course. As but of Zodiac you please — immediately before the Horse. to have been nothing more than the personified genius of each of those signs (that is. of the sun. you shall see the scorpion.THE devil's pulpit. to testify to the whole world. that a false balance are his delight. and that you may not think that to I treat the matter lightly. standing there. and midway meets the storm." ever pari of us "Me ivorm that never may go into the fire that is What- never shall oe quenched. but the true scales In a word. as considered in each of them). we shall trace the real and only Jesus Christ. through every one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. the first of is the winter months. And there stands the worm. I we could make anything of Jesus him to be a horse. Eternal sunshine settles on head/' The intolerance of Christian ignorance might be ready to exclaim. &c. than that when we go that never the fat and lean will go to the worm dieth. black-beetle. in the gates of hell.. any projection of the signs of the November. I pray. Now science hold.^^ the genius of October. like the rock that lifts its awful form. is Remembering only. and if you'll honor me with your attention hereafter. I will prove him to be a certainly proved fish. I will prove him be a pair of to the scales. that the point at which the Sun dips below the Equator.

and apparently withdrawn. will be sufl[icient to possess you of all the treasures of this delightful science. on future occasion. THE devil's pulpit. and true learning. and answering all the requisi- The key that corresponds to the wards of the lock. is its alle- gorical astronomical sense. a jumble of contradictions and absurdities. these ingenious figments. shall yet never be quenched. so egregiously misunder- and put so madly from their scope and purport. defiance of your mind's all all power of saying nay solving the difficulties. you will see all that is so apparently wild — so monstrously confused. with respect some to the Christian Religion. and such. not only how. however complex and intricate those the key that wards may be the key that fits into the lock actually throws the bolt and opens the door is the key of the tions of the great problem. " Where is he that is born king of the Jews ?" I will unlock the Augean stable. but what were its meaning and moral by presenting to : we work the out a quadratic equation. to the question. exhibiting the great phenomena science. as shall the away the manger and wash King of the Jews. and the wise men and all. like matter in chaos. and solving every problem of this mystic We prove to you that Christianity is a fable. whose cheering light and heat is now about to be abated. reconciling the seeming contradictions. upon the congregated filth of barbarous ignorance. in which. With that key. and in what. unknown to quantity in it . the fable originated. with : all the precision of a mathematical demonstration as showing you.14 that fire. But no single discourse. Upon stood. I wiil return. explicating all the mysteries. and the Jews. have our clergy contrived to play upon the ignorance of the people. of nature. That key. you. falling in at the command of a superior genius into all a most superb and beautiful orrery. as you advance. as to outrage all faculty of method and sobriety in man . — — — door. and bring down such a stream of science. and purify the atmosphere of reason . nor I fear the discourses of a whole winter.

have offered truth and science to the world. incapable of anger as of fear inviting criti- cism. " Here nature opens all her secret springs. it can only offend you while you are dreaming. or the three-parts continue to take personifications for persons. the knave. sirs. priestly cunning. and the impotence of childhood. flight Crushed her strong pinions. thougn may be possible enough for the dunce and the fanatic. with no other presumption than such as that of those who. of the earth's motion — in the teeth of and as Galileo asserted his science monkish ignorance and . 15 it from the pest of Christianity.THE devil's pulpit. with malice swelled. to and you will come. and her withheld — . can only confuse you while you are ignorant . I shall show you that. and increasing knowledge. and you will find that we were awake before you : school of intellect and reason. in the place of the jargon of sanctified idiotcy and consecrated falsehood — as Pvthagoras presented his demonstration of the equality of the square of the hypote- nuse as to the squares of the sides of the right-angled triangle — Columbus presented his evidences of the existence of the trans-Atlantic continent. and challenging the opposition of learning. as taught in this Christian country. that is the Christian religion. — But here. allegories for histories. and the it mere machinery of science is for its ultimate scope and end. I trust. not possible for a its fair man of learning. to this true demand and to receive. And heaven-born Too long hath science plumes her eagle wings bigot-rage. still not eternal repetitions of a silly story. again and again. — what I may not call it craftily practised by great and mighty knaves upon the simplicity of ignorance. in any age of the world. to still half-idiot. but to imbibe the mindinvigorating draughts of genuine learning. if there be any learning in the world that can oppose us It — we offer you our great solution of the evangelical riddle. whose learning has ever taken range in these investigations. not to know. Awake.

its dark folds. and points venomed stirig But breaking thus the spell of things divine. to and light. restrains So writhes the serpent round the bird of Jove — Hangs on her Twists its her towering wing. While priests and priestcraft sink to endless night. Too long to check her ardent progress strove flight. Her rising pride shall mock life. the vain design — Shall rise to liberty. 16 THE devil's pulpit.^ END OF THE FIRST DISCOURSE ON THE STAR OF BETHLEHKJl- .: .

HIS HIGHNESSES CHAPLAIN. I bring you good tidings of great joy^ which shall pass into the lock — — . BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. to instructed. AT THE ROTUNDA. and now the door is open ** Behold. can any longer doubt that . to this most important subject in which man is in most delightful science in which man can be of this great science. 14. THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM: A SERMON. PREACHED BY THE REV. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS. 2 . 1830. Where is he that is born King of to we have seen his Star in the East. we are in possession of. in the days of King."— Allan Cunmngham. B. and are come ? for worship him.THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. or in this ! from any other minister of the gospel it metropolis — we are in possession of the ke?/ of the stable-door Ye have seen cies ye have seen it ride over all the intricaand involutions of the wards ye have heard it. A. who has travelled with us thus far. NOVEMBER '^ Now when Herod the Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea. I return to the positions which on Sunday evening last I brought up the convictions of the large auditory which honored me and themselves with a most grateful attention.' " the Jews Matthew 2. saying.. I RETURN to this terested. behold there came wise men from the East * to Jeru- salem. throw the bolt. PART II. without any and strain or effort. what you shall seek for in vain in any church or chapel. ROBERT TAYLOR. ii. The Star of Bethlehem has brought us up to the stable-door and no person of rational understanding.

but by their ambition. say they. the priests and priest-ridden dunces. and this shall he sign^ of" That as I have shown. " make myself a dunce. I have found it quite as easy. in tne city of David. why not follow the example of the preachers of the gospel. is for them to rise the level between us to be found.18 he to all people. whose capacities are mean indeed. if I as we must suppose the minds of the to many and why. and aid her rapidly-approaching triumph o'er her barbarous foes. so minds wish incompetent to be ? to judge. and speak in such language as is familiar to them. show but too plainly. that is aim of their charity to down. In offering instruction to as my but fellow-men. at least not to leave them We who are all are for of us ignorant before ever for coming we to it are learned . But why. who. I will make them scholars. and if I them ignorant. make we such a parade of our learning ? why fore this apparatus of philology. to raise the really understandings of find my hearers to the level of my own so. shall be one the signs of the Zodiac. I keep us would treat tell them that. criticism. is lorn this day. plainly it them : it is not for me is to descend. set beso little able to appreciate. when brought to the test of rational criticism. Here we have the zeal kernel. and must. and lectures adapted to the meanest capacity ? My answer is. Walk in. sist who would as- her in the arduous struggle in which she is engaged. For unto you is is. as I am sure it is more just and generous. my fellows . They have but fed on the husks and shells of knowledge. Be asked. THE devil's pulpit. therefore. would men but be faithful to their own capacities. this Christ the Lord. not by not it my humility. they who are afraid of hearing what they never heard before. ye friends of genuine and real learning. communicate knowledge and truth to the people. which a Christ the Lord. and those down our level while the we are down. with all their pretended and attachment to the gospel. and science. a Savior. and so give them reading made easy. It is only there would be no mean capacities to be met with. ye lovers of true Science. . stand convicted of knowing no more about the gospel than the gospel knows about them. but I will And if I rob them of their .

them in its stead ?" I answer. and they had ears. As. . could possibly come even within a guess But with the simple data of at their original significancy ? our admissions. in the learned languages. even with your pleasure and entertainment. you shall find yourselves to have acquired till there shall not be an individual of competent faculties that had been fairly . according to the sense. would not a man who had but the how we advance reason and proper spirit of a man. ** in ages long ago betid. . . can possibly be. nor the labor of your whole life to attain but as. and free them from the yoke of priestcraft. T will give them learning in its stead— I will set before them the treasures of science and knowledge. they had the same sources and means of . to believe the gospel himself. sirs. by your few hours of diligent attention to these lectures. so As now. present. whose cravings shall never more be satisfied with the baby's lesson. 1. as the axioms and postulates of this science. their heads grew upon shoulders. im- prove their minds. but I — If these so-called sacred writings of the Old and New Testaments were written. eyes.THE devil's pulpit. sirs. put to himself the question applied to these studies. plies as shall increase the store of their intellectual wealth. That men. to no worse effect than to create in them an appetite for extended information." in conformity to the notions of men who have long ago ceased to exist. enlarge their hearts. as indeed they purport to be. . nor content with eternal repetitions of what they knew before but shall demand continual supplies of what they did not know before such supwhat will I give . were of the same natheir ture as they are at . and most certainly were. ye shall see the use of much learning. if he be dunce enough See now. faith [which 19 God forgive me for being devilishly like to doj. I suppose in them — that is. and in languages which have long ceased to be spoken who but the sheerest idiot and booby would dream of the possibility of a translation of them into a modern language or that a sense of them. as shall not cost you the expense of a classical education. who shall be a better scholar than any clergyman or preacher of the gospel. nose. and mouth. ten thousand years ago. or nonsense of modern notions.

all the different languages through which the text on which I treat. and the combinations artificial varia- found with them. radicals: that words. by your own ear . noi . analyzed. The same things made the same impressions. and tastefully. they never require more than three all letters. but when same these. no part of the word is but the mere Latin termination. is Thus Jesus Christus. They had but the same. are always monosyllables . as is my custom. and may often be expressed or by two. called roots brain. the corollaries of a mathematical problem are not more consequential and demon strative. Of which last Jesus itself. : sort of words. 3. are found to be essentially the same. THE devil's pulpit. and as wonderful a sameness of associa- — the one calling up Hence the other by a similar action of a similarly-constituted nations of mankind. And you have the advantage of learning. arrive at conclusions. which are the and bases of innumerable signification. languages of men are Hence the earliest all most ancient monosyllahic. and among all arises the large is and very extensive which. figures. by hearing me repeat to you. and of the the languages of the earth. that. 2. but Jesus Christ. and tions of the sound. but not of the sense . in all varieties of language. Of these corollaries. nor good English. so there must be a wonderful sameness in the and similarity tion of idea modes. us. These radicals. one of the first is. neither good Latin. the name is of which. than which. and no other means and ways of communicating the ideas the^ had acquired. are merely grammatical. as all We ideas of mind in the mankind must necessarily have been received into the same way. but oftener to hide and conceal the original source whence they were derived. in all ages.20 acquiring ideas. and complete word. the last syllable. added to the only real Jes. class of words. has been derived. and forms of ex- pressing those ideas. king specimen than that of the first you can not have a more strinoun in our text. And the same impressions produced the same reflections. signs. as you learn the general chords and principles of music. 4. sometimes poetically. good Latin. ^duced in much later and have been introtimes. or only one.

was brought to the knowledge of the priests of Europe. and craft. was derived. throw a thicker veil over the mysteries of the gospelHad the Greek been the original. and render into Jes. and nothing more than the Latin Jesus. we is should take it away the Latin termination from The Greek word for Jesus. in Palestine. good sense. infinitely far. exhibited in Greek characters. and subsequently. has supplied means of demonstrating the utter falsehood of inasmuch as we are able to adduce positive evidence of the existence and prevalence of precisely the same story in India. is bad Greek. from any such historical. as our it. have to . Christ. The translation was made from the Latin into the Greek. we shall find it far. for more than fifteen hundred years before the date assigned to the pretended occurrence of it. the so falsely called original Greek. But taking the words of the Greek text. and committing itself to criticism. which precisely the the Latin termination into Greek. that the Latin. in mistaking its an era. or its pretences even pretended translation. : necessarily perished fable for a history. historical sense. an adoption of into English. . when and where its imagined events octhe : curred. to render into the English. must have had the Greek termination o?. in their most simple and primitive significancy. and not the Greek. first language in which the contents of the sacred Diegesis of Egypt. the Diegesis. the found expedient. the highest written authority to which we can familiarly appeal. and a Greek original pretended. and Greece. and suffering no suborned or forestalled sense to pervert us from the sense which those words would naturally convey. the Greek for Jesus. from which first the Latin. 21 For in taking it away the Latin termination from Christus. but Christian ignorance. I/?o-»?. The written documents. would palm on our insulted reason. Egypt. not till after it was .THE devil's pulpit. and been Ir?o-o? but the Greek hang. by fixing and a scene. as our fraudulent English and still more fraudulent preachers of the gospel. to oppose a check to the advance of curiosity. is one among the ten thousand proofs that betray the Monkish Latin origin of our New was Testament that is. Persia. being same adoption of Jesus is Jesus.

But look hSaiag at the literality of the . as signifying the reign of any king on earth. or accord- That to. sculptured. of the I«Jata in the days of king. by the addition. further distinguished by the definition or bread of the still tv the house of corn Aa^a.j. Trjg the JeSy Or YeS. the Sun. being in the house of corn. as become the Hero of the Skin. that is. or Herod the Tetrarch. in the days of Herod the king. Herod. is it to any pretence that anything more than a romance was intended. and further. the of the Gospel. TjjiepaLs HpcxySa m BaaiXeios. in his annual progress through the signs of the Zodiac. to before he can reach the Lion of July. For whatever real personages in real history. of which the sense is. Hero of King Hercules. the Ephemeris. if this were an accurate days of Herod the King. . for one moment. with.^^ Herod the Thus have we the literal translation of the mongrel Greek. the well-known epithet of Hercules. painted. therefore. being compounded of vpojs depas. seen. the Sun (that is. it is certain that no King Herod. who is is distin- guished by the spike of corn in her hand. called Herod. — Yes). in the Now. but in. that is the name Sun : who. were allowed to be its meaning . or Almanac of Hercules. as a person that ever existed upon earth. or ing King Herod betrays. the Hero of the Skin. which B?70 Xsf^. as the literality of the the Skin. and distinguished. but. derived from his always being described. that is most is. who could. that not in the days. name. and the the genius of is month of August. might have assumed the mythologico-astronomical name of Herod. was intended by the Baai\evs Jlpud^g. Hebrew.22 ** THE devil's pulpit. or conversed with the person of who had ever lived whom he speaks ? How text : fatal. and Phoenician roots of this egregiously-misconstrued sentence. Now when Jesus was borji in Bethlehem of Judea. and so invest himself with the skin of the Lion. T« 6£ lri(T8 yevTi devTog ev Br]d\e£. being in the Zodiacal sign of the Virgin. as wearing the skin of the Cleonean Lion. literally of the Zodiac. which I» is the harvest month. pretend that this was the style of writing of any one who could have been contem- porary of the events he was about to relate.''^ rendering of the Greek (which it is not) and if the commonsense meaning of our English words.

birth of Christ in the days of name for the Zodiac whole is this tale of the Herod the king. as the sun passes through the sign of the twins. the the naughty children. you will find that Rachael had but two sons. whence the Greeks formed their word. of the old In Bethlehem. that is. and literal the high.THE DEVILS that is. that is to say. Rama ? What is Rama ? Why Rama And is the Hindoostanee. Kai ev TTacri roig opioig avrrjg. as Joseph and Benjamin together are accounted as making up but one of the twelve signs. is discovered by the reference made to the astronomical scheme of the prophet. Coptic. is obliged to kill all the children that were m Judea. was a common title of the Sun. astronomer. the Sun in Gemini. in Bethlehem and the coasts thereof which is a most accurate definition of the Zodiac. Jeremy. the exalted. and this King Herod is no other than such a sort of personage as our English John Bull never goes dead — but — he never grows old — he he is the bloody King Herod. which this solar Herod is said to kill. As. Pi-Ades. which were Joseph and Benjamin. naughty man find that comes to take away As we the at the grave historian Eusebius assuring us that martyrdom of Polycarp. and there they are to this day in Rama. i. in the reign of Marcus Aurelius. e. will see that there are all the divisions of it. Rachel weeping for her children" in Why . boys. Smyrna. " In Rama. PXJLFIT. naiScg. in which you two children. to take or put away. turn to the old astronomy ascribed to Moses. and in . 23 the Herod indeed. ano Suths. and meant particularly. . Syriac. the supposed contemporary of Moses. Phoenician word. av€i\s r«? TraiSas . the two boys of the Zodiac. in the Mythriacs of Persia.* and that there were but two of them. or pass through. in our English rendering but in the literal Greek avaipsiv. of two years old. 200 years after the pretended date of this affair * He took away the boys. found in the Bhagavat Pourana of India. was there a voice heard^ lamentation and weepings and great mourning . E© Br}B Xse/i. Gemini the twins of May. and in the fabulous writings ascribed to Zoroaster. the boys of the Sun. the elevated.

that is the Sun. The Lord Fire . King Herod slew. One tide of glory. we have the three Ammonian primitives. when -Lost. and is historical derivation. because they are rendered invisible. the universal source of light. and the key of the evangelical conundrum. no longer to be seen. not- withstanding the worms eating him up .24 THE devil's pulpit. Overflows his courts.^' Thus." that that shine the brighest are nearest to the in the Stars Sun . for they shall see God. fire. that is. the King Herod. the H. in the Zodiac in the Lion of July fire. hence the Latin word for a boy. the fire. IS is As there. as he does in the month of May.poig Separog. which are i^n V^ -tin light. But not alone the name of King Herod. which the Sun enters in the month of May. and these boys Rama. all. and will not be comforted not because they — are killed. which Herod passed over. and for which. took place by order of this self-same bloody King Herod. the universal that the the Sun. that Cleonean Lion. one unclouded blaze. the root of the English words pure and purity. as they do every year. dissolved in his superior rays. when he gives not enters into the sign of the Scorpion of October. formed of the radicals Pi. Hero of the Skin). is the Greek word TTvp for Fire. are absorbed in the superior effulgence of the Sun in passing through them. puer. but because they are not . *^ Blessed are the pure in heart. are demonstrated to been none other than the fiery boys of the Zodiac — the have bright clusters of Stars representing the figure of two two boys. Rachael weeps. Now the Greek word liaideg bctrays to us the Coptic article lit. or palindromically. Es.. reduced to its radical. put away all the boys. in composition with the Phoenician Ades. name of the children whom it is so ridiculously supposed in its original significancy. is. which is in the composition the light. demonstrates the astronomical relations of the whole mystery. the avsiXs rravrag rag ILaiSag —Herod the King (that Hercules. whom the light. The Heroof . the whole word Pi-Ades being the common title of the Sun. the unir>ersal fire. and but the that God the glory. Hercules. in that name of God. Ad.

. the Hero of the Shriy Herod the King. or ancient magical incantations appointed to be rfad through every month. in honor of the twelve months of the year." Thus. thou art become exceeding glorious. thou art clothed with majesty and honor thou deckest thyself with light as with a garment. or a Christian knave. and spreadest out the heavens like a curtain. with . to confront us — should prophe- persuade the world that all these glorious mighty God. and be called by the wise men. of the increase of whose government and dominion there should be no end. the monarch or only governor of the whole solar system. sing unto God. " Lord my God. nVn Moloch . that is. the Prince of Peace. in Greek ^aaiXevs. in Hebrew. who had bid good night for ever to all use of reason. progress. that a set of sanctified idiots and solemn dunces. in Latin Rexj the Ruler. but in fulfilment of that prophecy of the prophet. the everlasting Father. to be able. — And why should Christ be said to be born in Bethlehem BacrtAcuj roiv ln^aioiVy of Judea. that is. the the King. the Rex. who would say anything. . the epithet added to the name of Herod. and too ignorant as they be allowed to are. . Micah : ** art not the least upon earth that ever brought forth a Governor or Ruler upon And earth. to be willing.THE devil's pulpit. and sing praises unto his name magnify him that rideth upon the Heavens as upon a horse even God in his holy habitation. the Governor or Ruler of the days of Jao. the . t 25 S kin every year overcomes and passes through in his annual whose skin he seems to invest himself as a trophy of his victory and as in which investiture. insult us by saying that there ever was a Bethlehem priest. the Regulator was a characteristic epithet of the Sun the Sun to rule the day. for out of thee shall come a Governor that shall rule my people IsraeV^ ? Now. would any but a Christian idiot. that ever governed or ruled an Israel upon earth ? are we to endure the intolerable insult and ignominy any longer. a proud and aristocratical priesthood — too haughty as they are. he is addressed in those words of the Psalmist. too. . in accordance with that astronomical sketch of the astronomical And thou Bethlehem in the land of Judah among the Princes of Judah. upon the cies of " the w^onderful Counsellor.

or Good- — woman of the Zodiac. most literally and really have been from everlasting. the Virgin Mary. the House of Corn.: 26 THE devil's pulpit. whose house or domicil actually all. 2). born in a stable. though thou be little among the thousands of Judah. being so minute. which if you will but look upon the thousands of Judah. the Sun. presents us history of a thief. gorists for their joke. is in Bethlehem Ephratah. your own eyes will testify that the Stars which make up the Constellation of Bethlehem Ephratah. have been from the days of eternity. beyond all possibility of eternally-existing Sun." had their history with verification in the . Micah cal. else. pretended real history of such a king of the Jews were historical. v. but same to as if all our kings should be like to reign in the fashion. thou be little Genius of Increase and Abundance. who is the Governor of Israel (that of the whole Solar system) whose goings-forth from the East. whose goings-forth from the East to pass through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. And what means the astrologe by those words " And thou Bethlehem Ephratah. the never-created. you must look for the woman without a head." but the astronomical fact. which is the sign of the Virgin. to order and to judgment and with justice for ever. those that should the head. The Pagan sculptors represented their Venus with a particularly small head. the various signs or shine forth. especially. of the Zodiac. (ch. that make up come is." that being anything is. establish it throne of David his father. Mansion of the Virgin. are particularly small. and that never had his dying on the gallows title ! A King of the Jews recognised but in a sarcasm — never triumphed but on the cross — never reigned. we should not long want Radical of the astronomical Reform. that if while the Christian painters represented their Venus. though among the thousands of Judah. as hardly to to the make up be visible which gave occasion to the alleyou want to find a good woman. naked eye . if his with nothing more than the living on the high road. who. as a maid with no head at The brightest stars . out of thee shall he to me. than which nothing can be more astronomi- And thou. But turn we the sacred text itself.

we and hence among all nations. or pointed to. that is.! the ancient Phoe- t * Abishag. 1 Kings. " Quamvis ^thiopum populis. as are the goings-forth *^ of the Sun. that has never been too gross for the piety of our Catholic brethren. miatrix. atque Indis. was looked up to. of punctu- and of certainty languages. or vinde. warms !" Eternal God ! why hast thou given us reason to insult us with Christianity ? But see. whose goings-forth have been from of old from So the name of the Sun. was infinitely all form of assent or agreement. It is as true. by every man addressing another man. in every country in Sun hath shone. From the eternal and never-failing regularity of the goings-forth or progress of the San from sign to sign. as accurate. Ammon. that what he said was truth. It is true as God^s in Heaven . . Arabumque beatis Gentibus. the Sun. and as regular. and in all them giving precisely the same name to what- ever they held to be true. they call her Judith Invincible I Woman of arms : Fair Mishag* Virgin. in the elbow thus actually supplying the pun. in the office of the conception of the Blessed Virgin. which they had previously given to whose imaginary moral attributes were directly derived from his real physical ones and thus the faithful and true wit' ness in Heaven. through his annual course. men find first : received the idea of Truth." which the same as that of of promise.THE devil's pulpit.'* Lucan 1. sirs. . how majestic. a Shunammite. i. that True David. the Sun. or pledge of the Sun under the name the most prevalent over all — above other forms of worship. science. is universally found to be the their — of Jupiter the world And as the worship Ammon. and meaning to say. 27 m this constellation being those which form the arms. 3. how delightful the minds of ality. where. and your conviction shall seal the truth is it sees — how beautiful. everlasting. unus sit Jupiter.

pronounced in all manner of ways. to relieve them from the dazzling of the Sun's rays. which are Greek letters. " lam the Amen. literally signifying the j^re. by the Latin termination us (which no part of it) in its dissyllabic and earlier form. Jesus the Savior of Men: whereas they really are the name at full length of the Pagan god. and surrounded with that circle of golden rays. which has becomes our English form of assent or pledge of fidelity and truth as we say. has found its way. John. And this same I. nor depict it in an — . the personified Genius — of the Sun. the god of Wine. absurdly read as by our Romish Monks. so deceitfully sheltered from the its real meaning. is yes. . that is. the name Ammon. Bacchus. through the throat. Ah-men. 0-men. Jesus Hominum Salvator. with the same meaning as Amen. but always with the eyes shut. ending. verily. by metonymy upon metonymy. which is the blood of the grape that is. whose name is written in those letters I. Bacchus letters and absolutely retained to this day upon all our Christian altar-pieces and pulpit-cloths in those three mystical I: H: Roman letters. Ammon. the blood of Bacchus that is of Jes. that is. ** through Jesus Christ our Lord Jesus Christ our Lord. as A-men. continue to this day to drink the sacramental wine. stand thus demonstrated to have been but one and the self-same prosopopeia that is. As Jesus Christ is made to say of himself. not knowing what they do. even if you is were the most ingenious man alive." . in that beautiful and scientific astronomical Mythos. as if they were to stand for the words. E. the faithful and true witness. . word Am — On.'^ So the name Yesus discovery of is or Jesus. Im — or consent I will— that by-God 1 — being the most ancient name of the god I is. S. Au-men. or Yes the personified genius of the Sun. called the Revelation of St. S. Yes. — hieroglyphical representation less to be mistaken. the being. through the nose. that is Ammon and Jesus Christ and Jupiter-Ammon. H. than which your ingenuity could not write the word Sun. —Yes S. it is so wilL Hues . and to this day retains its place at the end of every prayer. in whose honor at those altars our Christian Bacchanals. most literally.— — 28 nician THE devil's pulpit.

Thus. and Sane- and Holiness. of the derivative meaning of which. his rites were adopted. : i. and naturalized God. and to demonstrate the fallacy that more opposed to — runs through all religions. where every thing might be allowed to change. composed of the Ammonian fire : i. the one . being the neverwithout being understood. norance to learning. we reap a contingent advantage from the consecration of ignorance. the elevated. the one. )f ralizedf without ever being translated. I which our Christian parrots need not mention the Amen and tification. from Supreme Deity of the ancient fire-worwhom. hy those Christian stupidity. and which have been adopted and natuprattle forth. are really. was ever improvement than any other. or star-worship. the one great fire e. under which iden- tical name he was the shippers of Persia. as I have exis. than a parrot. or thought more of the meaning and significancy. and improved. I. rather than to be instructed. by reason and philosophy. the Sun. and the Sun. the great. the other an old Coptic word: both signifying the same thing: but both alike adopted without being inquired into. a Hebrew. The long continuance of the nomenclature and technicalities 'of theology. or Lamb of God. who are absurdly The extent of called the primitive Christians. ance of the religious feeling. and of Christian ignowould have been the most unaccountable of all the phenomena of the universe. that of the signs of the Zodiac — that the is. and to improve but religion enables us the more easily to work through the difficulties of the problem. and Hosanna. of horse not more ignorant than a Christian : the constellation of the Ram. plained to you.THE devil's pulpit. a but our words God. and have chosen to be driven mad and wild by faith. by metonymy of the . alike in all religions. if its own history had not supMen have been trained to prefer igplied the account. enlightened. or Gad. is Hallelujah. translated name in the ancient Tsabaism. there is a long list of words. and. 29 radicals. and their adoption from one country to another. the e. S. the first Rama. Glory. which they have never dreamed. But as the intolerrance. and E.

all betray. Vichenu. was the primordial signification of the erms. 29 ** Our God is a con- sumin^ Fire. as is witnessed by that old inscription. — Tertuilian. I. c. that the tongue could compass. with every vowel. and bring us to an absolute demonthink that the stration of the truth. and thus the radical of all languages. God. as a picture of the finger of the priest. for God and Jesus . the same mentioned by Dysares. buried suffered under Pontius Pilate. harder or softer in the Ai-o (Ja-o). for the Sun and Juj)iier. the God of all the Arabian nations. stroke. that us to by the unguarded father is our God. or Lamb of God. quoted by Bryant. the common Ammonian name. xii. ." that is Sun. that the Sun. born of the Virgin Mary. dead. whom they call Am. the Lamb God : as our English words. God.av. and Day. was. Yes. : the Ram^ was word is derived from the Asaaorjsy Egyptian vrord Arez. are found in the first primitives. Hercules. Tertuilian.^^ • As the Latin word Arks. in THE devil's pulpit. the is Ram. 16).h fiiyag was crucified. V. like Herod.: 30 Sun. Apollo. on the tomb of Jupiter who. running through the theology of all nations and of all ages. Jove. the root of our Jesus. and refer the religion of the Persians {Apologet. and still more many Sun : explicitly acknowledged in Heb. and all the other allegorized types of the Sun." conceived by the Holy Ghost. *' Kctrai Zav ov Aia kikXtjckbci. betrayed to us. pointing to the Sun. and Here was the great buried the great T. whom they call God. Jahavah. Son. the whole word God the Sun. and Gud. and Zun. Sun. Jehova. Bacchus. Zon. San. and the Sun alone. and every mode of uttering the initial. Za-o. "was . Chrishnta. Mithra. like that word. When the first attempt was made a mere straight to represent the Sun in pictorial hieroglyphics. Jeve.* whose of astronomical name. that signs Aries. gave the letter T. if part of the hand be seen with it while the circle of the Sun's disk formed the 0. as . or J. but of the most ancient and universul ever uttered by man. like Gadf Gid. pronounced Zan. that is. 0. Juve. not of a particular language. the Sun DouSf which signifying is as that found compound with the same as Deus. Ged.

easy of access. it ture of true learning. Ye friends of and of learning. . and from the impertinences of those wild and furious savages of the gospel. on Sunday next. exposing their falsehood. you will now perceive. 3m am not able. the little down such wash squalling God. I have intimated to the world in my work. is the naall. and to bring a stream of genuine science and of real learning. most sought-for conflict. also than honey or the honeycomb. than much fine gold sweeter truth. to the Stable of Bethlehem. The noble which I familiarize thus easily to promiscuous auditories. the manger. as Reghellini and Dupuis have offered its grand in principles to the enlightened nations of the Continent in the French language lists. as your favor seems to imply that I have). has ever dared to enter the or to attempt even a resistance to this stration of the utter falsehood of the gospel. who in all aa^es of the world have been the priests' dogs. sweep away the filth of priestcraft.^science. that like the light. with all that is reputed as learned in the world protect me but by the vindication of your own rights from the rudenesses of : of barbarous ignorance. m challenge of the world's criticism. and equally beneficial to in the being sought for. detecting their ignorance. . furnished with the to besom of philosophy. and not a member of any university Eu- rope. tion is science itself. than to terrify inquiry from looking into the baseness of their craft. is communicable. challenges of the subject I have taken in hand but (if I have succeeded . which never yet shrunk. to do justice to the . for no other end. within the compass of such a measure of I your attention as may reasonably detain. nor will shrink from its most desired. Almighty demonThis demonstra- and in every position that it off'ers you. before either of the universities of England. sirs. and purify the infected air from the pest of For this. not a priest in the world. and trampling on their power. the Diegesis. I shall hope you will return with me. and the wise men and Christianity.THE devil's I PXJLPIT. most delightful the being found " More to he desired than gold. and have offered to science maintain in the Latin tongue. wrought up mto madness. all men in —most pleasant . as shall out the cradle.

" As it was in the beginning. the sincere milk of the word has turned sour the priests have left for had all the cream of it. same spell . but your persuasion must follow upon your knowledge and you will . which was in the beginning. find. does not ask you to believe. that as fast as your knowledge comes in." but our say is. we have no and . ye come not to eternal repetitions of the baby's lesson for you . . that the power of priests and priestcraft to impose upon us. in the were brought up. is not now. We same notions that we Our lesson is not any longer. we have no stomach hogswash. your Christianity will run out.32 THE devil's pulpit. and ever shall be . affain. and never shall be are not going to be brought down. sirs. In this school. is now. END or THE SECOND DISCOURSE ON THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM. nor wish you to be persuaded.

''— Allan Cunningham. HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. that "^^ which gave were in Bethlehem. to weep for her children — when primi- she ^^ would not he comforted because they were not. to lay before the public mind. A. scientific. I am obliged to suppose my hearers already in possession of what I am sure those who have been hearers of the two preceding discourses on this subject. Upon returning this third time to the stable of Bethlehem. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. ~^ "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT JS. 21. then. and in all the coasts thereof occasion to Rachel. 1830. notwithstanding her having been dead 1. PREACHED BY THE REV. and of conciliating their forgiveness and reconciliation with his Herodian maiestv fcr h'*^ having spot where. at the stable-door in — slain — «* All the children from two years ocd a?id under. and historical learning. we resume the thread of these delightful studies. AT THE ROTUNDA. I left Sunday evening Bethlehem of Judea where I had the honor of introducing them to an acquaintance with Herod the king.732 years before it — happened. that is.. ROBERT TAYLOR. 2." —Matthew ii. B. and are come worship him. PART III. THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM A SERMON.^* Here.THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. tlte The anatomy of language has enabled us to lay open 3 . on aim of these lectures must now take them up at the them. NOVEMBER " Where is he that is born King of to the Jews ? for we have seen hxi Star in the East. which the great I it is last. have felt to be those rich treasures of philological.

combine in one great ac- trinity of demonstration. or parable. their whereby we have the same sort of perfectly mathematical demonstration. throw up the perfect and complete astronomy. to which they . or . and then work back literality itself is astronomical the geometrical result algebraically. Thus history. again. who lived and flourished Christ.— 34 tive ideas. of our text. We is. Now when the Sun entered into the zodiacal sign month of August. the regulator. have found philologically. and is a picture in words of the annual phenom- ena of the solar system. The cording of the radicals. 3. We that. — thing they refer or ascribed. is an egregious and most deceitfully-intended false translation in our English Testaments. types. in the seal. in the days of Herod the king. fifteen hun- dred years before our unluckily-imagined epocha of the birth of We have found astronomically. the Book of God) of the Hindoos.''^ 1. to prove the falsehood of the gospel. historically. and universally admitted to have been written. in order produce a respect for these imaginary baby-worshippers. have found. that these very words that them in the whole identity of everyby any possibility could refer to. the meaning of to. even the most wonderfully minute applications. upon tracing back first the words themselves to their radicals. Vyasa. as when we work out an algebraical problem geometrically. in India.'''^ But here. 2. philology. in the Ephemeris of Hercules. read philologically to their first types. at the lowest calculation. in English. — that is. as accurately as the wax up every mark and line engraven the whole story betrays the character of an astronomical enig- ma. in those mystical words : " Now when Jesus was horn in Bethlehem of Judea. in our English version — " Behold there to came wise men from the east. by divine inspiration of the Brahminical priest. then follows. and science. that fills in the most minute. are a direct plagiarism from the Sanscreet text of the Bhaeravat Fourana (that is. involved THE devil's pulpit.

The with the Sun. the accordance of all identity of Jesus Christ. to divide an equable proportion of his light and heat to both hemispheres — that is. and vice versa. And seeds of gold in Ophir's mountains glow. For thee. the clencher to the nail driven in a sure place to demonstration never the gospel. 3o They are not called wise men^ but : Magi — that is. from his imaginary conception ascension. gold. to aid the further demonstrations to which now we tend. were by no means entitled. or conjurors notwithstanding the to suspect that strong reason which some may think they have they were no conjurors. I pray (as you would in down ye in the rich stores of the knowledge already acquired. by the Virgin Mary.^ other sciences).*' . any other than that ancient occult or hidden * So beautifully versified in the eclogue of The Messiah " See barbarous nations at thy gates attend. to us and to our antipodes. and final coming again (as he does). in order to complishment of that prophecy shall bring — " the King of Tharsis and of Kings of Arabia and Saba all make out the ac- the Isles shall give presents. to judge "both the quick and the dead" that is. so clearly proved first the presence of these wise worshippers of the infant Yes — these men of the east. Walk in thy light. to his death. it being night with them All this having been when the it is day with . us. frankincense. whole story of was derived from these Magi.'''' 72d Psalm. and the — that — never was.THE devil's pulpit. from be withdrawn first to last. And heaped witn products of Sabean springs. The fathers of the church generally speak of these wise men of the east as being three kings. magicians. and in thy temple bend : :— See thy bright altars thronged with prostrate kings." which were from eternal ages the is. every year. resurrection. first tributary offerings consecrated to the Sun. the circumstances of his mythological history. nor is. and myrrh. with Magi — their "gifts. Idume's spicy forests blow. the gifts. as it were. bring But bring.

'* or WisdoiB of God in a but which. We speak wisdom. to the place of his nativity and.. " shall be fkst honored by the manifestation of that divine person who is to appear in the world : a Star shall go before you to conduct you . and our Christian antiquaries are proud to quote the celebrated passage from the Zend-Avesta of the Persian Zoroaster. the black art. for he indeed your lord." said the great magician.36 science. wear black gowns and black dresses. the other thrust from you. bishop of Antioch. God's spell. the very livery itself of their Divine Master. but the Theosophy. or that ever really happened). the spell. (i. as also the story of his death. e. its priests is. them thai up to the' trick on't). charm. the magic. which the Apostle Paul mystery " e. or black ait. as you may see. or magic. to this day. were the subjects of this black art. when you have found him^ is present to him your oblations and sacrifie^es. in honor of and preachers.^'* says he. even the hidden wisdom :" Tnv a7ro/f£. to are perfect to the initiated. or Astronomy in disguise.— that which. in plain English. Ignatius. " You. in the 4th of his epistle to the Ephesians. by dissecting the word gospel that is. my children. by the repetition of certain words. are univer- sally admitted to have been these Magi. which is found so strikingly coincident with this pretended visit of these eastern Magi to the stable of Bethlehem. and an everlasting king. or magiinto its radicals cal incantation.fpv/^/zyj/i7j.. to them world that are (i. with your eyes shut."^ The apostolic father. of which. or hidden sci- * Burder's Oriental Customs^ . and putting your body in the shape of the constellation Orion (one knee up. after admitting that " the vir* ginity of Mary. yet not the wisdom of this not a science of anything historical. and thus!) it was believed that the the hands clasped together power of Omnipotence would be bound to attend the conjura- — — tion. is the hlacl art. . the Black Prince. The founders of this dark science. calls the Theosophy. and he who was horn of her. THE devil's pulpit.

mercifully grant. not merely that the star came and stood over the stable where the the young child was : which was certainly very polite of ^^ him it . entitled." While ** in the gospel. famous for eating cakes. didst manifest thy only-begotten Son to the Gentiles. in It is Lord. and done in secret by *" 37 God . ? How then was our Savior manifested to the world A star Heaven. quoted by St. or manifestation of Christ to the Gen*' tiles God." asks. and its novelty struck terror into men's minds. but all that he actually walked into the stable: And lehold was filled with lights." This festival of the Epiphany is so much more sacred %o the magicians. our Christian calendars. set apart in express commemoration of this appearance of the Star acknowledged in the collect or incantaEpiphany. may. and its light was inexpressible. and answers himself. beyond all the other stars. All the rest of the stars. under the title of Gospel of the circumcision. were shone in the chorus to this star . as is tion for the : than the festival of Christmas. as an event as real it is and as historical (and indeed just as much so) as any other portion in this whole bag of moonshine. 10 v. through Jesus Christ our Lord. Paul. and as for its proof of what cakes have been made of Christians. by the leading of a star. The Epiphany of our a most holy festival of our most holy church.^^^ we are instructed. .THE devil's pulpit. throughout all the world. merely. who. The gospel of the circumcision being evidently another name for the Gospel of the Infancy^ in which the following passage will be found. and greater than the light of the Sun itself ^^ So the holy church. have the fruition of thy glorious Godhead. ence. after this life. commonly called Twelfth-day. being twelve days from Christmas. amen. that we which know thee now by faith. but this sent out its light exceedingly above them all.. has nevei ceased to celebrate this aifair of the Star. greater than the lights of lamps and candles. 1 chap. The famous is 6th of January. together with the sun and moon. that the four successive * 2 Galatians 7.

or Manifestation. of the Sun." Could you have clearer evidence of the fact. ever dreams that this game at riddles. the Sun * 5 Ephesians. that not one in a million of those who keep the festival of Epiphany. than the fact which your own experience attests in other persons. the Sun. throughout Egypt and the East. " that whatever doth make manifest. and was uniformly observed on the 6th of January. Sundays which follow it are entitled. Phanseus and Phanes. . or the light of the Sun. upon which property. the Sun. who — ! stare at the twelfth-cakes in the pastry-cooks' windows on the Epiphany. and perhaps in yourselves. Should not a sensible The Epiphany.''^ and " that was the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the worlds And for this purpose the Son of God was manifested. the day of the Epiphany was considered as the same as that of the birth of Christ."* and John again. is light .. 2d. e. or magic of these celebrated magicians. that Christianity is kept up solely by the artiBce of keeping people in ignorance. we find the Apostle Paul playing off his puns and riddles . literally signifying all that the names Jesus and Christ ever signified— that is. whence all our Christianity was derived. to being the property of the light make manifest . While. and that Phanes compounded into the word Epiphany— xhsit fectly is. who say the collect for Epiphany. of or concerning Phanes is a name persynonymous with the name Christ. that ** God is light. thai he might dissolve the works of the Devil. 1st. and 4th Sundays after Epiphany. and play at conundrums. 3d. — was a distinguishing epithet of the it God Apollo — that is. and drawing for characters. is a continuance of the never-interrupted religion of the ancient paganism.38 THE devil's pulpit. whence Epiphany. that *' thereby hangs a tale. i. in honor of the black art. and in him is no darkness at all . and draw lots for the king and queen on each returning festival of the Epiphany. now the Epiphany man insist on knowing what is the ra^dinmg oi Epiphany ? I suspect again.

are demonstrated to be one and the self-same figment of imagination . Son of the far-shining morning. But the God Eros. deriving their theology the Greeks. and the Christian who denies the real existence of the holy child. First-born Phaeton." an attribute. he is and and no more. with as inquiry as Christians. for the Son of the Sun. have mistaken who is the same as Phanes. represented as the first-born of Heaven. which signifies for love. s(}>avepoj9r].'*^ as he is ex- • God is love ! The fragment of the Babylonian Sanchoniathon. but lays it aside in the other. only shows that he uses his reason in the one instance. Jesus. to counteract the evils that followed in the train of the diabolical genius of November. as the God of light. know they of the meaning the as much from of God's being love :* Roman little poets. which our methodists are so fond of quoting. but of the exquisitely ignorant. Tlporoysvos cpaeOoiv '' irspini^Keog Hepog vior]. the Ram of March. while he believes in the existence of the holy child. And hence conundrum. Cupid. distinctively retained to the ity. becomes Phanesy the shiny bright one. and of the creation of all little little Jesus who was conceived by the Holy Ghost. and was the Greek Tr^coros name Cupid. as in that verse of the ancient Orpheus: Phaeton. whereas he was unquestionably the Sun himself. God is love ! Yes. received the that ridiculous name of Phanes. meaning of which they are . yap ccpavBn^ because he was first manifested. by Philo Biblius. so as a horse. —for enamored of his own perfections. 39 may dissolve the He appears in Phanes. the beginning Cupid was Cupid. who didst — manifest thy only-begotton son to the Gentiles.— THE devil's pulpit. and who is expressly entitled the beginning of the creation of God. that he frosts of winter. translated from the Phoenician into Greek. in that incantation to the Epiphany of ChristianEpiphany " O God. . pre- serves to us this passage from the theology of the ancient Phoenicians : When Thus the Spirit became he begat Cupid things.

and the professors of it Deity. appear in precisely the same analogy as the sisters of Jesus. a deified personage. precisely such as the gospels which are come down and rambled to us. while there were many who . and were the itinerant methodists or missionaries o^ the clerical conclave. which they disguised from the discovery of the vulgar. and Phoebe. Of the Magi. priest: By Zoroaster was denoted both the so that. all our historical knowledge is derived from the most ancient of all writings. and also his real personages Magi. like so collegiate discipline. Phaeton had three sisters: Lampetia. Phaethusa. broke loose from the at large. They were fessed followers or worshippers of the imaginary founder of their craft. or Magicians. and resided in colleges. which the King of the Isbaiot^ was to be born. Some of their order. from time to time. whose worMagic. and Mary Magdalene. those transmitted to us from the ancient Babylonians and Chaldeans. are found to be. Since we may hope that though he gave his Son to die for us. They were formed into societies. Cleopas. The three Marys Mary the wife of in the pagan mythology. or Zoroaster. directed by a star to a stable in \ They appear to be the first of the human race who conslitu-^ ted such a body as that which is now called the clergy. many menthe pro- dicants and begging friars. where their whole business consisted in the study of astronomy. pressly called by the aged Simeon — " The light to lighten the But nothing hinders that God (who had an onlybegotten Son. called ship was styled Magia. in whom he was well pleased) might have three or four only-begotten daughters. with whom he was much better pleased— and which supplies the best apology I have: ever heard of. to save his moral character from the suspicions that attach to his seeming to set so little store by the unfortunate Jesus. Mary the mother of James. so deceitfully translated as wise men of the east.40 TRfi devil's pulpit. he would not have sacrificed one of his daughters. under the thick veil of allegorical fictions and pretended histories. in Gentiles^ — the Gospel.

and magic. may be shown to be one and the selfsame personification of the Sun and Christianity and magic. or first types. and rendering cowards. and Pater. and bringing them back to their radicals. Jew'Pcier. bore the 41 is name of Zoroaster. and fools. absolute identity of the Pagan God. I instructed you sat- the anatomy of words. Thus. his face. the original type I trust. or personified genius of the Sun. be a part and parcel one and the self-same device for working on the imaginations of ignorant and silly people. ^or-AsTER. a father. and the Jesus Christ of the gospel. will see that the — — of the words.THE devil's pulpit. Thus the birth of the God. from the days of an • Translated a Rock : whence Petra. Sir. TsouR. Zoroaster is derived from Zor-Aster that -^ two Ammonian primitives. or the art of dissecting them. Peter. that it them the slaves. disguised under the veil of evangelical romances. the East. your ear will trace the roots of our name of Magistrate. isfactorily in on Sunday last. in Hebrew.aster. in Zoroaster.* and Aster. Mithra. was called Mithra — that The is. your own the SlaVf in Greek. to of. as the ancient Persians were the most distinguished fire-worshippers. was always most convenient for their Masters that they should be." . a mere fiction of imagination. Zoroaster. titles the English Master. and Easter. than Christ and Mithra. See " Bryant's Analysis. the name of God. Mithra is — that is. or God^s-spells. the original Zoroaster. as they were called. demonstrable. Jupiter Paior. . applied in address to every person of the rank of a gentleman. originally given to the science of astronomy. as. and astronomT/. one of the characteristic Christ. So in the name Magia. the Master. the Latin Magister. that no man's nose then so clear and so was ever more clearly to be proved and pertaining to. of Jesus who. ear will run the gamut down to the types in our own language you is. E. Zor^ Sir. in the Persic language.

actually seen. first Thomas doubted appear to w^hether the Sun would ever rise be lengthening again. ter. who . is actually placed the stable of Augias. in which Christ is said to be born. you will find the constellation of the stable of Beihlehem. where. the Sun. that Christ w^as born on the same day when the Sun takes his annual birth in the stable of Augias —that is." while those who reckoned the year to begin from the vernal equinox that is. to Thus among tence of the the the first the nations who in reckoned the year begin at the first winter solstice — that is. who is Jupiter. the most celebrated of all the Magian festivals. is said to bring him forth (in no disparagement to her eternal virginity) moment. placed Gad as the first of — . the Ram. in the station of the celestial Goat. '*In the beginning Goat created the heavens and the earth. as in copies of the Samaritan Pentateuch. the moment he achieves his first degree of ascension. the Goat. in the sixth labor of Hercules. which is the tribe o^ Gad. that the Sun. at that to pre- As St. our Christmas-day. while you shall see the constellation of the Virgin. is saii have suckled the infant Jupiter of which enigma the undoubted solution is. or Jupi- or Jesus. or St. between the 24th and 25th of December. remote antiquity. Capricornus. -. was represented to have taken place was celebrated throughout the whole pagan world. in the Zodiacal Israel. when the Sun enters the sign of Aries. the sen- first chapter of their book of Genesis was. or brought up with the Goat. we have fathers. . and o'clock at midnight. on none other than the 25th day of December. is said to be born. at the lower meridian. first beginning 'This Capricornus. come to the line of the horizon and thus said side over his nativity. when the days having been shortest on the 21st. Thomas's Day (so that unbelieving again). Justin. one of the earliest of the Christian draws the parallel between Christ and Mithra. to m tne pagan mytnology. to rise at the on the 25th of December.42 infinitely in THE devil's pulpit. commonly called Justin Martyr. where. the Goat. if you rectify your celestial globe to the moment of twelve a stable.

you will see the Epiphany. While on the western horizon. you have the Lamb of God. who. have handed down their Hebrew text. see his Star in the east. the Crab. and accommodating their magic to their astronomy. Orion. for of the 25th of December. express themselves ^' We east. have been formed the name of the imaginary husband of the Virgin. just peering above the horizon. to the accuracy of the setting of a watch. in a : and lays him in manger. and he tumbles down into the stable. at that moment. the manger of Jao." — This creation takes place every year on the 25th of March. or wise have seen his star in the men. and are come to worship him. born . which you may see this very evening. she drops little Jesus out of her bosom. sirs. which has become our magic: " In the beginning Gad that is. Sion is hk rjv avrotg TOTTog ev roi KaraXvuaTL. when. literally that is. Joseph. or the moment Jesus. and the scales of September in the other. who. on the first called Lady-day. that taketh away the sins of the world immediately above which. — — . or lower meridian. which includes the cradle of Jupiter.THE devil's pulpit. in the con- struction of the planisphere ? Why. in which Christ on the eastern point of the horizon you have the sign of the Virgin. As you will sce that there really not room enough in ni the pavilion of the Virgin. those three bright Stars.^^ At the upper meridian. looking directly across the horizon. or " manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles. created the heaven and the earth. 43 the tribes. this it is : at the lower is meridian you have the stable of Bethlehem. because there was no room rrj them the inn sv <j)aTvv. the Ram. . exactly nine months afterward. being the three Magian kings. with the spike of corn one hand. brings forth her first-born. which constitute his belt. moment. the precise astronomical position of the Sun is at that Now. of which Star the magi. the nadir. what the state of the visible heavens. from which mistaken the lo-Sepe words. with the great star Vindemiatrixy in her elbow. day of the conception of the blessed Virgin Mary. you have the constellation Cancer." which is none other than the beautiful constellation.

and myrrh. Serapis. quoted by the great astronomer of Arabia. frankincense. and we have found the whole name itself. and the nativity of her Son. was represented as the Son of the Virgin. Hermes. or Abulmazar. they told him that to their forefathers the sig"it was mystery that had been taught prophet. " has consecrated the pregnancy of a Virgin. this day^^"^ say the writers of that ancient chronicle. but which. the which they do by presenting emblematical oblations in the Sun.^^^ that first As old. constituting the basis of the legends of the documents Hindoo God. the Fire. ^^that child. then. consecrated to the honor of And look ye. ratified by the high evidence of the virtuous Emperor Marcus Aurelius. • is called Christus. as grouping together of the stars into imaginary figures. the Chaldeans. that the Bishops of Serapis. as the fifteen name. the Father. and of JEscuwhich. was ever more historical. we have the radical Zor-Ab. /o//oi^molapius. all ages. existing in written hundred years before our era ." In the by a respectable name Is. of the month of August . that of Alexandria attest the existence and universal prevalence of this religion in Egypt. both Jesus and Christ. gold. The Sun. for ages before the date of its falsely*• To Egypt pretended origin in the era of Augustus and Tiberius. in Greek. have found the self-same its story.44 THE devil's pulpit. the most ancient traditions of the Per* sians. were known and recognised under the title We of Bishops of Christ. which. even in the most ridicu- lous minuteness of circumstances. sirs this is history itself." and when King Ptolemy (that is 350 years before our Christian era) nificancy of this religious demanded of the priests ceremooy. whom they annually present in a cradle to the adoration of the people . of the Egyption Idol. Chrishna. whereby alone their relative positions with re- . in the most ancient projection of the signs of the Zodiac. of had heen given to the child. <* which some nations call Jesus. the Egyptians. Alboazer.^^ says Abulmazar. than which nothing was ever deemed an indubitable record of truth among men. The most ancient chronicles .

Andrew^s Crosses. on each good man's tomb was his name.THE devil's pulpit. and truth. signifying nothing relation to mere than good men or good fellows. at the equinoctial points. Christ the human nature. and used it without knowing its significancy. traced to its radical Yes. were a most obvious hieroglyph ! among many which The simple epitaph — ! of the two crosses of the equator. " See there (as what else could they say) " Behold^ I see the angels old is of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man. the of the Dutch. as existing in that great and Xf)>7arof. that of that of spring autumn when crosses it the Sun dips below. e. and the two expressive words '^pr](TT£. Jesus Christ. ILaipe i. the numerical letters of the great solar Cycle. in the the Oui of the French. among nations that used the Greek language. or Chrest. you are The Hindostanee Chreeshna. by the ecliptic. t Hence the name of Chrests and Chrestians. only one is of the occurrence of any one of its events. and sepulchres of the dead. when first the race of men looked up upon !'' the vaulty bosom of the night.. transformed into the Greek signifies merely the Good man : Jesus denoting the divine. whereby it and as old as that neceswould attach imaginary as old as histories to those imaginary figures first —that is. or of the existence of any one of its is among millions of melan- choly proofs of what an idiot man capable of becoming when once ne renounces his reason. the Yes of our heretofore informed. The dream personages on earth. universal personification of the solar Christ. Yar own country. when he again from below and so is said to rise again from the dead. or St. the name of Bacchus. sary acting of the human mind. Sun. two X-es.f spect to each other could be described . and ? said. derives its mystical sanc- from the circumstance of being the universal inscripall tion on tombstones. 45 Of Jesus. its Greek word." So the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. and bearing no any . and . good fellow good-by These two words. and the form. as a tity fire. 608. or sign of the consent. represented sometimes by the initial letters.

or their infor- would never endure mation extended. their error corrected. and philoso- phy that I have done what I took in hand . sir. as a history. upon all their tombstones. and itself with the idea of the the Latin resugam ^* Jesus lohich was hieroglyphical to the same purpose as "I shall rise again.'^'' means nothing but the Sun which — was tles crossified . the Sun. being the proper and essential Thus. and cleansed your hearts and minds from all respect for the gospel. and . Paul. idiotcy. I think it must be as clear as the Sun faith to learning. also. it As you may have read 1 parodied in our common churchyard stave " Go home. these eternal risings and definition of the Sun. who have and having once made the mistake. Here we shall lie till Christ appears And when he comes. For he can only prove Jesus settings be the — that is. dry up your tears. were called Christians."* Thus the phrase. by the fact of his rising again. was the common cOmpliment of all lanrif- guage. or for those stupid bunglers down such mistaken it for a history to . naturally associated Resurrection. and the worshippers of Jupiter and Juno. and prefer darkness light. reason. your observance will perceive that he never the mistake of confounding the resurrection of Jesus to makes Christ with that of Christ. we're sure to have A joyful rising from the grave. while in all the cabalistical jargon of the epis- of St. dear friends. washed away the accumulated ignorance of barbarous ages. and of the raf Gods and Goddesses of the Pantheon. and were tion to be * as really so. have religious distinctions whatever. and would allow nobody good fellows but themselves. to all to who would not and turn from the Sun. was crucified. . folly. that I have brought as has a stream of science upon this stable of Bethlehem. Hence." . as those ill-natured bigots who pretended a distinc- where there was never any difference. the word Chrest or Christ.46 THE devil's pulpit.

enlightened of the enlightened. Were there one priest or preacher in all this miserably priest-ridden metropolis. to attempt to stem the tide of popular prejudice. •The chapel in which these sermons were preached. how cruel and bitter own protestant and dissenting clergy. you see with your own your eyes. would man's notiie nature condescend all to throw bars across all. When own a spirit. all. and witness with your observance. as they would be thought do endeavor to excite against any man who would see attempt to make the world wiser it than it is convenient for their ignorance that should be when you that the slanderous arts. among men. how savage a madness. the cowardly defamations put forth from their lying hoxes^ where they know meanness and a cowardice wnicn. the mean.* trust himself or ihem to : tound in Israel. however gross. I would say that man is honest. which challenge them. the wise. how diffi- must have been in any age for the better-informed. But such a man is not to b:congregations not to go to the Rotunda.THE devil's pulpit. to delusions. and the keeping up of those delusions. however monstrous and and daring a thing how mischievous: whence once the propagating of those falsehoods. has become the source of distinction and emolument to a selfish and a wicked priesthood. their only one of the thousands who warn choused and cheated who had dared to know what is going on in the Rotunda were there one of the thousands who affect to treat our astronomical argument with scorn. or to say nay to falsehoods. 47 to this As your own cult experience attests to you it day. m no otner case. and the discerning few. who could show that he had ever trusted himself so much as fairly to look at that argument. and the most liberal of the liberal. . and which alone can strike forth the sparks of genius and light up the day of reason. the most to be. to protect their guilty craft to no man mav answer them —a — — the path of knowledge — all to evade discussion to — all to shirk I out from that collision of mind with mind.

The conscious felon shudders not more at the confusion that threatens him in an impending cross-examination. Of ill. than your Cnristian clergy shudder at discussion. been answered this.48 THE devil's pulpit. as of the ghost of Banquo. the flagrant demonstration of their deep iniquity. never this. well or — — fiWD OF THE THREE DISCOURSES ON THE STAR OF BETHLEBEH . Every other argument against their system has. in some way but never. they have only said they only can say " Take any shape but that !" or other.

. and the wild beasts. and the monkeys."— Allan Cunningham. and saying. Johnny. 1. A. and the rabbits. I suppose. ^ the Baptist. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. 27. this But raiment of camel's hair. ROBERT TAYLOR. 2. and the orang-outangs. I do admire your piety ** but I blush for your modesty. what must he have had. and the chimpanzees. had you worn such a superfluous arti! ! — cle of dress ! about your loins. 1830. NOVEMBER *^ In those days came John Judea." : By my honor. JohnJohn the Baptist John the Baptist ny ? Where d'ye come from ? Who are you when you're at home? What d'ye mean by making ducks and drakes of the people by sousing them i'the horse-pond? What d'ye mean by the kingdom of heaven being at hand ? You'd a' told us. those In those days came John the Baptist. but the squirrels. AT THE ROTUNDA. that the kingdom of heaven was in your breeches pocket. and a leathern girdle is all you care for ** the pomps and vanities of wicked world." And what days were " Preaching in the Wilderness of Judea.^^ And what ? it wilderness Aiad if that he was preaching in. JOHN THE BAPTIST: A SERMON. B. THE REV. preaching in the Wilderness of is at hand J " —Matthew ! Repent ye . for the Kingdom of Heaven iii. «*AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT JS.THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. PREACHED BY HIS HIGHNESSES CHAPLAIN. How d'ye do. and the wild men of the sort of a congregation was that? was a wilderness 4 .

and exhibition of idle buffoonery. to and assigned their portion &re. to shut our eyes igainst the things that make for . some very badly Johnny was preaching for. and of to pervert our souls from the faith of that divine Savior. tied with a strap of leather. And. with no shoes and stockings. and wild honey . quite as wild. like a bladder." . shake. who all came to seek and to save that which was lost 1 And . and bring forth all that e. days? Did ye ever hear anything so impious and wicked in It is quite shocking it sets me all of a twitter. For he must have wanted but where the meat was to come from. fruit meat for repentance. was well thought of by Johnny. woods» and everything that was wild ? As sure tie must hav looked wild enough himself. And uf [Delivered in the style of the Reverend Doctor. grubs.50 THE devil's pulpit. to I." — God it till ! if the kingdom from of heaven had been at foot.toy we shall have believed or disbelieved its And is this a subject for levity and ridicule an impious sarcasm a mere our eternal peace brethren? Is a profane joke." they'd most likely begin repent. at i'faith ! if his doctrine wasn't when he told the wi4d things to repent. I all can not guess. the eternal happiness of heaven. . or to have in with devils the everlasting torments of hell- according as ix)lemn truths. and so had had a radical reform with So it little bit. and locusts. they had kicked the king out of the kingdom. "because the kingdom of heaven was to hand.) is this the way in which we are to treat the oracles holy it Omnipotence. lash of wit. the law of everlasting truth. I dare say the wild fellows would have been wild enough have kicked to the other. so that his very victuals were wild. "fruits. and nothing else but an old mat of camel's hair. G-od's most word ? whereby. and when " they began and they began to to shiver. however lightly we may affect to treat now. round his body: and nothing to eat but wood-lice. one end of the wilderness a vengeance. to cool 'em down a by dipping them i' the water. your — MOCK SERMON. our souls will assuredly be judged at the last day. and maggots.

God ? God is sent in greater. which shall prepare thy before ^hee: the voice of one crying in the wilderness. a Jew. as clear and explicit. of the circumstances of the death of John the Baptist. the cave his fruits . pie of the humility he taught : "The His moss his bed. so positive." That this man should enter on his divine embassy. that salvation was his end.— . the 17th chapter of that book. so and full to the proof as it is. as should show that his soul was set on higher objects than the things of lime and sense. is to outrage all princi- ples of evidence. and the circumstance of his having been beheaded by the younger Herod. is related in such entire accordance with the facts detailed in the gospels. THE devil's pulpit. who was way fulfilment of that prophecy of the evangelical prophet: **Be- nold. 51 who would have would have been that holy man. with such appearance of humility." And that this is He. who is so distinctly mentioned in the 18th book of the Jewish antiquities of Josephus. And why should enemy the testimony of Josephus. Kis food. and reason. and self-denial. resting as the credit of that occur- rence does. exhibiting. make straight in the desert a high way for our God. in the wilderness of Judea. philosophy. humble cell. I send my messenger. mortification. persons next to our blessed Savior himself. prepare ye the way of the Lord. John the Baptist^ that would have been fixed on as the hut of profane ridicule ? That John the Baptist. and an he is known to have been. that to deny thought that it or to doubt the reality of his existence. leave us in any doubt of the reality and actual occurrence of his preaching to the Christian faith. heaven his home. and God his shield and his exceeding great reward therefore came he baptizing with water unto repentance. the life his drink. where his whole history. the exam. and unostentatious apparel. as well as of scripture. . in his own abstemious diet. and to fly in the teeth of history. that self denying personage. on the authority of the inspired word of "For if we receive the witness of men. the witness of that witness is. the crystal well one constant scene of calm repose.

No pulse that riots. But here. Gobble. and cry. and wage wild war upon the God who made him? ! Gobble. Christians. are we to be put off the scent of curiosity. dash the pure cup of a Savior's love from his un tasting lip. whether shall one be more astonished at the impiety of feeling. and guard it with ten thousand blue devils. and no blood that glows. from a very fine sermon. and though Abomolique. with God he passed his Prayer all his days. the immorality of sentiment. and to go home like good boys and girls." all And was and scorn that ? this a character to be held up to impious ridicule this the man ? this bright all that model of that was transcendant in goodness — was sublime in virtue — all moral excellence. the obtuse- ness of understanding. Gobble. than the pews. desecrate everything that is holy. though hell itself should gape. so ! John the Baptist ? it How How facile is to be eloquent. the congregation have no more wish know anything about him. Gobble. we are curious creatures .b2 THE devil's pulpit. as the sea. And where. I trust. ere winds Still were taught to blow. may lock up his blue chamber. fine fools to with very preach to. to be set up in features of caricature and effigy ? and desecrated by a vile buffoonery of exhibition. and with such a fetch as this. easy to be a very fine preacher in a very fine chapel. when the minister to happens to know no more about John the Baptist than the pulpit. " Forbear !" have the We . with his blue beard. to point its slow in was exalted unmoving finger at? Say. as a but for the hand of Scorn. Or moving spirits bade the waters flow Remote from man. where sound will do instead of sense. and never want to know anything more about So. say. or the depravity of heart. Gobble END OF THE MOCK SERMON. of that unhappy man who would thus pour contempt on everything that is sacred. all his pleasure —praise. we'll not be frightened from our criticism— we'll have a peep into it. business.

or blasts from hell. by God. the first Chaldean king who preached to the race of men all day. who came : out of the appeared in the neighborhood of Babylon. no more a distinctive or additional one than an additional copy of the New Testament would be an additional authority. taken in the appear from the unsophisticated. nor had reference that ever If it (whoever they were) to any events it happened upon earth shall turn out that I can show you what i. evidently deriving the story from the Chaldean Berosus. merely. before the internal evidence of his derivation of the from the very legends from which it has passed into our The authority is. then. . half a Sea. obvious. if it shall text of sacred writ. The authority. the key of the mystery . shape. Be thy intents wicked or charitable. Thou comest in such a questionable That I will speak to thee. 418. the sea^ —and thus acquired the name : of John the Dipper.! : THE devil's pulpit. the form of conjuration. p. and every night dipped back again into his native element. Josephus himself. John the Baptist. unstrained most literal. that thou appear —appear—appear spirit " Be'st thou a of health. was that they ' Maurice's History of Hindostan. for can be adduced for the existence of such a person as John the Baptist. I will use it now. describes who Red an amphibious animal. in the reign of Alorus. or goblin damned. I conjure thee. vanishes in a moment gospels. under the very name of Oannes.'' distinctive testimony of the historian Jose- The pretended phus story. therefore. to the real existence of John the Baptist. that no such person as John the Baptist ever had a real : that the evangelists themselves never meant a real personage. vol. is one and the self-same in both all that and we are thrown back on the unsupported and unabetted claims of the gospel story. Now.. and man and first half a fish. first sense is and common^sense meaning of what existence called the original Greek. Bring with thee airs from heaven. 53 word.

to our business now to the proof of Give me let but the measure of attention which you to owe to learning. but the . And so me not I your conviction as long as you possibly can I will . of. the kingdom of heaven does suffer violence. which most literally are. which you owe withhold from do so.'*'' if had any chronological ence. and I in that I charge them with being deceivers of the people: inasmuch as that they am not one . to the preachers of the gospel in this metropolis are dunces. But in the days of Herod the King — as Christ is ^^ represented. "7.'*^ dication of an infinite indefiniteness and remoteness of time those days . the The days having reached reign of the tender Lamb of March. as I triumphing in the challenge which have given . Such is premost avowed and declared stories of witches. point which you will find in the tropic of Cancer. cisely the form of beginning the in those days. the longest. at the 21st of June. the harmless Bullock of April. "and it Luke has it. by right of conquest. or hobgoblins. what they preach. in the 12th chapter of this Gospel. THE devil's pulpit. " Once upon a time .54 really did ing. — Baptist. then. Yes! there were giants came to pass in those days. as I shall show you. or from time immemorial. the Baptist until now." as St. as saying. could refer only to an infinitely remote antiquity. and whence derived : it was that that. Mark. that from the days of John the Baptist that is. nor win it from make it mine. and from the beginning of the luorld. the From the days of John violence. is no more.i those days came John the Baptist. their real meanall was I shall stand entitled to your verdict. first. your own character as rational beings. from that downward. or." in those days — that is not in those years. and not Christian savages invade the rights of man. or in the reign of any prince that ever reigned upon earth.'*'^ the in" in . Kingdom of Heaven suffer eth and the violent take it hy forced it Where the phrase ^^from refer- the days of John the Baptist. mean. and I do. in those months. from the 24th and 25th of June. ghosts. the days of John the be synonymous only^with such a sense as. your favor but will woo it from your courtesy. and the pretty children of May. : Now. they do not know the meaning of this.

Baptist and his baptism. as our Freemasons at this day do. — which is an astronomical that is. —En. by denouncing idolatry. the Blue Devil of November. they seem to pull the Sun from quered his attitude lower spreads his latest year. It IS of the more consequence that no liberty should be • This origin of the Jews agrees with the assumption of Moses in explaining the mysteries or teaching the truth to the common people. . or those of Isis." and lower. that this John the by no possibility be brought within the associations of idea of any nation or people who had been educated under such Moses. a Holy Nation. the "In rjxdey those days came John the Baptist . hideous Python. came* not word. that there never was: the name like that of Freemasons among and meaning only those fanatics.THE devil's pulpit. who had been initiated and ^^ passed over^^^ or ** wjt?" to the highest rank in the Greater Mysteries of Eleusis. — as " a peculiar people. right Scales of September. do take the kingdom of heaven by force . by setting aside the peculiarly Mosaic institution." scattered throughout the world. signifying in Latin adfuit he made his appearance. the Snake in the full chase after the Virgin over the of August. till "dread Wintei gloom. and who considered themselves. Jews^ mean a learned body. violent 55 Lion of July. Observe again. and all the other Sons of Violence. JeivSy^ Hebrews f Israelites ourselves — designating. in Egypt . of whatever nation they might be. the Worm that never dieth. an absolute demonstration." but fairly translated Greek It text is has not the word that could be but Trapayiverai. in Greece. had there ever been such a nation as that of the Jews to : which I shall hereafter show you. and the innocent folly substituting of baptism. he became present — Now. institutions as those ascribed to They could not have even imagined such an imagina- tion as that of rendering themselves acceptable to the God of Moses. of October. A John Baptist could not possibly have been a Jew. and reigns tremendous o'er the conwill You observe. could too.

he might be reaay to duck under. Because his food was not such as could have sustained of any human being: and whether he came from heaven or from hell. really was none other than the prophet Elijah come again. and treat us as infidels for showing him more respect than they do Christ has said. and horses of fire. drinking. most severe St. of the Lord. mecool their mettle ere they could catch him. thinks. and supposing his meat was nothing else but locusts and wild honey. taken with the sacred text. where John the Baptist came from. Because was in him. 900 years before. for these 1 twelve good reasons it is Because not said. 4th. had you seen himself. but that we should adhere to the . and to make Because his appearance was not that of a not have taken human being. that he came neither and sure.56 THE BEVIL^S PULPIT. and so give those red-hot race-horses a cnance to 'Tis strange. he must have lived in a continual purgatory. wno. 6th. should Herod the Tetrarch . Because Christ himself said— and sure it is very hard when Christians won't take the word of their own Savior. should be after him again. eating or drinking Because Jesus himself said of him. and never said he anything more positively and solemnly that this John the Baptist. Which accounts for his keeping so near the water's edge. whom I beheaded he is risen from the dead. the life Because his dress wasn't decent. that one who had certainly been to heaven once. said of him-— that this is John the Baptist. You would 3d. as he down from the moon as the other had was certainly sent to prepare the way his path straight. in order that if the chariot of fire. with norses of fire. him for a human being. Because they said of him that he had a devil that the devil was in him. and therefore mighty works do show forth themselves in him. 5th. and appears not to have been known to this evangelist. had been carried up into heaven in a chariot of fire. . literality of it. the devil 7th. as they callea him. if he could live without eating and . — that is. 8th. He had as good a right to tumble to tumble up again 2d. as I invariably do : come what will on't. — .

Because. had danced herself into an ungenteel flusteration. he lived upon the wind. when and the question was fairly put to him. all . and John the Voice. wo. And they asked him what then art thou. I am the Voice ! blessed Savior. who art thou ? What say'st thou of thyself? He said. Art thou that prophet? And he answered. "Bring me here John Baptist's head in a charger. As Jesus is expressly called the Word." and she and her mother drank it off between 'em. Then said they. Luke says — that he was where it is. Luke explicitly says. the world over. 'Twas monstrous But I belieVe John cruel of them to serve John Baptist so. 9th. could possibly live. it will never do for Christians to accuse me of levity and sarcasm for speaking of a voice with- .— THE devil's pulpit. but confessed I am not the Christ. Yes Vox. that he grew and waxed strong in spirit. — I am not. that no man. 12th. she said. there are very few of us who wouldn't be ready to commit quite as bloody execution on him. and So now the mystery begins to clear up a bit. he'd in the deserts until be ready to drown himself. 10. Because the same St. And sure. to turn up their noses at a pint of John the the day of his showing unto Israel. And now we can account for his being so fond of wild-honeyFor the doctors say that that's the finest thing in the world for the voice. sirs. Elias ? And he saith. most literally. Because St. he was the voice — nothing but a voice. 11th. and demanded as fair explicit an answer —who art thou ? and he confessed and denied not. that. woman. the devil's in't if the voice and the word are not first cousins. or child. who eat and drink the body and blood of Christ. the boarding-school young lady at the lord mayor's ball. et prcBterea nihil a voice. take such pains to 57 show us. God forgive him for giving the He so plumply to our who positively declared that he was. rather than go back again. And sure it but ill becomes them. and if they'd bring us his head in a charger. when Miss Herodias. and wanted something to drink. certain — Baptist. eKparinro Trvevixan that is. Barleycorn gets served every day quite as cruelly. Because.

but astronomical. the Word. while the priest himself rethe wildernesses. He has no body. whether it lead me to heaven. on one side or the other. THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. parts. whether it may seem to make sense or nonsense. For these twelve reasons. or t'other place. I follow the throw-up of the very letter. reading. of as the Invisible God. and that a mighty voice. — the term as He was in the deserts. either to the right or left. the echo of their voice passed for that 'twas the very secret life And as the priests in all ages and countries were well the Deity himself. an accent. added to the reason which runs through them all. peeled through alcoves of the gods. where their whole system is founded upon so very is their near a relation to the Voice without a body. is who is often Old and New enough spoken never once spoken of as an Inaudible God. A barbarous people and never be — it forgotten that all the religion in the world is derived to us from barbarians and like savages — could sincerely believe that they had something sensible evidence of the real existence of a voice without a body. And thus. aware and charter of their craft to let nobody speak but themselves. —you must luke again be- the deserts until the day of showing unto power of language to put an astronomical enigma more astronomically. then. the correct came is preaching in the wilderness. and myself invariably adopt. when the echo of the priest's voice. through both our Testaments. on their affrighted ear. or passions. but that he appeared not historical. that John the Baptist It is not. He was in Israel. the severest literality of translation. for any sense whatever. do I advocate. but fore you'll guess at what brought him there it. without a meaning. the reason of common-sense and common honesty and truth. only he has the lungs of Stentor himHe does send forth his voice yea. as Divine Logos.58 out a body. or for the solution of such an enigma to be more distinct than this the constellation called John the Baptist is in the wilderness that is. and bowery mained unseen. you will find that God. then. not warping a syllable or . quite lost and It is not in the — — . but he can always be heard. ? Luke has his it . self. He can not be seen.

with a joy and liberty of heart which this clue of the With is whole science in our hand. in the form of a fish. the water-bearer. —— — : . —Why. who pours his stream of water into the mouth of the great Southern Fish and hence. the Being. who comes baptizing with water. • And what is the meaning of that name. of thy kindred that There But his is none called by this name. when he appears as the genius of the month Johnuary Aquarius. his and said. John. my boy What your name to Who Gabriel. at the season of his showing unto Israel. for thy wife Elizabeth shall bear thee a son. and most beautiful analogies. but — — 6(? jxeravoiav. to repentance^ is says our English rendering. the Fire that is. and 59 of confusion jumble which the starry heavens present to the illiterate and unscientific eye. in the seasons of the year. by which none of your kindred race or nation had ever been called before. to read from the face of heaven the bright interpretation of its dark sayings to untangle all its confused mysteries and. of the the name of God. which can make neither head nor tail of them but falling into distinct method. when they appear above the horizon : you will distinctly recognise him in the Zodiac. iMawnq ? It I discovers to us the three grand Ammonian radicals ON". is then John no longer in the wilderness. as soon as you shall have acquired the art of grouping them into the figures which they represent. in the proud possession of the kernel of science. ES. that this is not In the acquisition of which. and thou shalt is name John. meaning that is to change of mind to put the mind up to the trick on't. to solve every off problem of the gospel . very soon. history. of the Clialdeans. the Jonas of the Phoenicians. and shells under your science only can give. and looking for them .THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. swallowed by the fish. your old friend the Angel ? when he appeared Fear not. the Matsya Avatar. my call daddy the parson. feet. " Zachee. irnperceivable to the eye. the Sun. Cannes. the — able. the Sun Son in the sign of Aquarius. in the general wildness. ! Now. or first incarnation of Veeshnu. the . you will trample its husks . let us catechize this John the Baptist." *' mother's neighbors and cousins said unto her. you will be but science."^'^ And they said. gave you that name? —John. but to animadversion^ this is. and the fish-God. . the Xioawni of the Greeks. Zacharias. becnme Jonas. ol India.

Now. and a new birth unto righteousness . hearing that hei son John was about to be searched for. or. t It has become the Saint Januarius of the Catholics. are the words of an astronomical Hierophant. that Elizabeth. keeping the word of promise to your ear. the representation of all the great phenomena of — — — Janus. our Savior. the first of the Great Gods of the Romans. * Protevangetion Apocryphal Gospel. JameSf^ informed me. with a death unto sin. had not the holy oracles of God. John Baptist. as well they might. his mother. as it was in the case of the iaptist himself. and xne January. Ed. which is the festival of " Almighty God. Repentance. of which the characters were. "0 Mountain of the Lord. and swallowed the old woman and the boy both at a bounce. to which wonderful fact our holy church alludes in her incantation for the 24th of June. by whose the nativity of John the Baptist." and sent to prepare the way of thy Son. providence thy servant. being. and said. I dare say. of which the plot was. and so are the dunces and ignoramuses which I suspect them of being . pretty sharp set. '0)1/ upavwv. the mountain was seized cith labor-pangs. the very reverse and direct contrary in every respect from the notions you had imbibed from your stupid MeTavoeire nyyiKt yap n Bao-tXcta nurses and your lying priests. took him and went up into the mountains. they are the very fiends of imposture and deceit that palter with you in a double sense. **What manner of child shall this be?" And I should have been quite as much pestered to think what manner of woman old Betsy. and St. was wonderfully born. John the Baptist was born again. The mere ceremony of b&ptism would never insure om Salvation." And immediately the mountain. was. either don't know. a coming to understand things in a wholly different way. by preaching of repentance. receive the mother with the child. Meravoia. she groaned within herself. but that it pleased Almighty God that it should be so . entire change to break it to your hope of mind that is. — . the first of the Great Months of the whole world. delivered as the prologue to a tragedy. The old woman was completely digested: and nothing more should we have heard of John the Baptist. unless it be attended. for the solution of this Repentance ! What does it mean ? I am sure that your clergy and preachers of the gospel. if they do. sirs. the personified genii of the twelve signs of the Zodiac . of which the imagined scene was the heavenly Jerusalem. in the 16th chapter of the gospel according to St.60 THE devil's pulpit. opened his mouth. and seeing a mountain that she took a particular liking to.

till nine weeks and three days after that is. am come to admonish who will perform the character of Jesus Christ. last dying speech and confession. with a pitcher of water under his arm. and my cousin. Of which tragedy. with such effect as to insure your future patronage. and education. but it is the kingdom of heaven in panto- — — Jack Waterstone. you will find that the church really has fixed the festival of the nativity of John the Baptist on the 24th of June from which day. : . whom I have shown so King Herod. the bright Star of Aquarius rises in the calender of Ptolemy. . is no matter of human history or of real occurrence upon earth. the 29th of August. he gets his head cut off by the line of the horizon . of the Sun. says of his cousin. and all the rest on't. at half after two in the morning. every 30th of to be none other than King Herod August. downward to the decline of the year. not merely figuratively. execution. conviction. this performance. annually repeats the opera* lion. the prologue is spoken by a fellow dressed up after the fashion of Jack Frost. John's gospel. of the 24th of June.THE devil's pulpit. of which. trial. from the 25th of December upward. because that point really is. And sure enough. I hope. and that day our church^has fixed. is the birthday of John the Baptist fixed so near the Sun's highest point of ascension. ." And he actually does decrease. if you turn to the calendar in your prayer-books. the days grow continually shorter and shorter while. The prologue being the words of our text. at the fourteenth hour and a half of that day. turn your minds now to ihe astronomical signification. dead and buried. "-^for the Kingdom of Heaven is that is. . and as the direct adversary of Aquarius is Leo. of cutting off John Baptist's head. His benefit being fixed for the 25th of December. while the rest of his body is below . and mine for the 24th of June. or to your almanacs. I. and — * John the Baptist is beheaded on the 29th of August. **He must increase. and the ideal history of the birth. go through the dying scene. because. as the Genius mime you . and you have thus the key to that conundrum in the 1st of St. in camel's hair. the Genius of the 25th of December. METavoeiTE that is. who was conceived by the Holy Ghost. where the infant Baptist. sirs. will. suffered under Pontius Pilate. 61 nature. in the form of speeches in character. born of the Virgin Mary. with most mythological accuracy.^ And therefore. the Infant Jesus. they grow longer and longer. with a leathern girdle round his loins. but physically. parentage. as the festival of the beheading of John the Baptist. which I have the honor of at hand'''* announcing to you. the mountain of the Lord . but I must decrease. was crucified. animadvert ye.

or God's-spell that is. While those who reckoned the year as beginning at the Vernal Equinox. persons acting under a mask. which has become our English. or incantation of the Ram. and were the first theatrical performers. five hundred years before our Christian era. the Prometheus. you religion in the world is nothing but hypocrisy. or story of the tragedy. The first theatrical performances. as we read in the 40th of Isaiah. and having an under-sense and different understanding to themselves^ of the shows they exhibited to the people. the manager of the strolling company. Christ.62 THE devil's pulpit. when the Sun is in the sign of the Goat. exhibited the same rpaycoSn tragedy. or gentlemen of the buskin. admitted to have been acted in the theatres of Greece. and appears in the sign of the Lamb. were tragedies. and he said. The first were called viroKpirai. when the Sun crosses the line of the Equator. what shall I cry? But I say. the great enucleation. by those who reckoned the year to begin from the winter solstice. whose ancient Ammonian name was Gad. but I shall cry. by their appropriate title: ye hypocrites that is. cry. was precisely what our gospel is found to be an allegorical pantomime of the Sun's annual passage through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. is derived. From the days of remotest ages. and to warn their hearers not to go to any other playhouses. Hence the first forms of religion were perfectly theatrical. The oldest written tragedy which has come down to us. still keep up not blushing to preach against theatrical entertainments. was the gospel. You may cry what you please . the ode. was. and what was John the Baptist but an echo ? a voice. The voice said. Thus all our priests to this day are hypocrites. — the ode. and the first : tragedy. has ever been the it^s same. find the gospel itself bear witness. if they the most fanatical and evangelical of them could. and nothing but a voice. but not varied significancy of the Gad's-spell. The character of priests. and of the priests of all religions. or tragedians. the son of that self-same mountain. John the — no go ! But observe. and all the Of this fact. Baptist. the priests usurped to themselves the sole and exclusive right of addressing public A moassemblies. or Hypocrites that is. presents us with — — — . under the varied name. The first plot. they would. God. but physically. from which its name Tpays O^r? — performers. I pray ye. Mountains in all ages. which you do see with your own eyes. or incantation of the Goat. repeatedly addresses the chief priests and preachers of his gospel. ye players. not merely figuratively. as we have seen. but their own. or spell of the Goat. nopoly. by his second birth. Desmotes of -3ischylus. being famous for giving birth to echoes . in that.

have we the solution of that astronomical enigma. and opens precisely the same story with a precisely similar first scene. or come over. At — But where does our poor Johnny of the gospel. But as you see. to kill And so to take the very victuals out of his mouth. Where human footstep never marked the ground. length. where human footsteps never marked the ground?" Why. and the powers of the Heavens of common Immediately . who are called commentators but whose brains. pick us his locusts and wild honey in " those pathless wilds. as you see. to overcome. flying into his mouth Covenant. and sure I need not ness. I admit. ready to give him a somerset from his highest point of elevation. had done the that is. they are all of them eternally running and no sooner shall you see one of them getafter one another ting a little bit up in the world. And why is it.''^ explain to you how necessarily the honey that was torn out of very. very wild honey: the throat of a wild beast would be and there is the locust enough for him. then. And here. which gives us the real solution of Samson's famous riddle: ''Out of the eater came forth meaty and out of the strong came forth sweet' So there was the honey for him . which the Arabs ingeniously and John has to do call the honey-fly. to the wide world's extreme hounds. and pitch him — . as thus. for all the wit that was ever in them. the Lion of July was depicted with a Bee. which has so puzzled the chuckle-headed critics upon sacred writ. in the Scorpion of : m New — — October. Aries is the first. sirs: in the ancient Arabic constructions of the Zodiac. Samson. made ** potatoes. . the Fishes is the twelfth of them and they are all of them eternally running after the loaves and fishes. 63 the story of a crucified G-od. To Scythia are we come those pathless wilds. shall the Sun be darkened. than which nothing can be more apostolical. the wilderness^ enter the Demons of Force and Strength to them Mercury the messenger and forerunner of Jove : — . but you shall observe another rising in the horizon immediately under him. might as well have been .— THE devil's pulpit. sirs. Scene. And why are all the Twelve Apostles spoken of as twelve poor fishermen ? a scaly set of 'em. that " all that will live godly in Christ Jesus must suff'er persecution" ? But because. : Qavog TiKvOrjv jxcv eg vriKtipov oifxoi/ rjKOjxev rreSov eg eg aPporov eprjfxiav. and the Moon shall not give her light. after the tribulation of those days. and the Stars shall fall from Heaven. the Lion* in the Old. what his predecessor. to the devii.

Which sense they who reject. to save them. as the natural result of the tribulation. " there be some standing here that shall not taste of death until all these things be fulfilled.^' And sure.. the days have been persecuting one another. I say unto you. — E\^ Ot THE DISCOURSE ON JOHN THE BXPTTST. and pledging to our grateful faith the pleasing hope. seems to be brought in doubt. and larva of insects that might be fatal to incipient vegetation. in which they are done every year of our lives. the shortest day. so that our Sun is darkened . scarce a moonlight night or twinkling star appears. reign. not of any persons that exist. they »hall have reached the shortest. But ^* immediately after. on earth . but the tribula- tion of those daysj i» e." he adds. such things never were.64 shall be shaken. and Nature smile again. foggy day. with his sharp frosts eating up the grubs. *Mhen shall appear the sign of the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven. who is the Son of man. to save their Savior. ihe days shall be shortened. I may say. with peculiar emphasis. as ever their Savior wrought." as on the 21st of December. emerges the constellation of the Water-bearer. A catastrophe which we actually witness at this day. and the very power of the heavens to fertilize our earth again." THE devil's pulpit. "verily. nor could have been in any other than that astronomical sense. in the same sense as it was said by the astrologue of the gospel. this generation shall not pass away until all these things be done." As there you see. or ever did exist. that though for a season ^' Grim horror round our cottage Yet Spring will come. with power and great brightness. ." But done." " Nay. will find that they have as great miracles to work. the baptist of the Zodiac. to make us amends for the chill. immediately after.

as very soon ye shall know. titles my : proportion has been duly gazetted I . know. AT THE ROTUNDA. my are indisputable have been 5 literally hunted out of the . But don't be frightened. and the devil and with pure hearts and minds to follow thee. it may comfort ye to received at court. THE REV. the temptations of the world. 1830. my brethren don't meet trouble half way. through Jesus Christ. ''AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS. B. 27. the flesh.. that I have the honor of being somewhat better acquainted with his diabolical majesty than any public teacher or professor of the My credentials have been diabolical art in this metropolis. and the devil. devil he was ! the devil ! and. grant thy people grace to withstand . BLACKFRIARS-ROAD.THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. says our holy church. NOVEMBER ^^ Then was Jesus led up of tempted of the DeviW—Matthew the Spirit into the Wilderness^ to be iv. The " Lord. the only God. 1. have we all been affair catechized to believe *' our ghostly enemy^^ to be. RAISING THE DEVIL! AN ASTRONOMICO-THEOLOGICAL DISCOURSE ON THE TEMPTATION OF CHRIST."— Allan Cunningham." us — — . ROBERT TAYLOR. good Lord deliver and ^^from all the deceits of the world. A. For — ^^from the crafts and assaults of the . the flesh. our Lord Ammon:'*^ and twice in her holy litany devil. good Lord deliver us/' So serious a bit of business so right earnest a sort of an so real and so formidable a personage. we beseech thee.

whose I am. say ye! God is stronger than the devil. is and pretend that to out. And are you sure of that ? Ask the Jew in the garden of Gethsemane: does lama sahachthani. let me tell my good Christian hearers. whom I serve. I trust I shall not sink in your good opinion. from my zeal and diligence to serve my master faithfully. then. and will answer best in the long reckoning. And must tell ye honestly." to give the devil his due. a friend who might speak a good word for you at court. Jesus thy Master was bought and sold. that if 'twere the will of my royal to fetch master you to our empire. I do. archbishop of Pandemonium. concealment. which my modesty would have preferred. For. should call upon you as it is not unreasonable that I on behalf of " him. that fair play'^s a jewel." "how far I was — — from the desire of this. sound to thee. I am in office." Since. and you. canting . must be gratis tude to the devil. the devil. sirs.66 THE devil's pulpit. either with my master. and But.'' And them is it for the pimps and parasites of Godhead to to call themwith selves ministers of the gospel of peace. And sure. e'en. as their great wisdoms would have it so. committed the word of reconciliation. put on me thus reluctantly. it isn't lamb's blood nor holy water that could save you. or with yours. is: I You need not make the devil blacker than he nobody knows what friends they may come to need. keeper of the royal conscience to his majesty. sirs. And in such a case. if gratitude to God be the first virtue that can adorn the virtue character of a Christian. is not to be despised. But ay. the first that can adorn the character of one favored and honored as I am. " since they would buckle fortune primate of all helL on my back" to bear her burthen. as you may partly see. like the cry of them shout for the victory? who Then write this posy on the ring of thy remembrance ^' : Jockey of Norfolk. And. be not thou too bold. whether I would or not" "Satan doth know. and must not now sink under the weight of so many blushing honors. by squeamishly denying myself to be.

THE DEVIL'S rULPlT.'' enter thus in medias res. Under and in dreadful deeps. But my master has been treated with the utmost indignity. he durst not for the best feather in his archangelic wings. No." J^hile to they deny my . And shook his throne : what. immortal hate. because so does the text where you should observe . better title be considered as a minister of to the devil . and can show it you. but the spirit I God of this God of own scriptures world. as I have seen it. with richest hand. endangered heaven's perpetual king. and cast him down your to our Revile not him. This glory never could his wrath or might Extort from 1 t*5. how would in the children of disobedience f' which now ruleth tell can your admiration teach ye sovereigns. their superfluous nonsense.— — . like an eagle in a dovecote. he durst not — or — my great master would. And whom this world ? " the and you of the children of disobedience. Revile not him. against disputed about the whom even the archangel Michael. durst not bring a railing accusation. Who led the embattled his conduct. All was not lost — the unconquerable will. when he body of Moses. And study of revenge. into the midst of the subject at I treat . 67 " be ye reconciled to God. to scorn the state and pomp of earthly where a throne of royal state. 'E'en he Seraphim to arms. Fearless. tho' the field was lost. Showers on her kings barbaric pearl and gold. have trussed him great kitchen fire. east. And courage never to submit nor yield And what is more. whom expressly acknowledge to be the snould this world worship. royal court. not to be overcome. for his infernal spit. reconciliation when I say Be ye reconciled ye never had a quarrel with the other fellow. that there's a But had ye seen my master's devilish large family of 'em. "High on Outshone the wealth of Ormus or of Ind Or where the gorgeous Satan exalted sat. which far . once.

me — not know me. Faith may possibility could have been written. . there is no devil that there and that all the positive declarations of scripthat seem to speak of the existence of such a personage. in the old thai the devil. as folly to a fool ished.68 a fact. and free-thinking Christians. and all the other ory-goricals. where he is first mentioned in the New Testafor he is never once mentioned by that name. with a familiarity as gross as if the evangelist had calculated that the idea of the devil^would come as natural to us. metaphorical. depraving. you come town? How did ye leave our Or. than at once to bounce in upon us. Know ye not this. are allegorical. categorical. that it that the gospel has no claim to be called a revelation has no character of originality: no feature of anything that was new to the ideas of men that it was not written. but be ready accost him. but this internal evidence. after finding out that the devil. and their priests had thoroughly played the devil with them. in the ment is introduced to us as an absosingular number. THE devil's pulpit. that they could not possibly be original. like Paul Pry. If I were to name an evidence stronger than any other of the ne- and vitiating tendency of this would point to its soul-debasing. the story was up before. devil . is upon . which should never escape your critical remembrance. rhapsodical. dream what is it will of the originality of these writings. that. Written whenever they were. argues yourselves unknown. I to be Christians still. devilish gospel. that mean. and by no . should not at once to . whom the whole Christian doctrine entirely founded. who are for pretending cessarily demoralizing. with to his *'I hope I don't intrude. honor-killing influence on the minds of those who call themselves unitarian Christians. A proof than which imagination could conceive no clearer. please. anagogical." . oratorical. after all the follies till as many ages as you and superstitions of which it treats. as our country cousin. as if we should not be aston- want to know who to the devil was. with a Ah ! how d'^ye do. in plain . . in reality. were deeply and ineradicably rooted in men's minds. — — lutely old acquaintance. as if the devil himself friends in the low countries ? needed no further introduction to us. is a purely imaginary being never was any ture.

it enjoins a forty-days' abstinence in commemoration of his temptation and would have us expect our eternal salvation. is nothing more nor less than to option — to make it historical or visionary. sirs. for the first Sunday in Lent.: : THE devil's pulpit. did fast forty days and forty nights . " he was afterward an hungered. they are downright lies. But observe. that it occurred only in a vision all this appearance of historical truth and narrative simplicity. are these words "0 Lord. form of incantation. is a pretence. and temptation. fasting. for our sakes. . and so am sure it is much more important than that. ihat while it requires us to keep but one day's fast in commemoration of his death. I pray (what Christians never observe) the strict letter of the text." : . you will then. to the very letter of it. and mould it to the fashion all of your fancy.^ says our text. throughout the world. no sense when. notwithstanding. has ever received the temptation of Christ. that was a miracle that any of us could have beaten for if you or 1 had fasted twice as long. only serves to show what unprincipled and dishonest men their Christianity has made of them. to visionary. For sure. 69 is But there no part of the gospel story related with greater appearance of historical truth and narrative simplicity than this of the temptation of Christ. immediately after John the Baptist (whose astronomical characteristics I have lately so fully exin . at your own make of it a nose of wax. that when advanced by men who profess and*all themselves Christians. not more from the merit of his precious death and burial. and we shall " Then was Jesus led up of the see the wonders it evolves. The so) holy church. . as as real an event (and I as his crucifixion. English. than from his haptUm. or from his glorious resurrection and ascenAs in the sion. while maintain that this portion of the gospel was any other part of it was real.^"* But sure. but as it has a reference to a when and that find was. who." and ^^when he had fasted forty days and forty nights. Then ! why when ? There can be spirit into the wilderness. we should not have been afterward hungry we could have kept it up to all eternity. The pretence then.

when he came to the tempter that is. plained) had poured his water upon him. for it is written. or lugged by the ear. He shall give his angels charge lest concerning thee. which were with him. Jesus like was led by the spirit — whether he was led by the hand. " If thou be the son of God. how my master could make your master eat his words. my master hasn't to go straggling about to fetch his pupils. " Will God suffer his son to be make good hungry ?" made bread. He setteth Jesus my master on a pinnacle of it. Man shall not live hy hread alone. he saith unto him. that he was a truly regenerate person then. Christian. to my master for he is a very tempting gentleman. Paul. when he had the witness of God's spirit with his spirit.''^ And what wild beasts were they. like Ezekiel. ." written^ "If thou beest the son of God. Then the devil taketh him up into the " The holy city. hut hy every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of soon God. to his pretensions. And observe again. was he full ripe for . more astronomically. St. led by the nose the note for our observance that he was led up into the wilderness. and in their hands they shall bear thee up. Mark's gospel has — — him the fairest and most honorable challenge. as St. why — — not Karrjxdr] — dowTi — into the wilderness ? Where was this wilder- always be up into the wilderness it. will I show you the whole menagerie. cast thyself down . My master called on him for something like Christian evidence.^^ where is that ? holy city. I assure you.^^ So you see.70 THE devil's pulpit. av^x^^ up. that the phrase should and. ''he was with the wild beasts. when he had been baptized. command that these stones be But he could command no such thing. ** And when the tempter came to him'*'' that is. up in the wilderness ? Anon. Observe ye. when he had been born of water and of the spirit. and so ''It is shirks us off with a methodist-parson text of scripture. and gave ness. the devil. or like all other is good Christians. everything that is holy is is devilish: it belongs to the temple itself his. and " Lo the heavens were opened unto him!" Then. The Holy Ghost brings 'em to him . and willing to try whether he dared work a disinterested miracle. and not till then.

Freshlet or purling brook. took was beginning to him down. in order stood. And with your show (what is indeed the truth) that a thorough Christian never knew what justice meant. and had feared a rival in the Galilean' boy. had my dread ''' sovereign been the malignant being ye have been scandalously taught to think him. . and game. With fruits and flowers from Amalthea's horn. And And exquisitest name. built. with the gripe of Hercules on Antaeus. That fragrant smell diffused. down to hell. and Afric coast at a stately side-board by. would have been but a me banyan day. as if to the fathers upon the children? Is he the child-killer? Must tem- he have bloodly per ? sacrifices to propitiate his own his irritable No! with loving-kindness not to be surpassed. till my good master. and saved your sirs. with generosity not to be equalled. and meats of noblest sort. nothing the like of it. of shell or fin. All fish from sea or shore. or In pastry from the spit. in pity to his danger. that his brain swim. as Milton (who was certainly inspired. the wine. compared to at Guildhall. dishes piled. man was) before him a banquet. fowl. " A table With richy spread in regal mode. at 71 Jesus any time thou dash thy foot against a stoned But there ])oor was content to sit. perceiving from the nonsense he was talking. or boiled. if ever expressly assures us. he takes and. set which.: THE devil's pulpit. and say I sent thee thither . you have charged my sovereign lord with every vice that you could think of.?" it No. but that he should have seized the young usurper by the! nape of the neck. Savior. What should have hindered. while you can not prove against him a single imperfection. and dashed him off with a " Down. for which was drained Pontus and Lucrine bay. And savor. Is he the jealous God that would visit the sins of But was so? Christian justice. the intended feast hungry pupil.

Fresh flowers and crown thy head shall Joy shall attend thy steps. will I give thee all thy souPs desire. and ease smooth thy bed. and the crush of worlds. more fair Than thought could think.'" the "0/^5oy." Say ye that both him and my master me with your them hath a cloven foot. shady grove to strew thy couch. to 0. no ! " The stars shall fade away. which our more has left frigid gospel our imaginations to supply." says Milton." withstand him? en. sound. breathing choicest sweets around The fragrant bow'r. or wish desire. And ladies of the Hesperides. the words of the temper. devil! will ye him by such degrading names as " Old Scratch. But ah. Pandemonium ? my God still and Savior: dare to call my sovereign. The wreck of matter. from the Greek of Prodicus. My master said : " Now. the sun himself immortal youth. and owed a debt to nature.72 THE devil's PULriT.'' ''Old Nick.''^ ''Old Harry. enhanced with music's Fittest to tune the melting soul to love. while our own most bishop of London has translated. must long ago have paid it. All that can charm thine ear. and felicities of our And will ye continue to revile imperial my blessed the master. cool fountain. Grow dim with But he age. To steep thy ravished senses in delight The sumptuous feast. lovely tempting devil! who could And is there anything in all Jehovah's heav- match the still glories. what a tempting. Rich odors."and the ''Old Oner who. had he been capable of growing old. or love could wish them fair. and taunt ye evangelical jibe? are the feet of that preach the gospel ?" **How Then beautiful let them . and please thy sight. All that thy thought can frame." distinguished "This was no dream. and nature sink in years shall flourish in Unhurt amid the war of elements.

as the ambassador of his satanic Your master could indeed bestow it : majesty. ** describing God himself. of which have heard my honorable master say. I convict ing of the gospel. with me. to say one thing and I mean another ." tell. may you see the cherubim of glory shadowing the mercy-seat of Yahou. accept the noble challenge which I have given them. double with. your clergy have the gift of tongues. the person of legs. with four heads a-piece. weak i' th' understand- But. how soon they should find themselves de-feet^ For. Parkhurst's Hebrew and Greek Lexicons. by my master's honor. " The man who one thing thinks. on terms of fair and free discussion. but only one leg . or to yours. Ezekiel. that his legs were straight but the of his foot was the sole of a calf's foot:" and.— : THE devil's pulpit. with their cloven tongues. in the solution of that enigma. in the language of Pandemonium K%0pof yap fioi^KCivos Ojxois A^taSaio -nvXrifftv Os K^erepov fxev Kvdei evi <ppecai aWo 6e Pa^ei. with brain sauce to it. all heavenly-minded creatures. but devilish ing. and if a cloven foot. and most copiously but mine alone could serve you up the tongue. By process of magical . in Dr. as them of being as ignorant of the real meanif they didn't know great A from a bull's in But as a mistake a matter which concerns your soles may be a very serious matter at the last ! — to the law and to the testimony foot belong to and judge for yourselves. and can another My soul abhors him as the gates of hell. of to which the only conceivable use must have been. and see ed. I'll fetch my master himself. When sole your prophet says. Let them come and stand foot to foot. whether the cloven my master. would foot. 73 that preach the gospel. what speak say ye to your own apostles. being as headstrong as you please. to undertake its defence. were such disparagement . But if you be not satisfied with my ministry.

yet has he something dangerous about him^ which let your prudence fear. either in the Testament. and accustomed yourselves to speak and think. and says.' " Whereupon the Galilean. wherever Satan is mentioned. and saith unto him. " Get thee lehind me. and behold angels came and : ministered unto So. thou shalt wor^ ship the curious words. How respectfully do those angels and ministers of grace. my master will not be insulted with impunity: : he'll settle with him for this: he'll meet him at Gethsemane he'll pay off the whole score he'll nail him for it. For though my master " be not choleric nor warm. till it be my master's sovereign my sovereign." St. that him eat. turns me a particular part of his person on my divine master. keep their distance from the royal presence. to let to starve. Luke closes the story with the the devil had ended all the tempta^ departed from him.^'' where the to devil left him. sirs. raise the devil : and you shall take his measure for a pair of shoes. I'll THE devil's pulpit. and showeth him all the kingdoms of the world. with an impudence and the ingratitude which showed manners of one who had been born in a stable.'''' For a season! Yes! for a season. of his serene highness.74 incantation. be sure on't. only is commending adhered to . and leave the son of God pleasure. and more : explicitly was an and circumstantially related by the holy evangelist " Again the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain. is after-dinner scene. how accurately the analogy Old or New which. him. for a season. For. in a moment of time . All these things will I give thee. Satan : for it is written. and the glory of them. " tion. invests him with a character of superior dignity and greatness. " Then the devil leaveth him. on behalf of however disrespectfully ye may have learned. ye have . Matthew concludes his narrative with merely saying. * if thou wilt fall down and worship me. I shall leave him too. The last scene of the temptation of the son of God. your observance. And I must remind ye. he Lord thy God^ And when St.

" and that he was the father of lies. methinks. to his immortal honor as I shall show 'tis a charge of which the sound alone has struck your ear. was as pure from any moral defect. and tempt- great master be called the ^emp^er. Our Father —lead us not into temptation?" when your gospel itself so positively shows And are you so dead sure on't. morally we deny. and with his tail drew after him a third part of the stars of Heaven. nor could fairly have drav^n any such inference. ** if be the devil alone. that the Christian when he says. in being led to hear your gospel ministers. that *' he was a liar from the he ginning. The father of aberrations. as the sun's disk. Testament. but to where you had never been before and you would be as willing to embrace it. .THE devil's pulpit. . or from the devil himself. while your understanding is innocent of the meaning. that if you were led by the or chapel. whether it came from heaven or hell. For though it be once said. — . who. ical obliquity. as a disparagement in 'tis rather disgracious of " they upon the adverse faction. wholly unexceptionable. which they account the great universal into a state of distinguishing perfection of theirs. from darkness. and abode not in the truth . — John viil. that your minds are under the guidance of God's holy spirit. that you spirit. The spirit of truth would lead you in the pursuit of it not to go again and again to where you were in the habit of going. and the son of David: yet. it would not be to church would be led but to the Rotunda. Physically we acknowledge." to represent that my sovereign. 44. who it has sent the trial. from the devil's bishop. tempter. . And though my Job. from the beginning. can possibly tempt manaddressing who is it. J^ learned no such lesson. slipt out of the zodiac. * AvdpcoTTOKTOVO r}V aTT^ap')(r]ij on xptvarm £Oti. on wholly ex-parte evidence. you. either from your Old or New is The moral character of Satan. in that phys.* which I admit him to have been. who is the whole human race who is temptation and And kind. the charge. who tempted ed David.

76 THE devil's pi. Lord of the Covenant Baal Peor. - •> - - Is he not Belial.LPrf. From the fact of the serpent representing in hieroglyph. in conjunction with that of Satan. Lord of the North Baal Perazim. the royal idea> is serpent — the a dragon. It is the wicked. ye to anticipate. Lord of the Opening Baal Zaphon. Apa/cwi'. a serpent. and the culty will be. Take his other glorious names. be it And. from the circumstance of his accusing the brethren. the Greek or O^ff. all the great theories of astronomical science — the serpent all became diffi- the great emblem of the supreme being. the guilty. the Lord—the King ? In the all varieties and modifications of the name of the serpent. the Lord Almighty Baal Moloch. of Genesis to the last of Reve- and I defy your proof of one. whose literal meaning or sense of moral wickedness as you have imagined. he is never called a false accuser. prepare significancy implies any such solution. who have cause to fear an accuser. a snake. from the lation. Though the devil be called an accusevy and take his names of the adversaryy and ^tapvXog. and to resist the conviction which I flash upon you. is not an enemy. to that astronomical lectures. before God : yet. that you can find. nocent man. But. John. which is called the devil and Satan. which my previous " That old serpent. an accuser." says St. or which does not imply. take all the names and first titles of his diabolical majesty. and directly lead the mind. day and night. radical . to hide yourselves from the broad glare of light. the criminous alone. that Is name signifying the bearer of light he not Belzebub. to an inobserved. Hebrew nacash. Baali-Al^ Lord of the Opposite Baal Berith. Lord of the Divisions Baal Samen. ? Is he not Lucifer. Lord of the Scorpion. or basilisk. the attribute of a peculiar acuteness of sight and . Lord of Heaven Baal Aiten.

his iia\ IS. in our own Greek Testaments which is a slight variation from the Hebrew. he appears and behold. " And no says that cloven-tongued iaeaning magician. in Hebrew. which first occurs in 1 Mit la Greek. Samuel xxiv. Apollyon — that is Apollo . name Abaddon . God and the devil. and Satan. Ve yomed Shethn ol Yesroile. sirs! be in it your mind to perpend this magical inconfirm cantation. the apostolic chief of sinners and doubleand no . ^"^ich hath. And in the ancient Phoenician tongue. act of Satan. IS the earth's half-circuit round now become Lord marvely'*'* of the ascendant. the Father. xxi. expressly ascribed to Yahou — thus proving that first Jehovah. and appears in the venith. thou it king of scorpions.— — ! THE devil's pulpit. to whom —appear!—appear! ! Well. whence Latin word. Chron. left as a relic of their superstition. in which this . literally. . . Satan ! ! ! Baal Peor ! Belial ! Lucifer pit. He who was the bottomless pit but anon. the ad^ perse king. will my title of the cre- devil's chaplain. the Lord. sathen. are really one and the self-same imaginary being. this is the true history and origin of the I Now. . John. and paid us Romans borrowed back. and a moment. by calling up Belzebub ! my master to ratify my dentials. having stings in their given to hurt the earth for five months [touching the globe). he ac- quired the their name of the deuce. the Deity. 1. the dues. What Abaddon is oh. the Being and IiaOavag. which those the naviga- tors to this country. by this semi-rotation of the ot globe the representation sun. And devil. saith St. Apollyon thou king of the bottomless tails. Satan himself in the is transformed into an angel of light. which is a direct repetition of 2 is where are the words. hence its 77 sun^ so addressed reference to the all-seeing by Homer The suiij who sees and hears all things. AB —AD —ON.

to shelter ignorance. that of a green cheese. they might be referred to the vague indefiniteness of : curious coincidence and the gospel. when analogy breaks not down in one single point to entertain a doubt of the only inference resulting. knaves. demonstration. and truth in the place of fable. 1 pray. artifices. would be so wilfully blind. observe ye. and nine parts. who offers them science in the place of fanaticism evidence. and so madly stupid in matters of religion. notwithstanding. when they . indeed for these transformations of Satan into Christ. or the canting insolence of those three parts. « PULPIT. that the gospel could possibly be true. to priest- ly craft. If one or two. is — possible only to that innocent idiotcy of understanding. as night. . faith. or to imagine. marvel. bring we forth the richer are array of evidence. us and from those very difficulties in their very grossest form. day and The marvel on't is. who. which unitarian craft would so craftily evade. idiots. and of Christ back again regular. drives us in no us on no subterfuges. And truth. leaves Our method of interpreting the sacred difficulty. as if a devil indeed were pursuing them. under the bull-hide shield of sanctified insanity. or only a few analogies were found between the gospel-narrative and the visible phenomena of the in its starry heavens tail. the majesty. from the man. the grandeur of scriptures. are not put to the juggling unitarian of picking and culling. rejecting passages which we . was so. that could imagine that the moon serve its vile was made heart. broad lines of de- be considered as historically true. and the brighter refulgence of truth. : We . that men who have their eyes open enough in other respects. Neither we put to it. into Satan. are as natural and as the succession of summer and winter. as to take fright and run away.r: THE DEVIL . and — — falsehood. all is But the when coincidence from beginning to end. or to that priestly villany of it would swear that sirs. don't like and choking at his tail but all goes down with swallowing the camel.

THE could not for the life devil's pulpit. hut — the wise shall understand.^^ But not so is it with the priests of the present day: with the ministers and lecturers on the evi- protestant priests. and Row-Shew. we pity. allegory. when you die ? You'll think very differently when you come to lie on a dying bed. unless their value and their splendor nad neen concealed that they under the allegorical it veil. where you'll be perhaps where are they now ? before a fortnight's over your head. are for quitting scores. and a red-hot satisfied blazing hell lation. the policy which a dire necessity forced upon those intellect before the general who had the start in the mind was stirring. yea. and axing !'' for a drop of water to squench your burning tongue Thus would usurping idiotcy insult the face ot science. Think of the deaths of Woltaire. tell 79 us of 'em say a sensible thing. under the the pro- all-believing tecting shell of miracle and fiction. and Tom Paine. sirs. nor word of the shovelfuls they heap on us. Why. by Mother Cole's reckoning. it. lifting up your eyes in the derivation of a single hell. a with nothing but tales crucified Savior. we march of may admire. They had something the could teach: they taught ruffian not perhaps as they would. Their writings would not have come down to us at all. that from a dire necessity of protecting themselves from the squeeling savages of salvation ferocious dispositions —whose of horror. — the first men of science were driven into dissimu- and obliged to hide the bright pearls of astronomical is knowledge under the thick veils of gospel the true history and origin of the gospel. upon the principle which themselves avow " None of the wicked shall understand. And thus it was. And this We forgive. ** What will become of your soul. the rich treasures of their collective wisdom would have been despoiled. but as would be endured hands of the —passing word of truth through multitude. and barbarous ignorance. would be a murdered God. tread on the neck of learning. even with the most enlightened of our dis- senting clergy —unitarians .

as surely only can be it esti- mated. it Estimating the power of priestcraft. of the nursery. hang like a dead weight upon the wings of science. . the nineteenth century. and are the greatest obstacles to human improvement that the world ever had to contend with. by the quantity of intellect over which prevails. END OF THE FIKST PISCOURSE ON EAISING THE DETO.80 THE devil's pulpit. tremble at the fee. but men in stature. who. faw. in this priest-ridden metropolis -m this. dences of the Christian religion. in we have proof that that power was never so great as the present age. fum. when it is no longer children and savages. and dare themselves to go to any school where there is a possi- that they may learn more than is to be learned in the gospel shop. not trust bility and intelligent men in everything else. instead of being be- forehand with the world in the progress of knowledge. who fi.

character. AT THE ROTUNDA. great discoveries we have made in the stable of where I showed you the infant Jesus in the precise position of Jupiter. in the stable of Augias. ** it becometh us to thus must we observe the most accurate astronomical analogies. and. ** came I baptizing with water^ And thus again. 27. for thus is. must baptize the GoJ of day. as he saith in his — : character. sirs. THE REV.THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. the Water-bearer that is. our genius of the in month of Johnuary. " that he might be made mamfest to J^rae/"— that is. ere he can enter fully on his ministry. seeing 6 .^^ And thereJohn the Baptist. ROBERT TAYLOR. says diagram of the visible heavens. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD.. Bring me up. 1830. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESSES CHAPLAIN. rendering over charge to Aquarius. PART II. suckled by a goat. B. That Capricornus.— OF RAISING THE DEVIL! AN ASTRONOMICO-THEOLOGICAL DISCOURSE ON THE TEMPTATION OF CHRIST. NOVEMBER ' Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into tempted of the DeviU^ —Matthew the Wildernessy to be iv. and make our magical spell a perfect fore. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS "—Allan Cunningham. " Suffer it to be so fulfil all righteousness^^ — that now. that the sun might come to shine forth in the Zodiac. the benefit of your remembrance of the Bethlehem. the John the Baptist of January John must unbind the frosts of winter. A. the Goat of December. with descending rains. 1.

which the starry canopy of Heaven presents to the untutored eye ? How. — that is. that rectifying the unevenness of day and night of the Zodiac. at a *' month's distance. before he can enter upon his ministry. nor created. and there they . Ten thousand marshalled stars a silver zone." that is. or be led up into that wilderness. And light exterior worlds with golden fire. whereby he shall be called the Lord our righteousness. Why. But how can he be brought into the world. immediately after having been baptized by Aquarius. " wheeling gars unshaken through the void immense. — that is. This name. he exclaims.'' And what must position that allegorical nonentity.''^ eternally and necessarily proceeding from the rapid and eternal motion of the whole solar system. but by the spirit? that holy Gust.82 Jesus at a distance THE devil's pulpit. and come at what ill the gospel ministers are marching after. are astronomically allegorized as him their adorations in that sublime mysticity. but proceeding. Behold the Lamb of Gad. it a sarcasm and a pun on language. to suppose an allusion world to such idiotcy as the conceit of taking the criminality of the crimes of men. the mutton of Marcn. nor begotten. the O^oat. that rushing mighty is wind." with a velocity that begall power of numbers: " So late d£scried by HerschePs piercing sight. is the ivorld. and gives an equal length of day taketh the sin away and night to is the whole earth : h aipo^v rriv afiapriav rw KoafiH. and the beef o{ April? Why ! he must live upon^sA. Hang the bright squadrons of the twinkling night. whose lowest was the stable of his nativity in the sign of Cajjricornus. — EiTuse their blended radiance round her throne j Suns call to suns in lucid orbs conspire. the Water-bearer^ necessarily have to pass through. which. in Aries. which necessarily ** not made. sirs. the Ram of March. or jumble of confusion. in astronomical language. that of the world . all away the From which analogy. the constellations which make up the great paying is his circle of the heavens.

to the But your minds once awakened from the drunken dream of sober realities of reason. because they are detailing in songs of Zion—. like all other low-spirited And as. " out of work. in the pavilion of February. have read to me the sentence of my fate. to ! and come it 0. he was preparing to enter upon the ministry. and Christian mythology alike of the Shasters. he generally sets him to work. and Pouranas of the which constitute the — : ea«t. and nothijig coming in. of course. which you call the Psalms of David. through the twelve months of the year.THE devil's pulpit. e. rich the pearls of science." The man who loved truth and hated Christianity more than ** — ! know I know faith.''^ influence. and original and meaning alike of the Pagan. through the solution of the astronomical riddles of the labors of the sun. " God shall suddenly shoot at me with a swift arrow. . fellows. How for the rough and unseemly. to be tnchanted morning and evening. He was very low spirited and so. put himself to school to the devil. sirs. indeed the But. 83 are for him. he would want a private tutor for that business he . And why are those most beautiful. . that I I shall be wounded. . Jewish. before the Christian herd. divided into thirty or thirty-one portions. how suddenly shall a fearful end !" I know it I consume. the Christian clergy. Vedas. over forty days and forty nights. are these husks and shells. will run with a rapidity faster than demonstration can keep up with you. incomparably beautiful and sublime compositions. on which the swine do feed how throwing of a few of which.i. during which poor Jesus is in the plight of. it ! will be so But be my epitaph ! more than he feared death he loved life. He has all that idle time upon his hands. tal and of both the Old and New Testaments of our occiden- world. of the Zodiac. entire whole substantive sense. extending their scaly- more or less. for every day of the month. and (the proverb's somewhat musty) but when my master finds a man idle. perish.

and lo the dejected in autumn. the heavenly bodies sign. in succession. the very name you will observe of him among the twelve apostles. according predicaments of his physical is phenomena. the 21st of June. having been the leader.^^ wath that astronomical explanation of to the it — ^' For it is written^^ — that is. and so. the joys and sorrows. must necessarily be . in allegorical e. eav ttscojv TiPocKWrjarii fioi. fall down and worship him — that is. therefore. adaptations of the allegory. goes before him. — it is ** according shalt worship''^ — that the Thou is. seemed to go before. himself addresses. whose Hebrew name is Thomas. when language. but the adopposite the Ata. the Sun's highest point of ascension. the is diametrically sign. dejections and elevations. at once his guide. in the beautiful Who verse then. he astronomically does. and receives that astronomical rebuke: *' Get THEE behind me. the devil. through the led And having him to the top of iha* exceeding high mountain — that is. who is up. through the wilderness signs of the Zodiac. is.84 mystic allegories THE devil's pulpit. And. and had more than half a mind to go back again. in this congruity. and yet his constant adversary sign. the sun : hoping in spring. tempts him. of the true David. . and down. or addressed. conflicts and victories who is despairing in winter. he down. after the devil who. triumphing in summer. the tropic of Cancer.Jo>of — that when i. immediately after becomes the follower. and drag and pull Christ up to that point. He addresses him in that accurately astronomical problem ^^ All these things will rne:'"^ I give thee. and allegori- did. comes down from his height of ascension. all the grand vicissitudes of the year. and tutor. he is up: who. if thou wilt fall down and worship And from cally that point. the adverse shalt follow or come after Lord thy God — that as I have so abundant- ' Taira rravTa cot (fwao). everlasting law of thou. who was a crabbed incredulous fellow. is. Satan.

which is the day of the And Christians. that as there are three persons Godhead. yet are they not three devils. is the devil . but one devil: the moral character of Satan being nothing more than a picture of the physical tions. The Dragon. all or the Athanasian. Michaelmas-day being exactly of the same length as lady-day. and Virgo. if you will remember the simple axiom. whose name they translate as signifying equal with God. or immortal creed. becomes the Sun of the Autumnal Equinox. without knowing the Archangel Michael. and the Sun of the 29th of September. the archangel. so there are the three persons is in the in the devil- head : the Hydra. holding a pair of scales in his hands. the Virgin. ' Sun of the Vernal Equinox. physical meaning of their belief. in signification of his astronomical character.— THE devil's pulpit. in the Lamb of March. that persecutes the Lamb. . is the devil devil. which is one of the titles is of Him that was crucified. have universally believed that Saint Michael. And the Archangel Michael represented as warring with Satan. about the 29th of September. that persecutes and the Whale. was represented as a fierce warrior. ly explained 85 thou shalt follow after the constellation of the literally Ram. the . in the 25th of March. precisely as the head of the Serpent appears to be pulled down . Cambridge. Leo. when God and man is one Christ. through contradictions of scientific its conundrums and apparent theological system. the genius of the autumnal equinox. was none other than God himself. and eternally is. most literally is the same Sun as the Sun of the tribe of Gad.^^"- was. the Lord Gad of but Nor will you ever be confused in this science. In the ancient Persic projec- tion of the sphere. as Thus God becomes man. on the altar-piece of Trinity College. is a most beautiful and the of the grand the exhibition paradoxes of the Zodiac. phenomena of these three constella- And the creed of Saint Athanasius. extending over the three signs of Cancer. as that Just One. which Israel.

or lessly and our earth's annual motion round the sun throws the makes him seem to go. or. but by taking the manhood into God. between by which alone you can to be moving in their positions. THE devil's pulpit. exactlv opposite them. ^^ . not by conversion of the Godhead into flesh. whom he may devour. the ob- which your eye will seem thus. the sign does Sun enters into the sign © e. genius of the scales of September in the starry- And Gad becomes Michael — that is. with most astronomical not enter into the Sun. or go-between. and all the — Christ. slips out of the Zodiac. the Sun.^^ Whom. with relation to the distant its parts of the room. as his eternal punishment.86 by the heavens. not but yours. are suns to systems of their own : sun. and . measure the change which is going on. He walketh about. but the physical liar the constellation Ccetus. you will see that object. condemned to follow the Lamb. He abode not in the truth. for your greater convenience. at the point of the vernal equinox. di- As. only walk round the table with your eyes steadily rected to any fixed object on the table. will be a mediator. sirs. says the cloven-tongued and double-meaning apostle. stars is. between us and those measureremote fixed stars. because the fixed which compose or make up the tribe of Gad. and is. most literally. God becomes man. the celestial them globe : the great liar from the beginning — that is. And now upon look. seeking And here. changing point of opposition as your situation. at all times you and the more distant fixed objects. on this most accurate picture of this beautiful toy. not the moral. wheresoever he goeth. is most literally the Medibetween Gad and man. that other tribes of the celestial Israel. ject on And thus. but the correctness. Again: II ator. or intercessor. That is. just at the beginning. the largest of all Heaven. you see. upon the starry heavens. while is fixed you change you alone are moving.

and drove him round the town. there never were such animals little as unicorns upon earih. cries he again. to the accu- racy of the setting of a watch. turn your backs upon him. and ** hath no variablenessj nor shadow of turning. thou that hast Psalm : " save me from the horns of the unicorns." But here.'^ Or. in the 22d incantation. THE devil's pulpit. a fighting for the crown. " do you stand fast in the slip Zodiac. Says he. and the no less astronomical Son of David of the New. Child of the sun. there they are. also from among the Why. desires and fears of the astronomical David of the Old Testament. by rising up into the . refulgent summer. comes. in ^"^ the spell of unto mcj they are. But look now at the allegorical joys and sorrows. where you see the sun. and the " The The lion and the unicorn^ lion beat the unicorn. in the Taurus of April. there in the Gemini. sirs. and the devil a my master be able catch you. and you'll find he's going the other f — way. heard me. or Twins of May where you shah *' . except in the baby's song. of the allegorical adaptation of that incantation . the sun is literally enclosed. see Suffer the little children to come for of such is the kingdom of Heaven. His infernal majesty ne\5er thinks a soul worth dodging after he always keeps straight forward in his course. in which every year." " Resist the devil and he will fee from you*'' that is.— — . out of which my master made a bit from the to very- beginning. is the very astronomical crisis. Says he.'''' Why. at that point of time when *^ From opening fields of aether wide displayed.^^ Why.''^ big baby's bauble . " Fat hulls of Bashan close me in on every side. Matthew ? them lords of the ascendant every year. in the 22d lion^s mouth. reststf steadfast in the 87 faith — that will is.

struggling to ascend in the ecliptic: *'/ went down to the bottom of the mountains. watch. and the Son of Man of the New Testament is in the heart of the earth — that is the sun is in the lowest degree of r}Sr] — that his descent in the curve of the ecliptic. that to the accuracy of the setting of your from twelve o'clock at midnight of St. and colors was above me. and has now. if you possibly can.88 THE devil's pdlpit. when he rises heliacally with me in the summer: nor j let me be worried by them in the long nights of winter. said 7.^^ the earth with her everlasting bands. to look out for the next forthcoming danger. in the south. clergy. with severer literality of translation. and ** O deliver my soul from the sword my darling. from the power of the dog ? O make thy way straight before me. yet will I Then said I. those eyes of here in Heaven emerge again toward thy Holy Temple. o^ei. when read to its astronomical significancy: ^^ I went down to the bottom of the mountains. days and three nights. arms of those little children." which is the constellation of the Ram : and just exactly is it three is. yet will I look again toward thy Holy Templet Which. the line of the zodiacal constellations. when " in the evening they will return. to keep clear of the lion's mouth . and must make a dip to the nicety of a hair's breadth. in his state of humiliation. grin like a dog. or of th* . the city. the earth with her bars was about me . for any sense that they could ever find of are not able to protect from the laughter and men: but which rises into grandeur and wisdom and truth. then."— P^a/m 59. scorn of all rational astonishing gives us the truly magnificent language of the Sun. just contrives to make his escape from the horns of the unicorns . *' I have sunk below . / am cast out of thy sight.^^ Let me not be attracted from my course by the power of the dog. TETapraTo^ yap can being the exact term of the winter solstice. Thomas's day. for ever. of that mystical lament of the allegorical Jonah in the whale's belly. and go about Resist the astronomical demonstration. which your ignorant it. that the Jonah of the Old Testament is in the whale's belly.''^ repeatedly called " the depths of Satan.


THE devil's pulpit.




be at a stand




degree on the

midnight, at the very

moment of moment when

from which point, gaining the 25th of December, at
the star in the east, the

brilliant of the constellation of the Virgin, is seen rising

on the

eastern border of the horizon.

The whole pagan world

through countless ages, rise at midnight


in Christmas,

and sang that well-known Christmas carol "

A Virgin unspotted,
Which Adam's

by prophets foretold.

Brought forth her child Jesus, which now you behold For to be our Redeemer, from death, hell, and sin

transgression involved us in.''

And who

the devil

was Apam,


any transgression of


should get us into such a damnation scrape.





itself literally signifies.


the sun himself,

Ad — am, the who has been"

Why, who




gressing for the last three months most horribly, sinking lower

and lower

into iniquity,

or unevenness,

and giving us such

miserable days, that

he does not mend

manners, and beall

gin and lengthen the days again,






Thomas with


the apostles' riddle about the

and second



both meaning one and the self-same personification of the sun.



or falling

Adam, being

the sun, descending in the


and shortening the days: and the second, or rising
the sun ascending again, lengthening the days,

Adam, being

and cheering our desponding hearts with the promise of an annual salvation.
" Assured, tho' horrors round our mansion reign, That spring will come, and nature smile again."


thus the sun, returning annually to his


degree of


Christmas day, recalls the departed soul of Lazarus, whom he loved (the year) who has been in a g^i.lloping consumption for a long while: though, as he expressly



this sickness is not unto



THE devil's


Hence, the Sun speaks that sublimely allegorical and most
correctly astronomical language:

I am

the resurrection



that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet

shall he live ;

and whosoever


believeth in me, shall



Thus, the Sun pledges
of nature.

to us, not the foolish

dream of the

immortality of man, but the philosophical truth of the eternity


so exactly


the astronomical truth observed,


just exactly,


to the

moment, when Lazarus has

been four days dead

[rsTapraiog tan)


— that

— that







the year has stood at the winter solstice,

during which, Jesus (that

the Sun) abode

still in



where he was


on the morning of Christmas-day, he

annually cries

Aoa^ape Ssvpo

— Lazarus,

come forth.



— that


genius of Christmas-day, does

forth, shivering, freezing,

deadly cold, so as just to say there


a spark of

life in

him, but that was


bound hand and

with grave-clothes;" and his face wrapt up in a towel,

precisely as the dressers of a

pantomime would send you up
you might have taken

the character of Jack Frost, with a good dash of the flour-bag
in his face, and a cigar in his mouth Jack Lazarus for a white devil.

And who,

then, are those black ones, the Scorpions having
tails, to

stings in their



was given


hurt the earth for



but the allegorical genii of the Scorpion of Oc-

tober, followed by the four wintry months of November, December, January, and February, all under the influence of



king of the bottomless pit

— that


of that part of

the earth's surface, which, being turned

from the Sun, looks

downward, toward

the regions of infinite space,


a bottomless pit, boundless, bottomless,


And what are the seven churches, but the summer months, answering most strictly and
cal antitypes, in the seven

seven remaining
literally in their

very names, and allegorically moral characters, to their physi-


signs of the zodiac.

THE devil's pulpit.
I ask


no more of the Christian, than that he should not deny own book I ask no more of any man's credulity, than, that he should not be unwilling to admit that seven and
the text of his


are twelve



so sure as they are so, so sure



demonstration, that the gospel
truth, but allegory

not history, but fiction


not fact, hut a fable.

For, look ye,
in the



sirs, if ever there were such a thing as allegory and the imaginative faculty in man could im-

agine the sun


speak, what language could be imagined for

him more

characteristic than

Revelation of




those words of Christ in the I am he who holdeth the seven stars
in the midst

in his right hand,

who walketh

of the seven golden

Egregious raving and idiotcy, in any meaning that your
priests could give

you of



sublimely beautiful, and rich of

science and truth,


interpreted by the key



presents to us, in those words
in Asia"

" the seven churches which are

— that

or constellations,

Sun's path, in

most literally, the seven holy congregations, which are in the land of fire that is, in the that is, the reign of the the kingdom of Heaven


summer months. The seven stars, says

the sacred text, are the angels of the
the seven


the seven candlesticks are



are candlesticks, but fixed lights?

what are

those fixed

lights, in the

midst of which the sun walketh, but those con-

gregations, or groups of fixed stars, through the midst of
lies the


Sun's annual course in the zodiac


And here they are in name, in The church, or constellation

character, in order.

of Ephesus, of Thyatira, of

of Pergamos, of Sardis, of Smyrna, and of

Ephesus, from

name March, who is


upon Hesus, the same as Jesus, the our English name, for the Lord of Hosts, of the Old Testament, and of Gad, of the New.

of the

God Mars, whence


THE devil's pulpit.



church, Christ



he will come and


candlestick out of its place

and, by the well-known


of the heavenly bodies, called the precession of the

equinoxes, this candlestick, which, 388 years before our Chris-




of the churches, has been removed out



place; and the equinoctial point which

was then

in the


degree of Aries,

found at present to have

the second

of the fishes.

Thtatira, from

— that


(7 tread on frankin-

cense), frankincense being offered to the sun,
stellation of the


in the conits

Bull of April, famous for "






in the business of agriculture.

3. VniLA'DE'LTiii A, brotherly love,

unequivocal characterof

of the two loving brothers, the


fire ; the sun's


Pergamos, height,


marriage of

highest point of elevation

in this constellation,

where Satan's



The Hydra's head

which dwellbeing, as you

on the celestial globe, immediately under this church,
Cancer, the Crab, of June, whose




in the

gospel allegory,

of fellow, and had half a mind to you see him, in his position of the heavens, bearing physically the very character which he holds morally in the allegory. He comes to the zenith meridian, at the very moment, for looking down to see Jesus raise the soul of Lazarus. But he was no favorite of Jesus, who tells him in the sacred text,

Hebrew name is was but a crabbed sort go back again. And here




thee those that hold the doctrine


here, in the very midst of the constellation.

of Balaam,"*^ Cancer is



has found his


to the

very highest place


(and, of course, brought the doctrine with him),

but has let the doctor tumble off his back:
to hell.








Sar-dis, that word, formed of the
or pillar,


primitives, Sar, the rock, stone,

and Dis,

God, afterward passing into the Coptic, or ancient Phcpnician word, EL-EON, the Sun, the Being, and naturalized into the


THE devil's pulpit.


Greek, Latin, French, and English word Lion that is, the Lion of July who, having been the Lamb of the tribe of Gad^ or God of March, appears here as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, or July. And here, as the Sing-Avatak, or the Deity, under the form of a man lion, bursting from a pillar,^^ exem* plifying that frightful language ascribed to G-od in Hosea, viii. " I will rend the caul of their heart, and there will I devour then

like a lion,^^


sixth church is



word signifying a bundle

of myrrh, the offering made to the sun, in the Virgin of August, having reference to the fragrant posy which she holds in her hand, and to the, milk-pail in the hand of the Jsis-

Omnia of Egypt,

the Indian


and the Grecian Ceres



emplifying that amorous compliment in the song of the loves
of Christ and his church,
to TTie."


bundle of myrrh




seventh, and last of the

the Asiatic churches

summer months that is, of Laodicea, that word, signifying, Xaos

— that


the just or righteous people, living, as you see,
neither hot nor cold, but

Libra, the balance of September, when luke-warm for which Christ, who, like Christians, had no notion of justice, threatens to spew it out of his mouth.
in the scales of justice.

the weather



these seven churches

constellations that are in

— that Asia — that


in the land

— that

are included within the

two covenants


— that

— that

of fire

the sun,
to the


the two equinoctial



twice a year, in his oblique march in the ecliptic, comes

of the equator, as he does; in spring, about the 25th of

autumn, about the 29th of September, called And these two covenants are respectively because the covenant of works, and the covenant of grace spring is the season for labor in cultivating the earth, and

March, and



Showing the plate

in Maurice^s History of Hindostan.


THE devil's pulpit.

" The

the season for gathering in and enjoying the fruits of

that labor.

says the astronomical Hierophant,





Sinai, which gendereth to bondage,

and answereth

bondage with her children^ That is, the vernal equinox, when that point was in Taurus, the Bull, was the time for putting the ox to the plough and, during the reign, both of that constellation and the succeeding

Jerusalem which now





Gemini, her children, mankind are under the covenant of
works, and there can be no cessation of the labors of hus-


But the covenant of grace, which


introduced by

the fruitful mother of August,



— that

Liber, free,

the covenant of enjoyment,


the full ripened

grapes are to be put into the agony, or wine-press, in the garden, and to sweat out their precious blood, into the cup of
the fierceness of the fury of the wrath of Almighty
^^All the



ungodly of the earth shall drink ^^." " All the ungodly of the earth" meaning nothing more than all the months, October, November, December, January, and February, during which the sun is below the line of Gad that is, the line of the equator, and therefore in a state of

unevenness, or ungadliness.


the lives of



preserved during these cold and cheerless months, and

the absence of the sun supplied to them, by his blood, the

essence of his virtue,

concentrated wrath and heat, his

fury poured forth, and corked up
occasion shall need, a



supply as

summer within


gloomy winter. Thus does the sun annually give his blood for the life of the world and that blood being pressed out of the grape at the season of the vintage, which is indicated by the sun coming to the equator, at the autumnal equinox, when he gives an equal length of day and night to the whole earth; and so is the physi' cal emblem of moral righteousness: we have the secret of the invariable association of idea which connects the blood and righteousness of Christ, and as invariably designates that


THE devil's pulpit.
klood as the blood of the covenant, and the hlood of


phrases as innocent of meaning as idiotcy
torical sense,




that could be



but most beautifully


scientifically solved

by the physical and astronomical key.


blood of the grape, which has been ripened by the heat
is to

of the sun, and

be pressed out at the time v^hen the sun





therefore by

blood of Christ,

upon the line of righteousness, the metonymy, the blood of the sun, the the blood of the cross, and the blood of the


thus the frightful story of the crucifixion

but an alle-

gory of the process of the vintage: Jesus


personification as Bacchus, the

nothmg more than god of Wine.



And, when Jesus therefore had tasted the vinegar, he said, is finished ;^ and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost,^^


thinner wine comes out of the press,

meaning nothing more than that when the sour or which it does after the of the grape is mainly drawn off, the fruit has sunk down

in the press, the spirit evaporates, the vintner, in the liquor,

dipping his finger

and licking


perceives, from

thinness and

acidity, that all the virtue is extracted

and, " It


— the


over, the life of the grape is


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play to plant their battery against it. swept out the filthy stable of all Bethlehem. . And thus. to nonsense that child- AND OF THE DISCOURSE ON RAISING THE DEYIL. Kept up. any other piece of villany would. so long as the multitude can be bemaddened and befooled out of their reason. of competent learning and talent to undertake its defence where truth and which you never will science : may have fair it is. and purified your hearts and minds from find respect for a religion see with your own eyes: never did and an advocate. indeed. I have. or a defender. that can be attached hood itself would be ashamed of. see we the pride.96 on. with millions a year wrung from the folly and fanaticism of a priest-ridden people. THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. I hope. into that sneaking it and kept up will be. pomp. and circumstance. as poverty of soul that would lay its neck in the mire for kings and priests to tread on.

chap. for the Jerusalem. HlOSt glothat is. THE REV. AT THE ROTUNDA. THE TEMPLE: A SERMON. 4. Thus stellation. HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN."— Allan Cunningham. most great. in Hebrew. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL. JANUARY " The Temple of the Lord. w. compelling the clouds dwelling in jEther !" the Atlic form of which is New?. Temple* but connate with Na^c." In the description of the New have this solution of the matter therein. are these. The Temple. xxi. ROBERT TAYLOR. the Temple of the vii. a collection.'^ — Jeremiah . inhabit or dwell in. 9. glomero acervo clearly signifying a group. 1831. is Yekel in Greek. a conagreeably to that definition of the apostle. the Temple of Lord. in. in English. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. the Lord. " — rious. A. m Lat- Templurn . N<ioj . B. we ** And I saw no temple : Lord God Almighty and the 7 Lamb are the . Rev. to The Greek word '^aoi is radical. a habitation of God. Zzv KvSi(TT€ [xeyKTTE ^£Xatj/£0£ff aidepi Naioiv JeW. cumulo. 22. ii. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS.. <^ A holy temple.— THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. to the Ephesians. the basis of one of the epithets of Jupiter. from New. : through the spirit. ON DELIVERED BY ST.

Septem-Ber. his argument being. v/hich. these" (Jeremiah sufficient. more literally. As. still — we : find retaining." THE devil's pulpit. in its full utterance. and tenth God-Berith. ninth. 9. compounded of the Phoenician "jn and *^"in that is. the temple of the Lord. in which is so just and equal in the distribution of an equal length of to all the inhabitants of the earth. unless into in the time of the is sun's entering that constellation. man and his neigh- bor. 4) . Novem-Ber. the sun. as — . as considered at any other season of the year. " The Sun . most sublimely allegorizes the equi- name. in our own language. Jeremiah. guished from the sun. The temple of the Lord. upon entering that constellation. the Lord of the covenant. that nor rationally consistent of them. the sun. are vii. whereby he shall be called. signifies a covenant that is. is distin- day and night. eighth. the spring quarter. as then the was. to stars that constituted the il was not know which were the at temple of the Lord. Berith. the month of March was considered the first as they compounded of the Roman names of the numbers 7." in imitation of the physical equity of the sun at that he Hence. and of the most ancient name of the great Phoenician God. rebuked by their prophet Jeremiah. evidence of their origination in an era when are 10. which he gives an equal length of days and nights to all the earth. they should "thoroughly execute judgment between a season. or God in his . the temple of the Lord." or. — the seventh. Octo-Ber.98 temple of it. which the temple of the Lord. as Baal-Berith. originally signifying the sun. of Righteousness . as this great astro- nomical priest. 8. by the epithet so peculiarly appropriate to him at that season.' it The whole year being reckoned to begin. and Decem-Ber that is. in that three-times-repeated saying of the ** Jews. the noctial sun this is his — light. a group or constellation and. considered respectively in those covenants or constellations. ^Hhe Lord our Righteousness:'''^ our English word Lord. was the name of the sun. in the names of the last four month of March months of the year. from the point of the vernal equinox.

templars voted themselves to this study. his orations of Cicero. had no reference to any religious edifice on earth. Fleet street. so as to see when upon your I shall what may there be seen. and The Te7nple of the Lord. were called ** The Temple of the Lord.''' were called and designated the colleges in which they dehetioeen a The celebrated Areopagus. time. or Hill of Mars. and February the twelfth. " the temple. who presided life. or sacred crosier of the Augurs. devoted themselves more espe- of ^^ judgment . that there in that neighborhood. and the administration man and his jieighhor." law and equity. the stars. not have to is draw upon your credulity to persuade you. his accusations of Ver" all defence of Milo. And of as time it lation. or collection of buildings. and used your eyes travels. marked out by the lituus. March.^^ As you will find. over the administration of justice. but signified a portion of the heavens. pointing to the constellation of the ** saying. called the temple. or Hill of Mars. be- comes the first. London. a building. purport to have been delivered in the temple of the deities Castor and Pollux. from derives its whom our month of March name. the equity of the sun. or at that tempus. . The Latin word tempus. who are the speakers in our Lamb of March. And called if you ever travelled as far in your as to a place Temple Bar. or the Lord of Hosts. eighth. was literally the temple of that God Mars. that the gods themselves were believed to submit to its decisions.THE devil's pulpit. Tcmplum. which is was reckoned from this constelcomposed. is perfectly synonymous with templum : and from text. that body of the clergy. The most admired res. gus.'''' &c. in the God of War. cially to the sludy of when in who that temple. and tenth celestial mansions: of 90 which January being the eleventh. seventh. which temple law and justice were administered with such strict impartiality. in which the sun enters the constellation of the Lamb. ninth. or Mars' Hill : which I should call the Areopaand that that Areopagus. the original meaning of the Latin word.

that that Areopagus. when I instruct you." You will believe me.100 or. none other than the Lamb of March. those ancient PhcBnician settlers in Britain founded a magnificent cathedral to the honor of their God. As you will see that that temple. from which all reckoning of time began in which the Sun. or Adonis the Lord. they stick to their text no better than the parsons. situate at the west end of the city of el on don — — — losing the that is. which is not dedicated to its the study of divinity. ** A plague on both their houses. as the lawyers are understood to profess to do but in which. to whose honor this great edifice was erected. as Sun. that it great gates paw. '' significancy of those three Phaenician words. that Hill of Mars. is the Lawyer's House. EL. alas. that make . On the highest spot of ground. on. the temple. not merely in the meaning of the three radical Phoenician particles. is discovered to us. though they had nothing to do with religion. whole earth. London. would always support the church- men. el on don. the Being . is dedicated to the templars. bears over all of entrance the figure of a indication. the Sun . that is Lamb. the Fire : el — on — don. somein the vulgar Lunnun."' city. That the G-od Lon- don. gives an equal length of day and night to the earth. THE devil's pulpit. don. and honesty would cry. the Lord. when he enters into the all Lamb of March. the temple. holding the equator in the sign of the to say the crossified Lamb. because the game between them was never any other than rogues all . in a word. too. whose future functions and duty it be to execute judgment between a man and his neighimpartially as the bor. and gives such equal justice to the . crossing a cross in his in direct is . or students of shall law and equity. original times still meaning in more shortened which show its the shortened utterance. but of law. Lamb. was none other than the sun itself. which is peculiarly the temple or the tempus. from whom our city. the Being. and for this reason the templars. retains its name of London. is the crucified. in which — — to this day.

April II was very •March. or statue. men. II Jiily> II August: II September. sirs. October. from the hieroglyphs and may be known and read of its all men. a uncomfortable in those mansions of happiness. when he enters the the twins of May. hath pillar. II May II June. as come down stairs to tell us that somebody kicked him. cuting a ilishly is madness only conceit . gloomy Centaur of November. and hard. craftily. to insult his //£ and seeming : sprawling antagoin their in- nist. the sun in his place in the heavens is not more apparent. terpreted sense '* November. except where faith forbids the exercise of under- For there. representation of the triumph of constellation of Castor and Pollux? bright striking his adversary Saul. and can not be mis- understood. how often so ever repaired or rebuilt. Summer. why shouldst thou that come literal after May?" it For sure. in one single stone or it is it constructed. never varied. in those words is Ha^X DayX nua SiojKcig. called emblematical figures of Spring. as the cathedral or church of the sun. the honor of the sun. January. 101 in the structure and ornaments of the of which emblems by which edifice itself. ridiculously. and John. are the As on western pediment you shall see. . is an alto-relief.THE devil's pulpit."^ And graven in the tympanum or of that pediment. November. February. but pictures all Words may change speak the same language to standing. Luke. November: December. the beams of light and glory. persein man the sky nay. with his from off his horse. which. and Winter. nay could any** This edifice is dedicated to or vary their significancy. than is that the Sun. to this day. Autumn. though very Matthew." words could more plainly. letters than which no written or en- thing like so plainly have said. could dream of any heaven. up the word London but . Mark. or hieroglyphical representation. which. so devto it sense in the in of a man God on the earth.

the self-same word wherever it serves the purpose. ^d or Saul is the name who name perse- cuted David. the trees of their foliage. who it is are the Gemini the of the Twins of !May. as persecutor of the Son of David. — and. in the sign of Sagittarius. Luke called Paul. under whose protection the month of May is placed is. Thomas's day. cutor. and on the high road to hell and Tommy that is. but the vain or he -would see that phantom of his oTvn foregone conceit it was not Paul that was converted. consequently. which . do I that is mean I can not read Yes . which is also called Poll. being the November sun. which is also but by precisely the same alliterasays. is the ward called Paul. . translated hell: as the Greek name Paul is an abbreviation of the Greek Apollo. of the who is the Castor and Pollux new. not the text of the book itself. same person who is after''Saul. riding down to Damascus. the lowest The name Saul S^^•"^ being. religious fanatics are Our market to always preaching up the conyerthey before their horse to there about the conTersion is sion of St. Only in different : characters Saul before his conversion. he is so. where you see the Great Perse- with his bow and arrow. the Christian Good God may you ? exclaim. the lowest point of the sun's declension pit of hell. we shall be told. in the old allegory. in Hebrew. and his brother Jonathan. Yes. a Christian can not read. to say. and he sees. Paul. contain nothing of the kind. But Saul. Paul : but so much go word to in this. only in the same sense as the Sun of Xovember is the same as the sun of May. as St. It is faith doth put out the eyes of his reason. And Saul and Paul are one and the same persons. playing havoc with vegetable stripping nature.*' tion as Sol. which is the 21st of December. that not a of St.102 THE devil's pulpit. Saul. to St. what do mean to say : to all intents and virtue of reading. but of that king of Israel. in any part of the Scriptures: from beginning end there's not an allusion such a thing : the acts of the ! apostles.

had ever existed. derivation of their churches. the man and horse of November. sprawling on the ground. as the Roman we should see a similar inscription on the biggest church in this metropolis. hiiic Martis numine templa tenet" " Mars hence expelled. . the point downward. Was built at first for Poll. to whose honor the church is dedicated. himself stands upright on the pedi- ment with his drawn sword in his hand. : now temple of Apollinaris the temple of Mars turned inscrip- into the temple of Martina. *'The church you see beneath this golden for ball. where no such pagan deities or Christian saints either. prevailed univerWe have not only our great sally throughout Christendom. of pretending that what were really pagan were Christian edifices. and of the name of the star Pollux. 103 m the calendar of Julius Caesar. and who has a physical one. The waggery edifices.'^ And if protestants were but as honest in acknowledging the real origin and catholics. you called the shall the temple of Apollo that was. even with the drollest puns upon the names. while Pol.— — THE devil's pulpit. tion : and actually bearing the " Martyrii gestans Virgo Martina coronam. jEdes Pollucis. Poll into Paul. in which the sun appears in his regenerate and mild and amiable character at that delightful season. Ejecto that is. and of changing the names of the pagan deities into Christian saints. struck Saul to the ground. Martina (martyred maid) Claims now the worship which to him was paid." is The conversion which it commemorates. turned into Saint Paul's church — that is. not a moral. or church of Pollux. but now Paul. find But if you shall ever visit Rome. but As you see Saul. in the tympanum.

in celebration of the self-*ame conversion of Saul into . you will observe. THE devil's pulpit. omits to give the to the figure of the horse. in the attitude of a glorious con- queror. has no account of a horse admission. when the sun of Gemini is exactly at the meridian. prominence : Miriam. and that this representation to the conversion of a man. and got on his legs led by the hand of those who were with him which would not have been the case. Paul. may we lie say. for so clearly hieroglyphical a representation. go to the top of had reference to Ludgate hill. and tell look at it again : and ere they tell us that let ? it represents nothing rnore than the conversion of the man. this conversion. then. that the apostle that after he has a suffi- was not worth a horse. no ancient enagain. if they had a horse to have set him on. by pretending an historical sense. but Damascus. is in May. Yet no piece of statuary. which in that pediment. Now. no antique painting or picture in the world. it will be for those who would outrage our reason. twelve o'clock of the 9th of June. and there it actually is represented as striking him to the earth. to those most deceitful ? priests. : who would so impudently us out of the use of our eyesight ye put out the eyes of these people re. he was tablature. in his journey to at all. in had been struck to the earth. having just done its I work. Well. takes place expressly mid-day that is. repre- same which the horse bears in the figure of the Sagittarius of November thus throwing us up a philosophical and rational meaning of that song of senting this allegorical conversion. in the calendar of And at — Julius Caesar. ye sons of Levi. Ye Will take too much upon The cient story of the conversion of St.104 as. which is literally struck to the earth by the ascendency of the sun a sunbeam. 'em us why the devil the horse should be converted too to for the : horse happens be the principal figure in the whole group as the horse makes more than a half of the whole constellation of the Sagittary of November.

in which he legged. Paul represents himself to where he says.— THE devil's pulfit. bandy- passionate old man. Paul. with a full hooked nose." a mistaken piety been possibly so much mishave intended to honor Christ and Christianity." as he is described in the Philopatris of Lucian on the ground of which I admit . speech was more contemptible than his writings his real historical existence. the horse and his rider. which he says was ** a messenger of Satan to buffet him. sent such a figure as St. when it called the noblest temple it could raise. by the name of the servant rather than that of the master set up the Nor could even taken. of the king's and the grace of God. who is at that mois ment at the meridian: while Saul. as well as in that description of his person. or the likeness of anything that is in heaven above. as to — apostle above the Savior. and his speech contemptible" (though. for he hath triumphed gloriously the horse and his rider hath he thrown . sirs. a bald head. and evil. but is — that is." rising out of And the Red at the here. into the sea. Jerome and St. strike the eye. and honored and served the creature more than the But it must Creator. that the figure itself is not the figure of St. that no persons divine revelation. sea. but of a pagan diety: will strike the mind in a mo- ment's remembrance. 105 when she sang '' Sing ye to the Lord. with a squeaking voice. Cyprian. acknowledged to be genuine by St. or in the earth beneath. Paul. at that bottom of the sea. squinting eyes. And that the ligure on the centre of the western pediment of a representation of the god Pollux moment Pol's cathedral is not a representation of the Apostle Paul. singing to Pol. who had respected what ** set up any graven image. is portrayed as a little pot-bellied. or in the waters under Christians call would have the earth. God forbid that we should think his and he !) had an inexpressible infirmity in his flesh. ** and could not have been intended to reprehave been: his bodily presence was weak. not of a Christian saint. is Miriam (Spica Virginis). .

" Hyperion's curls. east. or Miriam. to Whereas whose honor the the characteristics edifice is built. holding the scales of September are but different is or Ceres. dedicated to tse honor of the sun. the sun enters the sign of j. at that moment. in the star Pollux. that could possibly be imagined. of St. in the hand of Themis. the constellation which the temple. wearing the judge's robe. two names for one and the self-same constellation. And hence the twins. Mercury.in call- — which is called Didymus. in . the figure on the pediment. A The statioQ like the herald. Thomas.106 THE devil's pulpit. for they names for one and the self-same constellation. w^hich would bring him of June. as presiding over the administration of justice. will be observed rising in the The great star. When Aries. the goddess of Corn. and holding in his hand the sword of justice. the gospel John. were worshipped. the immortal brother of Castor. is in the star Pollux on the 16th of June. and with in a presence the which he stands before you to that of the most contrary bandy-legged apostle. the . setting in the west. Castor and Pollux. stands directly in the zenith. one of the twelve the gospel allegory. of Now the Hebrew name of the month whom we are three times told in was also called tici?i. the front of Jove himself.e Twins on the 19th of May. at the zenith. New-lighted on a heaven-kissing hilL" cathedral. as in a over the adjudication of equity. that he literally signifying a Didymus that word Didymus And Thomas. to conquer and command. being. or the Virgin Mary. the star Pollux is is at the meridian. goddess of Justice. presiding all courts of law and In the calendar of Julius Csesar. most peculiar sense. . with which he avenged his brother Castor's death. Spica Virginus. presents you at once with all of Pol. An eye like Mars. and in justice.

humanitatisexempla hominibus esse et civiiatibus data ac dispertita dicuntur.. joined with Ceres and Libera.— — — — THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. The name seems to be a compound of Ca-Astor. Bryant. Manchester. and examples of gentleness and food. Hence ending in so many names of towns in Britain (** among p. the beginnings of life and laws and manners. testimony. Rochester. vol. as Alcester. and insisting on having plifies proof. and not mere hearsay the physical analogy. legum. exemwhich represents the Twins of May tice. cester. morum. vol: ume " ii. as presiding over the administration of jus- Cicero makes a noble appeal to their divinity in their images. vi. page 161. Worcester all of them — distinguished by remains of cathedrals dedicated to the great god Castor i» e. placed in the most renowned place of And thee. consiliorum maximorum. mansuetudinis." " Ca-Astor was. by the Greeks. standing then before his eyes in the Prsetorium. a prseiorii locati. Chichester. Mary and and cities. Lancaster. at the close. the temple. while delivering his seventh oration against Verres: *' Vos omnium rerum forensium. as that of London is to . Gloucester. legum judiciorumque arbitri et testes. Ilchester. of all forensic matters. abbreviated into Castor. 107 ing for evidence of the resurrection of Christ. God-man-Chester. quibus initia vitse etque victus." Bryant.^'' Thus we find that they are." ** Ye. or place of Astor.. and June. are said to have been given and distributed to men say. celeberrimo in loco Teque Ceres et Liber. and spoken of as the civilizers of the world but their peculiar province was law and judicature. of humanity. from whom. the 158) Britons of Phoenician extraction. arbiters and witnesses. Chester. Leicester. Cirencester. Castor." Bryant. of greatest counsels. the sun in Germini. Castor and Pollux. Dorchester. of laws and judgments. Castor et Pollux. the Pr(Btorium ! Ceres and Bacchus [that is to Jesus].

was something very remarkable in the size and magnitude of Pol's cathedral. the two Dioscdroi. Lunkaster. name of St. LunOncaster. Per JEdem Pollu-* what was indeed the fact. which are inscribed Castori et PoLLuci Diis Magnis. tor. were considered and spoken of as the greatest of all the gods. continued to this day. would gradually come to be absorbed in Lun-Doncaster. as. is. . There are altars still extant. . the Dioscuroi. AioaKVpcDV " Caius. the common utterance for the ** temple of Pollus. the great gods.)(apvsvs \epevg y€voix£vos Bewv MeyaXcoj." became gradually to be pronounced St. who is one and self-same deity. of Achamia. real origin The don-caster (as I have explained so — — — — — . to this day. PauPs cathedral. the sun ON. the hill. the temple . that no original word could ever have consisted of more than one syllable) EL. EL ON DON CA AS TOR. To Castor and Pollux. As London was called by the ancient Saxons London-caster. Castor and Pollux. as so long a word would necessarily : venience of ordinary utterance as our St. and ab* be. and Lancaster.108 his brother Pol. the lord ca. in that there the relative size of the Pol's cathedral. The greatest gods seemed naturally And it was not a greater liberty in language to change the name of the church. Cabiri. and significancy of the whole word Lonoften. PauVs catheto require the greatest churches. under the variously-sounded. An analogy. still preserved. DON. and in the collection of Gruter is a Greek inscription : " Vaios Vai8 A. the being . having become a priest of the great gods. which is. than to change the name of the deity to whom it was dedicated. but self-same meaning. the fire . itself THE devil's pulpit. or capital city of the great county of Lancashire. the son of Caius. for the conis breviated. John's street called Sinjun street. And PoVs cathedral." The form cis : of swearing : ^de-Pol — that by Pol's cathedral indicates. the name of the London.

the sons of Jove — that all is. to which persons of wealth com- mitted their treasures. were distinguished as the greatest of all the gods. and it is to all intents and purposes the temple of Pollux still that is. and readily supplied the enormous expenditure which such an enormous pile of building would require. and their temple were was the general banking-house. the guardian of intrusted property. that the gods Cabiri and Dioscuroi. or trace of human observance. in the year The name of that council. draly without 109 when sirs or how any note or date. disputing about Father. but they the great guardians of property. the sense of the rebuke put into the mouth of the . considered and worshipped. Son. these Twins. : (which I think may pass for a pretty good one). indifferently. not merely by the analogy.^'' Hence. the change took place and for this reason. and the is And its extraordinary magnitude ac- counted for. either for its structure or repair. as to places of the greatest security from which. The bishops of in London and of York were present in the council of Aries. though you will find that Christianity had not been preached in England. accrued to the dean and chapter. in the year 314. the — more easterly. Fiscus. that there has really never been any change at all. the temple of the Sun. the signified but one temple of Castor. held under Constantine. It was a bishop's see for three centuries before the religion of this country acquired the name of Christianity." ** A great revenue in the brazen chest. before 597 the arrival of the 283 years after monk Auguslin. in those lines : " ^rata multus in area. one for the other. or Pol's temple. the — that is. and Holy Ghost. France.— : THE devil's pulpit. as in Pollux. all the profits of banking. as we may learn from Juvenal. kept at the temple of Castor. either of the Twins being used self-same temple. et ad vigilem ponendi Castora nummi. and the brighter of the Twins of May.

the son of Jupiter and Lseda Castor. — . perfectly orthodox in so doing. . . it nothing the universal is. from their representation. the son of Lseda. Poll's catheChrist sacri- will always be sticklers for the divinity of the while Arrian informs us. gospel. considering Hercules. for if St. our Poll's you will but go into and stand with your face westward. Castor the human part of the constellation. Poll's churchyard. both Castor and Poll. common swearing by Poll's church. originated the fable of the union of the divine and human nature in the person of Christ : Poll being the divine. The Twins themselves. brothers by the same mother Pol. deity. I should only like to learn how information as to whom the a man could need better house belongs. with his well-known characteristic club and the skin of the Cleocathedral day a proof. the shop for the sale of books of Christian knowledge. Paul's —that into St.no THE devil's PULPIT. nsean lion. Christ of the Gospel. and ought to have effects there. in no other shape than that of the most perfect orthodoxy on your right and immediately on the point of the pediment over the entrance of the edifice. he is a debtor" is. to honor it. that Alexander ficed to Great Castor and Pollux. stands the statue of Hercules. being ^' ^depol — that — that but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple. against those who is used to say. the Joseph of the . are each of them names of but one and the self-same deity." " Whoso* per sedem ever shall swear by the temple. and Castor and Poll. They are uterine brothers only that is. as two brothers. as the same And that he is to was this is. Hence. the dean and chapter of Paul's or dral. on the day consecrated to Her- cules. on the northern side and you shall have the sign of the bible and crown of Rivington's shop. . he makes a draft upon the bank. than that he . by her proper husband. form of Pollucis. the Sun and .

which never could have been the name of a Jew. or measure of the sun's angle upon the equator behind ecliptic will coincide with the equator. go out at the and. pie of Hercules. which our Christian blunderers have so absurdly anticipated in a moral sense. or a physical millenium. That angle being now twenty-three degrees. and all the year round. will be shut up entirely . you will observe. or double pair of compasses. with .THE DEVIL ^S PULPIT. under the Greek name of Andrew. on the pediment over that entrance. stands with this great goniometer. that I can hope to compress the mer- of this great cumulative argument. that what is to be seen is but what is to be understood in the back-ground. constituting the reign of righteousness. in significant indication a crucified man. And sure there can be no better it way of exposing falsehood than by setting side by side with truth. his is back. than by seeing Hercules himself in full pos session of it ? But pass through the southern entrance . holding a Saltier cross that is. signifying the strong man. a — cross in the shape of an X. Andrew. the and there will consequently be an equal length of day and night over all the earth. and bidding you. this irrefutable and unanswerable demonstration of the utterly fabulous character of everything that hath ever borne the name of religion among men. you shall see the self-same Hercules. at the time made when this beautiful form of sun-worship was first instituted. Ill would infer from reading the naaster's name upon the door ? Or how could a worshipper of Hercules belter know the tern. a goniometer. it is not within the compass of many discourses. compared to what it was when observed by Ptolemy. at the rate So that in one hundred it ana forty thousand years. exhibiting the precise angle which the sun at his two crossings of the equator. is shown to of one minute in a hundred years. and twenty. be gradually decreasing. edifice: from the north. eight minutes. But very it it is not in one. And St.

. PAUL'S CATHEDRA^. m a thousand illustrations yet to come. : which my regular hearers remember with conviction this. END OF THE DISCOURSE ON ST. . I shall continue to pursue.112 the eyes of your this : THE devil's pulpit. own I reason. to look on this picture and on in this method have pursued innumerable full illustrations.

must be borne in remembrance. sayAnd he would not for ing. and not to faint . parable is but one of a pair. the unjust under that solemn command it of Christ: Hear what judge saith. AT THE ROTUNDA.' a while : but afterward he said within himself. THE REV.. It is an exhibition of the and ^^ di- vine character. yet because this widow troubleth me. as purporting to be set forth by Christ himself. JANUARY ^ jind he spake a parable unto them to this ^ end. which feared not God. ' "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT JS:'— Allan Cunningham. nor regard man. it is delivered to us.' '' — Luke xviii. saying. ' Though 1 fear not God. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. the parable of the Unjust Judge .''^ At the same time. neither regarded man : And there was a widow in that city. It is sirs! This is gospel. B. THE UNJUST JUDGE: A ISKKMON. 1831. 1.THE DETIL'S PULPIT. ROBERT TAYLOR. I will avenge her. * Avenge me of mine adversary. to be placed side by side with this parable (in the 16th chapter of . There is a fellow to 8 that this it. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. thai men ought city always to pray. and she came unto him. 30. Well. A. There was in a a judge. lest by her continual coming she weary me.

zealous of good works. and. to be dished up to the relish of our moral appetite. For those who are in inferior and dependent situations. lords. God is which is that of an unjust judge is . ' I care neither for God nor man. for truth and virtue's sake. hanged the *' guiltless. their employers themselves should own they did it cleverly. and cheat and swindle so dexterously. And that the '* this is gospel morality delivered to ! the finest system of morals was ever man ! The purest. our aristocrats. on gospel principles. we have an harmonious ex- hibition of what.'* saying. but only to get rid of the bother." ''And the Lord said. as far as this sort of morality has influence in society. right or the reason of it. and the the unjust Lord com' steward because he had done wisely. to ivhere will you find anything equal the morals of the gospel. the most god-like example proposed to their observance.114 this gospel) THE devil's pulpit. and hereditary masters. having no sympathies with the people. society eternally consist of a set of lordly must necessarily and and oppressive tyrants. For those who are in the higher ranks of life. '' Hear what the unjust judge saith. rather than eat his mutton cold . in the higher . when these are the examples and exhibitions of moral perfection which Christianity itself has consecrated. . a peculiar people. and what the is character of a Christian supposed to be. from no considerations but of their own convenience ever they do attend to a petition. that if they should ultimately be found out. The mended unjust steward robbed his master.^ " And so say I for God's sake. but their own convenience. the proposed example is.^^ calculated to make us just exactly what we are — holy nation. is to teach to act if and them to be indifferent to the petitions of the people. the character of to be. Hear what the unjust judge saith." And wonder no more at the state of morals in a Christian country. supposed In the which bears the title of the Parable of the Unjust two together. and no motive of action. which that of an unjust steward: a pretty brace of game. that they should rob their employers. Steward. ** And ana the unjust judge gave sentence without hearing cause. never to think of the . the sublimest.

could by no possibility have been delivered. lastly. Jiars. shall we be rational ? Shall words have meaning to them ? and shall we look at the picture which our priests have set before us. to its moral and. of the critical view on't.'''' Avast. what it means: but discovering to the startled attento tion of the critical mind. or any- body else. and go out at the other. the frightful truth. upon this picture. to come in at one ear. 11 5 and a set of cunning rogues. often read for yourselves. I guess. and slaves. it a farewell to : to faith. And what's the use of always praying? and what's to make men faint when they leave off praying? All right and straight forward enough. and so no harm done ? or. ^^ And is he spake a parable to to them. Isaacs. You have heard. cries criticism: Who devil spake a to whom? where? when? how? and what the parable ? A parahle to this end. will lead you the for only see now what on't. in its own ugly face? By your patience I will do so. the master-villain this evening and on this I bring before you and shall serve you up the man : on some other occasion. is such an exhibition of character. that men ought always to pray.THE DEVIL ranks . and shall lead your convictions. would recommend all good Christo be innocent for the faculty of criticism is fatal else. and not to faint. and that notion of everlasting praying was vogue among . or such a moral lesson. The gospel will bear anything There's no knowing where helter-skelter but it will it's not bear to be criticised: the moment you begin comes to criticise. which priestcraft in full had to serve. such an end as. Look. to its political . you see. I . and never dream of asking yourself. The question is. that men ought '-'- always pray. first. moment you take up the besom of criticism. . in the lower. But hold tians to ! of criticism. either by n^an. then. the parable of the Unjust Judge. S PULPIT. First. before that end God or was an end. : aspects. and have. Christianity. that a parable. while you sit in the booby hutch at church or chapel. cheats. to its critical second. and not ^'' to faint. v^hatever the morality of it be.

he was not the speaker in the is. to look to the things which are invisible. the A betrayed to us in that awk- wardly dropt ''Nevertheless. in church or chapel. men '* Avhich determines the period of the darkest day of the full dark ages. shall be damned. The infidel lamb that should be accused of making the stream run backward. not because they had any argument to show that he wasn't as good-hearted a man as ever breathed .^'' Onlv be men. not because they had any evidence of guilt against him." an admission as clear as the day." Neither could times of the general prevalence election and reprobation. Then who the devil ivas. and of the swing of Popish . coenobites and friars black friars and gray. finds the rotunda guilty further indication of time stitch: is 'Tis Chxisimn justice. and . how dost thou shine forth. when Son of man Cometh. They don't know him: I do. I have no occasion to draw upon your credulity. but day. prietor of the otber shop gives verdict against ours when the prowhen the : sworn knave. that whoever the Son of man was. merely because they were his elect as our judges of the present whose characters are bound by these evangelical examples. ment a that. was an infidel. and all his family.116 THE DETTl's . I know him very well. would convict an infidel. that has the letting of the booby-hutches in his ! own chapel. with that villanous denunciation. or this Son None of your clergy. least of all to stultify you out of the exercise of your reason. And in aomg this. and I can show him you. that God would avenge : own and without any considerationof the justice of their cause. I haven't to beseech you to see with the eye of faith. ^' He that believeth not. can tell you: I can." ** superstition of monks and hennits. text could not be he. I have seen him myself. where the Christian wolf did try him but merely because he O Christian justie'e. would be sure to be found guilty. shall he find faith upon the earth . that most wicked notion of its whole argument his is the arguelect. consequently. PTTLPIT. and that. and to entreat you to of ? man believe me. then upon earth . since have been delivered or devised before the of. fortiori. as my dear hearers. and all their it trumpery.

that. which is in Heaven. another. in the name of God. But if our evangelical preachers would leave their choused and insulted hearers in possession of the faculty of reason. ^^ But when they persecute you in this city." As thus. he was time. the most ignorant men. I say unto you. Here." Heaven So ! a very clever trick. all (\t -«p«on that ever was in the world would say. ** It was our same blessed Savior himself. before the saints should have gone over the cities of Israel. and while he at the was conversing with Nicodemus. sirs a nn reXearjre ** Ye shall not have finished them. but who was to come. he contrived to be aboard two ships at once. by right of conquest. exercise your rational faculties as all: think that I 117 : men give me no credit at am . who was not then come. again. ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel till the Son of man he corned Matt. but in the clouds of Heaven and when is he to be seen coming in the clouds of Heaven ? Immediately after the days shall have been shortened^ is the answer to that questhen ! then immediately after the days shall have been tion shortened. on the face of the earth. **0. And what sort of cities were they. where is't that this Son of man. as contradistinguished from himself. where else should we look for him. who were to flee from city to city. but not to finish all the cities before the coming of the Son of man. to the last struggle that with reason can be withheld and it shall be mine at last. Christ. but he that came down from Heaven. of their own profession. again. x. which these persecuted saints were to go over. Francis Xavier. : : — . who was the Son of in man . but so as never to go beyond them never to be out of one or other of these cities ? Or as. that it was ."say your evangelical preachers. Gone over the cities ? Gone over them. as long as you can think so:.— : THE devil's pulpit. this mystical astrologer saith to Nicodemus ** No man hath ascended up into Heaven. it withhold your conviction. like St. flee ye into another : for verily. speaking of 23. in the showwas to be seen ? " Coming in the clouds of Heaven:'''' then.^^ And who and what 'were these. sirs : ing of the text itself. you have the speaker. deceiving you. even the Son of man.

or pertaining to " him or it. and there see the sign of the — . which you can not go over the twelve cities of Israel without coming to. and and smoking his pipe all the while. The days come when ye what is shall desire to see it. 30. when and where. literally defining . the sign of January. absolutely and " The sign of the what was meant by the Son of man. Son of man was. Son of man in Heaven. the sign Aquarius. that was in Heaven. is found accompanied with a term. Attend ye then to the visions of the night that is. xxiv. study astronomy. e. who had meant was himself sitting in his arm-chair. when they are getting longer again: which comes immediately after the end of the world. and which opens the new year i.. Now there are but twelve signs in Heaven and this sign of the Son of man is further defined as coming immediately after the end of the world. which ends in December. that we are to him ? it But we have a further clue to this mystery. Then. who is in Heaven. As the prophet Daniel saw him. that this it in the make his appearance. have spoken of the Son of that it Utterly preposterous for a person to man. this self-same Son of man seems as exactly as you may. or of and concerning. It is. of course. Luke to have been as well-known under the Old Testament as under the New. and shall not see But. the new Heavens and the new earth. which comes immediately after the days have been shortened which made us desire to see one of the days of the Son of man. clouds of Heaven that he was to must be nowhere else but in the Heavens. But this sign of the Son of man is still further defined. . look on the — immense expanse you shall Son of man that is. the Son of man. ''In the visions of the night. but at the beginning of the new world. or in him. every one of you see him yourselves. as having days in it. it could come nowhere else. and more. of the Son of man. And that if it was in Heaven." Matt. which unravels beyond the mistake of ignorance itself The epithet." one of the days xvii. even look for in the visible cloudy Heavens. wherein dwelleth righteousof the starry Heavens.''^ Daniel vii.118 THE devil's pulpit.

the less they know of 'em the more they get off": they go to school to learn ignorance: they'd have known more if they had been taught less. ness. . should the society for promoting Chrisiian knowledge have all the success they aim at. Are they so ? and did he therefore speak in parables in order *' to assist our comprehension. and . which flow we no Irom the fructifying urn of Aquarius. but not understand. for was the universal catachresis of language. and another thing fiction. from the line of truth. ** Therefore speak I to them in parables . the hlood ing thus a natural. from the Ganges to the Nile. and Christian superstition. 119 have we the meaning of those eternal and drinking the blood. from the Nile here. into the regions of fancy and There are forty-four parables in the course of the four Now what is the nature of a work that contains adgospels. life in us. and not a supernatural truth. oi' the Son of man.THE devil's pulpit. which has no reality. but evidently a work of fiction and imagination a work m which one thing is said. in order to convey his divine lessons more clearly to the mind. But parables. graciously adopted by our blessed Savior. and not perceive : and hearing they may 0. riddles about eating the flesh. So that. our parsons tell us. Only it's rather awkward. and drink ? of the Son of many we have • And what or apart is a parable but a something represented to the it imagination. The greater proficiency they make : in the study of divine things. till we shall " know nothing but Jesus Christ. we shall be para- more they get on. mitted parables. that seeing they may see. the bolized. unless eat the flesh. that. is a throw by the side. too. Egyptian. to And the Thames. hear. — is meant. which. a mystery of which the meaning to us was never any more than It be- that ordinary eating and drinking of the fruits of the earth. through Braminical. when we find himself saying. and to enable us to yes !" the parsons say.''^ what a ! clear way of conveying divine instruction to the for mind This accounts Christians being such wonderfully clever boys as they all are. pagan. are easy and familiar modes of instructions.

is at a sheer end for ever. would not that have been as . first. with as relief. and even historical probability. and there to end. as so much and so very many parts of it must necessarily be admitted to be ? At any rate. . rather than to our respect. speeches. notwithstanding. as the broadest and yet all this distinctiveness. but act only from caprice and tyranny. and to give it a moral. For had the gist on't been. but to pray no more. all notion of history. for calling his This parabolical. obtrudes his impertinent judgment to true. as heed not the justice and reasonableness of the people's petitions. highly probable in itself. much and apparent reality. and characters. as the exhibition of the character of a devil. rather than of a God and had the moral on't been just exactly that men who fall under the government of such unjust governors. hell-fire. and telling it as a truth . mode of conveying instruction. the speaker of the parable a parable were) has not told us what the end or was : the reporter has taken upon himself to supply this deficiency. .: 120 THE devil's pulpit. we have m the case before us. then. whoever he was. apparent reality. but take the power into their own hands. true. hyperbolical. which may have been the very reverse of the moral intended. or rather diabolical. once adopted. or of Here are persons. all is the pure creation of is imagination and fancy. that there reason whatever. but (if it while the reporter of the tale tell us that it was not gist of a parable it : and whereas. which nothing hinders from being And any man say. actions. why the . ought not to pray always. historical fidelity. and hurl them from their forfeited authority . play the Paris game upon their ruthless oppressors. crucified . features of the gospel narrative distinctiveness. to hold up the character of the unjust judge to our hatred. set before us. not a word will of truth in it from beginning is any redeeming whole gospel narrative should not of the same parabolitself be held to be altogether a parable ical and diabolical character. two very different and distinct authorities in challenge upon our credence for. we have the Lord." him and nobody will ever again get into danger of brother a fool. telling us a tale.

THE devil's pulpit. have hit on anything But the moral on't to else so mischievous. to at last. Had a man sat down to try to hit out a scheme for making tyrants of one half of mankind. and not to faint:'''' to pray. to wrestle in prayer. could he this. and deem it most god-like and divine. ** I will not let thee go unless thou bless ?ne. to make the world as wicked as wickedness itself. to represent the God as that of an unjust judge. We come now to the moral. which inspired impertinence has character of obliged us to submit The moral on'i is. and as instructive to ourselves ? So much for the critical view of the parable. nor regard man: yet because this widow trouhleth me. just in principle. ''without ceasing^^ — keep it up day and night. but to stick to him. as honorable to the moralist. than which . that it were so. should act on the same principle. mercy. as the apostle says. and act only in consultation of their own idleness. ** wicked. caprice. for no other reason than because. though I fear not God. as to that men ought always pray. in self-defence. and comply with their desires. to give sicken him. goodness. but chuckling and glorying in injustice : avowed and most flagrant wickedness " Now. so is. as he might say. I will avenge her of her adversary. lest by her continual coming she weary me. to be indifferent to the rights or wrongs of the people." There is a Lord God for you And shall we wonder that our gods and lords on earth. his equity. But 'lis the very language of the prayer of the patriarch Jacob. from his uneasy couch. to bother the life . everlasting God out of his everlasting not to trust to his. with this example of the divine character before them. as if the fleas bit him. equity. to tug at him. and to set up priestly power on the overthrow of everything that is noble in ! sentiment. the prayer-wearied tyrant will start. restrained by no considerations of justice. or truth. and slaves of the other. or generous in action . till it him. 121 good a moral. Damn the fleas. how they bite! Nor is this any sort of caricature: I wish. for humanity's sake. or humor. or any of that sort of stuff. to. to gripe. his wisdom.''^ And in the catho"'• naanual of devotion are the words of a prayer.

who most gravely assure us." see. letting the Many a good batch of bread has been spoiled by oven get cool too soon. and a strong and a pull altogether. that the prayers of Christians would never be unanswered if they were but continued rest not long enough. he'll strike *' And shall not God avenge his own elect. which cry at last. holy. granted in a trice but should an honest and an eternity of happiness. and that do what tliey please with him. which are before the throne of God. to have . than the cherubims angels and seraphims which continually do cry or than those pretty dogs with four faces. would have pulled the old fellow into compliance. after all. for a shilling. he'd see him damned to So the bit old woman." Nay. : Lcrd God no words of prayer were ever more reasonable ** if iliine own goodness will not induce thee to have mercy upon me. and in : day nor night. the Let the greatest and the more unto God more likely to be granted. just exactly the contrary. "holy. is. but when two or three are gathered him in the — together in his name. or that there desert on the part of the person in* who prays : but always. day and night unto him. moral is. You way of getting the better of though he stands out a long while. He can stand two or three importunate widows. murderer and thief on earth. 'twould be man only ask for change first. single-handed . the petitioner the reasonable and unjust the petition. that there's a . And sh^U men on earth ihink they can employ their time better than thfe Omnipotence II Heaven spend their eternity . crying. my importunity shall.^^ says this divine teacher. and 'tis none other than the gravest of our protestant divines. the importunate of vengeance —she wanted pay off widow.122 THE DEVIL S PULPIT. holy. . and every instance. moment when one other long pull. ask God to give more acceptable him a crown of glory. it But the most for frightful part of the is is never necessary that what prayed for should be anything reasonable should be any sort of merit or God to grant. The more wicked . only wanted a an old grudge. they get midst of them. and many an effectual fer- vent prayer has been rendered ineffectual by being given up just at the last pull. or.

Jesus Christ i night in prayer to God. had easy work on't. Heaven was put into instant The Almighty jumped out of bed in the middle of and cry the night. or so " There is a fountain filled with blood. the chief of sinners. 123 She Almighty Judge with her everlasting *^ Avenge me of mine adversary . and called up all the family of Heaven. neither was deceit found in his mouih. the most deceitful thief and murderous villain that ever escaped unhanged. as say a prayer either 'o God or devil. off at hand. and man of prayer. ^^ But if flood.street. ye see. blushing honors thick upon him. without mquiring what her adversary had done. a blasphemer. haps. it out. in the showing of the story (such as it is). her spite out against somebody that had displeased her. : Let him pick pockets. or what he might say had only to pester the in his defence. he be no sinner — if he be an honest man. depict him with in his true colors.^'' and the Almighty. and then say compatible with moral honesty. " Because he had done no the righteous. and conduct to the himself with moral propriety. he might as well whistle winds. to find was a lie that the woman told him. . at But imagine your his prayers. Drawn from ImmanuePs veins And sinners plunged beneath that Wash out their guilty stains. had only to pop on his marrow-bones. how such an act can be how such a man can be en- . and the miraculous machinery of requisition. might continue all violence. per- after the Thus let the apostle lays down and as a rule. or uled to be deemed an honest man. we have an him advocate with the Father. the chief of sinners. So. with his hue " Arise. and prayed in agony. go into straight. that if any man sin. but prayed in vain. all his in the act of prayer.THE devil's ptjlpit. that exquisite villain. all and injurious. and inquire in the house : of Simon the tanner for one Saul of Tarsus for behold he vrayethy Old cut-throat. cut throats. that execution.^'^ But Saul of Tarsus. a persecutor. it has him hanged.

acts without a motive . your strait-gate cringer. pimps. honorable society." And what is the spirit. : he might manage to act. and be there. honest Set your heaven open. with hum^ sinrnership. his universe better meekly suggests how and shows him how he oughi O.— i24 THE devil's PrLPlT. And the old gentleman is done over. only to tell him what a good God he is. and in the dust before God. your passages for beggars. or con- currence in the promotion of any general good. he's in for it. and that his kingdom will last for ever and ever. as there must it's always be a little praise mingled with prayer. I suppose. the directing mind ? Which his is where lie is the spring of action ? who the Almighty. tickles his everlasting whispers the selfish purpose of his soul. from the sneaking psalm-singing itself is a villany is."^ An honest man would are there. will ? be likely is to bring into the commerce of Who to expect resistance to tyranny. if to is accrue to himself from his prayer. and what pure eyes he has got. what a modest creature is a Christian. say. ^' I want nothing I'll that is to beg of by kneeling. and a cheat. he's caught. that something is done in consequence of the prayer. whose very devotion and whose highest notion of right and righteousness * that they will pull their own beggarly souls A prayer granted. Almighty fool. which otherwise would not have been dope. . though it's not intended. . and holy. for flattery. all then ble ? who but the praying knave himself. and your nar- row-way social life soul. and just. He worms and weak side of the writhes his dirty way on hands and knees : into the presence-chamber of Omnipotence he gets on the beard. but he expects to be the gainer by how in is that gain achieved. cowards and slaves. and parasites [ choose damnation rather. when men But for your strait and your narrow way. and how infinitely wise. and his Omnipotence is at their service. gate. and that he is sure not to die. and. who. which your man of prayer. and it. or he does not. a man would from all deserve to be scouted as a black-leg. but by means for the like of which any other case. he an ? idiot and a fool. implies. either expects He some advantage If not.

ties : dish up the meat for babes. There's the jewel — for next skin to nothing — there's the pearl of it great price. and then not reach a drop of water a gentleman in hell-fire. too. Why. and a bag-full of moonshine.— THE devil's pulpit. that get the 'tis not th« cream of it And here I can not but glance at a contrivance of those spin: ual nurses. the cheat and the dishonor man of prayer and his familiar spirit. to who are the bait set in the make you . desire the sincere milk of the word. to swear how bad they were before they took the balm of Gilead. say they. as they are called. the sweeteners. .^^ say they. and gospel-propagating socie the funds of the society run low. God forbid that we should think his cause depended on an arm is likely to *^ leave 'em minus — of flesh. as they'll sell '^ lose such at the gospel-shop Let us. It is of the same nature as the secret understanding between the auctioneer and of the compact. but the spiritual nurses. at all our Bible as and Jew-converting.'*'' And there I say the babes and sucklings of the gos- pel. And what would him profit a man. believe that the goods are worth ten times their value of salvation and best bargains that ever if you don't make haste. and the collectiog who when they always come it with a But ah 1 my brethren. sociation. If you have nothing else to give. whom he calls God. but your prayers. thereh disinterestedness infidels that will act for you ! Where will you find from such disinterested motives ? Fd give tiie last I iXiem a shilling. that we may grow thereby^ Though. you can give us youi prayers. between the And mark. ii^s your prayers that the society de^ sires. and what wonderful benefits tliey had experienced from it. into 125 to Abraham's bosom too. if 'twas set that they a^^e had in the world. because I not greedy. should he gain the whole world. the . ay! And they see. you'll lose the were in the world. has a devilish blue look. wicked fraud. going for sixpence. when we've grown a very little. ^^ as new-born habes. It isn't your money that we look for. fool-trap. we begin to perceive that the sincere milk of the word. It is of the same nature as the engagement between a quack doctor and his hireling patients. and that spiritual babes. whom he engages to puff off his nostrums.

to fly to when he trouble —thinks. found out. with that swindling. are so much cheaper than bread and cheese and potatoes. that it will cost Omnipo- tence any trouble to grant. might prove that he stood not quite so high in court favor as he pretended. The poets Juvenal and Horace. and management. that the sanctified knave always provides for the glory of God. a poor benighted pagan. to wrestle in prayer with his wooden Jehovah. and prevent his impotence and weakness from being the petitioner petitions for nothing . there's a good chance that he'll be fool for anything. trick. in submission to the divine will . between God and man when I see the man who puts himself under the : protection of Omnipotence. when but. I'll serve you: you get me out of my scrapes. Spiritual joys. 'tis man who says his prayers may be an honest fool. grace in the soul. and so asks for nothing. if he an impudent thief for his pains. and of all things visible and invisible: all my life long . to the effect: *' O. or rather good sense. and that the bargain between them is. Almighty and everlasting God. to be sure. which. with the exception of the prayer of Jacob. they are but two knaves laying their heads together. his God. got grace. and everlasting crowns in heaven. if you'll /'// is serve me. shirking. when once they can make a man fool enough to prattle to the sky-larks. to chouse and cheat mankind. at last. being of a nature to admit of proof. putting Omnipotence under his protection in turn. and the moralist jEsop. in which the arrangement is perfectly fair and honorable: the man. saving clause. : get you out of yours. have led our ideas to the only instances. and and that if the God were anything more than a figment of the man's conceit. that I remember. whether it had been granted or not. by not asking him for anything. more knave than fool What can I think." But when I see contrivance. enough An honest prayer that a is all ! I ask for ! produce I'll me *' one single possible instance of an honest prayer and then say.— 126 that THE devil's pulpit. and that his is in divine crony. but that the man And is't not such a provision to get Omnipotence out of the to scrape. maker of heaven and that he's earth. that he has think at all.

** We've no more need of your spiritual physic : You may let the booby hutch. sixpence. priests. took the place in the cupboard of bibles and prayer-books. he got the devil out of his house the the ducats. and dashed him to pieces. ties that which and to princes. my Lord God. awaking to the reason of a man. by moned some great moralist. in every respect. And the parsons told the people never to go near that profane. live without eating and drinking. wicked man. will be easy. oppressors. told the parsons. the politic. I can't : though you have no Will you then advance me a mortgage on bowels. — — ! : : bacon. Away went rags and righteousness away went grace When he got the and grease away went poverty and prayer God out of his house. and beef. crowns. dollars. have 127 calling you all the infinitely wise gods. seized the priest's puppet by the leg. who. and and holys. could it be ascertained. and everlastings. . I been worshipping and adoring your Divine Majesty. and half-crowns. rolled about him swered. make us everlasting cruel- and patient submitters to all the wrongs and princely power and priestly pride shall put on us. have to fear in petitioners. to be whose name. and every capability of a noble resentment. every spark of nobleness. and man . And I and my poor family are only gettingworse and worsCy till nothing but starvaNow. to save us from starvation. would deserve enwreathed in the grateful remembrance of the whole human species. bread. pointing to his wellclothed wife. I have ? that heavenly inheritance which you have promised us ? Say but a shilling. and well-fed children. which is the exact reverse is The one a generous ef- lort to undeceive and disabuse a priest-ridden and gospel-gampeople. and ah mighiys. or political intention of the parable. To of it those who can guess the moral of the fable. and infinites.THE devil's pulpit. though you can tion stares us in the face. a halfpenny per cent. a penny.^^ The prayer was answered just as all other prayers are anAnd the indignant man. and to destroy. that I could find big words iHhe dictionary to call you hy. The other is some equally anonymous priestly villain's priestly plot to degrade. to debase.

and almost thinking. who find praying easier than working and the millions who couldn't possibly continue their existence if they were always at it theniseives. to If men ought always pray. inking. would save the nation the clear sum oi nine millions nine hundred and twenty thousand a year. and finds every inch of ground on which he might struggle for a living. here's a pretty praying trade II for a set of idle lubberly thieves. in this way. . naust be pinched of their honest earnings to pay the monkish knaves to pray for . (^N THE UNJUST JUDGE. and big who is could make themselves portance by no other means. taken from him by the encroachment of machinery while every article of human apparel is got up by machinery shoes. by machinery yet no machinery has been introduced into our country to take the parsons' job out of their hands though the use of machinery. them.128 THE devil's pulpit. And while the poor man driven to turn his talent from one art to another. and gloves. hats. And thus. stockings. — — — — : END OF THE DISCOilHSSfi. all by machinery printing. is attached to a set of of im- II gourmands. a mystical importance bellies. and do the work much more neatly.

6. or take for sooth and truth. whence the whole matter which follows is called the creed. VIRGO PARITURA: A SERMON. 1831. in honor of the twelve mansions of the moon. B. in honor of the 9 . And the credulous person." The sentence is governed in the construction by the initial verb. in honor of the twelve labors of Hercules. in honor of the twelve gates of the heavenly Jerusalem. in honor of the twelve great apostles. A. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. FEBRUARY In the second article of our holy church's most holy creed.— THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. in honor of the twelve great rivers in Hell. AT THE ROTUNDA. credo . tilsely called the apostle's creed. number of articles being twelve. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. in honor of the twelve patriarchs. born of the Virgin Mary."— Allan Cunningham. in honor of the twelve great gods. in honor of the twelve shields of Mars. in honor of the twelve great angels in Heaven. / believe in Latin. in honor of the twelve rays of the Sun. in honor of the twelve pillars of the temple of Heliopolis. ROBERT TAYLOR. every article contained in this creed the whole . "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS. are these words : Son our Lord.. who was cou' ceived by the Holy Ghost. THE REV. his only — giving credence to this creed. in honor of the twelve tribes of Israel. in honor of twelve altars of Janus. " And in Jesus Christ. professes himself to believe.

situated m the hill country And when she appeared in that city of Juda. while we confine our inquiry exclusively to the Virgin Mary. in honor of everything that was but not in honor of one single reason. which were in that sixth did she go into the hill country? was that city of Juda. born of the^^ as it did. reckoned by twelves 1 twelve months of the year. e. the month of August? to Why Why Why Why Why Why was this Virgin Mary espoused was that man's name Joseph ? was he of the house of David ? month ? a man ? did the blessed virgin arise in those days. in ? which she appeared. being. that was month that she received the visit of the angel Gabriel the sixth month. — must. who was conceived by . — Who was the Virgin Mary ? Who was she when she was Where was she born ? z. for the present inquiry. which was country— why did she say that God had regarded that low estate of his hand-maiden? and why should situated in the hill the hand-maid of the Lord have ever been in a low estate ? Why did she say that she was his HAND-maiden. his only Son our Lord. beg to su-spend your curiosity nail of vulgar apprehension. *he Holy Let all that remain in sti tu quo Ghost. as we all know. at home ? How did she live ? Where Where Where did she die did she did she ? come from? go to ? Why was she a virgin ? Why was her name Mary ? What What What does the is name Mary mean ? ? she to us are we it to her ? Why (Luke i. or as it may in any mind. was that it we are so expressly and emphatically told in the sixth : 26). reckoning March the first. as to the '' upon the And in Jesus Christ. not mean- .— 130 THE devil's pulpit.

Why — agricultural laborers of the present day.. e. not one has ever attempted existence of the mother of Christ is it. and the rich being sent empty away ? ary and seditious language as.. the lap in which he lay. and such sureties found Why Why world did she say that is it all generations should call her blessed? that no historical record whatever i. 1 31 God forbid : we should ihink that she could mean) his handy-maiden en.— THE DEVIL ing (as S PULPIT. you ? the Virgin Mary as in the church of Rome nor half so much among any . in all the —not one recognises the existence of this most wonderful is personage which the world ever had in it? Why virtue. that among all the boasted treatises on the evito dences of Christianity. Why Why IS is it. for worm's meat ? Why is it. the arms which had embraced him. have seceded further and further from the find them paying less and less respect to Not half so much in the church of England . and to be further imprisoned ! such fine shall be paid. prove the give ? and is that in proportion as the attempt made to an historical basis to Christianity so carefully avoided ? — all reference to his mother Are not these questions which a man should ask : and on . under the outrageous violence of being required to believe that he who was the pattern of all packed up his own flesh and bowels for immortality. other denomination of Christians as in the church of England among the unitarians. to city. nor his head-maid- anything else but his hand-maiden? did she say that he had put down the mighty from their and exalted them of low degree ? Why did she talk about the hungry being filled with good such revolutionthings. while he left the mould in which he was cast. had it been thrown out to the seats. to be of good behavior for ten years to come. catholic church. none at all. her to two years' imprisonment in the fine of 200/. and to be further bound till in securities of 1. nor but yet not his foot-maiden. and. to pay a would have exposed Compter prison of this the king.000/. our reason patient. that in exact proportion as the various denomina- tions of Christians.

and either male or female. tjisewhere. she is never Of the Virgin Mary. January July id. Annunciation. Purification. remember all ye have ever heard shall hear. Assumption. to her called a maid. as he would wish to be faithful in the exercise of the faculty of his reason. The church of Rome. being four times more religious than the church of England. . to come away no wiser than he went. insist which he should alone he is on being saiisfied. and year after year. that that epithet name. listening for ever to eternal repetitions of sounds without sense. Visitation. in your apprehension. For though she is repeatedly called a virgin. The church ly to the of England celebrates two great festivals annual- honor of the Virgin Mary: the one on the 2d of February. called the Annunciation of the blessed Virgin Mary. Desponsation. either married or single. celebrates eight annual feasis. Conception. Nativity. and as many ly:Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her days ? preparatory fasts. and words without meaning. called the Purification of Saint Mary the Virgin . The term virgin being applicable to any virtuous person. and the other on the 25th of March. September 8. or Lady-day. Why added are these particular festivals kept on these particular it is first to be observed. 23.132 THE devil's FULPIT. by superior to a brute ? which And does it become a man to be going to church and chapel week after week. 25. December August 15. and wisdom better than folly. 8. bears no such sense in its primitive applications as modern parlance attaches to it. If learning be better than ignorance. Commemoration. in comparison with what now ye and do yourselves the justice to reject the evil and to choose the good. These are respectiveFebruary 2. the day before. to the honor of this divine lady. to make ready for the feasts. March July 2.

" when made to bear the preposterous sense which the privileged deceivers of the people put upon it. or fruitful virgin. but for the more especially all sorts of corn and wheat. is the peculiar blessedness of fruitful ness and ahuri' signifies the overflowing. of which. as he is expressly worshipped in those words of the holy catholic church: ''All hail. but most literally the fruit that is." and that God ** had regarded the low estate of his hand-maiden." The TE^erai celebrated 7th chapter of Isaiah. all generations shall call her the blessed. itself interprets that word. dance : and measure. not the son or daughter. or of the harvest month. than a husband. but j But the word blessed added to the name of virgin. which is called the blessing. and was was rather a husbandman. and blessed is the fruit of thy womb" that is. call his "Behold a virgin shall conceive. and bear a son. or that quantity over full above an exactly and measure filled up and pressed down. which the word virgin alone.THE devil's pulpit. troversy before us. abundanceof which. yet appointed to preside over that month. they they dared stand in con- should signify is would stand convicled: the word which a virgin in their sense of it. the full — — fears. As her husband Joseph. the more especially. plums. As Elizabeth. and in OUr English. only one is among ten thousand instances of the egregious igif norance or wicked fraud. apples. and running over. 133 except where she says herself—^' Behold the hand-maid of the Lord. verse 14. and thou shalt name Immanuel. in the sense which it bears in the translation. as the blessedness predicated of this virgin. And this. or the handful thrown into the bargain. irapdevos sv yaarpi y^Tjiperai Kai Kai KaXeaeis ovofxa avry KfJi[jiav8ri\. over and above what was exactly purchased. and excludes the notion of barrenness. not being nnVyn. might seem to carry. when full of the Holy Ghost. the word here used. viop. who had nothing to do with the pro- duction of the fruits of harvest. but not in the original. rendered in IJ« rj the SeptUagint of ihe Vatican. bestowed on man by this particular virgin. which n'^^n::. honor of . explaineth its sense in these words: *' Blessed art thou among women.

which gives her the distinction of being.^^ The of Israel. holding in her called Spica hand an ear of is corn. But why was her name Mary ? It is precisely the same as the name Miriam. June. and the wheat of the elect :" which. whose greatest festival is celebrated on the 15th of corn. or the head. the Crab. the* Virgin. respectively. the sister of Moses and Aaron. the nurse of the virgin of the pagan . It same as Smyrna. if it lead us not into temptation. for the of Adonis. the Twins. in the 10th book of Ovid. August. given by the the house name 18th of December. April. come and restory of Myrrha. the mother of the virgin of . Yahu : and by our catholic brethren to Supreme God. of March. addressed by Christ in the Revelation. as in their Antiphon. introducing the character of the old woman. the name of the sixth of the seven churches which are in Asia. July. in the find that very to their none other than the very name of Myrrha.he catholic. Anna. Virginis: the stars which constitute her head. chiefly being scarcely visible with the naked eye. the is. ticular who presides over wheat and . Jesus Christ. and who is the par- hand-maid of the Lord we have never contemplated the constellation Virgo with her extended arm.134 the patriarchs : THE devil's pulpit. or lady or mistress of the sea. to this day. and September. to suspect what particular vir- gin it was. and literally or the leg. and the Balance. in which is the — bright star Vindemiatrix. who hast con* served the bread of life. in the midst of which. the mother pagan mythology as you will : their Jews Supreme God. summer months or reign of the kingdom of the beautiful Adonis. the prophetess of Luke's gospel. not the foot. maid with the hand. the Bull. the seven constel- Ram. May. the Sun walketh It is in his annual course through the of heaven. but the the signifies is — Myerh. of the sea. the Lion. the figure to be made out by those stars which go to the making up of the hand. hand-maid of the Lord that is. *' O Adonai. and which I have demonstrated to be none other precisely the than the seven golden candlesticks—that lations. steward of the holy house of God. and leader of deem us with a stretched'out arm. August.

335 mythology. is at the bottom of the sea. so beautiful. and was. And this victory of the Lord over Pharaoh. as every one knows. . and Sagittarius. and his rider hath he thrown into the sea. a wife of her own father. and the mother of the sun. for he hath triumphed gloriously . of degradation the 'tis left when once it. precisely the character of Miriam. aiding and abetting the allegorical incest by which the virgin of the Zodiac is alternately represented as the daughter. mansame word. one of the names of the goddess Venus. the at the Moses and Aaron. so in- structive in their physical and philosophical interpretation. and mother of her brother. if here is not the . moment of their leading up the children of Israel out of the beautiful allegorical song. On all which natural analogies. the sea ing to the sea. a daughter of her own husband. a mother of God. . pronounced Maria. so clear. the in all ages. the word Mare. have founded their monstrous mysteries of a conception by the Holy Ghost. the star Pollux is at the Meridian. afrer the ancient is the .THE devil's pulpit. or shore of the mighty deep.^^ At that moment. and in its plural form Maria. who is 'the Pharaoh of the Old Testament. Sing ye to the Lord. to human intellect may be reno more learning than the priests same as the Latin will provide for The word Mary is. is ex^^ the horse pressly declared to arm. and the Saul of the New. as she was called by the Romans the Venus Anaduomene of the Greeks that is. And look ye here. has been to keep mankind in ignorance. the wife. have been achieved with a stretched-out sirs by heaven. — out of the sea sister of — that is. of or pertainner of writing. from the days of an infinitely remote antiquity. Venus rising read without the letter n. signifies the seas. directly pursuing Miriam and her company. the horse and his rider. a Deipara. a birth by the Virgin Mary a Theotokos. a sister of her son. when Spica Virginis is at the horizon. as the adjective Marina. whose great aim never so much as at the present day. but clergy. Red sea. The Marine Venus. when she sang that upon the moment of her foot standing on the horizon. And all those other hideous spurcities which serve to show to — what a depth duced.

and speak of the cold hand of death. Campaspe. And tress is thus the face of the harlot Campaspe. The name Mary signifying mis- of the sea. -o\vp\oic-f3oLo " Br/ 6'aK£(x)v daXaacrrig. Pollux. was ever meant by idiot. So. that Raphael. who had it placed in the temple. which he built to the honor of his predecessor. no real substantial person or personage. dressed by our English poet "Hail.'^ epithet for the sea. And in the first Iliad of Homer. or from records of it. even down to our own Sir Joshua Reynolds. we have that noble 9ivay TToXvipXaia/Soio QaXaacrrjS. but a we — fool or such expressions as these. thou inexhaustible source of wonder and contemplation! ^^ Hail. it is admitted. As to this day. for all death. has supplied the features of the Virgin Mary. It came afterward into the possession of the Roman emperor Augustus. Julius. It was painted by Apelles from the person of his favorite mistress. or Marine Venus. personify death. the king of terrors everybody. the jaws of death. by that natural tendency of the mind to allegorize and personify all its abstract ideas. . referring to the many waves of the sea ad. the goddess of Corn and Harvest. the hand-maid of the Lord ! This Venus Anaduomene. so distinctly characterizing the marine Venus. Corregio. or the goddess is Ceres. ever really existed. : admitted by every one and the pretence of their existence is accounted for in a moment. irapa That DO such a person as the goddess Venus. formed their great works. I From this famous picture. an knowing that. who had been given him by Alexander the Great. for which are common epithets of the sea the Greek word many. was the subject of the finest picture of all antiquity.— 136 THE devil's pulpit. from the days of an . and Titian. thou multitudious ocean. which have never yet been missing from the altars of our catholic cathedrals. further identified by the vulgar versions of it into Polly and Poll. after the whole world's observance. stretched'out army the peculiar characteristic of the virgin of the Zodiac.

fell into all the imaginations. the convenient adage. actually avowed and acknowledged. was such a pleasing delusion. The most beautiful hymn of the Roman catholic service. but looked on any one as the devil. in words of which the astronomical sense is this . ac tually bears the title of Ave Maria Stella— hail. infinitely 137 sickle at the time remote antiquity. mountains — became the basis of an evangelical What was only imagined. ** adorations. that what was predicated of the Virgin of the Zodiac. that the fools didn't wish to be set right." And the brute people. or worshippers of the hosts of Heaven.— THE devil's pulpit. who would have awakened them from their drunken dream of faith. and the were consecrated to the most absurd and honor of this wonder in Heaven —a woman. no part of religion is more rational than that in which wonderful woman of the Zodiac is to this day worshipped throughout Christendom. or the devil's chaplain. upon the principle of faith —you know faith that removes history. The most extravagant self-contradiciory fictions. Mary star— : and proceeds . who never thought of asking their priests what they meant. and holding out the other. and put them to the trouble of being rational.'" settled the matter at once. Vindemiatrix in it. nor would have endured the true and rational explication of their were perfectly satisfied. was believed to have happened. and adopted all the personifications of that group of stars. and as for its infinite absurdity. however gross. had had a real occurrence upon earth . which has the beautiful star. ^''Nothing is impossible to God. So. with a spike of corn in one hand. and the mistake. which. under the denomination of the Virgin Mary and that. as naturally as to 'tis man to possess an imagination. and utter impossibility to have mysteries. happened. over another group which natural they called the Scales: the Tsabaists. that make something like the shape of a young woman. as they are called. that their corn was ripe for the when the sun was observed to be in that part of the heavens which is marked by a group of stars.

" Bright mother of our Maker. And the valleys also stand so thick with corn. so expressly and " a virgin in the sixth literally defined in the New Testament. city of refuge. as month." Who. King David's tower. as the ultimate end for which the whole year exists. invincible Woman : Fair Abisaig. ! — 138 THE DEYIL S PULPIT. that warms the David ." " he crowneth the year with his goodness. flourishing virgin. is that heavenly maid. : are none other than precisely such words as those star-worshippers would address to this particular group of stars " Hail. those words addressed. ever there were a people on earth who worshipped the stars. that they do laugh Hence. . without any contradiction. was worshipped by the ancient Tsabaists. virgin. that hand-maid of the Lord. this virgin of the Zodiac. and which the sun enters in the warm month of August. under the characteristic epithet of Virgo Paritura virgin that shall bring forth cally the . In thy conception. of arms Judith. if As we have to the same virgin. chastity's renown. And armor's power . whom stars do crown. hut that constellation of Virgo. That true David warms." when and sing. expectation waits through the circling year.. that city of refuge. Fenced with bulwarks. true then. that Judith so remarkable for her arms. Thou virgin ever best The ocean's star by which we And gain the port of rest. Hail. which brings forth the fruits of the earth: and the fruitfulness of which. without any absurdity. Queen of clemency. the because it is really and physi- month for all of August. which. hail.*' sail. — that is. charity did flame The fierce dragon's pride Was brought to shame.

is The event. As you have respectively two distinct crosses — spring. never omits to represent the virgin August. ol And the plaint of the blessed virgin.*' is all is beautiful. he descended into hell. as standing near the cross of September. after which. grand.— THE devil's pulpit. harmonious. which takes place in September. 139 virgin fires. a fire that is. and after which he ascends into heaven. entirely omitting the figure of the virgin mother. all . answering to the two which the sun makes over the equator the one in which he is the crucified Lamb. most literally. but near the ? cross of Christ ? but just as near the cross which the sun makes over the equinoctial line. Hence. magnificent. as that of the autumnal crucifixion. standing near the foot of the cross. and the other in September. justice. a virgin whose form is made up of those bright — — which stud the all starry bosom life. last fervors in ripening the corn. represent the Virgin Mary. the just people — that — that which is. with perfect analogy. the group of stars from the scales of but ing. stands the virgin mother in the Zodiac in September. though a pure virgin that is. the vernal cruci- fixion. Where Where stands the virgin mother. he passes into his church of Laodicea is. and in- elegant as art. never being be forgotten that the New Testament most distinctly speaks of two crucifixions of Christ. in which Venus of ApelIt grief. and convincing as science. terpreted by the true key of astronomical allegory. as read to this day in the church of Rome : . in which it is neither hot nor cold. in pictorial representations of the crucifixion. when. in the gospel. lukewarm he begins : but where the solar heat every day diminish- to descend with sorrow to the grave. after having expended his literally. of the night — she is yet the tender mother of animal who provides the food on which Thus. virgin mother. supposed grievously to deplore this Hence deep to the pictures of the crucifixion of Christ. with the face of the les. in- we are to be sustained throughout the year all — that "openeih her when hand and fiUeth telligible things living with plenteousness.

use the David. thy beautiful Adonis is dead. the Hebrew name for called month of June being Thomas and Thomas. the plaint of the goddess Venus for the death dead of her Adonis : " Alas. the sun. alas ! Adonis. to the true David. the beautiful Adonis. The sun. which is also Didymus." is but a version. The annual wound. by the tusks of a wild boar . have always been distinguished for their aversion to pork. under his name . during which he is below the line of the Equator. the fire. which we absurdly pronounce Jehovah. is . Adonis." " Let thy hand be upon the man of thy right hand and upon : . ! Cytherea. killed. winter months. by the ascendency of the great lord of the ascendant during the in the bear. and a very bad one. And hence. " In grief the holy mother stood. and who. pagan allegory. November. to be killed which is So Adonis. and is represented to have received five wounds. and the wild beasts of the field devour it. October. or pig. calling on the sun to turn and bring back again the comforts of that better weather^ which we all at this time. the being. December. Weeping near the holy wood. is allegorically wounded. so long to see. of the Greek idyl of Mos- chus. signifying a twin." Thamuzand Adonis name the are one and the self-same Diety — Adonis being none other than the sun in Thamuz. one of the twelve disciples of Christ . under this very figure. beautifully describes the ravages of winter. literally composed of the three words AD. is believed and Jesus. and February. discovers a particular spite against pigs.— — 140 THE devil's pulpit. — that is. and being yearly wounded^ puts the all astronomical sense beyond approach of doubt. analogous to the five winter months. And the 80th Psalm to to this day. and is. whence our common of Thomas. the savages. whom we call the peculiar people who have always been worshippers of Adonis. January. that is. one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac . of God. word Adonai as synonymous with Yahou. the lord ox. boar. in the Christian allegory. or put out. alas Alas. *'The wild boar out of the woods doth root it up.

** get the better of these coughs and colds till when the weather comes. taken out of her place in the succession of the signs. under the protection of of Notre Isis. to the top of the other. and the Egyptian are each of them the same as the Virgin of the Zodiac. with a thin running line from the middle of the one. monogram continues. supplied instead with a figure of the architect of the edifice. is whom ** thou mad est so strong for thine own to say. to whose honor it is dedicated. still retains its Greek name TLapa icis — that this is. passing tail. or downward below the others. which is the exact relation of the virgin of the Zodiac. our lady. the natural abbreviation of the shape of the letters name Mary. which has since become the and Y. the Grecian Venus. was meant none other is certified by the architecture of the building itself. made glorious sum- mer. our lady — of Isis.THE DEVIL "S PULPIT. what to this day it three straight strokes. and a stroke. by Isis. six and six perpendicularly on the sides of the great northren entrance. the hieroglyphical of the Virgin of the Zodiac was. Venus. with the place that should be occupied by the virgin. But that by than the lady of the Zodiac. the name common name Dame — that is. But not alone the character and the symbols of the Virgin of M the Zodiac. and the virgin. Turn thee again. Paris. Ceres. with the child Jesus in her arms. the son of self:" that 141 man. and the Virgin. was given to the child which the Virgin . and set over the centre of the door as the goddess of the temple. is a truth borne out. not by one or two." That the Virgin Mary. bears the that is. were from remotest ages the very the virgin mother of Christ ." We shall say. Notre Dame. this son of 7ork. and having under her feet a serpent tv/isted round a tree. but not then. Lord God of hosts. show fine the light of thy countenance. as its great cathedral. but by a thousand analogies. Before the invention of letters. and we shall be whole.*when we shall be able to Now is the winter of our discontent. the capital of France. same as those of but the name both of Christ and of the Zodiac pf Jesus. which represents the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

called in the Persic language Seclenidos de in Arabic. the Egyptians. "We have. pure. presided over the vintage." And why was this virgin mother of Christ Jesus. THAT IS.142 THE devil's pulpit. 46).. who liveth and reigneth with God the Father. God the Son. and husoandman abundance. putting the astronomical and infinitely remote antiquity of the Christian allegory. or Abulmaz-ar. to every mind capable of perceiving what evidence of antiquity. and God the Holy Ghost. really is. and Dupuis (vol. and was believed to have taught mankind the cultivation of com and who is so honored and so worshipped to this day. in her collect: "We beseech thee. in Greek. and immaculate virgin. as to store it is in up and take care of this increase and the month of August that the earth brinors . may be given us by his intercession. following the most ancient traditions of the Per- Chaldeans. as carrying her in arrns. August. has the curious passage. as literally the business of the signifying increase or abundance . and Esculapius. but as you may see in the visible heavens. mentioned in the book of Job. *-in the first decan of the sign of the Virgin. by the church of Rome. with his beantiful star Arcturus and his sons. signifying the house of corn. and the name it is Joseph. AND THAT SHALL BE I BROUGHT FORTH IS THE SUN. that what of ourselves we can not obtain. a young woman. quoted by Kirker Selden and R. call Christ. espoused to a — man whose name was and as is Joseph. the says Abulmazar. but which we. a chaste. suckling an infant. p. and always husbandman who. . beyond question. in the inin the was represented scription to her honor temple of Isis. here delineated on the globe. in which the virgin resided. : AJNT) The Arabian astronomer Alboazar. Hermes. literally setting with the Bootes." The name Bethlehem. she was represented I am all THE FRUIT WHICH as herself declaring to be none other than the sun. Lord. that we may be assisted by the merits of the spouse of thy most holy mother. and which. which some nations call Jesus. this is Tirgin in the sixth month. : Darzama Adrenedefa that is to say. rising or accompanied." sians. iii. Bacon. THAT WAS. to be seen together.

" As the pagan church. toward the scales of September. as you will see in your almanacs. e. and gave occasion to the fable of i. the sun having passed on.— THE devil's pulpit. to the man Joseph. on the 15th of August. in which the King of kings. Christian church has the words : This day the Virgin is taken up into the heavenly chamber. of a pure Virgin. . has the church fixed the great festival of the as- sumption of the blessed Virgin Mary. and for festival of the nativity of the virgin none other. and so was imagined to have the charge of bringing her up. the church has fixed the on the 8th of September. 143 and God. because at that time the sun so entirely in the con- stellation of the virgin. of the virgin. the natural analo- human life. which tion of ihe goddess Astrea Mary. the Sun being born The gies of fable of the birth. from an infinite antiquity. the 25th of March. And she was espoused stellation Bootes. doth give us his hlessing. between the 24th and 25th of December. is is fixed on the 15th of August. With her he comes up into the Open'r}^ the hill-country. name But. was said to preside over his nativity. the upper or visible hemisphere and with her. because the con- with her. rays. The great star in the virgin. that the stars of which ** it is are rendered invisible in the bright eflfulgence of his rays th'e composed and . even our God. about in his appastars rent annual course. always rises and sets . forth her increase. and For that reason. at the moment of midnight. supplied the date of other festivals in honor of this celestial lady. being once adopted. and that of her nativity on the 8th of September. as that of the assumpthat is. precisely nine months before the 25ih of December. even of the present year ? The assumption of the Virgin Mary. he goes down into Egypt that is. — he sinks below the horizon in the west. as that of Lady-day. appearing on the eastern edge of the horizon. And why. fixed this very day. when Christ the sun gains his first degree of ascension. the starry goddess. weeks afterward. sits in his starry seat. the which compose the begin again to be visible seem to emerge out of his to the naked eye. — IS but another three same personification.

it must necessarily be. were with those whom I oppose or. so much as to hear me. Why do they decline the challenge which I have given. bui fish so ihat with them. He fills the hungry with good things. but. when she is in her " low estate. And all this to. or madness. or they. if they themselves but felt an honorable conviction that they were right. without any contradiction or absurdity. very many. and exalted or brought to the zenith. his seed Thus. making up of the asof the covenant tronomical allegory to Abraham that is. nay. till the mutton of March . while the rich. the planet Saturn and that is. with nothing to live on. this matd with the handy had been in. .^' in February . in the sixth month. why should they have recourse to the dark and slanderous arts of defamation and scandal. nor themselves. if truth. the eater. I adduce is ? But that. of the principles of that occult astronomical science which lies hid under the riddle of evangelical fiction. are sent empty away. called by Samson. the opposite signs of January and February. and shall never cease to give. to terrify men's minds from the pursuit of knowledge ? Why is it that they dare not trust their hearers. they dare not look at the bill which an honest man would bring against them. or even to know what the nature of the arguments. and herself in the sixth month. is lite rally purified in the fire of hell. END OF THE DISCOURSE ON VIRGO PARITURA. even of their own. Lent. my other lectures. a few. the stars of the opposite constellation. with a force of demonstration which prejudice.144 THE devil's pulpit. but reason can not. Why should they brand me with opprobrious epithets. have I brought before you. sirs. by fair com. the pure virgin. under any arrangements. hypocrisy. . she thanks the sun for having regarded the low estate. the stars of heaven for ever. when he has put down the mighty z. those that had been of low degree. While her own allegorical language supplies all the fillingsup. to show.do is expressly declared to be in fulfilment — . e. may oppose. most literally. of the ingenious fiction. and the right of the cause. which a good cause never needed. like conscious bankrupts. so they will not kill me. in this lecture. and the wicked persecuting tricks. whether it be we. if reason. as the Lion of July. — — — m For. to the best and ablest of them. (hat she. from their seat. sirs. and the beef of April come in. are the fruitful and abundant months . and good men never used. ihat is. who aare deceivers of the people ? ^ .parison.

^* And when Jesus was come into Peter*s house.. and his character is introduced with a familiarity as gross. in either New Testament or yet here his name Old). would present say. as if the writer of this gospel had taken it for granted that his name and that everybody must know who Peter was : — character. And he to^iched her hand. A. February 20. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. as well as yourself. A proof. Here is a personage introduced to us.0 As you might Sunday. of whom we ought. February 20 . him. THE REV. and she arose. For this is the first passage in any part of God's most holy word (that is. means. B. among ten thousand others. what Sunday. that these gospels 1. AT THE ROTUNDA. and sick of a fever. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS. to be supposed never to have heard before. itself to the name of any one of the days of the mind week months of the year. and everything that to was to be understood with respect as immediately as the or . he saw his wife^s mother laid. and the fever left her. 14. and ministered unto them" — Matthew viii. 1831. this. ROBERT TAYLOR. in which the name of Peter occurs occurs. SAINT PETER: A SERMON."— JLZZan Cunningham.THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. everybody knowing. upon all principles of rational criticism. FEBRUARY 20.

and there's no knowing whether it was Peter's sick of a fever"" wife's mother. and sick — of a fever.'''' and " thou shalt not sieaL'^'' As we find him disposed to hush up a matter of that sort. and were not." Like the great Mogul. which could only have been set right. Go. written. I hope I may. as the names of the days of the week are with ourselves. and ordinary associations of among the persons for whose convenience they were written. nothing hinders but that Jesus might have been a married man. that he was followed by certain women which had evil spirits which evil spirits. Here is an ambiguity in the text itself. go and six of one more prudent . out of whom went . from certain suspicions which would naturally attach to a person who was so familiar as he was. or at least settled. and could not have been. For. as well as a Mistress Peter too. and Susanna. than any information which this gospel contains. was as familiar to the general noidea. kept a seraglio which accounts for the singular fact. Herod's steward others and Joanna. And if anything like historical and probable fact were intend- ed in the matter. that of all the ten commandments. — which ministered to him of their substance. with a good-natured Ut. with other men's wives: as we expressly read. seven devils the wife of Chuza. that was laid. by those who had other and better means of settling it. woman ? neither do I condemn thee. suppose to be none of the best spirits.— — ]46 THE devil's pcjlpit. and that^ moral character of this great pattern of holiness. after all the subject- matter whicJi they contain tions. till any length of time you please. was that which comes between " thou shalt do no murder. as far as the text goes — '* When Jesus was come into Peters house. with very great relief to the . or Jesus's wife's mother. Hath no man condemii- — ed thee. And there might have been . he saw his wife''s mother laid. tut !say no more about it say no more about it. and many . ! We are be and half-a-dozen of the other. are not original writings. as well as Peler. notwithstanding. the one which our blessed Savior held to be of least consequence. ** Mary Magdalen. without impiety. a Mistress Jesus Christ. this great pattern of purity and holiness his purity and holiness.

presents us with the purest system of morals that was ever propounded to man. and not Jesus's wife's mother. what otherwise we should have no right to determine.. then shall vile your eyes be open of Matthew. to eat of that forbidden fruit . But our business master. have ever known themselves. both in example and precept. or a — . the porter of heaven's gate. shall be pleased open the gate not worth our while to scrape all the acquaintance to we can with to such an important personage. I. and the rock and foundation of the whole Christian church. that had the fever Simon and Peter. who denied his who curst and swore till the very cock upon his roost crowed. settles the ambiguity of the text thereof. The gospel of Luke. Shame on you. open to us. than a go and he ye fools." INow. being assumed to be synonymous. of the deviVs — chaplain. either catholic or protestant. when you never thought worth your while So. 147 The gosIt is not for us to fling stones at you. to tempt you. and of him. than they have ever had the honesty to lell you. unless whom Christ has committed the keys. with the flaming sword. that which suitably comports with the title they have given me. • no better answer. or Simon Peter. iv. and now is with the chief of the apostles. that in the day that ye eat . expose our souls cry. through the and wicked imposture that has been practised on you. if ye have a mmd. I will introduce ye to Saint Peter.THE devil's . or if they have known. Peter . but. by determining for us. you see. for the future pel. is it when we die. as Peter. . than any of your clergy. that great paragon of moral perfection. then. to to we can never go to heaven to us. and Lord. perhaps. the first saint of the calendar. ptjlpit. by all arguments I can. and not to receive . by the wink of an eye. Their object being that of the cherubim. for God doth know. I know ye not it and to why should know me. that it was Simon's wife's mother. and the power of priests shalt exist no longer. Saint Peter. the dreadful venture of having to knock. turned into *' Simon Peter. ye shall see. Lord. chap. a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ. which turned every way to keep you from the tree of knowledge my object being. and will tell you more about him.

but it was a great fever : — that is. which may account for her husband being a water-bearer. that he was not a * Peter is unquestionably the Aquarius of the Zodiac. as the old St. at least. John). and able. was a physician. I suppose. who we are told. and very likely a large family of his own. you naughty wicked fever you: go to hell with you . as to plague the poor old . would not stand. or a yellow fever. who declares that he had not where to lay his head. and being a very sensible sort of a fever. one and the self-same personage. that to James's powder. but immediately left the old woman in high dudgeon. which. tells us that this fever took the woman. which had seized the old woman. It is hard to reconcile this admission of Peter's being a housekeeper. not that the woman had taken the fever. and such like objurgatory language. which implies. a rational and intelligent fever. I dare say. you see : had a fixed and permanent place of residence. not being used to be rebuked in such a manner. he gave it a good it scolding : asked it. would yield to the power of Jesus's argument. that Peter. The next important discovery is. and not that the fever was that a very bad fever. that he was exceedingly poor. but never have given way told. not only to keep a wife. perhaps. at least that a personal fever. how woman could be so unreasonable so cruelly. and whether it wasn't ashamed of itself and said. and nothing more than a poor fisherman of the Galilean lake. that the man was by so much richer than the master. and therefore ought to be called Doctor St. a fever six feet high. Luke.* But then again we have the fresh difficulty opened upon us. or Simon Peter was at any rate worth a house which shows us. woman herself. but to keep his wife's mother as well with the general understanding. which represents the fever.. as being as much a real for name but little personage. The apostle. and as sensible a personage. But the matmended. the fever. in this account. and swore he'd never come into that house again. while his master had not. Luke (and we have at this day a Doctor St. . or a scarlet fever. except we suppose that his wife took in washing. in the acts of the apostles. Jesus rebuked the fever — would So we are expressly that is. 148 double ter is THE devil's pulpit. Get out.

fisherman. then. revelations from Heaven. with most curious source of ambiguity. should discover such a very particular acquaintance with Simon the tanner." says our many days in Joppa. " And now send men to Joppa. Peter is : a tanyard]. but a lodger. there's nothing like setting ourselves to who he is when he is at home. he lodgeth Simon a tanner. repeatedly to describe as if to pre- vent all possibility of mistake . on the coast of the Mediterranean sea Christian travellers.^^ This most condescending particularity indeed. While the scripture mentions no other place of permanent esidence for St. whose house is hy the seaside. but Joppa And if we really want to to find Peter. that though he might catch a now and nothing then. in the gospel. that there is like leather. is but one person. and Peter and no longer a housekeeper. who always see what they go to see. made of the leather Simon tanned. and is call with one for one Simon. splits into the two. holy record. Simon a tanner. in the . and ihat — find out know who a man is. Lincoln's Inn. will find you out the very tan- come back in new shoes. and our by the help of this divine directory. but a tanner. may account for the mistake of the tanner being taken for a fisherman. yard of Simon. Peter. flat-fish is. whose surname is Peter .: THE devil's pulpit. as in two or three particular it. with one most curious fact is. who. The house of the tanner being by the seaside (which was certainly not the best situation for Acts of the apostles. situate : the Levant. sole or a and not a fisherman. to the Now it is held to be a wonderful conformation evidences of Christianity. Though the most conclusive reason for settling the question. Carey street. to know in that there actually is a town of the name of Joppa. that this first of the apostles was a tanner. that God Al17." But the who knows nothing about the house of And it came to pass. this 149 whose house was by the seaside. yet we may ** be very well assured. *'that Peter tarried mighty. none that could at any time be called God himself instructing us that if we want ais home. we must send io Joppa. which none of your clergy can give a reason for and you shall soon see that I can that Simon Peter. Simon. as Peter was a . Now. Peter. lodging in the house of Simon.

was ever in Rome was famous for — Rome. The figure of the God. Simon Peter. Simon and Jonah are one and the same personage — ** Bar- Jonah. and son and father commonly bearing the same name: and Jonah." signifying the son of Jonah. as the — Bar. alias a rock. on the self-same spot ofground. most startling coincidence of fact that while no single line of historical record. and could only be identified by ringing the changes through a great many aliases. as a second edition of the Jonah of the Old.— . Bar-Jonah. it is the fish that catches the man. name same who. or Peter of the gospel with this most curious. alias Cephas. through its all temple of Janus. retains the self-same Janus. bears the Simon BarJonah. or periods of its pagan history. alias Peter. who navigated in the fish's belly.Jonah. between the old and new covenant : with only this curious transposition. went down to Joppa. identifies the Peter of the New Testament. " Blessed art thou Simon. alias Salan. Now self." ought to be no bar to our perception. but peculiarly and exclusively a Roman deity and Rome. was ever yet to be adduced to prove that any such person as Simon Peter or Simon as that of Janus. alias Peter Simon. Janus (lawo^) was represented with a . in so many instances. according to the analogy which. from the presence of the Lord. which. Janus was not a Greek. : 150 sort of THE devil's pulpit. in the character. his name Peter. personage who found it convenient to have more names than one. fled when he — that in the new name covenant. and absolutely the constituted so essential a part of the style of is Simon Bar-Jonah Simon Peter same pagan mythology. to this day. under her name of >S^Peier'5cAwrcA. alias . as alias Simon.^^ Matt. it is the man that catches the fish whereas. Bar. under . the son of Jonah. and fills the same . so that Simon Bar-Jonah that is. alias the devil We have But that this *' one of these aliases immediately conferred on him by Christ himself. as her patron saint . which puts into our hands a clue to further unravelments. I have demonstrated as obtaining. of any character whatever. alias a stone. in the showing of Christ hima direct anagram.Jonah ever existed. and there he found a ship going to Tarshish. and her temple of Janus. xvi. functions. the Jonas. Simon. in the old covenant.

He was addressed : " Jane .'^ Two-faced Janus the origin of the silently-flowing year. and were and in this form you may see him set on two distinct persons . O Principium Deorum. where he has got the character of the evangelist. now generally taken for the Greek or Latin for FATHER. Paul's cathedral. with his pen in his hand. on the year gone by. He was believed to preside over the new year : his two faces (sometimes one old. and the other young) was emblematical of and the new year. " Jane Pater. Mark wrote his gospel. Jane tuens.— THE devil's pulpit. were represented as the one looking upward. anni tacite labentis origo. as the name of the his looking both on the old month January. Marh And the church has invented the silly lie that St. bifrons. or is but a corruption of the word Peter. with which he pointed . a rock.'^ saint O father Janus. or priests of Jupiter it Ammon. with wings. Dive biceps biformis. the true name being Ammonian of the priests. is derived from that of Janus. Jupiter. under the immediate dictation of St. O chief of all the gods. on the western front of our own St. whence issued a profusion of water while in the other he held a key. to this day. in name supreme pagan which. . which identify him with the Peter of the gospel. the very form of the Aquarius. Peter or Paior: and the is found in combination. And his fingers were so disposed as to represent the number 365. the old and young. Staff in 151 to one hand. two-headed. to the coming year. two-hodied . Peter . O Gate rerum Sator. O regarding Janus. whence the name of the apostle Peter was. The word Pater. the other downward. Sometimes the two faces. ready to scribble away while the young one (a little Cupid. the number of the days of the year. While we have still preserved the very words of the pagan prayer-book. and telling him what to write. as there you will observe the old boy. or Water-bearer of the Zodiac) is looking him up in the face. to deity. this day. O wise sower of things. St. an Egyptian word. withou* . The word Pater of the Petor. and had generally near him some resemblance of a ship. as the learned Bryant has shown.

" the proper attribute of time. passed over to the father of the household. and blustered like St. and as John the Baptist to the messiahship. ox Peters. nephew. but his wisdom. and chief of the priestly hierarchy. At Rome. as our priests. stands. Peter . sister. as Aquarius to the Zodiac. The name of Peter. and in brave defiance of any approach of ridicule or sarcasm. mother. as January to the year. first. his icy heart is thawed. As the priests of Apollo were called Pateres. the incontrovertible basis and origin soft and elegant utterance of the Greek nations. and January. and a part of the name of the supreme deity Jew* Peter.152 any pun or levity. bishop of Benevenlo. in foretelling things to come. as Jonah to the prophets. in the opinion of the learned Bryant. All the names of relationship among us. and who was much such another saint. but at Naples. as Reuben to the patriarchate. uncle. and he was called Pater. as Z^u?. signifying not his of the Jew^ Peter —Jew was the name of God. or "Lev. brother. and whose blood is annually liquefied. it comes bolt upon us in the uncovered. and under the same patron saint. as Saint Monday. Peter in the gospel. when toward the latter end of January. which the paternal character. as father. pronounced with a sigma or Zeta. was. m significa- tion of their being interpreters of the oracles of Apollo. niece. the pagan origin of the name and character of Janus is overlooked or forgotten in the word St. the highest. as bearing the same analogy to the family as Janus to the gods. " or bringing to light. are to this day. and undisguised name of Saint January. originally the names of different orders of priests or priestesses of the gods and goddesses. being. his frosts un- bound. the sun turning and looking with a warmer ray upon the month. by an obvious metaphor. that had denied being under his influence. as Peter to the apostleship. and Pater. . who was believed to have been beheaded in the persecution of Diocletian. that came in so cold and ruthless. or Peter. professing the same Christian religion as Rome. " went out and wept bitterly :" and here you see niore than enough of the marks of his dirty tears staining the walls of our Rotunda.

and acknowledge its influence. Hence. as well as of the Roman. then. and at his crowing thou shalt perceive my glance upon thee. but the early bird shall awaken thee. — that the sun. the whose crowing announces the first appearance of the day.^^ ness. thou shalt deny extendedly. in the 130th the Psalm ^^ My soul waiteth for thee. is. Through the three watches of thy state of dqrk- forswear thy Lord . : — — the fire. not merely over the beginning of the year. as he bears nature. . as he was was believed to preside over all beginnings. and bears precisely the same part in the gospel allegory. and the Simon or Simon Peter of the gospel. " Before the cock crow. the universal Of the Greek Janus. was the peculiarly accompanying emblem of the god Janus . same allegorical under the name of JEsculapius. e. in dewy sorrows. most beautiful in poetry. 'tis the allegorical language of the sun. but over the beginning or dawn of every day : and hence. the Janus of the Romans. who never adopted had a Janus of their own i. in the analogy of when . before morning watch. in crowing Peter into repentance. addressed to the god of morning. like the Janus mans. entrances. is is. which is compounded Ammonian radicals: ask—fire kul all: ab father. nor less beautiful.. with the mere grammatical termination. the cock was the peculiar emblem and we have meaning. language of Christ. significancy. in the nature.— THE Devil's pulpit. is that extension of the in the metaphor. making Ash — — kul father — ab — ius — that — ^sculapius. one of the discovered to us of the three etymology of the name JEsculapius. 153 One of Matutinus the most striking epithets of the god Janus —that . I say before the morning loatch. gates. me thrice" — that is. who. was none other than the ten thousand personifications of the sun: as in the is personage.''^ Nor less : allegorical.Jonah. thou shalt The Greeks. his shrill voice proclaims the breaking-in of evangelical light upon the dark conscience of the sun-abjuring and the evidence of his repentance descends upon the dewy tears of the morning. ** to the Janus of the gospel. of or pertaining to the morning. of the RoBar. and commencements cock. the Jonas of the Old Testament. most accurate in apostle world.

admitted have been one of the wisest of the human race. when. he reminded his followers of their religious duties. for on no other principles. and a most strenuous maintainer of the unity and perfection of the Supreme Being. takes name. or of a sea-faring life. which to is. the house which Christ entered was Simon's. saying. to THE devil's pitlpit. literally signifies. His being the peculiar comrad e of /<2me5 and John. His being the father of Judas Iscariot . the sons of thunder. being interpreted. ** Remember we owe a cock to JEsculapiusy But the accompaniments and associations which identify the Saint Peter of the gospel. or rock. upon which stone or rock the church of Christ was 4. 5. are 1. His designation as Cephas. the brothers Simon and Andrew. er. His always and invariably being connected with fishing. as James and John receive from Christ the distinguishing title of Boanerges. 2. to the first of the signs of the Zodiac. a siune. in those last words of the dying Socrates. abundant portion. or January.— 154 and beauty. or fishing-nets. which were partners with Simon. His appointment to the care of the keys of the kingdom of heaven. which is. His primacy in the apostleship. 6. And we have four partners in the firm. be founded. its Aquarius. The primacy. the sons of Zebedee which name Zebedee. is evidently given on no score of superior merit. or first place in the apostleship. by the sign of the . the water-bear- from which the name of the month Jonuary. of the sea. followed as you see that month is. as Simon Bar-Jonah. to Peter. ship into which Christ entered was Simon's. the sons of Zehedee. Mark iii. with his dying breath. or a boat or ship. into . and the brothers James and John. The 1. or with something necessarily lead- ing the mind to some idea of water. and can be ac- counted acter. as Judas Iscariot His being the brother of Andrew. 3. than the analogy of his charand the absolute identity of his name. Luke v. 7. more particularly . is expressly called the son of Simon.

and upon this rock I will build my church. fish. and allegory : how beautiful. was 'Uo preach the ac' that is (than which no explanation ceptahle year of the Lord"*' — could be plainer) — lo preach the gospel. or ship^ in all representations of the The water which Aquarius. is or Januarius. of the kingdom of heaven. being swallowed by a whale. And grounds less this renunciation of to the insane men's reason it is. and literal gates of hell. by Christ himself. the greater fools or madmen we can make of ourselves the better. and the gates of hell : shall not prevail against it. lishes of February. and the no insane tyranny of our protestant clergy. according to the caprice of his arbitrary will. 155 his urn of which the man. shall be loosed in heaven" to — is a sort of language which any notion of literality. in the Old Testament. either to bind or loose. or absolute fact. in the 2. is to set forth the annual . New. and so. and the no less allegorical danger of St. and the infinite miseries. can no more attach. that Janus of the Janus was the son of the ocean. and a power. and the invariable accompani- ment of a boat mythology.THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. shall be heaven and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth. of being drowned. which religious insanity has the But. or divine being. pouring out : wa- seems to be pursuing fisherman. use your reason. "We must renounce our reason altogether. the allegorical fiction of Jonah. pours out of his urn. history. Peter. in his own express declaration. by any human being. given to Peter. cruelties. The keys of the kingdom of heaven. ter. how sublime is you have the key of the kingdom of heaven. put into your hand. entailed on the Christian world. that thou art Peter. as it were. that has given arrogance of the papal power. and the belief. and crimes. bound in And I will give unto thee the keys And whatsoever thou shalt bind on : earth. in those words of Christ *' I say also unto thee. either given or : possessed. than to the language of -^sop's fables. to dream of such a thing as a heaven with keys to it the key of the pantrydoor. that to preach the gospel. swallowed by the great southern Formalhaut : hence. given to hence the allegorical character of a the Peter of the gospel.

7. who is again this same Aquarius. described as " the — psalms. How the prophet Jonas. given such power to this of Hell what they may the Sun has month of the year. : And thus you see at once. and January. the heavenly Jerusalem. through which he sheds his bright beams of light upon the world. will never be able to recover their empire . thaws. and the twelve apostles. and deluging us with rains is of which." who is this same Aquarius.''^ How is the Son of man. saying that ** they should believe on him who should come after him" that is. the Water-bearer of January. in like manner. or loosening : them in thaws. with this only consolatory assurance. with all his ruggedaess. are the twelve signs of the Zodiac. described in tht Pentateuch. that **the gates of Hell shall — that first is. of his right hand. was who man is the same Aquarius in the swallowed by the whale. the sun ^^ made so strong for his ownself^^ 4. who is this same Aquarius. the bindings or loosenings of January. has the keys of the kingdom of Heaven . in autumn and winter. as he stands as the first month of the year. when you go into the city.— 156 THE devil's pulpit. in how beautiful. the Sun. is always connected with the idea of water and fishing. and has the power of binding up the heavens in — frosts : whose effect is felt throughout all nature. and liquefied. How. the is of the twelve patriarchs. 6. as that he shall the water out of his buckets. who is the same Aquarius. be the frosts or . the rook of ages. November. How Reuben. How. who God"^ that is. in how sublime an analogy. pour 3. John the Baptist. the other first upward on the new year. 5. ** there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water. Simon Bar-Jonas. which the Sun passes through. How. comes baptizing with water to repentance. that the gates —that is. who *' is the same Aquarius. under the beautiful type of an allegorical in which the sun is represented as Jesus Christ. everything on earth never prevail against it" loosened. and De- cember. Janus or January has two faces. or frosts or thaws . assures us^ that . the one looking down- ward upon the 2. by the evidence of his lengthening days. old. the months of October. history phaenomena of nature.

' behold lay in Zion for a founda- . as the Sun itself. ** a living stone. And we have interpretation. *' as unto a living stone. have we the meaning of that conundrum. " The disciple is not above his lord . while the Savior has not whers And hence. laid down by the speaker and clue to us in the astronomical prevent the confusion and cross-purposing. St. Andrew. being each in turn spoken of and addressed as the one Supreme and only God. and preciousy And I this^ in accomplishment of that most extraordinary prophecy. for one to the honor of poor Jesus. as you find Jesus in the gospel. that ever was in the world. this distinctive in the gospels. and all the rest of them. St. Peter. shall Yet spring come. wanders from house to house. And hence. 157 * Though horrors round our mansion reign. when spoken of separately and distinctively. and.THE devil's pulpit. disallowed indeed of men. which would appear to arise from the Sun being spoken of as the sign in which the Sun is and the sign in which the Sun is. that are in the days of November and December. calling Peter a stone. hut chozen of God.'*'* he says. with head the constellations retaining their fixed relative while the Sun. Hence. the equal respect paid in the heathen mythology to Janus. in seeming to pass through them. and calling him a stone.^^ And hence.'^ And hence. that he he as his lord. unto ivhom coming. in the Christian mythology. tendom. which now gone is. in the 28th of Isaiah: " Thus saith the Lord God. you will find Peter in the epistle returning the compliment. you see. as to Christ himself. twenty churches built to the honor of St. as to the supreme Jupiter himself: and each of the twelve great gods. a great deal more —as you will find throughout Chris- James. we desired to see one of the days of January — that one of the days of the Son of man. by. disciple. indeed. and nature smile again. and were not able. except Saint Judas Iscariot. what an accuracy of analogy tha apostle has a house of his own. the equal respect paid to the apostles. as a guide to axiom. or to each and every of them. and the drollest kind of a stone to lay his — positions. it is enough for the .

" Luke xi. With that key. is that first of the . a tried stone. the sure foundation. for any explication that any of my reverend brethren can give. we shall make haste ? And does it become us. ye hindered. and to believe in a stone and that. spoken of in the gospel. by the speaker in the gospel. who was. in his day. for ye have taken away the key of knowledge . and who have justly. the design of them had been : and of such matchless execution. fool. that if we don't be. yers. spoken of in Scripture. and them that were entering in. hypocrites. a stone. in the moral certainty. was never meant any place on earth. who.158 tion. foundation in that Zion. and to assure ourselves that none other than the grossest litholatry could have been intended by those who addressed their devotions to the immortal statuary of a Phidias or Praxiteles. but cry my gospel in- locents. what a stone. or the Olympian Jove. a precious corner-stone. how infinitely clever man may become. religion makes . does not mean a and neither does the man. yoii know. to fling stones at the pretended ignorance of our heathen ancestors. lieve in the stone. has a right said it. the devil's chaplain and who said to the chief priests and law! No it does not : . thai wo denounced against them. THE devil's pulpit. 0. mean a man and no such man as Jesus Christ. a sure foun. the stone. but by those whose object is to keep mankind in ignorance. Are we then so positively commanded to worship a stone. and saving (most reverentially saving) the honor of the Lord dation God. to say what he pleases : if body else I had I should say No ! I won't tell any you what should say. if all of Parian marble. ever existed. as to present a perpetual admoni- world how clever. Nor has their historical existence ever been pretended. then. that the great circle of the starry heavens by Zion. what I am called in mine. what T say to them too : '^Wo unto you. of him. but as the stone laid for a . ye enter not in yourselves. under peril of the drollest damnation that ever man was damned to. the Paphian Venus. or such men as any one of his twelve apostles. when he gives his mind to the arts and sciences and tion to the . I now present you. 1 "I and he that believeth shall not make haste:' " which.

the Taurus. June. the prophet Jonah" —that — that is. the Fishes that he : 2. is Thomas. what the proper under' standing of the thing 5. with the accuracy of an almanac.: — THE devil's pulpit. 159 from which the whole vaulty arch of Heaven takes January. Peter. And Andrew univer- by his standing before a Saltier cross. he will become an accurate chronologer. no sign be given them. February. the year fore. is. or Bull of the Zodiac. so as to who understandeth the know the bearings and positions of haste this first of the constellations. and. you will soon be able to decipher the rest — as thus is is : January. signs of the Zodiac. Saint Peter. 4. April. because. and there — shall is. and lost a day. the brother of Peter. he science hidden under this allegory. Aquarius. place. rebukes his hearers for their stupidity. or Didyraus. going ad ultera." 3. in the Acts of the Apostle explains expressly. Aquarius. is John. as Matthew. As the astrologue in the New Testament. that. as St. with a bull's head at his foot. you don't understand proficiency in astron- you are too stupid ever . but the sign of if the prophet the foreteller of future events. that fellow betrayed his master. looking to the stars that lie without the band of the Zodiac. equal is St. or exact measure sally distinguished of the angle which the sun makes in crossing the equator. but understanding that. ** a wicked and adulterous generation" that is. Saint Judas Iscariot. is you see all representations of St. he will not maJce — that is. which is a goniometer. because. to make any omy all 1. as if of purpose to show us. which the sun enters in the month of And he that helieveth^^ — that is. thereis both. Andrew. "seeketh for a sign from heaven. the Water-bearer. '' might go to his own March. was reckoned honor is due to them begin in March . directly rising out of the . and will be able to keep his account of time. through the whole acceptable year of the Lord. the disciple which Jesus loved. May. as he does in the month of March. 6. ^^ its spring. Matthew. to formerly. the cross like the letter X.

the brother of James. August. IL November. and Philip. a horse. 7. who is always represented as half a man and half as field. that toward the had half a mind to go backward. is Nathaniel. October. last Twins: yet himself. tree. END OF THE DISCOURSE ON SAINT PETER. a crabbed sort of a fellow. 8. whom Christ saw under the fig- gathering in the last remaining fruits of the year. the balance of justice. and. James the Less. 9. i. is James the Greater. holding Libra. 10.160 THE devil's pulpit. or so passionately attached to the sports of the as always nition. is Judas. July. December. the Canaanite. And you have Philip this curious defi- John 44: '* Now was of Bethsaida" : —Beth- saida literally signifying the house of hunters 12. whose very name signifies lover you see his characteristic in the Sagittarius of the Zodiac. to be on horseback. was of a horse . is Simon. is September. . called by Philip. surnamed Oblia the Just.

in if I had not learnt first my book.^^ Familiarity. the less you know of him the better ways fatal to devotion. he while he yet spake. I should have been as good a Christian you see. who. my last discourse. St. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. A SERMON. even to absolute demis onstration. 46. we reckon that. 6. B. And Judas. besides a whole posse of sisters for the Virgin Mary was the mother of a very large family: the only thing to be regretted is. Peter. one of the twelve. that his brethren. for that better knowledge. 11 a purely . lo ! is at hand that doth betray me. as we are expressly assured. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS. 5.. If : as anybody. JUDAS ISCARIOT VINDICATED.^' — Matthew This except is the first passage in which the in the name of Judas occurs. proved. ROBERT TAYLOR. vior. 1831. I have. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. AT THE ROTUNDA. — that ** neither did his brethren believe in him. A. MARCH " Rise^ let us be going: Behold. who must have known him best. THE REV. that the of the apostles. all of them infidels. they were John vii.THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. 13th of this holy gospel. xxvi. are spoken of as the immediate brothers of our blessed Savior. in which a Judas is mentioned. had none the better opinion of him.''— Allan Cunningham. together with Joses and Simon. you really wish to love your Saknowledge is al. breeds contempt.

Then. being that could not have been given to names as the like of As every one knows. Thomas. the John the Baptist of the churches. why should there be just exactly twelve of 'em. Richard Jones. as Jesus Christ. but equally im- aginary. at the court of the king of the Cannibal islands. . John. why are the names of nine out of these twelve The disciples or learners. We come. like his master. characters of the rest of the glorious apostles company of the — that word always first signifying the bright and shining company. Then. must be supposed to have been. and could not have occurred to the unscientific and illiterate conceptions of a Jewish peasant. or historical probability. and kept up. er of the Acts of the apostles. and thirteen that. or Jack Robinson. the January of the almanac. being supposed to be Jews. though there were 120 disciin the first diap- we find the eleven. so nicely corresponding to the twelve months of the year. would be one too few. and the Jack Frost of the nurseries. the Janus of the Romans. and you would no more find such names as Andrew. so absolutely necessary to be made up. and the twelve signs of the Zodiac ? And this number twelve. to the less distinctly drawn. . the Reuben of the patriarchate. find Tom Smith.162 THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. changed into apostles. imaginary being that. every country had a sort and order of names peculiar to itself. that eleven would be one too many so ples. James. he never had any real existence but is of that order of romantic and ideal personifications which weak and disordered minds nat: urally fall into: he is nothing more than a varied embodying of the JEsculapius of ihe Greeks. again. and no more nor less than just that astronomical number twelve. receives its shock from the astronomical char- name itself. than you would apostles. Philip. And here acter of the the pretence to anything like history. there must be but twelve apostles: and. Jesus Christ. now. such which no Jews were ever called by. had he been a real personage. after the rcsur- . again. the Aquarius of the Zodiac. the Jonah of the Ninevites. a name mere messengers or itinerant preachers. and the rest of them in Judea.

of whom. and a great deal nearer Heaven than any garret in Grub street. man. casting lots that is. by supplying the place of the traitor Judas. whose name a witness of it ? signifies a just signifies a gift? (a word devilishly like a bribe). I dare say it was a very respectable lodging. or because the luck fell to Matthias.''^ How soon. why should the toss-up of a halfpenny. to be witnesses with us of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. could a man be ? ordained a witness.'^^ Though neither of the candidates had been any more witnesthe devil. for the appointment of one. whether he sliould depend upon be allowed to be it which If Joseph. all which is explained to us. if ses of the resurrection than I or you. as all other bishops get their bishoprics. Peter tells us. the Lord knows how . as St. why should the world be deprived of his testimony. in the vrrepo^ov^ in the large upper room. and the devil . assembled in a large upper room. or the first floor down the chimney. then. the best out of two and three. who. Peter. and let no man dwell therein. he lies snug. they were in the garret (God forgive me !). had really been a witness of the resurrection of Christ. 163 rection of their Divine Master. and so lost his bishopric. one was to be ordain** ed. there had vacated was not long left undisposed were two candidates. and having got it. were these holy apostles on the scramble for the — bishoprics. says St. So he got the bishopric. that was wanting to make up the complete dozen. The see that Judas of.THE devil's pulpit. and his bishopric let another take. ye see. had something the matter with his bowels. as clear as everything else is explained. God forbid that we should think that large upper room was a garret. of that which he had really not witnessed And if he really had witnessed or not it. whose surname was Justus. tossing up a halfpenny. and he was numbered with the apostles. or because thirteen would have been loo many witnesses. Here. by the application of a text of the book of Psalms: "' For it is written in the hook of Psalms^ Let his habitation he desolate . And how there had been any reality in the transaction. like all other bishops. merely because he happened to cry tail when it turned up a head.

through Jesus Ammon. have fixed. who. and you will no more wonder that your clergy. she says that Almighty God. from which he betrayed. which is is the sun's highest point of ascension. if that beseech you to observe.— — — 164 a bit THE devil's pulpit. doth make exactly a shilling a day for every day of the month. and a fast on the 23d of February. or allegory drawn down. fell"? And why should not the repentance of Judas have been as acceptable to God. for tell a reason which none of your preachers of the gospel can you. and I can. on which occasion. seeing the repent- ance of Judas was accompanied with give. and all their satellites. except that our church. with oaths and curses. and thus the gospel was made to preserve its perfect coincidence with the acceptable year of the Lord. he gave the greatest proof of sincerity that man could He brought back the one pound ten I i. in order that Judas might go own place. in this election of the it new apostle ? become him who. where. and whose treason. into the place of the pretty prayer. to make ready for the feast. by transgression. being always preserved from false apostles. and with only one shilling to spare. didst choose thy faithful servant Matthias. Christ our Lord thy be may ordered and guided by faithful and true pastors. to be of the number of the twelve apostles. to be the first for calling for a filling up of the which Judas. as the repentance of Peter. which spare. a new day was introduced. place ''from was not a whit less than that of Judas. grant that church. do ye hear of him any more . in honor of Bishop Matthias. that February should happen to . see what havoc a little criticism will play with your Now gospel history. thirty pieces of silver. ** traitor Judas. to deter should labor by all means in their power you from the exercise of that dangerous faculty as thus: Why Did is Peter the speaker and arranger of the whole affair." The 24th to his of February being the place of the Bissextile in the calendar of Julius Caesar. e. denied his Master. therefore. with two shillings to to monih should happen if be February. a feast on the 24th of February. fruits worthy of repent- ance..

of the Acts. The Judas of the Acts. split into two halves. hanged himself. indeed. The Judas of the Gospels. met a death that was natural. The Judas of the Gospel. most likely. bought a field with it. bore no such testimony. The Judas of the Acts. The Judas of the Acts. kept the money. gave back the whole sum he had received to the priests. who put it into the treasury. a day or two after which. would would wish maintain that they possibly can be reconciled — as attempt and in the The accounts of the last catastrophe of Judas. despaired in his iniquity. and all his bowels pushed out. For who knows but that might have been like-master like-man. The Judas of the Gospel. and then wiped his eyes. to the The Judas The Judas of the Acts. did not repent. triumphed in his iniquity. in some way or other. that after he had fallen headlong [np^v^g yevoncvog)^ and burst asunder in the midst cXaK^e ixcaoq that is. are utterly irreconcilable to egregiously and flagrantly irreconcilable to thus . be in leap-year: whereas Peter only w^e/i^ 165 out and blubbered. The Judas of the Gospel. returned the money. it it was no death at all. The Judas of the Gospel. in the gospel. so as to be none the worse for it. — so — that no Christian who be thought capable of honest criticism. died by an accident. The Judas of the Acts. is more than intimated in the sacred text. met a death that was entirely So that. Acts of the Apostles. The Judas of the Gospel. which God knows best he stuck his two halves together. repented. from which we learn. entirely The Judas miraculous. . and was as merry as ever. of the Gospel. and : — . The Judas of the Acts. bore an honorable testimony innocence of Christ. And Judas might have (whichever it got over his suicide or fatal accident was) as Christ got over his crucifixion. like the death of Christ.— — THE devil's pulpit.

that he might go ought to his own pi ace. my own place. in their right places. which was his proper place. rendered literally and syllabically. m -api/3r] h Ja?. : — . when he expressly said to him. and in that stupid ises. The words rendered. but Simon Peter for an express exception is made in favor of Judas. fell. *' Have not I chosen you . in words whose very curious meaning has never yet been trusted to the understandings of Christian audiences. way of jumping at a conclusion. by transgression. collocation of the words. Tropsvdrjpaif Tov TOnOv Out of ichich passed over Iou-Das. as I must pass over Blackfriars bridge to-night. will be found bear a wholly different As. which. '^ The words to me. the Son of Man goeth. in those words immediately following ''for he knew who it was that should hetray him'''* that is. eig of the original Greek. to go to It is true. and the stops put to in. tov lSiov. that there are a few passages. by a or false punctuation. whistling as if nothing had happened as we are expressly told. to he carried to the place. or any fault or crime which lou Das had committed. "from which lou Das. are still £| more curiously (and delightfully) enigmatical. " Get thee behijad me.166 THE devil's pulpit. indeed. perdition is when properly arranged. ''from which Judas." and the devil's in it. if it was not far more likely to be the devil twelve. fell. as it written of him is Man heen hetrayed. but merely and literally a passing over. indeed." by no means imply any moral fall. where Judas seems to be called a devil.''^ man hy whom the Son of had heen good for that man if he had not And where Jesus says. that he might go to his own place. that it was the apostleship. hut xoo unto that It not Judas Iscariot that a devil V^ It is evident that it was was the devil. upon insufficient premare made to bear a sense dishonorable to the character of this holy apostle. horn. But these. and it is said. he knew it was not he that was the devil. as they to be. and the son of . meaning. by transgres- sion. : went home. and one of you is . as he as certainly knew that it was Simon Peter that was the devil. Satan .

who invited his victim to supper. this. The Greek word for who betrayed him. implies an act of the highest benevolence and charity. forsooth. that 167 wanted to prevent Christ from suffering.THE devil's pulpit. is the strongest possible proof of his innocence. as did Peter. that the Scripture might be fulfilled when properly collocated. he calls Judas the a gin son of perdition. that the scripture of perdition put it into the heart of Judas Iscariot to betray him .''- Tudas had only time enough. And as for Judas having the devil in him. after he himself had given him a dose of blue Now. So that if Satan really ing about were a bad spirit. by immediately. before he died. Judas the sop. most literally. in- stead of being any proof of the guilt of Judas. in giving spirit. have we not a fair right to inquire who the devil it was that let the devil into him ? And who ly after should that be but Christ himself? he had given him the sop. spirits. '* Those whom thou hast . and then poisoned him. For immediateSatan entered into him. telling him to leave the room ''What thou doest. is nothing more than he who gave him up : and instead of implying an act of treason or crime. if there really were any treason in the case. Jesus himself that all his bowels gushed out. a rrapaSiSftg. dipped in such a to catch his soul : was little less than setting and then. and the devil having son. as not merely with him. than he Judas. as some who know nothwould pretend. as did St. indeed.'''' given me I have kept. if guilt there were. The clause in the prayer of Jesus. gave him such a d got up into his head. for our redemption.^^ says he. played the devil d bad spirit. in betraying Christ. who betrayed him to suffer. and none of them is lost but the son of perdition. should run thus: ** None of them is lost but the might be filled up . but worked in another way so fatally. to point out to the ." so that there might be no room left for anybody to come into perdition. And. And if the devil entered into Judas. the act of Jesus. seems to have been well aware of the operation of the dose that he had given the poor man. was the traitor but Christ himself. ''do quickly. who ruin.

not whom he had betrayed. faithfulness. if not to the im- mediate apostles of our blessed Savior ? Judas. setting aside the carnal judgment of the natural man. aquafortis. but the real incarnate eternal devil himself. gin. my But master Satan. and all-directing power in the great work of human redemption. as to deserve eternal damnation. And if such an act could possibly be criminal. and commanded by God. or (what a great deal worse than eternal damnation) to lose a bishopric. which he played in the scheme. too. but But if this be not the true way of understanding the whole affair. so far as be was a free agent in the affair. all been We should have shirked out of it. heightened with vitriolic acid. goodness. whom we all ought to feel infinitely obliged. then. Now. Judas. for the part lost. it turns up that all this we . made the word of God the sole guide and rule of his actions. which is not included in that truly meritothem ourselves . there's a sheer end of all distinction why. and truth. Nor is there any definition of goodness and virtue. who to is alone entided to be called our blessed Savior. He it is. is and so criminal. was. was meant no sort of who it who had betrayed hun. have been mistaking our friend it for our enemy while and the devil was — the devil himself —who was the prime agent. and by the spirit which was sopped up into the sop. first. which a Christian can give. hollands. whose minister I am .168 officers cf justice THE devil's pulpit. and inspired by the Holy Ghost. He it is. you shall observe. and there should He would have have been damned Jesus would would not have suffered for our sins. with reverence be it spoken. which discerneth not the things of the spirit of G-od. — we have been left in the lurch to suffer for which. or rum. how ter? could such a man possibly be an immoral characFor where will you find such an excellent system of morals ? as in the Bible And to whom are we to look for examples of fidelity. rious action. to do. that. did nothing but the very act which he was foreordained. would have been a damnation case. that Jes gave to Judas. between obeying the . For. or whiskey. in betraying his divine master. why.

are out same table. as not merely exhis face. the law of was Judas (I«-das) to observe God in all his actions. as the Bible. that. in the last interview they ever had. that being the price which God. And Jesus seems to have kissed him ^^ in return . And how could any two persons on earth be more decidedly shown to be friends. why did he not word. dipping their fingers together forks. that was. so strictly conscientious his master for ten times the sun. And that Judas was actuated by no motives will. than Jesus and Judas. though he might have made a much better bargain with the chief priests. as the words of the sacred text are: * And *' Jesus said unto him^ Friend. so that it seems they clapped and slobbered like two cupids in a valentine. give changing such affectionate salutations. are infidel inventions —but — for knives and co-operating in . how d^ye : do /" than which nothing could be more affectionate their beards together. " Friend. and same disL and spoons. he said. and when the fellow thrust his dirty beard in enemy. so that the one might have interpreted the other. ironically. in the as. in ordinary paris lance. in his infinite wisdom. or of malice.THE devil's pulpit. neither more nor less than My dear hoy. and only called him friend suit his action to his him such a ringer in the chops. have to and to charge him with the disgusting hypocrisy of calling Judas his friend. yet he so subdued all selfish and mercenary motives. one pound ten. would only what right our Christians give their blessed Savior the lie. that when he came to Jesus. Jesus said to Judas. wherefore art thou come?^^^ which. proved by the fact. and disobeying it : and a man might make reason the rule of his actions. •will 169 as well of God. but quite the is contrary. Thirty pieces of silver. master!" and kissed him. sitting at the thank God. if he really took him to be his enemy ? And if he really took him to be an I Now. was pleased to determine was as much as it was worth. *'Hail. 1 of fashion in the civilized world. as would have shown decidedly what sort of a friend he took him to be. and sold For. ill- unkindness against our blessed Savior." ask. that he asked no more than the thing he had to dispose of was worth.

the son of Simon — that . that there to disgraceful. that one of you shall letray they /. when Jesus '' was pleased to settle the dispute. when otherwise his virtue would have failed. thai when Jesus said. and the father against the son. or a disgrace. I [in the pan] and when he had dipped the sop. r/ze. that folly itself could For to betray Christ." I shall give a sop. was so vexed. ** i. all it you.?" *' Lord. was so far from being a dishonorable. or a shameful act in Judas. what was anxious I say inito was not one of the disci- do it. that he went out and wept bitterly. being represented as a it crime. had got the thirty shillings. So. pushing him on when he wanted to push off. have he gave it to Judas Iscariot. is it to by saymg. Aw there can be no doubt that our blessed Savior's fingers werf purer than elected to the honor of betraying Christ. So Simon Peter. Judas Iscariot. . when he wanted to get out of it. Thus Judas wai and by coming up a the very crisis. dish and all. for the redemption of mankind. than by almost giving him the very victuals out of your mouth. and cursed and swore that he never would be reconciled to his son any more. him the advantage of licking the grease oflfyour fingers. he was actually the all the silver spoons in the world. is to obtain the it honor of is it and the cry was.170 the THE devil's prLriT. in favor of Judas. have been so foolish as to have dreamed of. and getting him in for it. For how could a greater partiality be shown to any man. the son of which accounts for Simon Peter being so envious of his son Judas being promoted before him. And as for the betraying of Jesus. dipped it He whom . is the most egregious and monstrous misrepresentation of the matter. to afford to the choice bit. Simon Peter.?" were doing on the scramble in a : moment Lord. or ples but *' wicked act. same great counsel of infinite vrisdom. and reaching your hand over the table. in which he said that he was come to set the son against the father." Verily. helping him sopping up the grav}' of the dish. when is. when he found that his son. that he could never speak a good word of him afterward and wbich was a literal fulfilment of that prophecy of Christ.

a Jew. " Children. but that they slew him. and that he did not return the money. in the 5th of the Acts of the Apostles. whose death was matter of his own choice. and gone to hell. Jesus would not have been hanged. that the flattest and most palpable contradictions that can be put into words. not only that Judas Iscariot hanged himself. it remembered. And far as for the peculiar merit of to Christ. by declaring to the Jews. be God knows. And ment. but that he absolutely did not hang himself. and hanged For. in- and asking them what they had got for supper. the disciples of Christ could never doubt that he was crucified. As St. and the other apostles. which. by any posIt is evident that sibility. have ye any meat V' So. to talk of our being saved through the merits of Jesus Christ any merits Iscariot. they were the merits of Judas . are no contradictions in Scripture . And that it is equally true. as on that teresting occasion he said to them. quite as true as the other story. concur in a direct contradiction to the accounts of each of the four gospels. and the very hinge and pivot on which the whole chance of our salvation was on the swing. be conceived to have merit in it. Peter. even at the very moare at this when he was as much alive as we moment. dead. dying for us that is. But Judas hanged himself. then. upon coming to if there were the business. not that they had crucified Jesus. buried. 171 meritorious agent. or can doubt. so peculiarly and exclusiveJudas Iscariot is the only one spoken it is — of in the gospel. and therefore his was the only death which could. no sincere Christian doubts. they never did. nothing incompatible with the character of historical con- sistency has ever yet been observed by the childish understand- ngs of the forty and fifty year old babes in Christ Jesus. him on a tree which is . that he returned the money for which he betrayed his master. that when. you shall see.THE devil's pulpit. at Jerusalem. in read the gospel for yourself. that from belonging ly the merit of Judas. thus. It is the grossest absurdity. preaching . if he could have helped it. in the to the circumstance of Peter.

is Issachar 1 the sixth of the twelve tribes of Israel. is Judas the same name as Judah. Iscariot the same aslssachar. ^'Issachar a strong couching doicn between two burdens. in the Jew- was called. that : say. of. the clear astronomical solution of that extraordinary blessing which Israel pronounces upon the twelve to Issachar. ' . which is is the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.. but as their proper tongue. was a language that none of the natives had ever heard he kindly condescended that is to to translate it into plain English —Aceldama. will solve these questions. also called the son of Simon? bringing forth of the latent astronomical sense. telling them what the ish langaage. the words. when all it was known them that dwelt to at Jerusalem knew no more about it than it knew about them. It was a matter of very high antiquity. that it name of the field was. and all them that dwelt at Jerusalem. when it had occurred within the last fortnight . and became a servant unto tribute ass. are the stars. Jews. should he have chosen to hang himself? And why should his buying a field.^. But why.172 THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. of the month of Jtme. and horred his shoulder to bear. in their proper tongue. answering to Cancer the Crab. before the transaction had taken place. their native language. applying" ts 49Lh of Genesis. above all things which Judas might have bought. and he saw that rest was good. and the land that it was pleasant. above all deaths which Judas might have chosen. which is another of the names of the twelve tribes of Israel.? why was Ic ti^ also called Iscariot ? why was K-Das Iscariot. in the centre of which which gives us constellation. cause his bowels to gush out ? And And And And The all why should the field be called Aceldama ? why was he called Is A. is How sublimely accurate Scriptural chronology the field had got a name from the transaction. the field of hlood. called the asses . in the patriarchs. Acel- dama . cause him to fall headlong? And why should his failing headlong. should he have bought a field ? And why.

between the two boundaries of the — — the old astronomy. snow wit enough me their riddle. betrays new . down he The astronomical chronology being beautifully veiled in the which represents to us. is literally which . as for if it it it seems would wish to rest in that state. there's for you. said to be and which strong ass. without any in- tended affront. is said to to be at the ** was good:" summer the sun having reached solstice. in an inferior and earlier state of astronomical observation. And he saw that rest this point. this Jack Ass. the sun in is the Son of clarified. that immediately when Judas went out that is. by taking in a great many of the surrounding stars. re. and God little is clarified in him. God be clarified in him. this back-sliding Crab of the at the sun's highest point of ascension. him with a kiss.THE devil's pulpit. is now enlarged into the constellation of Cancer. children . here is the strong ass. and then gives him must come. God shall and shall straightway clarify him. But this Issachar of the Old Covenant this Iscariot of the New that is.'" that is to say. 173 Now." whole earth never appearing more delightful than in the month of June. the Crab of the it month of June. This ass. the babes and sucklings of the to unriddle gospel. that g^ no higher. standing. is said to couch down between two boundaries^ stands precisely on the line that bounds the two halves *' as of the zodiacal year. for several days. He gets him up into the large upper room. which. me. he saw the land that was pleasant . Issachar." tne little children. would give its name to the whole constellation. than which he can to understand. then said the Jesus of the allegory : the visible heavens) Now If — (that Man is. and I . the latter end of the month of — '* June . None jbu ^<»t are so blind as those that won^t see. also clarify him in himself. allegorical picture. little children —there's your favorite game — there's riddle " Riddle me. where be perfectly stationary.

-prjvrig yEvoiJcvoi — that becomc prone ? Answer. when the sun has passed through the constellation. ? which is the same thing. or the reverse way. having led him up to commences. by the sun's passing onward seems to emerge or come out on the other composed. at the moment when — he kisses kisses Iscariot. Because the most transcendent beauty and brightness are attained when he reaches the tropic of Cancer that is. Because all the exact allegorization of the latter end of June? And why should Judas hang himself? the twelve apostles are hanged as well as he. hung are. or portion of the heavens where they retain their fixed positions. but in no other It way than the straight-way Had been in the cross-way. when the constellation through which the sun has passed. and where the righteous. is within the perfectly straight band of the tropics. do shine as the stars in the king- dom of their father ? And why did Judas. want to know how the Son man could be clarified ? straight-way. each self-suspended from the vaulty arch of night. each hanging in his particular field. "way. pin-a-fore. not figuratively. in going over them. the stars of which if it is much fainter chan they were. or the crooked- have been some grievous error in the Answer. the constel- lation itself seems to be tumbling doAvn And why. had trampled out their . Because. as fires. to the academy in Silver street. after betraying his m the skies. but literally. myself will put on a infant I and go of to school again. headlong. all the rest of them master — that the point. . when Judas become prone.174 THE devil's pulpit. Because. Because the apparent path* of the sun. where you may see them. Because that Answer. through the visible heavens. the sun. when Iscariot him Why is should this clarification have happened just at no other time than when Judas was going out ? Answer. there ? would reckoning And why sun's should this clarification have happened in no other place than in that large upper room ? Answer. from which his fall is. as is. or. himself fall head? long. did all his bowels gush out? Answer. appear side.

and when the Son of man is clarified. being separately in there and distinctively the one true and only God. and invested with all the attributes of any the rest. no in more real contradiction in there being twelve persons one God. for Satan himself is transformed into into Apollo. a February sun. Apollo an angel of light. does in the Christian. being the same sun. and each in its turn. God returns the compliment My God why. Andrew. or how is all by clarifying him in himself? : ! this. £'? ArJrj?. was and spoken and of all of. James. when considered as Lord of the ascendant. John. as tuted. as there are physically varied phenomena of the year. and will be the July and August sun. became the devil in ** . there be a January sun. which obtainit ed exactly in the pagan mythology. but by that clear and universal metonymy." So Jupiter was often turned into Jupiter back again — the rule of orthodoxy being Et? Zeus'." — the rolling year name of Judas that Iscariot is And hence. but the one ot the names of that 7roXtiwi'v//oj/ Ami^oji/^ manu-nanied . winter and no marvel. in turn substi- whereby each one of the twelve great gods. "These. then. and so on and it is same sun which was the January sun. And you will find as many distinct moral characters of your the Jesus. God is clarified in him and when God is clarified in him. and the rest of them. each by himself. eis riAiofj eis Aioi^oaos. though . through the whole year round. is the Son of man clarified. Duodotheism was perfectly consistent with Monotheism the same deity that was god in summer. was the one supreme and only Lord. not only the names of Peter. There is. when Judas goes out. Etj deos £v navTeaci. Almighty Father! these Are but the varied God Is full of thee. in the Christian Trinity. of the sun: in passing through the twelve months For as they change.— THE devil's pulpit. which is now the March sitn. other. in your gospel allegory. 175 And why. than It being three persons in one God.

and the orbits of the plants. thetwo sections present a resemblance of the solar system the sun in the centre. the fire. or portion of the heavens. the radical word itself. atheistically speaking. which was the same Jesus Christ. signifying I. the day. or the field of blood. the one. which is the sun. to accuse the Egyptians of worshipping onions. by which was never meant anything hrimself. the Being. by looking at it. by the ancient Egyptians. END OF THE DISCOURSE ON JUDAS ISCARIOT VINDICATED. and under the Latin of Sol. from the curious analogy. the self-same Deity. as the month of June puts an end to the sun's further ascension.— 176 THE devil's pulpit. else than the demon. making up the whole substance of the root. the one great fire. signifying he that cuts off or exterminates. the universal father. apart the many. This constellation. and under the name -^sculapius. and Dah. and Iscariot. — — . gets the allegorical name of Aceldama. I. was also the name of the great temple of the sun. in which this sign of the Zodiac is literally hang" ed. that if you cut it through horizontally. As the name Jesus itself is really none other than the ancient Persic name for the sun. the alone and E8. you should have a mind to eat it. Thus. the One. at Heliopolis. . This gave occasion to those. The onion. which v/as the same Jesus Christ. and by smelling at it you may shed tears of as sincere devotion as any sensible man could wish to shed and if. and begins to shorten all days. ON I iN. compounded of c'N ^3 T>^. the Being. worshipped under the name Hercules. sun The name Judas. whose object was to inquire into the real meaning of things as little as possible. receivmg that Egyptian name. with a Latin termination. and which. ES. after having looked at it. pronounced leve. the Alone. whence the pagan god Jove. upon being personified as they all are. which revolve round it. z7 hanged itself. and the field. gets the allegorical character of a murderer. —— : . Das. the light. Dis. generally translated that is. which was the same Jesus Christ. and the Christian Jehovah. the god of day. or Solus. the light. the Being. the universal fire. the same as Judah. of the Lord. the fire that is. it would be the most sensible way I know of taking the sacrament. you may contemplate heavenly wonders. which is the same Jesus Christ. universal blood. Apollo that is. compounded of ::n :?:! -^n. and where. and under the Greek name of KnoWojv. is a compound of the praise of the Jew the two Ammonian names of god leue. Onion. the sun was worshipped. the One. As the sacred name. and smelt it. And under the reverentially repeated name oi On.

Greece. you will be devil's ! eternity —you unbelieving wretch — you — you'll go to hell. from the Nile to the Thames. hell and Tommy. SAINT THOMAS: A SERMON. or the terms answering in their languages those terms. in the language of every nation in which a belief of the existence of a hell is to be found (and wherever there are knaves and to fools. B.. called Didymus. was ' not with them The other disciples. 183L ROBERT TAYLOR.THE DEVIL'S PULPIT.''— Allan Cunningham. my God ! then Tommy. as sure as your name's Tommy And here have we the origin of that curious association of idea. and Italy. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. that belief is be found). and thrust lieve. THE REV.' But he said unto them. AT THE ROTUNDA. my hand into his side. therefore. 13. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESSES CHAPLAIN. A. one of when Jesus came* ^ the twelve. I will not 6e- 24. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT JS. Except I shall finger into the see in his hands the print of the nails. In India. which obtains not merely in our common English phrase. stand in as natural and inseparable 12 .' '' — John xx. hell and to Tommy. and put my print of the nails. MARCH ^* Bui Thomas. but which is found in the language of every nation on which the sun hath ever shone. from the Ganges to the Nile. said unto him. No more damned to chaplain But. will all I. in Egypt. We have seen the Lord.

then came Jesus. ' ' and Thomas doors being shut. : Blessed are they and yet have to believed. that ** he descended into hell. could possibly have done. for the express purpose of demonstrating to the senses of was no phantom. and my God P Jesus saiih unto him. and thrust it into my side : and be not faithless. as Judas seems to be something worse than the devil. substantial. and reach hither thy hand.: 178 THE devil's pulpit. again his disciples were within. the and said. which the it. — The passage with them . and direct con- tradictions to itself. coming into the room when the doors were shut. back again. As we read of Jesus Christ. You could not think of the one. no smoke. as boiled beef an association with each and mustard. and behold my hands. but the third day he rose again :" whereas. You may go to hell. Thomas.^ Then said he to Thomas. in continuation of our text. other. no shadow. runs thus: ^^ And after eight days. as far as a dead man could see anything. as most certainly no body that was solid and his friends. the midst. and come or something worse than hell. his soul must have been left in hell. so Thomas is the climax. thou hast beliei^ed that have not seen. and his flesh would have seen corruption that is. 'Peace be unto you. story so perverted presents us the fool that could believe could believe anything. and stood in * because thou hast seen me. that he . would say anything. on the peg of your observance of the parity of the association of the devil and Judas. For here is supposed to be the body of a man. I will presently repay your attention. only requesting for a few minutes to suspend your admiration. without immediately ihinking the reason and the science of this curious association on the other With you of idea. if he had gone to hell and Tommy. . but believing:^ and Thomas answered. and hell and Tommy in which. nothing could be conceived grosser than the outrageous and monstrous absurdities. and said unto him. but might be seen and felt and yet. presenting himself. The knave who would say that he believed it.'* ^^ On any ful attempt give a character of history to this beauti- allegorical grouping. Reach hither thy finger. or even be conceived to do. . My Lord.

you eat and drink with not a proof that was adduced to prove the same time.' while his wife. and could be seen and then the pretence. Christ of which mistake. had been foundation. could make it he. . and truly dead. is woman's clothes. oi seem really to be. of it which. Not not all the testimony on earth. 179 felt. that ever falsehood framed The only line in the whole romance. his appearance. that Thomas and the rest of them (had such persons really existed. in For ^diittover not history.THE deytl's pulpit. a real appearance were. three. but romance. by evidence. but at the mistake they had made in supposing that if he had ever been dead. than have made us reasonable. and saying. you touch him. as thing could strong as ever and not he at For if the presence of a man alive. then there is no difference between lying and truth among men and God Almighty should better take away the reason he has given us. * Behold the man . on which relief of its monstrous inconsistency might hang. lie such be founded or folly on the most monstrous credited. in strength you see him. m health. nor his Almighty power. that the man who any two. by bringing forth another criminal. dressed up in my Pilate clothes. is had been intended. sent me away If history this only. that Christ had really been crucified. still on the supposition of his- himself might have explained. not at Jesus's being alive. not all the hosts of heaven. God himself. not probable. and put to death. as I shall prove to you they never did) might have expressed their astonishment. or ten days before to-day. a he — him —be whoever had asserted that that man had been was a liar. its is And the Christian religion. to dead. . who this. you hear him. would have been the historical reading. what would be called in all reason. was and in the secret. was. demonstrated to be a cheat and a that lie. as thus: "Pontius was my friend. is the supposition. He protected me from the rage of the mob. And IS if the body were solid. a sufficient proof to the contrary. you shake hands with him. you converse with him. insult us so offensively. if is found alive to-day." which it certainly was not. The cause tory.

Britain. Jupiter. and so forth. in Persia . Jesus. in Ger- many. in Judea . . that of his remark previous to the resurrection of Lazarus. first occurs in the list of the names of the twelve apostles. that of our gospels lo this day may demonstrably : — be proved to be. The name. Adonis. a representation of the notvrac history of the year. Chrishna. the 12th of the apostles. and of which the purport was what. Gaul. to hig great his- . except this of his unbelief in the resurrection of Christ. when * torical Jesus had said. in the 14th of that gospel. in the 10th of Matthew's gospel. stands as the 8th in the apostolic series: Saint Peter. and Thamuz. where it stands as the 7th pel. it . hia> said. in the ** contemplation that Jesus would die at Je- Let us also go. . in Greece Apollo.^^ that of direct contradiction to Jesus. in Syria and Egypt . the Diegesis. You shall see the gospel. in Phoenicia . the low and grovelling conceptions of the intolerant and imwhose vanity can not bear that any- body should be wiser than themselves. The name Thomas. But come volved we now to the enucleation of the deep science in- in this romance. and character of Saint Thomas. Christus. in Italy Hesus. that we ** may die with him. and Saint Judas of Iscariot. but in the 3d of Mark's. part. and presenting us with a beautiful drama. when he rusalem. is one of the most marked and beautiful. as it most clearly conducts the studious inquirer to the solution of the whole enigma. The character Thomas appears in no other parts of the second scene. and the way ye Hence the name which Mr. John's gospel. Osiris.180 THE devil's pulpit. Whither I go ye know. which had constituted the subject matter of the Diegesisy* from which the compiler of Luke's gospel acknowledges his work to be a compilation and of the four mystical books which were carried by the priests in the sacred processions of the goddess Isis in Egypt. and the 6th of Luke's goslists. among the dramatis personcB of the evangelical pantomime. Taylor has given work. rising above patient fools and dunces. under the plea s^ ant fiction of an imaginary hero^ called Hercules and jEsculapius. in the 11th of St. &c. or of the sun in passing through the year. in every one of the being invariably the first.

With this most curious analogy. has left it doubtful whether he might not have been the sixth or fifth in the glorious company.^' Twin. that the state of doubt in Thomas's mind. or that. when he said. eighth disciple.-' ^^u^ they said. I go a " a We also go with thee. that if Jesus were to die. That it was not distinctly known. and Luke. John. as signifying Didymus that is to say. was not believing. the essentiality of his character. or the is interpretation of his say. was . lasted exactly eight days. pie. andthen. nor oral proof— he would have tangible proof— and so would I. more than this gospel of St. ''which called Didymus. But." and Tom said. between Matthew. in which he is the patient 3d. In the first enigma. who is to be raised. a Twin. That something more was known and understood of the part that Thomas should bear in the sacred allegory. That John. his faith in Christ began at h. whether Thomas was the seventh or the 2d. by the writer of the 4th gospel. He would not be content with ocuhir proof. we : are instructed. who has given us no list of the disciples at name Thomas. THE devil's pulpit. or one of the Twins. the sum is: 1st. or a doubt could possibly be entertained on that subject. and that raises the dead man. Thomas would give up his place in the aposlleship. a name Thomas. before Seeing. as to whether his master was risen or not. 181 know . . after Christ's ?" fishing. and how can we know resurrection.— . which ever he be. is liis connexion with Jesus in the mystery of the resurrection. Thomas would die in the second. either in that resurrection of which Jesus is the agent. all. Thomas must have a finger in the hearing. Of which amount of the whole testimony.'^ Neither of the other gospels mention his word about Saint Thomas.\^ fingers' ends. Mark. which six of the disciples know whither thou goest And his share in the anmake to Peter. the dead man himself. by interpreting for us the — — is. not believing he would be satisfied. than by either of the writers of the first three gospels. gives name in the list : and only that is to us his surname. that if Jesus were not to rise again. ** We the do not way '' swer.

as when anybody treads or I stand . " And reach hither thy hand. even if you choose to understand it as history. when she met her sweet Jesus. and said. as of in the majority of cases. as Juliet met her Romeo. if Jesus had really been a living man absolutely impossible to have been done. and feel. And when she said to him. not " Reach hither thy finger. nor ud rabbit it. that from that time forth he should hold the risen Jesus to be his Lord and his God. makes it only so much the more miraculous. a declaration Thomas. and my God /" which Beza and the unitarians consider as a mere ejaculation of surprise and astonishment. But Raw-bones would not it. . but Raiv-bony. but he was to see with his fingers. which I am sure it is not.182 or any other sensible THE devil's pulpit. most sincerely hold to be a profession of faith — that is. in the garden. we cry. as you might have said. — on our toe. man. saw no more of his Savior than a man could see with his fingers. And in adhering to the strict letter of the sacred text. as they say to a Jew. God which the trinitarians. fingers. In the case of unbelieving Thomas. which was a thing. forgive us!) but ** O Lord /" or '' Good God /" (for which. He was not permitted to feel with his The terms being." As if there were something in his bones that would not bear touching. till he had got a little more flesh on them which can not but lead us to look with a little severer criticism into the terms of the privilege granted to Thomas. not belief. that the like should have been withheld from the Lady Mary Magdalen.^^ So that Thomas. Nor is it at all asserted or implied in the text that it was done. by moonlight. from the beginning of Scripture to the It is end. after all. " Touch me noty for I am not yet ascended to my Father. That this tangible and feeling proof was afforded to Thomas. but reach hither thy finger. ** My Lord. the great advantage of being an infidel. and I with them. not Rabbi. and behold. you see. and thrust it into my side. before I would believe anything that a dead man had to say for himself. and not a little bit unfair. you will tind that Thomas was not allowed to touch Christ. Only Thomas rapt out an oath. any more than Mary had been.

the Baskerians. was miraculously . hundred texts pledge safety and security. and untracea- sensible any legends. The infidel is as safe as the man ought immediate family and relawho knew his Lord's many stripes. ihe ally called the Apostle of India: Caramanians. " shall receive the greater damnation. this mighty hue and cry against unbelief — this But. in like all the rest of the heroes of the gospel. quoted by Eusebius. the not. this zealous preaching against unbelievers. unheard untraced.^^ or would the ** Arabian 'Nights^ Entertain" The History of the Seven Champions of Europe. than he ments. of. but unbelief. ail the daring. and that he could not be on better ground than he is. all the likelihood to be eternally damned. and hence it is. '^for neither did his brethren believe in himy John will. ble. tells us that Thomas went and preached to the Medes and Persians.''^ Why. they would rather the greatest murderer or thief that make their peace with was ever hanged or unhanged. beggarly tract circulating. v. that of God. all the hazard. The was infidel is as safe as the holy apostle Saint Thomas. A that holds out a chance of salvation. a character wholly unknown. by is 183 the safe side. he were an infidel. his prayers. to the honest infidel. and the magicians. and did beaten with believer that said his prayers. which no man of the present day would any more think of quo** ting as history.THE devil's pulpit. after his death. He is generand the Greek church professes to believe that his body. then. for one to deserve to be damned. to the fool of a believer. an Egyptian monk.''^ Origen. is Thomas. which no wise or good and because of his saying man would ever think of doing. but those of the Church of Rome. who not a whit more incredulous than every sensible to be. as if there were no is sin in the world but unbelief? because unbelief the gospel trade : fatal to priestcraft. for. it Whereas. And let the gospel be the word which our souls shall be tried. than have a good word to say for the best if man that ever breathed. The tives of Christ himself. and most richly is incurred by the believer. Unbelief doth spoil unbelief doth hinder the craftsmen of the receive from letting their seats in their chap- money they would els . shall be believer.

while the Manichees affirm. — the fifth. the remaining nineteen out of the month of June— the whole. Thomas and Didymus. or light by both day and night. without excepting one. They would never condescend heroes of theology. Some Portuguese writers assure us that . signifying a Twin of : and Apollo was called Apollo Didymaeus. therefore. the Twins. reckoning Aries the first that is. historical writers. quits for Cancer^ the sign immediately following. The the Sun. takes out of the month of May. St. Didymus Thomas. that the less inquiries of this sort are prosecuted. have been infidels. the name of the third of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. which proves that the gospel had been preached in India. that name . ^^ May is under the protection of Apollo. The whole protestant world wisely aware. in the calendar of Julius Cae- dispenser of the twin light. Both of the names of Thomas. was Didymus. those deities bear precisely the same character and part in the pagan mythology as in the Christian gospel. Now : Hebrew name for the than the direct basis month of June happens to be none other of this word Thomas (Thamuz) and thus : Didymus z. It to take the least notice of the was necessary to invent the story that one of the apostles had preached the gospel in India. THE devil's pulpit. the Water-bearer.'''' as every one knows. Thomas. was fixed on as the proper saint for that hot climate to counteract the awkward historical evidence found in the Bhagavat Pourana. reckoning Aquarius. that a killed in the peninsula of India man who struck is him was All by a lion. what is still more fatal to the pretence of a distinction between Christianity and paganism. that the Twins. more than fifteen hundred years before its Jewish origin had been pretended. to this day. and Thomas. he suffered martyrdom at Meliapour. the Twin. The month sar. . as the genius of that month in which the sun is hottest. entering Gemini on the 19th of May. on the 20th of June.184 transported to Edessa. are names of pagan deities and. e. is not an interpretation of the name Thomas. the it first. as subscribed.. or Thomas- — . One of the most distinguished surnames of the God Apollo. is. the better. but a surname added to it Didymus expressing the thirteen days which the Sun of Gemini. Gemini.

under the name oi Adonai. of the immortality fish called the eel. Wonderful. so — : — In the Pagan fable. most clearly demonstrates ad. t Tammuz. exactly defining xhe relations of Zodiac. and passing over by metonomy to the name X — of the into its by its water-snake. THE devil's pulpit. forming the basis of HXto^. Fire — i. to this day. ike Being.Jire : the whole together literally expressing. abstruse. the Sun. on. the wonderful fire . by putting its tail mouth. the fire that is. by the demi-humanized orang-outangs. : my Lords. . And the name of hell. or Didymus. this 185 sign of the was a synonymous name of the Thomas was the perfect synonyme of the Phoenician Adonis. the Lord. or wonder . Lord. '' the wonderful fire'^ — that my is. or its of the sun. Grecian Apollo. is but another reading of the name Thomas. in the plural the .. under the whom name the of Jews beTammuz. whence the universal association of the names Hell and Tommy. the Fire As Didymseus. which. * Adonai is. They are perfectly synonymous. is. was the universal emblem of the eternity of the sun remarkable tenacity of life. The name Thomas being compounded of the two Ammonian primitives. traced to its primitive roots. the Lord. the Hebrew name of God. was the emblem. by possession of its energies. In the Christian fable. e. literally. the Sun. and ^^. sign. that is. by her own God. God whence the Greeks^ formed their name Sun. Adoni is. a-Didymus. Cruden. or hell-fire. believed to be the Son of the Virgin Mary.— . or hell-fire.^ from the days of an infinitely remote antiquity. Heel. in the full nominative case singular. Thorn. believed to be the Son of the Virgin Myrrha. the Being.* which they always substitute in the place of the name Yahouy which we pronounce Jehovah. whom we call Jews. "?«. a miracle. Worshipped by the savage hordes. concealed. Cinyras. . in the singular Adonis. from lieve themselves to be descended. the Greek name of the sun. without any limb or di- . whence the Greeks formed their word Bavixa. that is. the The name hell. is directly formed from the Hebrew "?« Eel. As each name. by her own father. Worshipped. the Lord the one.

stick fast in the deep . Elias. now.— : 186 of the sun. And here breaks in upon us the light of a significancy and a meaning. of those words in the 49th psalm Wherefore should I fear in the days of evil. in the microcosm of man as the point through : of Hell and tion. it is an impossibility but. is the sun's lowest place of declina- on the 21st of December. Whose annual wound in Lebanon. In amorous ditties all-a summer's day. sings. infinite space. and then it is that the heels of the sun. astronomically. While smooth Adonis. His eyes surveyed the dark idolatries That love-tale. when the iniquity of my heels compasseth sort of iniquity me round that a about. the sea — supposed with blood : yearly wounded the love-tale Infected Sion's daughters with like heat. Ran purple to Of Thammuz. Heelios ." was none other than that self-same body. W^hose wanton passions Ezekiel saw. who went up wha in his they had lent in their name which the learned are more entirely agreed. THE devil's pulpit. what Or how Morally. ditties. and the Hebrews took back again of the prophet. Tommy in the Zodiac. the emblem of him its vision of self. the emblem of the apparent motion in the Zodiac. " the days of evil" are the short days of deep winter. . from his native rock. the thing could the iniquity of his heels compass him about is . its who peculiarly hath life in himsun's and by silent orbicular progress. in his annual walk. transferred to the heely as the lower part of the human body. allured The Syrian damsels to lament his fate. than that Tammuz and Adonis are one and the self-same that is.'' In the is it man could commit with his heels ? ? . an absurdity historically. of which Milton so beautifully fiery chariot. And by analogy. deity the sun in the inonth of June. all Of alienated Judah. in the sacred porch when by the vision led. Nor is there any truth in — .^' which the Syrian damsels sung "in amorous a summer's day. name of God. and of the whole solar system together. where otherwise I defy the wit of man ^' to find any meaning at all. in his first " book of Paradise Lost Thammuz came next behind. synonymous names of the same deity namely.

plangentes Adonidem. 594 years before ac- quired the name of Christianity.^^ The Greek of the Septuagint has it. in riddle. Poor Tommy. is announced in the verse immediately to say. with so much evidence of sameness between the ancient paganism and the modern paganism. And if. 4th. entitled the Diegests to which I can only refer the more curious inquirer. And the Hebrew text is. or Tommy. in which the speaker calls what he problem. significancy or meaning of the names is. 3d. in what that difference consisted. Kat tJ» ekci ywaUsg KaOrjuevai OpTjvyaai tov QajAixov^. was going . on the pretty sufficient evi- That the tale or story of Adonis. 2d. even in the temple of Jehovah himself. tale. denounced as an It execrable abomination. of Ezekiel. ing Savior. or Thomas. the other sticks in He is retarded in his progress. there ever was a real substantive and essential difference. was the : dence. and the unevenness at turning the curve seems completely to compass him about. the very same. a proposition.THE devil's pulpit. the crucified was the tale of the sufferGod. And that this sort of language was astronomical. a . in every in- stance. . and hehold there sat women weeping for Tammuz''^ (Thomas). mire and clay again. resting here. a preceding. . and. The Latin Vulgate has given us the name of Adonis. *^ Et ecce ibi mulieres sedebant. The forms and words of worship are the very same. as the common sense of it means. 1st. as you read in the 8th " Then he brought me to the door of the Lordh house. the man is yet unborn whose wit or whose learning could point out. I have shown most fully in my work on the origin and history of the Christian religion. in the Greek the English . 187 which we now caJl gospel. and which was denounced as it the grossest idolatry by the Jewish God. though carried on as religious worship. which was toward the north. 14 : pDnn riN no:3a niotri Diorjn Dtr nsni Poor Tom. as fast as he gets one heel out. the same. as a direct translation of the word Thomas. The doctrines are the very same. ver. The That the names are in some instances. or same as the story of Jesus Christ. which is now called Christianity. in the Latin a dark saying.

in worshipped. On which lief. the annual reand the innumerable expressions which run through our whole Christian theology.evov. hiding himself from us. Driimmond's Originesy vol.188 THE devil's is PCJLriT. itself at the winter solstice ligious ceremony of seeking Ammon was lowest ter. and for Osiris. " lifting . in Egypt. is always brought Christ. Aramon Kai. Thomas. in the whole muz (as hardly word Tammuz. while Thomas is literally the name of the month of June. 332.. '* Through Jesus meaning of the name our Lord Ammon^' that — Jesus Christ in the who is our Lord Ammon. as we learn from Plutarch. The Sun. is *' God of Israel : the Savior. occultum et occuUalionem." up the light of his countenance upon us but as the Stygian Jupi- deep winter. as the explanation and Jesus Christ. Jupiter. So. in the gospel. in at the end of our Christian prayers. The name Thomas^ which but a varied utterance of Tam- any two men of two countries would utter the same word in the same way) the Hebrew name of the month of JunCf signifies. Ammon. Ammon. is Of which allegorical unbe- the physical interpretation so clear to one hardly knows whether more try of soul. the hidden. in the bungling dunces. is. Sun in all his glory. addressing Verily. or of all and so beautiful. or the day in which Thomas is to be And particularly worshipped. or concealed one.^ find the ^* prophet Isaiah. the church returns thanks to God for the un- belief of his holy apostle Thomas. but as at the directly opposite point. is the 21st of December. day. the abstruse. As we ty whole word. yet Thomas's-day. God that hidesi Isaiah xlv. not only as the Sun. the — that is. that admire the want of all poe- common sense. the hidden. 15. p. that could dream of anything else than an allegory having been in* Accc/ding to Manetho. which is entirely derived from Egypt. Osiris. is said to hide and hence. —Sik signi- W. at not only as the its highest altitude in the ecliptic. or Jupiter Ammon. ^^ compliment. the name Ammon that is. one of the names of — Jesus Christ. mv KpvipiVj ii. which Adonis. the Amen. about seeking the Lord. thou art a him with '^^ this pretthyself. or concealed. thus. . always signified the abstruse. fies TO K€Kpvn[j. as you will see in your concordance.

189 The sun is at his lowest point of declination on the 21st of December. is in alle- gorical despair. and from iieat. the middle day of the winter solstice. the friend of Christ. on the 25th of December. and not before. as it seems to serve the turn . and a consequent suspicion of a total want of system and method. THE devil's pulpit. which had been exactly /ewr days dead. which Christmas-day^ four days after St. of arranging the allegory in another in a third. the Sun. or personifica- tions of the other days legory. the 21st that is. and hence.— / . had demanded. my hand upon and put some substance that has been made warm by his recovered ray the absolute print of his hand upon nature a7id till his vital heat. it is it is the day of the hirth of Christ . in exact alhave seen the Lord. becomes unequivocally perceptible. It is on the 25th of December that the Genii. will ever rise is again. But. as to whether his master. which is the 1st of January. But there will still be. and the perceptible increase of the sun's having done away with the doubts of St. that day. as the genius of that day. me about seeing the sun ! I can thaw them in My fingers are frost' — — will not believe. tenaed by it. — And St. day is it is evident that the sun actu- lengthened. and I am constantly confounding . therefore. the day of his second hirth. the length- ening of the day. Thomas's day. is fixed on as the shortest day. to the unskilled in this occult science. Thomas. This absolute increase of the sun's vital heat. the first ThomasVday. Thomas. as I can put any one apostle in the place of any other. ally has risen. in one manner and is. about eight days afterward. the sun has achieved his : degree in the ascending scale that is. say. St. and it were all mere conjecture. the new year is reckoned to begin. as if one could make anything of it one pleased. to and months of the year.'''' and receive from him that churlish avowal of his unbelief: Thomas. receives the satisfaction he Thomas. and for about four days before and four days after. to ** We Don't talk bitten still. a constant appearance of confusion and jumbling. therefore. or resurrection the day of the resurrection of Lazarus — that of the year. therefore.

and Holy Ghost. of every month. of the gospel. make the kettle hotly make the water boil. to a fool but if you will be at . of the all his disciples 17th of John. " which was in the beginning. is now. nor was. while yet. and refusing to understand it any otherwise than as you did the first day it was put into your hands. a thing is held to be sufficiently expressed. and you will acquire about as much skill in arithmetic as your clergy have in divinity. the productive energy of nature. as distinctively considered in the twelve months of the year. there is own ignorance. and shut the door. but one and the self-same sun.190 THE devil's fclpit. the same sun. and ascribing disciple the to one and the same most opposite and contradictory characteristics. no jumble or confusion Only serve the multiplication-table as you serve the gospel. if you will but recollect and apply the universal metonomy both of human language and of human idea: whereby. when anything which has an immediate connexion and relation with for it. is expressed —as we say. and the Lord with the disciple. the multiplication table is just such another jumble and piece of confusion. is at any time identified with the sun. or greater Gods. is spoken of. which are the original and only Father. the pains to evolve the inductions or repeated additions which constitute the multiplications. Water. and of every day. there never is. and he . as the three Gods or three persons in one God. were but one and the same God that is. the sign in which the sun is. by taking it for what it was never meant for. world without end. So. in allegorical astronomy. and that. as consid- ered in the three elements of Fire. Thus the Amen one . and they in him. and one disciple Avith another. as a distinct and particular sun . that " may be turned into in and that he may be in them. The answer is. prays. Son. you will learn that the appearance of confusion originated in your ty. But all the difficulty and apparent contradiction will vanish. are in like manner but one and the self- — same God — that is. in the mystical prayer. in the Christian Trinity. and ever shall be. and Air. Thus the Bii Majores. the disciple with his Lord. of the pagan mythology. for shut the door- way.'' Ammon. in realiat all in it. And the sun of every year.

it must. any other number of Gods and Lords. exertion. as every good Christian it's all bound do —sure enough one to him. is called the being up taking as 27— that is. and as it is. that they all may be one. as an allegory of the phenomena of the same one it is unchanging so clear. or industy. The belief. For if three persons. and have pretended an historical one. that impossible not to see that tliat has been only by effort. of natural phenomena might be more the in the mind of the allegorist than another. because their deeds are : They love darkness rather than is. . or a way of allegorizing same facts more or less ingewould occur to the more . I9l I God .'^'' says Christ and so say I too. because they have a wicked and sinistrous purpose of their own to serve because they have a craft to carry on because they would usurp a tyrannous and cruel influence over weak minds. wealth. indeed. was never the belief which implied a taking it to be true. eviV — that they hide themselves from the clear and evident allegorical sense of their scriptures. what to it in a vulgar. eternal and is The natural solution of the enigma. indeed. through all the changing seasons of the year. but that fourteen. . than any other. with less talent. ** That they all may he one. a veil be true. the not taking it to it was intended. one can not but apply to them the censure which the gospel itself denounces light. instead of leaving the reckoning to stand as only three persons in one God. by pretending an historical character for what an unsophisticated child would see. make fourteen persons in one God. and power. may be but one? For . but fiction. so it sun. and thou in me :" so that. and in thee. by an arithmetic. may yet make — but one or God and one Lord what is to hinder. an allegorical And nious as one series thrown over natural history. as thou Father art in me. I in them. that see not through their craft and because honor. beautiful. . when is once a to man renounces his reason. a ro- mance. In which case. are acquirable in this way. each by himself being God and Lord. which the gospel requires. however. but that only which implies. but very expressive phrase. and barricaded themselves in ignorance. and pains-taking. could never have been intended but as a ** fiction.THE devil's pulpit. men have shut themselves out from conviction. so obvious.

To say nothing of the total contrariety.: — 192 THE devil's pulpit. allegorist. Mark. you have that brave neglect of method. and the resurrection of Lazarus. which characterizes St. Joha's allegory. John. or less ingenious alJegorists. but allowable enough under the license of allegory and fiction. and Luke. Mark. or with any other allegory of the same phenomena. from which a perfect consistency is never expected. and different ways of telling the fable of the a resurrection of Christ. that heedlessness of consistency with itself. in John's gospel. — " Errors. and Luke as the allegorical miracle of the Devil's drowning the pigs. which cuts such a pretty figure in Matthew. a pure invention of the fourth like the allegorical miracle of turning water into wine. must dive below. Mark. and the three others contrariety and difference which Christian critics themselves are constrained to admit can not be reconciled on any supposition of an historical basis of the story. and that the reader be sufficiently aware of the moral or latent astronomical significancy which the story is constructed to convey . like straws^ upon the surface flow He who would seek for pearls. never occurred to the minds of Matthew. and Luke. So the character of Thomas. It being enough that the story hangs together any way in which it may hang together. ^^ END OF THE DISCOURSE ON SAINT THOMAS. or the pigs drowning the devils. is wholly omitted by St. . as distinguished from the allegories of Mat- thew.

apart by them- and he was transfigured before them. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. were into the sun: metamorphosed to they also partook of the divine beatification. MARCH *^ And after six days. and leadeth them selves up into an high mountain. THE REV."— Allan Cunningham. ROBERT TAYLOR. on this fable of the Transfiguration of Christ. waistcoat. THE SONS OF THUNDER: A SERMON. I HAVE before preached. and breeches.'' — Mark ix. as is. exceeding white. as snow : so as no fuller on earth can white them. The word renit — the Metamorphosis.— THE DEYIL'S PULPIT. that his coat. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT JS. And his raiment be: came shining. A. which is a clear proof that the clothes we wear are as .. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN.. For it is of the same nature as Ovid's Metamorphoses. and James. 20. ought to dered he was transfigured mre^opipwdr]^ in Luke's gospel. 1831. and John. if he had any. SAINT JAMES AND SAINT JOHN. he was metamorphosed and the drollery of it is. most litthat is. Jesus taketh with him Peter. as called be called. 2. and have published the discourse I it is preached. B. capable of immortality as ourselves : and when we rise again 13 . 3. erally as your own ear will he was metamorphosed — both Matthew's and admonish you. and his shoes and stockings. AT THE ROTUNDA.

as it is sometimes called. THE devil's pulpit. the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Eyej/£:ro. if we prefer the it Codices of Cambridge. in those words: fables. as he stood upon that uration. i. the mount of transfigHoly Mount. to say that the gospel is altogether a bag of moonshine. we shall rise at the same time in glorified apparel. is his face was turned Greek of the Syrio. on this miracle of the * . that Paul says. to cover our glorified bodies: as St. hut were eye-witnesses of his Majesty." There will be nobody at the marriage-supper of ihe lamb but who will have the decency to appear in some sort of a wedding garment. or. as the most positive evidence that could be adduced for the truth of the Christian religion. with Peter. it is if this part of the gospel be literally true it is and I am sure as true as any part of the gospel.Armenia riXXoKoOr].— X94 in glorified bodies. then. when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory. For ice have not followed cunningly. I have only now to remark. or. who. To that.''— 2 Peter. was nothing more than a bag of sunshine. After all. in ivhom I am well pleased. of the Lion. as bringing together the names of two of the disciples. *'Not we would be unclothed. The narrative has only come in my way.^ And this voice which came from Heaven we heard. My ume discourse on this subject. I refer the more curious inquirer. it is really no such impiety as they would fain pretend that it is.. This is my beloved Son. which would signify that he was sunnifiedy or turned into the sun. were admitted to the exclusive privilege of being introduced into this Camera-lucid a.devised when we made known unto you. James and John. is the Greek of the teXt of Luke's version of this metamorphosis into another . 16-18." God forbid! **but that we would be clothed upon. evi- dent that Jesus Christ. To which the Peter of the epistle is made ^^ to refer. when we were with him in the Holy Mount. For he received from God the Father honor and glory. as not now my intention to treat of the miracle of the transfiguration. and is is published in the fourth vol- in the twenty-fourth number of that it is volume. in passing. For. to eicos rn npo(TCx)-8 avry^ erepov.

that ultimate scope and end of those mysteries. it can give no higher authority which had them by those who had been Autops and Upereets of the science: which our deceitful translation renders. and that stupid ignorance fortified by the maliciousness of a bad heart.THE devil's pulpit. so faithful a preacher as the person whom his enemies have entitled the Devil's Chaplain. than calling told been . The only pass for a part and parcel of a system. the nesses. eye-witis. James. I may boldly say. or bringing in of light. St. and of the part and John. It supplies a ready answer to those who would revile me as the most absurd of men. sophistically translated. on that stupid ignorance that would believe anything. bear in it. precisely as he represented him- So that. and never had. of the absolute truth it 195 is one among ten thousand and fidelity of the noble science to which I have so long directed your researches. X]ie perfect of the Kingdom of Heaven. transfiguration of Christ. As the sight itself was called the Autopsy — that the sight itself: and the showing of the sight. that proofs. those of the initiated was. taking date subse- quently to the reign of the emperor Augustus . whether as celebrated in Egypt or Greece. to see the *• who were given called to advanced to the highest degree. which purposely bars off all access of better information. in his preface. which metamorphosis of Christ. ''Eye-wit' nesses and ministers of the word . as called cTroTrrat. eiroTrTai.'^'* can story of the Peter. Luke. unconcealed exhibition of the most ancient ceremony or sacrament of the Eleusinian mysteries the same in all essentialities of sameness. The whole aflfair is an uncovered. Hence. for representing Jesus Christ as being nothing than the Sun that self''' —" that more is."^' were and. to the honor of the Egyptian : Isis. from the sight which had been or Seers.^^ he himself being one of the a Diegesis of things to his gospel. ** Eye-witnesses of his Majesty. or the Grecian Ceres : in which. to whom it wah know the mysteries rsXeiot. — that is. the Photagogy. and strikes it away the light of knowledge. the gospel has not. or avroTrrai afforded them. lest should shine into the unswept chambers of a fool's understanding.

which. or Jeue. not from their country. part ii. translates the name Hebrew. by the real Hierophant and his disciples. As their great ecclesiastical historian. or Hebrews. when he came down from the Mount secret Freemasonry mystery. as you find the masof Vision. a God. Jews.. and its dialogue. from an infinitely remote antiquity.grand. The initiated. straightly charged the Autops. then. advanced to the higher degree of an Autop. takes its narrative form. and to whom. as does the whole fable of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. who performed their respective parts in the mystical gospel . and As the to whom alone. to signify the highest order of the initiated in ihose holy mysteries . than our players of the presii. designated the reXuoi^ the Upereets. and says that it was given to those *' whose religious philosophy had burst through the limits of the visible world. were committed the is oracles of G-od. name Jew. or eye-witnesses."* The Autopsy or Transfiguration of Christ. The name of Israelites.. in this The ter. or noble. as it might be. that they should tell no man.. but from their God be a Jew e. the Rechabites. where are invisible and hidden essences. and attained the high rank of Autops. and into that divine light. p. were called by the whole pagan world. Eusebius. but pantomime which we now call which Hierophant and his disciples were no more * Dupuis. Israelites and Hebrews. did never designate a political or national body. the Autops. one who has passed over. but not THE devil's pulpit. but were the name.— : 196 initiated. and correctly (^nzjyr: rr[2n) translates it. vol. or whatever other tics and bites might be used. and incidents actually represented. and and hence Jesus Christ was said to a name given i. 239. the persons that they represented. . gorically indicating the bright shining of the sun gorical Genii of July though upon the allealle- and August. the Fanatics. the Frantics. or royal arch. or favored disciples. who had passed through all the inferior grades. and passed into the bosom of intellectuality. was to be kept most profound. the Lunatics. is the identical to the name which we pronounce Jehovah. from words actually used. with more or less aptness. worshippers of Jeue.

who pretended to have dealings with the deviU and to cure all manner of diseases. are the gods. the devil Zebedee to mend his nets himself. who. and they immediately left the ship. ye had been ? The clergy. that these two brothfather * The whole apostolic company will be treated sion. and Thomas. ye see. and to get his ship to might care how. James and John. clarions. and Saint Peter. and devils. the son of Zebedee. or shining) company of the apostles. in the 4th of Matthew. James. not for a moment must we lose sight of the curiouslydropped stitch in the weaving of the story. were favored with this privilege of the autopsy. and are called two brethren. if men. Out of the whole glorious (that is to say. and their father. his brother. witnesses of the metamorphosis of Christ. in due succes- . and John. Mr. ent day. i. the only sensible man among ye. why were you. their apostleship Thus commencing est filial with an act of the gross- disobedience and ingratitude. James. Peter. or anything like men. and that is more than any ChrisInquiry and knowledge. and John. that the apostle of infidelity would take the shine out of 'em. in all cases. upon the Sunshiny Mount ? Why didn't ye take Thomas with you our a — friend Tommy. Judas. in this science. for all that appears in the history. were well aware. if a history it had been. was nothing more than a mountebank quack doctor. mending their nets: and Jesus called them. with Peter. and phenomena in the great solar system. while they ran strolling up and down the country after a person. Well. where they are found by Jesus on the sea of Galilee. and ghosts. and fiends.. e.* It is the Autops. and followed him. of those distinguished personifications.THE devil's pulpit. We first hear of James and John. and all relations. with whom we are now to become acquainted . the unbelieving. who. honest-hearted Tom. leaving their poor old land. in all ages. we have found the places. who were in a ship with Zebedee. their father. relations. Bui. being fatal to faith. tian on earth dare trust himself to do. of. fixed upon to be the only Autops. fool 197 which might imagine them to be.

So. what did the name of Zebedee. perspicuous a sig- Now. or the month of abunof thunder. as being the harvest month. THE devil's pulpit. by the same sea of from the same avocation. for a reason I you. as in the sons of thunder. Now July. which Boanerges. there is quite as nificancy in the sons of abundance. as the dance.. the sons of thunder. and — . Mark ? iii. . it be pretended for the sons of abundance. Andrew Galilee. a literal sense can not be pretended for such a phrase is as. then. the sons of Zebe- dee. which sons of thunder. who are the sons of thunder and the sons of abundance — that is. and can. neither can is. abundant portion. the sons of thunder. who. James and John. their father. and . were called to be disciples of Christ im- mediately after the calling of two other brothers. which ! is. then Was the old man Zebe* dee the thunderer? What became of Zebedee. running after the fishes. 17. Zebedee? mending his ! So will not we James and John acquired the name of Boanerges. fixes the festival of Saint is which no churchman can give James on the 25th of for the frequent occurrence which a month remarkable month of August is as remarkable. called his brother and that. in a figurative sense. ? signify Its literal translation is. If. the sons of Zeb- And the sons of abundance. : — ges. So so ! the sons of thunder. here were two brace of brother-fishermen the brothers Peter and Andrew. Simon. receive from Christ himself the surname of BoanerPeter. the church. and there an end of him. as Peter was called Simon Peter. than abundance and thunder are real persons. which edee. were the sons of Jonah and the brothers which James James and John. the face of Christ then becomes another. being thus identified with : the sons of thunder — this James and John. then. can be no more real persons. On : the 25th of July the sun enters the sign of the Lion is is of July but not before the 6th of August the sun fairly in the fixed the festival of middle of the Lion. and Simon Bar-Jona.198 ers. notwithstanding their being expressly called the sons of Zebedee. His disobedient sons might leave him rotten nets. the Transfiguration : On that day. the declared sons of Zebedee and John. and of thunder-storms. If is. old in his ship.

separately and distinctively from his brother ! — . And as there can be no thunder without lighming in the order of nature. and consume them. it that which they never wished nor cared In the keepings of an historical congruity. James and John. of it was always to practise. John. . and would as surely raise the devil. holding the thun- der and lightning of July and August in check. It would be as preposterous as if you were to reckon August as coming before July. are names which always come together. in order to preserve the harvest from their blasting influence. ** But he turned (what did he turn for ?) and rebuked them. has been at- tached. 199 Lamb of God is transfigured into the Lion of the tribe of Judah. so much as in one single instance. or as spoken of. even as Elias served did ?" it. should have It been Simon the zealot. ever mentioned as concerned in any action. which would be blasphemous. are as allegorical as their names. On which beautiful fable of the Sun. and always in this order. who. of all the were the only two who ask of Jesus Christ for leave to call for fire from heaven when some apparent interruption in his course had occurred. should have been the infidel Thomas. James and John never as John and James. so we find that the characters and actions of these thunderers in the gospel. Now be awake again. The moral lo see. or the rash and hasty Simon Peter. Lord. these sons of thunder. whose dispositions should have appeared in the desire to call . apostolic band. Only. or the traitor Judas. I beseech ye The names of James and John. as if you were to say the Lord's prayer backward. these apostolic brothers.THE and the devil's pulpit. wilt thou that we command fire to come down from Heaven. Nor is James. as making any speech as speaking. it is. unhappily. privileged above all the rest to bask in the effulgence of Christ's glory upon the holy mount. and James and John ob- For the sons of thunder. they said. though distinguished by the title of James the Great. these sons of abundance. the noblest and the best moral that any fable ever had. our gospellers have served the gospel as they serve part all other fables.

chap. by the shrewder and more intelligent. and of the Lord exists. it is seen at once. stage who is hands ''stretched forth vex certain of the churchy ard he killed James. in trines of auricular confession. that cruel child-killer. The learned Unitarian divine. disciple whom Jesus loved. ascribe it to James the Less. or to can be shown ever The epistle called the Jesus Christ. that the gospel allegory respects. most palpable cheat and imposture.. from their great heat of temper. in the New Testament. : is rejected as a his celebrated work. Of the ihunderer. Edward Evanson. not an historical consistency. It is the twelve. the . not one word which he ever spoke. p. James. frequently accompanied with the most dreadful storms of lightning. the son of thunder. so far as it is drawn. and not to James of whom we now treat. istence in any record whatever. the brother of John^ with the sword^ is when to there any bloody scene to act) . but a physi- cal one. of the Acts of the Apostles. and. then.^'' and is evidently the composition of a Roman Catholic priest. have been in exGeneral Epistle of James. where that is said Herod the King (our old friend. 276. contrived to inculcate their very lucrative doc- and extreme unction and as such. to that of such evidently. 12. most ordinarily beneficent and ami- able to man. was the most opposite of a disposition. Herod the always brought on the King. in ihe course of nature. have that epistle to be apostolical. the Rev. yet they are often found to be the sons of thunder. the Great. that though the months of July and August are. In which consisten- cy. whose all character. rather than James whose character is not drawn at all and John. from Heaven. even of those who have proAnd those who will fessed and called themselves Christians. with the James. the brother of John. Neither is there any historical identification of the James the it brother of John. or any of the twelve. of the gospels. you know. not one single act which he ever did. the Dissonanccy &c.200 for fire THE devil's pulpit. claims to be no more than an epistle of " Jamesy a Servant of God. nor one syllable that he ever wrote. has settled all pretensions of the epistle-writing James.

or preposterous. that Peter does. eig ^v\aKr]v. having killed James with the sword. who. which might have been rendered after the passover : except is hardly thick enough from the prying eyes of honest skepticism the latent astronomical conundrum. send word. proceeded further. killed ixuKaipa. was lefl^to be his victim. though he is expressly called the son which signifies a thousand. a very particular sort of a sword that must be. which of Alphaeus. that this King Herod. in this murderous King Herod. to cover James with the sword. to bring to the people J^'^ So. and the still more distinguishing epithet of James the Just. and that James the Less. The first thing. learned. Jjike a good Christian. sort of a wise. having killed that the rendering after the passover. ere he can serve Peter as he had served James. what matters to us what instrument it was that he him with ? It matters everything: for it is not said that he killed him with a sword. him forth ons of soldiers to keep him. that must be passed over. . intending. has the distinguishing epithet of the Brother of Jesus Christ. and with such a perfect innocence of criticism. he will wait An unlucky translation that. or chief. . some bridge. after Easter. to James to rec- especially. that Herod the king. he put to take Peter also him in prison.THE devil's pulpit. . otherwould be hard to account for a miracle being wrought : thy to be so particularly mentioned. upon finding himis to self escaped from the power of Herod. or something. with our eyes shut. but he killed him with the sword. however. must proceed further to take Peter. to be worLet's hope it might be a sword that would not shed much blood since. some anything you please. 201 Now. so. some line. it while poor Jemmy For the story runs. as he was. of the i^^ra to raaxa^ till after Easter. <* and delivered him to four quarterni^ to get Peter out of this Herod's clutches. as to see nothing absurd or contradictory. being so punctiliously conscientious. and finds a pass-over. so ! and we are to read this holy jargon so. as not to allow any public performances to go on during the Passion Week. and when he had apprehended him. of his miraculous escape ollect that there is is which obliges us another James in the apostleship.

or a mother that cared for them. the one on thy right hand. their sufficient accomplish- ment might be doubted those qualifications were. in thy kingdom !" You see they were mere sinecure places which the woman wanted nothing to do in 'em but to sit still and enjoy themselves at the expense of the kingdom. But of all the apostolic cohort. the brother of John. " Grant that these my two sons may sit. which are the thundering months. two qualifications necessary for the places they desired.so that July and August are.^^ says the textj ^^ and desiring she was. epithet sufficiently serves to fix his place in the Scales of Sep- 1 tember. however. **What She saith unto him. the sons of abundance. is still further established by the allegorical analogy of their being the object of as July and August are the to all the other apostles months in which the Sun puts forth his greatest splendor. as to which. he said unto her. to get good places under government. the James and John.202 THE devil's pulpit. *' Worshipping him. and whose character was worthy to be wrought envy : : — into the texture of the allegorical drama. you have introduced the character of the mother of Zebedee^s Mrs. — sons. that had their interest at heart. drinking and ducking. and knew that places under gov-ernment are only to be got by the trick of appearing be vastly religious. a cer- tain thing of A carneying old she cared for to the woman worshipped him for her : —not that was up to She him any more than he only she way of things at court. to v^hom now we confine our studies : their identity with the imaginary genii of the months of July and August. (as.'''' him. and the other on thy left. upon a boroughmongerchildren ing errand. she'd have worshipped the wilt thou ?" had he happened to be in office).. the sons of Zebedee that is. after he shippingy pretty thick. '^ Are ye able to drink ?" said Jesus (and to make : . As in Matthew xx. Zebedee come to Jesus. by the most obvious figure. had enough of her wor- shipping devil. — There were. for her two 20. the sons of thunder. James and John happen to be the only two that had a mother. and laying on the worSo. and more especially crowns the year wiih his goodness . like the rest of 'em. But of the James.

that you shall drink out of that cup. at a swig. owing to her being spoken of by no other epithet than that most evidently enigmatical one. so rich a draught of science. and four Marys. by acting ^aith on God's word. seem not to have been anything like so ceremonious about these things. " I ahle. Because much patience. that on't). and Mary. the nectar of the gods. she never had the honor of being Zebedee's wife. that as there are three . and of scientific demonstration. and their mother. as we are now-a-days." ? But that cup. 203 is no ordinary drink. Zebedee.: THE devil's pulpit. the mother of James. in thd dramatis personcB of the gospel. or fathomed a bowl. though we have the expression. as shall destroy in you for ever all possibility of swallowing any more of the milk and water of the gospel. which these sons of thunder. But our business now. two Jameses. now admiration with so to serve that particular cup ! season but your it into my power you up that cup in the due order of this intellectual banquet aud I do promise you in one of these discourses. which of the Marys was the mother of the sons of Zebedee. Mary. the mother of Zehedee^s children which should seem to indicate that though she was the mother of Zebedee's children. without stopping to take breath. and so conclude. answer very promptly. be sure I shall drink of the cup which drink of:" to toss To are dare say. So that. — the gospel is the purest system of morals that ever will ? was in the world— and where you find anything to compare with the morals of the gospel There are two Johns. a good splash in the world. two Simons. **but to it off. is with the sons of Zebedee. two Judases. There is not a little difficulty in identifying this old woman. As ere cracked a bottle. Unless we please to relieve our conjecture. appears in the " Toby Fill pot. as shall put . Mrs. a thirsty old soul.^^ We And the devil doubt 'em ! the hot months of July and August naturally disposing men hieroglyphical picture as a complete to be thirsty and feverish the personified genius of either of those months. the mother of John: it must rest only in conjecture. The ladies and gentlemen of the gospel.

we and our mother are one. and the other on his left. whether the application to be allowed to sit. that was intended. and jarring statements. nor was intended and then looks for consistency fiction and method. in Matthew's gospel. whether it were they who said it. persons in one God. who to takes it to be true. or by . are not required. nor endured. in anything that would pass for history. " I and my Father are one :" so his disciples. therefore. so there might be four mothers where there was but one woman. that as Christ could truly say. become the source of greater entertainment. that of the fool himself. for the better exercise of our most sublimely enhanced. is reported as having been spoken by the mother. which shows us. were made immediately by themselves. absurdi- and impossibilities. which are found in every page of sacred writ. And these contradictions. the one on Jesus's right hand. who takes the gospel to to pass be true. which never for truth . as it is the Virgin of the Zodiac. who represented them. itself purported. The folly is. for in histo- never being to be forgotten. this sublime confusion is. Zebedee in the affair. into the sublime science of the spirit : which no pretended minister of the gospel in . that in allegorical adaptation.— 204 THE devil's pulpit. What. who sees through or looks under the gross veil of the letter. — their mother. it as it was intended be taken who in understands sense. or she that is. but he who takes it. Because. who represents the genii of those sons of ahundancey July and August It — that is James and John. but mythology. abto surdities. mythology. in Mark's. James and John. which are not be excused. The contradictions. are themselves the evidence and demonstration that it was not history. by the discovery which results from a comparison of the text of Matthew's gospel with that of Mark's. But faith. said to have been spoken by her sons and no mention at all is made of Mrs. is. where not he nothing but pantomime and was intended. It being evidently all one and the same thing. is The that is believer of the gospel. and the vehicle of further instruction. could as truly say. in ties. those congruities and consistencies ries which we look and narratives.

THE devil's pulpit.


in this accursedly priest-ridden country, dare trust himself, or

have given, to show whether it be I, or he, who is the impostor. For God hath made me, what none of ihem are, **an able minister of the New Testament not of the letter, but of the spirit for the letter killeth" that is, you see, it makes fools of people: "but the spirit giveth life" that is, there's some good fun, and work
hiS congregation, to accept the challenge I


for science in

As, look into history, or to anything that ever bore the
of history






the names, or anything like

the names, of these sons of thunder, James and John, any account of any action they ever did, or any event in which they

bore a part


Of James, your

only account


that after having preached

nothing, written nothing, spoken nothing, and done nothing, he
killed for nothing, by that eternally-reviving old child-kilKing Herod. Of James the Just, following the romance, called ecclesiastical history, he gets killed, in like manner, for nothing at all. And, like almost all the rest of them, he suffers his martyrdom in Heliopolis, or in Hieropolis, those words literally meaning the City of the Sun, and the Sacred City, the known and universal metaphor for the Zodiac, in which all these martyrdoms, or bearing witnesses, are said to have happened, and in which

alone, did any of these martyrs exist.

John, however, the beloved son of thunder, never died at
for though he ceased to breathe on earth, we are assured, by the holy and most veracious Father of the Church, Saint Auguslin, that he continues to breathe under the earth; as he lies buried in the churchyard, at Ephesus, where St. Augustm himself could see the earth of his grave heave up and down, as

the old

de, for

man draws his breath. It was called a standing mira' many hundreds of years, in the Christian church, notit

withstanding the churchmen themselves could not deny that


also a lying one.

It* efficacy,



confirming the faith of the faithful,

has been


diminished, owing to the fact of uur ciiurch-


THE devil's pulpit.

yards, to this day, presenting equally well-attested evidence of thousands of vampires, snoring away in damp sheets, and wait* ing for the glorious resurrection. As no history, no geography, no chronology, no annals, registers, or vestiges of fact in all the world, has any account of the existence of such persons as these sons of thunder, shall we be blind to the light of evidence, which a perfect resemblance of names, and a perfect similarity of the fable, flashes on us, in proof, that the ancient paganism, and the mythology, which we now call Christianity, are one and the self-same religion. Observe, then, the demonstration, aiiji I do beseech you to bar me off from your convictions as long as you possibly can do Only be rational, and surrender your conviction, to nothing so. short of rational demonstration. Bear in mmd, then, the story which makes so distinguishing a portion of three out of four of our gospels, of the metamorphosis of Christ upon the holy mount. Bear in mind, that it was the distinguished and exclusive privilege of Peter, James, and John, to be witnesses of this metamorphosis, or transfiguration, or glorification, or what you please, of Christ upon this holy mount. Bear in mind, that if this had happened, as an incident peculiar to Christianity, it could not have happened before the founding of Christianity. Bear in mind, that your Christ in the gospel constantly speaks of his twelve disciples, or any one of them, as being one with himself, as he was one with the Father. Bear in mind, that the name James is always rendered into Latin, Jacohus, of which the termination, us, is merely grammatical, and leaves us the name Jacob, ^jii^iy^r^py', that lac. Ob. (Genesis, xxvi., 36.) But lacchus is the direct, undisguised, unconcealed, name of the god Bacchus, the god of wine: which, without its Latin termination, is lac, the direct origin of our English Jack, the radical of Jao, law, Jeue, and all our names for God : in which we are never to lose sight of the perfect analogy of physical phenomena with the theological allegory. As we always find/ac^, signifying God, and Tom, signifying the Devil. If you go to Heaven when you die, you will go to Jack of the box ; but if you go to the other place, you'll go to Hell and Tommy, But Ob=^ was a direct name of God, as signifying the Father, and added to lac, or Jack, made the whole name Jack-Ob that is, God the Father. And Jack-Ob, called Jacob, was



serpent, in the Egyptian language, was styled ob. Ab generally signifies a father, indifferently styled

Ab, Aub,


Ob.— J6.,


THE devil's pulpit.


applied to the grandson of Abraham, as being the father of the twelve Patriarchs. Those twelve patriarchs have been proved to be none other than the personified genii of the twelve divisions of the Zodiac, in the old allegory i and the twelve apostles are the same allegorical genii in the new. Thus is this Jack-Ob identified with God the Father, the lacchus, or Bacchus that is, the Sun ; which is the father of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. that is, Jack-Ob and But how came Jacob and James I-AM-ES, to be universally understood, as perfectly synonymous names ; when they are certainly no more like each other, than the names Bacchus and Apollo, which were different and distinct personifications of one and the self-same Deity in the

Mythology? Iamus* that is, again, without its Latin termination, I am, was the universal and most ancient name of the God Apollo. And his priests were called from his name, the Immidae, or Jameses. They were the very oldest order of priests, known in Greece as the measure of verse, called Iambic, is derived from



hymns sung

to the

syllable, followed ©f ail nations.
cals, presents

honor of lamus, consisting of a short by a long one and it is found in the poetry

The whole word James, anatomized

into its



us with the eternally-recurring trinity in unity. I, the One; am, the heat; es, the Fire that is, the one great source of Heat, the Fire, the Sun. Without the third syllable, the I-am that is, the One, the heat, or warmth, or caloric, as distinguished from fire, the name is naturalized as a name of God, and ridiculously called the great ** Jam," as in that droll play upon words in the third of Exodus, Moses, said to God, **I say, what's your name ?" And God said to Moses, *' I am that I am ; and thou shalt say I am hath sent me unto you ;" which, in our ridiculous version, amounts to no more than if he had said his name was Thing-a* me-hoh, and Moses was to go to the children of Israel, and say to them, Thing-a-me-bob, or WhaVs-his-name, has sent me to you which was as much information as the children of Israel could reasonable require, or perhaps as the subject admitted. It was the clearest revelation of the divine character that ever was in the world and the babes of Christ Jesus are quite as well satisfied with it, as the children of Israel. ]Now, it happens most awkwardly, for any pretence to originality, in our Christian Mythos, of the transfiguration of Christ upon the holy mount, that we have the same scene as occur-




lamus was the same as Apollo and





p. 321.


THE devil's pulpit.

ring to deities of the same name, in an infinite antiquity, befor* bis time, described in the sixth Olympic Ode of the poet Pindar, who flourished 500 years before the Christian era ; with this only difference, that in the poem of Pindar the tale is majestic^ sublime, and beautiful : whereas, in the gospel of

Matthew, Mark, and Luke, it is such a tale as, if it were found anywhere else, would be a disgrace to the children of Israel, Pindar, speaking of the God lamus that is, James, who was believed to be conducted by Apollo to Olympia, says, that

" they both came to the Petra (that is, to Peter, the Rock, to the Petra) Elibatos that is, the Sun-trod Rock^^ (a favorite epithet for a rock, so high as to be only accessible to the all-climbing sun) upon the lofty Cronian mount ; there Apollo bestowed upon James a double portion of prophetic knowledge.

Ikovto 6'vxpr}\oio Herpavj
AXf/5artf l^poviSy
'Etvd'oi coTraae dr]aavpoVj

A.i6vnov ^avToavvas.

have no account, however, of any particular degree of knowledge possessed by any James of the gospel. Eusebius, however, so famous for supplying deficiences of evidence, had not lost sight of the idea, and assures us, that immediately after the Ascension, " our Lord imparted to James, John, and Peter, the gift of knowledge." And if he did so, 'tis the best account that can be given for the fact, that neither the one nor the other had ever more a




say in favor of Christianity



so soon as their

knowledge came in, their Christianity ran out. A man may, indeed, have knowledge of other kinds, and upon other subjects; but I am sure he can have none upon the subject of Christianity, if he has any higher respect for it than



" A wise man will hear, and will increase knowledge he will understand the proverb, and the interpretation thereof— the words of the wise, and their dark sayings."





IT IS."— ^//a?i Cunningham,







eoTt; /cara^aro)

eavrov & dvvarai ooaac ec BaatXeva iGparjX vvv arro th Gravps, rcac marevaoiiev avrco.




himself he cannot save.
xxvii. 42.

If he be the King of

Israel, let

— Matthew

him now come down from

the Cross,

and we

will be

not this a blasphemous, cruel taunt, to cast in the teeth he had any teeth) of the poor bleeding Larab of whom, on this holy day, a hundred thousand Christians, quite as innocent as


lambs, are singing that pretty stave
" Lo
streaming from the His all-atoning blood

fatal tree,


Is this the Infinite ?



Saviour, and


He, God."
give ye any comment of Christian doctrine, to the

And I say, my God, too But ere I my own, you shall have the text itself of

chorus of evangelical orthodoxy.
" Well might the Sun in darkness hide


veil his glories in

When God, the mighty Maker, For man (the Creature)'s sin."
* Prosecuted


Watt's Jlijmns^ Booh 2, ITijmn 9,



THE detil's


In the full tide of evangelical declamation, the fathers of our English church, pursuing to its full extent the dogma of the absolute divinity of Christ, in commemoration of thi^ day, which they call Good Friday, to this effect, address their admiring congregations

"Carry back your minds, ye faithful Christians, to the awful He who suffered on that bitscenes of Gethsemane and Calvary. ter cross, was none other than the Creator of the world himself. ^0 awful mystery love divine there you behold the Almighty God an-aigned as a felon at the bar of Pontius Pilate. Him, who
I !

only hath immortality, tried for his life Jesus Christ, the righteous, the Immortal God, found guilty: the author of nature, suffered expired the Everlasting, ceased to be the Eternal, was no more the Great I am, was not: the living God, was dead. There was a radical reform in the Kingdom of Heaven the boroughmongers were turned out the Jure-Divino-ship of God himself was no longer respected ^God overall.' was put under 'Blessed for ever more,' ^i-^iS no more blessed 'Holy, Holy, Holy,' was wholly kicked out 'Jehovah's awful throne,' was declared vacant and the provisional government devolved into the hands of that venerable old republican Lieutenant-General Beelzebub." Such, is not more than the consecutive tissue of absurdity which imagination must necessarily attach to that first and primordial absurdity, which the evangelical TTatts has consecrated in those
; :














God, the mighty Maker, died, For man (the Creature)'s sin."

Nor 'does it exceed the licence of Catachresis, which, in an extemporaneous babbler, in a gospel shop, would be allowed to come within the propriety and solemnity of a most spiritual and sublime sermon. But, if we may relieve the cracking stretch of imagination, by borrowing so much physic from reason, as may work us into coolness, by imagining so much of the story only to be true, as will admit of being imagined to be true (which, God knows, is very little of it). ^Vhy, then, in the case of one who had given himself out to be some great one, who had pretended that, in some supernatural sense, he was come from God and went to God, that he had really wrought miracles, healed the sick, and raised the dead now seen himself to have need of a Saviour, seen himself to be dying no challenge could be fairer, nor be conceived to be so, than that which

* In

the Indictment.

THE devil's



the chief priests and scribes, and elders, offer to him, in the fine and noble sarcasm of the text ''He saved others, himself he If he be the King of Israel, let him come down from cannot save. the cross, and we will believe him," Had there been any historical reality in the scene, the not accepting of that challenge, the not coming down from the cross, when so called on so to do, was the greatest proof of imposture that imposture of any sort could be conceived to have. And never was there an impostor upon earth, nor any means or faculty in man to distinguish between imposture and truth, if such a challenge, declined under such circumstances, were not an absolute proof of imposture. But God, it will be said, is not bound to give whatever particular proof the impertiment incredulity of man might call for. But, with reverence be it spoken, by God and by his honour he is bound and the acquitting him from that bond, under the hypoto do so critical pretence of a submission to his will, is but the same kind of treason against the divine majesty, as that of the Roundheads against King Charles, when they took up arms in the king's name against the king's person and were for calling themselves his lov^^Let him come down ing subjects, while they cut his head off. from the cross, and we will believe htm." What fairer, what fitter proof of his divine mission, could have been proposed to him ? 'Twas the thing which he himself must have most wished to do. His rising from the dead afterwards if we ourselves had seen him rise, would not have been so strong a proof to us of his truth, as his not delivering himself from death, was a proof of his falsehood. But it was necessary, say our Christian credulists, that he should Then, why did he die at die, in order that he should rise again. all ? why that superfluous, gratuitous, unnecessary suffering, or appearance of suffering, which could add nothing to the dignity of character, or to the proof of a divine mission, in a person who w^as really capable of surviving death? And, after all, if we are to reason upon the matter, and let the words we use have the proper meanings attached to them the resurrection of Christ, in the sense our ignorant and stupid, if not wicked and deceitful clergy attach to it, involves a contradiction in terms, a saying and unsaying, a being and not being, at the same time which, if it is to be endured, why Bedlam must be the great seat of wisdom, slobbering idiocy, and stark staring madness, are to be our masters, and will turn poor reason out of doors for ever. For what is it to be dead? it it be not to be as dead as nuitton that is, utterly beyond the yussibditij, beas dead as a door-nail
: :
; ; ;



in the name of God and of reason." While the poor and spotless clergy. definition of death: he had never been dead And. The disposition of Pilate to release Jesus. 2nd. in seeking to crucify him. make priests. the character of the boasted morals of the gospel. with impunity. if it was not impossible that he could come to life again then. what a beautiful exhibition of moral justice is the gospel is this relief to the matter.: ! 212 THE DEVILS PULPIT. But such is. for the much greater oSence of the aristocrats. ^'From thenceforth Pilate sought to release him:' John xx. and defy his power. if there had been any necessity for a manifestation of divine justice in the matter. he had never been in that state . *' Which Mercy. ye see. is admitted. and turned out the poor tradespeople. 12. might commit the greatest crime which the Sun ever saw. scourged. yond the conceivability of again becoming alive ? If. for the vewhy should nial offence of selling their wares in the church-yard he not. and lay it on their backs to such a tune as would have whipt the offending Adam out of 'em ? and brought them to their knees in true repentance. upon the Unitarian hywere the story viewed as a matter of history which I am sure was never intended and were all its pretended evidence to be received as good and valid evidence. For what is the evidence ? But. The power of Pilate to release him. ''the purest system of morals. blaspheme his Godhead. ''Know- . it would not carry a verdict that Christ had ever been put to death at all. there pothesis. with a bleeding heart. in every instance. the chief and pharisees. — — 1st. which answers to the at all. same time have been impossible. But. and lacerated with stripes and wails : . then. is admitted. who had made a whip of cords. . as an honest jury would judge in any other case. should not that Jesus Christ. and little shopkeepers. Weeps when she sees inflicted on a dog. that ever was in the world and where will ye find any thing to equal the morals of the gospels ?" The foor devils who had sought to keep soul and body together by picking up the honest penny that might be gained by selling nuts and oranges in the outer courts of the temple. and scribes a cat-o' -nine-tails. might nail him who made them to the cross. have their baskets knocked over. why. and are flogged. that. it was possible that Christ could come to life again : it could not at the. and to be judged by the ordinary laws of evidence. 0.

of three out of the four). 10. they crucified^ but the accusative or objective case of the pronoun him. they led Jesus away that is. 9th.. the Oyrenian. to be governed. on a trial for murder. 4th. the Father of Alexander.^' that is. is admitted. and let him go. there is no other accusative in relief. is most positively and literally to the sense. ^^IJind in him no fault at all. in defiance of all the power of the chief priests : that he would do. Mark. he endeavoured to comfort him. 6th. ^'What 1 have written I have v)ritten. ^^ The I will — : Cyreman. it is found in evidence. That the person whom Pontius Pilate presented as Jesus. answering to the noun. The remonstrance of Pilate's wife. the 3rd. that the absolute grammatical construction of the text of both Matthew. f Had. having access to the presence of Jesus. that *'it was not Jesus Christ. mitted. and compelled to carry the cross." and being seized upon. They ^^ Father Simon. 19. that he was a Just Man. sent to him as he sat on the judgment-seat. still more conclusively has the positive words. as read as it ought to be. and Luke (that is. him they compelled to bear his cross. that it was ''Father. — . and they crucified him. to warn him to ^^have nothing to do with that Matthew xxvii. 213 and have power to re- thou not that lease thee ?" I have power John xx. ^^Behold the man !" was disguised in a dress in which his person could not be recognised (most strongly implying that he was not the man). who was crucified. and would be in a court of law. but Simon. The firmness of Pilate's character in that what he had once said he would do. that he would release him. Just Man. for they know not what they do.) While Luke. that immediately upon their laying hold of Simon the Oyrenian.THE devil's est pulpit. is admitted.*' says he. to him they gave vinegar to drink. is admitted.'' {^ 2^1 ey found Simon. and Rufus. by assuring him. 6th. The strange and unaccountable appearance of ^^ Simon. to crucify thee^ declaration of Pilate. Simon the Oyrenian. and of whom he said. 8th. And upon these admissions. *In the ludictment. (andf upon seeing Poor Simon tucked up in his place. . I will let him go no less than a positive promise to do so.^' is admitted.'' 7th. in the judgment-hall. all a mistake. is admitted. The fact of no person. but Pilate and his friends. His own conviction. is adchastise him. addressing himself to old Simon. of the verb. coming out of the country. For in each of these fatal sentences.'' is admitted. they got him out of the crowd so that he stood leisurely by. forgive them.

He would have set us an example of that faith. With this sense and reading of the matter. had it been poor Jesus that had been crucified. was a blaspheming infidel.") And that they really got any had got the wrong man (that is. which ever it was. it therefore. and him criLcified" cified (who but a fool could have thought so ? but Jesus Christ v^sls one person. as the Devil. certainly it was not. God. who had been the cause of them and who so unfit as poor Jesus. as I for yours. always accompanies the dying scenes of the faithful. that was crucified — are glad of served him right. if they had rendered still further probable. why hast thou forsaken me . comports the whole As you will find the holy Apostle theory of Christian doctrine. who so fit to suffer. . certainly. either the chief Barabbas. Jesus would have been resigned to the will of God. upon farther inquiry into the matter. therefore. epravpcofjievov. think that it's me that they're crucifying but they've got you you know you must die sometime oi don't take it to heart. was not to bear it not himself. Simon other. too. Irjasv Xptarov. we of the death of him. or Simon the Cyrenian. . as knowing that it was all a hoax. would have met his death with fortitude. that the very essence and de'' We preach Jesus finition of gospel-preaching consisted in this that is. and that joy and peace in believing. who had done all he could to prevent our sinning. to have a thankthat is. my God. We are. But the wretch who was substituted in his place. Paul. and the Devil take him whereas. but to get Simon the Cyrenian to bear it for him find. we are told. not that Jesus Christ was cruChrist.^" this despairing wretch. whom they had seized by mistake. if devine justice required that somebody should suffer for our sins. Kac ttu6v man at all) is : : . and him that was crucified was another and the apostle. preached 'em both.214 THE devil's pulpit. from that which we should naturally have expected from the meek and holy Jesus. most emphatically declaring. — : . We . and that he should be none the worse for it a day or two after. ful remembrance it. as most . this blaspheming ingrate ? It is impossible I should rather think it was the Devil himself as. by the very different behaviour of the person. that (all that the blessed Jesus had to do with the cross. and it's quite as fair that you should be crucified for my sal. as Christians. this conscience-stricken coward. called upon. it would have been our duty to be exceeding sorry for the circumstance. vation. which. and groaned out his guilty soul ^'My in the most frightful ejaculation of despair and blasphemy Could this be Jesus.

defined. whom they mistook for him." nailmg ?Y. the wrong half They have represented him as crucified. of all the bishops priests in this miserable be-bishop'd ." see. and actually did kill Sithe Cyrenian. ii. than they where two and two the most distinct and opposed. that any words whatever could describe to be distinct and opposed.— THE devil's pulpit. Coloss. as the other fellow i. but that he gained a victory not that he was nailed to the cross. I hope.*" whereas they have run away with but half the story and that. but the victor (he did not sufler. who never was so and him as dead. We Jesus Christ was the person who certainly was in a passion. * To yetpoypadov. ye against us. the Cheirography. . fellows as the other shops are. but he triumphed on the cross. and him crucified .f) And when mon was all the Jews wanted to kill him. I alone. do truly and and be-priested metropolis. f In the Indictment. it was not the nail that was in his hand. ." God hath made me what none I alone. so to confound all grammar in words and reason in ideas. e. f) : : (Nor is it ever showed himself alive any part of the gospel. therefore. that he suffered a defeat. for only one person: when words cannot be plainer to the sense. ^'him crucified. A vessel. and him crucified. the strongest expression of all being that in the first of the Acts of the Apostles. that Christ which we know was impossible. but the hammer f) he was not the vanquished. self alive after his passion. again. —"an able minister of the Newof the Testament. call the Devil's you find. Jesus Christ is as certainly." is defined as the person that was. that was (So. or caused to be nailed. but afAnd what was to hinder him from showing himter his PASSION. to the cross. but that he himself nailed. is him whom they Chaplain^ after all. answer to the apostolic character. was the person who put him into the passion. as to take Jesus Christ. 215 . do preach ^^ Jesus Christ. but And crucified. him that was cruci^ed him And is here. that '^he showed himself alive after his Passion." says the apostle. and as clearly.^* Mera to Tracpecv gvtov^ not ^lera to ano(j)aveLv avTOV^ as the Greek would have been. man may put himself into a passion. ^'to his Cross. or somebody else. and put himself out of it again. as the person who was not crucified. had it meant after his death. without breaking a bloodsaid. 14. who that it the only faithful preacher of the gospel. as in ten thousand instances. it enough to try the patience of Job himself are not.^ or handwriting. in after his death.

. "What is proof?" as he says to them. shaking hands with his friends all around. of the Christian-fable. was not a personal name. three or four days afterwards. at the Autumnal Equinox. that name we compare lists of all the synonymes of the name we trace that name to its roots and thus. we invariably begin with the severest possible scrutiny into the names or nomenclature of the machinery. a Mr. Saint Andrew. — . whose real existence. and of every variation of letters by which the inquire into the history of same name might be exhibited. what would become of Judge Jefferies ? . 1 shall judge according unto right. and being what was. to be sure. of every significancy which the names could convey. East. eating and drinkiug with them. or toil. West. is weak. which undoubtedly had no original personal significancy. often discover. As tice. . who. or make out the significancy or hidden meaning of any confessedly Pagan allegory. or not much hurt and certainly no killed and tliat there must have been some egregious mistake in any representation.216 THE devil's pulpit. that a man had not been crucitied. . that he had been so alive. in the 75th Psalm The earth the congregation. ought not Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into his glory?" Yes. North. in Luke xxiv. South. South. Luke says. how it ought to have been. in its first purport. Andrew. you find the position of St. which signifies the strong one. would bring us to no conclusion as to the origin of these terms. and how he ought to have suffered. when he is seen. and proof infallible. or Mr. was to be hanged. East. sirs. between things being what ought If every fellow that ought to be hanged. a Mr. he ought. but who was no more a real personage than Saint Atlas. out of Moses and the Prophets. As it is the allegorical " When I receive language of Saint Andrew. weigh the force of every letter of which the names are composed. could not be doubted. is in the Scales of Juswhere the San crosses the Equator. of the mythology. and after supper. playing with them at his old game of making riddles upon the Bible. and explaining to them. to demonstration (the discovery itself being held to be demonstrative) that the name which millions of persons might have borne. : In setting oai'selves to decipher. is found in its significancy to be the same as the name of the apostle. if it be not proof. So Atlas. a word signifying great labour. North. I hope. When Andrew " receives the congregation " —that is. as. St. when the . but there's a little diflerence. 25 "0 ye fools and slow-hearts. and West. as St. ." show himself by many infallible proofs For. "did to be alive. to be. a Mr. and all the mJiabitants thereof I bear upon the pillars of It'' We We . as persons.

to whom his master. out of all the glorious company of the apostles. . that our old man i. still depends upon him for its support. Because. and for no supposeable reason. a goniometer. but the accurately astronomical one. or congregation of Stars. Romans. he is in the Balance of Justice. my Lamhs'^ and ^'Feed my Sheep. St. Spring. our Old Andrew. Moiiut 10 . personified as St. vi. these four Genii or Saints. is : : : And Andrew — ^*Feed or church history. Summer. standing with a saltier cross behind his back. under this name. and giving his name — . the place of a skull (as if to say. which is exactly the length of time which the Sun seems to hang. or exact measure of the angle which the Sun As in the Ecliptic makes in passing over the line of the Equator. that there are actually two crucifixions. having consecrated the belief. notwithstanding its declining state. as" kim that was crucified. Andrew hung two days upon the cross. The Saint Andrew of the gospel being none other than the Saint Michael. in your New Testament allegory. once upon Mount Calvary. have the peculiar honour of being Genii of the four seasons of the year. which is Michaelmas-dsij. that in the allegorical picture. when the blood is getting somewhat cooler than once it was. — As here you see. the archangel of the Apocalypse you have him. The church And. as if to prevent ail possibility of mistaking the astronomical significancy of this genius. so you will find. enters into the constellation. in perfect equilibrio. as Genii of their respective months. you invariably find the figure of St. crosses the Equator twice every year. immediately after his resurrection that is. and Christ is said to be crucified twice that is. the brother of Peter. commencing in March when the Sun enters the cocstellation of the Lamb or Ram and hence it is.'* knowing this. Paul expressly defines this old man. that St. called Libra. after his having crossed the line. brains were of no use to that skull that is so thick as not to find out the meaning of the allegory). in the order of nature.. standing at the Autumnal foot of the Great Solar Arch and so seeming to bear it upon his shoulder.'' And Andrew. gives that allegorical charge.THE devil's pulpit. 211 Sun. independently of their allegorical character. Autumn. about sixty years old. Andrew. as the Sun. is Autumn. the place of a skull. the Sun. is crucified. he will once again give an equal length of day and night to all the inhabitants if the earth. it is Peter alone. most literally is. to the 29th of September. and Winter of which Peter is Spring. on no evidence whatever. upon the line of the Equator. which. While. 6. Andrew represented as that of a man. as James is the brother of John. e.

and "Jesus Christ the Righteous. Gad. was Stephen rtaljy . never meant any other than the Lamb of the Zodiac. or Northern Crown. as you see. of whom.'' under the *' custody of the Archangel Michael (b^D'iTa) — (Cruden). in Autumn. Calvary. assure us that the " hair of his head was like wool. who. rises at the same time with the Balance. to put away iniquity. which signifies the Northern Crown. the Andrew. in the crucifixion which he refers to. Saint Vernal Equinox. as considered in the Scales of Sep- tember." that is. is this Stephanos Arcticos. St. And hence. but of that most singularly as tronomical personification." that is. rendered ''Equal with God. XL 8. rising and setting with the Scales of September): though he had heard of the crucifixion of Christ. the Lord of Hosts." So you have the same astronomical enigma. who . the shortest day in the year: and. once again to put an end to the unevenness of the days and nights. is the Greek word for a Crown. Sre^ai'o^. which is that which St. the first Martyr. on this globe. And after which Autumnal Crucifixion. Stephen bears witness to. a troop. by appearing in the Balance of September. who appeared once in the e7id of the world. prophet and apostle." says he. nor meant. the point of the in Libra : and then. the head of the Great Monster. never dreamed of the resurrection of Christ beause. name of the First Martyr because at that epocha of time. discovered gets the to whicri by his Greek name. " ye have been now the betrayers and murderers. in the Garden of Gethsemane. being on the same parallel. to which Michael is thus literally and astronomically equal. couched in the allegorical epithet of "the Lamb slain from the beginning of the world." Who is like to God ?" — — : — " That Just One" being personification the directly allegorical name of the of the Sun. though theologically adsurd. as here you see Hercules. Stephen. Thomas's-day.— : 218 THE devil's pulpit. the Sun does not rise again. this allegory synchronizes. where also our Lord was crucified.'' Tvhich. after the Autumnal Crucifixion. but goes to Hell and Tommy that is St. you have the concurrent testimony of both Daniel and John. Equinoxes. which the crucified Lamb of God is crushing beneath his feet. which you see here at all times in the heavens. describing the person of God. and who never was. predicates not of a Crucified Lamb. as you^ee. is.'^ Rev. it is Christ upon Mount Calvary in Spring but it is Jesus. the Lamb of March. And Saint Stephen. Stephen (whose name. " he descended *' into Hell. By Catholics. " that Just One. St. asFor the points of the Vernal and Autumnal tronomically correct. And that God that is. And once in Egypt. therefore. And thus. Cetus. any other than the Corona Septentrionalis.

the point exactly at which the Sun crosses or passes over the Equator. Anas the brothers.THE DEVILS PULPIT. the Yernal Equinoctial point that is. those four distinguished Stars of the first magnitude. was in the first degree of the Lam6 . And these personifications are consecrated in the visible heavens. called Jesus Christ. that as a man may — . And Heaven. which shall be first. where now 'tis Spring so that we may have Summer in January. gospel instructs his disciples. which the Sun seems to near or approach as he divides to us these four seasons of the year : by Aldebarau." . of which a record of any sort has descended to and observed. after the Passover. And all the difference that ever was between the Jewish and the Christian ceremony. and even with the very same words. and the Feast of Easter. I'hree hundred and eighty-eight years before our date of the pretended birth of a man. with reference only to this effect ol is the first Martyr. the precession of the Equinoxes. of summer and winter. as Peter has the keys of drew has the keys of Hell. in April. which shall be last and last. — And thus. that the astrologueof the. 219 And it is. all nations of the earth have celebrated this annual phoenomenon. under the allegorical veil of a crucified Lamb. or crossing of the Equator by the Sun. that in the Kingdom of Heaven *' there be first. and Winter in July. . Winter. are the Genii respectively. he ascends into Heaven. is so much difference and no more. James and John. in the Fishes' Mouth of January. and since that time. that was the subject of the Fast of Good Friday. Regulus. nor any even that ever happened upon earth. That it is the Yernal Crucifixion. as he does ou the 21st of March. that the vSpring quarter may occur in Autumn. too. is demonstrated in the historical fact. that this Fast and Feast have been religiously observed in the Spring of the year in every country of the world. and in every era of time. . and that of Autumn. known by the name of theRoyal Stars. with the very same ceremonies. Antares. and we look forward But the Christ of the Autumnal Passto the joyful Summer. which has caused. And the Christ of the Spring Crucifixion is celebrated because. and will again and again cause. over descends into Hell . that follows it. the Bull's eye. in July. to our own the very same significancy. Peter and Andrew. in the Scorpion of October and Formalhaut. so his brother. . and we must prepare for the gloomy . the Lion's heart. when he enters the sign of ArieSj the Ram. are personifications of spring and autumn so the brothers. and no crucifixion of any man.

when the Sun passes over. canting." And this festival of Easter.over consisted essentially in eating their Lamb. cross over. that taketh away the Sin of the World. ye see. Thus. most literally. the Christian ceremony in " eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the Lamb of G-od. and enters into the Lamb. it is both. it seems so. And if this way of preaching seem to you to be foolishness. on which all other festivals depend. to eat anything but fish. the science of it. at that season when the Sun does pass over and the Sun does. the crucifixions or pass-over that are celebrated and we eat his flesh. as here you see the constellation of the Lamb comes immediately after that of the Fishes. that the month of March comes after that of February. pass over. always follows after the long fast of Lent.^r lamb this lamb-eating. . who do understand it. And this or pass over. always falling after the first Sunday after the first full Moon. hypocrisy of the reverend knaves who would hinder yon from seeing through it.220 THE devil's pulpit. and see through all the vile. which are ripe in September as his flesh is the mutton ready for the spit in Spring. it was always the most damnable sin. imagine between the words. than that they will believe me. which happens next after the 21st of March. But to us. And." that is. : — — — . and true preacher of the cross. and Lamb. The Jewish ceremony. in bearing the name of the Devil's Chaplain. that are not up to it. — . in honor of the Yernal Crucifixion and drink his blood in honour of the Autumnal Crucifixion his blood being nothing else than the blood of the grapes. is declared by the speaker in the gospel to be the same thing as ^'to preach the acceptable year of the Lordy So "the doctrine of the Cross. or Pays. And of those who cannot see. oj cross the line. during which. is none other than the science of astronomy. is universally celebrated. that understand not not. preaching " the power of God. who see through it. or did for many ages. not because you are believers in Christ. or crosses over the Equator. priest-insulted. cross over. who are up to it. and priestcheated metropolis. am the only faithful minister of the gospel. I hear the reproach of the Cross. that sap that is. and pass over. is. I ask no more faith in my word. and every other reproachful epithet that Christian malice can fasten on me. which the Jews call the Paschal. The preaching of the cross is foolishness to them that believe not that ken not. but because you are not. as to preach the gospel. . when the Jews eat theiv pass-over lamb and the Christians eat their cross-oi. which they call foolishness. in all this priest-ridden. But in the ceremony of taking the Sacrament. And I alone. when he enters the constellation of the Lamb. that a man could commit. . . and Bishop of Hell. this preaching of the cross.

Nor was it till the year 680 of our era.) And they who have represented Christ and his apostles as persons that ever existed upon earth. whose God is their belly. the year 1468. and the decree subsequently ratified by Pope Adrian the First. in . the Lord of Hosts. where. who are " the enemies of the Cross of Christ. — : : : sented. precisely as in the sacred Hieroglyph you see him repre- wisdom or science of God. on the unquestionable authority of the learned and pious Casalius. up to that time. been the only emblem of the crucifixion. below the cross. which had. by giving an appearance of history to most mani- . in Heaven. of the Sun in the constelwhich the Cross takes place. in the 6th Coustantinopolitan Council. and who mind earthly things :" whereas. January. in this delineation. as you see and hear. and to disguise and hide the real origin and significancy of the Chris tiau religion. which the Sun enters in March. during which the Sun really and literally is. in the Virgin of August. held under Pope Agathus. October. that instead of Christ's being represented under the form of a crucified Lamb. one in each foot.THE DEVIL^S the PULPIT. December. its true preacher. is the Crucified Lamb. as you may see. which the monks foisted into the text of that historian. that in the 82nd decree of that council. And they it is. thy word is true in Heaven. Lord.*' And so it is but it was never true on earth and none but a fool or a dunce would ever have dreamed that it was so. As the Psalmist sublimely exclaims ('^ ^^For ever. and February. where you see Christ is represented as the bleeding lamb. or Yahou. do turn the truth of God into a lie. Mrs. who want to put down the Rotunda. under the reign of Constantine Pagonatus. Lamb. in allegory of the five winter months. and bleeding from his five wounds. the true doctrine of the Cross has no earthly foundation whatever. Nor was it till the middle of the fifteenth century. he should be represented in the hideous and disgusting form of a crucified man. or Jesus. As here. Mars. I have the happiness of showing you. and where is the Lamb's Wife that is. a plate of the oldest form of the crucifix. standing upon a mount under the cross. and I. . not on things of the earth and my conversation is. that any eye of man had seen the fraudulently-pretended passage of Tacitus." — lation of the Lamb. preserved in the Vatican of Rome. to make it appear that the crucified lamb was a crucified man. and the fifth from his breast. November. whether you call him Adonis. and where alone. do set my affections on things above. it was decreed. and which is the tribe of Gad the same. 221 that is. the God of War.

and absurdities so monstrous. fiction and to found on that crucifixion and^ which had reference only to natural phoenomena. that he wouldn't laugh at them. END OF THE DISCOURSE ON THE CRUCIFIXION OF CHRIST. . making him promise. that no man dared tell them to another without first resurrection.222 festly THE intended . devil's pulpit. a belief of a dead man coming to life again.

— Tl DiVIL'S PUIPIT. ROBERT TAYLOR. B. 14). extracts of the preceding discourse. For the day of of his strength I that * Prosecuted for blasphemy. to a crowded and highly-gratified congregation. 6th. Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel. A. on Sunday evening Garbled last (June 5). by the Learned Expounder of Scripture Allegory. A SERMON. with dyed Garments from ? Bozrah? greatness this that is glorious in his apparel. — . from the Surrey Sessions. The result is not feared free inquiry. and of the people there was none with me: For I will tread them in mine anger. lated sentences (in like manner tacked together with the tautological This medley of priestly farrago of the law) from the present sermon. and free discussion. Gentleman on the 11th of April folThe trial is fixed for the 4:th of July lowing. — . having the common inlets of understanding. from the The 4:th. THE REV. APRIL 3. will be in accordance with their wishes.] Reporter. which ho " a fair stage. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT THE CUP OF SALVATION.* PREACHED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. IT lS:'^Allan Cunningham. [This Sermon was re-delivered. named hlasphewy. AT THE ROTUNDA. — patchwork was served on the Rev. *^Who is this that cometh from Edom. 1831. mighty to save." has invariably offered to his adversaries Let this be granted on his trial and they feel assured that the verdict of an unpacked jury. misnext. on Good-Friday (No. travelling m the speak in righteousness. are mutifirst three counts of the indictment. and trample them in my fury . His congregation claim for their Instructor that. and their blood shall he sprinkled upon my garments^ and I will stain all my raiment. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. and thy garments like him that treadeth in the wine vat ? I have trodden the wine-press alone . and 6th. having ceased to terrify any but wrong doers and tithe-eaters. and capacity enough to distinguish metaphor from simple fact. without favour.

we are going to commit the unpardonable sin against the Holy Ghost. and to stain all his garments with their blood. in mine hearty and the year of my redeemed is And I looked and there was none to help^ and I woncome. according to his mercies. — lie :* And there ends the substantive matter of this whole holy text. and would not lie ! children. ^Surely they are my people. the babes and sucklings of the gospel. and I will bring down their strength to the Earth. and the great goodness towards the house of Israel. and make 'em drunk. the sin of being rational. And I will tread down the people in mine anger. very well I suppose he was their Saviour : the Saviour of the "Children that ." Here." a droll way of saving the children it must be. ! This is to be the blessed effect of divine Now go away. Christian. especially the forty and fifty years old children. children that will not So he was their Saviour. I ivill mention the loving kindnesses of the Lord. whom they call ''the Children of Israel. and the praises of the Lord. with their nasty clotted beards. " for here is not your rest. dered that there was none lo uphold. and trample them.clothes" children. the meaning of all this. for their sakes.'' Isaiah Ixiii 1-8. it upheld me. and bring down their strength to the earth and to be in the Devil's own rage and fury with them. Here. for your souls' sake. we are going to look at what Christians never dared to inquire after. to keep away from the Rotunda Well have they sought to hold me up to public execration. according to all that the Lord hath bestowed on us. to tread upon them. that . he said. Lord Lord Lord what a : ! And ! ! strange sort of salvation revelation. and for God's sake that is. and make them drunk in my fury. Here. we are going to repeat the crime that damned the whole human race. Only they must be a very extraordinary sort of would not lie for all the children we have ever known. decamp retire to the other shop. that grows under this leafy wilderness of words Well may your priests and preachers of the gospel warn ye. by fastening on me the opprobrious title ! We — ! . as thick asthe twigs in a birch broom. and according which he hath bestowed on them. gentlemen. " So he was their Saviour. to squeeze their insides out.'' Very well. therefore mine own arm brought salvation unto me . are going to plnck of the forbidden fruit of knowledge.224 vengeance is THE devil's pulpit. have been devilishly given to lying. and my fury. the " any-old. For to the multitude of his loving kindnesses.

as a leafy umbrella. immediately over the sacred table. sirs Why is Ivy trained. All our churches and chapels to this day are built. so as to have their altars in the East and all the light allowed to fall on that mystic table. confronting. or directly opposite to. THE devil's : pulpit. through unrecorded ages. pluck. obscured. were. over that sacred window the Ivy. and its mystical furniture. ye should drink the very nectar of the gods so rich a draught of genuine science. or than different versions of the same substantive allegory Jesus being indisputably one of the names — of Bacchus * Ilcdera Helix. who is always And Bacrepresented as crowned with a garland of Ivy-leaves ? chus and Christ Jesus were never more different from each other." but because Ivy* was the peculiar emblem of the Jolly God. Catholic or Protestant. — . that I would. like the Devil. ! to this day.'^ out of which. that in the day that ye eat thereof. as all the Pagan Pagodas and Temples of the Sun. and shaded." standing on that sacred table. as placed upon this table. I am playing the Devil with their craft. for ever. Bacchus. 225 of The Devil's Chaplain since. in a preceding discourse. in due sequence.— — . the positions of this table of the Lord. and the cup of salvation. there being nothing that the priests. It is not so but your imaginations must help our science. than six and a half-dozen. or to prevent too much light from shining on the mysteries of that dark table. as of letting in too . first. as much as conveniently might be. io» . serving to keep off the showers. trained to grow on the church wall. and to tread and trample on you. the bread of life. and to spread its leaves over the eastern window. were ever so much afraid of. and sacred '' Cup of Salvation. darkened. I announced. if ye thirst after knowledge. whether Pagan or Christian. Observe ye. But the Ivy. and do tempt ye to take. the West. by the cultivated growth of ivy. and of real learning. : . before the invention of glass. shall destroy in you. any longer. much light upon their Sacraments." and it shall not be in the power of those reverend impostors to insult you with their gospel. You are to suppose this table situate exactly in the East. and to spread its dark foliage. all relish for the beggarly small-beer of the gospel shop. serve y6 up " the Cup of Salvation. in " the order for the administration of the Holy Communion. then shall your eyes be open. and eat ot that forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge " for God doth know. to grow in Christian church-yards. as they have done. as but once to have drank thereof. was such alone as could gleam through that window in the East.

at the point of the Autumnal Equinox." The harp and bow would you like Phoebus wear. the last day of the process of wine-making. by crossing over the line of the Equator. or righteousness. thank thee. which hideously tene- brous. occasion to give up the cup to the laity. which is the last day of September. exhibiting allegorical representations of the same Bacchus that is. Accidant capiti cornua. that precious blood which he shed for us men. or been crucijied. of the Sun. — . by seeing me drink it as your representative. "And now. . by stained glass. (^Drinks. the day after Michaelmas-day that is. where Ivy is not so conveniently to you see the same effect aimed at. at the time of the adaptation of this allegory to the phenomena of nature. Lord.''^ a dead man. I shall. in this infinitely be-chapeled and be-churched metropolis "And now 1 I drink my Saviour's blood. A cities. on which the Ivycrowned Bacchus shop. the last day of the Sun's position in the Scales of Justice. in towns and raised. And " where is his blood ? Why. just as it was drawn out of the Bacchanalian barrel. to As Mr. Pope." in the sublime poetry of Watts' Hymns.: . when he " came down from Heaven. fies manifestus Apollo. but in that Cup of Salvation.^' standing upon that sacramental table. So that he is represented as ^'Christ taken down from the Cross. that there was no And sion. has rendered those beautiful lines of Ovid Sume fidem et pharetram. with all the blood drawn out of him. and for our Salvation.) is See the Methodist Chapel in Queen-street." . or of the annual vintage and was. 'tis generous wine Mingled with love. as sung in a hundred chapels and churches. sits like a drunken boy at the good vintner's as I feel a little bit blood-thirsty just at this moment and as the Catholic clergy very sensibly held. brighter Phoebus Phaon might appear. the fountain flowed that dear bleeding heart of thine. Not Bacchus self -with Phaon could compare. immediately after he has But. 226 THE devil's in his epistle of : pulpit. Bacchus eris. {Drinks. as he appears in the visible heavens. From "^ (^Hymn 18. be — — crossed over. hoping that your faith will be satisfied.* or painted windows. with your permiskeep the cup to myself. where should it be. Would you with Ivy wreathe your flowing hair. •' Sappho I Phaon.

—such as *Hokey. their very. : 22t Dear Saviour (Drinks. a famous hand at doggerel : — " 'Tis the same blood. when they who use this sort of language as that of the most fervent piety in their mouths. the pride and glory of their Christian church. the awKwardness of it is. than the cannibals could to them. that this is figurative language." the blood. whose language is held to be none other than that of orthodoxy itself? Cruci haeremus. THE devil's pulpit. Nothing can be more sublime than this language only. as I have read those liaes of Dr. Wherefore SPIOULD IT BE THAT GoD SHOULD FORGIVE OUR SINS. 'Tis God's own blood. 'tis thy blood thank that precious flesh of thine. in the third century.. of the one thing to ries ! — the other ? * In the Indictment. We feel we don't know how." {Book 3. What says their own Saint Cyprian. that the missionathemselves could no more explain the meaning of those figures of speech. here at home." Especially when 'tis taken into the account. sanguinem sugimus.) What Sequitur. Wankee. to the cannibals. what connection. that live and die in the fat of idleness.) We For this immortal food. very words. Towzer. There can be no doubt at all. This soul-reviving wine. Fum. we suck and we loll our tongues in the very wounds of our Re- deemer. sirs nay ask any of your preachers of the gospel. figimus linguam. Hymn Or. . Only one cannot help sympathising with the liability of its being misunderstood. what relevancy. And the King of the Cannibal Islands. in the composition of quite as good a poet as Dr.— . Watts the Eev. Watts plagiarized. Poyke. 17. and but little altered. would represent it as blasphemy in ours and would punish us for only quoting and : repeating their own ipsissima verba. we vow And when we feel it in our tripes. BECAUSE OF Christ's blood? {Sixth article of the Indictment. For but ask them."* : (Drinh^. when preached by our missionaries to convert the blubber-lipt and copper-coloured souls of our brothers and sisters in the Pacific Ocean. in wine or swipes. " We stick to the Cross. Bishop of Carthage. et inter ipsa redemptoris nostri vulnera. Dr.

that it was the best thing that ever was done in the world and for that sin's sake. as I hope it may prove. It was always represented in delineations of the starry heavens. that he likes a drop of the Crater as well as we do that puts him into a good humour. of . but all the other sins that we could possibly commit ? Can your clergy answer this ? They cannot. and then see if the Lord does not love a drop of the Crater. to my Christian persecutors. in order to be ready to catch the is all. that we killed his only son. of the Celestial Sion always near. None. precious fruit of the vintage. in the allegorical conuudrum of the 87th Psalm. in the heavenly city. or upon this beautiful toy. signifying the bowl or cup of salvation. because of the good drink in that cup always situate so near the gate of that heavenly city. and the mystic enigma of sacred theology. I offer you a reason. — : : . no man's consent from his favour. I thank see. It is at or near. he not only forgives us that sin. Look up. Observe. the only reason. sirs ! And seat of God most ! : . and which I love as well as he. . the starry high. Irish. no picture at is The Crater not an — . as rational men. even as long as you can. as well as we. in seeking to throw me a second time into prison. the indictment. which. in the visible Heaven. that of the Lord who loves a drop of the crater as well as we do. and a little below the point of the Autumnal Equinox. THE it devil's pulpit. for blasphemy. now. as long as you can do so.) I call heaven and earth to witness. but a Latin word. *' The Lord loveth the . which the Lord loveth and here is that Crater which the Lord loveth.228 Is sins . sirs upon the vanity bosom of the night. the typical Cup of Salvation upon earth. they have taken hold of the Crater by the wrong handle. that this is the true. enucleated by demonstrations of irrefragable science. or going out. that. I will make it mine by right of conquest. than that you should withhold your conI ask viction. the position of this Crater. and coming before it. the pictured representation of what is there to be seen and there is that Crater. they never What keason can your clergy give ? could I can. as a cup having two handles a sufficient hint. And hence it is. AND THEN HE IS NOT SO PARTICULAR ABOUT US. . the greatest of all conceivable he is so pleased with us. and will. it is said. the gate." {SlXtk article and for that sin. absolutely none and {Sixth article of the Indictment*) in their default. " The reason why the blood of Christ does induce God to forgive us our sins is. for which I ask no other favour from you. God. pictured on this globe and here is that Crater upon this eidouranic table.

^^ . and he poureth out of the same. the bottom of my And if he be a just Judge. But what will he gay to a gang of caballing priests. V And. when they could never give a rational interpretation of their own balderdash themselves^ are for calling in the strong arm of the law to crush and destroy him who can do so. and remission. when in the Scales of September (he gives an equal length of day to all the inhabitants of the earth) the devil of any quarrel will he have with me. " God is the judge : he putteth down one. I never offended him in thought. or deed. ix. 229 gates of Sion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. effusing the rich blood of the grape into the Cup of Salvation. that when his own cup of blessedness is full. and laying aside for ever of all notions of sin and damnation. a better scholar and an honester man than their holy church. indicated by the physical phenomena of the Sun in the Scales of Justice.: THE devil's pulpit. just as is the Sun. it is expressly And hence said that ''Wine cheereth the heart of God and man. more all the other signs of the Zodiac.^^ in the most beautiful analogy of the moral propriety. and I pledge him from heart. or heretic .. and all their damnation cruelty against any and to be ready to say or sing. by essential metonomy of language. Turk. could never mean anything else than to love the good entertainment that you get at the gate and to love the Crater could never mean anything else than to love the good stuff that was in the Crater." that is. but to pledge in it his heart's forgivcnness. which are the maasioDs ol the Sun. word. "In my Father' a House are many Mansions . could ever boast of. and absolution. it is the wine that puts God into good humour. cither to body. should man learn. and the Wine is red. if the cup were as empty of good stuff as Christian prosecutors for blasphemy ''And why are of good feelings. of whom says the Christ of the gospel. 13. — 1 say. it is full mixed. and setteth up another. like him. : . For I believe we should all of us be innocent enough of any excessive attachment to the cup. says the Psalmist in his 75th. Infidel. throughout all the world. the dwellings of Jack Ob that is." To love the gate. he should never forget to fill for his neighbour nor ever put the Cup of Salvation to his own lip. or for any thing Jew. or rather puts good humour into God. of God the Father."" And. who. as in Judges. And things for things by near relation shows. I pour out the red wine. — than — *' Metonomy doth new names impose. For in the hand of the Lord there is a Cup.

Hill. upon that table of the reason of which. e. the priests themselves. as health. will dissipate J^ the delusion at once. our Protestant and Dissenterian priests. " Then gie's a hand. a Soul to their heels Heel being . in all this priest-ridden and priest-insulted country. how refreshing. connected. the most priestly of all priests that ever bepriested a priest-ridden people. in the administration of bread and wine. it proceeding from the a false creation is a dagger of the mind and of which the brain. knows nothing of such an hallucinaIt is a cheat. by the felicity of having a Heel : and so. 230 THE devil's pulpit. ''There's no such a thing But see now.— . which the Christian Orgy. hely. or unsubstantive deity. Hole. Wine. a' Helios i. as every shoemaker can tell you the Heel is. between the shedding of blood and the forgivenuess of sins. cheereth the heart both of God and man. Here. And here's a hand for thine AVe'll tak' a cup of kindness yet. with the sole. after all the maddening nonsense of spirituality. An immaterial. as they were through anterior ages of Pagan superstition. Those relative positions are the same to this day. invented by the priests. — . ''The Cup of Salvation. recovering itself heat-oppressed brain from the fever of fanaticism to the health of reason. . and healing . nature. my honest friend. For auld lang syn the coDgruity.'^ The word holy is but a mock solemn utterance of the ancient 'Phoenician word. the fish and Hell. and Hull and the Heel of the human body. is tion. I alone am the faithful Minister and true Hierophant. is no deity at all. The sacred record of God's most holy word. the dandies. in Piccadilly. how beautiful is science. .'' Now. in the administration of the Christian Sacrament. sirs. retains. incorporeal. which are no meanings at all. the priest's position with relation to the position of that cup. the connection. to hide the truth ot nation. bequeathed to us by our Phoenician ancestors. to this day. then. : — . and Eel. The human family is to be distinguished from the family of the ouraDg-outang lady and gentleman. fi'om whence was formed the Greek word. " those holy mysteries. how delightful. I suppose. observe ye. the Sun and from whence our whole family of English words. to the honour of Ceres and Bacchus. are most profoundly ignorant. and spiritually-pretended meanings. then. and^the moral soluproblem. who have ktely come to see their cousins. and to prevent rational man from becoming reasonable . in the Eleusinian mysteries and both Orgies bore the name. of the physical — — . of which.

in the congregations or groups of Stars that constitute the respective signs of the Zodiac praise the — Lord : in the — And were you dying with thirst. As everything depends upon having a right understanding. saith building of a church or chapel. Because for what reason but. in Hebrews viii. The table must stand in the East. the Devil forgive them for me am not only the most faithful minister of the gospel you ever heard in your lives. in his reign through the summer months. congregations . and whom they the Devil's Chaplain. sirs. — : — And see. and you have the because because. have been always those of a camera obscura. whom they brand as tion. or look-outs. look at their book that your clergy can give you. in shadowy types upon that darkened table. stands the Cup of Salvation." that is. how accurately is that heavenly pattern copied in the arrangements of this heavenly table. in reading this portion of Scripture. to have read it is the gospel. " Upon the north side lieth the City of the Great King God is well known in her palaces as a sure refuge. — And. hath lifted up his heel against me. must be read by the priest standing on the south side of that table it would have been blasphemy against the Heely Gust. and Christ complains of Judas. your church and chapel arrangements of the paraphernalia." . as j^ou see in this delineaAnd I. so the Psalmist prays to God to forgive him the iniquity of his heels . none at all with your eyes open. and this portion of Scripture.'* And hence. " See. beginning with March. or astronomical orrery exhibiting. for which. that thou make ^1 things according to the pattern showed to thee in the Mount. And you have the very earliest rule laid down for the look-out.— THE devil's pulpit. the Sun. or mysteries of the Sun. appointed for the . with my foot standing on the south side of the table. for the Sun. from their episcopal observatories. : : — ! — : . appointed to be read for the Epistle. that is to it on the north side be read on the north side of the table. as observed by the astronomical priests. which are now called the bishops always being upon the the Bishops' Sees. and Soul or Sol the Latin. 231 the Greek. E will 26th Psalm " My foot standeth right. which I have read. the actual phoenomena of the heavenly bodies. in these Hely mysteries. and not the epistle. and ending with September but southward of the Equator. for which I forgive them seek to put into prison. epistle. 5 he. in the 48th Psalm. I say in the with the Psalmist. you might never take the Sa- . '* He that eateth bread with me. but the most orthodox." Northward of the Equator stand the mansions of the Sun.

just as the Sun is at the gate. during which men must be content to drink water. and of the latter end of September. The Epistoler to the Hebrews still more accurately fixes the very day of the vintage. and is therefore not to be anticipated or looked for in the Virgin of August. that Jesus.. that shall he also tural industiy And the necessity of being accurate. verv unfortu- . of the heavenly Jerusalem. — — the gardeners. that the Covenant. because the time for turning water into wine is not till the latter end of September. the Bay of Judgment. on the 29th of September. '• that the time for making wine is not in August. not till Michaelmas-day." of which the astronomical solution is. but at the latter end of September. at the Autumnal Equinox Covenant. that. complains to her Son. as to the precise day reap. or of the Sun's coming to the line that is. then. the last day for gathering in of the last fruits of the cultivation ol the earth. or the coming of the Sun to the point of the Autumnal Equinox. the day immediately after the Sun's •'•' . by reminding us. his hands. of " the firing of the Iou-Dai-oi'' i. in Hebrews xiii. v:ithin the gate. I have ascertained by astronomical observation. in Galilee. that he might sanctify the people with his blood. 232 THE devil's pulpit. literally. . the day of the Archangel Michaeh who holds up the Arch of Heaven. e." that is. erameutal Cup. on that Day of Judgment. should I think upon a maid ?*' that is. takes place in the Scales of September. in the marriage at Cana. in the centre of the city. the day of the of the Equator. into the six signs of the summer months. the Sun's bringing in of his solar fire. the Sun will render to every man according to his agriculand whatsoever a man sowe^i. after the manner of the purifying cf the Jews " that is. before you had taken the Sacramental Bread because.. is. that '' they have no wine :" she receives that astronomical rebuke. was beautifully indicated in the astronomical theorem ol the 31st of Job " I have made a Covenant with mine eyes why. 12. the Bacchus of the Gospel. . . " Woman. the Ceres comes before Bacchus the Mother before her Son Lady before the Gentleman the Corn-harvest before the Vintage the Wheat of August before the Grapes of September. — — : : — — — *•' — * The Mount Calvary of the eartnly Jerusalem mately. going out. and the vine-dressers. with the Scales in the 29th of September beiog the Day of Judgment. suffered without the Gate*'' that is. So. or just at that moment gone out. too that is. . in the astronomical solution. six water-pots of stone." '-And there were set there. what have I to do with thee ? mine hour is not yet come. of wJiich the allegorical apostle admonishes the farmers. Aye. when the Virgin Mother.

ascending up to a date. not of hundreds merely. not as directly upon the Cross.THE devil's pulpit. at the Autumnal Equinox? And here have you the whole story of that marriage at Cana. Ft/igeance. as old as this arrangement of the starry heavens. has his name of Michael. 233 having crossed the Equator. . — . ^ in the Garden of Gethsemane. as taken down from tlie Now. which . in which is the bright star Vindemiatrix. as you see. in honour of which " suffering without the gate. — — — * An Agony literally is a Wine-press : its human suffering is metaphorical. which will bring on the Day ot Vengeance that is. by their ascendancy in the zenith. because she finds it empty. " The point of the Autumnal Equinox being. represent Christ. And then read off the text. but by the Cross which the Sun makes over the line of the Equator. but. but of thousands of years before the pretended era of the birth of your Christian Christ. running on nothing but the Crater. parallel with that of tl¥3 Vernal Equinox. or ^^ine-malce^ ylr('7?ger. " Children that will not lie. and with her outstretched arm. the positions of the heavenly bodies. Who are the Lords of the Ascendant. the Archangel Michael. or of treading and trampling down the grapes in the wine-press. which I have read to you from sacred writ. application to a state of ]7/idication. of the rising up ot this outstretched arm of the Lord. and this astronomical text. that is to say. Castor and Pollux. Sun's position in the line of the Equator. at the moment when the stars in that outstretched arm peer above the edge of the lK)rizon." our most orthodox Christian altar-pieces. Here is the old maid herself. Gemini. for whose sake this ^' that cometh from Edom. which she has just been smelling. as the Sun comes to that position every autumn. now. " They have no wineJ^ And observe. as you see. called the agony. when the declining Sun sweats his blood out that day always being the day of the into the Cup of Salvation. indicator of the approaching vintage. where stands the Virgin Mother of the Son of God Cross. she turns away her head in disgust. with dyed garments from Bozrah? treadeth the wine-press alone. at that moment. are t<M^bDical to the business of the vintner. as fond of a drop of the Crater as any of us with her head. or the Genius of Michaelmas-day." ? They are the children. and of the people there is none with him. the Twins of the Zodiac. she seems in the act of saying. due East by North. in your gospels but by the Cross of Christ? And where stands the Virgin of the Zodiac.^^ and the only children that ever answered to the definition sure indicators. of Vine-geance.

that is.: — 234 Signifies THE DEYIL S PULPIT. he would be at his Journey's end. "There's many a slip. and indescribable God. whose blood is poured : But — into it it. notwithstanding his. as he is called by the first Martyr. and " was not. Because it preserves the Sun's vital heat within you. written backwards. HE MUST SIT STILL IN ALL SPACE. and 'be damned. which and Noah. In the Indictment. are both said to walk with God. that Just One. and to Hell and Tommy he must go. who was translated. It is the Cup of Trembling. that Just Man. their incomprehensible and infinite space-filling God? when (their) God caj^not walk HIMSELF? Why. invisible I — — Enoch. after the Sun has shed his precious blood into it. getting so gloriously drunk. you drink of it. answers this cup of the celestial sphere. as thus 1st. too ignorant to give a rational meaning of their own language to us. 7). Equal vnih God: Siud Jesus. It is the Cup * of the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. But how could any man walk with god with their indefinite. St. how. whose position.''"^ folly. without which you would go dead. that is Nock-ee: constitute this constellation. his reign in the summer months is over." Psalm cxvi. by his brighter effulgence rendered the Stars. when they are. because it consoles us for the absence of the Sun. BEFORE HE SET OUT. that Just Man. . you drink of it and are saved. 'Twixt the cup and the lip. you see. folly where will thy foolishness end ? Into such mea- — ! men run. to be sure. 22 As you see. . Because. the Sun entering into the conbecause God took him " stellation. Isaiah li. of this Sacramental Cup. stands but on half its rim. " It is the Cup of Salvation. indescript. as we see them. It is the cup of damnation. And Enoch. is immediately over the Scales of Justice. and too wicked to let us show the rational meaning of it to sureless absurdities will them. 13. 2nd. even to the most apparently incongruous and contradictory. LIKE A GOUTY OLD MAN IN HIS ARM-CHAIR. I see. 3rd. It is the Cup of Consolation (Jeremiah xvi. now. on the slimy back of the Water Snake the most slippery position that could possibly be imagined as if to admonish us of that heaven-recorded moral 4th. to all the definitions. AND STAY AT HOME THROUGH ALL ETERNITY. the Corona Septentrionalis." 5th. Stephen. AnD AS HE FILLS ALL SPACE. .

: ! and forgive me Rev. hem. Aries. as you see. perpend ye. 8th. our Pagan ancestors had been taught to believe that Mars. 16. instead of the wine being in the Cup." as it stands under the point of junction of the two pair of legs.) Because the time for the filling of that Cup is the beginning of the fall of the year the Ab-0me7i of the coming winter : and the croaking raven. Because the Covenant. who is the Lord Jesus Christ. the King of the Bottomless Pit. whose association is the idea of holding wine. and of all abominable things."^ the New Testament : ! It is the Cup of * Mr. indifferently called the Cup. Now. the richer and the better is our wine. .THE devil's Because the it is pulpit. and to " the Scorpions. 12. before our ridiculously pretended era of the birth ol Christ. *' 10th. Kev. the Abandon. It is ** tlie Cup of Fornication . 7th. sirs. virtue. juice. when the grapes are ripe for the vintage. rising South-east by East. the barrel. to the line of the Equator. the bowl. Heb. the Crater. from which the Latins formed their name of the constellation. the forks made by the crossing of the E(iiiator Uy tlic I<:(Iii)tic. 4. of the wrath of Almighty God. Because the fiercer and the hotter is the Sun. to make it drop and spill its precious content : when the Cup. having stings in their tails. the Ram. As in his tipsy character. Antares. It is the blood of the everlasting covenant. and blood of True Vine (John xv. xvii. of the Pure Virgin of Bethle- John ii. This Cup is in my blood. he speaks of the Cup being in the wine. surnamed by the Greeks Ares. to Gentlemen. 12th. 20. from whom our name of the month of March is derived. yields the ascendancy to the infernal Serpent. 3. again Through ages of an indefinite antiquity. 235 the concentrated essence. or any thing.*' says the Bacchus of the gospel. the 9th. It is the Cup of Abomination. 1). pecks the Snake's back. the God of battles. Cor. It is the Cup. sirs the Scarlet Lady of Babylon. the Royal Star. the tun. (Rev. men did pledge therein." 13. had been drowned in this cup of Bacchus. Luke xxii. xiv." and to their King. 6th. 11th. Health and prosperity to all good men.'* 1. But look again. indicates the time of the Autumnal Equinox. setting West by South. It is the Cup of the fierceness of the fury. Taylor explained privately. the goblet. 10. " Because through eternal ages. immediately after that Cup. or coming of the Sun. the hogshead. X. who seems about to seize the Crown of Heaven. It is " the Cup of Blessing which we bless.

a bloody sweat ! hideous in imagination. Allegorical tragedies were the first origins. the giants Othus and solution of that theological allegory. So. a Wine-press. not merely of our And' tragical. clear But sensible men always knew what was meant by the orthodoxy that forbad the appearance of Mars in the presence of BacFor if any hostile feeling against any man were found to chus. or incantation of the Lamb of God. his sweat was as great drops of blood. Horizon. similar to such as our sailors. it in the bowl. or gathering in of the last grapes of the vintage. personated as Jesus have. therefore. G)aei — dpofi^OL acfxarog. was the harvest home. ever since the Hupo-Krites that is. Sirs. brings the Lamb into the lowest Fit of Hell. same astronomy. celebrated by pantomimes and allegorical tragedies. he was drowned by the two brothers. consequently. You 4utumn. on passing the line. says St. perform on ship-board. is And Ephialtes. theatrical but of our pulpit performances. must be brought down to the Western tail. that word ^po/zfoi. Luke that is. below the Horizon. whose coming to the Zenith throws Aries West by North. The God'spel. . The astronomical as the day. to bring the Sun to the zenith^ when in the Scales of September." — And this is the morality of Heaven itself. "Or any We'll drown care or grief remain. the hypocrites (and never was there ^ priest on earth. at that moment rising East by North. in precisely the or Spell. and impossible in nature but the very technical language itself of the process of wine making. laying their heads together. but who was a hypocrite) have been for making us pay for their performances. . to this day. . for finding out the meaning of them. And here are the giants.236 THE devil's rULPIT. the Goat with the Fish's Crab now . indeed. spell. here is the bowl. or bringing is down of the Goat. through infinite ages. and sending us to prison. was the sign of the summer solstice. obtrude itself at the festive board. in being in an Agony" ev ayG)via. when Capricornus. literally signifying the Ode. falling to the ground. the Sun in the latter end of in the Garden of Gethsemane. "And iterally. have they proved to human happiness. as the and. The name of the Tragedy is precisely the same as the name of the Gospel the one Tpayn *^67].

while our priests answer us in the only way that their tyrannous. he said. and to check the triumph of barbarous ignorance over persecuted philosophy. and We is the seat of everlasting curiosity. and purest manners reign. 23t translated great drops. a well known appellative of the God Bacchus. have none. to make it sweat more than ever. They can drag us done so. oppressive. have not time or leisure to be wicked. " And there appeared unto him an angel. and only the thin and sour wine that is pressed out of the mere stalks and skins. I call on you. to leave a vacuity for the harbouring of bad passions. END OP THE CUP OP SALVATION . strengthening him. left for them to answer. but the angel of Michaelmas-day. increasing knowledge. that.'' that is. " It is finished. that we know that this record we know their record is not true." as can tell the Clergy.THE devil's pulpit. sirs. of both the Old and the Testaments. Our hearts are too full of the love of science. of their power . indefatigable research. still Ours We " Where science dwells." — And thus we true. But. to the bar of felony and crime . making him strong by putting more grapes into the Agony. They can turn on us again the dreadful clanging bolts and bars of their Oakham Jail. " The business is all over. being nothing else than a syncopation of the word Thriambus. when the great drops had left off falling. could be drawn off. to help to save me from them." • New is deal we with our priestly fables. the And Thus gentlest arts Muses join their train. " when he had tasted'the vinegar. the Archangel Michael ? " Strengthening him" that is. and wicked power. he said. and they have They can subject us to be insulted by the mock solemnity and pompous shaking of a lawyer's wig upon a barber's block and : they will do so." What — is angel could that be. that " we can tell them.

PART I. the penetration of ail but the Free Masons of the Hebraic degree. ''they shall understand my knoivledge of the mystery o/" their craft. and hath done de'^ pite unto the Spirit of grace ? For we know him that hath said. X. as I shall prove. " He that despised Moses' Law. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. to the Hebrews is. and terribly frightful and. with "confirmation strong as proof of holy wit. to Masons themselves. ROBERT TAYLOR. died without mercy under two or sorer punishment. *-AXD A BOXXIE PULPIT IT IS. an unholy thing. suppose ye. LECTURE ON FREE MASONRY. in a crackt-bell sepulchral tone of voice. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHXESS'S CHAPLAIX. who hath trodden under foot Son of God. . and of the whole course of the lectures I have proposed to deliver in which I shall. and been intended to escape.'' expose to the whole world the Pretended Secret of Free Masonry and discover. the three witnesses^ Of how much shall he be thought worthy. and hath counted the blood of the covenant. And again. B.THl DEVIL'S PILPIT. The words of the text are dreadful. (and as I have heard them). read as they may be." hebrews. A. ! some Eoyal Arch Mason. that whereby. AT THE ROTUNDA. I will recompense. wherewith he was sanctified. 1831. — — The epistle of craft. when they shall come to read."— -l/Za/z Cunningham. to whom it is addressed and will therefore supply the text of this. their terror doth unnerve the faculty of TeiliDg* the mysteries of the : : . It is a fear* ful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. THE REV.^' saith the Lord. 28 30. 'Vengeance belongeth unto me. the composition masonic under a sort of language whose sense and purpose has escaped. the Lord shall judge his people. APRIL 10.

dared not. to restore distracted minds to the health of reason.. Bat let a man. away into reckless despair. for any consideration whatever. in their insane language.) into the sober November. by making sure of their own salvation. in their luck of being able to brave its terror for themselves. 5. — : : the priests are all on the shiver and the shake for the safety of their craft. who preaches there?" the Devil's Chaplain. a power of fascination rides upon his sentences. in this metropolis. And priests. to any object of their religious aversion. your soul is lost for ever. A . and admonish their choused hearers not. vi. the embassador of Hell. reason in man ing the reins . to tear him to pieces their patients are taught to look on him as their enemy imagination invests him with the character of an emissary of Satan. and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost. for their salvation. they are ready to set all Bedlam loose. the Devil's Chaplain the very walls. is evidence enough to them. hath been borne applying this text to themselves. have the modesty to warn and dehort. ted the unpardonable sin against the Holy Ghost in the grossest sense. trust themselves within the doors of the Rotunda. in turn. 239 up upon and many. of all denominations. to trust themselves to enter that horrible Kotuiulu. many a good and innocent mind. though not of stronger intellect. and had tasted the good word of God. of that debility which necessarily follows a fever. upon others. and done despite unto the Spirit of grace . that never can be comforted while healed. ^^trodden under foot the Son of God. and the powers of the world to come. have imagined that tbey have committhat they have. Your only safe policy is !-) ." (Hebrews. generosity enough to communicate his knowledge. play the priest with it. the wound is given. to soften stony hearts into the flesh of human gentleness and love : . Witchcraft composes his discourses. they were illuminated. when. who. throwthe neck of imagination. within which the voice of reason is to be heard. and with that learning. that never can be of their unpardonable gift the sorrow conceived. in Silver-street Chapel. in imagination. Our madhouses are filled with miserable wretches. rise up in an age. the mere brick and mortar of the building. get a bad name and the evangelical idiots that would block the streets up to get a glimpse of a rational man. He is inspired by the Devil." mere vicissitude in the state of their animal spirits the subsiding of the high fever of fanaticism. and had tasted of the heavenly gift. and thus to break the spell of priestcraft. : : *' Why. and Hell itself lets down the sledge-liam mer of conviction upon his periods. possessing learning enough to know the meaning of the text. If once you go and hear him. — . villains of harder nerve. and gratify the worst feelings of a malignant heart by applying it. THE devil's pulpit. or incurable insanity.

to all this much-a-do about "dying without mercy. merciless. To be sure. horrible bit of business as it is. ripe. that shall hinder the clever birds from helping themselves to them. perhaps. who was the author or writer of this epistle to the Hebrews. a rational man would no more suffer himself to be frightened. in which he was. have read to you. " Thus then.! 240 keep away from tlie THE devil's pulpit. it makes a great noise but let us venture once to perch on him. if you go there. cherry ripe. ripe. than "dying without mercy. and in all authentic translations from the Greek it is perfectly anonymus. Only put forth your hand. than a sensible cock-sparrow would at the clapper in a cherry tree. it is not the parson's clapper. It is called only HTrpo^ — : in this reason. in the passage I ness. ripe. and pluck and eat of the apples of Paradise. ^^ Cherry ripe. [Singing). : Rotunda nal. at the big words of it. Jack Straw looks develish savage. or might suppose himself to be. nor bis devil either. nor shrink from that calm and indifferent comparison of what may be urged on both sides. First." and when the cherries are ripe. at]d then they lose A But Who Who Who wrote said it? How? it ? it ? Whom does it did To whom was concern ? it addressed? When ? Where? What does it mean ? and What business is it of ours? These are questions which every sensible man would ask on any other subject. interested and without the most perfect and satisfactory solution of which." Reason answers at once :" Shall I be frightened when a . then. . would never be afraid of looking at both scales. see the way that we have." and "sorer punis-hment " still. as it is called ? In the Greek manuscripts. and we shall sing. you'll become ratioyour custom for ever. madman " stares V But we may find. which it was never anything else but madness or villany thai was afraid of. can judge and they who were conscious that what they put forth would bear the scrutiny and trutination of reason. and the devil a tooth will you have left for any more of the crabs of the wilderAs. and when the Holy Ghost blows his clapper round a little faster than usual. for instance.'* this "trampling under foot the Son of God :" this "sanctified bloody covenant :" this "unholy spiteful Spirit of grace :" this "vengeance and judgment :" and "frightful falling into the hands of the living God. . But if there be method is a thing of which madand reason only. that there is a method ness.

It is only guess-work. Lardner's table of the Books of the New Testament. from beginning to end. that has ascribed it to the apostolic chief of sinners. with equal force of presumptive evidence. and when he who was so anxious to edify others. Jesus Christ. than Dr. of having been written when wine was cheap. that it is one ot those. as I understand the definition it will do to be read in Christian assemblies. supposition and imagination. the Epistle to the Hebrews. stocks. In Dr. which should be allowed to be read in Christian assemblies. is the spring of the year of our era.'^ and it is certain that none other than yesterday. sixty-three thousand years before our era. that it was written yesterday afternoon at four o'clock *' In these as he might urge. Saint Paul and. and better reason for guessing. at the end of it. which should but ill brook the affront of supposing that such stuff. were these last days ter. " the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews. to glance a probability as to who the writer was. day. with an equally explicit indication of date. nor is there a single passage in it. he defines. ^^ that is. being the strong symptoms that the epistle itself contains. that it was written by Timothy i. upon this mere guess. and I guess it to have been written so many ages ago. and and it ends in the last chapthe day before. for priests to play the God on. was pretty well headi^Qdi himself. 11 . like blockheads. 63. the same yester. and stones. in honour to humanity. where any thing will do for the edification of the people. Lardner) should guess. Written to the Hebrews. into pedestals. e. the highest authority in the judgment of Christians that could possibly be quoted. supposes or guesses (for it is all guess-work) that this epistle might have been written. that it begins with the express date last days. I have no quarrel against the guess of any other person who might guess. as this epistle consists of. the building them up. but not to be alleged as affording alone sufficient proof of any doctrine.that is. Lardner. many of our English Bibles and Testaments entitle it. for the edification of the people. As I (with as good a right. by Timothy. — : — : — — j . : . My reason for guessing that it was written in autumn. from Italy. could have possibly come into respect ability after mankind had acquired the faculty of reason. It is not known by whom it was written. this book of the Epistle to the Hebrews is classed under the head of Disputed Books of which definition. that we should consider the end of the conversation. 241 E^pacHg ETT^trroA?/.^^ notwithstanding the flat contradiction of the subscription that states. The time at which Dr. as I understand it.THE devil's pulpit. At the same time. that it might have been written in the autumn of the year.

have no protection for their monopoly. within any thousand. it was written yet it was And our wi'itten to somebody. Dutch. and you can learn. or were. or what is or was meant by. The Hebrews Then who are. a people that had once a political conKing. the Epistle to the Hebrews. being invariably that the less they know about any thing. ! — — own. and Boroughmongers of tht^ir stitution. The immediate ancestors of the lono^-armed and blue. to judge. . the wiser they take and the more profoundly ignorant. between Jack Sprat. The meaning of a thing was always that part of Christian never wished to know any thing about. this. may be supplied by the light reflected from the implied character of the persons. by persons who have believed that themselves or others had trodden under foot tho Son of God. and all the rest of this hideous orgy. or when. and our churches and chapels. such as the French. having something that he can teach. a national and political people. but the trick of suppressing curiosity. or Jack-anij-body. Commons. at any meaning of this Epistle to the Hebrews is or your spiritual pastors and masters who cannot. and Jacob. It is not known by whom. the Hebrews ? Xow. crowded. that the Epistle to the Hebrews is : purports to be addressed.— 242 THE devil's pulpit. Sirs. and warning you not to go to the Eotuuda. thQ Jewish nation. who is the scholar. and name. as they are profoundly ignorant themselves. Isaac. rate. it which a among men of learnanonymous and dateless. that mankind have been frightened out of their wits and our madhouses have been filled. do I put it to your own authority of judging. throwing us up this melancholy fact. want of the light of date. Abraham. Poles. Russians. or three .faced . or community But. I. you have been taught to believe the descendants of the Patriarchs. what a state of bocbyism and ignorance they would have kept you in The Hebrews. the niore themselves to be : fervently religious. and wllo. and nobody can guess ivhen. upon the authority of some scratchings and scramblings on an old goat-skin scratched by the nails of some drunken Bachanal. The result ot all the guessing. granting what no longer can be denied ing. by your own improvement. Lords. which are but half-way houses to the madhouses. The rule with Christians. or some community of persons. or two. thousand years ago. to It is ! whom it called. for fear you should find out. who can teach and tell you who the Hebrews are. and worthy to be revered as a teacher. and what the of persons. among ourselves. and of all the critical research and learning in the world. of whom nobody can guess who he was.

ioUings of the tongue within the cheek. for a lecture on the Evidences of Aye. since the building of Solomon's Temple. where 7 in what monument of past existence ? in what document. and pantomimic actions. persons. And thus. to each other. anonymous as it is. 243 gentlemen of the menagerie. aye the Christian religion. ^ But it would not do to abide the questions. easily discover those who are initiated. . in no in nothing that ever slate. hath the world ever possessed a scratch of a scrabblement that recognised the ex" holy nation. Yes and so are there. or skin. suppose ye ? It will do. word. by these dumb Bigns. A . a istence of a Hebrew nation. and communities of persons. even in the most respectful and courteous manner in which an inquirer after truth could question the professed teacher ! of * it. or unheeded. a peculiar people.THE devil's pulpit. ye see. to this day. scratched by the style. the most unequivocal nega- tion that ever truth threw up in solution of any inquiry whatever. or written by the pen of the human hand. royal priesthood . in the national sense. is a standing proof of the truth of divine revelation. But this Epistle to the Hebrews. yet of high antiquity. is proof that there were persons. and so has there been. as in all soberness and truth it must be admitted to be. called Free Masons . no where: in no era of time. and held together in a mystical corporation. WHERE. where the lecturer dare not suffer himself to be questioned. or stone. governed by law and officers of their own recognizing each other by certain winks of the eye. — . or paper No — was plastered by the trowel. The first or the second summons being misunderstood." their only scriptural definition is a definition that expressly bars off. be answered only in the most decisive. or ordinary people. enables them to boa^t with truth. and excludes any sense or understanding of their ever having existed as a political body. or vestige of history ? by which alone we can know any thing of what has been going on in the world before we came into it have we a vestige of the existence of a Hebrew nation ? That question can . whose existence. gripes of the hand. escaping the notice of persons not informed in the craft. positions of the foot. in all the world. graven by the chisel. and of more imperative mystery communicated only to the higher graduatea of the craft. called the Hebrews. a third and fourth of higher autlinrity. persons corresponding with each other by means of secret symbols. and what degree he has attained in the masonic mysteries. or papyrus. which no eye nor car of any third person can possibly perceive. and indentations of the thumb upon the wrist which. line. or a community of persons. many a man is asked whether he is a mason.

such an institution as that of masonry. they can demand and receive assistance from each other. all over the world. of higher authority than the common claims of humanity. by the diffusion of civilization and. or religion. its utility. and science. and for the mere joke of the thing. As it exists at the present day. that there is not a sensible and honest man on earth. through the days of an infinitely remote antiquity. will not hang his head and own himself ashamed of it. and wildmen of the woods. may occur in this way among their inferior orders. of : . in proportion as its end is achieved. in all their distresses and inconveniences and each good mason will fly to the relief of his brother mason. and the institution itself grow into desuetude and neglect as every good mason is bound to wish and desire that it should do. without any regard of the country. with whom the conflict was continually the struggle of wit against brute force. as the right hand of one's own body will come up to the assistance of the left and that. Boys. the 'Et^pacot the aderjOoL aycoi. in earlier days. of the mason. whatever language they may speak." Gradati. consequently. . it is a slander upon reason. and the moral fitness and propriety of such an institution. who has thus need to be assisted. whatever countries they may be born in. as it had its necessity. and ruled by terror. the higher dignities. and lubberly garsoons in a drunken frolic. had to protect themselves from the incursions of the monkeys. who. when the whole world shall become one great lodge of Free Masons. baboons. Free Mason is another name for a fool professed. can recognise each other with infallible accuracy. of universal benevolence among men. may have been betrayed into the first ceremonies of the idolish mummery: but sure I am. or holy brethren. character. when reminded of such a proof of his boyish folly. its justice. must necessarily be diminished. and who were only to be kept aloof by stratagem. when the Secret of the Lord shall be discovered to every individual on whom the Sun doth shine. had its sanctity. — A . and its principles diffused. as his having become a mason. and the ordinary obligations of charity in man to man.244 that whatever mistakes THE devil's pulpit. it was always the first care of a master mason to see " the lodge properly tiled. . and trials of the strength of understandiug. overawed by mystery. that he is a mason. age. its right. condition. and through all eras of time. if ever there were a fitness and propriety in it. To keep off these. and a disgrace to humanity. The moral uses. But. but solely and exclusively in virtue of the consideration. which those of the human race who first emerged from the state of barbareous ignorance into reason. intelligence. By these symbols.)ns of mystery. as an obedient son to the command of an affectionate father. in that need.

though subsequently made the vehicle of the doctrines of the Egyptian mytho* — . than the customs and forms of any Lodge of Free Masons in p]ngland. that esprit du corps which attached the mason to his brother mason. — . have passed over into the mysteries of the craft of Free Masonry atid that they wei e formed at first for scientific purposes. by which man feels that more is due to man from man. than from man to the inferior animals. no one shall be able to doubt that the Eleusinian and Dionysian Mysteries. may be varied. . and juster principles of critical research. logy. In the course of these Lectures. that Free Masonry arose during the Crusades. than have heretofore been brought to bear on this curious subject. the spirit and the purport of the mysteries is precisely the same. and the paraphernalia.— THE devil's pulpit. . which are absolutely not more different in any respect from e^ch other. from those of a Lodge in any of the nations of the Continent where. his brother i^ the possession of a rational nature. or orgies of Bacchus. may be. and in that sympathy of desire to enlarge his faculties and to cultivate his reason which he who hath not. both justified and authorized. and was only a secondary order of chivalry the learned Abbe Barruel supposes it to be a continuation of the Society of Knights Templars while Clinch and others deduce its origin from the Institution of Pythagoras. though he may be the best Christian that ever breathed. either to conceal or to betray. the persons. I shall prove Free Masonry to be the combined result of the Egyptian. I pledge myself to let the cat-out-of'the-hag to leave no part of the mysterious secret unexposed but to flash resistless conviction on the minds of Masons themselves. of Egypt. were absolutely necessary to protect the cradle of infant science from the incursion of the wolves of the wilderness. though the language. upon the Mysteries of Isis. Jewish. and the same law of nature. modelled as they were. the words. 'i'hose who wore iuitiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries. and that they have nothing left. with the aid of further discoveries. as man more properly to his brother man. the Dionjsian Mysteries. 245 those whose curiosity urged them to wish to penetrate into the arcana of masonry. and Christian superstitions. The celebrated Chevalier Ramsay has laboured to prove. and absolutely identical with the celebrated Eleusinian Mysteries of Greece. that they are absolved from their oath of secrecy. : . is but a monkey still. however. . in that they know nothing that we do not know as well as they. brighter lights. wcro . On the evidence hereafter to be adduced. and Osiris. and the Christian Mystenes of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ.

" not in designation of his country. are addressed by a title which signifies the same thing as Free Masons that is. if Christians would but read their book with a mind to observe what it is that they do read (which they never do)." who." heavenly calling. in any part of the discourse itself. in modern masonry. were rejected. nation. you will see. who.^^ The patriarch Abraham. " Holij Brethren. an mysteries. Corinth. and the candidate advanced from one degree to another.240 THE devil's pulpit. partakers of the that is. nor Hebrews. is not addressed to any national community. — — . but a general discourse. that is. properly so speaking. the Cowhich designated the Christians inhabiting Rome. Thessalonica. and Hebrews. " Fellow-craft free-masons. coming after all the Epistles that were addressed to particular communities. &c. and so on. were designations of those who had passed on to the highest dignities in these holy And hence. lar. Israelites. Abraham was a — Free Mason. literally is. Jews. and language upon earth. devout men of every nation under Heaven. but of his college-degree. If you will only look into the order of the arrangement of the books of the New Testament. that the Epistle to the Hebrews not arranged with the Epistle to the Eomans. or particular persons and constituting therefore. the Colossians. . is called '* Abraham the Hebrew. " the free and accepted masons . but to a mystical and religious fraternity only. as " there were dwelling at Jerusalem. and this Epistle to the Hebrevv^s. the rank he had attained in these mysterious dignities. Mo-A^bon and Begulgal. None were admitted as candidates till they arrived at a certain age. of men of any and of every country. this Epistle to the Hebrews. Their emblems were exactly similar to those of Free Masonry. the Thessalonians. to the higher order of the iniEpistle to the Free Masons tiated in the craft of the mysteries. who were is rinthians. whose members might consist as societies of Free Masons may. no epistle. and particular persons were appointed to examine and prepare them Those whose conduct was found irregufor the rites of initiation. Jews. such as the Giblum or ChibGrand belum. they would see that the Hebrews. the meaning of which would only be understood by that higher order of Free Masons. The terms. But it is set apart by itself. as unwoj-thy of initiation: significant words were communicated to the members. Colosse. officers presided over their assemblies. bound by tbe most awful engagements to conceal the instructions they received and the ceremonies that were performed. though they are neither called Free Masons.'' The initiated in the Diouysian Mysteries of Bacchus.. till he received all the lessons of what they called wisdom and virtue which the priest could impart.

. and those who are the Hebrews. that ^^whether present Thus most accurately or absent. is God. and the silver trowels. which I. as our Free Masons of the present day are only masons in a figurative sense. by the kings of Pergamos. literally signifies." and all such like milk-and-water spoon-meat for fools. by the masonic metaphors and figures of speech mixed up with the Bacchanalian tropes and allegories. " For every house. 13). is indicated to absolute demonstration. as earnestly You cannot as the apostle. the sooner you have done with the doctrine of leave it too soon Christ altogether. could no more lay a brick in mortar.^^ possessed the exclusive privilege of building temples and theatres in Asia Minor. is betrayed. " is built by some (mason). attempting to prove that God himself was a Free Mason while Free Mason Abraham " looked for a city. to a very different tune from any with which our clergy have kept in concert. They were incorporated at Teos. whose builder and maker is . in the full vanity of the masonic spirit. as the word Hebrew. and Christianity.THE devil's pulpit. And. we may be accepted of him. in the first oi documents in which it is found (Genesis xiv." That these Free Masons — — free and an accepted Mason. or through the all lower degrees.'' says the apostle. and were actually subdivided into different lodges. ^' Wherefore we labour. and Christ. as the Free Masons are with us at this day. or mount the ladder with the hod on their shoulders. or have attained the highest degree among them. a : God. which had foundations. wherein he hath made ks accepted in the beloved. Hebrews. " defining the meaning of the word Hebrew to be none other than precisely that which obtains. do most sincerely call on you to do. as the apostle truly says. the better. at our masonic lodges to this day. For." Thus. h TTeparTjgj one who has passed over. by that curious exhortation which opens the 6th chapter.'' says the master of the lodge. understood what was meant by Moses. in which the apostle calls on his Free Masons to leave the Doctrine of Christ. 6. let us go mto perfection. than they could dance the tight rope but are perfectly satisfied with being masons of the silk apron." To the praise and glory of his grace. as *' " Free and accepted Masons. a sensible man ought to be ashamed of it. — : the that is. and lollypop for the nursery. so the masonic character of this Epistle to the Hebrews. it is mere milk. '' Therefore leaving the doctrine of Christ. which constitute the subject-matter of the piece. •^'i^s^n. it is" baby's meat. 24*1 exclusively the ^^ partakers of the heavenly calling." 1 Ephes. but he that built all things. the higher grades of them.

The mysteries of Free Masonry are identically the same as those of the Dyonisia. subdued the It appeared in the reason. and a good deal more so. as they acquired renown. and Christian religions. in turn. and confirmed by the coincidence of Pagan and classical evidence. Ger* man. consequently. and washing it down with a comfortable swig of good wine afterwards. . but because. would become. But the essential connection of convivial purposes. he who had been drawn in himself. in the masonic craft. For very mortification. would lend his hand to draw in others. for countless ages. who were denominated Free Masons. form of a travelling association of Italian. from demonstrations to be adduced. The earliest appearance of Free Masonry.248 THE devil's pulpit. which supposes. you will learn. in modern times. quite as accessible to the general scholar. was nothing else than a revival of the mystical fraternity of the Dionysian Mysteries. an uncovering and exposure of these mysteries. But this hinders nothing of the force of our evidence of the anterior existence of their craft. that . And that masonry. Greek. and Jewish. or Mysteries of Bacchus and. of what was really a very simple affair. 'tis matter worthy of your attention to carry home the correction of the general error. French. and rendering the most ordinary and innocent act of eating your supper. with all the ends and purposes of the mysterious orgies of the jolly God and the trick of speaking in a Fee-faw-Ji-F utsi sort of a way. The Fox who had lost his tail. to frighten women and children. or ever was. in the due order and succession of these lectures. and repelled the curiosity of mankind. strong as their curiosity was. and good carousing. to discover how greatly he had been befooled. beyond the emergence of a doubt. and from having been the dupe. and who went about erecting churches and cathedrals. which had. you know. the agent of imposture. than to the novitiate at a modern masonic lodge. with the most mysterious solemnities of masonry identifies the institution. and Flemish artists. will be an exposure of all the secret of mystery that is. and how easily it was : — — done. a mighty-to-do. which the women never found out. not because they could not have found it out. is the combined result of the ancient Egyptian. correctly understood. was the pith of the secret of Free Masonry. and their renown called them into employment in the way of their trade throughout Europe. From the present. their superstition was stronger. betrayed to us in the most mystical parts of the language of the New Testament (quite mystical enough). And it was never a discovery which anybody was ever very proud of discovering.

the Christian is the lowest.— THE devil's pulpit. or perfect one. though born at Tarsus. not political. that temple of Solomon. As you see. the Hebrew. are called Hebrews of the He brews.--«iiames of the different degrees of gradation in the masonic craft. 12. the higher dignity always including the lower. following after.'* saints. These. though born at Alexandria. ^^ Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone. *Hn which ye also. up through the grada tions of those who.^* not reached the still higher degree of a Te?ietog.' and been admitted within the Yeil.''^ In which series. are builded together. there ever 249 Kingdom of was a Hebrew Christians. and mighty in the scriptures. as well as a Jew. but entirely mystical and masonic terms. or national. the Jew. the Israelite next the Jew next. and expounded Hiough Paul himself had to him the way of God more perfectly. and so on. And Paul. as spiritual stones. the Hebrew next. END OF THE FIRST LECTURE ON FREE MASONRY. for an habitation of God through the Spirit. or a temporal Jews. being. was a Hebrew. or — was proceeding through describes it. as he drolly that for which also he was iii. in Egypt. to martyrs or witnesses. apostles. having passed " the middle \uall of partition. but Israelites. But Paul. 11* . prophets or tellers. autops or seers. " that he his degrees. nation. a city in Cilicia. therefore took Apollos. might apprehend apprehended of Christ Jesus" Philip. who was a Jew. an eloquent man. in the 18th of Acts of the Apostles that Apollos was a Jew.

for a man to wash his hands and face iu. they which are called might For receive the promise of eternal inheritance. he is the Mediator of the Nevj Testament. 'AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS:'—Allan Cunningham. : for sure. you : He Brews .*there never Then he brews very intoxicating liquor was any doctrine in the world that could more tend to owv [headification) edification. through the Eternal Spirit. is : pawn. AT THE ROTUNDA. redeeming or getting the transgressions that were under the old one out of The upon it. and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean. APRIL It. And for this cause. offered himself without spot to God. B. A. and this in. purging. to serve the living God. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. nine. purge your conscience from dead works.'^ —Hebrews ix. or of stark-staring madness. and Ashes. dead ivorks. cleansing. the Mediator of the New Testament. 13—15. and what not 7 mixed up with ashes. THE EEV. *' if the blood of bulls and of Goats. I defy the ingenuity of man to look on it with the eye of criticism. for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first testament. sprinkling. LECTURE ON FREE MASONRY. PART n. for the purifying of his flesh and then. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. in any sense which our Christian clergy can put the language of slobbering idiotcy.THE liVIL'S PULPIT. Bulls' Blood and Goats' Blood. that by means of death. Goat's blood and bull's blood. and living Gods and then. sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh : how much more shall the blood of Christ. who. ROBERT TAYLOR. 15. 1831. and not feel unspeakably disgusted at it. passage. or to hear it with the ear of intelligence.

put themselves into a sort of sawpit. Arrayed in garments washed in blood. by the whole Christian world. to stand before God for a sweet smelling savour. in the Pagan Tauriboiium. they were hereby made the children of grace :" and sweet children the children of grace must have been. : . with all his *' Lo round the throne. with the light which this sort of language. bat see the nasty stinking saints. and begreased. as it is. in order that everything that might run from the body of the animal might run upon them and with which. that the pure doctrines of our most holy faith should have been handed down to us in none other than such oratorical metaphorical. and be-sprinkled. was nothing like anything that was meant in the pure doctrines of our most holy faith how awkward 'tis. and boards being laid over the pit. in the sacred ceremony of the Tauribolia. and allegorical figures of speech. if it isn't the most knock-me-down doctrine that ever was. to help to sweeten their imaginations ? Or can the learned in ancient history. together with their Bibles and prayer-books. aiid be-graeed. the children of wrath. that the ladies should always carry a little bottle of aromatic vinegar to church or chapel. and told expressly by the apostle to the Hebrews. the Lord's anointed ones came forth. with all 251 the what is more easy to be smelled than blushing honours thick upon him. Think you. who. where the all — — mentioned.. this letting it drop through holes in the cullender upon the body of the saint in the sawpit. full of holes. are ivc taught to look for our salvation to the blood sprinkling. being most plentifully be-smeared. as a sort of Companion to the Altar. believing themselves to be regenerated. Why. of what a slaughter-house sort of a smell there must be. unto a new birth unto righteousness for being by nature. born in sin. which we so justly execrate. as from " a death unto sin. that tht^ blood of sprvMnig speaketh better things than the blood of . THE DE7IL's pulpit. about the throne of God ? or can you wonder. an ox or bull was slaughtered upon the boards. and shudder at. ascribes to divine inspiration. at God's right hand The Saints in countless myriads stand Of every tongue redeemed to God. ribolia. upbraid the ignorance and barbarity of their Pagan ancestors. know." ! And can you resist the idea. too. as could have derived their origin from none other source than those execrable Tau. My God. and reprobate. in order to ensure their sanctification. And if this pepper-bo:?^ way of sanctification.

252 Abel." The Emperor Gratian. (Heb. And our hearts are not said to be cleansed. and afterwards our bodies washed with pure water. when the penances of the noviciate were again renewed. from Oonstantine to Gratian. Blood that can talk! is it and that possible that the apostle is actually making puns for us by the blood of Abel. Our kings and emperors.. The seven successive Christian Emperors. have thought themselves none the worse Christians for being Free Masons. respectable. and the Duke of Sussex. and worshipful " high priest. the sweeter they were held to be ragged and when they would no longer hang together. after such a nasty process. That the argument of the text is of this masonic character is as apparent as that it has any argument at all. on a column of the temple. however. The Sovereign Pontiff. illustrious. but sprinkled fi'om an evil conscience. a Duke of York. royal. wore. . xii. and ducal purposes. or found out that there was any such difference between Paganism and Christianism. These jEgiboUa. the " thrice puissant. were parts of the mysteries of the more They were renewed every twenty years. and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ :" which sprinkling can nowhere be so conveniently administered as by our going into the holy place.) THE devil's pulpit. Goat sacrifices. and were proud to wear. Bull sacrifices. invested with all the emblems of royalty and the vestments which he had worn. the pontifical "garments washed in blood. ancient Free Masonry. a little clean water must be very refreshing. as they are called. if it be not the argument a fortiori^ or argument from . . for their own imperial. or Tatikibolia. not till after the middle of the fourth century) was the first Christian Emperor who threw off the badges of Paganism. 383 years after our Annus Domini (that is. he means nothiog more than the blood of a Bull ? By the holy Peter we are told that our sanctification ot the spirit must be " unto obedience. of the present day (God take 'em all to his mercy) have been less punctilious and a George the Fourth. as God-a-mighty knows. and not fewer than eighty kinds were gone through before the apprentice mason could attain the degree of a Teyetog. they were placed. : . or the highest degree in these masonic mysteries. a Eternal God! and . or washed. the garments washed in blood. excited the most profound veneration they were accounted to increase in holiness (as it is most probable they did) in proportion as they became more the more they stank. himself descended into the sawwhich in this Epistle to the Hebrews is called the Holy Place. pit. For none at all is there in it. as that a man might not be both Pagan and Christian at the same time. .

and takes it all to be which is very well for him for as the " thrice puissant. which were established in Rome. or Perates. or passed through. and had been established for ages before our date As New And these are exhorted. the blood of bulls and goats. who had Christian sticks to the gospel of Christ. Thessalonians. when applied in the same way. : ' — chapter of the Hebrews. &c. is the mysteries of masonry. neither yet now are ye able. to sanctify to the purifying of the flesh. justly tells them. I must now. Ephesus. Corinth." Eph. Israelites and Hebrews. and well enough. or Past-overs. v^i. and all such like milk-and-water stuff for fools) let us go on to perfection. he addresses them. Corinthians. are not names of communities that ever existed in a national or political character. are epistles to different lodges of Free Masons. Collossians. and the ashes (that is the modest word for the excrements) of a heifer sprinkling the unclean. in the 6th A — . and were therefore admitted to a far different unstanding of the mysteries of the craft. and suppose the proofs admitted. called the all the other Epistles in the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans.. in language which of the Christian era. I have fed you with milk and not with meat. then. for hitherto ye were not able to bear it. partakers of the Heavenly calling " (leaving the doctrine of Christ. none but masons could properly understand.' " But as the fellow-craft masons that is the Hebrews. between Jews and Gentiles. the stronger. Testament. ''Holy brethren. then. from that which does well. . respectable. or "a fellow-craftsman's lodge. and worshipful Adoniram. passed over the middle wall of partition. &c. to " build themselves up in their most holy faith. whereby I have already proved that the terms Christians." after the due knocks and signs." in this Epistle to the Hebrews. wherein he hath made us accepted in the blood.." As in the opening of a lodge in the second degree of masonry. an epistle to Free Masons of the rank of the Fi^patoL that is. "to the praise and glory of 1 his grace. for the bearded babies and sucklings of the those gospel. re-open our masonic lodge. to the Hebrews. as the name literally signifies. or grades of initiation in This Epistle. of — passed over. P]phesians. admitting the sanctifying efi&cacy of tlie 253 Tauribolium and Mgibohum. literally true.THE devil's PULPrr. in order to prove the still more purifying and higher efficacy of the blood of Christ. bujt are designations of the different degrees. " the doctrine of Christ as it is mere meat and lollypop for the nursery is baby's meat he tells the lodge at Corinth. as Free and Accepted Masons. were more advanced. illustrious. Jews.

even to them which stumble at the word. is made the head of the corner. it is for a Free Mason to know what a square is I) '• Since you are so well informed yourself. Saint Pefer (whose name itself Eignific^s a Stone. and a stone of stumbling and a rock of ofience. by three-fold signs. and demonstrate that proof to be correct. but the pass. as they are addressed by the Free Masons. what word could that be. ye are no more strangers and foreigners. when called . you see. By the square. with the masons of the lodge ot Ephesus. he adflresses them Xow.*' or. This reference to the square.— 254 THE devil's priiPiT. Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone." Worshipful Master: •' By what instrument in architecture will vou be proved?" The Junior Warden answers. in whom all the bivhiing fitly framed together groweth into a holy temple in the Lord **Iu whom ye also {having been tried by the square) are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit . prove me. . " I am try me. identifies these fellow-craftsmen. or masons of the second degree. and of the household of God." Worshipful Master: '• What is the square ?" " An angle of ninety degrees. are you as masons in the second degree. where. addressed by Paul (who was a mason of the third degree). than which masonry itself could not possibly be : more masonic.word ? the knowledge of which could only be committed to masons of the higher degree and the being at a fault for which. : — therefore. a fellow-craft Free Mason The Junior Warden. in the Second Chapter of his Epistle to the Ephesians. the same stone which the builders (or masons) rejected. But unto them which be disobedient. the Great Architect. answers." To which the Worshipful "Master answers. are built up a spiritual house. or squarer. distinguishing these fellow-craft Free Masons from those of the first. you will prove the brethren present to be Free Masons.) " Ye also. as lively stones. •' Since you are so well informed yourself (Wonderful information. the worshipful maiter calls out. or entered apprentice's degree. whose use in building is to ascertain the perfect equality of the angles of the stones which are to form the building. but fellowcitizen's with the Saints. " Brethren to order! Brother Junior Waixien. and are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets. and assm-ance given to the worshipful master that the lodge ii properly tiled." Stumble at what word ? In the name of God. by copying their — example. forming the Junior Warden : '•' V : fourth part of a circle.

" The sharp-cutting sword do 1 now strike home to the heart of every individual who hath ever been initialed in a lodge of Free . Hiram Abifif. reaching to the dividing asunder of the soul and spirit. ye profane. 255 upon. and penetrate into the mysteries into which he had not been duly He would stumble at the word: which. from which point no master mason can err and of those genuine secrets of a master mason. lost by the untimely death of Hiram Abiflf. who should attempt to play the cowan. with their mysteries. crucify the Son of God afresh. he " should show forth the praises of him who had called him out of darkness into his marble ous light. I have found thee : I have drank of the blood of the everlasting covenant. again I charge you to see that our lodge be properly tiled. in challenge of all the Free Masons in the world. and put him to an open shame." And then masons. procul abeste profani. have not stumbled at selves. better acquainted. and the life of the Lord Jesus Christ flows in — . If there be any here who love not truth." Brothers of our holy order. hath led me to the centre. been committed to any one who had not gone through the ceremony. and sharper than any two edged sword. and of the joints and marrow. detected the mason. The spirit of the great master. and admitted to be lost in every lodge of Free Masons in the world. of the higher orders. but the wise shall " Abeste. the word. Let not the Thracians tear their Orpheus. as it had never initiated. I have discovered the great secret. 1 can say Eureka. — — — : — these veins. again in my person. " to you it shall be given to ku. And none of the wicked shall understand. whereby. understand. ere I pronounce the great and fearful word of God. than themarcher than the archest of them. Brother Junior warden. says the worshipful master. Abeste. the immortal widow's son. and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Be far : .ow the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven.'hence be far hence. and had the bandage taken from before his eyes. Let not the Christians. which is '' quick and powerful. the immortal widow's son. But I. Let not the wicked approach to hurt me. as I am sure I am. see that the lodge be properly tiled. let them depart in peace. or fear to hear it.THE devil's pulpit." none but the '' Free and accepted Masons " could know the word and all the rest would stumble at it. Let not Ehyroh of the Cave again assault the sacred person of Hiram Abifl'.

because. or. which even the perats. the sacred. to know. by which he hath been befooled into the conceit. the very few of mankind. nor to explain their ow^n meaning. or. — He conscious of a secret. or Hebrews themselves. All the mystery and allegory grew upon the necessity of using symbols and characters. any further. as w^ell as himself. the winks and grips. that no honest man was ever to the marrow . or in any other sense than the science of geometry or navigation are secret or sacred from those who know nothing about them. all the choused masons of the craft. ever kept it. or. had leisure to observe. The SECRET.! 256 : THE devil's pulpit. doth write himself a fool the idiotish themselves Masons. are the proof and demonstration that he hath been shut out of it. as the ultimate scope and intention of all that could ever have been intended. by which the well-skilled in these sciences might communicate with each other. they never told. below the rank of the . Masons in the declaration of a truth which must pent'trate him and the truth is. how innocent both Jews and Gentiles. of Free Masonry. being conscious of one. and were not allowed to rectify the error of general ignorance. And these were not secret. which only the few. ingenuity to record. in the 5th chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews. from the natural and insuperable difficulty of communicating the great truths of astronomical science to the vulgar mind. who would be privy to the concealment of anything which it conHe who cerns another. then. all And fooleries of the though he may have been passed through drunken beastly bacchanals. the wise and intelligent found their machinery taken out of their own hands. w^hich the masons themselves were not allowed to know. was that strong meat. that he hath been let into the secret. and which for that reason. he was never a member of the community of rational men who call themselves fkee. were not able to digest. as the world originally meant. nor sacred. in their infant emergence out of barbarism. The very signs and symbols. was in its intention only sacred and secret. pass-words and ceremonies. but which the ignorant and foolish multitude run away with. that " strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age^ who have their senses exercised in the use of their reason. And as the dunces and fools were infinitely the majority. as the worshipful master tells them. by any sort of ceremonies could be bound by others. is a villain. The great secret of masonry. or imagine that he had bound himself to keep such a secret. to discern both good and eviiy reXeiddv oe eortv rj orepea TpO(p7]. and that alone. and of preserving records of the great phenomena of nature. who call and I need not tell ye.

And those three masons. through the dark '^ chambers of Imagery'* into the bright hall of Science and Truth. It might be right for Christians not to seek to be wise above what is written : but their folly has been so monstrous. and would be ready to knock you down for asking them. to prove whether he had a mind capable of rising above them. " Jesus the Free Mason. the word which every Christian has a thousand times seen written in Roman letters over every representation of Christ upon the cross ? i. of Free Masonry .: THE devil's pulpit. Richard Carlile is are the Duke of Sussex. The Christians. 257 must necessarily be of the great secret that they never exall. and all the other stones and blocks of masonry. stumble at the word. Teleios. Mr. Rascally Jack. and never so never so wise. the secret. the king of the fellow-crafts' men. I suppose. the only perfect masons in this kingdom. who were made to be beplastered and put being never so self-satisfied as when most imposed on uj)07i. who is the first. as they do. R. N. the magistri magistrorum. ercise their sense or reason in the matter at Masons of the highest rank. as when most egregiously ignorant So there are but three Free Teleioi. that they have never sought to be so wise as to know the meaning of what is written and there stand the four letters. the Duke of Sussex has the one. preachers of the gospel to tell you the meaning of it they cannot tell you. they would. The Christian Teragrammaton ters. consisting of the four let- A little as it bit of Latin. and I have the other. that stands as well for Jesus Nazarenus Rex JudcEorum that is. an honest avowal and full discovery to the perfect mason of the utter imposture of all the religions that were ever in the world. the master of the masters. the Perfect Masons. I. — . There were but two copies of the great development of the work of the " Frere Ma9on Reghellini de Schio " brought into England and of those two. to escape from whose savage fangs science was obliged to hide herself in the cloak of mystery. e. like the labels on the doctor's gallipot. and modesty only forbids me to name the third. but the word this could pass — of salvation." — in English for. R. who could tell you. upon the church. and what word could that be. the second. The great" secret was. and to bar off the brute and barbarous multitude. and the obtaining of his forgiveness of all the mummeries and tricks that had been played off upon him. of which Christians would stand Ask your : . I? Inri. I. : happy Ere as when perfectly miserable. they would stumble at the woi'd. or — — . Jack Nobody. the Jews. the Israelites. N. when God-a-mighty knows. or psrfect masons. an' if they would. I.

Asdukel." says the apostle. ^zr. and he will show them his covenant . when upon the Cross of the God of Nature — the Equator. the difference between a man's saying Jesus Christ. the secret of the Lord is with them that fear him. the meaning. Water. whose names are pass-words in masonry. and Earth. I. But if he said Christ Jesus. sirs. the meaning of the mystery being. I know ye never did ye have kept the secret very inviolaI give ye infinite credit for your fidelity. .. If he said Jesus Christ. ojid Furlac. Earth. he was known to be a Free and an Accepted Mason.) . IpX^^ " But !" cry me some of the Free Masons of the lower lodo^es. nor any of your masons below the rank of royal arch. *' For in him. Tarliud. '^^^ {Foz) strength. than they do the meaning of the cavh ing of a crow upon the steeple. when he should understand Jachin (the right) That on the right Jachin. KaropdnoLG 'nn'^ {Yeken). and knew no more about Christianity than the knaves of the higher grades of masonry had taught him. lami. Those letters are the initials of the four pass-words to the higher grades of masonry. we are regular members. Fire. "dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily :" and all the elements. " we have been initiated." bly. and put their trust in their mercy. on the left Boaz.— : You You have been very faithful. Noiir. lebeschal.— 258 know no more '^^E DEVIL S PULPIT. But I must tell you. the secret of the Lord is with them that fear him. or Christ Jesus. to show that he had not said so by accident^ but kenned the everlasting science which determines the reason why he should say Christ Jesus rather than — Jesus Christ. N. Air. would be difference enough to show which way the wind blew. over which th& four archangels were imagined to preside. he was a Johnny Eaw. — . and Water. of the Sun. to those who knew the secret. he was only a Christian. restification. which make up and constitute the Fleroma. and would not be found at the pillar Boaz (the left). that do I and that is what none of your preachers of the gospel. sirs : I know never told whgit you did never know. Fire. and tipt the wink. is the personified genius of the universal nature. R. iii. Rouach. Thus. know any thing of. which signify the four elements. (2 Chron. we have gone through all the ceremonies. that the Being who is represented as hanging below the word I. Casmaran. are equally effected by the position of that is. or fulness of the Godhead. and we never heard anything of the sort. .

and be for ever the dolts and dunces that your priests would have ye to be ? Look. . take place. to you. 'tis Shem Hemephoresh." that I can tell the meaning of it and if he can tell it himself. would ye Go find who was not as ignorant of the meaning of it as a horse. bear the name which expresses coming together. which it does on Michaelmas-day. enjoy the fruits of their labour.) 'Tis eye. " 1 have made a covenant with mme (Job 31. line of the Sun's path. under which they are to — . with the line of the Equator. respectable. from his highest point of the great or royal arch. by astronomical observation. . These two points. Co-Venants. the Free Mason Job says. which is the spring quarter and once again. or Balance of September. . which are called the Virgin. at which the sun comes to the line. when it is autumn.'' meaning. he gives an equal length of day and night to all the inhabitants of the earth. I have ascertained and it ascertained the point of the Covenant Why then should 1 look is in Libra. then. why then should I think upon a maidV Arabic. The coming together. upon the vault* bosom of the visible heavens. once in coming upwards. and are therethat is when fore called respectively. Go ask any preacher of the gospel to give you the meaning of it. Shall I discover to you something of this glorious secret. and in autumn. nor before it reaches the further end of the Scales. he will admit that he who can do so has discovered the great secret of the royal arch. after having passed through the Virgin. — . perceive the Sun shines exactly upon the line which you might imagine to divide our globe into two equal parts and. . ^tis Abracadabra. or coming together of the Covenants. Observe the apparent passage of the Sun round the Earth. or Maid of August. This he does. I have. " the Covenant of Works" men are called on to labor in^the cultivation of the earth and ''tlie Covenant of Grace'' fruition or enjoyment. tell your " thrice pussiant. with holy Job. 259 I can say. that real royal arch. " / have made the Covenant with mine eyes. one in spring and the other in autumn. and worshipful Adoniram. And as the Covenant of Grace does not take place when the Sun is in the group of Stars. or will ye still go to church and chapels. in coming down. then. in the spring quarter. in consequence of his shining thus exactly over the middle. called the Ecliptic. which is the Twice a year you will real passage of the Earth round the Sun. towards winter. the Balance of September. took place when the Sun is seen to be in the group of Stars called the Lamb . when he appears to be in the Scales.THE devil's pulpit. not one in all this priest-ridden and priest-insulted metropolis. the two And these two Co-Yenants. in which reigns the glorious King of Day. illustrious.

in the Scale of September. It is the allegorical language of the Sun. for it in the 260 And these two Covenants are the columns. cally "Hopz. do every year trample under foot the Son of God that is. to have sunshine put into them. because the sun empties his Cornucopia into our desiring lap. Faith is the Eastern Piliar : Charity the TTestem Pillar I . literally. which. And the vintners. or Son of the Sun in the constellation of Gab. or Free Masons of the line of the passover. meaning nothing else than the day of working the Vine wine-making. Faith of Spring. And thus it is. of Vinegence. THE devil's pulpit. two masonic — . in reference to the Scales of justice. which is March. the other strength . Gift. of Autumn. because Faith and TTorks must always come together.'' as I know all about it too. that the Grand Master. and Rope the Key Stone •• of this Royal Arch : is the end of the Law to them that believe . Sunnified (if I may coin that word). of God. being really the ofl&pring. the true vine. plays ofi" his riddles about " We hiOic him that hath said vengeuncc belongeth unto me. or Bachus. in Spring but Jesus is the other end of the law that is. and the Lord (that is." that is. in the Epistle to the Hebrews. is called the Blood of the Covenant. and that they owe it entirely to the Sun. an unholy that is an unsunnyxhin^ they know it is the finest drink in the world. to those who were employed in trampling under foot the Son of God. Chanty of autumn. not reaching its full ripeness before the Autumnal Equinox. on the part of the master of the vintage. And all the scope of this affair is nothing more than a warninof. '' that Just Oxe. " The day of Vengeance" that is. whose blood. and this alone. and Virgin of Angii?t. the one signifying science. in so striking a metaphor. and Jesus the power of God. in allegorical language. Jachin and Boaz. of Summer. But they never account the blood of the covenant. Thus Faith is the Genius of Spring Hope of Summer . Chafjtv. because from that point the Sun looks vertidown upon the seals which have been committed in faith to the fertilising womb of the Earth. the Sun) shall judge his people. to remen»ber that the blood of the covenant was very intoxicating Christ — the — Lamb : — — : — . he gives us his blood to drink and it is this blood.'" in the Scales of Autumn. or the plummet. when in the rich and luxurious juice of the grape.— . of God. with which they are sanctified that is. or those who tread upon the grapes to press their juice out. it really is. Christ the wislom of God.

My Lords with the pronoun sufiSx to the plural of the word Adonis. symbol of unity in number. the August Virgin Mary of the Zodiac. the first and the last. literally." Rull Bui Bole. it would be dog-epov a very dangerous thing. Alpha and Omega. the Fire. and I do As you find the Hebrew. — — . which is. which is the Sun. 261 and if they should get so drunk with it as to fall into the vat. and never meaning any thing else than the Sun itself that is ad the Lord on. which they are not allowed to utter. and have a mystical or tahsmanic name of God. Free Masonry. the great secret is here keep him off from me a moment. since it comes to. the Lover of the Lamb's Wife that is. a and o. in 2 Corinth. While the Free Masons of a higher degree make a precisely similar pretence. and invariably substitute in the stead of the word which we absurdly and erroneously pronounce Jehovah Adonai. the name of the Supreme God. Disguise it as you will. which it is — — — — . Lord. an order of Free Masons. that I'll be damned if I don't Where is I am bursting to let it out. It is a fearful thing tc fall into the hands of the Qeog ^g)v thsd fermenting God that iSj into the wine vat. utter it in any tongue of all the peopled earth. the well-known name of the beautiful son of Marrha in the Pagan mythology. which was. Paul. the Husband. of Fudaism. the Son. and which is to come. navr cjv vnarov eiifiev lao) I. its essence and significaucy is none other than Baal. xii. I have it But. 4. in allegorical language. when the Covenant— . . as uttered from the Sacred Tripod of the Delphic Oracle.— THE DEVIL S PULPIT. profess that the name of the Supreme Deity is unutterable. word is is Jao-Bull-on What alive and the secret is out the common secret of on. ! — — — : : ! ! 1 : lao). the Father. but below that of Hebrews. the everlasting Mrs. The Jews. of Christianity. the Being IS. or third degree mason. The unutterable the Devil? Jao-BullLord Lord. the I pronounce lao) to be the name of the Supreme Being. Lamb." Not lawful for a man to utter! I shall be damned if I utter it. where he heard " unspeakable words. the beginning and the end. describing himself as having been caught up into the third heaven. and of Paganism. ! not lawful for a man to utter. " the Almighty. which is never communicated but to the very highest of the craft. above that of Christians. but I will and of which they themselves don't know the meaning. the But what is its meaning ? name of the Supreme ^pa^eo) oe tcjv Being-.

e.'. Buh.h.£-e. firom :iiat sacred animal. l. . was in the Bull of the Z-. 'lea. to L ever-varied Egyptian name c thus indeed it has been. mXD OF THE SECOyD LEC'TUEE C^' FREE MA. h::i.' ' pulpit. : M : rhr ^ .2 ^'2 ^" ~ ''.--. Ev --i:-. r-^y. Ii.1.i:e.h' -- ^. THE dkvil'? . - ^ _ ast: 1 - : ir : i Equinox. ::-. : the secret sense of alJ ni-^^rr: is :_3 : 1: :e object of all ih^i is.SOyBT« .'::ac. in onr own .: . the g : i only =: ID or of and the sdence of iLr :^ : soterie secret of Free 7.e Father of i. .: 1." i. T^: ::_:?.t 5 Lr :- _ : : . ::: c^il hi :- : .

make you perfect good work to do his will. Are there some Gods that are not Very Gods ? Are there Summer Gods. that brings back the association varied. through Jesus Christ : to whom be glory for ever and ever. the Very God of Very 1 Thess.Tl DiVIL'S PULPIT. ROBERT TAYLOR. or a Rachel. and a God of this World. AT THE ROTUNDA. and of a God of Mercy.'^ Hebrews xiii. or a shepherd. or a tup. sliephard from the dead. ? 1. or a ram. and Winter Gods. and a God of Heaven ? With this most curious distinction. but of a God of Battles. or uu Never is the ewe. Ammon. that the Very God. or a mutton. the parsons tell us. passeth understanding? And how many Gods are there? since we read not only of a God of Peace. or a sheepfold ? It is the God of Peace. " that brought again from the dead our Great Shepharcl of the Sheep. and a God of Wrath. B. after he had been as dead as nmtton. V. always stands in connection with something about a sheep. Autumnal. the ^ Now God of Peace Lord Jesus. And why is it that always. that m — Now. through the every blood of the everlasting Covenant. 23. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. of Peace Peace. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT LECTURE ON FREE MASONRY. God. that it is the God of Peace who alone is called the Very God of Peace. A. 20. IT lS:'^Allan Cunningham. all the ? God of Peace 2. THE REV. or a lamb. PART III. And in the Nicene Creed. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight. 1831. after our ideas have been led to tlie Verily . What's the meaning of the God And wliat's the difference between the God of and the Peace of God : which. APRIL 19. as well as Very or Spring Gods? And why is it. and the Verily Verily way of speaking.

ye see. in any matter which concerned. a revelation originally written in Greek Greek My God and would not a sensible man say. is. and labour. But if there be no means of knowing the will of God. on the proper understanding and due obedience to which.! — 264 THE devil's pulpit. why didn't he Verily shepherd of the sheep. or which he thought might concern." and all sorts of nastiness. such as the translators. that I am an Englishman any revelation which he wished me to attend to. have kindly interfered to tell us what he means. about . or a title deed. or bring him under an obligation. as he treats what he calls a revelation from the God who made him ? revelation from the All-wise God. why. or ten thousand pounds. we are admonished that we must go good work. Would he treat the copy of a lease. his eternal happiness or eternal misery is at stake. glory" that is. I thought that there had been but one Mediator between God and Man. in generous condescension to our ignorance. and Jesus suffering without the gate. does not and if he had the All-wise God know. — But look. if he could. after ^' the bulls' blood. to pay. these between God and Man. or one hundred. a will. and entirely disinterested men. and on which he would insist on receiving the most ample satisfaction. at the translation. comes the wind-up. then. seeing that God wished to communicate his will to us. and the Devil thank 'em for their interference. Are not these questions the like of which a rational man would ask. his temporal interest ? Say that it might be something which would give him a title. and the goats' blood. the better is he satisfied with the And so here. and sprinkling us with his blood. But here is the meaning. with this most singular advantage." in the cultivation of And then Jesus Christ is defined as "to whom be the earth. Yes they have. to plow. very learned. have given it us these very learned and entirely disinterested clergy who. 'fore God ? there must be as many mediators as translators. have kindly interposed in the affair. or claim to receive twenty. or make good some such a sum. and the ashes of a calf sprinkling the unclean. brought down to the meanness of the meanest capacity. and sanctifying us with his blood. but the parsons. according as the letter and spirit of the document should determine. that the self-constituted Mediators — meaner a man's capacity meaning. but by a revelation which requires to be translated. and to God's ignorance as well as ours. I dare say God would have explained it himself. in whom is Sunshine: and then— Ammon. and have given us a translation out of the original Greek into the vulgar tongue. ''to every — A — ! ! : write it in plain English ? Aye.

two short and one long and the adonic. two short. and God Amnion. a suhintelligilost. Amen. Sirs. long. Tiim ti-ti. a dagger held to your breast. what it is that God means.— — THE devil's pulpit. having been Free Masons. your eyes bandaged. that was there was a subauditur. 3. a halter put round your neck. if the master of the lodge will — And not recognize you for a Royal Arch. for translating to you v/hat it is that they mean. and creeds and collects.Ammon being precisely the same deity as Jesus Christ Amen or. and glory for ever and ever. and Jesus Christ. to those who look for significations. which comes at the end of all our prayers. it is the secret of priestcraft. you would never have heard of a royal duke being at the top of them. and royal dukes. . that Jesus Christ is Amnion. It is the secret of the masonic craft. or any other of those disgusting and filthy fooleries. bounce in upon 'em. as our blessed Saviour says. and gospelcraft it is the secret of everything that is secret. In the name of God. and the dead alive again. the dactylic knock. then. Had any good or just feeling towards mankind. and was uttered in a low voice. that something was to be sought for. Gammon. 265 the God of Peace. : . as those of Jesus Christ. they who think it no presumption to translate to you. in intimation to the mystics.'* And in this use. and as regularly closed his catalogue of titles. one long. it was one of the names of Jupiter. and at the end of every thing that is excessively nonsensical and mysterious. Turn ti-ti turn turn." and when it is opened. at the end of all the titles and epithets of Jesus Christ. give 'em three knocks. ought not to persecute me. " Knock. and to be found again tur. the hidden. always signified the secret one. as it also signifies. and the blood of the everlasting covenant. my life on't. And both Jupiter. Amnion. but no tongue. the very same as our word. one long and two short the anapaestic knock. which is really and truly the identity. sigui lying that Jupiter was Ammon. as it stands at the beginning of a will. Amen. The word Ammon. 2. Go to the door of a masonic lodge. whose usage accounts for so many kings and princes. and two — — . and Ammon. and the shepherd of the sheep. been at the bottom of their mysteries. 1. something of which you were to " give it an understanding. the occult. And sure. : . it is the secret of lawcraft. Ti-ti turn. and it shall be opened unto you . Juj)iter. and cry " Gammon !" and. without your ever having had your buttons taken off your clothes.

which is the one common and universal conceit that runs through all the forms of religion that ever were in the world. A was much easier to jump to the conclusion at once. Amen. in Autumn . about seeking for the Lord. as if to awake him. when the wise and studious had compared the glorious Arch of Heaven. .^' begin with a Lord Jesus Christ. lian. and to be sought for. or something that was hidden. or at least only squinting between their fingers. but that there might have been such a temple ? and. of Hiram Abifif.266 THE devil's pulpit. and Jesus Christ. Jewish. that this mystical operation oi seeking the Lord. '. in Spring . into prisoner's bars. It is the self-same game of the nursery. Only the big fools are playing at it. the worshippers of the Goddess Isis. precisely as globes. to the vanity dome of a magnificent temple. in Winter. certain it is. that very fine temples have been built. in Summer Jasus. it ! God Almighty Where are you. My Lord God ? As you will observe. that it was Solomon's Temple. which is a sort oi whoop. mighty big 0. and Christian Mysteries. there being nothing that religious people are so much afraid of as letting in too much light upon their dark fooleries. Bacchanaremains of Osiris. or the word of life. being Amman. takes his hands away from his eyes. and never diflPering in any one religion. and open your mouth. Masonic. Sirs. with a sort of ''Holloa. puss. who i& Christ. alike abound in the same figures of speech. than to take any pains to learn astronomy. Amen. As the bishop is exhorted to hold fast the faithful word (I Titus 9). dirty trick that. instead of the little ones. And it is never till they cry Amman. But it is especially to be observed. all these seekings for God. Hence the mystic game of liide and seek. is always to be performed with the eyes shut. and again to be found. Adonic." and end with crying out the word of the game. or something that was lost. when they dared not attempt to grapple with the man's argument. and Jupiter. or hunt the slipper. or blind- man's buff. and seems as if he had just recovered his lost senses. are for changing the game. Thus. as *'0 Lord God Almighty and ! . give me a little water the faithful word. Only the worst on't is. that the forty and fifty year old babies when we won't play with 'em at hide and seek. that the fervent prayermonger rises from his knees. and orreries. seek for the The Eleusinian Dionysian. Who knows. from the ceremonies of any Thus the Free Masons pretend to seek for the lost secrets other. are personifications of the Sun. or bo-peep. . and see what God will send you. or puss. are constructed at this day.uid eidouranions. and calling on the name of the Lord. the game of shut your eyes. as it is called.

that Jachin paid the craftsmen their wages. who is the Jesus Christ of the system. science. when he became a man. Jachin. 21. Boaz. goes by the obelisk in the south. for fear any thing should be explained to them and praying to God. They are called respectively Boaz and Jachin. : While a rope. 261 in which. I beseech you. the column on the right. when he was a child. and called the name thereof As the masons of the present day abBoaz. : But now pillars. standing at the . Hiram AbifF. Could any thing lead the mind more directly to the idea of justice? cross. 'liiat was very just of him. called the Pillar Jachin. is said to have given to the two pillars. and so be brought down. perverting them into means of perpetuating the first and grossest conceits which infancy could form. never saw nor heard of a masonic lodge in which that emblem : was wanting. that they may die in the same faith that they were born in. cathedrals. will you see the forty-year-old babies running av/ay from the Eotunda. did think as a child. as to the two for demonstration which constitute the essential emblem of Free Masonry. and binds the two columns together. says the perfect master. intending them. and the great object of their idolatrous veneration. and speak as a child. no wiser than they were brought up. to this day. are fixed crossways.— THE devil's pulpit. And Justice. — the original devisers. to be as great a child as ever : and.way. is honoured by the consecration of a tomb. the column on the left. It was at the fixed cross-way. being the name of the master while Hiram of the fellow-craft masons in the same mysteries Abiff. which columns. that comes from the coffin in the north. vii. and thus binding down the child who. which he set up in the porch of the temple. and chapels. that Boaz and Jachin were masons employed under the director of their great master. as temples of — the barbarians into whose hands they have subsequently lapsed. the righthand pillar. the wisest of men. surdly pretend. the immortal widow's son. to this day. and to their honour these pillars were respectively consecrated. and he set up the left pillar. "And he set up the right pillar. the great model of what astronomers and philosophers have observed in the visible heavens. and called the name thereof Jachin. observe ye. You look. has been represented in the forms and ornaments of our churches. being the name of the master of the apprentices in the masonic mysteries." 1 Kings. the names which Solomon. which is placed at the north part of the sanctuary.

signify Might and Eight. or on these representations of the heavens and the earth. because the great semicircle. in Spring. what are cross-ways but two ways of which the one crosses the other? I ask no more of your credulity. is at an end. at which the line of the Ecliptic I look. the pillar at the left cros:^-way. and I learn that I am to look for them in the clouds. commencing at the Vernal Equinox. and the days and nights are of an equal length over all the earth. the master of the entered apprentices. as they are expressly called by Job (chap. doth seem to rest upon them. are called pillars. They are then cloudy pillars. the 29th of September. "In it is strength/' and Jachix. Strength and Justice. or upper hemisphere. And Jachin. and that arch only is the royal arch. sets his men to work. But the Adoniram of the masonic mysteries. where Jachin. but cross-ways. is only master of the entered apprentice masons. respectively.— 268 THE devil's pulpit. Pillars. in Spring. and the 29th of September. and I see that these which the perfect master has told me. the master of the fellow-craft masons. two — . and I find them. are two crossways. in the name of God. Boaz and Jachix are not only pillars. and ending at the Autumnal Equinox. that these cross. standing until the day and night come to an end . Boaz. as they are when the Sun is at the point of the Vernal. And these two Equinoctial points. are adorned by an arch of cloud. which is manifestly an elliptical. is mastt r of the fellow-craft masoDs. and then try to deny.ways. when the days and nights are of an equal length. ''the pillars of Heaven. the pillar at the cross-way of justice. the Sun. Boaz and Jachin. They are the pillare of Heaven. than that you would look on the heavens for yourselves. pays the men their wages by giving them the fruits of the earth. I seek the deriratious of the words Bcaz and Jachin (which is what masons themselves never think of). and through the clouds. at the masonic insignia. 36). as they are on the 25th of March. at the point of the Autumnal Equinox. reigns through the summer months. in cultivating the earth. While Boaz. of which the sense filled up is the pillars of heaven standing at the point where the inequality of the length of day and night. and which I have told him. who do all the work. who enjoy the fruits of their labour. if you can. ''He shall establish:^' thus identifying the radical ideas of Might and Right. supporting the vanity arch so high above our heads. in Autumn. Now. has further betrayed the craft. by telling the perfect master that the pillars. again. or abbreviated sentence. which seems to rest upon them. are the Vernal and Equinoctial points. where Boaz. and again. in which the King of Heaven that is.

Covenants. minutes after seven Mercy. The Law. are in every respect a mere allegory. and work it out geometrically. nor was any thing like history ever intended. and not a word of historical truth. to their solution in the visible phoenomena of nature. Boaz. answers to the absolute relations of nature at those seasons — SPRING. Jachin. Truth. Now. at forty-six minutes after eight in the morning. the Law of Types and Shadows. then. I take the terms of an admitted allegory. Which — — stration. with respect to the two Covenants. Sirs. when that in the gospel covenant (that is. cultivate the The Jewish Dispensation. why there should only be two Covenants. The Gospel. twenty-one March 21st. when they are to enjoy the fruits of their labours. Autumn. or the two Testaments and you have the reason in Heaven. when I take an algebraic problem. in every respect whatever. or two Testaments. is not that demonstration? Give me. Righteousness. 269 that is. Peace. the Covenant of works. it is admitted to be science. "are an allegory" that is. the Old and the — — . Hence tumnal it is. comings of the line of the Sun's path to the line of the Equator. and find them answering. and resist the demonstration who can ? that every figure of speech. Hence these comings togetker that is. when men must earth. — . the Covenant of grace. the Ecliptic. Masonry under in the afternoon. are called the two Covenants. the Sun in his apparent crosses the line of the Equator path. comes to shine directly over the line of the Equator this it does in Spring and Autumn. at September 23rd. most expressly. while no earthly reason whatever could be assigned. the mathematically accurate points ofthet^vo Covenants of Spring and Autumn. The Christian Dispensation. and only then. at the Auall the great ends for which the year . then. Saint Paul expressly tells the Free Masons of Galatia. AUTUMN. Equinox). If. Spring. Masonry under the Law of Grace and Truth. the whole contents of both the Old and the New Testament. it is called demon- New.THE devil's pulpit.

And this kissing. as thou hast promised. then it is that ''our land doth yield her increase . when the Sun of Aries. the Balance of September. And how can God's justice be satisfied. the Kani of March i7ito Libra. ! clergy say that I did this ? do they shake their gory locks at me? But see here here stands— the Virgin of August. are annexed. and understand what I read. by the side of the Cross of September. For in those Scales of Justice. Why — ! ! : : — . and say with the Holy David. without a crucifixion. and putting himself into the Scales of September. look upon the Covenant. And I read immediately in the context. takes place (where should it else) on the lips of the Virgin? has come . do I make nothing but an allegory of that awful display of the divine attribute. and all the celestial mansions." Psalm 85. -'0 Lord. the allegorical conundrum is. "Now there stood by the Cross of Jesus. and Righteousness and Peace kiss each other. will not be satisfied." which I should understand to mean "Give us an abundant harvest. to satisfy his own justice. for all the earth that is. all that part of the earth which falls below the points of the Covenant. nothing more but I do with my Bible what my persecutors never do or did with theirs I read it." The damnation Scorpion of October." and if it be not in Autumn that our land doth yield her increase. As you read in the allegorical gospel." Eternal God and does she not stand there still ? Can the But not — — till Grod's justice has . Mary his Mother. then over it. been satisfied. where the line of the Ecliptic crosses the Equator. the filthy Goat of December. . What and say my barbarous persecutors . are cruel habitations. for all the earth is full of darkness and cruel habitations . I'll try again. therefore. to reward our labour. And out of those Scales he will not get and that justice. "Mercy and Truth are met toge^ther Eighteousnes? and Peace have kissed each other. the nothing but the Cold Water of January to drink. but by the Sun's going a little bit further than the Virgin of August. in the 74th Psalm. is full of dark and gloomy days. when God.2 TO exists. the cruel Archer of November. why. THE devil's pulpit. and a luxurious vintage. is the cross-way Jachin. than a mere allegory of what happens every Autumn of our lives ? No. and nothing but the Scaly Fish of February to eat. then. vouchsafed to be crucified ? And do I make nothing more of Mercy and Truth meeting together. that when Mercy and Truth meet together.

they are married to the Virgin of August. that she shall bring forth their children. '2^1 0. is the common solution of the masonic riddle of seeking for Hiram Abiff. Charity is Autumn. the most mysterious of these ingenious hieroglyphs. buried in the Earth." Bui Jesus is the other end of the law. Sirs. Its pillars are faith and Charity. Against what day ? why. siinctitit's.plenty of the blood of the Covenant.. of Isis for Osiris. holy balderdash. to be found again in the abundant returns of Autumn. *' What blessings his free bounty gives. And here. the key-stone of the royal arch. — . in Spring. and a man has to enjoy the free gift of the Sun's bounty. hath for its object the resurrection of the dead. " I know in whom I have believed. Its key-stone is Hope. the works of husbandry are over. Hope is Summer. shall weigh out "to every man according to his work and whatsoever a man hath sown. Let us not cast away For God is paid when To enjoy is to obey. and the Devil the water wherein *' Christ is the end of the law. and reap in Charity. and am persuaded. must come together. Then. to thera that understand. The resurrection of what dead ? None other. to thera that believe. When the Sun. give me .^e. that shall he also reap. sohnmilij-s. Autumn is the Covenant of Grace. live in Hope. the day of judgment. What had he committed to him ? the seed sown in the earth. to whom they look continually. because Faith and Works may have . secret. and all the linlc-and-scvk nonsen. that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him. against that day. than the seeds which are sown in Faith. Faith is Spring. in the Scales of September. awful considerations." man receives. The husbandman must sow in Faith. of the mythological search of Cores for Proserpine. In whom had he believed ? the Sun. in allegorical language. which have been called mysteries. sacred. and bo-peep fooleries. And why are those who cultivate the earth always called Hushanchnen? Because. Spring is the Covenant of Works." Look then at that masonic arch. Sirs. and which are to be reaped in Charity that is.*' says the old wag. THE devil's pulpit. But Hope. because then.

Christ is the is. to get rid of it. change every 1253 years. aa that is. by means of death that is. the blood of crabs and fishes. and these. be given to it by those who are going about to get me immured in a dungeon. impregnating with the creathe purification tive heat of the solar fire. and skill. the point of the Vernal Equinox. firing. that so long as the Sun and Moon — — — . most literally. which is sown in hope of a glorious resurrec- — — — — — — : — — tion at harvest. tvas the mystery of our text. as the two Covenants that is. so hideous. according that is. Mediator of the New Testahe goes between our earth. by being under the line of the first Covenant. their astronomical accuracy. the Covenant the Covenant of Works and the Autumnal These Covenants of G-race. the flesh. those the blood of Christ. which the astronomers call by distinct names. all While 50 filthy. as efficacious for the salvation of mankind. That. labour. sunnified. he might redeem and fetch up the stars which were in a state of transgression. to that is. And ment — that for this cause. as if they had thought that reason given to them for no other end than to employ all their ingeQuity. and ducking under the Equator. being crucified. fireification. or could : The blood of bulls and goats. and the Autumnal Equinoctial point. which is always ripe when the Sun is at the Autumnal Covenant. which they have adhered to. which is the New Covenant. sanctified that is. were each in turn. and the Blood of the Covenant. only had their efficacy that creates for us. or animal food which the Sun But this. the eternal duration of the universe. is always the juice of the grape. the blood of any one of the animals whose imagicary forms inclose the groups of Stars which constitute the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. of refreshing us after the labour of sowing the seed. is. might receive the promise of eternal inheritance that is. so monstruous. as symbols of science. That. the Xew Covenant. the stars of the first and second magnitude. as unworthy to exist in society doth in this illustration come up to a dignity and grandeur which their sanctified idiotcy never dreamed of which their igno ranee would not understand. whereever that Covenant may fall and this blood has always the efficacy of purifying our consciences that is. and their malice would not endure. they which are called that is.272 THE devil's pulpit. as the ashes of an heifer bright-burning and inextinguishable sparks w^hich make up the form of the Bull of the Zodiac. and cut of from the cheerful ways of men. or warnaing our minds from dead works that is. Hence the term. was in one or other of these signs. in the best sense that ever was.

" Georgic. IND OF THE THIRD LECTURE ON FREE MASONRY. THE devil's pulpit. summer and winter. will be I am again to be the my proof. Sirs. that under what they call blasphemy. And learning. shall not fail. fitable this. Fearless of Fortune. which is too unproand excellent for them to seek or to attain. if gospel. *' — victim of the savages of the the pretext of suppressing Felix qui potnit rerum cognoscere causas. strepitumq. et inexorabile fatum Subjecit pedibus . Acherontis avari. lib. " seed time and harvest. Thro' Happy the man. and science. Atque metus omnes. ii 499. have I given you a rational sense of words. who. day and night. for which I defy your spiritual pastors and masters to give any sense at all. . known effects can trace the secret cause His mind possessing in a quiet state. 273 endureth. their hostility is directed solely against which they cannot equal. studying Nature's laws." And thus. and resigned to Fate..

Mr. But to shield the asserted truth of their doctrines from observation. and to stifle inquiry. to prosecute the Rev. ! — — ! * A Arraignment at the felon writ of certiorari was appHed for. more philosophers imprisoned. which. The law of the land The persecutors of Galileo and Copernicus were sanctioned by the law of the land the discoverers (. notwithstanding the assertion oi Earl Grey. And yet. and the verdict wished for more secure. always] with great detriment to the public. for aid. on Tuesday se'nnight. banished. that. mark this admission of the Premier. the Reformers of some of the corruptions of the present most holy Christian Church. were hung and burnt. in the space unoccupied by tho lecture. being thought more degirading. at once proclaims its political connexion. or imprisoned by the aforesaid law of the land. The attempt of the church to draw on government. in the name of the King. consistency this Parliament-Reforming Peer suffers the Law Officer of the Crown. that the trial of the Rev. however. (?) ye whose names will hereafter be associated with the honour of quitf Jurors ting. . this persecuted philosopher. forsooth) -Bah Merit needs not the protection here sought it has nothing to loose by investigation. On Monday. or whether his staunch defender of the Deity from the really Uasphemous imputation of blunder and cruelty.274 THE devil's pulpit. e. after a mock trial by a Puritanical jury.') and persecutors of wizards and witches were held guiltless. A body who coald beat down reason and philosophy with the club of the law. at the instance of a Society of ignorant Fanatics the cat's-paw of another body. The masked freebooters call for the aid of the law of the land for what"? To punish the disturber of the peace of their places of worship? Xo. is a " scandal to Almighty God. The reporter takes leave to remark. in the contested endeavours to prop up the Christian Church. its former coadjutor. since the period of its introduction. the indictment says. and more uncharitable feelings generated. to obtain their object in other words.. i. — — — — ! . And he might have as truly added.* will be decided whether the champion ol free pubhc discussion on religious subjects is to be tolerated. Robert Taylor. assured the Xoble Querist that he '-disclaimed the idea of a political union with the Church . and the victims of bigotry. "f Candidly expressed. who dare not risk their own fingers near the fire of criticism. NOTICE. by a law of this land nay. — . the change of refutation of their mistranslated (but highly paid-for) doctrines. more lives have been sacrificed. July 4. burnt."* (A merit not allowed to be questioned. in despite of his opinion. a contempt of our Lord the King. and an evil example to all his liege subjects. in return for the zeal and attention with which it discharged its duties [to whora?] and on account of the superior iiERiT of its religious instruction. but refused bar. more cruelty practiced. The Noble Earl. is to be again incarcerated. and everything to gain by publicity it seeks no other patron or protector than the majesty of Truth. more wealth expended." he said. or Avith the odium of confining. " that its members had very seldom exercised that power with advantage to themselves (?) and often [q." observing. if his Majesty's Ministers would extend the accustomed aid to the Established Church? " Government. would continue to afford its support to the Church. Taylor will have terminated before the next pubhcation of this work. in reply to the inquiry of the Saintly Lord Wharnclifl'e. more famine created." — — — ! ! — . and convert the sword of Justice into the stiletto of the assassin. oh. were hung. the development of Truth. than in all the other warfares of mankind put together. for blasphemy.

as giving advantage and to the enemy. they can hardly be acquitted of folly. Fleet street a weekly acknowledgment of which will be inserted in " The Prompter. to all who value. and enable him to overcome the obstacles to its accomplishment and. weekly. when recording the persecution of this jcientific Expounder of Scripture Astronomy. however. at the Rotunda. Gentleman's Discourses have been taken up to the present time. 62. Robert Taylor is not rich. CarHle. the Road to Ruin. No. the right of toleration is now open. that subscriptions for that purpose will be received at the Rotunda. June 28. but cannot kill the snake. . This the Rev. not believing according to law. pays no costs." : . unequalled by any writer on the subject in ancient or modern times. seems to disregard appears only anxious that the truth and justice of his defence should be pubhimself thinking. drivelling production the indictment be not blasphemers and libellers intentionally. if defeated. or. 209 and 222 of this work and the Reporter takes this opportunity to inform the readers of the pulpit. that the expenses falUng on the defendant. in supposing that by putting down the leader of a peaceable assembly. when made acquainted with the fact. indeed. licly appreciated. by promptly subscribing to pay the law expenses of this prosecution. a volume of astronomical information. are themselves sufficient to crush an unwealthy The Rev. '^ their feeble grasp.THE devil's pulpit. and will be published. Thus subscribers to the Devils Pulpit will possess. even though their instructor be again immured in a dungeon. wholly disregarding the consequences to perhaps. Gentleman. — — — — — . 2*15 If the framers of this stupid. (who. An opportunity for his friends to assist him in his journey. The Road to Wealth he left to walk in the Path of Truth. it is confidently hoped that the historian of another age will not have to add. four times this week. when their aid was needed and solicited. Taylor has given notice of his intention to deliver the substance of his intended Defence. the desertion of his followers. in the order of their delivery. that notes of all the Rev. in proffering their pigmy might to assist the Almighty God to punish the Reverend John Taylor. * The policy of this proceeding may be questioned by many. ' ' May it so turn out. Mr. and at the house of Mr.* which will also be carefully noted. as his persecutors would be glad to believe. 1831. The Reporter is authorised to state. individual. and would contend for. that the King (whose name is a bugbear in the service)." Whatever the result of the trial may be. It must occur to every one. The prosecuted Discourses are to be found in pp. Thrice is he armed who hath his quarrel just. . argues according to reason) they can stop the growth of his opinions. They have taken root too firmly to be eradicated by They may " scotch.

THE DiVIL'S PIPIT. that — I RETURN. as last discourse . PART IV. or Jove and which (see erratum) P'ree Masons pronounce Jave. who really is the Great Architect. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS:'— Allan Cunningham. through Jesus Christ : to whom be glory for ever and ever. ROBERT TAYLOR. added to the name of God. DELIVERED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. who. being the very word which we pronounce Jehovah. The word Jewee. The word Peter. As we . APRIL 24. The name Jupiter is etymologically composed of what Dean Swift has ignoraotly represented as a pun on the word. THE REV. 1831. working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight. it is the name by which they know the Grand Architect of the universe. the Now God of Lord Jesus. LECTURE ON FREE MASONRY. B. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. Ammon. through the blood of the everlasting Covenant.^' Hebrews xiii. A. which signifies a Stone. Peter. or received from others. make you perfect in every good work to do his will. From the order of perfect masons being permitted to pronounce this name of God. the name which they had given to God and so arose the sect called the Jewess or Jews. and took to themselves. AT THE ROTUNDA. the Jew. find it was the Sun. making the whole title of Jupiter. without preamble. or J eve. to the stage of our process in the on these words. " Peaces that brought again from the dead our Great Shephard of the Sheep. Jew. and say. they acquired the distinction of being called the people of God. most emphatically expressed. : God the Great Architect. 20. in all ages and countries was emblemized and worshipped under the character of a Stone.

all nature was supposed to be engaged in seeking for Ammon. But where the devil is he to hide himself. Amen.*" find the Psalmist giving him a complete Billingsgate ragging. giving him a good scolding for lying in bed so long. by descending. both to Jupiter. by calling him the Chief Stone of the Corner. if he's not ashamed of him'^ How long. self. actually resided in them — : ." The chief of the apostles returns the compliment to Jesus Christ. or concealed." Thus the order of Free Masons. While the inferior orders of Masons. the Bevag. Aumen. and Jesus Christ Amen. and the priests expressed this sense very beautifully in those words " Venly thou God of Israel. and asking him. as the apostle calls it. will you hide yourself? For ever? the . the Heat or Warmth on. of those who seek after God. added to both the names of Jupiter and Jesus. being missing. Thus the epithet. sometimes. as neither the one nor the other ever meant anything else than Sol. a Stone. Hence the physical consistency. the word Amon. and be not absent from us for ever: Wherefore hidest thou thy face. as they are. through all periods of their existence. when he is every look ye. scattered as they were. *' I say unto thee that thou art Peter. as you read in the 44th Psalm " Up Lord ! Why sleepest thou ! Awake. which is by interpretation a Stone. demonstrates their absolute identity. most astrowhere present ? nomically under the earth. that is. Sirs. the Christians. when fuliy pronounced Jupiter Ammon. Ammon. took a pride in calling that is Cod. and the Jew. Jew never meaning anything else than the Sun itself. Jew Peter. their God. were content to beand lieve. Jesus. and universal usage. calling him a liar. being composed of the two primitives. But the epithet Ammon. as if they would and calling him scratch him out of the ground with their nails byname. or hidden. was common. and And in the 89th Psalm. the Jew Peter. that Christ. called Jews. themselves by the name of the (^reat Architect. by the earth presenting into the lower farts of the earth that part of which ye inhabit from the Sun. Lord. you forgettest our misery and trouble . seeking him upon their knees. And this Heat or Warmth of the Sun. most geometrically." art a God that hideth thyself. : Why — : : Where are your loving kindnesses which you sware unto David in your truth. the Sun.THE devil's pulpit. AM. Omen: and even. confers this title on the chief of the apostles. 21*1 Christ in the gospel. during the winter months. the Saviour. analogous to what are now called the Entered Apprentices.


THE devil's pulpit.

A.S by Christ, was never meant any thing else than Sol, the oun, that Latin name of the Sun, the Sol, pronounced for the

greater reverence, the Soul, gave origin to the mystical belief that And thus, physievery Christian has an immortal soul in him. cally, and not metaphysically, ''Christ doth dwell in us, and we in him we are one with Christ, and he with us." And hence Christians, not only pray to God, as the Soul or Sol of the universe, but ^'Praise the Lord to the soul's vital heat, or warmth within them. my Sol, and all that is within me, praise his holy name: why art thou heavy, my Sol, and why art thou so disquieted within me .?" And where the Sol that is, the Sol's vital heat leaves men's bodies, notwithstanding the immortality of the Soul, the common phrase is, that so many Souls perished that is, not in the gross, and mad conceit, that the Sun's body, or orb, is actually in us but he dwelleth in us, as the apostle needfully explains by his spirit, which he hath given us that is, by his vital warmth and that is, Am the heat, heat that is, most literally, by the Amen or caloric On, of the Being, as distinguished from Jesus, which is I, the One, es, the fire, which is the Sun itself. Hence, with the most accurate analogy, the Scriptures never speak of Jesus being in us but the phrase always is, that it is Christ that dwelleth in us, that is not the Sun's Orb, but the Sun's heat and warmth, which what it is, and all that it ever meant, the apostle puts beyond all doubt in that most express definition to the Colossians iii. 3, ^^ Christ, who is our life :^' and for me to live is Christ or, as Christ the principle of vitality, allegorically speaks of himself, ''I am the Resurrection and the Life." And this life in us, is kept up and increased, and can only be supplied, by continued and repeated taking of the Sacrament of the body and blood of Christ that is, by good eating and drinking. And I only wish that those who are so anxious to give the poor the gospel, were but half as anxious to give 'em the Sacrament. "For except we eat the flesh of Christ, and drink his blood, we





have no


in us."


that hath the

Sun hath


and he that hath not the Sun

of God, hath not

The difference between the Sun, and the Sun of God, being only that the Sun is the great Solar fire, as spoken of abstractedly.: and the Sun of God is the same Solar Orb, as spoken of in relation to his apparent position at the Yernal Equinox, from whence all time was reckoned to begin and when he appears to be in the tribe of God that is, the constellation, called Aries, the Kara, or




from which position, from which the whole year was




THE devil's



reckoned to begin, the Sun receives that truly magnificent epitheton, '-Our Lord Jesus Christ, that Great Shepherd of the Sheep and hence it is, the Sun itself, who, speaking in his allegorical character, calls himself so repeatedly Verily, Verily : Yer being the well-known Latin word, for the Spring, the Yernal Equinox. And this so emphatically, and twenty times repeated " Verily, Verily, I say unto you," does not mean truly or really, but the very con:

trary that is, figuratively, Vernally, Verily that is, in the character of the Vernal Sun. (I, &c.) "I am the beautiful Shepherd, and I know my Sheep, and I am known of mine." o 7T0L[j.r]v o KaXog, the Shepherd, the beautiful.

Our English translation shirks out of the sense of the original, in order to conceal the identity of the sweet Jesus of the gospel, and the beautiful Adonis of the mythology, "the beautiful Shepherd '^ layeth down his life for the Sheep. Why, look Sirs, to the best sense your clergy could ever give you of such a catachresis, and say if the walls of a madhouse ever resounded to the echo of greater nonsense Here's the world turned topsy-turvy. Here's the sheep taking care of the shepherd, and we're to eat the butcher instead of the

But how beautiful, how sublime, how magnificent is science. Listen, I beseech you, to her sacred voice, in the personated character of the Great Shepherd ^'No man taketh my life from I have power to lay it down, and

is his life but his down, but when entering into the Scales of September, he satisfies the Justice of Heaven, by giving to men the reward of their works in cultivating the earth, in full measure of the Corn of August, and the full ripened Grapes of September ? And there Sirs, when the Sun is in the Scales of September, where was the point of the coming together of the Sun's oblique path in the that is, most literEcliptic, upon the straight line of the Equator ally, in the Autumnal Covenant, there stands the Cup of Salvation, into which he every year sheds his most precious blood, the rich juice of the grape, therefore called the Blood of the Cross, and the Blood of the Everlasting Covenant, and the Blood of the Crape, and of the True Vine, and of God, and of Jesus, and of Adonis, and Bacchus. And there the Amen, the faithful and true martyr, or witness, having fulfilled all the promises of the year, and irji.iid all the toils of agriculture, lays down his vital heat, and titscoiids U'h)w the line of the Equator into that Hell beneath, in the gate of which


me ; bat I lay it down of myself I have power to take it again.^' vital warmth and heat? When does

he lay

see, stands the
dieth,'' to

THE devil's pulpit.

ugly Scorpion of October, that "wuiin that pledge to you that encouraging truth, that though Ammon be hidden or concealed, Christ still liveth, though the ca loric, or vital heat, appears to be greatly diminished, yes, ''thejire
not quenched.'^ The Sun, that seemed to give up his life into the power of those infernal Scorpions, having stings in their tails, to whom it was given to hurt the earth five months, will rise again in the Constellation of the Ram, with healing in his beams and he who was our

Hence, Saviour in Autumn, becomes our Redeemer in Spring. says the Apostle, speaking of the Sun in the Scales of September, Who is he that condemneth? ^'It is *^It is God that justifieth.'' But that was a mistake. It was not Christ Christ that died.'' that died, the apostle immediately corrects the error, by saying, *'Nay, rather that is risen ;" because Jesus is the Autumnal, and Christ the Yernal Sun. It is Jesus, therefore, that dies, and Christ that rises and Jesus dying to redeem the chosen sheep is but another version of the story of Jason, sailing to fetch back the Golden



All calculations of time, being made from the commencement of the Spring Quarter, when the Sun, appearing in the sheep, is so beautifully called the Shepherd of Israel, and so sublimely addressed ^^Hear, thou Shepherd of Israel^ thou that in the 81st. Fsalm

leadest Joseph like

sheep, show thyself/'' Where you see the idea of leading, is expressed in terms, as it is involved in the Greek word for sheep, ajpo^arov from (opo^acvG), to go before, or to go


first ;

any other than the Sheep of the Zodiac, which

thus demonstrating the Sheep of Christ never to have meant is the first or leading

All calculations being made by means of counting off of
stones, to help the

memory, which were


from whence our

Each particular calculate, to count or reckon up, is derived. stone was to represent the unity, or single idea required to be represented and so, by necessary association of idea, got the name of the thing so represented, and shared in the respect attached to that idea. It required, then, twelve stones to represent the twelve signs And as the first of these was the constellation of of the Zodiac. the Ram or Sheep, the Stone that represented this, could, of course, be none other than a precious Stone, the chief Corner Stone. And the Sun always being associated with the sign which he was in, the Sun in the Sheep, was called the Shepherd of the Sheep ; and so they represented him as a devilish big Stone. And thus get you the solution of that conundrum of the dying Jacob, which


THE devil's pulpit.


sure Done of your clergy could solve for you, in the 49tli GeStone the Shepherd of Israel.^' Thus the worship of Stones, Litholatry, grew up with Heliolatry, or Sun Worship, because the barbarous savages, who were always the majority, found it easier to settle the matter at once, by worshipping the Stones themselves, than to bother their brains by inquiring what t was that the Stones represented. But when calculation came to be superseded by arithmetic that is, when it was found, that little pictures, or hieroglyphical marks, would represent unities, quite as well as Stones, and would not be in danger of being put out of their places and so to subject the unity which they represented to be forgotten, or the one mistaken for the other, those scrabblements, or marks, were necessarily determined by some sort of resemblance to the thing to be represented. And then, in the forms of the nine digits, and the cipher or nought that follows them, and to which nought is ascribed the peculiar property of recalling the whole nine to itself, we discover what is was, that was the common basis both of religion and science ; and their common origin in Egypt, the cradle of them both. There, the Nile overflowing their country, through three months of the year, during which the world was believed annually to be drowned, the remaining nine were deemed only worthy of especial notation. To these, the poet consecrated the Nine Muses, with Apollo in the midst of them while the mathematicians more soberly gave them the names of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and nought at the end of them and they are honoured in the 68th Psalm, under the title of *Hhe damsels playing upon the timbrels^'' with God in the midst
nesis, "Fro?7* hence is the




of them.
forms, has all the propwith which imagination invests the deity of theology, and is represented by a straight stroke standing perpendicularly upon the line of the Equator. In all the languages of the earth, its name has ever been the
erties in arithmetic

The number One, the most simple of all

sarae as the


of the

Supreme Deity. The One

—ung, un, une,

fiv, ov^ of all tongues, of all nations, in all ages, betrays

but the

Taried utterance of the primitive Egyptian worth on, the Being. Nor has there been any name invented for the Supreme Being, of which the first engraven character was not the letter I, as in Jove, Jupiter, Jehovah, Jason, Janus, Jesus. The moral idea, deriving itself from the physical one, godliness and uprightness are synonymous terms. An upright man, acting with the greatest simplicity and straigtforwardncss, was the moral While the epithet, the upright reflection of the physical God.


THE devil's pulpit.

par excellence, "the upright Lord," "the righteous God," "the Lord most upright," "Jesus Christ the righteous," were the peculiar designations of the Eternal One that is, of the One-God, as distinguished from the two- God, the three-God, the four-God, and all

the rest of the Gods.

When a small stroke was added to the top of the figure, and another at the bottom, the bottom stroke represented the line of the Equator, and the top the line of the tropic of Cancer, the Sun's highest point of ascension, while the whole pillar was a natural Almanac of the Sun's latitude, or north declination, for every day from the Spring Quarter, to Midsummer-day.
because then, it not only represented the Sun's declination, but it represented the line of the Ecliptic that is, of the Sun's apparent path, at the precise angle, which that path forms on the line of the Equator.

It aslant

was a great improvement when the straight stroke was



The Greeks improved this hieroglyph and having represented path of the Sun aslant, as it is in nature, they elongated the

ornamental cornice at the top, to the left, and the little pedestal So that these lines being at the bottom, to the right, thus Z. perfectly parallel, represented the upper one, the line of the tropic the lower one, of Cancer, the Sun's highest point of Ascension the line of the Equator, on which the whole figure stands, and which is perfectly parallel with the line of the tropic of Cancer.



orthodoxy, the figure was no longer an I, but it is a Zed. It no longer expresses the simple and abstract idea of unity or oneness, but here are three strokes for your one. Your patience, bunglers look again and you will see that these three are one, and each of them is separately and distinctively a perfect one. And you have a trinity in unity, a Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in one undivided and indivisible God-Aeac?.
! !





modification, science

was outrunning

line of the this (the upper one, the line of the the Father tropic of Cancer) is God the Holy Ghost, sitting, as where should he else, on the head of God the Father, as his inspiring wisdom and

Of which,

this sloping line, the Sun's path, the

Ecliptic, is



This (the One standing in the line of the Equator) is God the Son, the Lord our Righteousness ; who, as you see, leaving the glory that is, the brightness which he had with the Father, when he floated in the line of the Equator, like a swan upon a fish-pond, "did, for us men and for our Salvation, come down from Heaven," as the Sun, dropping below the Equator, from the point of the



Autumnal Equinox, has every year to make the round of the gloomy months of October, November, December, and January.

As you

see him, thus 3, giving a tail to the letter Zed,

you see

together, the three ones, of which each
figure, representing the


separately an 07ie, the God, and thereby hangs a tale."

The Greeks, in adopting this more scientific hieroglyph, adopted at the same time a softened utterance of the name of God, and
the vocative utterance of





Greek Zev, the Zed

being substituted for the J, and the elegant utterance of TjEV Jlarep, superseded the coarse sounding Jew Peter, the original basis of the name of the Oi^e-God, Jupiter. The two-God, as represented by the figure 2, is a picture of the Sun, in the second of the constellations, called Taurus, the God Baal of the Scriptures, vitiated in our English utterance into the word the Bull, which the Sun enters in April 19.

And this little dot (.) is the Bull's Eye, the Star of the first magnitude, called Aldeharan, an Arabic word, signifying the One Eye, from which the Sun, setting off about the 19th of April, throws off his arch, to the height of reaching the tropic that is, Midsummer-day, from which whirls round the nobly-arched shoulders of the animal, to the line of the Equator, which is so much below the parallel of the Bull's Eye, as it is longer from Midsummer to Michaelmas than from April the 19th to Midsummer and there he sits on the Equator, as thus 2, with his knees turned under him, like an ox in a meadow, calmly chewing the cud. And so, if T am depriving you of the sugar-plums of the gospel, I give


you the Bull's Eye of philosophy. 3. Here is the three-God, the Sun in Gemini, the Twins of May, the shining brothers, Castor and Pollux, of whom one represented tiie human, and the other the divine nature in the person of Christ. and so Castor was the human, Pollux was the divine nature great was their love for each other, that Pollux was not content with his own immortality, without obtaining permission from Jupiter to share it with his mortal brother, and the boon was granted upon the condition, that Castor should fetch his brother Poll out that is, to of Hell, by coming down from Heaven to convert him turn him up, and to stand in his place. So that the one was to be the other in Hell. in Heaven, Here then is Castor, a pretty little spark, about the 1 9th May.


he whirls himself round on his axis, with a ascension to the height of the tropic, from which you trace his quadrant of a circle, resting on the Equator, at thu point of the Autumnal Equinox, thus?
his history



THE devil's


Now then for a leap into the dark now Castor go and fetch your brother Poll you are not the first Saint that went out of the world by means of a line.

"Down, down




and say

I sent thee thither."

See him passing through what remains of September, getting this is Hell into October, thicker, deeper, darker grow the days he must not only go to Hell, itself. Bat this is not the worst on't but he must go to Hell and Tommy, who is at the bottom of the

bottomless pit. Saint Thoman's-day, Sirs, which is the 21st of December, the lowest point to which the Sun can possibly descend the tropic of Capricorn. Well, then, I have brought my little Castor to the lowest pit of Hell, in search after his brother Foil and behold Poll is not here. ]\[ethinks I hear the distress of the heavenly brother, crying out, *' Where are you Polly my poor Poll !" but patience, my pretty boy turn round the bottom Hell, clear the tropic of Capricornus, ascend as the days grow lighter as far as to the 25tb of January, and at that point exactly you will find your brother Poll exactly answering to this map of the whole adventure, which is the figure 3. And for that reason, and none other it is, that on that day, the 25th of January, the church has fixed the festival of the conversion of Saint Paul, just one month from Christmas-day. And Castor recognizes his brother Pollux, in Hell, by his black eye, which he got in boxing, from whence his name Pollux, which signifies a pugilist and his type, the black eye, which terminates the figure. And it is even none other than the God Pollux, defined by the black eye, as being the bruised, whom Christ, in the 4th of Luke, declares himself sent to deliver. "He hath sent me to preach deliverance to the captives, and to set at liberty them that are bruised. And if you go to Hell, you must look to get bruised too for, depend on't you'll have to box Arry, before you get out





The two dots, then, of the figure 3, are the one, the Summer, and the other the Winter Sun, the break being the line of the Equator, cutting the figure at about one-third above and twothirds

The 4 God is the unambiguous combination of the oblique line of the Ecliptic, standing upon the horizontal line of the Equator, with the line of the Equator marked ofi", with the thick black line which measures on the Equator, so much of it as the Sun shines upon, and fixes the point of the Autumnal Equinox, where the Sun
must be

through October. e. December. growing only thicker and thicker. marked oS" at the beginning. which is the line on which the whole figure stands. or coming together. bellies round the course of the Sun. and by that whirl throwing off from his own body the mighty vault of his reign through the Summer months. the Virgin of August. meeting together. upon the pretty lips of the Virgin of August. "Mercy and Truth are met together Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other. making that cross at which the Justice of God is satisfied. the 7. Remember the Seven." That kissing annually taking place. the Kingdom of Heaven. though more accurately defined by Saint Luke. where you see him having passed the tropic of Capricorn. as an elegant little spark. whirling himself into rotundity upon his own axis. is open to all believers you have the Sun's full and open disk standing upon the line of the Equator. — . as then it did. Paul. the Lamb's wife. and no turn or dot indicating where the Hell he was going to. where you see him. and terminated at the point of the Autumnal Equinox. Lamb that is to be and here it is. presents you with the horizontal line of the Equator. as the Virgin of the Sixth Month. by pouring forth of the fierceness of his wrath. which is the Equator. the other below the line of the Equator. the parent of all devotion. . the hieroglyph of all ignorance and consequently. on the 2d of July. and from the bottom of which. come to pay his addresses to his intended wife. . and his nightcap on. therefore. exhibiting the line of the which is the Summer Solstice. to keep it holy The 8 God is the Summer and the Winter Sun. another hieroglyph of the conversion of St. and in which reconciliation. from below which.. into the Cup of Salvation. from which the Sun drops below the Equator. that men never consider any thing so sacred as that which they know nothing about. . to show you the point of the Vernal Equinox. the one above. . November. from the top of which. the church fixes the festival of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary. It being an universal law. The 6 God. when March is considered as the fire. and carries his dark thick gloomly tail. with his eye shut. runs off the line of the tropic of Cancer. at the point of the Autumnal Equinox. 285 a most beautiful orrery. the God of Sabaoth. . just having turned the tropic of Cancer. Mrs. 7 is the great mystical number. 'J'he 9 God is the Sun standing with open and tranquil disk 5 is The God Ecliptic. on none other than this 2d of August. a perfect hieroglyph of the phcenomena of the Sun on the 25th of January and. into the lower regions. which is the 8th month of the year. The Seven God i. precisely at the point of the Autumnal Equinox.— THE devil's pulpit.

Our English word yeae. from which he throws off his substance. and of all religious END OF LECTUBE ON FREE MASONRY. As there he stands. 9. I shall develop. which. of which the meaning is the same as Amen. obscured by the wintry mists of religious ignorance. ERRATUM. that Sun worship. and time. Princes. without Sin unto Salvation. or knowledge. The sentence was thus spoken : and justice. placed end of all numbers. an errror occured in the last . that religion is nothing more than science. vaioly endeavouring to bear up the weight which pulls it below the balance at the Equator. By an oversight of the compositor. to those . will show that the Surrey justices were deficient of three members. which is Jesus. the unequivocal hieroglyph of the ninth month and the last of the reign of the Frince of . law. And thus you see. to recall the whole to itself. was deficient of a member. in office with them. has this week been repeated at the Surrey Sessions. on page 266. to which the letter r at the end is superfluous. as an error. that true hell The at the — : upon earth. shall he appear the second and I hope. is the secret of all sacred and mysterious associations. Scriptures. If I have not yet done it.— 286 THE devil's pulpit. like a scale or steel-yard. when supplied. upon the Equator. is nothing more than a drawling pronunciation of the word yea or yes. a many times. to multiply them by tea that is. which should be . or the whole circling year. the ball at the upper end. God is the Sun itself. properly and wisely explained. number of the Devil's Pulpit the moral of which. Sirs. most monstrously misunderstood and science is religion. by a voluntary suicide to go and redeem the lost sheep of the house of Israel. For he only laid down his life that he might take it again who love his appearing. The last sentence of the fourth paragraph. and the derivation the same as that of the name Yesus.

the Devil. the 4th inst. as a fine. and in the persons of the Bishops and Clergy generally so. and his philosopher's stone. last. to mix up spiritualities with temporalities. "Ae hath Ye have spoken blasphemy. for the Royal Arch degree. in our advent of the glorious resurrection. in England. ." See" The Prompter. Such were the three days in Paris. have learnt. the other temporal or real. These are words for the wise. Crucify him among thieves. WHEN THEY DARED NOT ATTEMPT 10 GRAPPLE WITB THE MAN'S ARGUMENT. Such were the three days of Jerusalem. what need we of further witnesses? heard this blasphemy. as politicians. The one spiritual. the Original and the New Jerusalem ? Is not the Reverend Robert Taylor the man ? He is now in Hell but he shall rise again on the third day. in July last. There are not more than three great days at a time. as is the case in the person of the King. and. for a picture of his horrible sufferings. and hear not skulls. for the people of God fools and gentiles will not . and to re-establish. . after the crucifixion. and see not ears. Robert Taylor went to his mock trial on Monday. and understand not. SIRS. after our three days of hell fire we shall gloriously purge both our spiritualities and our temporalities. and by that law he ought to die. 287 A DIRTY TRICK THAT. and give him nought but hyssop and vinegar. how. as a temporal emblem of the Trinity and Unity. THE devil's pulpit. 35. at the same time. . to set the king right on the subject of religion. They exclaimed. . understand them. For that purpose take two years' imprisonment of his person. aid of his master. And let him give the world a pledge of a thousand pounds agamst any further UwSe of his magic eloquence. as to this year. to overthrow all the corruptions of the Christian religion. Let him coin two hundred pounds in gold. by the . being called on. They have eyes.! . in the person of the Lord Chancellor. As we. TO FASTEN THEIR SPITEFUL FANGS ON THE MAN • Was Dot this prophetic ? Is not the Devil's Chaplain a man divinely inspired ? Is he not the man whom Moore's Ahnanac has prophesied. The Rev. as certain to overthrow the bishops. We have a law. addressed the chief priests and Jews of the Surrey Synagogue. for the initiated." No.

but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. gentlemen then we're in for it. in charging the preachers of the gospel with being impostors. and deceivers of the people. — So so. PREACHED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. MAY 29. and faith in the ! . B. ROBERT TAYLOR. A. to bolt out a naughty word against the Holy Ghost. THE REV.'^ Matthew xii. I not justified. neither in this world. Lost. BLACKFRIARS-KOAD.. beyond the redeeming efficacy of the blood of God the Son to redeem us. what a comfortable. so that there's no getting out of it. What gospel is infinite obligation are we under to the clergy for imparting this precious bit of comfort for us as if they had thought we couldn't be miserable enough with all the miseries that flesh is heir to. in another world. 1831. . and but again. 31. delightful. and Luke xii. in Mark iii. then. ^'All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men . — ! : : Am . So stands the text. it shall be forgiven htm but whosoever speaketh agaiiist the Holy Ghost. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of Man. consolatory thing this What glad tidings of grea joy for all people. but we must invite and call in the supernumerary luxuries of anticipating the horrors of a red-hot hell. Why.. which I have repeated without any material variation. 28. unaware. cjuacks. lost is our quiet for ever damned must we be beyond the power of God the Father to save us. 31.™ DiVIL'S PIJLPIT. it shall not be forgiven him. 10. not alone in Matthew xii. and everlasting brimstone. AT THE ROTUNDA. if one day we happened. when they preach up repentance towards God. IT IS:'— Allan Cunningham. neither in the world to come. beyond the reach of salvation itself to save uSj only. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT THE HOLY GHOST: A WHITSUNTIDE SERMON.

when there is a sin from which it cannot cleanse ? or to preach the all-sufficiency of Christ's atonement. they inflict on him the disease which otherwise he would have escaped. through Jesus Christ?" hast thou? Ah. and so we should have been equally free from the disease and from the physic. when that one sinks you quite. and faith in Jesus Christ. J ^9 Lord Jesus Christ. that that atonement is not sufficient? For what's the use of stopping all the leaks in your leaky ship but one. in a false confidence." is a cheat. when 'tis so evident that they are not sufficient? Their prescriptions do not and cannot reach the seat of the disease and a man may be damned. 'tis of loss reckoning than the cankered pin upon a beggar's sleeve. a fraud. a lie. there would have been no sin at all. notwithstandiog. thou hast peace with God. ah. What's the good of paying off all your creditors but the only one. But as it is and if we must be persuaded that the text of the Testament. whom you know before hand to be inexorable. thy spiritual assQts to meet the spiritual claims upon thee it Thou'lt go to Heaven. thinkest thou? Why. an atoning Saviour! they arc not worth a you may be damned in spite of the they are of no use at all fig blood of Christ to save thee. thou shalt in no wise go hence till thou hast paid the utmost farthing. worse than a chip in porridge they are actively and potently mischievous. wilt thou? when thou diest ? 'J'hou'lt be in better plight than the unregeuerate ? the apostate ? the infidel ? or the blasphemer. a trick. is the word of God Is it not handling the word of God deceitfully ? Is it not " crying peace. when thus it stands upon the record. reconciled God. : New . because of his confidence.— ! THE devil's pulpit. as sufficient to salvation. Look'st : — . to perish. to talk of the blood of Christ cleansing from all sin. in the way in which they understand it.) Their nostrums are but a chip in porridge. and deadly poisonous. which passeth all understanding. come. Nay. who will cast you into prison ? and " Verily I say unto you. sinner. and venture to look for once into thine own affairs. Cast up the reckonDown with it down with ing for the chance of thy salvation. all his repentance towards God. when there is no peace?" Is it not a lie against the Holy Ghost. to die of his medicine when he might have recovered of his disease.'* Come. — : ! A : : 1:5 . I suppose ? Thou hast a reconciled God and Father to go to ? And " being justified by faith. peace. by the pretended medecine itself. (The gospel is nowhere faithfully and honestly preached but at the Kotunda. For had there been no divine revelation at all. making their deceived patient to rest. " thy peace of God. be honest to thine own convictions.

nor that to him. and thus turn their reverence into scorn. holy church. and only Son. I have a grace before meat to say. their fear and quailing into honest laughter. whose single veto upon thy salvation doth render all the rest of the process a mockFor the ery of thy hopes. Now. or than them both together. " also the Holy Ghost. all good men. and show to all who were not too blind to see what a fiction it was. But therewith go. would he be the evil-disposed and wicked person who should draw up the veil of mystery. and their childish religion into manly reason ? For my exploits in this way. So looks the drowning wretch unto the distant shore. to serve their wicked craft. driven instead into incurable madness by a confederacy of reverend knaves and thieves." So. and an aggravation of thy despair. and withhold his Amen from the grace that I shall say. and you're damned to all : . from the bottom of my heart to the heart of every good-hearted man in th^ assembly let him lay a honest hand upon his honest heart. There is another. all of them capable of becoming reasonable." who. weak-minded men. and God the Son. and blaspheme 'em as much as you please but if you only speak a word against God the Holy Ghost. and defenceless children. I have got the credit of being inspired by the Devil and the clergy. throughout the whole world doth acknowledge the Father of an infinite Majesty his honourable. a third.— 290 unto Jesus? THE devil's pulpit. to which I have invited ye. " the Holy Ghost the Comforter. are seeking to bring on me the punishment which the law assigns to blasphemy and witchcraft but "this only is the witchcraft I have used. For you may make the matter up again. that mocks his misery by showing him he cannot swim to that. and led the poor simpletons to quail and shudder at the thought of committing an unpardonable sin against the fiction. have set up a fiction of their own imaginations merely. if he can do so. without further ceremony I shall fall to. who cannot defend their religion in any other way. and a greater power than either thy God or Saviour. the fat's in the fire. had they been reasonably dealt with. And now for the unpardonable sin against the Holy Ghost. if God the Father and God the Son had really been . true. . : : if he can do so ! Hear it. is called. par eminence. having said grace. eternity." Ere I proceed to serve ye up the intellectual feast. who. by the most cruel irony and sarcasm that was ever couched in language. and be as good friends as ever with God the Father. If a wise and good man saw thousands of his fellow-creatures. credulous women.

in this business. are you there ?" And then waiting till another whiff of wind blows tbe smoke away " jPw sorry for ye. against whom. Nor is the predicament of God the Father. in spite of all that God the Father and God the Son could do to save you. office. — damn you . by the impertinent interference of a third power.THE devil's pulpit. and his Son Jesus Christ. it is impossible not to imagine how God the Father and God the Son might express their sorrow and sympathy at such an unfortunate event. Til see him damned Jirst Your propitiation for sin is no coin that shall pass in my market — . Your Keform Bill is proposed by the representative of God. if you but speak a word. turns me God-'a-mighty round upon his beel. the other house that you know nothing of. and yet you and your bill may be thrown out and lost. could a sane imagination imagine for so superfluous. As with the eye of faith. that's made up mainly by a bench of bishop's. you see. all tight and right for salvation. against my divinity. in imagining a soul damned for having committed the unpardonable sin ag-ainst the Holy Ghost. and thunders on him ''Hark and spare your ye. and. down into Hell Pit. methinks I see God the Father looking over Heaven Wall. and crying. a word a thought. Pel never 'a damned you. no more would my Son. a sin. Since. so mischievous a deity as the Holy Ghost ? more ridiculous plight could hardly be conceived. a whit less ridiculous than that of the damned soul. as far as God and his Son could save 'em but to be damned and lost for ever. approved and sanctioned by the patriotic God. 291 Viends of ours. at the same time. You and your Son may forgive all manner of sin and blasphemy committed against yoiu\sclves as you please.'' When up comes God the Holy Ghost. as must consist of the three estates A : of the realm. in cases of sin against me. my Lord God. attend to your own business mperjluous and uncalled-for pity'. . But this. : ' the blood of Christ may atone for snis committed against as for the blood of Christ. than that of our immortal souls. ''Ah. aud able to settle the business of our salvation oetween themselves. as for my forgiving a blasphemy. But. but his blood:' . a breath. poor sinner / what. . or function. is the consequence of having such a glorious constitution in your Kingdom of Heaven. because there was a third party that required to be consulted on the occasion. that represents no interests of yours. that had been deceived by the clergy to repose a vain and fruitless confidence in them. if imagination is to have fair play. from the bottom of my heart. it's a breach of privilege you are condemned without judge or jury and to Hell you go. what place.

and vapour of smoke. Because. it must be truly horrible. may souod and gist of the argniraent . would insist on receiving the most ample satisfaction. has he given to those who believe in him." which we read about in the service of this Witty Sunday. and to our salvation. . Sirs : but this is the very pith the absolute and inevitable catastrophe of the supposition of an unpardoning and unforgiving God." were wont to understand that Job's comforters were none of the most comfortable comforters. I suppose. bird. ia competent to step in. strange to you. ! Witty Sunday. who have always taught us that we must love our enemies. to the person who has the misfortune to be a sincere believer. if there were any truth in the story. flesh. . or wit. with his Veto upon your bill. only for saying the Lord's prayer backwards. that could possibly be. and how. which is the Holy Ghost. which the church appoints to be kept holy to the peculiar honour of this wonderful good friend of ours. it is that never-pardoning. Because the Holy Ghost is the giver of all wisdom. And by that blessed rule of contraries that runs through every thing of a religious nature. And so the bishops. may be sport to the infidel. or when. who cuts them ofi from all hope. and bless them that curse us. or what right he could have to damn our souls. or beast whether he was masculine. but. instead ol little wit. without ever having whether he inquired who or what he is. fills "em " with all joy and peace in believing. they say. But indeed. it may turn out that the bishops have been smoking us all the while and Whit-Sunday. and pray to the Holy Ghost. . have required us to love and bless. But to crown all this day. if this blood and fire. and pray for them that despitefully use us. or neuter. worship him. for fear they should commit the unpardonable sin against him.292 It THE devil's pulpit. On all of which matters of infinite curiosity. indeed. And after you may have made your peace with God. and are frightened out of their wits. he was first heard of. and who. feminine. should prove to be nothing but a bag of smoke. We This. or where he came from was fish. has got the name of Whit-Sunday. who gets the pretty name of the Comforter. never-forgiving Holy Ghost. when we were all right enough with the other party. who drives men to despair. and a trifle to the hypocrite. through faith in Jesus Christ. outherods Herod. But the Comforter. that is to say. the greatest enemy to us. a man who had the wit which a man should have. and damns 'era to all eternity. ^' .

must have happened after the date assigned to the resurrection of Christ. or down never took place. Some of our learned divines. it would have been quite as witty to have called it Blue Sunday. or goes over the line of the Equator. And white. As it is called in those books. as it is with us. Deity be " up stairs. but WhitSunday means White Sunday. crosses over. and the astronomical Go-over that is. upon Mount Sinai. or my lady's chamber. upon Mount Upstairs into the large upper room. 35 minutes.THE devil's pulpit. and never-to-be-forgotten coincidence. from the day of the Jewish Pass-over. Notwithstanding the pretended celebration of this festival. and the Christian Cross-over. — thought of Black Monday. that a thing never means what it means. Certain it is. so it had never been forgotten that Greenwich Fair is the day afterwards. in thunder and lightning. it lKi])j)ens to be. upon the showing of the Jew-books. because it is the easiest to be put upon : and so the forty-year-old babies have been as much overawed by the terrors of White Sunday. Whit Sunday is also called the day Trevrrjxoarogj is of Pentecost. but in the month of May. or Green Sunday. But the colour of the day could only be derived from some analogy to the colour of the mind. in commemoration of the descent of the third. this most singular. as it is from our Cross-over. And I dare say it does though. from the day when the Sun in the Ecliptic this and — — — passes over. the Twins where. as ever were the ten-year-olds by the . at the time of the Yernal Equinox. and was precisely in commemoration of the descent of the first person of the Trinity." . '' the feast of weeks. it fell on the same day." it : . that this self-same festival was kept for ages before that event. because the word the Greek for Quinquagedrrms that is thefiftiethy day is the fiftieth from Easter that is.'' It being exactly seven weeks from their Passover. if it had not been for the sound of the thing. in honour of the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the apostles in the visible appearance of fiery cloven tongues an event which if it ever happened at all. just entering Gemini. ought to have been fixed for the 1st of April. With that. And in their edition of the story. happily for our illustration. in *' blood and fire. and when the Sun was in the sign of Gemini. and vapour of smoke. 52 seconds of \is first Whether in this Patefaction of the stairs. 293 beiug kept so late as the middle of May. which was always the emblem of simplicity. however tell us. . or Yellow Sunday. at this minute. that Whit-Sunday does not mean Whit-Sunday it being the universal rule in matters of divinity.

as when he shines directly down from his highest point of elevation. or fortaste of the forthcoming abundance and the Sun. the season of love. : to-morrow it will have made the first dedegree. of the word Gust. that is. being particularly gree complete. the beginning of the hay harvest. hohj is but an affectedly solemn and religious-cant utterance of the word hehj. and physically is. and cleared from all the mists that dim his splendour. his heat is not yet so equably diffused. rushing in. or glonfied. or dried out of them. are similar cheats of the sound to hide the sense. The word — My — literal interpretation of their famous conundrum. I know not how. and towards the latter end of it. as our pens and quills are said to be clarified. when all the superfluous moisture. be. purposely adopted to conceal its real meaning and derivation. when the Sun is clarified. though the Sun is thus clarified.294 THE devil's pulpit. as that Greek word is from Heli. in the Greek. mock solemn utterance.^^ — all as yet there (solution. which is clary. and not before. In consequence of which. the summer solstice. and then. So that the surrounding denser air. can be produced only by the Sun. And glory. clear. and glorification. a gust of wind caused by the Sun. in illustration of another enigma. from whence our common words. A Hely Gust that is. But. as he is in May. and goosegrease is. and clarification . shines forth in his full splendour.) was no Holy Ghost because Jesus was not yet That peculiar rushing wind from Heaven. adopted for the same deceitful purpose. For clarified. the Su7i. as over the sands of Africa and over all those parts of the earth which reflect heat. And we can give our Christian clergy a physical. sdETiG) sdo^aadrj. is but the drawling. plus 33 minutes 52 seconds. 39. from the Greek word Helois . which is. but partially. are these words sno) yap rjv rrvevfia aytov on " \vo8(. which signiGod fies the Sun. clearly and clearness. boiled or baked. when the first ingatherings and early fruits crave us a gust. or blast of wind. when he enters the Twins of May. In like manner. clarified. the word Ghost. So your Holy Ghost at last ends in a mere puff of wind. clarified. rational and human health. in consequence. having entirely overcome the mistiness and fogs which attend his He is then said to earlier career. : John vii . causes those rushing mighty minds. where. or Holy GiistSj which render the month of May full often peculiarly unpropitious to : . And this. the air is heated and rarified. this being May 22 May. " He that be- . or a pvff. which I hope I have now made clear to your understandings.

" in Luke's gospel. and not pints.Phoenician woman which came behind him. What would become of such a believer his dearest friends must be afraid of coming near him. not that he cured him of the dropsy the Devil-a-bit. me Yes. or 6e///?u/ him. which was before him. Old Fotbellij. as no man : but he. lieveth in 295 out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. Holloa. seen. or vie with him in honest labours. " before him'' that is. observed. where are you ? The text supplies an answer even to that question. and touched the hem of his garment. Luke mentions Christ's healing a certain man.THE devil's pulpit. was indeed a certain man that very particular certain man. a certain man. sirs the " certain man which had the dropsy. Beheld where ? He's not here. not in his presence. that had such a very particular sort of dropsy. or gallons. surely. is a man that may be beheld. Could wilder nonsense. to rationalize society. yes ! And : : St. and the most inordinate dropsy that ever was in the world. the Waters may be living. as was the certain Cyro. the evangelist points him out to us. as if it had been a very kind and charitable thing to cure a man of the dropsy. and benefit to be conferred on a man as a reward for his believing in Christ. It will give a man the dropsy in his belly. that we may be more particular as to the identity of that man. but which is the key of the whole riddle. John. seeking to brand him with the name of evil disposed wicked person. He'd overwhelm us. looked at. ^^ This certain man with the Behold/'' " Behold a certain man. we have the dropsy." dropsy. but the Devil's in't if the man must not be dying. but before him that is. than this? or than the best interpretation of this. described as a privilege. for that was as bad as ever. for fear of being drowned. . could more execrable insanity. and to assign him to the penalties due to felony and crime? As see ye. with that particular admonitory hint to us. and stark staring madness resound through the walls of Bedlam. and which had the dropsy. then. But here. which had the dropsy.'* this is Christian instruction for you this is the blessed effect of believing in Christ. which nobody takes any notice of. . but rivers of living waters ? Grod. than when you see them unable to meet a man in argument. in St. or quarts. that any clergyman you ever heard before in your lives could ever give you ? Or could you have clearer demonstration that your clergy really are enemies to the diffusion of good sense and rational learning among men. inhn way: so that Jesus must run over him if he does not get out of liis certain ! And — — way And then it follows that he " healed" him— that is.

when he takes wp. and on the Son of Man. and let him go^ Aquarius." says John. unless Christ himself were an impostor. that he would not point his finger and laugh. signifying merely that he shone upon him that is. though out of his belly flow rivers of living water. like the Pagan Augurs. the S'l^n. the genius of January. and. Hoo Loo. is in the letter so excessively and inordinately silly. on the apostles. or descent of the Holy Ghost. " He breathed on them. no two of them would venture to speak of it in the presence of a third. as the believer in Christ. he had actually given them the Holy Ghost. most egregiously ashamed of the Acts of the Apostles so much so.— 296 '^^^ devil's pulpit. and lets him go. takes this Bearer. which constitutes this constellation. passes through it so he as David calls upon the Sun to do. that we find our Christian ministers. ^' he took him. and so appears agaia in the gospel of St. and lets it go that he may pull himself out of the mire and clay of winter. yea impossible. and enters into the group. they job the job. dropsical man. that ^twould kill him to take it away. as it stands in his annual course. notwithstanding their mendacious professions of not being ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. consequently. in his gospel. when before his ascension. as the sacred words are. the Water And Jesus every year. literally and physically. that though. The witty miracle. whose successors they are. He has a relapse of this complaint every spring of the year . annually take place at the time of the Sun's entering into the constellation of Aquarius. shines in it. in order heals it. with the pot right upon his belly and rivers of living water literally and annually flowing out of it. like the poor Chinese. so used to his tumour. . of saying as little about it as possible from their pulpit. in healed him. : : the apostles receive the Holy Ghost. put them in full possession of all the advantages that could attend the possession of that gift. and And here you see the old boy. 22 j and For how could were already in full . and Suns him. . the most famous rivers of the whole earth. by the rule of contraries. whom thou madest so strong for thine own self" Psalm 80. after his ascension. but he healed him that word. he Sunned him. from Helios. John. " Let thy hand be upon the man of thy right hand. For first the miracle was wholly superfluous and unnecessary. So Jesus is not said to cure him. which runs through the whole of sacred writ. which I am sure he was not. xx. As the inundations of both the Nile and the Ganges. when they possession of the Holy Ghost ? And how could Christ possibly send down the Holy Ghost from Heaven. without making him promise.

they made up but one congregation. to enable them to speak all the — languages of the earth in a moment of time. and even spoke their own so clownishly and ungrammattically. before they could have wit enough to know how to exercise that power. with in the Trinity was come to visit them. *' that they were unlearned and ignorant men." not to say the first floor down the chimney. For. must lead us to think that these two were the representatives of all the rest so that. 13* . in reality. and the gift of tongues. TO VTrepcjov: with this still more critical and curious piece of exactthat this rushing mighty wind from Heaven. after having received the Holy Ghost. which might have seemed particular enough but not till the day of Pentecost wsls fully come. But out again. however many of them. As if this matter were regulated with the precision of a chronometer. when. saith unto retained. The hint given to our observance. one accord. to be in a sitting position. 13. they are could priestly pride and arrogance want more than this? could it be but a mere sending coals to Newcastle? to supply 'em with any more Holy . that even the Bowstreet magistrates took notice of Peter and John. we should not only : : ! : — . and had but two dignities of the first magnitude among them. the two principals. would have been given to men who had yet to wait till Wit Sunday. Holy Ghost. is in the Greek of the immediately preceding chapter. or on the day of Pentecost. which was the ness. where they were with one accord. " suddenly there came a sound from Heaven. there were but two of them on whose heads the fiery tongues actually sat and who were in that " large upper room.THE devil's pulpit. and it filled all the house where they were sitting. in one place so that. was to come. to say enough about it. that whenever the Holy Ghost is cnnceriuHl with a man's uvpar stonj. and. in this affair of the tongues in which Peter. called." they were sitting . sirs must have been. to endure them with supernatural wisdom." Acts iv. And the one place. that the next day they had forgotten all those learned languages. after all.'* 29*1 them are : " Receive ye the remit.Ghost. after such a blow-out as this ? What What And can we suppose. was the only one who seemed to make any use of his tongue. not about the time of Pentecost merely. like their impudence. The prominence of Peter and John. that the power to forgive and retain sins. they remittedy Holy Ghost fVhosoever sins yc and whosever sins ye retain. we find. is. this is but half the foolery on't. when the third person *' They were all. as of a rushing mighty wind. it Sitting. or sufficient of the gift of talking.

" Your daughters shall prophesy. and your old men shall dream dreams. maki«ng the best apology they can for them. like the clapper in a cherry tree. that it was impossible that they could be drunk. say. and sober calm." explains to them. And then he tips 'em off that fine specimen of rational argument. So that their friends.— !298 THE devil's pulpit." As you may see and hear for yourselves. You may hear them rattle away. as the Holy Ghost means most literally nothing more than the Sun-heated air that is. a bloody Moon. the more of the^Holy Gust blows upon. because they had only been drinking for three hours." : — — — We — . or a Gust rushing through a hole as it is expressly called. how could it be wrought up to finer effect. " who spoke only as the Spirit gave them utterance. that they must be drunk. your young men shall see visions. " Grant us by the same spirit to have in her Witty Sunday collect a right judgment in all things. " lifting up his voice. Whereupon the chief speaker among them. only to listen for a few moments. All the louder. that they have indeed the gift of tongues most abundantly. s?e which way the wind blows. Had the severest sarcasm that ingenuity could devise. to this day. a Holy Gust. as the daws and sparrows that are fools enough to be frightened at it. that is. have been intended (and who could say that it was not intended ?) in this witty miracle. while they themselves are as unconscious of any meaning in their clamour. And as a fui'ther proof that they were not drunk. Amen'^ that is to say Ammon that is to say Gammon. or intelligible congruity with their tongues. and what passes for eloquence at the other shops. and vapour and smoke. he beseeches them. " seeing it was but the third hour" of the day. under the influence of a brain fever. in what they call extemporaneous preaching. without any sort of sense or articulate coherency. than in the exhibition of a set of fellows. Of which propriety the church throws us out a pretty broad hint. blood and fire. we must be up to Gammon. imagining that the heat they felt about the head was a tongue of fire. how rationally and sober he can talk. but by knots"on the tops of their night-caps. but the Devil-a-bit of the gift of common sense." And we see that it is the property of the wind to produce a mere noise. see what kind of use they would be likely to make of their tongues. and manly reasoning. and that the ramblings of their delirium were spoken." and. " a rushing mighty wind. a dark Sun. but also be very particular as tc what time o' the day it is with him. and all the faster. " standing up. not by the tongues of their mouths. and take a special care to have a right judgment in all Holy Ghost transactions. in order to prove that they were not drunk. Thus.

the ministers of divine wisdom are put into the fittest place for all the divi»e ministers. or Twins of May). for the safety of the public. philosophical. that this would be the impression. the Gemini. that though it is in the system of their theology. they turn their faces from him. as that you ever heard. Such is the impression. the great object of desire to the personified genius of the Sun. they who dared not come and hear it. 'tis at the wrong side of their mouths. where. And For see. sirs. present we here that rational. about this Holy Ghost affair. are most literally with — — ." And here are her children. would necessarily produce on any honest mind And so well aware are the privileged deceivers of the people. But mad and is all : foolish beyond all names of madness and folly. mad as they are. in church or chapel It is not madness nor foolishness that we offer you at the Rotunda. so that how many soever they were. the Gemini of May.-ewd cunning which accompanies madness.THE devil's pulpit. : But "Wisdom is justified of her children. can they return the -compliment and laugh at mine ? Indeed they cannot or. laugh at their interpretations of scripture. that they always shirk it. as if to push him off: While he coaxes them to him " Suffer the little children to come in these allegorical words unto me. they made up but one unanimous congregation ? Solution. to expose themselves to the laughter which would attend on any explanation they could give. 299 Whereupon the more sensible part of their hearers sue out a Wiit de Lunatico Inquirendo: and. to all the analogies of their historical nonsense of the day of Pentecost. in the gospel pantomime. that the story in any relations to an historical character of it. the sine qua noii : the great and ultimate prool of Christ's resurrection (as it really is in nature. and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of : : Heaven. on the fiftieth day from Easter. and Master Castor is holding up his hand. Were they all with one accord in one place. have too much of that sh. the proof of the Sun's having reached the great object of his desire. thougli only 25 in the catalogues of Ptolemy and Tycho. and demonstrative solution. which are 85 in Flamstead's catalogue. call blasphemy. indeed. as you see. Problem 1. I. of this witless Whit Sunday witty miracle. the Sun's position really and literally on the day of Pentethat is."' And Such cost — is of such as you see. for fear they should be convinced. if they did. The Stars which make up the whole constellation of Gemini. really is the Kingdom of Heaven. Even the maddest of our evangelical preachers. which.

who are the two who represent the whole conipauY. Castor and Pollux. Their identity with the disciples is further sustained by the fact of their eternal childhood.— 300 '^H^ DETIL'S PULPIT. The Castor and Pollux of the Zodiac are repre^ Solution. one accord in one place. notwithstanding their beards were thick enough. Where he A . and were both believed to be oviparous that is. "And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire. had better hold their tongues lest other children should apply to them the : proverb " Tell tale tit Your tongue shall be slit.'' as in John xiii. Problem they were. '•little children. The Gemini. answering to two brothers. upon the two only. with their eyes sufficiently open to see exactly what it Vas that they were reading. it is up indeed. And here are the cloven tongues like as of fire. it is called in the Greek ro vrrspcDov that egg above. represented in a sitting position. and it sat upon each of them J' E9 eva SKaarov avrcjv that is. Peter and John. the wife of Tyn- Problem 4. but nobody has read." sitting upon the heads of each of the brothers. or Peter and Thomas. or a cloven tongue. when the Holy Ghost house u'here they ivere setting. literally. But the most curious and literal of all these analogies is that contained in those words of sacred writ. ing each other. as representatives of the whole constella•• — — tion. or Twins of May. and were the only two who made any use of their tongues. e'en is 'Solution. upon both of them that is. in which relation us. as we find them addressed by Christ. Castor and Pollux. and always were Solution. the pretty prattling children of the Zodiac. to appearances with —In called room." slit tongue.— And — is. they were sitting. sented as hardly out of the shell. born from the egg of Lceda. if they could not prattle better stuff than the pantomime sets down for them. are. the two boys kissing and cuddl- Vrohlem 2. both before and after his resurrection. — And what particular large upper an upper room. and filled all the — 3. Peter and John. consisting of two brothers. — And came. in the — — darus. 33. by the wheedlmg epithet. never being emblematical of any thing else than a lying tongue. which every body has read. who. and form but one constellation. up in the vanity arch so high above our heads.

yet a little while I am with you. when the first star in the toe of Castor. from "a rushing mighty wind "). record their accurate knowledge of the proper motions and relations of the heavenly bodies. surely. And hence. never varied observance of the principle. and and. that they should always be And But here . surely. The Pagan story of Castor and Pollux. there appearing upon the heads of Castor and Pollux two lambent that is. the two Equinoctial points are respectively at the eastern and western edge of the horizon. is at the Zenith. from this day. sure enough. May 22. in all theologies. consisting alike as all systems of theology have done. Jesus Christ preaches his sermon from the Mount. when he leaves the little children." which. whither he goes passes into Cancer the Crab : : they cannot come.in the Argonautic expedition. for all the sense your clergy could ever give you ot it. to bring back the Golden Fleece. of an allegory upon natural phoenomena. thology of Castor and Pollux ran. 301 Bpeaks to them. till Wednesday. Castor and Pollux were believed to preside in an especial manner over all courts of law and justice. and it sat flames upon each of them :" which appearance was followed by so great a calm. Whit Sunday. and of infinitely higher antiquity than the story as we have it in Diodorus Si cuius. saved the vessel from a dreadful storm (that is. at that moment. sailing with Jason. And. and whither I go ye cannot come. in this enigmatical fiction. like mamma to her little pets. As the myis the solution of the whole mystery.THE devil's pulpit. that the persons on whose heads the fiery tongues had been seen were divinely : — inspired. as left no doubt on the minds of any of them. Jupiter thunders forth his decrees from the top of Blount Olympus Yahough or Jehovah gives his laws from the top of — Mount Sinai. But philosophically most accurate the little while that he is with the little children. as in the visible heavens. is as pretty a " Bye baby bunting Your father's gone a hunting. which is quite of as good authority. " Little children. of the Acts of the Apostles relates that these Gods. that the promulgation of the law should always be from the top of a mountain. So did the ancient astronomers. June 22." as ever lulled to rest the tetchy squallers of the nursery. is. ^' cloven tongues like as of fire. the origin and never altered.

The eagle itself being identified with Jupiter in the Pagan Mythos. END OF THE DISCOURSE OX THE HOLY GHOST.'* Here is St. is thus identified with the Ganymede or Antinous of the Pa: gan Mythology. .302 THE devil's pulpit. on whom the cloven tongue had sat when he was in the large upper room. as the Pigeon of the Gospel is identified with the Holy Ghost in the Christian fable the beloved disciple with his PZagle on the pediment of your Christian Cathedral. carried away by the eagle of Jupiter. in whom he is well pleased. is the Holy Ghost flyiog away with *'his beloved Sou. in the Zodiac. John. turned into the boy Antinous. : so that when one was in Heaven the antipodes to each other Here you see precisely opposite to the other should be in Hell place of Castor and Pollux.

THi ' DiVil'S PDIPIT. that the defects of the ellipsis in the one being to be sujh plied by the periphrasis of the other. but here we'll have the kernel." What a droll conceit. no prize from him can gain. than that it leaves us a leg . we shall give the clergy such a kick bye and bye as shall not leave them a leg to stand on. sirs give you the shells only for your money at the other shop. I-see [legacy. " He gives to beasts their food. . which God hath us. He He " He He delighteth not in the strength of the horse taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man. these legs. I guess and I defy the wit of man to give a better guess why the Bible should be called the Old Testament— that is.. The nimble There's nuts for us to crack. the last Will and Testament of" God." Brady and Tales Version. PREACHED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. that God-a'-mighty should have any obThere must be some understanding in jection to a man's legs." Bible Version. B." Sternhold and Hopkins Version.) And if bequeathed to we but make a right use of the legs. : ** values not the warlike steed. But the new Testament and the Old are so essentially interwoven. IT IS:'— Allan Cunningham. has no pleasure in the strength of a horse Neither delighteth he in any man's legs. man's legs. like different translations of . AT THE ROTUNDA. They There's for ye. but doth his strength disdain foot that swiftly runs. THE REV ROBERT TAYLOR. 1831. and to young ravens when they cry His pleasure not in strength of horse." Prayer Booh Version. Here's a bit of divine revelation for us ''The Lord hath no pleasure in the strength of a horse neither delighteth he in any ! : . A. *' MAY 29. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT SAINT PHILIP: A SERMON. nor in man's legs doth lie. . BLACKFRIARS-ROAD.

or it means something that smells and I'll answer for it. and it really and truly is the word of God. 25 "Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men. and personifications. my brethren : "The Lord's ways are not as our ways. who offers the Cup of Salvation to our souls. analogies. God forbid that I should throw out an irreverential insinuation against bis incomprehensible Majesty. and letting God speak his own language. in 1 Corinth. There are always to be found in the New Testament characters. it becomes ns to submit our wisdom to his folly. — . for an occasional symptom of his having been a little bit in his cups himself. of the stable. so it is not for us erring mortals to arraign our heavenly Father. i. whom the apostle denounces for beguiling unstable souls. Thus. "The Lord delighteth not in a man's legs neither hath he pleasure in the strength of a horse . As the holy apostle admonisheth us in those holy words. or let it mean whatever in the Devil's name it may mean it either means nothing. that if the almighty did not occasionally relieve his infinite widsom from the stretch." turn it which way you please. Not handling the word of God deceitfully. after his own likeness. or translations of this evidently enigmatical portion of the word of God. and in his own way. the way of interpreting Scripture. and the weakness of God is stronger than men. It's a bit of horsemanship that Mr. which supply the key to the blue chamber of the Old Testament. and his thoughts nonsensical thoughts. which assures us that God made man in his own image. For ye see. — : . but we should lose the grandest evidence of the truth of our holy faith. as they do. Ductow. has been that which Scripture itself proposes. affords a strength of demonstration as to the significancy and intention. therefore. not only would his infinite wisdom wear out. at Astley's theatre." And. the same original. by concluding at once that ifs a way that he has . nor his thoughts as our thoughts. could give ye a more rational explanation of it than the Archbishop of Canterbury.— 304 THE devil's pulpit. and to settle the quarrel with our faith. than which nothing which is called demonstration can be more demonstrative. the one is said to be typical of the other and. when his ways seem to us to be strange ways. which I have uniformly adopted. in all possible renderings. but comparing spiritual things with spiritual." And our own reason must show us. So that as Nemo mortalium omnibus horis sapit no man is wise at all times. But when J find the holy . however droll and strange to us that way of his may seem to be. — : got. by condescending to make a fool of himself occasionally. therefore.

a Philip. that he's downright drunk. that the lover. through all the windings of the Cretan Labyrinth. show us the Father? Believewt thou not that I am in the Father. that "he hath no pleasure in the strength of a horse. So it is the chilly and cheerless Apostle Philip of the gospel. is expressed in the Greek w^ord Philippos. during which there is but little pleasure for either man or horse. a slight glimpse of the Sun. who alone. identify this Lord that had no pleasure in the legs of a man.' But not more evident than the state of divine inspiration. and most reverential mode of only insinuating that his Omnipotence may be supposed to be capable of an holy indiscretion. or delighter in a horse.'' or a mere sight of him. at this season. exactly answering to so much of the definition of the Lord in the Old Testament. of all the twelve. neither delighteth he in any man's legs. will be enough for the gloomy days of November. the sports of hunting. The Sagittarius of the Zodiac is. whatever may be the state of divine inspiration. will. hath seen the Father and how sayest thou. and but little in the strength of a horse. then. Philip ? He that hath seen me. and yet hast tfiou not known me. and all the lower part a horse a mauj therefore. a man down to the loins only. ^'Lord. but the Fatlu'r that dwelleth in me he doth the works. when complaining in the language of our text.: — THE devil's pulpit. show us the that is. without feeling much of his heat. hardly making amends for the chilly and cheerless prospect of approaching winter. the disciple of Christ in the gospel allegory. I take the very humblest. that 1 speak unto you I speak not of myself. 305 word so little mincing the matter." But. In the strength of this horse the Lord has no pleasure. — literally. constellation in the month of November. with : the holy apostle Philip. from whence that allegory was taken. the basis of the name Philip. as to let it bolt out. modest. reason is always sober and shews the certain etymological fact. the gloomy genius of November. says to his master. but those of a horse man growing to a horse and so a lover of a horse. as you see. To which he is answered in the language of a most perfect and scientific allegorical — astronomy "Have I been so long time with you. and the half-man and half-horse of the Zodiac. and in The Sun is in this the legs of a man this horse has no occasion. a man not having a man's legs. and the Father in me ? The words . and H sujfficeth us. Believe me that 1 am in the — . as brings the idea of a man and horse together that is. most — — : A . Father.

therefore. his twice repeated oath." John xiv. — believer. "Yerily. prayed to." So that it a believer in Christ would but take his course through the interior of Africa. then. As Saint Paul instructs us ^that the wisdom of God (which is wise enough with the boys and girls) is foolishness with men. and be thou planted in the sea and it should obey you. the pretenders to faith are the most impudent hypocrites that ever insulted reason for it is as impossible that a man should possess faith. — 8—12. and the Father in me work's sake. can answer to the definition . prove to me that he is a believer in Christ. . "though he were dead. be a definition of a believer in Christ. the man shall beat the master. There can be no doubt at all that the Holy Apostle. and greater works than because I go unto my Father. and whosoever believeth and liveth in him shall never die. By God. then. "He that believeth in Christ. as Christ himselt. and greater works than these Where is shall he do . YqH ly. committing the most flagrant blasphemy. " None. "He that believeth in me. as that he should remove mountains. all things are possible to him that believeth. the works that I do shall he do also. verily." Nothing. these shall he do : . be thou plucked up by the root. I say unto you He that believeth on me. and worshipped. — : of a believer in Christ. (if any man on earth can) I'd be quite as ready to worship him." being in strength of affidavit no less than By God. Yerily. : or else believe me for the very Father. he might be the means of fertilizing the whole sandy desert. ye might say to this Sycamore tree. sirs. and. and Christ with him. which is to find out our man. which is mortal. we may eSectuate the business of this indagation. by that very pretence. If this. Philip. Saint was a believer in Christ. setting himself above Omnipotence. but the Almighty himself can be a is so. then. "And if ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed. is one with Christ. He is in Christ.306 THE devil's pulpit. who answers to the definition ? or how can a man call himself a believer in Christ." that is. there a Christian upon earth at this day. and asserting his possession of superior miraculous powers ? " If thou canst believe. yet shall he live. He that believeth in Christ. . "Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. and by the clue of these definitions. making himself superior to Christ. as his master." Then surely. and Christ in him." And is as much entitled to be believed in. without. and sure it sirs if Christ himself is to be believed upon his oath. adored. the works that I do shall he do also.

" we had better be satisfied with knowing that Philip. nmst be of as high authority. all sixes and sevens So Philip. 9. which we find always so ingeniously chase.«^ . that was actually written by the but. one of the seven evangelists. professed to possess a genuine and real gospel. was one of the seven somethings. or else one of the seven days of the week. e. called the Gnostics. and that because they stuck at nothinir. if they did. that Philip. 3()'y And hunter. . "of Philip. however. as either of the gospels of Matthew. or else one of the seven gates in the Holy City. according to Saint Philip. or else one of the seven archangels. as I am in the habit of supplying my customers with. or else one of the seven deadly sins. in Acts xxi. it only sh(»\v. : — : . The earliest sect of Christians. the evangelist. unfortunately. or John. because. said that the gospels which the Gnostics received. if an evangelist means a writer w^as Philip the evangelist of the gospel. was one of the seven thmg-i'-me-hohs. which. or else one of the seven gifts of the spirit. as Matthew. or else one of the seven heavens. if it be not quite so much information about Saint Philip. or some-als. or else one of the seven eyes in God-a'mighty's forehead. who called themselves Orthodox Christians. or else one of the seven Stars in Jesus Christ's right hand. or else one of any of the seven holy or seven unholy things. or else one of the seven vials of wrath. the writers of our four gospels are therefore called the four evangelists then Philip. the evangelist. the evangelist.- . Luke. and the gospel. for fear of being "wise above what is written. or. who was one of the Seven that is. Mud the Gnostics were 7L()-s(. were no-gospels. with this more especial inducement to the we have been told that Philip had four daughters which did prophesy so that. that : — — contrived to set the brains of religious people in the state th^t their brains are always found to be in i. and John. It is something. to know. by stealing a march upon Saint Philip. and quite as essential to our salvation.ckx (brged their gospels themselves: which. the later sects holy evangelist. Mark. Luke. Saint Philip of Christians. the Evangelist. we may run a chance of scraping acquaintance with the Misses Philip. I suppose. than by havino* a good hunt after him. or else one of the seven planets. is a fifth evangelist. and getting our fortunes told.— THE devil's pulpit. the evangelist. Mark. or else one of the seven golden candlesticks. As we read. God Almighty knows that it's quite as much as you'll get for your money at the other shop. as we have more than a hint that Philip wns a oroat We cannot follow his holy example better. or else one of the seven summer months. or else one of the seven seals of prophecy.. the evangelist.


THE devil's pulpit.

sticks Christians must be, in having no suspicion that others might play the game as well as they. But of Philip, the evangelist, whatever became of his evangely, we have the most positive information that he "had four daughters, I should not wonder if virgins which did prophesy," Acts xxi. 8. But their names were Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. since it shows that we have not their prophesying is vexatious but, between the sticks in only been derived of Philip's gospel every thins:, and the sticks at nothing, we have been done out of the Miss Philips' prophecies and here has been all this divine Here is infinite widsom running out at inspiration thrown away. an inspiring the spigot, and no Cup of Salvation to catch it, God, the mind that rules the universe, in the fountain of all knowledge, throwing away its suggestions as if they were of no more account than the froth in a bottle of ginger beer. Had we been by when the cork was drawn, we might have been sprinkled But as it is, alas! No more of the sweet water of into salvation. life hath flowed down to us than hath served to breed locusts and


caterpillars, in the stinking ditches of priestcraft.

Tell they us, that the four gospels are enough, and that we ought to be satisfied with the prophecies of their Isaiahs, and Jeremiahs, and Zachariahs, and Zephaniahs, and Jeberechiahs ? they lie against the testimony of their own book in so telling us *'For thus saith the Lord God, the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means."


And if it hadn't been to support the craft of the priests, should never have been curst by their prophets, or evangelists


Would we do away with divine revelation altogether? I answer, certainly not, with the Miss Philips' divine revelations but none but the Miss Philips for us. Let them produce the Miss Philips' prophecies, and they would convert the whole infidel world. For I am as sure as I am of my own existence, that no infidel would ever give the lie to the ladies. Notwithstanding the positive assertions of Scripture, that Saint Philip had "four daughters, virgins which did not prophesy," we learn from ecclesiastical history (Euseb. lib. 3. c. 30), which never contradicts Scripture, that he had but three daughters, two whereof, Eusebius says, persevered in their virginity but the other was not quite so persevering. The two old maids, he says, died at Hierapolis, that never-to-be-forgotten Hierapohs, or Holy City, and Heliopolis, that City of the Sun, in which all these virgins and prophetesses, and evangelists, and saints, and martyrs,

come by

their saintships,

and martyrdoms, and




THE devil's pulpit.


executions, so as to leave no account of their havinj:^ been executin the calenders of any city or country upon earth. The other Miss Philip, as we learn from the same Eusebius, *' lived a very spiritual life," and died at Ephesus. Ephesus;, as have heretofore demonstrated in theological geography, not being any


city so called upon earth, but another compartment of that selfsame llierapolis, or Heliopolis. Of the holy apostle, Saint Philip, all that we learn from our prayer book is, that he goes partners with James the Less, in the religious honours of the chimney-sweeps* holiday, the 1st of May, when the parsons, for no reason that they could ever tell anybody, tell G-od Almighty to grant that they, following the steps of his

holy apostles, Saint Philip and Saint James, may steadfastly walk in the way that leadeth to eternal life, through the same, his Son Jesus Christ, their Lord, Ammon. Of all which mystical language, the whole meaning is couched in that last word Ammon, and may be found out by spelling ammon, with a capital Gr to it. Of this holy apostle. Saint Philip, all we learn from critical orthography is, that no Jew, or inhabitant of Jerusalem, or Hebrew, if we were to suppose the existence of a Hebrew or Jewish nation, (which I deny), could ever have been called by that name. For Philip is not a Hebrew name but, like Andrew, Nicodemus, John, Thomas, James, Alexander, Eufus, and many others, of Greek derivation proving so incidently with ten thousand other proofs, that the original Greek, in a sense which Christian critics never yet had the honesty to contemplate, was the original indeed. The word Flulijp, literally signifying, lover of a horse, metaphorically became a name expressive of the character of jockeys,


huntsmen, equestrians, farriers, riders. Horsemen, as we call them to this day, men delighting in the menage, training, and care of that noble animal, tlie horse, than in the care and management of which no man can be witlier or better employed. But the light of science breaks inhere upon the faintly delineated Philip of the gospel.

God-man of the Christian fable, rides into his original site in the Starry Heavens, and the holy apostle, Saint Philip, of an idiotishly-belicved fable, is the Sagittarius of astronomical science.


horseman-like, the

back again

Of the holy apostle. Saint Philip, the holy fable, that is to say, " Now Philip was of Bethsaidu, the holy gospel, expressly states John i. 44. the city of Andrew and Peter."


THE devil's


We have already settled our reckoniogs with Andrew, and Peter, James, John, Thomas, and Judas. We have already ascertained and demonstrated, even with the accuracy of mathematical demonstration, the precise astronomical positions of Saint Peter, the keeper of heaven gate, at the gate going into that heavenly city, and his brother Andrew, the keeper of the gate, at the going out of that city. What other, then, could that city of Peter and Andrew be, than the city which lay between the stations Peter and Andrew that is, as every city must lie, between the gate that leads into it, and the gate that leads out of it. That city of Andrew and Peter was also the city of Philip, and

also is called Betluaida. But what light reflects the meaning of that word Bethsaida, as constituting an exegesis, or further definition of the city of Andrew and Peter ? Or. if Philip were a man at all, what the better or worse man should he be for being of Bethsaida 1 Or of what such consequence could it be that we should know that Philip was of Bethsaida, that it should be worthy of divine revelation, divinely to reveal, and to inspire a particular parenthesis, stopping the general tenor of the business of divine revelation, to give us, as it were, a rap on our knuckles a sort of mind ye, sirs, now, what you'r about ? Remember, Philip was op

Well, what of that ? There is so much of that as amounts to another, added to one hundred thousand concurrent demonstrations, that in every text, in every parenthesis, in every phrase of your gospels, there is proof inherent, that they are not true, and never were intended to pass for truth, or for anything more than what they are that is, a veil thrown over astronomical science, and allegory and fiction merely.



ra (Bet-Tsada), is literally the house of the hunter. Here, we have the whole enucleation, and o 6tr]iXiTog ano Bi^Oaa'CSa,

Philip of Bethasida, is identified with the lover of the horse, the horse-man, or half man and half horse, in the house or mansion of the hunter, which is the place of the Sagittarius of the Zodiac, and is the city of Andrew and Peter the Philip of the New Testament being none other than the Nimrod of the old. " Cash begat Nimrod ; he began to be a mighty one in the earth," that is, among the constellations which fall below the Equator, which are called of the earth, or earthy, as distinguished from the constellations of the northern hemisphere, which are called heavenly. And as Nimrod is distinguished in the Genesis as he who " began to be a mighty one," so Philip, the hunter of the gospel fable, has the honour of being the frst called to be a disciple of Christ. " He

THE devil's pulpit.


was a mighty hunter before the Lord." Wherefore it is said, " even as Nimrod, the mighty hunter before the Lord." Genesis
X. 9.

And here you see, on the celestial globe, is the gloomy genius that is, the ninth God-Berith, of Novem-BuR each of thf^se stations of the heavens deriving its name from its ancient Tsahaism, or Stag-uwship, whence, in the Phoenician tongue, the word Beth-Saida, the house, station, temple, or constellation of the hunter and, for the whole of them generally, Beth, Baal, Berith, Bryanfs Analysis, Vol. III., p. 210. the temple of the Gods Berith.


read in Judges viii. 33 " And it came to pass as soon as Gideon was dead, that the children of Israel turned again, and went a whoring after Baalim, and made Baal Berith their God."

As you


God forbid that we should find any fault with the language of divine inspiration only, on our carnal way of thought, we grownup folks, cannot help thinking that the Israelites must have been a very forward race of people, when the children of Israel went a


the Gods, Berith in the singular number, Ber, is retained in conjunction with the Latin words, Sepiem OctOy Novem, Decern, in our Septem Ber, Octo Ber, Novem Ber, Decern Ber. now, I think, begin to ken in what sense this Novem Ber, or Ninth God Berith, this Philip, or Horse Man, in Bethsaida, the house or station of the hunter, gets the name, in common with others, of the evaiigelist. Acts xxi. 8. " The house of Philip the evangelist," an evangelist meaning " a preacher of the gospel," and to preach the gospel, meaning, to do what no man on earth ever did, or could do, what none but the twelve apostles, that is, the

The name of


twelve Signs of the Zodiac, and the Sun, as shining in and through those signs, could do, that is, as Christ himself has told you what Luke iv. 19. " To preach the acceptable year of the Lord,'' it is. that is, to indicate time, Siud to regulate and point out the beginnings and ends of the months, and seasons of the year.

These, then, are the only preachers of the gospel, the natural whose houses or celestial mansions are in that *' city set upon a hill," which " cannot be hid," where they are set *' for signs and for seasons, and for days and for years ;" and from the study of which we learn the " word of the Lord.'' They alone are the believers in Christ, who, " where he is, thtn-o
lights of the world,

are they also." They alone are the believers



have everlasting





THE devil's pulpit.

that is. the Diabloloi, or signs which are alone •' cast out devils," They alone speak the same science in all the adverse to them. They alone " drink deadly poison," absorb laniruafres of the earth. They alone, the" putrid exhalations of the earth, and are unhurt. in annual succession, appear as " in Christ when Christ is in them." They alone are so essentially homogene with him, that the eflFects ascribed to him are equally ascribable to. them. The works which he doth do. they do also and greater works than these do they do. because he goeth to his father.'' He proceeds from sign to sign, by an attraction which keeps him within the range of our Solar System. They are distinctive Suns to Systems of their own. Suns brighter than ours, producing more glorious objects of creation, and lighting up happier worlds

through the gallery of immeasurable space. But I have another Philip for you, which will leave the astronomical identity of this believer in Christ beyond all ambiguity. Your last Scriptural Philip is found in Acts ix. 26, where the Angel of the Lord spake unto Philip, saying, " Arise and go toward the South, unto the way that goeth down from Jerusalem unto Gaza, which is desert."

Why, look ye, sirs these are the very relations of the Philip He ?.s literally going toward the the Horse-man "^of the Zodiac. South." He is going down from Jerusalem as almost the whole body of the constellation falls below the tropic of Capricornus, the and he goes into Goat, his head alone being within the Zodiac









the Hebrew for a goat; and '-'Gaza,'' which is none other than a definition of the unfruitful and deso-

Ber. he preached to the eunuch, an eunuch literally signifying the fine and frosty nights of the beginning of winter a ''fine mght,''' being the most convenient for astronomical observations. "• An eunuch, under Candace. Queen of the Ethiopians,^' the most beautiful figure of language that could be conceived for a fine night, the Sliver moon, pale regent of the dark ones, being under, or set. And he preached, not of the triumphs of the Sun in Summer, but of his humiliation after his having descended below the Scales of September, and therefore having come into the neighborhood of " In his humiliation," he says, '' his judgment was taken Philip. away," that is, when the Sun comes to the Equator, at the Autumnal foot of the Celestial Arch, he is in Libra, the house of judgment, and his effulgence, of course, renders the Stars which constitute the house of judgment invisible. And thus, In his humiliation his judgnit^nt is taken away."




THE devil's pulpit.


But mark ye



Philip, with his fine night, rides as they




an' if here


coach they ride


Wain, the Great Northern Bear, on which, with your own eyes, and every night of your lives, you may see the whole heavens riding round in royal pomp, and proclaiming, in one and the selfsame demonstration, the everlasting truth of science, and the utter
falsehood of the gospel. But how far did the gentlefolks ride in continuation of their discourse upon the humiliation of Christ? Why, through the whole remaining winter season, they travelthat is, the Goat, which led all through " Gaza, which is desert" is the constellation of the barren and frosty December, till they come into Aquarius, the constellation of January, which establishes He the faith of the ''fair night,'' that the sun is re-ascending. cries out, *' See, here is water, what doth hinder me to be baptiz-


Baptized he is. they were come nj) out of the water that is, when the water is at the zenith, just at the moment when it passes the zenith, the horseman, Sagittarius, sinks below the horizon, at the point, South-west by West. The Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch, the fine nights, saw him no more. " And he went on his way rehis w^ay being upwards in the course of the Sun, towards joicing," the summer months. But Philip was found at Azoius that is, in Hell, the place of them that go down to the pit, the unsaved. In the Pit of Destruction.


And when

And thus, in the theatre of the starry heavens, as well as upon the stage on earth, we find one man in his turn plays many parts and we can truly say, that whatever they may talk of at the gospel shop, we have here " Good entertainment for man and horse."
* And here, sirs Could you entertain a doubt if you were to try to do so that -with your definitions established your controversy Gaza, which is desert Gaza being the Hebrew for a Goat; the (5oat being the sign which the Sun enters when the Earth is shut up in deepest winter, When indeed it is desert: and the name Samson, "iVriJwJ Shemshen,



literally signifying the

That Samson carrying away the gates of Sun. Gaza, and bearing them on his shoulders up the Hill of Hebron, never meant any thing else than the Sun, dashing his mighty way out of hi.s wintry prison, and bearing the nature which he had borne in December, up the hill which he climbs in his annual course through the Zodiac. And that Christ rising from his Tomb is another version, but not so
good a one of the same astronomical allegory.


THE devil's pulpit.


Our holy evangelist, Saint Philip, has been in turn both king and begi^ar, both friend and foe, both saint and sinner, both persecuted and persecutor. You may gaze at him as the huntsman you may stag him for the chase. He has been Pharoah, King of Egypt, the horse and his rider, thrown into the sea. He has been the Joseph of the Patriarchate, whom his brethren threw into the pit.
you see him come out of the pit, at the very moment sent Mrs. Potiphar, the scarlet lady, about her bnsi and, having reached the meredian, he is Lord of all Egypt, ness The star Spica Yirginis setting, at that presiding over the corn.



when he has

moment, at the point due west by south, when the brightest Star in Sagittarius is Lord of the Ascendant. And you will remember that Joseph, among the twelve patriarchs, was not more famous for delivering divine prophesies,
than Sagittarius, among the twelve signs long bow.

for shooting

with a

But it is only by a laborious effort of painful stupidity, that we can fail of identifying Joseph of the Patriarchate, the Philip of the Apostolate, and the Sagittarius of the Zodiac, when Philip is the only one of the apostles that had a daughter that was a virgin, that Joseph was the only one of the patriarchs that had a daughter that was a virgin once with this most singular characteristic, that she was a virgin that ran over the wall. Gen. xlix. 22* And here is Miss Philips, the virgin, tumbling over the wall, heels upwards, and her father running after her, as if endeavouring to keep her a But how he succeeds in that endeavour, you may guess virgin. when you shall observe, that the moment that he gets over the w^all, if you look o' th' other side, you will see that Miss Philips is brought to bed of Twins. Could imaojination conceive a more beautiful personification of the genius of B ethsaida, than that which immediately follows this " The archers have sorely grieved him, of his run-away daughter and shot at* him, and hated him. But his bow abode strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob." All the bright and strongly-marked Stars of As see ye. Sirs this constellation, are immediately in the bow, and in the arms and hands of the figure. What could be m n-e grai)hically precise? unless it be the fur-





ther definition


* The Latin "ulgate has




discurrerunt siipermurura."

and on the crown of him that was separated from his brethren. brings Peter to the meridian. and it sufficeth us'' that is.THE devil's pulpit. of Israel. page 202. Sagittarius is the only one of the signs that literally is separated from his brethren. as you see. the Stone of Israel.'^ words which defy all faculty of interpretation in any other sense. the sacred city again "and found that sacred city'' very much addicted to idolatry. not being forced down our throats. And so the frosty Nimrod of the year reigns. when it was that getting towards November with him. I dare say. Joseph is the only one of the Patriarchs that was ever spoken of as standing in any relation to a crown and the Sagittary is the only one of the signs of the Zodiac in the very same predicament. sirs meridian. Nelson's Festivals.W. which. the Shepherd of Israel. Yet the dying Israel adds From thence is the Shepherd. by falling so much below the tropic of Capricorn. by east. vi. the Shepherd — : — : : ! . a white horse. Peter is the Stone. are instructed by the bishops of the Church of England the bishop's book. because it is contained in that part of ecclesiastical fiction that is called sacred. that Sagittarius is seen rising south-east. It is when the everlasting hills which you see here. in the horizon and Sagittarius setting S.E. 2. Thus. in We — . not more accurately drawn on the celestial globe. ''came to llierapolis" is. There is but one further notice of Philip. in immediate contact with the crown of the south. to rise E. and he *' Behold that sat on him had a bow." This is all we are forced to believe of Philip. . as a king over conquered vegetation.N. and he went forth conquering and to conquer. that I'hilip "in the latter end of his life"— that is. standing. immediately over the fruitful Scales of September. than in your divine revelation. 3J5 "The blessings of the everlasting hills shall be on the head of Joseph. is not 3acred. and a crown was given unto him. that causes the Stone. in that part of ecclesiastical fiction. we find the other. and *'from thence is the Stone." Gen. and AV. But clear as the day in this truly magnificent science. So that from the positions of the one." So the Philip of the : Zodiac rides down to Gaza. are come to the meridian. xlix. 26. a mere sight of the Sun will do for November. to whom Christ commits the care of his sheep It is the coming of Sagittarius to the and see ye. which is desert So the Philip of the gospel remonstrates "Show us the Father.

by his prayers. or from some beam. or at the vanishing (those are the very words of our bishops) of famous serpent. when it could not be defended with argument.316 THE devil's yes. or any thing else transverse. and put the man into prison. "hanged up by the neck against a pillar. So then. worshipping lambs and rams. look pulpit. where he was. this established religion was. Why ye here. and consecrated swindlers. Here actually is the pillar. as you see." But here i§ Philip. the bishops gravely tell us. So Philip suffered martyrdom in Hierapolis. of "a prodigious bigness. and the prodigiously big serpent too and Philip. And what did the Hierapolites do to Philip for attacking their God? There must have been some society for the suppression of vice the city of Hierapolis. put St. if that sacred city isn't addicted to idolatry. or forming an angle with the pillar. ye know a man cannot be hanged against a pillar. passing immediately before the nose of Saint Philip and here is Saint Philip hanging by the neck in the Zodiac all the rest of his body being below the Zodiac. or near it. or by the side of it. and immediately against this pillar. and But says. now. sirs. were they who called in the power of the law to defend their religion. I believe I have left nothing unexplained of this bit of ecclesiastical horsemanship. gentlemen. and mackarel. the bishlions. in Why — : . he can only be hanged upon a pillar. Philip into prison. as the bishops would havQ us to believe. that "the magistrates. or dragon. procured the death. Hydra. this : vanish out of Hierapolis. END OF THE DISCOURSE ON SAINT PHILIP. the great solstitial colure. for ridiculing their folly. the Hierapolites were in those days more particularly addicted to the worship of a serpent. levels his bow-arrow at the serpent's tail. which reaches nearly a third part of the length of the whole city. ops' book. to least. what but solemn thieves. and bulls and goats. how bishops invent gospel." Saint Philip." Now. and showing them what a system of idiotish ignorance and priestly imposture." Why. to put down the fellow that was riding the high horse against the established religion of the country. and by coming to the zenith. and lobsters. . literally causes the serpent. and crabs. But see. being provoked by the success Christianity had among the people. then.

and that foul hypocrisy of a false and wicked heart. named Mat ThewJ'' of the — Matthew ? ix. cheat. after frightening reason from her seat by threatening us with everlasting torment in the . A him. sirs. in the keeping of which each religious scoundrel thinks himself authorised in enforcing a seeming and appearance of consent from others which he could never sincerely yield himself. THE PvOBERT TAYLOR. tying itself into a knot of contempt and scorn at the annunciation of any kind of argument that could hang to the tale of a man named Matthew. and trick. man. IT l^:'-^Allan Cunningham. B. and shove off all inquiry with its disdainful What of the man named Mat Thew 7 What of him. a fashionable villany. 1831.560 a year out of the means of a country that starves its own inhabitants to keep up the credit of a story that was told by a man named Matthew and. as it were.359. then. a licensed swindle. MAY 19. PKEACHED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. that a Christian should thus betray to us his own consciousness of connivance with priestly imposture. . sirs What of him? Is it come to it. what man named Mat Thew Why so much of and no less than affects the merits of the most important question in which man is interested. after lending its countenance to the distraining of the sum of £10. A. 2. 'AND A BONNIE PULPIT SAINT MATTHEW: ^ A SERMON. PvEV. as is the pivot on which turns the alternative of thine everlasting destiny If the profession of the Christian faith were not a system of the grossest hypocrisy.— ! ! Tl DEVIL'S PULPIT. that will. would it be possible that we should see every Christian nose in an instant. Well. AT THE ROTUJTDA. BLACKFRIAPvS-ROAD.

from age to age. continue to pay its millions upon millions . will this tax-burthened and priest-ridden country. in the most respectful manner that you possibly can. in all the tide of time. with critical and scientific truth. where any respectful put. and the dissenters of the present day. But one institution exists in the whole country.— 318 THE devil's pulpit. is in danger of being shut up. as if they looked on you as a mad dog broken in among them. Pagan or Papistical. in his public function. the only honest and faithful expounder of the mysteries of theology in the kingdom. to the diffusion of knowledge. the solution of any difficulty. is. « : red hod blazes of hell fire and brimstone. as the Protestant clergy. within the dreadful walls of Horsemonger-lane gaol. . or whether he was a man or a insulted us — — horse ? Never was the day. and see what God will send you. the whole congregation will rise in instant alarm to have you forcibly ejected. And believe it — a thousand times tell after we exclaim in anxious terror it We will — we will believe Only us something about the tlie Who was man who wrote it— man named Matthew ? After having thus robbed us. for his honesty and his faithfulness. or remanded to such satisfaction as you might derive from listening to their public officiation. But ask of any one of them. a-year. thus terrified. and so bitterly hostile to it. or ar least thus do they shirk us off at last with a What of the man named Matthew ? What consequence can it be to you to know who the man named Matthew was ? And so their doctrine. . sirs. or satisfy your curiosity. you fools. aud that one institution is in danger ot freed from all embargo being shut up for want of means to pay its rent and the critical and scientific lecturer there. So will the millions of our fellow men in Ireland coniinue. if we don't. go to church and chapel. And so. on w^hich your mind's peace may be at stake. and shut your eyes. after all. so desperately afraid of it. What matters it to you who the man Matthew was. never. believe the gospe^ according to the man named Matthew. and open your mouths. which any well-meaning man might wish to would instantly be answered. Ask of any one of them in private to relieve your doubt. question. in which such mighty efforts were made to keep mankind in ignorance never were any clergy on earth. listen to the parson. so opposed . in this metropolis. both of the established church. you would instantly be disdained as an insolent and offensive intruder.

under peril of eternal damnation.— that is. that they catch in the gospel net. more literally. We must know all about him. or. . called. governed by the verb etSev. or part of any book. the gudgeons. profane or sacred. would be a fool. for potatoes to pines. which they had no right to do .— THE devil's pulpit. for all that can be shown to the contrary." And here it occurs in the accusative case. that Now the first place or passage in any writing.ht mean sitting in a wheelbarrow but which our English translators. Mat Oatov. sitting. which the best Latin versions render sedcntcm in Telonio. So let the slaves of priestcraft. Matthew. that word. . sirs (and it you cannot bear the reason we hold that when a man has got the credit of having written a gospel. his chair or ta])lt of what he was sitting on. starve. he saw. or. attracting its participial adjectives. But we'll know something about the man named Mat Thesv what will do as well. book. or record. so translated. to whine to us like hogs that cannot help themselves. in contented wretchedness. which in English should be ''sitting in a Tklonil'm and which. thus throwing up so much information as a man sitting Mat Thew. we'll know the reason why we know nothing about the man named Mat Thew. which we are bound to take for gospel. instead of conhning themsi^lves to the business of translation merely. mis. history or romance in which the name of the man named Matthew occurs. 3X9 from year to year. . you must go to the other shop). or would give us any more satisfactory relief of our curiosity than such as amounted to a virtual "damn your impudence for wanting And that's quite as much knowledge as was ever proto know. But here we shall blaspheme and be rational. flatfish. a man. We must know something about the man named Matthew. . and Xeyofievov^ named. the man who would leave any stone unturned in the way of picking all possible acquaintance with him. or at £71^ TO reXcjVLov. swim down the ditch of faith into the cesspool of insanity. taking — — . and die like dogs in ditches to keep up the pompous sanctity ot a set of reverend knaves in preaching to us their Matthew's gospel." moted by the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge. a man sitting. an audacious liberty with the sacred text. KadTjfjievov. avdpojrrov. And for tliis reason. have presunu'd to they have addi'd interpret for us. not one of whom could ever tell us who the man Matthew was. . which is translated. and blind eels. with the further predication that is. this same ninth verse of the ninth chapter of what is called "Ihe Gospel according to St. and in conjunction with the noun under the same grammatical government. is in our text.

And if the Telonium meant the place. and rendered what should have been sitting in a tolomum. when he obeyed the command of Jesus." There is not a word in th'e origiIt's a downright falsehood. and arose and followed him and supposing Matthev. The variation may seem but trifling to uncritical and uncurious baalams of the gospel that can swallow any thing. and should make us rather wish that such a villain might be found to be no relation to the gentleman who wrote the gospel according to Saint Matthew. than that we should guess them into one and the same person. there is no instance in any rational construction of language among men. Sooner might they persuade us that the moon was made of a green cheese. only shows Mat Thew must have what an unprincipled scoundrel the man been.' and he arose and followed him. we may be sure it must have been because he was not at the receipt of custom. signifies givex. his leaving his masters' employment. should signify that the man named Matthew would do nothing but what he would take care to be rewarded for. in which ' . appointed under government to receive the customs and charges of freightage of the cockboats that sailed on the Galilean puddle.! 320 THE devil's pulpit. if it signifies anything. in which any author of a treatise so anni- . it is an attempt to palm on us a greater miracle than the resurrection of Christ himself for who ever heard of a Jew who would leave his business at the call of either God or man. And sure.and betraying his trust. for a sackful of Christian Salvation. it makes no less difference than that of turning it into the word of the Devil. as they tell us that he was. named Matthew. who would not handle the word of God deceitfully and I sincerely hold this to be the word of God. but to us. follow me . or a Reward. when there was any thing to be received If a Jew had ever obeyed the call of Jesus. who would leave an opportunity of fingering a sixpence. as they tell us. As the text stands in our English Testaments. which. he saw a man. and because no better customer than Jesus was likely to call at his shop. in the long periphrasis. the derivative meaning given by Christian interpreters. to tlie text the gloss of their own impudence. sirs. to the name Matthew. " And as Jesus passed forth from thence. Besides. sitting at the receipt of customs. Matthew sat as a custom-house officer. sitting at the receipt of customs. than that there was ever a disciple of Moshesh.^ to have been a Jew. at the bidding of the first thief that bid him do called so. nal to signify that Matthew was in the receipt of anything. . and he saith unto him.

but it is afj. 14* . literally signifying man. ! For who could have a right to be absolutely sure that a Jimn means a man in the language of that mysterious book in which he is obliged to admit that the Son of Man does not mean the Son of a Man. yes that's exactly what I do mean and for this reason. who. as most certainly in that sense he was never the Son of a Man. in the course of the gospel. which " they upon the adverse faction" would find as much labour to disprove as ever they could impose on us to *prove that it* was no? the composition of their runaway customhouse officer. . I mean. and call it the Gospel according to Saint Belzebub. and was so utterly beside himself. call us blasphemers for showing them a higher respect than they know how to show. but the Son of Man was not a Man at all the holy scriptures most eni- — . With duced as much reason might they fix on any other name intro" of its author. which would have been a man. But not only was the Son of Man not the Son of Man. never the Son of Man in the literal one. because there is nothing in evito question dence to show but that he might have been a horse. as to introduce his own name and character into hi? treatise. But not so fast the grounds and reasons for that doubt arc the very strongest on which ever doubt was founded.THE DEVILS PULPIT hilated his 321 own memory of his owu person. never vtog avdpog that is. when nothing more than an ordinary and proper man is intended. a looker up. And none but a fool would ever go before his horse to market. in the Tliew. Christ being always called vtog avOpcjirs. while they treat the holy scriptures with the utmost contempt and indifference themselves. then. as the name Neither phrase. which occurs in this gospel. always the Son of Man in the figurative term for man." might look like chicaning rather than reasoning. and which is the term invariably used. Do ! : To all-gulphing and never-chewing Christians. and the starting a difficulty and doubt as to whether so simple a phrase as a man named Mat Thew really means " a man named Mat TTi^z^'. in such a way as this man named Matthew has done. if this Matthew was the same as the Matthew to whom the Gospel according to Saint Matthew was ascribed. as that of the man named Matthew as I might fix on the name of Belzebub. avdpa. a literally is the term which our English renders a man.dpG)TroVj which is the figurative and complimentary term for a man named Mat something whose face is upward. to question whether a man named Mat Thew was really a man? I answer. this might appear as mere badinage.

Theuth being the name of the Chief or Supreme God of the Egyptian. •'• phatically admonishing ns. 13. In the Doric dialect of the Greek. that the word man is synonymous with God. — . He was looked upon as a great benefactor. as it is deceitfully represented to be. but two and two of entirely distinct significancy. xvi. that " Trie man named Mat Thew. and theological. or th. Theos became Deus as in our English coinage. Plato. the Greeks formed their name for the Supreme God 9 Theos. which is the basis of our English words theology. as in Mat. Mat being the individual name. this Theos would be spelt and written Thaws. 8 soon went out of fashion. and at no other time. but when he was come to Casarea Ph^hppi. mentions Theuth. seize was a question. that flesh and blood could not settle. and that's the solution of the conundrum. in his treatise. in the Mat Thaios of the Greek Testament. whether he was a man or horse. And this is the only proof that the clergy themselves could ever adduce. Deus is the sum of all we have to say about the Deity. and the first cultivator of the vine. For Matthew is not one word. to say. It is evident. that he was only found in fashion as a that only being one of his fashions \Yhich very ii. the Supreme God of Egypt. (of Philip. as the word was variously spelt. we may wipe our feet upon the mat. But the Thew betrays to us. '• say they that I the Son of Man am ?"' And one guesses that the Son of Man is Elms that is Hklios. as is expressed in that pretty hexameter : : . The man named Mat Thew may therefore mean the God named Mat Thew."' Philip . dropping the cacophony produced by a repetition of the 0. at the end. the Water Bearer another guesses that he is one of the planets at last another guesses that the Son of Man is the Son of God. no where q\sq. upon this solution. which is precisely the word added to the word Mat. which is paragogic merely. at CasaEternal God we'll meet him at Phiiippi rea PhUrppil There he proposes the avowed problem.— 322 THE detil's pulpit. for calling the word of Mat Thew the word of God.'' most certainly was no man at all. named Philibus. . the Sun itself another guesses that he is John the Baptist that is the constellation of Aquarius. So that whatever the Mat means. From the Egyptian word Theuth. : name. and Thew the family *' when he was come into the coast of Csesarea (that him here) Phiiippi. the lover of a horse) — is it Why I I Whom — . And so at Csesarea Phiiippi. You will find that man. In the JEoiic dialect of the Greek. which was the basis of the Latin tongue.

should doubt that any ass in the world might write the text for it. And sure. the Ram. So there stand the graven images. in as naked impudence as the Venuses." [Like a School-boy. that there really was something of the beast in the characman named Matthew. and Souter Johnnies. But it may be asked. They say. Matthew himself has a heart of stone. apply the pruning knife to the vine : He was supposed to have invented letters if so. however cruel you may take Mat Thew's lion to be. Pares cum paribus facilime congregantur. 323 UpTGjg Ood Tkoth branch. of which I have not enough. and it may be so with beasts. ( Drinks) Suidas calls him Theus and says that he was the same as Arez. is as huge as Saint Paul's Cathedral. from whom our English word for the rough and blustering month of March. even as high as the top of Saint Paul's Cathedral. Nothing is impossible to . Monter of the And sieur? '' Yes. nor the likeness of any thing that is in Heaven above. of which I have enough. good learning. But this is certain. and Tam-o'-Shanters. on the Italians' head-boards. in company with one of the savagest looking wild beasts of all that you ever saw in Fidcock's Menagerie. So that there's no knowing whether the man. you will see the man. and the Latin name Aries. the is there no authority for this apparent idolatry? authority of every cathedral or decorated church in Christendom. Birds of* « feather flock together. how could a brute beast write a gospel ? That's soon answered brute beast could quite as easily write a gospel as a rational man could believe one. they say. named Matthew. : A God.) But the contempt of the Christian clergy for any commandment of God.— THE devil's pulpit. But . . sirs. and good drinking. on the western pediment of which. nor in the water under the Earth. I appeal to the highest authority in this metropolis. named Mat Thew. first eSarj Spenavrjv era to taught how ^orpvv ayetpev. "Thou shalt not make to thyeelf any graven image. he certainly invented the two best inventions that ever were invented. which was the name of the God Mars. may not turn out to be a beast at last. " Combien pour cela. 'tis monstrous that any man who believes that Baalam's ass could preach a sermon. or something very beastly about him. says. as they cry. or in the Earth beneath. God Almighty. that is to say.

— Now — : damnedJ^ There tion and There : is Luke. with his little Devil. Nor would Mat Thew's gospel be of any authority whatever among rational men. something indescribably mischievous. the authority of a thousand altar-pieces of God. the lion. But TVhether it was the man or the beast that wrote the gospel can only be guessed at on the strong presumption that it was the beast that wrote it. if the gospel had been agreeably to the man's heart. all the ornamented title-pages of the Bible itself. if it were not supported by the authority of the royal beasts. Never would mankind have believed in Matthew's gospel. as being the king of the beasts. as well as the Anthrope Mat Thew. as a coessential and inseparable part of that representation. implied in its not being called the gospel ol Matthew. the heart that is. The man named Matthew has something to do with the beast. savage. named Matthew. never failed to represent a lion. And that's the reason why. cordis. with his mad bull. And each of these monsters. But there are three other gospel-mongers. has a royal nature in it that is. had the man named Mat Thew wrote it but according to Mat Thew that word according being composed of the Latin word Cok. and not answered exactly to the lion's heart. every representation you ever saw. with his eagle. the king over tame animals the eagle. and destructive the lion. the Devil-a-bit does Mat care about it. that are always the lion's providers. But the lion begins to roar. in which. as it would have been. . or evangelists. or that ever existed. ready to gore us into salva- is John. and the jackalls of the gospel. as you observe. will swear that you said it against the peace of their Sovereign Lord the King. was represented. Id immediate The authority ot juxtaposition with this violated commandment. to remind us of the characteristic genius of his gospel. agreeably or answering to the heart.324 THE devil's pulpit. would have torn the man to pieces. . if a man speak his mind too freely against the gospel according to Saint Mat Thew. or hy Matthew. his Crow^n and Dignity and you may reckon it as a bit of the Levil's own luck if you don't get cast into the lion's den. it they had not been frightened out of their wits by Matthew's lion. like all other kings that beasts are subject to. or holy evangelists. the — : . to w^hose loving kindness we are equally indebted. to pluck out the eyes of our reason. being the king among wild beasts the bull.the man. There is Saint Mark. *' He that helieveth not shall be : .

while not a drop of water to cool the martyr's tongue. sent me word.THE DE Veil's pulpit. pictures I . and especially I.'* And then. when they clapt me into Oakham Gaol." royal savages are all but ready to murder us in our sleep. Spare the bed which I lie on. or rather. then. joke for me that was a bishop's joke. Wlien I lay in Oakham Gaol. and then sent the chaplain of the prison to tell me to '' stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ had made me free. not a drop of oil on the tip of a feather to ease the cracking of the hinges. sirs. There was a joke for ye. who. the : . for only having made a joke or two against the Holy Scriptures. or Man-devil. and assuring me that Christianity allows of no persecution. on the spring. ye see. * Matthew.359. the most liberal of the whole Bench of Bishops. their jokes have never been laughing matters. the king of things " in the Earth beneath. and seen me entered for the endurance of the most cruel persecution their power can inflict. The best part of every book in the world is the pictures. Because my jokes set my fellow. that he was sorry for me but that was all he sent. Even a sensible child might put your folly to the blush. king" of things " in 325 Heaven above . they'll come their other joke of entering their protest against all sorts of persecution. And all. will the whole body of the clergy be able to afford him out of their tiny annuity of 10. a year. to keep in their ov/n hands the exclusive privilege of communicating what they call Christian knowledge. And they are for coming the old joke. The pictures. And you are to give your preachers of the gospel credit for being able to teach you the meaning of the reading of the book. Luke. to lock me in their infernal embraces. having seen the action entered against me. the Bishop of Norwich.560/. with the eye of faith. Mark. and the impetuous recoil and jarring sound of their iron bars upon his wounded ears. which they played oflP upon me.'* Well. Their myrmidons are breathing vengeance upon me. may we pray to these royal beasts. and teaching the meaning of the holy scriptures. when you see that those preachers don't themselves know the meaning of the pictures. do see them. and John. The . if he saw you so inveterate a fool as to fancy that you could understand the meaning of the book. sirs. when you did not understand the meaning of the pictures. as it were.creatures a laughing whereas." and the Devil. or beastly kings.

the more light it must want. Only lend me your attention. Matthew. have swindled away the old title-page. the lion. Thus. till they kill each and so not a single royal beast be left to worry our lives out for the sake of keeping up his crown and dignity. But the the bull. : sirs. The divine light shone in them in a very peculiar manner. . And if they were. the most deceitful of all deceivers of the people beginning to fear that the people might acquire wit enough to ask for the meaning of those four royal beasts. if the four-footed beast has illu- understanding of a two-legged beast to be be urged that light is only of use to those who have with why. for John. were divinely inspired.'' grant that they may fight for it. was an authorised edition of the four gospels ever put forth. whoever or whatever they were. Yery well. Not till the days of the interference of our Protestant and Dissenterian preachers in the publication and circulation of Bibles and Testaments. and you shall I will not borrow your conviction. nor pay lend me nothing else I will steal it. as long as ye can refuse to think so. and the eagle. the more eyes any thing has. and those little better than buried alive in their foreheads but if it And eyes to see : . Withhold your assent as long as ye can withhold it. a fighting for the crown. they must have had something in them not common to the nature of man. And God other. the Devil's not twice the minated. Mark. and substituted one with only two royal beasts — . ''The lion and the unicorn. then. But now for what your Protestant priests never dared to trust you with. I suppose they were so. without presenting an equally authorised representation of the four evangelists with the four royal beasts by which they the angel. But if it was the understandings only of the evangelists that in it were illuminated. Kefuse to think that what I ojffer you is sooth and truth. if it hadn't shone in the wild-beasts as well as the wild evangelists. Luke. the four evangelists laboured under the misfortune of having but one single pair of eyes a-piece. and keep it for ever. and John. it ye back again. the meaning of all this. Now. in it.326 THE DEVILS PULPIT. or never knew themselves. for Luke for Mark Protestant priests. for Matthew are respectively distinguished. . . the divine light must have been less light than the light of the kitchen grease in the paper lanthorn that illuminates the edge of a Billinsgate spratbasket. But if the divine light shone in them.

and the third beast had a face as a man and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle. . they were none other than God himself that is. expressly acknowledged evangelists they were. the pomp of their priests. they were full of eyes within. — — . which they never believe themselves. where none could be but' God that is. because their oJQQce was 'Ho preach signifying. — . as each of the fixed Stars is a Sun and which the circular halo of rays. in order to let some of them get a wink of sleep. from thy starry throne. who having to see all things." says the holy apostle.'' Come. with which the heads of their effigies were surrounded. while the others are on duty. the All-seeing God. must of course have employment enough for all his eyes and. before and behind. iv. Luke. Swis. are Mat Thew. And these four beasts were not merely before the throne of God. and which is only kept up in a mockery of respect by the terror of their prisons. the holy apostle says. or leaving a defect of demonstration for chicane to hang a doubt on. Here. they had only to look at their own tripes to see what was the matter with them. . sirs. 7. Saints they were called. but it is added. Mark. as its derivation . which not one of them dared trust himself to defend by argument before rational men. as being full of eyes. bright science. indeed." Rev. as they were through eternal ages of by-gone time. as he annually divides to us the four seasons of the year. and enable us to rescue the spell-bound reason of men from the accursed bondage of those priestly thieves who preach a gospel to their choused hearers. and the bayonets of : A : . and Saints really they are. Here are the four royal stars.THE devil's pulpit. then. or round about the throne of God but they were in the midst of the throne. for a few more. are described in the 4th of Ile\^lations. "The first beast." most wonderful provision that aofainst their catching the cholera morbus for the moment they felt they didn't know how. . That they are the very same beasts as those which ever accompany the four evangelists. so that they could see with their tails and not only were they full of eyes before and behind. their soldiers. "was like a lion and the second beast like a calf. that name betrays. not excepting one. 327 the four beas5ts with wliora they are invariably attended. '-they rest not day nor night. located in the visible heavens. But as it is. is defined in the sacred text. to mark the place which the Sun nears or approaches. and John. with the accuracy of natural history. answering to every one of the predications of the four evangelists.

which you see a little above. and the eye within him. and which you have never looked at the Stars in your lives. the gift. which the Sun enters about the 2d of July. : — cilienne. the God. Mark. the very heart of the lion. Four they are. Luke. or Cor Leonis. with his bull. they rest not day nor . He has got an eye in his tail. que les Romains appellaient Pari: . and of the heat at that season. pouring it forth. the most beautiful definition you could invent for the shining Formalhaut. they are names never found in the language of any Jewish nation upon earth but betraying in their derivation the most accurate description of the four royal — : Stars. both of the name and symbol of St. most literally. because there are but four seasons of the year. the heart of the lion. and leaves about the 23d of August. which is his heart itself and these eyes never sleep. That word Marcus literally signifying the polite or shining one. is Peter.. night. which is Saint Matthew. The word Luke. in the Scorpion. is the Saint Mark. before and behind. if you have not seen. the disciple which Jesus loved. the acceptable year of the Lord. and which the Sun is directly upon." and to mark the predicament of EVAN that is. and John. I guess. Aldebaran is the bull's eye. the One. 328 THE devil's pulpit. the Fire this being the brightest of them all. over which these four royal Stars preside. Antares. Eegulus. Luke. And here is the beast in the throne ot God. Formalhaut. in the Fishes' mouth. . is Saint John that I. sirs. Own. and Mark swallowing it. the Sun. about the 28th of May. the Sun. : . literally signifying the luminous. Matthew. on the 29th of November. which the Sun is directly upon. the most expressive desigoation of the Sun's bounty. and see if he is not full of eyes. Daneb. And here is Matthew. and westward of Orion. swallowing the water which is efiuse(J from the urn of the Aquarius of January. as fast as he can swallow and I need not tell you that there's a good deal for him to swallow. Marcus being believed to have composed his gospel under the dictation of Saint Peter and here. the very term than which you could find no other to express the magnificent redlooking Star. Jonah in the whale's belly. nor. when the earth begins to give her fruits and thence this Star gets the name of Saint Mat Thew. who is the only one of the four whose accompanying genius is a human being. through the four seasons. the unequivocal elymon. of Bacchus. but in his lion. not only with his lion. the Being es. at any thing else. which is.

to be developed in the revolution of " the acceptable year of the Lord. and thus entirely of all the phoenomena of nature. the Fiery Regulus. are placed near the colurc of the Equinoxes. at this day in the Church of Rome. therefore. and were considered as the sentinels who kept guard. 329 Tlife colour. their neighbourhood to the P]quinoctial and Solsticial points. The two. . the Little King. had been observed. Aldebaran. of the progress of vegetation. the Arabic for the Fishes* Mouth. the other is its direct antipode in the middle of its course under the earth. Matthew and Mark. as they are. whereever " seed time and harvest. could not have failed of attracting observance. And they are placed in such opposition to each other. are red and the other two." They could not have failed of being observed as the authors of divine . — : : . John. summer and winter. Luke and John. knowledge to man. the polished. that when one of the red -ones is at the meridian. For-mal-haut. in a moral sense. the geometrical figures which these four stars of the first magnitude presented to the eyes of the first observers of nature. and in necessary association. and the five other moveable Stars. Marc. the resplendent. are white or pale-looking Stars. and would present to us still." These four royal Stars. where man had been capable of observance. caused them to be marked as fixed points from which to measure and determine the progressive march of the Sun. of heat and cold. So with the white ones.— : THE devil's pulpit. the giving God. had not our Christian priests. the Arabic for the Bull's Eye and Antares. of the Moon. Luke. of the seasons. They could not have failed of being worshipped by all the worshippers of the hosts of Heaven. They could not have been named with names more expressive of their appearance and relations than Mat Thew. day and night. They could not have been honoured with any honour heterogene to that of the four holy evangelists. with a worship only secondary to that of EVAN that is. Two of them i e. the apparent «?izes. of the time of the year. and John. Bacchus himself. Mark. Luke. in every country. in every age. the Scorpion's Heart Which are their names upon the celestial globe. Christ. are absolutely less expressive than the names Matthew. separating the long days from the long nights. consequently. the Stars Luke and John. of winds and tempests.. or Planets and. put out the eyes of the people but. above all.

your Christian gospel preachers. are looking this way and that way for their opportunity to " smite me in the back. Sai7its they are. were called Bishops of Christ. As Matthew's is the longest. let 'em not do it : among them END OF THE DISCOURSE ON SAINT MATTHEW. like Moses in the Exodus. under the allegory of a crucified rnan. Tlie two." to huddle me off the stage of public observance into the dark cells of their Horsemonger-lane Gaol. in the procesbol of that idol was the sip. which detailed the history of the Sun in his annual revolution. the Egyptian Idol Serapis. Eegulus and Formalhaut. like Spring and Autumn. Now. and bury me in the sand. that name literally signifying what the rays round their heads pictorially signify they are Suns. are about of an equal length. that for making these magnificent discoveries to an insulted people. se(jond1st. Matthew and Mark guarded the limits of the Suns highest and lowest parallel of declination. e. That the Bishops of ing these astronomical demonstrations.* four evangelssts. whose name was J:esus: and that the number of those books was/ottr and that the name of those books was none other than the equivalent of the four gospels: and that the authority to which they were ascribed.! — 330 THE devil's pulpit. Summer and Winter. unable to find a man And that can answer me. I have but one argument with ye if there dwells a noble nature in ye. sirs. . 2d. with our most certain historical knowledge. there were carried certain sacred spells. was none other than that of the : — . or holy books.n of the Cress sions or religious marches of these astronomical priests. Luke's and John's. in the time of the Emperor Adrian. and Mark's the shortest gospel. t. That the sign or sacred symtliat is.

then. yet in shall see other. the fault should all be mine it — . Only hear me. PREACHED BY HIS HIGHNESS'S CHAPLAIN. "AND A BONNIE PULPIT IT IS:'—Allan Cunningham. A. believe and I. e'en upon no other covenant than the challenge. And nor does their breathe on earth a man who hath I know so too higher respect for the text of his sacred passage. And though after my Skin worms my destroy this body. Strike. Mine doth forgive the wrong.THE DEVIL'S PULPIT. : : . THE REDEEMER: A SERMON. because they know nothing about them I respect them. and that he shall stand at the day upon the Earth. flesh shall I see God . and mine Job xix. than he. : : What. B. like a rational man. understand and laugh tremble at them at them. 1831. then. if I respect the Scriptures as much as they do. like the devils. but hear me! And if they would only hear me. AT THE ROTUNDA. BLACKFRIARS-ROAD. What. This it is they respect them. and not an- " I KNOW that my Redeemer liveth. and bids them hear me. 25. is the difference. because I know all about them They. whom professing Christians designate as the DeviVs Chaplairi . is the cause of the difference between us. " I know that latter my Redeemer liveth. 'twixt their faith and mine ? Theirs bids them lift their dagger to my throat.'^ saith the holy Job. THE ROBERT TAYLOR. and whom the Society for the Suppression of Vice have branded as a wicked and evil-disposed person. whom 1 eyes shall behold. REV. MAY 1.'^ — for myself. or a firmer conviction of the truth that it contains.

by forbidding all friends of theirs to become friends of . And like the wolf that only wanted to play with the kid. — — — — . whose only means of subsistence is his intellectual labour. is what the Society for the Suppression of Yice that is. They have no ill will against the defendant as an individual they have no desire to suppress the free and uncontrolled discussion opinions : safely trusted . and how entirely their gospel forbids any thing like persecutions for religious be they will persuade the jury that they may with the power which an adverse verdict would give them. If they would only hear me. and to tickle him under the throat a little bit. the Bishops. Archdeacons. whose only claim to distinction is his hard-earned learning. And this. because unknown unheard. I have no enemy on earth who hears me. whose subscriptions supply the fund. that will. or read my writings. Of the whole body of the Society for the Suppression of Vice. just no more than to make him squeak. reprimanded by the court. and that the defendant be for mere form sake fined five shillings. as ought not to be allowed Not one of them. and discharged. how many are there. because of being hated. and Yicars. for God forbid^ and far be it from them. Of the thousands and tens of thousands who rail against me and persecute me. my good name. to enjoy his life and liberty. which in the event of their success. I have a magic that would unnerve the uplifted arm I could put a spell upon them. and to pay the dirty counsel. swear them any thing. and condemned. Right Honourable Lords. who have once so much as heard me. and to show him how far they are from any thing like a vindictive spirit. and Honourable Baronets. who cruel mode of persecution how many are there. and all that is dear to a good man. plead them any thing. sirs. for money.: 332 the' DEflL^S PC they struck at all. whose only riches is the good esteem which he hath earned in the judgments of all good mine — the most — . with which to buy up the testimony of the dirty thieves that will. sirs. for money. is to buy away my property. called Justice. not one. to soften rocks and bend the gnarled oak. Reverend Rectors. who constitute They club together out of their enorthe Society. to crush a solitary unsupported individual. men. of power to tame the savage breast. my liberty. or could with honour say that of their own knowledge they knew me to be such a man as ought to be punished. ever exchanged a single word with me ? All I complain of is. if he would but come down from the shed. that they should seek any further object than the mere suppression of an intolerable nuisance. and all the rest on^t. mous wealth to supply the fund.

he hath spoken blasphemy. to feel for him. shall be transportation for life. or was worthy to have them. will heedlessly and idly pronounce the fatal verdict. of which God hath given the free enjoyment to every thing that breathes. the patrons of this Society. which might have been all the punishment which the jury had meditated. the chief priests. the chief priests and pharisees of the gospel said of Christ. But the clergy. Then. : 333 they are as far from a spirit of bigotry of any opinions whatever and intolerance as the sun's disk from darkness. Till they choused and cheated jury. till e'en as long as they please. Court. by God and by his everlasting truth and mercy. and thinking that the punishment of so trifling a sentence. then like the city sledge hammer. will insist on no more than the payment of the fine of the thousand pounds incurred upon the previous conviction. I put it to the feelings of every man in this assembly. and tlio church patrons of this Persecution Society. upon a second convic: tion. and then say. the clergy. will they come dovi^n with vengeance. Then. who are the vicked and evil-disposed persons. that laws are of no avail if they are never to be put into execution and the law expressly awards. and yielding to the earnest solicitations of the prosecutors themselves. of which must be taken out of the pockets of the best and dearest friends he ever had on earth. to whom the defendant ought to feel himself infinitely indebted. 500/. of whom not a single member of tlmt cious right. society can show that he ever did a wrong to any man. to be further imprisoned. as part of the sentence passed on him.000/. when they shall have got the verdict. the Society — — seek to deprive him of that ])reor the man. less than the inconvenience of being shut up all night to themselves.THE devil's pulpit. and in the most literal analogy for the Suppression of Vice — who to the type of the gospel. and so wound him through them. act from the buck . that the punishment for blasphemy. upon his last conviction. And what sort of a wound thai must be. Christian. will be turned into the forfeiture of 1. always tempering Justice with Mercy. however. then will the wolves show their teeth. who ever had such friends. giving them credit for all these liberal professions. to the proof of the sincerity of their wolfish pretensions. then the mere Jive shillhig fine. that will bring the poor kid down from the sheltering shed. it will be remembered. as their prototypes. the aspect of things will be altered. even if it should not be exactly just to the defendant. and which they The know And that it is absolutely impossible that it should be paid. till Go. go and smell the sweet and wholesome air. too. say of him.

the moral of the story has ever been that part of it which Christians. it may be extinguished though they cannot answer their opponent. hid in the shell of religious allegory. when submitted to the criticism of that most genuine House of Lords. as well as I can. or to what end. an earnest effort on the part of the allegorists to attach a moral corollary to their gospel. least disposed to attend to. and just as much ability and disposition to understand them. being reported. have been. ground they strike from behind a screen. just as : . and in three days I will build it up again. opposed to their conduct. who will handle them with his discourses. and to perpetuate the reign of superstition and madness among men. have been served up to his persecutors. to the business which the text more immediately propounds. I have been engaged in enucleating the bright gems of science. " Destroy this temple. as might be expected for the diagrams of Euclid. and did not wish to understand. that the prosecution against me is really none other than the war of barbarous ignorance. or its moral. that though the light cannot be refuted. of all men in the world. without any notice of what was said before or after. The splendour of those illustrations begins to flash into the dark caverns of priestly wickedness and the priests. might have the same appearance of strangeness and wildness. but hiring and suborning two false witnesses.334 . of And who have much criticism. Independently of the sublime astronomical science. . not bringing the accusation directly in their own persons. I return. THE devil's pulpit. in innumerable episodes and underplots. they can destroy him. have ever acknowledged to be most truly learned. and cruel fanaticism. or in what relevancy. purposely averting their eyes from the light. in all ages. a pig-stye. . in the illustration of which I hope to add another to the thousand proofs that the world possesses. veiled under the allegory of a crucified Saviour. against intelligence and virtue. But unfortunately. in Lincoln's Inn. So that it is hard to say whether the science of the gospel has been more above their understandings. and most demonstratively scientific. subordinate to the main design. have set their dogs at me as well knowing. which they did not understand.^* which all men of science and learning ever heard them. Another effort (may it be the last !) of priestly villainy to prevent the diffusion of knowledge. the allegory discovers. and which. to report something that he had said. as if he had said.

to cry out against him. is the Jesus of the fable principle of reason. It is though their The moral the allegory is wholly unafiectcd. however the circumstances of varied. be sure on't). as ultimately it will. not acting openly and above board. and all the council.'' the allegorised history of the Sun. and may not be compromised. and secret cabal. egged on by their priests and preachers. 335 sooner was believing the gross sense of the dead and deadly text of the New Testament. than a fierce and furious zeal for the gospel was allowed to supersede all necessity of obedience to its moral inference. that the gospels. are the Society for the Suppression af Vice. priests and elders. like the Scottish murderer to the ghost of Banquo : The chief " Thou canst not say I did it^ obvious. or truth itself perthe representatives of barbarous : ignorance are the Jewish rabblement. then. the religious church and chapel-going villains. details are various. but in council. may be line of truth to be observed. the wrongs and sorrows. fore . what evil hath he done ?" to cry out So that when the deed so much the more. each particular reverend and right reverend may still be able to lay claim to the praise of setting his face against all sorts of persecution. which the principle of reason would have to undergo. the Logos. with the clergy and dignitaries of the church at their head. are not in the least degree false or contradictory. for they know not what. is. substituted in the place of a critical and philosophical understanding of its spirit and intention. and Methodist parsons. that in whatever way. over barbarous ignorance and sanctified malignity. and by whatever means. because the detail and the incidents are no essentialities of it. and their particular incidents wholly irreconcileable with each other. they know not whereand to hate him. letter of the No The sonified. shall have been done. and which is not. Let him be crucified. drawn out on the scientific ground-work of the natural phcenomena of " the acceptable year of the Lord. and urging on the blackguard people of God to cry crucify him ! crucify him / and to the reasonable question. ere it would come to triumph. to all impartial criticisms.THE devil's pulpit. The moral detail. employing their wealth to defray the expenses of the prosecution. and to say. science. seeking for false witness against him (and very easily finding it. " Why. exhibited to the perceptions of the wise. it is always ignorance and prejudice that seek the The only .

the scope and gospel. if they had but done themselves the justice to inquire into his character. the persecutions and wrongs. prove to be This is really the moral of the their best and greatest benefactor. it is always the self-interested destruction of learning and virtue and the crafty who excite that prejudice. interpretation is entirely a matter of science. none but an infidel would But the meaning of it? ever have dreamed of its having any meaning. God. that the empire of folly and fanaticism would be endangered. an immoral character. they consider you as a dangerous man. in which the moral ideas of precision and accuracy.'' what is written be the greatest nonsense that ever was written. of method in conduct. cannot be separated from our observance of the beauty we perceive. "a wicked and evil disposed perWhen you seek to be wise above what is written. and a peculiar familiarity to the minds of musical amateurs. is of this and the moral corollary. circumstance of their being read in the office for the burial of the dead. that they should learn to meet with fortitude. From which the moral is. from which perfection itself could not be exempted. The moment you begin to want to know the meaning of a thing. no part of the proposition itself. and the pleasure we derive. Men would grow wiser for it.'' &c. pulpit. The admonition to the less learned and less wise (0 that they would take it in good part I) is. might. in the accuracy of the scientific demonstration. and to forgive with boundless philanthropy. to the good and the wise.. But in the main design of sacred writ. though son. as a moral might attach to the game of chess. Christians have ever attended to. to bear with patience. and the utilities which the principle of hope may subserve in strengthening a man's courage to contend with the difficulties of his immediate situation. one whose conversation is to be avoided. how little they should trust themselves to be ruled by priests. of truth. of order. of justice. from their forming the most magnificent anthem in the oratorio of the sound being the only part of the business which the Messiah. you see and the consequence would l>e. . or to a problem in Euclid. and clergymen would not be able to get a living. is nothing more than an inference as to the pleasures of hope in any object.336 THE devil's . your Christian neighbours will put you down as. whose company is to be shunned. The words of the text derive a peculiar solemnity from the The text -*'J — know that entirely scientific character. — . my Redeemer liveth. and the moral only contingent. and how the man whom their priests have delivered over to their prejudice. and endeavour to perpetuate that ignorance.

was to see God in his own flesh. when in all the kin was to see God. where you will find a man who can : and so they club together in their dark coteries. a Nobody being able to tell us. in the understanding of which. the worms might have that. they seek to defend by the tyrannous arm of power. what the text of sacred writ will become when shone on by the bright light of critical erudition. and not another though wy reins be consumed within me^ — — 15 . coming to it's enough for the Devil may care who — — life again (which it is devilishly like to do. ask your clergy to show you some relevancy in all this jumble of absurdity. who never blasphemed any thing but the corrupt glosses and false interpretations. because they dared not submit them to the trial of discussion. he would be alive himself. a man may stand excused to his own reason. whom I shall see for myself and mine eyes shall behold. now. some method in this language of apparent madness some sense of it. wheoff. it was more holy than righteous. and are not with my r " that my words were now written . that they were 'printed in a book. for pronouncing it to be reaAll that they can do. three or four thousand years bofore printing was invented " that they were graven in an iron '* It ends with the words pen. is to warn you sonable. TJiey cannot do so. Why flesh do ye persecute me as God. which they have put on Scripture and which. — ! in pretty pickle to see God in ther it was the man that raw-head and bloody-bones without any skin on it. \\\^ flesh. how exalted in significancy. who never reviled any thing but their most gross and and of blaspheming the word filthy misunderstandings of Scripture of God. and hold learning and science to be more respectable than sanctified insanity. how rich of instruction is ! The passage introduced by a most sublime summons on our satisfied 'severest attention. how sublime in sci. Go. and lead in the rock forever." Printed in a 6oo^ is a devilishly awkward figure of speech for a man to have hit upon. \i\^ flesh. 337 them to know that somebody said though that he " knew that his Redeemer was and that after he was dead. But as for the skin. not to go near the Rotunda. and slobbering Grace of Godship.) And was then. to accuse him of reviling Scripture. or whether God was going to run away with the man's flesh. ye who love truth. : ence.THE devil's pulpit So . and the worm's meat.'^ Yet in my flesh shall I see God. that seems to have been not worth a resurrection. But see. How infinitely superior in sense." And alive then about his flesh and his skin.

"I know that my Redeemer Uveth And a^ain 1 in the last day I shall rise up out of the Earth.) Thhs hope is laid up in my bosom. Who. them in ignorance. an imaginary being. Esau begat Ruel. should appear alive again. that the effort of the English translators has been precisely that of our Protestant clergy. then. But without the addition of a single letter to the name. admit that he was a mere personification. '' Abraham begat Isaac. as could serve for a basis of the Bedlamite idea. '• For 1 know that he who shall liberate me is perpetually during in the Temple over the Earth. but as much not to instruct the people. to that of Jobab in the series. Though a poor guess has been made. Tzapa yap Kvptov ravTa fiot avveTe/.338 THE devil's pulpit. The Latin Yul2fate has it. em yry^. from any thing that The devil-a-word about the worm^s appears in your vulgar tongue meat and the rot in the man's loins. but to keep as possible to conceal it — ./MO TzavTO deaot gvvteteXeOTai ev koato. which things my eye hath seen. A eyw efiavTO) ovveTiaTaiiai a o o<j)6a/Mog juy ecjpaKS. and nut For all thinss are perfected to me.ead?].'' The Greek of the Septuagint has it. little bit of difference that. to identify him with Jobab. shall be invested with my skin. at this day that is. the fifth descendant from Abraham. stand in demonstrative proof. which is itself but a translation from the original Arabic.''* another. accomplished for me. not to discover the meaning of the text. that never had any existence but in poetry and fiction. nat &fc a/. but always represented that Y * Oida yap arc aevvaog eotlv 6 eKXveiv fie jueAAwv. which thing I [understand or) represent in my own person. '•' — My A I : begat Jobab. who have no letter in their alphabet. avacrrjoat to depf-ia [i8 to TavTa. from the similarity of the name Joab. before the Lord. in my breast. was Job ? The learned Jewish Rabbis. and undergone a million of decompositions and recompositions. " though my reins be consumed within me:'' the (Sinus. after having been eaten by worms. who have plagiarised this work from the Chaldean and Arabian astronomers. and Cruel for the Latin has it. but our remembrance that the Greeks. Isaac begat Esau. The very striking and infinitely important variations of the Greek and Latin from oar English translation. Rael begat Cruel. through millions of millions of years. and in my flesh I shall see my God :^' and and words. For these things are skin ivhich pumps up these shall rise again. I believe. or of any such stuff. that dead men's flesh. without any variation at all. . and probably of the Hebrew text.

for his comforters. by the Africans pronounced Juba. So they must have written and could have written Severus. there is good reason to think that Jehovah. or Boots. is a Chaldean gospel. Serpentarius. Castor and Pollux. and finding his seven sons and three daughters alive again. And the perfect and upright man of the East. who descended with him into his state of affliction. Old Bootes. the Shootie . in Latin. after the Autumnal Equinox Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades.ns in the season ? of Orion ? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons ? Where the names of these constellations are precisely the same as they arc on our . as six may be proved to be the same as halfa-dozen. like crests in a snake's neck. when below the Equator in which. THE devil's pulpit. in his state of dejection.. And. giving them the gift of the gab. the Temanite. which. then. the name of the God of Israel. tempted by Satan. precisely such as were the form and shape of the Holy Ghost. for his wife. are personifications of the one. the Earn of the signs of the Zodiac. and setting them a fighting. of which the gist was nothing more than the natural history of the year. precisely of the character of our Egyptian table of Jesus Christ. and Jehovah. letter for 839 and I^ejSrjpog by a B. the Old Mother Virgin Mary. the Sun and the Year. is it proved that Job. which has the seven summer months. as you see them here upon the heads of my two celestial fighting cocks. the Twins of May.— . at the beginning of the story. and then getting out of his affliction. signifies the feathers in a cock's neck. the Holy Ghost always being famous for making people devilish hot-headed. and Jove. and becoming as prosperous as ever. — Hence. in no other way than Job for Jove. underwent a like change. and foiling into great affliction. asks Job or Jove the year. as they wrote PepyiXtog for Virgilius. and three daughters. in strict observance of the astronomical analogies. when he sat in tonoues of fire upon the heads of the apostles. Hercules. and Bootes. i3 Zophar. that tempts him to curse God and die. which he holds up when he fights also the red flesh. on the day of Pentecost and. and was converted to Ia)/3a. as if almost by the pun itself. : : . and the selfsame great Themes of all allegory. God^ the Sun in the constellation of Aries the Earn. the Naamathite and Hercules is Eliphaz. or loose the bands Canst thou bring forth the ticelve siQ. with his Seven Sons. . As certainly. and none the worse for having all being killed. from March to September for its sons the three extra-zodical feminine constellations for its three daughters. says the learned Bryant. and Serpentarius. While God is invariably the Gad of the tribes of Israel that is. is Bildad.

the rich juice of the grape. or drives along the whole glorious company of the apostles. if we never thought of them ? Or why did Grod give a man eyes at all. ^^ Why should you persecute me^^ that is. but in Libra. of the coming of the Sun in his path in the Ecliptic. should I think of finding it in the Virgin of August.340 THE devil's pulpit. if the bargain is to be. speaking in the dramatic character of Jove. that the declining year should say to the constellations. whose ascendancy marks the Autumnal period. which the year supplies in Spring " but are thirsting for my hlood " that is. to the accuracy of determining that motion to be 50" 9 *". and certainly they are quite as much so as Job and his three friends. why then should I think upon a Maid ?" Than which. for any sense that your clergy could ever put upon it. But look at the beautiful result of the astronomical enucleation the fruits of the earth are to be patiently waited for till the season of their maturity that is. "i have made a Covenant with mine eyes. " I have made a covenant with mine eyes. I have observed the place of the Autumnal Equinox. as much as if they were real personages. that there should be any harm in using them to look upon the loveliest thing that eyes did ever see. though so manifestly none other than names of the fixed stars. and Sir Isaac Newtons have never been able to surpass or to dispute. And it is no longer obscure. an accuracy which our Herschels. have we in most accurate analogy. has those remarkable words. And now. For what should hinder a man from thinking of a maid ? Or what would the maids think of us. not in Virgo. com.e after me. why. or Job. who each sustain their respective parts in this beautiful astronomical drama. are spoken of. with that perfect astronomica> science. with hav ing enjoyed the animal food. Haleys. to the line of the Equator. by astronomical observation. ^* as God " that is. and three-fourths of a third of a degree in a year. This covenant takes place. and Orion. the Virgin of August. Then. bring our science to the text. which the year gives in Autumn. then. as God persecutes. the Balance of September. Arcturus.'^ that is. I have ascertained that it takes place in the Balance of September. or God and the Devil. sirs. which had ascertained the motion of the precession of the Equinoxes. the great astronomer. more idiotish nonsense never echoed within the walls of a madcelestial globe. house. in the 31st chapter. at this day. the allegorical genius of the year. " and are not satisfied with my flesh " that is. the clear and beauti: — — — — — — — . Hence the astronomical accuracy of the Apophthegm. Hence. and the Pleiades.

Jason has brought back the Golden Fleece. and mine eyes shall behold. Jesus has redeemed his lost sheep. after having shed his blood in Autumn. and not another. ^' he shall stand upon the Earth. and the Sun alone. year will continue to follow year." Thus. is the last day of the old. through eternal ages but the Sun. and the first day of the new year when the year was reckoned to begin from the commencement of the Spring Quarter.'^ that is. through eternal ages. or the latter day. which comes immediately in succession after the fish of February. after my skin. the mutton and beef of March myflesk.^' says he and April. the flesh. . than in my flesh of March. END OP THE DISCOURSE ON THE REDEEMER. — : : : — : .'' the last day. without believing in anything supernatural. no sooner shall he have passed through mj fish of February. *'J know that my Redeemer liveth. for we have shown it the respect of taking pains to understand it say I.THE DEV^L'S PULPIT. and not an intelligent infidel upon earth will hesitate to say with me." ray Starry Golden Fleece of that celestial sheep " he passeth on till worms destroy this. and again I shall be invested with my s/cin. than was ever shown to it by Christians. according to the Latin text. And thus. And though. or brings the year round again. still liveth: and " in that is. And then it is. ful 341 language of the year. consoling himself with the assurance that the Sun. and Job is re-invested with his skin." The face of nature is varied. that the Sun appears in the mutton of March. "/ know that my Redeemer liveth. and at the last day 1 shall rise up out of the Earth. again and again. which every year redeems. is eternally the same. and at the latter day. till the Scorpions of October seem to have extinguished his vital heat yet. and with a far higher respect for the sacred text. which no man in the use of his reason could possibly do with perfect sincerity of heart.^^ of each concluding winter." whom I shall see for my Sol. sirs. " shall I see God. " shall I see Gad.

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