Jeremy Keeshin THE REPUBLICAN ERA TERMS Judiciary act 1801 Midnight judges Pierre l’enfant Marshall Court

Marbury v. Madison Fletcher v. Peck Dartmouth College v. Woodward McCulloch v Maryland Gibbons v. Ogden Impeachment Louisiana Purchase “empire of liberty” Lewis & Clark Burr conspiracy Barbary wars Chesapeake/leopard Affair Toussaint L’ouverture Impressments Embargo act of 1807 “peaceable coercion” the way adams and the federalists tried to keep power in the courts, he appointed judges right as he was leaving office and it angered Jefferson designed DC precdent for judicial review, Marbury wants his supreme court commission, denied because it says the supreme court doesn’t have authority to issue a writ of mandamus contracts cannot be invalidated by the state, property rights, court over state laws new Hampshire state legislature wants to convert Dartmouth to a state school, state cant do that, supreme court over state once again “power to tax is power to destroy” Maryland wants to do another tax, say they cant, again confirming national over states and implied powers steamboat monopoly declared unconstitutional, states cant impede commerce Samuel chase speaks against Jefferson, they indict him but he’s acquitted acquire Louisiana territory from France , us doubles in size for 15 mil. expedition to see how the Missouri river was for commerce, the two helped by Sacagawea he loses his election in NY, kills Hamilton in a duel and flees while in the middle of it starting a conspiracy to get the west to secede, which fails barbary states in n. Africa, pirates demanding ransom causing trouble, Jefferson senses navy over, blockade ends war and sign a treaty, us wins but has losses leopard (british boat) demads American baot (Chesapeake) to submit to search, they don’t comply leopard opens fire and kills 3 leads slave rebellion in Haiti v Britain inspired by French rev?? british navy seizes us sailors and ships which causes…. blocks all trade, to try and peaceably force Britain and france to give in because they really need us goods, but they don’t

Jeremy Keeshin Non intercourse act Macons Bill NO. 2 repeals embargo, allows trade with everyone but britian and frace says thell trade with whoever (Britain, frace) gives in first but then not the other aggressive nationalitsts not aggressive big war caused by much stuff on sheet

War Hawks Doves War of 1812 Tecumseh The Prophet Battle of Tippacanoe

Shawnee chieftain, on side of british, brother tenskwatawa (aka the prophet fights in battle of tippacone loses to Harrison and American troops

Jackson Harrison, Perry generals “Old Ironsides” nickname of ship USS Constituion that fought in war “Star Spangled Banner” national anthem, written by Key, who witnesses Fort McHenrys bombing Fort Mchenry bombarded by britihs fleet Battle of new Orleans british launch attack, lose to Jackson and us troops, lots of pride for us big win Treaty of ghent treaty signed 1814 ends war of 1812 singed in ghent, Belgium, no territory excahgned, us gets neither goal of 1: expanding into canda 2. stopping british taking over baots Status quo antebellum nothing happened (same as before the war) Hartford Convention Nullification embargo bad for new Englanders foreign trade, so theyre bitter, recommend changes to constituation, no 3/5, and 2/3 before war, demise of federalists Henry Clay American System Protective Tariff of 1816 clays idea of American system protective tariff for domestic industry, enacts tariff raising import taxes Rush Bagot Agreement Adams Onis Treaty Monroe doctrine Era of good feelings Second national bank Panic 1819 Missouri compromise National road Eli whitney 1817 limits us and british naval forces on great lakes so they cant takeover from candad we get florida from spain were not involved with Europe monroes era, national harmony, one dominant party another bank 20 year charter uphlep by mcculloch Maryland economy collapse, questions bank maine admitted as a free state, Missouri as a slave federal trasnportiaon project, not that good cotton gin

Jeremy Keeshin Robert fulton/Clermont Erie canal Lowell system inventor who put his boat up the Hudson big for trade trade outlet with textiles and machinery demonstrate American industrialization Patterson NJ children strike having women and children work??? Noah Webster dictionary